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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Aakash Jain 2015 Full Time FT Partners
Aakash Arora 2011 Evening/Weekend The Boston Consulting Group
Aaron Trent 2018 Evening/Weekend Chicago Booth
Aaron Bianco 2015 Full Time Ariel Investments
Aaron Chandler 2012 Executive MBA ChandlerCG LLC
Aaron Ketter 2011 Full Time Devon Energy
Aarti Vakharia 2006 Full Time NONE
Abhay Jajoo 1996 Full Time Solugenix Corporation
Abhinav Goyal 2015 Executive MBA TCS
Abhiti Tewari 2015 Full Time VMware
Abraham Spitz 2011 Full Time ARCHAIO LLC
Achyut Jajoo 2001 Full Time Salesforce
Adam Offerman None Pappas Financial
Adam Earl 2015 Evening/Weekend National Care Advisors
Adam Miller 1991 Full Time LM&A
Adam Griffin 2011 Full Time Bain & Company, Inc.
Adam Pollet None
Adam Zalewski None self-employed
Adam Waltz 2011 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Adam Binder None
Adam Freda 2013 Full Time 50 South Capital (Northern Trust)
Adam Frederico 2018 Evening/Weekend Solstice Mobile
Adam Patnaude 2006 Full Time NONE
Adam Byerley 2013 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Aditi Sodhi 2016 Full Time None
Adnan Khan 2006 Evening/Weekend Oracle Corporation
Adnan Nisar 2011 Full Time Vistria
Adrian Monsalve 2006 Full Time Discovery Communications - Latin America
Adrianne Yamaki 2006 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Adrien Gonzalez 2011 Full Time Hawaiian Airlines
Ahmed Elganzouri 2009 Evening/Weekend Edward-Elmhurst Health
Ahsan Kirmani 2015 Full Time Cornerstone Research
aileen cassidy None Ardent Construction and Dev.,Inc.
Aishah Nisar None
Aitor Maiz 2015 Full Time Bain and Company
Ajay Totlani 2006 Full Time Credit Suisse
Ajit Ketkar 2001 Full Time AllianceBernstein Holding LP
Akay Tuncak 2015 Full Time McKinsey
Alaina Anderson 2006 Full Time William Blair & Company
Alan Dye 2006 Evening/Weekend Medline
Albert Chow 2001 Full Time None
Aldo Levrini 2011 Full Time Clinica Las Condes S.A.
Alejandro Ranedo Izquierdo None Soulard School
Alejandro Arboleda Calderon 2011 Full Time BP
Alejandro Solis 2011 Full Time Grupo Dival
Alendria Prioleau 2013 Evening/Weekend Procter & Gamble
Alex O'Brien 2011 Full Time Cardinal Group
Alex Rodriguez 2016 Executive MBA Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Alex Kessel 2011 Full Time Baird Capital
Alex Castro None
Alex Monacelli 2006 Full Time Bandwidthx
Alex Campbell None Vibes
Alexander Kuznetsov 2016 Full Time none
Alexander Sandy Weissent 1976 Evening/Weekend CEO Roundtable-Chicago
Alexandra Kern 2015 Full Time Aeropost.com
Alexandra LoVallo Rochon 2013 Full Time Accenture
Alexandra Leichtman 2011 Full Time Groupon, Inc
Alexandre Poirier None
Alexandre Schueda None Monster Energy
Alexandria Zaila None
Alexis Trittipo 2011 Full Time McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Alexis Manuel Keenoy None Edovo
Alexis Miller 2017 Full Time The University of Chicago Booth
Alexis McMurray None Looking Glass Veterinary Imaging
Alexis Sermeno 2006 Executive MBA none
Alfred Chak 2006 Full Time NONE
Ali Ghalayini None St. Mary Medical Center
Ali Khachan 2015 Full Time BCG
Alicia Barton None
Alina Kotova 2013 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Alison Buckley 2015 Evening/Weekend Monroe Investment Partners
Alison Dolin 1991 Full Time None
Alison Nickum 2006 Full Time Amazon
Allan Schilling 1962 Full Time none
Allen Williams 1976 Full Time City of Rochester
Allison Prescott 2017 Full Time None
Allison Phillips 2015 Full Time Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Alok Ladsariya 2011 Full Time McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Alpana Kelkar 2015 Full Time FMC Technologies
Alvin McBorrough 2012 Executive MBA OGx Consulting
Amanda Loeffen 1991 Full Time WaterLex
Amar Bamra 2015 Evening/Weekend KraftHeinz
Amir Sufi
Amit Shinde 2011 Full Time Gogo
Amit Kapur 2001 Full Time Microsoft
Amy Benford 2011 Full Time Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP
Amy Liu 2012 Full Time Clarifai
Amy Webb 2006 Full Time Rocketfuel
Amy Stoll None
Ana Pescatello 2006 Full Time None
Anand Christopher 2011 Evening/Weekend Claremont Hudson
Anand D'Souza 2006 Full Time Symantec
Anant Kumar 2011 Full Time Providence Equity Partners
Andre Mello 2006 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Andrea Sreshta None LuminAID
Andrea Salomon 2011 Full Time MatrixConsulting
Andrea Netti None
Andrea Foster None The Watermill Center
Andrea Sparrey 2003 Full Time
Andrea Glowacki None
Andrei Volk 2011 Full Time VTB Capital
Andres Naranjo 2010 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Andrew Leventhal 2013 Full Time TAU Investment Management
Andrew Peters 2011 Executive MBA Avenue Capital
Andrew Webster 2013 Full Time Bain & Company, Inc.
Andrew Bezaitis 1994 Evening/Weekend Apopleo, Inc.
Andrew Richardson 1995 Full Time The Howard Hughes Corporation
Andrew Slimmon 1991 Full Time Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Andrew Robertson 2011 Full Time Rock Canyon
Andrew Van Fossen 2006 Full Time None
Andrew Skrilow 2011 Full Time GIC Private Equity
Andrew Appel 1991 Full Time SymphonyIRI
Andrew Cohn 1991 Full Time a david co
Andrew Stoll 2006 Full Time Northern Trust
Andrew Rojeski 2001 Full Time Tyson Foods, Inc.
Andrew Spottiswoode 2011 Full Time PIMCO
Andrew Isaacs 2011 Full Time Evercore Partners Inc.
Andrew idowu 2011 Full Time University of Miami
Andrew McCarthy 1981 Full Time Huntington Investment Company
Andrew Coyne 2006 Full Time Mayo Clinic
Andrey Alekhin 2011 Executive MBA MYNT
Andy Toussaint 2016 Full Time None
Andy Alper 1981 Full Time Alper Investments, Inc.
Angela Huang None
Angela Guzzetta 2011 Full Time Sears Holdings Corporation
Angela Figg 1997 Evening/Weekend Instinet Corporation
Anh Huynh 2006 Full Time Techstars
Anh Nguyen 2011 Executive MBA Baxter Healthcare
Ani Patwardhan 1996 Full Time NXP
Anil Kashyap
Anirban Bardalaye 2006 Full Time VaycayHero
Anish Shah None Groupon
Anju Holay 1991 Full Time NSM Research Inc.
Anjuli Bhattacharjee 1991 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Anjum Sayyed 1996 Full Time MSCI
Ankit Shrivastava 2016 Executive MBA Razorfish
Ankit Jain 2015 Full Time Bain & Co.
Ankit Patel 2013 Full Time Ventas
Anna Mori 2015 Full Time Chevron
Anna Wall 2016 Evening/Weekend National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Anna Cocheme 2011 Full Time Bain & Company
Anna Pione 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Anne Appel None
Anne Maletta 1976 Evening/Weekend NONE
Anne Sutkoff 2014 Full Time Cars.com
Anneliese Crawford None
Annette Carroll 1985 Full Time none
Annie Hu 2016 Full Time Chicago Booth
Annie Monahan None
Annie Hashmi None
Annie Hickman 2015 Evening/Weekend The Boston Consulting Group
Anshul Gupta 2006 Full Time Citigroup
Anthony Novara 2012 Evening/Weekend DiMeo Schneider & Associates
Anthony Norman 2015 Executive MBA Attucks Asset Management, LLC.
Antoine Campiche 1991 Full Time Bourgeois Avocats SA
Antoine Farris 2006 Full Time Rothschild
Anton Golobic 1971 Full Time GreatAmerica Financial Services
Anuj Kalra None CDW
Anurag Shrivastava None Montefiore Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
anushay qureshi None Navigant
Aparna Galiasso 2015 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
April Hansen None
April Park 2006 Full Time Sears Holdings Corporation
Aran Mohanprabhu None
Archana Potters 2011 Full Time ghSMART
Archita Patel None
Ari Glass 2006 Executive MBA Zeller Realty Corporation
Arin Aghazarian 2015 Full Time Tim Hortons
Arin Chakraborty 2015 Evening/Weekend General Electric
Arjen Mackaaij 2011 Full Time BCG Digital Ventures
Arjun Agarwala 2016 Full Time University of Chicago
Arnav Shah None
Arnon Siegel None
Arshia Tadipatri None
Arthur Kaz 1996 Full Time Greenbriar Asset Management
Arti Gupta None
Arturo Gutierrez 2015 Full Time Brunswick Corp.
Arun Ramamoorthy 2015 Executive MBA D+H Corporation
Arvind Sriram 2006 Full Time Credit Suisse
Asghar Husain 2001 Full Time E-Telequote Insurance Inc
Ashish Sharma 2011 Full Time Yahoo, Inc.
Ashish Rangnekar 2011 Full Time BenchPrep
Ashish Tolia 2011 Full Time NONE
Ashish Kaura 2001 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Ashish Kishore 1996 Full Time Manikay Partners
Ashish Karandikar 2006 Full Time Apax Partners LP
Ashleigh Cares 2015 Full Time Microsoft
Ashley Rothman None SMS Assist, LLC
Ashwath Muralidharan 2015 Full Time TripAdvisor
Ashwin Rajput 2016 Executive MBA Weight Watchers International
Ashwin George 2018 Executive MBA Valley Pain Relief & Wellness Center
Atinder Singh 2006 Full Time MetLife
Atsushi Kitano 1991 Full Time Deutsche Securities Inc.
Austin Locke 2011 Full Time CPP Investment Board
Ava Youngblood 1985 Evening/Weekend Youngblood Executive Services
Avi Levine 2011 Full Time Digital Professional Institute
Aviad Ariel 2006 Full Time Vertex
Avinesh Bhar 2018 Executive MBA Mercer University
Avnish Miduthuri 2011 Full Time Google Inc.
BADER ALSAYER 2015 Executive MBA Al Sayer Group
Barbara Glazer 1996 Full Time Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Barbara Bowles 1971 Evening/Weekend Landers-Bowles Family Foundation
Barbara Lewis 1976 Full Time None
Barry Liang 2015 Full Time Deloitte
Bayasgalan Enkhbaatar 2015 Full Time J. P. Morgan
Becky Godbey 2015 Full Time ZS Associates
Becky Tinkham 2001 Full Time Ingredion, Inc.
Ben Wong 2011 Executive MBA GemEx Systems, Inc.
Ben Goren 1996 Full Time FTI Consulting
Ben Rissman 2001 Full Time Weber Shandwick
Benjamin Hanessian 2015 Full Time mckinsey
Benjamin Firestone 2011 Evening/Weekend Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
Benjamin Bronner 2017 Full Time none
Beth Tench 2016 Evening/Weekend none
Beth Burnson 1991 Evening/Weekend Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Beth Linn 2015 Executive MBA Wrightwood Financial
Bethany Steinberg 1991 Full Time None
Betsy Bruinsma None Navigant
Betsy Sylvester 2012 Full Time Goldman Sachs & Co.
