At the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, we have witnessed the steady rise of impact investing as an interest among Booth students. Though it’s a broad term, impact investing generally refers to investments made in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention of generating social or environmental impact, as well as financial returns. 

To learn more about this dynamic industry, we reached out to Josh Rogers, ’15, a senior associate at impact investing firm Advantage Capital, to discuss which Booth programs and resources are available for students pursuing impact investing.

JOsh Rogers You were involved in impact investing at Booth starting on day one. What initially brought you to Booth?

JR: I came to Booth after several years working on Wall Street, so I was pretty confident in my knowledge of the sell-side finance industry. Based on what I knew about the impact investing landscape, I was interested in early-stage venture impact. I knew there were other aspects of impact investing—real estate, foundation MRIs, etc.—but I was most interested in that asset class.

What I needed from Booth was exposure and experience working in venture capital. I knew that if I wanted to get into impact investing, I had to first and foremost acquire the skills and experience to be a good investor.

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