20 May 2010


Join us for our 3rd annual Talent Development Conference at the Woolgate Exchange.

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Hear predictions for talent management issues of the future from industry experts.


with colleagues.

Participate in a discussion with experts and colleagues on talent management issues facing organizations today.

Ideas and leaders

that shape the business world.

Understand how to address and turn human resources challenges you currently face into a competitive advantage.

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After the Crisis:  Strategies for talent retention and Growth 

The global economic crisis of the last two years has had a significant impact on talent in organisations.  Companies have been forced to change the ways they recruit and manage talent, and employees have faced redundancy or additional responsibilities.

At the Talent Development Conference, we will:

  • Examine the different ways organisations are currently managing talent;
  • Share different ways to address current challenges in talent management; and
  • Discuss potential future, HR challenges.
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