Beverly Seto None
Bhargavi Srivathsan 2015 Full Time None
Bhaskar Mazumder 2013 Evening/Weekend Deloitte Consulting
Bhaskar Kalita 2016 Executive MBA Capgemini
bhavin shah 1996 Full Time sameeksha Capital
Bhumika Gashti 2006 Full Time Credit Suisse
Bill Pickrell 2013 Executive MBA Jones Lang LaSalle
Bill Roule 1981 Full Time None
Bill Elsbury None
Bill Foster 1976 Full Time yellCast.com
Biswaroop Chatterjee 2011 Full Time Groupon
Bjarni Magnusson None Walmart
Bob Crawford 1991 Full Time Brook Furniture Rental, Inc.
Bob Gogel 1976 Full Time Integreon
Bora Repishti 2015 Full Time Standard & Poors Ratings Services
Boris Tsypin 2005 Full Time Accenture
Bowen Hsu 2011 Full Time Saban Capital Group, Inc.
Brad Hurwitz 2015 Evening/Weekend LEK
Brad Krillenberger None Chicago Booth
Bradd Kern 2011 Full Time Sea Bottle Soap Company
Bradley Schwartz 2013 Full Time Delta Air Lines
Brandon Jones 2015 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Brandon Spurlock None
Brandon Sitz 2013 Full Time Goldman Sachs & Co.
Branislav Vukosavljevic 2015 Executive MBA none
Bregan Herrold 2011 Full Time Beam Suntory
Brenda Carr None
Brendan Downing 2018 Executive MBA Falcon Consulting Group
Brendan Reardon 2014 Evening/Weekend SharkNinja
Brendon Eisner 2013 Full Time Phoenix Steel Service, Inc.
Bret Feingerts 2013 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Brian Kasal 2006 Executive MBA FourStar Wealth Advisors, LLC
Brian Quint 1991 Full Time Cisco Systems
Brian Blanchett 2011 Full Time Qualcomm
Brian Behm 2015 Full Time KraftHeinz
Brian Greviskes None Compass Automation
Brian Acks 2015 Evening/Weekend CNA Insurance
Brian Walsh 2015 Evening/Weekend Walsh Construction
Brian Walker 2012 Executive MBA W.W. Grainger
Brian Freiwald 2011 Full Time Putnam Investments
Brian Thompson 2015 Evening/Weekend ZS Associates
Brian Valik 2006 Full Time The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Brian Keegan 2005 Executive MBA NONE
Brian Cohn 2001 Full Time ADP
Brian Wolfson 2015 Evening/Weekend Hill-Rom
Briana Kearney 2015 Evening/Weekend Surgical Care Affiliates
Brianne Barco None
Britt Trukenbrod 1996 Full Time William Blair & Co
Brittany Timmons 2011 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Brittiney Jones None
Brooke Sawyer 2011 Full Time Blistex
Bruce Gockerman 1997 Executive MBA Standard Deviation Econometrics, Ltd.
Bruce Williamson 1976 Full Time The Salvation Army
Bruce Jackson 1986 Full Time General Motors
Bruce Lindsay 1965 Full Time 2117 Associates, LLC
Bruce Barton 1991 Full Time Parkworth Wealth Management
Bruna Burgener None Premier Endodontics
Bruna Macedo Porto 2017 Full Time none
Bruno Baratta 2011 Full Time Lazard
Bruno Salas 2011 Full Time The Valence Group
Bryan Bethel 2013 Evening/Weekend Bessemer Trust
Bryant Houston 2006 Full Time BLC Holdings, LLC
Burdell Hansen Jr 2013 Full Time McCarthy Capital
Cailyn Mittur 2015 Evening/Weekend EY
Caitlin Walsh 2011 Full Time CPP Investment Board
Cara Kelly 2009 Evening/Weekend Storypoint Inc.
Carey Cheng 2018 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Carl Greppin 1991 Full Time Transpac Access
Carla Penicka 2018 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Carla DenisonBickett 2004 Evening/Weekend The Cara Program
Carlos Minetti 1986 Full Time Discover Financial Services
Carlos Rovella 2011 Full Time EY
Carlos Fainsod 2011 Full Time Planigrupo
Carlos Takano 2011 Full Time Rothschild
Carlos Zavala 2011 Full Time Scotiabank
carlton charles 1986 Full Time Hearst
Carmen Antoun None Google
Carol Eastin 1968 Evening/Weekend NONE
Carol Schnitzler None
Carolina Goncalves Pereira 2013 Full Time Cummins, Inc.
Carolina Alzate None Off Corss
Carolina Zuleta 2011 Full Time Carolina Zuleta Coaching
Caroline Liu 2011 Full Time Bain & Company, Inc.
Caroline Gardner 2011 Full Time BMO Harris Bank
Caroline Bugg 2015 Full Time Brunswick Corporation
Caroline Licari None
carolyn agnew None
Carolyn Blair None Cobbler Concierge
Carolyn Brewer 2015 Evening/Weekend Mattersight
Carrie Sweeney 2011 Full Time Google
Caryn Smith 2015 Evening/Weekend CME
Cassandra Oliveira 2017 Evening/Weekend The Context Network
Cassandra Dye 2006 Evening/Weekend Pro-CISE, Consulting, LLC
Catherine Dabney 1977 Full Time Daiichi Sankyo Inc.
Catherine Frances Napier 2018 Evening/Weekend Northern Trust
Cathy Higgerson None
Cesar Fernandez Giove 2015 Full Time Deloitte Consulting LLP
Chad Strader 2015 Full Time NONE
Chad Martinson None Efficient Capital Management
Chaitanya Kovvuri 2015 Evening/Weekend none
Chaitenya Razdan 2011 Full Time Care+Wear
Chandra Williams 2001 Full Time Huron Consulting Group
Channing Alden None
Charles Clough 1966 Full Time Clough Capital Partners, L.P.
Charles Thurman 1976 Full Time NONE
Charles Boyer 2019 Full Time
Charles MacKelvie 1999 Executive MBA Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Charlie Hipwood 2001 Full Time Fluent Financial Technologies
Charlotte Diaz 2006 Full Time R/GA
Chase Yeung 2016 Executive MBA
Chenzi Liu 2016 Full Time BAML
Cheryl Stein 1981 Evening/Weekend CHERYL STEIN, INC.
Cheryl Cortez 2003 Full Time None
Chet Kwasniak 2000 Evening/Weekend MW industries
Chetan Bansal 2001 Full Time Leucadia Asset Mgmt
Chinwe Aneke 2015 Full Time ExxonMobil Corp
Chirag Shah 2015 Executive MBA CCC Information Services
Chloe Willstrom 2013 Full Time Accenture
Chris Mckinnis 2012 Evening/Weekend Environs Development Inc.
Chris Pummill 2011 Full Time Mason Wells
Chris Borgmeyer 2011 Evening/Weekend Briefing.com
Chris Woehrle 1996 Full Time Great Lakes Motor Products
Chris Walters 2001 Full Time Encompass Digital Media
Chris Rodskog 2006 Full Time Startup
Chris Cashin 1996 Full Time Bootstrap Advisors
Chrissie Pariso 2008 Full Time Exelon
Christian Lesaigle None Starwood Hotels and Resots
Christian Withseidelin 1991 Full Time The Larkin Group
Christina Wei 2011 Full Time Salesforce.com
Christina Duncan 2013 Full Time Independent
christine mann 1996 Full Time Private Wealth ManagementThe Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Christine Le 2006 Full Time BRV
Christine Bower None JLL
Christopher Krampitz 2005 Full Time UL LLC
Christopher Panagiotopoulos 2015 Full Time Liberty Mutual
Christopher Myers 2012 Evening/Weekend EY
Christopher D'Cruz 2013 Full Time Raise
Christopher Huss 2011 Evening/Weekend Alvarez & Marsal
Christopher Wrobel 2006 Executive MBA None
Christopher May 2001 Full Time McDermott Will & Emery
Christopher Vierling 2011 Full Time Lincoln International
Christopher Hoyes 2011 Full Time Roland Berger LLC
Christopher Klare 2006 Full Time LEM Capital
Christopher Oshewolo 2006 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Christopher Robinson 1991 Full Time Firefly Millward Brown
Christopher Arges None LSU
Christopher Barnard 1976 Full Time None
Chuck McQuaid 1976 Full Time None
Chuck Hoag 2005 Evening/Weekend Bradford Allen Capital
Claudia Sulkowski 2015 Evening/Weekend none
Claudia Mattison None
Cleo Miller 2020 Evening/Weekend McMaster-Carr
Colleen Watson 2011 Full Time BNP Paribas
Connie Wells None
Connie Chung 2011 Full Time Google X
Constance Frydenlund 1987 Full Time None
Cory Sandrock 2006 Full Time Northern Trust
Cory Johnson 2010 Evening/Weekend JA Benefits
Courtney Bickert 2001 Full Time The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Craig Krandel None Amherst Securities
Craig Rashkow 2011 Evening/Weekend McMaster-Carr
Craig Rohr None
Craig Kipp 1983 Full Time Boart Longyear Ltd.
Craig Petrusha 2001 Full Time Fidus Investment Advisors
Cristina Rohr 2013 Full Time The Edgewater Funds
Crystal Shen 2018 Executive MBA Jefferies
Crystal Flick Bergquist 2011 Evening/Weekend William Blair
Cynthia Zollinger 1979 Full Time Cornerstone Research, Inc.
Cynthia Nambiar None
Cynthia Zaeske None None
Cynthia Hessemer 1976 Full Time NONE
Cynthia Abdulelah 2007 Full Time Central Bank of Kuwait
Cynthia Smith 2015 Full Time Discover Financial Services
dale Michelson 2015 Full Time Putnam
Dale Philippi 1991 Evening/Weekend security first
Dan Madrigal 1996 Evening/Weekend Facebook
Dan Levin 1991 Full Time Gameday Covers, LLC
Dan Gogolew None Zurich North America
Dan Peled 2016 Full Time NONE
Dan Adelman The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Dan Johnson 1996 Full Time Gillson Capital
Dana Chery None
Dana Douglas None Ernst & Young
Daniel Lie 2011 Full Time Oz
Daniel Kapnick 2013 Full Time Brightwood Capital
Daniel He 2011 Full Time PIMCO
Daniel Lie 2011 Full Time Oz Content Technologies, Inc
Daniel Fenton None
Daniel Goff 2011 Full Time Tusk Strategies
Daniel Karp 2011 Full Time Cisco
Daniel Lindberg 2001 Executive MBA NONE
Daniel Haskell 2011 Full Time Anheuser-Busch InBev
Daniel Carroll 2012 Executive MBA Advocate Financial
Daniel J McKelvey 2006 Full Time InnerWorkings
Daniella Karidi None
Danielle Levesque None
Danielle Largay 2016 Evening/Weekend Booth Student
Danielle Eveslage 2011 Full Time Barclays Capital
Danny Rubenstein 1976 Full Time NONE
Daria Kalatcheva 2011 Full Time Siemens Venture Capital
Darina Denkova 2013 Full Time Adyen
Dario Munoz 2011 Full Time McKinsey and Company
Darlene Landsittel None
Darrell Riley 1986 Evening/Weekend T. Rowe Price Asssociates, Inc.
