Marketing Lab Courses: Practical Curriculum, Experiential Learning

Sponsors of marketing lab courses receive cost-effective, top-tier consulting from a team of Chicago Booth students. Students work with faculty and project mentors to apply Chicago's unique analytical rigor to sponsor companies' marketing projects, presenting their data-driven insights at the end of the 10-week course. Learn more about marketing lab sponsorship »

Matt Foreman 

Market Development, AT&T Smart Cities

Matt Foreman runs market development for AT&T’s Smart Cities, a unit in their Internet of Things (IoT) organization. At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, AT&T announced Chicago as one of the first Spotlight Cities where they would shine a global spotlight on the city by deploying their Smart Cities framework.

Tirso Iglesias, '07 

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cacique Inc.
2014 Profile

Tirso Iglesias, ’07, had seen this before: A famous brand comes to Chicago Booth with a marketing challenge for students and the James M. Kilts Center for Marketing.

Paul Englert, '99 

Vice President of Marketing, C. Mondavi and Family
2013 Profile

Paul Englert wanted to rethink the future of the C. Mondavi & Family brand Charles Krug, the oldest winery in Napa Valley. His main objective was to make the 150-year-old brand more appealing to a younger generation of drinkers.

Breeze Richardson 

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Chicago Public Media - WBEZ 91.5 FM
2012 Profile

As a nonprofit with limited resources, we don't invest in research like other media companies, but when we heard about the Booth marketing lab courses and noticed the Marketing Research course option, we saw a great opportunity to fill a gap that we have had for a long time at Chicago Public Media.

Sean Smyth, '05 

Vice President, Business Development, Groupon, Inc.
2011 Profile

When Sean Smyth, '05, vice president of business development for Groupon, Inc., wanted to better define and understand his company's VIP segment, he immediately thought of Chicago Booth.