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The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is known the world around for ideas that have shaped business practice.

Those ideas have won Nobel Prizes in economics for Chicago Booth faculty and alumni six times since 1990, a record unmatched by any other business school.

Today, Chicago Booth research:

  • Lies behind the effective use of targeted couponing;
  • Shapes the strategies of a successful hedge fund;
  • Points out potential racial bias in hiring based on names;
  • Reveals low levels of financial literacy among corporate directors.
The range, scope, and influence of research results from a lively intellectual culture where theories are tested against real-world facts and ideas are constantly challenged from all angles. Faculty members are free to pursue any issues that interest them, across disciplines.

Start here to explore the rich stew of ideas bubbling out of our research and learning centers, journals, and workshops. Visit our faculty listings to find links to professors’ published research and work in progress.


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Last Updated 5/14/09