Darren Burgener 2001 Full Time Access One
Darren Spicer 2015 Full Time The Cambridge Group
dave donnelly 2012 Evening/Weekend SpiderRock Advisors
Dave Newberry 2015 Full Time Moelis
Dave Liu None Ventas
David Booth 1971 Full Time Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
David Holdreith 2006 Executive MBA PIMCO
David Malkowski 2006 Full Time Energy Capital Solutions, LP
David Park 2001 Full Time Goldman Sachs
David Dedeyan 2015 Full Time Strategy&
David Gloss 2011 Evening/Weekend BMO Capital Markets
David Rosen 1991 Full Time Long Grove Capital / CLG Realty Partners
David Landsittel 1964 Full Time None
David Bellamy 1991 Full Time Alain Pinel Realtors
David Byrd 2013 Executive MBA Blinderman Construction
David DeBoer 2001 Evening/Weekend Cardiac Surgery Associates, SC
David Ward 2011 Full Time Ryder System, Inc.
David De La Rosa 2011 Full Time Green Street Advisors
David Nelson 1976 Full Time Catalina Marketing
David Purcell 2015 Evening/Weekend AlixPartners
David Duhan None
David Meline 1986 Full Time Amgen, Inc.
David Levine 1996 Full Time Craters & Freighters
David Winn 2013 Full Time McKinsey & Company, Inc.
David Glancy 2011 Executive MBA Institute of World Politics
David Stefani 2015 Evening/Weekend Deloitte Consulting
David Yong 2006 Full Time TransUnion
David Williams 1963 Full Time Williams Capital Management Company
David Kuenzi 2001 Evening/Weekend Aurora Investment Management
DAVID KRATOCHVIL 1991 Full Time VolitionRx Limited
Davida Johnson 1977 Full Time None
Dawn Bartholomew 2011 Evening/Weekend Huron Consulting Group
Dawn Westley 2001 Full Time Berggruen Institute
Dean Curnutt 1996 Full Time Macro Risk Advisors
Deanna Haas None Univeristy of Colorado
Debahuti Basu 2011 Full Time American Express
Debbie Otto 2001 Full Time NONE
Deborah Lanigan None
Deepak Garg 2011 Full Time McKinsey & Company
deepti ballal 2011 Full Time Visa
Deirdre Campbell 2006 Full Time Abbott Laboratories
Demetrios Dounis 2007 Full Time The Compass Group
Denise Mack None
Denisse Williams None
Dennis Williams 1965 Full Time Quincy Newspapers, Inc.
Dennis Chookaszian 1968 Full Time Career Education Corp.
Dennis Bookshester None
Denyse Skipper 2017 Evening/Weekend PwC
Derek Alden 2011 Evening/Weekend Alvarez & Marsal
Derek Birkner 2015 Full Time AT Kearney
Derin Alemli 2011 Evening/Weekend Square Roots Kitchen
Derryl Reed 1976 Evening/Weekend Energy Efficient Lighting, LLC
Devyani Bedekar 2012 Evening/Weekend none
Dhara Bansal None HSBC
Diana Rashkow 2011 Full Time Groupon
Diana Poccia None
Diana Benitez None Aptos
Diana Yan 2015 Full Time Nestle
Diane Link 2006 Evening/Weekend Swiss Reinsurance Company
Diane Morefield 1987 Evening/Weekend None
Diane Fannon None The Richards Group
Diane Mielnikowski 1992 Evening/Weekend Leica Biosystems
Dianna Spring 2011 Full Time Adobe
Didier Catteau 2011 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Diego Gil 2011 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Dilini Fernando 2011 Full Time MillerCoors LLC
Dima Mostovoy 2013 Full Time Fidelity
Dinesh Bhandare 2011 Full Time Becton Dickinson and Company
Dipa Talati 2012 Full Time Sandbox Industries
Dmitri Demin 2006 Evening/Weekend US Foods
Dominic Heath 2015 Executive MBA UOP LLC
Dominic Hood 2014 Full Time Flexpoint Ford, LLC
Dominique Williams None Moss Adams LLP
Don Vanpool 2001 Evening/Weekend GE
Don Massoni 2015 Evening/Weekend BCG
Donald Kraus 2014 Full Time NONE
Donald Ratner 1971 Full Time Retired
Donald Sackman 1976 Full Time Independence Equity Management, LLC
Donna Moore None
Donnie Phillips 2013 Full Time Citadel
Dorothy Voorhees 2015 Full Time Target
Doug Stockalper 2011 Full Time SRECTrade
Douglas Elliott 1994 Evening/Weekend Morgan Stanley
Douglas Londal 1991 Full Time MSD Capital
Douglas Adams 1964 Full Time Adams Valuation Corp
Douglas S. Grover 1976 Full Time Merrill Lynch
Dror Karidi 2006 Full Time United States Steel
Dugan Schwalm 2012 Executive MBA CityBase
Dustin Worley 2011 Full Time PSAV
Dustin Bertram 2011 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Dustin Weinberger 2006 Evening/Weekend GE Capital
Dwight Hutchinson 2013 Full Time Lucus Advisors
E Shamus Hanlon 1991 Full Time AVA Partners LLC
Ed Kaplan 1976 Full Time Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Eddie Kang 2015 Full Time Merrill Lynch
Edgar Ancona 1976 Full Time None
Edouard Hountomey 2011 Executive MBA CSC
Eduardo Carrillo-Diaz 1976 Full Time none
Eduardo Martinez-del-Rio 2011 Full Time GBM Global LP
Edward Frindt 2015 Evening/Weekend Chicago Growth Partners
Edward Hanson 2015 Full Time Varsity Views
Edward Creedon 2006 Full Time University of Illinois Foundation
EDWARD PENDARVIS 2011 Full Time Digital Realty
Eileen Schmidt 2001 Evening/Weekend The U.S. Department of the Treasury
Elaine Shimoda 2011 Full Time Afiniti
Elbert Hearon 1991 Evening/Weekend Infogix
Elena Zalewski 2018 Evening/Weekend self-employed
Elena Klaas 2006 Full Time Lukoil
Elena Grotto 2020 Evening/Weekend Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Elena Ramos-Velita 2001 Citi
Elizabeth Oates 2013 Full Time Royal Caribbean
Elizabeth Rogers 2012 Executive MBA Education Services
Elizabeth Robarge None Storck USA
Elizabeth Weddle None
Elizabeth Smith 2006 Executive MBA SoMax Consulting
Ellen Rostand 1996 Full Time Washington University in St. Louis
Ellen Rudnick 1973 Full Time Chicago Booth
Ellen Miller None University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Ellen Schulz 2011 Full Time IMS
Ellen Itskovitz 1981 Full Time UBS Global Asset Mngt
Emily Theis 2015 Full Time PepsiCo
Emily Harte 2014 Evening/Weekend AlixPartners
Emily Heisley Stoeckel 1991 Full Time The Heico Companies, LLC
Emma Glidden-Lyon None
Emma Qin 2016 Full Time none
Emma Tan 2015 Full Time EY
Enrique Negron 1991 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Enton Lam None
Eric Guzman 2011 Full Time Baron Capital Group
Eric Steffe 2001 Full Time Avison Young
Eric Gwinn None Chicago Booth Marketing
Eric Baer 1996 Full Time Chicago Fundamental Investment Partners
Eric Weddle 2011 Full Time Blue Ridge Partners
Eric Eckerman None BMO
Eric Woelker None Chicago Booth
Eric Jeng 2015 Full Time Veritas Technologies
Eric Meier 1998 Evening/Weekend Performance Trust Capital Partners
Erica Salin 2013 Full Time A. T. Kearney
Erich Nazarof 2006 Executive MBA
Erik Parks 2009 Evening/Weekend Edcura LLC
Erik Adams 2015 Full Time BCG
Erika Maschmeyer 2006 Full Time Oak Ridge Investments, LLC
Erika Warren 2011 Full Time WyzAnt Tutoring
Erika Hsu None
Erika Olson None Writer
Erin Lenhardt 2015 Full Time The Food Mint
ERNEST FREUDMAN 1961 Evening/Weekend Quotepro
Eshwar Sankar 2015 Executive MBA PLS Financial
Ethan Siegler None
Etienne Gill None
Etugo Nwokah 2011 Full Time Aetna
Eva Fernandez None
Eva Tsang 2015 Full Time Enst & Young
Evan Trent 2006 Full Time Heidrick & Struggles Inc.
Evgeny Antipov 2006 Full Time Advance Capital
Ezra Galston 2013 Full Time Chicago Ventures
Fabio Sant'anna 2001 Full Time Capgemini
Fancy Wu 2015 Full Time McKinsey
Fareed Adib 2011 Executive MBA Vista Equity Partners
Febyan Rustandy None
Federico Gonzalez 2015 Full Time UBS
Felicia rauls 2014 Evening/Weekend Mesirow Financial
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive MBA Reply
Felix Davis 2001 Full Time Cisco Systems, Inc.
Fernand Lendoye 2006 Full Time Aviva Group
Fernando Vinzons 1998 Full Time Cook County Pension Funds
Fernando Pizarro 2001 Full Time NONE
Flavia Santos None
Flavia Greca None
Florencia Ardissone 2015 Full Time Mckinsey
Florin Berca 1976 Full Time NONE
Florin Fortis 2011 Evening/Weekend Humana
Fong Wa Chung 2013 Full Time Barclays
Frances DeBlasio 1995 Full Time Tickermaster-Chicago Inc.
Frances Watts None
frank sabin 2001 Full Time BlueLine LLC
Frank Keuchel 2007 Full Time CACI
Frank Gambino 2007 Evening/Weekend Isthmus Partners, LLC
Frank Hartmann 2011 Executive MBA Honest Buildings
Fred Steingraber 1964 Full Time A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Fred Zaeske 1996 Evening/Weekend Videojet Technologies
Frederic Jalliffier-Merlon 2011 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Frederick "Rick" Poccia 1981 Full Time Great Western Bank
Gabriel Senior 2006 Full Time ParLevel systems
Gabriel Scott None
Gabriela Gutierrez None self-employed
Gabrielle Lambert 2006 Full Time Epoxy, Inc
Gail Williams 1976 Full Time None
Garima Ahluwalia None The Boston Consulting Group
Gary Graves 1986 Full Time Huntley, Mullaney, Spargo, & Sullivan, Inc.
Gary Roll 2004 Evening/Weekend General Motors Corporation
Gary Kaatz 1976 Full Time None
Gary Ng 2015 Full Time Rocketmiles
Gary Pullar 1976 Full Time None
Gbolahan Amusa 2001 Full Time Chardan Capital
Gene Yau 2006 Evening/Weekend Astellas
Gene Rapoport 2013 Full Time Bain & Company, Inc.
Geoff Trukenbrod 2001 Full Time Abundant Venture Partners
George Mansour 2008 Evening/Weekend PricewaterhouseCoopers
George Sauter 1980 Full Time Vanguard (retired)
georgi Popov 2013 Full Time PIMCO
Georgi Cholakov 2015 Full Time Opera Solutions
Gerald Nudo 1973 Full Time Marc RealtyAcquisitions & Finance
gerardine D'Sa 2004 Evening/Weekend none
Ghian Foreman 2001 Full Time WPDG
Gideon Oppenheimer 2015 Full Time BCG
Gilad Ayalon 2015 Full Time eBay
Girish Gaitonde 1989 Evening/Weekend Xoriant Corporation
Gizem Keysan 2015 Evening/Weekend United Airlines
Glenn Allison 2011 Executive MBA Tractor Supply Company
Grace Lin 2011 Full Time CloudFlare
Grace Ding 2015 Evening/Weekend Strategy&
Grace Liu 2011 Full Time Applied Materials
Graham Fernandes 2001 Full Time BP
Graham Lewis 1988 Full Time PRL Investments L.P.
