The Edward L. Kaplan, '71,
New Venture Challenge is run
by the Polsky Center for
Entrepreneurship and Innovation


  • AMOpportunities Takes home top prize at the 2017 New Venture Challenge

    AMOpportunities, a marketplace that enables international medical trainees to attend U.S. clinical rotations, won first place and $100,000 at this year's competition.

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  • Provide wins first at the 2017 Social New Venture Challenge

    A software-based, back-office solution for daycare business owners, allowing them to enroll in government subsidy programs, manage licenses and accreditation, and maximize tax deductions takes home $60,000.

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  • Quevos wins first place at the 2018 College New Venture Challenge

    First place ($15,000): Quevos, a high-protein chip that is free from the copious amounts of carbohydrates and fat that potato chips contain, but are still salty and crunchy.

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  • HomePro and Mindful Urgent Care win first place at the 2018 Global New Venture Challenge

    First place ($15,000): HomePro (Hong Kong) and Mindful Urgent Care (Chicago).

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  • 185+ Companies launched still in business
  • $600+ Million funding raised
  • $10+ Billion in mergers and exits