• April 27 | Chicago Recruiters Conference

    Get the most out of your recruiting efforts at Chicago Booth by attending the 21st Annual Chicago Recruiters Conference. Build a recruiting strategy, find the right candidates, and strengthen your partnership with the school.

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About the Program

Recruiters Conference

Attend the Chicago Booth Recruiters Conference to gain insights, develop your recruiting strategy, and better understanding the Chicago Booth student experience. This day-long program gives you the opportunity to interact on-site with our deans, staff, faculty, and students. Your day will include:

  • An update on school activities and direction

  • News of developments in Career Services and a recap of the past recruiting season

  • Insight into the Booth Leadership Development curriculum

  • Perspectives from the admissions office

  • Introduction to Booth's experiential learning programs

  • Feedback from first and second year students

  • Opportunities to network with your peers

Recruiter Events


Recruiters Conference

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Chicago Booth
Harper Center
5807 South Woodlawn
Chicago, IL 60637

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