Greg Tepper 1991 Full Time Exeter International
Greg Cesca 2006 Full Time TAG Lighting Brands
Greg Reda None Sprout Social
Gregory Ehlke 1976 Full Time None
Gregory Vrablik 1976 Full Time Presidents Forum
Gregory Bergkamp 1986 Full Time Agrarian Concepts
Gregory Hamill None Two Sigma Investments
Gregory Erikson None
Griff Lewis 1975 Full Time
Guest of Bellows, Randall
Guillaume Piard 2015 Full Time Evest
Guillermo Marroquin None Macquarie
Gulaya Pizarro None
H. Danielle Troyer 2015 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
H. Stephen Grace, Jr. Ph.D. 1966 Full Time H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.
Haining Zheng 2015 Full Time LafargeHolcim
Haipei Zhou 2019 Full Time None
Hakeem Yusuff 2013 Full Time BASF
Halley Kehoe 2006 Full Time Beam Suntory
Haluk Mentes 2011 Full Time MARVEL
Hank Romaine 1991 Full Time BOVARO Partners, LLC
Hanlelore Mui None Saks Fifth Avenue
Hannah Williams None University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship
Hans Montgomery 2006 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Hans Stege 2014 Full Time Copia Capital
Hanyue Xiao 2017 Full Time none
Hao Meng 2015 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Haris Ikram 2011 Full Time Salesforce.com
Harmeet Arora 2015 Executive MBA SEI Investments
Harsha Pakhal 2015 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Harsha Majeti 2015 Executive MBA Sabre
Harshad Mali 2013 Evening/Weekend NONE
Healy Adams 2015 Full Time BCG
Heather Taylor 2015 Evening/Weekend Forecast5 Analytics
Heather Salonga 2006 Full Time Tensoft
Heather Graves None
Heejae Yoon 2011 Full Time Citibank Korea
Hee-Seun Senkfor 1991 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Heidi Keeling 1996 Full Time Holverson Mineral Management
Heidi Wisbach 1996 Full Time from
Helana Robbins Huddleston 2018 Executive MBA CohnReznick
Helen Erikson 2016 Full Time NONE
HELEN ALLEN 1986 Full Time Bank of America Corporation
Hema Trukenbrod None
Henric Persson 2006 Full Time Alpine Partners, USVI
Henry Umaschi None
herman nakamura 2011 Executive MBA Hyfen
Hernan Lozano 2006 Full Time Alpek, S.A.B. de C.V.
Hicham Talebali 2015 Full Time David Capital Partners, LLC
Hillary Wolcott 2013 Full Time General Mills
Hiral Arges 2015 Full Time Wedding Champ
Hirman Ahmad None Chocolate Entrepreneur
Hiroshi Otake 2006 Full Time Showa University School of Medicine
Holly Spurlock 2011 Executive MBA Vibid Seats
HONG NGOC NGUYEN 2016 Full Time University of Chicago Booth School of Business
howard underwood 1995 Full Time HCSC/Blue Cross Blue Shield IL
Hrishikesh Thackersey 2006 Full Time Hindoostan Mills Ltd.
Hsincheh (Sean) Chao 1981 Full Time Morgan Stanley Taiwan Limited
Huei Jang 2011 Full Time Original Jangster
ignacio gutierrez hevia 2001 Full Time Aguila Capital
Ignacio Vinke 2015 Full Time none
Ileana Funez 2015 Full Time Adobe
Immanuel Thangaraj 1993 Full Time Essex Woodlands Health Ventures
Indranil Sarkar 2015 Evening/Weekend Initiative
Irene Mello 2006 Full Time NONE
Irene Conlon 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Isaac Chan 2013 Full Time Roland Berger
Isabella Wang 2015 Evening/Weekend Wrigley
ISHAAN KAPOOR 2015 Executive MBA Constellation
Ishita Sharan 2016 Executive MBA TCG Digital
Ivana Marich 2003 Evening/Weekend Robert W. Baird
Ivonne Camacho 2011 Executive MBA Nestle, USA
J C Groon 2006 Evening/Weekend LinkedIn
jack steidle 1991 Full Time Antares Capital LP
Jack Parchman 2015 Full Time Barclays
Jack Leventhal 1991 Full Time Nomura Securities International, Inc.
Jack Namvou 2013 Full Time BMO Capital Markets
Jacklyn Klein 2015 Full Time Amazon
Jacob Gomolinski-Ekel 2015 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Jacob Ehrensaft
Jacob Van Beek 2011 Full Time Radiology Partners
Jacobo Torres Viveros 2011 Executive MBA Hunter Industries
Jacopo Sannazzaro Natta 2015 Full Time Bain & Company
Jacquelyn DiMonte 2017 Evening/Weekend Silver Spring Networks
Jai Shah None
Jaime Streem 2013 Full Time Beam Suntory
Jake Walker 2016 Full Time Google
Jake Lin 2015 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jakub Mleczko 2011 Full Time Perella Weinberg Partners LP
James Riso 2017 Full Time none
James Moss 1986 Full Time Oakview Partners, L.P.
James Bilodeau 2001 Full Time PreFix Inc.
James Bartelme 2011 Executive MBA Caterpillar Inc.
James Harris 2015 Full Time Strategy&
James Bain 2011 Full Time Parking Panda
James Romeo 2018 Executive MBA Midwood Software
James Kinoshita 1988 Full Time PNC Bank
James Geraghty 2013 Full Time Exelon
James Westfall 1976 Full Time None
James Hague 1996 Full Time Janian Investment Advisers, LLC
James Hill 1967 Full Time none
James Adams 1998 Full Time Adams & Company
James Mirochnik 1996 Full Time Halock Security Labs
Jamie Bernhardt None
Jamie Shah 2013 Full Time Chem-Impex International, Inc.
Jan Anne Dubin 1994 Executive MBA Jan Anne Dubin Consulting
Jane Witheridge 1997 Executive MBA Technology Evaluations, Inc.
Jane Zimmy 1976 Full Time NONE
Janet Nguyen 2011 Executive MBA Comarco, Inc./KAfe Group
Janet Tavakoli 1981 Evening/Weekend Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc.
Janet Charles None
Jared Li 2015 Full Time Zurich Insurance
jarrod fong 1996 Full Time J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
jasmin fung fen chung 2006 Full Time none
Jasmine Richards 2011 Full Time FIS Group
Jason Winkler 2011 Executive MBA Motorola, Inc.
Jason Ashenfelter 2016 Executive MBA PwC
Jason Moss 2006 Full Time Expedia
Jason Rosenthal 2006 Full Time Discover Financial Services, LLC
Jason Kwong None Wolverine Trading
Jason Pariso 2011 Full Time The University of Chicago
Jason Sheridan 2011 Executive MBA Shell Oil Company
Jason Ramski 2015 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Jason James None The Recording Academy
Jason Arican 2015 Full Time Moelis & Company
Jason Moos None
Jason Forte 2015 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Jason Ginsberg 2015 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Javier Gallegos 2001 Full Time Optisave LLC
Jay Gouline 1976 Full Time Mayfield Associates, LLC
Jay Subramaniam 2015 Full Time Chicago Booth
Jay Huck 1996 Full Time Egerton Capital Limited
Jay Sheth 2006 Full Time Appaloosa Management, L.P.
Jayanth Sankar 2015 Evening/Weekend Nissan
Jean-Francois Limpens 2006 Full Time Rothschild
Jeanne Ryan 1991 Full Time ZS Associates
Jeanne Canada 1976 Full Time Goldfish Designs, LLC
Jeanne Lee 2006 Full Time Citigroup
Jeff Li 2006 Evening/Weekend Information Resources Inc
Jeff Ricker 1981 Full Time Jeffrey P. Ricker, CFA
Jeff Wyll 2006 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Jeff Schoenfield 2013 Full Time None
Jeff Cullinane 2011 Full Time The Procter & Gamble Company
Jeff Crum 2001 Full Time Veeam Software
Jeff Robbins None
Jeff Lee 2010 Executive MBA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Jeff Harrold 2011 Full Time Envisage Advisors
Jeff Otto 2001 Full Time NONE
Jeff Weinberger 1986 Full Time Education Elements
jeffrey shiff 2015 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Jeffrey Goldstein 2006 Full Time AlixPartners
Jeffrey Wolfe 2006 Executive MBA Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Jeffrey Rich 1991 Full Time National Science Foundation
Jeffrey Hsu 2015 Full Time Surgical Care Affiliates
Jeffrey Stine 2013 Full Time NONE
Jeffrey Mast 2011 Full Time Perella Weinberg Partners
Jeffrey Greene 2006 Evening/Weekend Bank of America
Jeffrey Lewis None Houlihan Lokey
Jemea Martin 2011 Executive MBA Private Consulting
Jen Kim 2011 Evening/Weekend Astellas
Jen Gunion-Nichols 2001 Full Time None
Jen Fitzgerald 2017 Full Time none
Jen DeLoyd None McKinsey and Company
Jenell Popov None
Jennifer Fried 2015 Full Time Park Lane Ventures
Jennifer Ketter (Andersen) 2011 Full Time Sparrow Park Goods & Co.
Jennifer Alexander Monzón 2008 Full Time Chapín Coffee
Jennifer Rosa None CDM Media, Inc.
Jennifer Crisafulli None
Jennifer Nolte None
Jennifer Armstrong None USAid
Jennifer Cha None
Jennifer Parkes Kozak 2011 Full Time Blue Ridge Partners
Jennifer Sagan 2014 Evening/Weekend Fitch Ratings
Jenny Xu 2011 Evening/Weekend Bridgestone
Jeremiah Erby 2011 Full Time JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Jeremy Showalter 2006 Full Time Microsoft (Vietnam)
Jeremy Strayer 2011 Executive MBA BP
Jeremy Schellin 2011 Full Time General Mills Inc.
Jeremy Shull 2011 Executive MBA UBS
Jerome Austriaco 2006 Executive MBA ADA, LLC dba Aspen Dental
Jesse Ostrow 2006 Full Time MedProperties Group
jessica kelly None
Jessica Peng 2016 Full Time None
Jessica Seilhan 2011 Evening/Weekend Stitch Fix
Jessica Wood (Lukas) 2006 Full Time Standard and Poor's
Jessica Cobb 2015 Full Time American Express
Jessica Jacobs 2011 Full Time Wayfair
Jessica Jung 2015 Evening/Weekend CVS
Jessica Mbaeliachi None
Jessica Poon 2001 Full Time Investec Asset Management
Jesus Nunez Unda 2011 Full Time DBRS
Jill Monsalve 2006 Full Time PepsiCo Inc.
Jill James 2006 Evening/Weekend Sif Industries
Jillian Schmiedt 2011 Full Time Dow AgroSciences
Jillian Fogarty 2017 Evening/Weekend Wealth-X
Jim Tyree None Tyree & D'Angelo Partners
Jim Jelin 1991 Full Time Retail Sales & Business Development Exide Technologies
Jim Grieco None
Jim Long 2008 Executive MBA DoALL Sawblades
Jim Bland 2006 Full Time HCP & Company
Jim Wu 2006 Full Time Tetra Tech, Inc.
Jim Palmer 2011 Full Time Amazon
Jin Kwon 2015 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jit Ming Tan 2006 Full Time Barclays Bank
Joan Monahan None
Joan Rogoz 1976 Full Time
Joanna Rupp 1994 Full Time The University of Chicago
Joanne Vrablik None N/A
Joanne cassidy 1996 Full Time Ardent Construction and Dev.,Inc.
