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The Kilts Center offers researchers at the University of Chicago licensed-access to data from Syndigo. These data, which can be paired with NielsenIQ's consumer panel and retail scanner data, provide details and attributes obtained from the product labels of fast-moving consumer goods. 


Tenured and tenure-track faculty, PhD students, and postdocs from The University of Chicago are eligible to use these data. All users must comply with Syndigo’s data use policies included below.  Please note that coauthors outside Chicago Booth or University of Chicago are prohibited from having any access to these data.

Request Access

Eligible researchers who have an active account with the Kilts Center can request access to the data by logging into the Kilts Apply Researcher Portal. For those who have never registered to use data from the Kilts Center, please begin by requesting access.


  • Only tenured, tenure-track faculty, PhD students, and postdocs from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, their research assistants, and research professionals are eligible to use the Syndigo data.
  • Eligible users may only use Syndigo as a source of information for academic research projects. Researchers may not use data for consulting, litigation, or any commercial purpose or business purposes.
  • Researchers may include in their papers, reports, presentations and publications limited excerpts of Syndigo data.  
  • Users may not disclose any scoring, reference, ranking, analysis, commentary or nutritional rating system at the UPC, brand, or manufacturer name level.
  • Researchers must store data only on devices and computers owned by The University of Chicago, and researchers must take all reasonable efforts to protect data as they would their institution’s confidential information.
  • PhD students who wish to use the data must provide contact information of an advisor who is a tenured or tenure-track faculty member at The University of Chicago. The advisor must also register with the Kilts Center.
  • Researchers may not share Syndigo data with any other individuals or entities not approved by Syndigo.


All research works including but not limited to presentations, papers, and publications must include the citation set forth below.

“Researcher(s) own analyses calculated (or derived) based in part on data from Syndigo LLC provided through The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The conclusions drawn from the Syndigo data are those of the researcher(s) and do not reflect the views of Syndigo. Syndigo is not responsible for, had no role in, and was not involved in analyzing and preparing the results reported herein.”

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