Kim Schoenholtz

SchoenholtzKim Schoenholtz is Clinical Professor Emeritus in the Economics Department of the NYU Stern School of Business. He has taught courses on money and banking and macroeconomics, and previously directed Stern’s Center for Global Economy and Business. He was Citigroup’s chief economist from 1997 to 2005.

Schoenholtz started his career as a market economist at Salomon Brothers in 1986, working in its New York, Tokyo, and London operations. He was named Salomon’s chief economist in 1997, and subsequently became chief economist at Salomon Smith Barney and at Citigroup.

Schoenholtz was a visiting scholar at the Bank of Japan’s Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies from 1983 to 1985. He received an M.Phil. in economics from Yale University in 1982 and an AB from Brown University in 1977. He also studied in Marburg, Germany, for a year (1978–79) and completed a one-year intensive Japanese language program at Cornell (1979–80).

In 2015, Schoenholtz was named a member of the Financial Research Advisory Committee of the US Treasury’s Office of Financial Research. He also is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, he served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London.

Schoenholtz is the coauthor of a popular textbook on money, banking, and financial markets, and of a blog on the same topic at