Joe Rumph 2013 Full Time MacArthur Foundation
Joe Buck None Chicago Booth
Joe Pomaranski None Tenneco, Inc.
Joe Cantwell 1996 Evening/Weekend Cinelan LLC
Joe Carr 1986 Full Time Cisco Systems
Joel Feldmann 1986 Full Time Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Johanna Bye None Libertyville
john salvino 2006 Evening/Weekend William Blair & Co
John Skjervem 1991 Full Time Oregon State Treasury
John Yoshimura 1987 Full Time A. T. Kearney, Inc.
John Gurney 2001 Evening/Weekend Chamberlain College of Nursing
John Perry 1968 Evening/Weekend Four Hour Society, Inc.
John Domanskis 2015 Full Time BCG
John Mullen 2015 Evening/Weekend AbelsonTaylor
John Gould 1963 Full Time
John Sauerland 1991 Full Time Progressive
John Edwardson 1972 Full Time none
John Weis None Walgreens
John Covell None Templer Charters Consulting
John Huyette 2011 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
John Olsen 2006 Evening/Weekend NA
John Rhoads 2006 Full Time AECOM
John Backer 2011 Full Time Salesforce
John McCarthy 1991 Full Time EMC
John Clinton 2011 Full Time Penguin Random House
John Swift 1966 Evening/Weekend none
John Vitanovec 1989 Evening/Weekend DePaul University
John Franklin None
John Pickart 1991 Full Time Franklin Templeton
John Andrews 1966 Full Time Andrews and Associates Business Advisors
John Mohr 2006 Executive MBA MacArthur Foundation
John Crisafulli 2011 Executive MBA Behind The Scenes Inc
John Kane 1991 Evening/Weekend JP Morgan
JOHN Hamilton 1986 Full Time none
Jon Maschmeyer 2008 Full Time Chicago Pacific Founders (ALUM)
Jon Hammer 2013 Full Time StubHub
Jon Walsh 2013 Evening/Weekend None
Jon Hussey 2016 Full Time None
Jonathan Handler 1976 Full Time Jonathan Handler and Associates Inc
Jonathan Bacon 2011 Full Time United Airlines
Jonathan Hay 2013 Full Time Boston Red Sox
Jonathan Chait 2016 Executive MBA none
Jonathan Turnbull 2011 Full Time HSBC
Jonathan Winkelman None
Jonathan Dold 2015 Full Time Amazon
Jonathan Ho 2012 Evening/Weekend KPMG
Jonathan Yip 2006 Full Time Rogge Global Partners
Jonathan Chan 2015 Full Time Procured Health
Jonathan Hasson 2011 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Jonathan Lee 2011 Full Time Lending Club
Jorge Cepeda 2011 Evening/Weekend ExcelAg Corp USA
Jorge Caraballo 2013 Full Time McKinsey and Company
Jorge Alvarez 2015 Full Time BCG
Jorge Simon 2011 Full Time InnerWorkings
Jorgina Busquets 2016 Full Time BCG
Jorgw Martinwz 2016 Evening/Weekend AECOM
Joscelyn MacKay 2006 Full Time Morningstar
Jose Perez 2016 Full Time None
Jose Rodriguez 2011 Full Time Fortaleza Capital Partners
joseph greer 2015 Executive MBA Makexchange
Joseph Martei 2011 Full Time J.P. Morgan Chase & Co
Joseph Neubauer 1965 Full Time Next Egg Group
Joseph Soukup 2011 Full Time Citadel
Joseph Young None Accenture
Joseph Apricena None
Joseph Puccio Jr 2015 Full Time Sling TV
Joseph Fabusiwa 2014 Executive MBA DLC Group
Josh Raizin 2015 Full Time Cedar Street Asset Managment
Josh Susser 2015 Executive MBA Zenith Education Group
Josh Lutton 2001 Full Time Woodlawn Associates
Josh McConnell 2014 Full Time The Burbridge Group
Joshua Rogers 2015 Full Time Advantage Capital Partners
Jovanne Smith 2011 Full Time Seeds & Sprouts Culture Cultivators
joyce budnik 2015 Full Time none
JP Fairbank 2006 Executive MBA Orchard Venture Partners
Jua Mitchell 2006 Full Time Pepperjam (fka eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions)
Juan Felipe Valencia 2011 Full Time Veronorte
Juan Jose Galnares 2011 Full Time Amazon.com
Juan Pablo Garavito 2015 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jude Rake 1986 Full Time JDR Growth Partners
Judith Griffin 1971 Evening/Weekend J. Griffin and Associates, Inc.
Judith Krandel 1991 Full Time Juniper Investment Company
Judith Ng Cashin None INC Research
Judy Lubin 1991 Full Time Project Exploration
Judy Jones 1976 Full Time NONE
Judy Andringa 1994 Executive MBA Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Julia Brady Hoexter 1996 Full Time University of Chicago
Julia Reardon 2011 Full Time Beam Suntory
Julia Kyle 2015 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Julia Carter 2011 Full Time Amazon
Julian Kilcullen 2015 Full Time Marathon Capital
Julie Metz 1986 Full Time None
Julie Fogarty 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Julie Feldmann None
Julie Stone None NONE
Julie DeLoyd 2011 Full Time McKinsey and Company
Julius Kimbrough 2001 Full Time Crescent City Community Land Trust
junaid qureshi 2015 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Justen Knight 2013 Full Time Advisory Board Company
Justin Sheperd 2003 Evening/Weekend Aurora Investment Management LLC
Justin Patwin 2011 Executive MBA AJ Capital Partners
Justin Shapiro 2011 Evening/Weekend Rosenthal Collins Capital Markets
Justin Bergquist None Vista Consulting Group
Justine Chiou 2011 Full Time William Blair
Kalina Ivanova 2011 Full Time Highbridge Principal Strategies
Kamaria Campbell 2017 Full Time None
Kamran Khan 2001 Full Time Millennium Challenge Corporation
Kana Mizuno None
Kara Davey 2015 Full Time Cision
Karan Goel 2006 Full Time GetSet
karen rowles None retired
Karen Swoiskin Goodgold 1991 Full Time NONE
Karen Greer None PsyKare LLC
Karen Purze 2011 Executive MBA Uptake
Karen Sauter None
Karen Sykes 1996 Evening/Weekend Towne Park
Karen Passmore 2013 Full Time McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Karen Gahl-Mills 2003 Evening/Weekend Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
Karen Williams None
Karen Slimmon 1991 Full Time None
Karim Benjelloun 2011 Full Time Visium Asset Management, LP
Karl Alleman 1991 Full Time Egon Zehnder
Karl Kadon 2015 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Karl Hefty None
Karl Stark 2001 Full Time Elagy
Kartheepan Madasamy 2006 Full Time Qualcomm Ventures
Kasie Thibodeaux None
Kate Hacker 2006 Full Time Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Kate Howitt 1996 Full Time Fidelity Investment Ltd
Kate O'Neill 2011 Executive MBA SilkRoad Technology
Kate Evert 1994 Full Time Commonwealth HR Consulting
Katharine Hamilton None
Katharine Lennox 2013 Full Time Tyson
Katherine Smith 2011 Full Time Treacy & Company
Katherine Courtney 2016 Executive MBA Northern Trust
Katherine Hatter 2010 Evening/Weekend Cambridge Wellington
Katherine Besser 2016 Evening/Weekend PwC
Kathleen Quint None
Kathleen Bailey 1991 Full Time Argonne National Laboratory
Kathryn Godman 2015 Full Time Kraft Heinz Company
Kathryn Van Fossen 2007 Full Time VF Corporation
Kathy Vincze None None
Kati Walters None
Katia Logvina None
Katie Bien 2011 Full Time Deloitte
Katie Jones None William Blair
Katie Ossman 2013 Full Time Water Street Healthcare Partners LLC
Katie Landsberg 2015 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Katie Smith 2015 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Katrina Vanacora None Conagra
Kaushal Guntur None None
Keely Moos 2011 Evening/Weekend Boeing
Keith Phillips 1986 Full Time Cowen and Company
Keith Kammer 1986 Evening/Weekend Synergy Group Insurance
Kelechi Agada 2011 Executive MBA Fanaxel, LLC
Kelly Gushue 2011 Full Time Natixis Global Asset Management
Kelly Neroda 2013 Full Time Lincoln International
Kelly Huyette None
Kelly Ruppel 2011 Full Time Madison Metro School District
Kelly Small None none
Ken Kovash 2006 Full Time Cleveland Browns
Ken Viellieu 1984 Full Time Moelis & Company Holdings LLC
Kenneth Holmes None Neurology Consultants, SC
Kenny Wachtel 1976 Full Time Wachtel Executive Recruiting
Kent Fannon 1976 Full Time Chartwell Partners
Kerry Walsh None
Kevin Smith 2015 Full Time BCG
Kevin Willer 2010 Executive MBA Chicago Ventures
Kevin Morris 2006 Full Time College Board
Kevin Miles 2006 Executive MBA Cathay Industries USA
Kevin Murphy
Khelan Bhatt 2015 Evening/Weekend Cisco
Kim Burroughs 2011 Full Time Bain & Company, Inc.
Kimberley Cramer None Radio Flyer,Inc.
Kimberly Montgomery 2006 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Kimberly McMenamy 2017 Full Time None
Kimberly Priebe None University of Chicago
Kishonna Jenkins None
Kishore Dandu 2015 Executive MBA Epsilon
Kitty Finn None Feeding America
Kjersti Sivitilli None none
Koichiro Takahara 2012 Executive MBA OverDrive, Inc. (a Rakuten company)
Koushalya Nandigam 2013 Full Time Walgreens
Kreg Nichols 2001 Full Time Hewlett-Packard Company
Kris Matula 1991 Full Time Boise Cascade Company
Krishna Konkimalla 2015 Evening/Weekend Amazon Inc.
Kristen Mleczko 2011 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Kristen Soukup None
Kristin Smith None
Kristin Gilbert 2015 Full Time The Cambridge Group
Kristin Connall 2011 Full Time EastBanc
Kristina Rivers None
Kristina Goldstein None University of Chicago
Kristina Sandrock None
Krystal Grossmith 2011 Full Time Nourished Planet, LLC
Krystal Zhu 2017 Full Time Booth
Kunal Puri 2015 Executive MBA HCL Technologies
Kunal Shah 2006 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Kunal Jain 2011 Full Time William Blair
Kuppy Sampale 2013 Full Time Kraft Heinz Company
Kyle O'Meara 2012 Full Time Tribeca Flashpoint College
Kyle Duncan None ACH Food Companies
Kyle Foscato 1986 Full Time Genentech
Kyle Hansen 2015 Full Time PricewaterhouseCoopers
LAM TRAN 2011 Full Time Estee Lauder
Lance Bylow 1996 Full Time U.S. Trust
Lance Dietz 2015 Full Time JP Morgan
Lant Fogarty None
Latha Poola None
Laura Sturrus 2011 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Laura Shapland 2011 Full Time CareSet Systems
Laura Ibarguen None
Laura Lutton None Morningstar
Laura Wright 2012 Full Time United Educators
Laura Sanchez-Greenberg 2004 Evening/Weekend Verde Associates
Laura Gallegos None
Laura Johnson 2013 Full Time Orix Ventures
Laurel Harbridge None
Lauren Holland 2001 Full Time CreditSights
Lauren Patnaude 2011 Full Time BDT & Company, LLC
Lauren Long 2011 Full Time Olson Engage
Lauren Magnusson (Anderson) 2015 Full Time Walmart
Lauren Fernandes 2001 Full Time NONE
Lauren Johnston 2011 Full Time Google Inc.
