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Carrie Sweeney headshotWhen you sponsor a marketing lab project, you not only interact with future marketing talent—you also receive low-cost, data-driven analysis and recommendations to a problem you need solved.



Our approach

  • Projects are integrated into a 10-week course with all deliverables graded by the professor.
  • Students apply course concepts to their projects in real time.
  • Students conduct qualitative and quantitative research with their target consumer audience.
  • Senior marketing and innovation strategy consultants serve as project mentors to guide each team.
  • Companies interact regularly with student teams to review interim and final deliverables.

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“The caliber of Booth students and the school speaks for itself. The students benefit from real-world exposure, and the company benefits from getting really thoughtful analysis on important topics.”

–Carrie Sweeney, ’11, Retail Partnerships, Team Manager, Pinterest
  • Opportunity to interact with future marketing talent
  • Data-driven analysis and recommendations, including:
    • Regular interaction with student team
    • Formal presentation of final recommendations to company managers
    • Annotated PowerPoint deck containing results from all phases of the project
    • Primary and secondary research findings, including quantitative survey results

In this course, students develop new products or service innovations for a particular category and target consumer. Types of projects suitable for the New Product Innovation Lab include:

  • Mobile-app concepts
  • New category entries
  • Next-generation products/services
  • Line extensions
  • New service experiences

Each project consists of three phases:

  1. Opportunity identification (using qualitative and secondary research)
  2. Idea generation, screening, and new concept development
  3. Concept testing (quantitative) and recommendations for top three new product/service concepts

A $5,000 donation covers program costs for quantitative research and faculty coach honorariums. Additional projects during the same academic year are $3,500 per project. Here are the steps to take to become a sponsor:

  1. Company completes project charter for Marketing Research or New Product Development.
  2. Kilts Center reviews project charter and discusses questions with company.
  3. Company reviews project with faculty coach prior to start of the class.

Ready to move forward?

To take the next step in sponsorship, contact Art Middlebrooks, Clinical Professor of Marketing and Executive Director of the Kilts Center for Marketing.

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