Find a Team

Participating in the NVC is a great way to gain first-hand experience as an entrepreneur or to be a part of a team that identifies a marketplace problem, offers a potential solution to that problem, and turns that idea into a viable business. Teams that are comprised of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and expertise tend to have more promising results. The Polsky Center hosts a variety of events throughout the school year as a way to connect those with ideas with those who are looking to join a team. Please visit the Polsky Center events calendar to learn about these upcoming opportunities.

To help facilitate team formation, the Polsky Center maintains a team-building spreadsheet and encourages those looking to participate in the NVC to add their details to the spreadsheet and to check it regularly for updates. 

Looking for a Team

For those looking to join a team, please fill out the “INDIVIDUALS LOOKING FOR A TEAM” tab of the team-building spreadsheet

Start-Up Seeking Teammates 

For those looking to add team members with a particular skill or background, please fill out the “START-UP SEEKING TEAMMATES” tab of the team-building spreadsheet.