Lauren Abrahamson None Chicago Booth
Laurence Roux 2011 Executive MBA Sanofi Pharmaceuticals
Laurent COUDERT 2011 Executive MBA EDF
Lavanya Jayavelu None
Lawrence Moats 1986 Executive MBA Moats Office Properties
Lawrence Lawson 1981 Full Time Lincoln International
Lawrence Harris 1978 Full Time Private Investor
Lawrence Zydowsky 1992 Evening/Weekend First American Bank
Lawrence Flack 2015 Full Time Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
Lawrence Freundlich 1991 Full Time KPMG
Leah Williams 2016 Evening/Weekend none
Leah Burgess None Chicago Booth
Leandro Brufman 2015 Full Time Credit Suisse
Leif Jackson 2008 Full Time None
Leigh Fong None
Leila Tovbina 2013 Full Time McKinsey
Leo Kavitsky 2011 Evening/Weekend Delaware Street Capital
Leslie Richman 1985 Evening/Weekend none
Leslie Mallman 2011 Full Time Skyline Financial Advisors
Leslie Wong None HoneyBook
Leticia Rodriguez 2011 Full Time Credit Suisse
Letitia Houston None BLC Holdings
Lev Slavin 2011 Full Time Venturesome Consulting
Liangliang Zhang 2015 Evening/Weekend Schlumberger
Libby Andrews 1994 Evening/Weekend WorldOLuxe LLC
Liesje Torbeyns None Grontmij
Liesl McDonald 1999 Full Time Scout Capital LLC
Lihong Zhang 2006 Evening/Weekend Xentris Wireless
lili chen 2016 Full Time None
Lilla Fisher None Whirlpool
Lily xu 2013 Full Time Sephora
Lin Yang 2011 Full Time Credit sesame, Inc.
Lina Serpil 2015 Evening/Weekend Sabre Corporation
Lina Wu None
Lincoln Bischoff 2011 Full Time Fidelity Private Wealth Management
Linda Elliott None Wells Fargo
Linda Klute 1986 Executive MBA Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.
Lindsay Davis 2015 Full Time AbbVie
Lindsey LaChiana 2015 Evening/Weekend Madison Street Capital
Lindsey Rongstad 2011 Evening/Weekend Harrison Street Real Estate Capital
Lindsey Friedlander None
Linhard Stepf 2005 Executive MBA FrankfurtRheinMain Corp.
Linnea Roberts 1990 Full Time Roberts Foundation
Lisa Walker 2006 Full Time Deloitte Consulting LLP
Lisa Feria 2006 Full Time Stray Dog Capital
Lisa Banks 1996 Full Time Banks Consulting Group
Lisa Lu 2011 Full Time Ulta Beauty
Lisa Thomas 2006 Full Time VestedWorld
Lisa Koengeter None Chicago Booth
Lisa Harwood 2001 Full Time NONE
Lisa Gandhi None McBreen Kopko & Dayal LLP
Lisa Guynn 1985 Full Time Chicago Booth
Lisa Shao Dev 2013 Full Time Hyatt
Lisa Lee-Herbert 2013 Full Time NowPow
Lisa Stewart 1981 Full Time LisaStewart Consulting
Lisa Baker 2015 Full Time Brunswick
LISA WALKER 1991 Full Time Leadership Capital Advisors
Lizz Carlson 2013 Full Time none
Lizzie Pine 2017 Full Time Booth
Lloyd Holzman 2006 Full Time Grainger
Loana Baes 2015 Executive MBA moleCures
Logan Houlihan 2018 Executive MBA TEAMHealth
Lonnie Moulder 1997 Executive MBA Tesaro
Lorent Meksi 2012 Evening/Weekend Efficient Capital Management
Lori DeCicco 1991 Evening/Weekend The AddVantage Group
Lorin Burte 1981 Full Time Electro-Motive Diesel
Louis Glunz 1991 Evening/Weekend Regis Technologies, Inc.
Louise Diepenbrock Baker 1991 Full Time None
Lourdes Madero None
Luba Morgan 2015 Full Time Midcap Financial Services, LLC
Luca Pizzuto 2015 Full Time none
lucas javani 2011 Executive MBA SARAH SANTE GROUP
Lucas D'Alessandro 2015 Full Time Banco Sabadell
Lucia Gonzalez Duran None Lemonbe
Lucida Tung None
Lucila Carena None PWC
Ludwig Zebrauskas None
Luenetta Jackson 2008 Executive MBA Community Care Alliance of Illinois
Luis Kuae None Cummins
Luiz Greca 2013 Full Time William Blair
Luiz Junqueira 2011 Full Time Usina Batatais
Luiz Bernabe 2011 Full Time ADP
Lukasz Paszek 2006 Full Time ArborMetrix, Inc.
Lydia Kusper 1976 Full Time Systems Software Associates Inc.
Lynn Replogle 2014 Full Time Slipchip
Lynne Kostakis 2018 Evening/Weekend None
Lysandra Golhath Knopp Alves 2015 Full Time
Mackenzie Lake 2011 Full Time Gillum Strategy Partners
Madeline McCarthy 2011 Full Time Victory Dance Foods
Mader Rodrigues Duarte Juliana 2011 Full Time Tricae.com.br
Madhurima Bhattacharya 2016 Full Time Bain & Company
Maggie Desmond 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Maia Radjenovic None NOFP, Inc.
Maile Housel 2015 Full Time MGM Resorts International
Mairead Saleh 2015 Evening/Weekend Chicago Booth
Maithili Sagar 2015 Full Time Amazon
Mala Popli 2001 Full Time None
Maliha Mustafa 2014 Evening/Weekend Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Malini Shah None
Malini Ram Moraghan 2006 Full Time NONE
Manasee Atre 2015 Full Time J.P. Morgan
mandi steidle None
Manjot Grewal 2017 Evening/Weekend Cognizant
Manuel Campuzano 2011 Full Time Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd
Marat Molyboga 2013 Evening/Weekend Efficient Capital Management
Marc Morgan None NA
Marcelo Toledo 2015 Full Time Itaú
Marcia Edison 1976 Full Time The University of Illinois at Chicago
Marcia Saper 1976 Full Time None
Marcia Nogueira 2011 Executive MBA None
Marco Castelli 2011 Full Time BC Partners
Marco Castellani 2015 Full Time Citigroup
Marcos Diaz 2006 Full Time Citi
Marcos Nogues 2006 Executive MBA Mirador Family Wealth Advisors
Marcos Tasso 2014 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Marcos Karlovic None
Marcos Vivacqua 2015 Full Time Kls diversified
Marcus Petersen 2015 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Marcy Medlak 2018 Evening/Weekend BCBS
Margaret Melberg 2006 Executive MBA Engility Corporation
Margaret Bell 2015 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Margaret Loebl 1986 Full Time Quaker Chemical Corporation
Margaret Adams None
Margo Freudman None QUOTEPRO, Inc.
Maria Arzamastseva None
Maria Giesemann 2011 Full Time Eagle Property Capital
Maria Holmes 2011 Executive MBA BBVA Compass
Maria Sclarandi 2015 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Maria Alejandra Arias 2016 Full Time
Maria del Carmen Ontanon None
Maria Gabriela Rodriguez 2006 Full Time NRG
Maria Teresa Garcia Rosell 2006 Full Time Anheuser-Busch Imbev
Mariam Choudhury 2015 Full Time American Express
Mariam Huss None The Hackett Group
Mariana Pereira 2014 Full Time NONE
Mariana Joseph 2011 Full Time AB-InBev
Marina Yori None
Marion Cortina None Gaia design
mark kammerer 1986 Full Time none
Mark McGrath 1969 Full Time MCKINSEY & COMPANY
Mark Kiesel 1996 Full Time PIMCO
Mark Agnew 2006 Full Time Lou Malnati's
Mark Goldstein 1991 Full Time Ventus Capital Partners
Mark Flanagan 2014 Executive MBA Institutional Capital, LLC
Mark Tan None T Capital Management LLC
Mark Coppin 2009 Evening/Weekend Conversant
Mark Bourdenko 2015 Full Time The Chartis Group
Mark Gleason None
Mark Hoffman 1991 Full Time Larson Packaging Company
Mark Gallagher 1991 Full Time Basemap
Mark Dolin None Kopka, Pinkus, & Dolin
Mark Fitzgerald 1996 Full Time Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Mark Arvin 1971 Full Time None
Mark Williams 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Marnie Ehrenberg None
Maroun Abouzeid None
Marta Pawlowska 2017 Executive MBA Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Martha Malkowski None N/A
Martha Orrantia None
Martin Slark None Molex Incorporated
Marvel Khan None
Mary Josephs 1989 Evening/Weekend Verit Advisors
Mary Tolan 1992 Executive MBA Chicago Pacific Founders
Mary Vondrak 1986 Full Time NONE
Mary Stefani None Deloitte Consulting
Mary Womsley None
Mary Nelson None Hadley School
Mary Swift None none
Mary Pittman 1986 Full Time Rotary International
Mary Anne Guediguian 2011 Full Time PIMCO
Mary Beth Canfield None
Mary lou Marinas 2015 Evening/Weekend Larson Consulting / Chicago Booth
Mary Lou Gorno 1976 Full Time Ingenuity International, LLC
Marypat Mulholland None Wells Fargo
Mathew Webb 2011 Full Time Wonderful Company
Matt Nelson 2013 Full Time Habitat for Humanity
Matt Glowacki 2011 Evening/Weekend SHC
Matt Welk 2018 Executive MBA JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers
Matt Ellis 2014 Evening/Weekend The Hackett Group
Matt Sorenson 2006 Full Time True Value Company
Matt Riezman 2015 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Matt Winter 2011 Evening/Weekend Bottom Up Investments
matthew thorne 2015 Full Time Arrowpoint Partners
matthew murrill 2015 Evening/Weekend Profile Plastics, Inc.
Matthew Logan 2018 Executive MBA NONE
Matthew Snow 2011 Full Time Amazon
Matthew Coduti 2018 Evening/Weekend ArcelorMittal
Matthew Savage 2013 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Matthew Moraghan None
Matthew Duhan None Capital One
Matthew Pisching 2013 Evening/Weekend GE Healthcare
Matthew Hart 2001 Full Time Intrepid Financial Partners
Matthew L. Lee 1981 Full Time Lark Technology
Maureen Kelly 1976 Full Time none
Mauricio Molina 2006 Full Time SSK
Mauricio Xavier 2006 Full Time Rio Bravo Advisory
Mavrick Goodrich 2015 Evening/Weekend ZS Associates
Max Gelb 2017 Full Time none
Max Manuel Keenoy 2015 Full Time McKinsey
Max Whyte None
Md Islam 2016 Executive MBA United Technologies Corporation
Megan Petitti 2015 Full Time Bain & Company
Megan Patel 2015 Full Time IDEO
Megan Wood 2011 Full Time DigitalGlobe
Megan Grisolano 2015 Full Time Nine Network of Public Media
Megan McArdle 2001 Full Time Bloomberg
Meghan Rice 2011 Full Time Wm Wrigley Jr Company
Meghan Collins 2014 Evening/Weekend Nielsen
Meghan O'Brien 2011 Full Time
Mei Chang 2015 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Melanie Angers 1999 Evening/Weekend None
Melinda Moss None
Melis Halac 2015 Full Time Amazon
Melissa Applebaum None
Melissa Hamilton 2015 Full Time Accenture
Melissa Liu 2016 Full Time none
Melissa Nwokah None Hudson Bay Company (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Melissa Smith None Skadden Arps
Melissa Binder 2013 Evening/Weekend The Marco Consulting Group
Melissa Laskowski None
Mensur Muhamedagic 2015 Evening/Weekend Charles River Associates
Meredith Manning 2001 Full Time Baxalta Inc
Meredith Addy 2015 Executive MBA Tabet DiVito Rothstein
Meredith Persily Lamel 2001 Full Time Aspire@Work
Mia Kammerer None
michael boxer 1991 Full Time None
Michael Terpstra 2001 Full Time Pfizer Inc.
