With the Illinois primaries fast approaching, are you informed on all candidates? No, not just the presidential candidates you can't stop hearing about. What about your state representatives and other important positions "down the ballot"?

In a piece in a recent edition of Newcity, Aviva Rosman and Alex Niewmczewski discuss the founding of their social enterprise BallotReady and how the John Edwardson, '72, Social New Venture Challenge an interesting phenomenon that spanned distinguished professors and their students alike: they all had little knowledge of the policy stances of local school council members, judges, and other ‘smaller’ political positions. These elected officials wield immense power over the city’s day-to-day life, yet are often voted in by random luck. BallotReady, the SNVC winner, offers high-quality information on a simple, usable online platform for voters. By developing BallotReady even further, Rosman and Niewmczewski hope to increase overall civic participation in local elections and make information accessible for all. Read more on their venture here: