Nielsen Data Seminar

Nielsen Data SeminarThis annual spring event gives second-year Full-Time MBA students the opportunity to showcase their summer internship projects and explain how they used Nielsen and IRI data to turn insights into impact for their host companies.

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This event will take place in the Spring Quarter. Please check back later for additional details.

The Nielsen Data

Nielsen The Kilts Center collaborates with the Nielsen Company to make comprehensive marketing datasets available to Booth faculty and PhD students, and to academic researchers around the world. These rich datasets cover a wide range of product categories, retail channels, stores, geographic markets, and advertising information. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines can leverage these datasets to explore the dynamics of purchasing behavior across the United States.

MBA and PhD students at Booth can access the Nielsen datasets by taking courses such as Data Science for Marketing Decision-Making, Data-Driven Marketing, and Pricing Strategy. Using the datasets, students learn to analyze and leverage data—a valuable skill that will help them shape and improve marketing strategy throughout their careers.

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