Michael Kalomiris 2011 Full Time NONE
Michael Yao 2011 Full Time PCCW
Michael Santelli 1991 Full Time Ancora Inverness
Michael Laskowski 2011 Executive MBA PPM America
Michael White 2015 Full Time Gartner
Michael Nolte 2001 Full Time Influence Health
Michael Hoffmann 2011 Executive MBA AccessBank
Michael Amez 2011 Full Time William Blair
Michael Weinstock 2015 Evening/Weekend Houlihan Lokey
Michael Krauss 1976 Full Time Market Strategy Group
Michael Yeung 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Michael Small 1981 Full Time Gogo
Michael Daly 2013 Evening/Weekend Hub Group
Michael Mack 1986 Full Time John Deere Financial Services, Global HR and Public AffairsDeere & Company
Michael Klingensmith 1976 Full Time Minneapolis Star Tribune
Michael Sandy 2011 Evening/Weekend TDS
Michael Guido 2015 Evening/Weekend R.W. Baird
Michael Loughry 1986 Full Time NONE
Michael Molnar 2001 Full Time M2X Capital
Michael Melby 2011 Full Time Gate City Capital Management
Michael Means 2014 Full Time Grand Crossing Capital
Michael Schnitzler 1976 Full Time Insperity
Michael Zim 1991 Full Time BlueCrest Capital
Michael Coogan 2011 Evening/Weekend Stepan
Michael Block 2001 EMBlask LLC
Michael Rudolph 2001 Full Time Springdale Advisors
Michael Osanloo 1996 Full Time P.F. Chang's
Michael Newman 2011 Full Time ESS Capital Management, L.P.
Michael Leblebijian 2016 Executive MBA Harley-Davidson, Inc.
Michael Vanacora 2013 Evening/Weekend ZS Associates
Michael Cathey 2015 Executive MBA IronBridge Capital Management
Michael D. Ilagan 1992 Full Time SunTx Capital Partners
Michaëlle Gocko 2011 Full Time GE Power
Michal Feldman None
Michelle Lofaro 2013 Full Time ACH Food Companies
Miguel Fragoso 1986 Full Time Group Lotus Plc
Miguel Hunter 2015 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Mike Hayes 2011 Executive MBA Akamai
Mike Walker 2013 Executive MBA Engagement Manager
Mike McConnell 2015 Full Time Standard & Poors
Mike McMahon None
Mike Haas 1991 Full Time IBM
Mike Emery 2014 Full Time The Cambridge Group
Mike Boush 2015 Executive MBA Discover
Mike Janko 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Mike Heenan 2015 Full Time Citadel
Mike Serviansky 2015 Full Time Gibraltar Capital and Asset Management
Miles Wuller 2005 Evening/Weekend Ryan Specialty Group Underwriting Managers
Mimi Bosika 2008 Evening/Weekend Delos Therapy
Mina Kim 2006 Full Time L'Oreal Paris
Mina Kang None
Misty Desai 2017 Full Time NONE
Mitesh Dave 2013 Full Time TRADER Corporation
Mohan Ramalingam 2015 Evening/Weekend Cognizant Technology Solutions
Mohib Yousufani 2006 None Booz & Company
Mohini Joshi 2006 Full Time Nestle
Mohit Bhasin 2015 Full Time Nest
Molly Heyen None Re/Max
Mona johnson 2006 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Mona Gandhi None Kovak Dermatology
Monica Kumar 2011 Full Time NYCOA
Monica McQuaid None
Morgan Hughes 2011 Full Time Grubhub
Morgan Leahy 2011 Evening/Weekend NONE
Morgan Allen None
Morton Gary 1996 Full Time TD Ameritrade
Moshe Sarfaty 2006 Full Time None
Mrinal Raghupathi 2018 Executive MBA USAA
Muna Walker 2001 Full Time Big Brothers Big Sisters Metro Chicago
Muneeb Balbale 2013 Full Time L.E.K. Consulting LLC
Murillo Barbosa Vianna Neto 2011 Full Time Angra Partners
Murli Buluswar 2001 Full Time AIG
Murtaza Moochhala 1996 Full Time TRG Management
Mushtaq Hussain 2015 Executive MBA IBM
Musse Bizuneh 2013 Full Time Apple Inc.
Nadim Vasanji 2011 Full Time Northleaf Capital Partners
Nadiyah Ford 2011 Full Time None
Naftali Holtz 2006 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Nahida Teliani None
Nana Mbaeliachi 2011 Full Time Standard Chartered Private Equity
Nancy Scott 1991 Full Time Walgreen Co.
Nancy Hart 1991 Full Time Cinos, LLC
Nancy Pochis Bank 1991 Full Time Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio
Nandita Potini 2012 Evening/Weekend Egen Solutions, Inc
Nat Natarajan 2015 Full Time Barclays Investment Bank
Natalia Perlova 2017 Evening/Weekend Abbott Labs
Natalia Huarcaya None None
Natalie Mindrum 2011 Full Time United Airlines, Inc.
Natalie Ruth None
Natalie Wyll None
NATALIE YARMIT 2015 Evening/Weekend Exelon
Natasha Beydoun 2015 Full Time Apple
Natasha Taylor 2011 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Navaid Abidi 2006 Evening/Weekend NextCapital
Naveen Baweja 2006 Full Time CNA
Navendu Garg 2015 Evening/Weekend Slalom
Neal Shah 2001 Full Time NONE
neela datta 2006 Full Time RBC
Neeti Ghanekar 2011 Full Time Medivation Inc
Neetika Bachlaus 2015 Full Time NMC
Neha Mani 2013 Full Time Booz & Company
Neha Aggarwal 2016 Executive MBA GCE solutions
Neha Jain 2016 Full Time
Nehal Patel 2001 Full Time Hershey Foods
Neil Jain 2001 Full Time Waterstone Management Group LLC
Neil Bansal 2006 Full Time BNP Paribas
Neil Ramchandani 2015 Full Time Ecolab
Neil Mahajan None Avenue Capital
nelson bowers 2011 Full Time Uptake
Nestor Alvarado 2015 Evening/Weekend MB Financial Bank
Nguyen Phuong Thi Le 2016 Full Time Booth
Nicholas Fiascone 2018 Executive MBA Eagle Seven LLC
Nick Whalley 2013 Full Time L.E.K. Consulting LLC
Nick Demopoulos 1991 Full Time Banco do Brasil Group (BB Securities, Ltd.)
nicola Koenig 2013 Executive MBA Commerzbank
Nicole Holmes 2001 Full Time NONE
Nicole Hough 2001 Full Time none
Nikos Voudouris 2011 Full Time Costamare
Nina Skagerlind None
Niraj Gusani None Penn State College of Medicine
Niraj Swami 2012 Evening/Weekend Mya
Niranjana Rajagopal 2013 Full Time McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Niti Gupta 2015 Evening/Weekend Aon Benfield
Noah Hornstrom 2013 Full Time Citadel
Noam Avidov 2015 Full Time Bain & Co.
Noelle Whitehead 2015 Evening/Weekend Discover Financial Services
Nolan Turner 2015 Executive MBA Carrington
Noni Southall 1996 Full Time W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Nora Patino 2006 Full Time Alvarez & Marsal
Noreen Haroun None SeaSpine
Norman Wang 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Nuri Kalach 2011 Full Time Kaltex
Obaid Haqqi 2011 Full Time Citadel LLC
Ohad Reshef 2006 Full Time Better Impression
Oindrila Pathani 2011 Full Time Pfizer
Oliver Zlamal 2006 Executive MBA KMF
Omar Hmaissy 2015 Full Time Google
Ori Klein 2013 Full Time Via
Oscar Boettiger 2011 Full Time Stars Investments
Pablo Ferrari 2011 Full Time AXA
Paige Rodgers 2006 Evening/Weekend The Joint Commission
Pallav Mehta 2016 Full Time none
Pamela Miles None
Pamela Marroquin 2001 Full Time Nasdaq
Pankti Pathak None Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Paolo Gazzola 2011 Full Time PIMCO Europe Ltd
Pardha Jujjavarapu 2015 Evening/Weekend ATT
Parijat Sahai 2015 Executive MBA Rekonnex
Partho Sanyal 2001 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Pat Monahan 1964 Full Time Monahan Partners
Patrice de Walque 2006 Full Time Proseco
Patricia Fahy None
Patricio Danziger 2011 Full Time RWC Partners
Patrick McFarlan 2011 Full Time Citi
Patrick Stjohn 2015 Full Time May River Capital
Patrick Kelly 2006 Full Time River Branch Capital
Patrick Chen 2011 Full Time Coach Inc.
Patrick Swint 2016 Executive MBA Singapura Ventures
Patrick Kurtz 2013 Evening/Weekend GATX
Patrick Schmiedt None
Patrick Sykes 2015 Full Time BCG
Patti Balbas 2011 Full Time LEARN Charter School Network
Paul Rotilie 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Paul Weinberg 1986 Full Time Oppenheimer Asset Management/Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.
Paul Thomas 2006 Full Time Equinix
Paul Fischer 2001 Full Time Visa
Paul Hudecek 1975 Full Time STG
Paul Goetz None Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute
Paul Earle 1966 Full Time
Pauline Maki None University of Illinois
Pawan Aggarwal None
Pedro Torrado 2011 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Pedro Saboia 2013 Full Time CRT Capital Group LLC
Pedro Obregon 2015 Full Time Pan American Finance
Pedro Uria Recio 2011 Full Time Axiata
Peggy Hsii 2011 Full Time Accenture Digital
Pei-Ling Chang 2010 Full Time POPSUGAR
Penka Bergmann None Chicago Booth
Petar Dudukovski 2013 Full Time ReversingLabs
Peter Johnson 2013 Full Time Jump Capital
Peter Sweeney 2011 Full Time Capital One
Peter Van Dorn 2006 Full Time Points.com
Peter Klein 1991 Full Time Seedling
Peter Pashigian 1996 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Peter Ferguson 2006 Full Time Credit Suisse
Peter Lee 2006 Full Time Summit Trail Advisors
Peter Pace 2006 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Peter Thompson 2000 Evening/Weekend none
Petite Silvey NONE
Petros Petropoulos 2012 Evening/Weekend NONE
Petru Brediceanu 2006 Full Time The D. E. Shaw Group
Phil Perry 2011 Full Time Mixpanel
Phil Lefkowitz 1996 Full Time PNC Capital Markets
philip summe 1996 Full Time Baylight Capital
Philip Canfield 1996 Full Time GTCR, LLC
Philip Remek 2012 Evening/Weekend Tata Consultancy Services
Philip Licari 1986 Full Time Babson College
Philip Cavatoni 1991 Full Time SixAxis
Phillip Smith 2011 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Pieter Himpens 2011 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Plamena Vladimirova 2011 Executive MBA Societe Generale
Polina Hanin 2011 Full Time StartUp Health
Pooja Paliwal None
Pooja O'Meara 2011 Full Time MillerCoors
Pooja Chokshi 2016 Full Time None
Prakriti Mishra 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Pranjal Boghara 2015 Full Time None
Pratap Shergill 2011 Full Time None
Pratyoosh . 2006 Full Time Capital Group
Pratyush Rastogi 2015 Full Time CommonBond
Prem Iyer 2015 Executive MBA Rekonnex
Prem Tadipatri 2015 Executive MBA Credit Suisse
Preston McGregor None
Prithwiraj Barman 2015 Evening/Weekend McDonald's Corp
Priya Shanker 2007 Full Time Stanford University
Priyanka Kakkar None Discover
Q Lin 2011 Evening/Weekend MDLZ
Quirine Dongelmans None Independent filmmaker
r w 2016 Full Time Booth
Rachel Brody 2015 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Rachel Carroll None Chicago Booth
Rachel Leonard 2006 Full Time So Tropic
Rachel Isbell 2011 Full Time Exelon Corporation
Rachel Winkelman 2011 Full Time The Cambridge Group, Inc.
