From Singapore to Hong Kong and beyond, Chicago Booth has had a decade-and-a-half-long presence in Asia where the school’s influence endures through thought leadership, faculty research, alumni involvement, and student engagement. 

In recognition of the students, alumni, and faculty who have contributed to the school’s impact in Asia, Booth hosted a two-day Celebration of Influence event in April highlighting the social impact work of members of the Booth community. The event was held in Singapore and was attended by nearly 300 guests including faculty, alumni, and students.

The “Making a Difference” theme was reflected in panel discussions and keynotes which focused on the rise of the social enterprise: organizations working to improve human and environmental well-being, which focus on balancing social impact and business sustainability.

Here are some of the highlights.

Amy L

Amy Lehman, AB '96, MBA '05, MD '05, Founder and CEO, Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic

“What if we pose the following hypotheses: what if in the world we live in now—where part of doing business means anticipating and preventing costly externalities—instead of seeing me as a do-gooder, you instead see me as a risk mitigator.”

Prachi Windlass, ’07, Director, India Education, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

 “It’s very important for investors to really know who they are and invest in the right type of social enterprise so that [they] put the right set of expectations on the companies and NGOs.”

Rob Gertner

Robert H. Gertner, Joel F. Gemunder Professor of Strategy and Finance; Deputy Dean for the Part-Time MBA Programs; Faculty Codirector of the Social Enterprise Initiative

“The world has moved a great deal, people all over the globe, especially young people, are inspired to use their talent and skills to solve the world’s problems….By educating current and future social sector leaders, conducting insightful research and sharing knowledge, we hope SEI and Chicago Booth can play a role in this movement.”