Advancing Marketing Theory and Practice

The James M. Kilts Center for Marketing advances marketing at Booth by facilitating faculty research, supporting innovation in Booth’s marketing curriculum, funding scholarships for MBA and PhD students, and creating engaging programs that enhance the careers of students, alumni, and other professionals.

The Chicago Approach to Marketing

The Chicago Approach to marketing grounds students in the core disciplines of economics, psychology, and statistics. This foundational knowledge equips students with essential scientific tools and analytical frameworks that prepare them to formulate effective strategies, make optimized decisions, and effectively lead in today’s rapidly evolving, data-driven business climate.

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The ROI of The Chicago Approach

Hear the faculty director of the Kilts Center, Booth professor Jean-Pierre Dubé, explain how The Chicago Approach to marketing sets Booth apart from its peers.

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Supporting Leading Marketing Minds

From housing datasets to supporting fellowships and fostering connections among the brightest marketing minds in the world, the Kilts Center supports faculty members and PhD students at Booth in generating insights that transform the science and practice of marketing. With the support of the Kilts Center, our marketing faculty publish groundbreaking research with wide-ranging implications for marketing, economics, and more.

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Building Collaboration for All

We have a simple mantra at Booth: ideas compete and people collaborate—in the service of generating the best solutions and outcomes. Through lab courses, events, case competitions, and other programming, the Kilts Center brings together leading marketing faculty, alumni pathbreakers, corporate partners from top companies, and a brilliant, ambitious new generation of student leaders in marketing. This collaborative community invigorates thinking, strengthens core marketing knowledge, and provides an intellectual resource that marketing professionals can leverage throughout their careers.

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