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Research Publications

Chicago Booth is a premier source of business and economics research. Here you’ll find peer-reviewed academic journals, accessible research digests in specific fields, and working papers with ideas so new they are still evolving.

Chicago Booth was the first to publish a scholarly business journal; we still produce four noted journals.

Working Papers
Many of our research and learning centers post research in progress, offering an early look at new insights.

Capital Ideas
Each issue of this research magazine digests useful new knowledge in a particular field: entrepreneurship, marketing, decision research, corporate governance, labor economics, or human resources.

Selected Papers Series
Since 1962, Chicago Booth has chosen faculty papers and republished them for a broad audience. Selected Papers was combined with Capital Ideas early in 2004, but the entire archive of papers remains available here.

Hear ideas that are shaping the world of business.

Last Updated 5/14/09