Rachel Schoenfield None
Rachel Kadakia None
Rachel Dietrich 2015 Full Time The Cambridge Group
Radhika Tadipatri None
Rafael Kabesa 2013 Full Time VMware, Inc.
Rafi Nulman 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Co
rahul bhatia 2006 Full Time Willow Investment Management
Rahul Trivedi 2015 Evening/Weekend IBM
Rahul Dani 2006 Full Time Natixis
Rahul Choraria 2011 Full Time BCG
Raj Nandkumar 2001 Full Time Private Export Funding Corporation
Rajeev Ranjan 2016 Evening/Weekend Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Rajesh Raju 2001 Full Time Kalaari Capital
Rajesh Salem 2001 Full Time RigNet, Inc.
Rajiv Khatau 1997 Full Time Lodaat Pharma
RAJKUMAR joseph John Britto 2015 Full Time Schlumberger Business Consulting
Rajshekar Kamath 2015 Executive MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Rakhee Sheth 2006 Full Time None
Ralph Johnson 1977 Full Time None
ram Parameswaran 2011 Full Time Altimeter Capital
Ramandeep Shergill None
Ramesh Poola 2006 Evening/Weekend IRON Financial
Rameswara Koganti 2012 Executive MBA BP
Ramona Lapadus 2016 Full Time None
Randall Bellows 1988 Executive MBA Healthfirst
Randy Kroszner None Chicago Booth
Ranga Rajagopalan 2011 Full Time Yelp
Ranjini Chandirakanthan 1996 Full Time Cassel Salpeter & Co.
Raphael Mannino 2013 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Ratliff Michael Newton 1975 Full Time Evanston Technology Partners
Ravi Mangipudi 2015 Full Time McKinsey
Ravit Ansal 2014 Evening/Weekend Accenture
Ray Chery 2011 Full Time Baird
Ray Johnson 1986 Full Time The Aerospace Corporation
Ray Mann None
Ream Qato 2015 Evening/Weekend Humana Inc.
Rebecca Hudecek 1976 Full Time Kenyan Education Fund
Rebecca Andrews None
Rebecca Freiwald 2011 Full Time Bain & Co
Reena Patel None
Reid Tileston 2015 Full Time Microsoft
Rema Farias 2006 Evening/Weekend JPMorgan Chase
Renan Feldman 2016 Full Time none
Renee McMahon 2011 Executive MBA Charles River Associates
Rhett Plotner 2015 Evening/Weekend none
Ricardo Nieto 2015 Full Time AT Kearney
Ricardo Nasser de Rezende Filho 2015 Full Time Scotia Bank
Ricardo Lins 2006 Full Time AGCO
Ricardo Rincon 1986 Full Time AXA Advisors
Rich Herrick None Baker Tilly
richard arnold 1973 Full Time State of Wisconsin
Richard Thaler None Chicago Booth
Richard Ryan 1966 Full Time Retired
Richard Kohanzakay 2006 Full Time Linea Advisors
Richard Greiber 1996 Full Time Life Spine
Richard Schuessler 1966 Full Time Retired
Richard Baucom 2006 Executive MBA Time Warner Cable
Richard Kemmling 2009 Executive MBA Ashland Partners & Company LLP
Richard Tung 2006 Evening/Weekend Wells Fargo
Richard Cross 2014 Evening/Weekend HERE
Richard Johnson 1992 Full Time Russell Investments
Richard Bamford 2011 Full Time Crescendo Bioscience
Richard Hanks 2001 Full Time The Leidesdorff Group
RIchard Fairfield 1986 Full Time ASI
Rima Franklin 2006 Evening/Weekend None
Rinkal Thakker 2020 Evening/Weekend Vyoma
Risa Shapiro 2011 Full Time PepsiCo
Rishi Shrivastava 2006 Full Time Nestle Purina
Rishi Grover 2011 Executive MBA UTC
Rissa Reddan 2000 Evening/Weekend Performance Trust Capital Partners
Ritu Tripathi 2001 Full Time None
RJ Johnson 2011 Full Time NextEra Energy Resources
Rob Arevalo None Yelp!
Rob Rotchadl 2015 Evening/Weekend The Claro Group
Rob Sivitilli 1996 Full Time none
Robalyn Stone 2011 Full Time Google
Robert Fisher 2006 Full Time Croft and Bender
Robert Heath 1991 Full Time RPX Corporation
Robert Yizar 1976 Full Time None
Robert Siegler 1981 Full Time North Country Capital Corp.
Robert Kaplan 2017 Executive MBA Gray Bark LLC
Robert Bower 2015 Executive MBA HCSC
Robert Strozak 2015 Evening/Weekend CNA
Robert Wagner 2006 Full Time The Oakleaf Group
Robert Wildeman 1992 Evening/Weekend Robert Bosch LLC
Robert Vincze 2016 Full Time none
Robert Midelton 2006 Full Time Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Robert Rogoz None Guggenheim Partners
Robert Lanigan 1981 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Robert Bickett 2011 Evening/Weekend Infosys
Robert Nagel 1963 Full Time CEO Partners, Inc.
Robert Weist 1981 Executive MBA Weist Associates
Robert Womsley 1991 Full Time Water Street Healthcare Partners LLC
Roberto Hiriart 2006 Full Time La Loma
Rodolfo Luzardo 2001 Evening/Weekend ZS Associates
Rodrigo Fenton 2006 Full Time Finatec Advisers
Rodrigo Lopez 2015 Full Time KuE Capital Multi-family office
Rodrigo Garza None Univision
Roger Orf 1977 Full Time Apollo Global Management, LLC
Rohan Agni 2011 Evening/Weekend ZS Associates
Rohit Singh 2013 Full Time Oliver Wyman
Romain Areste 2015 Evening/Weekend IBM Watson Health
Roman Khrushch 2011 Executive MBA Phillip Morris International
Roman Mleczko None
Roman Serikov 2011 Full Time PwC
Ron Cummings 1964 Full Time NONE
Rona Johnson 2015 Executive MBA CalSTRS
Ronald Tarrson 1972 Executive MBA Santa Fe Aero Services
Rong Chen 2011 Evening/Weekend Bank of America
Rosa Vazquez Guerrero 2015 Full Time Perkins Investment Management LLC
Rose Li 1986 Full Time Rose Li and Associates, Incorporated
Rosemary Schnell None
Rosette Nguyen 1996 Full Time Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ross Goglia 2015 Full Time higi
Roth Nelson 2013 Full Time A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Rotinia Bynum-Parks 2006 Executive MBA Brightstar
Rowan Carroll 1996 Executive MBA CRC
Roxanne Martino 1988 Evening/Weekend Aurora Investment Management, LLC
Roy Glantz 1976 Full Time None
Ruchi Kumar 2001 Full Time None
Rupak Pandya None
Rushabh Gala 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Russ Lear None Hilton Hotels
Russell Kohn 2013 Full Time Fine Capital Partners
Rutul Shah 2011 Full Time Birchwood Health Care Properties
Ryan Smith 2013 Full Time Dow Corning Corporation
Ryan Winiarski 2015 Full Time Strategy&
Ryan Hayman 2014 Executive MBA HSBC
Ryan Earley None
Ryan Crane 2015 Full Time NONE
Ryan Fernandes 2011 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ryan Grateke 2011 Full Time None
Ryan Mattison 2015 Full Time Nomwell
Ryk Bliszczyk 1991 Full Time Ryk.Bz Pty Ltd.
S. Brian Mukherjee 1996 Full Time RhythmOne LLC
Sabi Balkanyi 2011 Executive MBA Freeport McMoran
Sabina Holzman 2006 Full Time
Sachie Hasegawa 2006 Full Time Misumi Group Inc
Sachin Kelkar 2006 Full Time Practice Fusion
Sagar Shah 2014 Full Time Uber
Sai Avasarala 2015 Evening/Weekend NONE
Saket Kapoor 2015 Evening/Weekend Accenture
SALIL CHURI 2006 Full Time None
Sally deFina 2001 Full Time Travelport Limited
Salvador Farias None
Sam Prescott 2015 Evening/Weekend EY
Sam Mukherjee 2006 Full Time NONE
Samantha Hess 2018 Evening/Weekend DDB
Samantha Keefe 2017 Full Time
Samantha Goldfeder 2015 Full Time Accenture
sameer sait 2006 Evening/Weekend Morgan Stanley
Sami Arayssi 2013 Full Time Manager, Corporate Strategy
Samir Wagle 1995 Full Time The Protein Bar
Samir Sood 2001 Full Time Venture Highway
Samir Majumdar 2017 Evening/Weekend Qualcomm Inc.
Samuel Chong 2001 Full Time QInvest
Samuel Porritt 1986 Full Time Falling Forward Foundation
Samuel Siegel 1996 Evening/Weekend Ford Motor Company
Samuel (Scott) McCaskill 2001 Full Time PlanetEcosystems, Inc
Sanaa Sultan 2011 Full Time Revlon, Inc.
Sanchi Gupte 2015 Full Time McKinsey
Sandeep Sethuraman 2011 Full Time McKINSEY & CO
Sandip Shah 2013 Evening/Weekend Protiviti
Sandra Brown 1996 Full Time AbbVie Inc
Sandra Oberhollenzer 2015 Full Time McKinsey
Sandy Li 2016 Executive MBA National Material L.P.
Sandya Swamy 2011 Full Time Walmart eCommerce
Sanjay Holay 1991 Evening/Weekend NSM Research Inc.
Sanjiv Kalevar 2013 Full Time Battery Ventures
Santiago Petit 2011 Full Time TransUnion
Santiago Dawson 2015 Full Time America Movil
Santiago Umaschi 2011 Executive MBA North-South Consulting
sara Fang 2011 Evening/Weekend PepsiCo
Sara Weis 2011 Full Time The Procter & Gamble Company
Sara Kessel None CBRE
Sara Corsaro 2001 Full Time Andurand Capital
Sarah Quinlan 1984 Full Time MasterCard
Sarah Gilman 2015 Full Time Google
Sarah Sonnenfeld 2013 Full Time BCG
Sarah Chandler 1991 Full Time Hogarth (WPP)
Sarah Barr None University of Chicago
Sarah Rudolph 2001 Full Time IMS Health
Sarah Smith None
Sarah De Runtz 2015 Evening/Weekend Gallup
Sarahjon Reilly 2015 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Satish Savant 2015 Evening/Weekend SSquared Consulting
Satish Bhat 1996 Full Time SAP Americas
Satoshi Kakutani 1986 Full Time Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Saumya Raj 2017 Full Time none
Saurabh Chopra 2006 Full Time Visa Inc
Savina Kalra 2011 Full Time HERE
Savyon Amit 2006 Full Time Abbott
Schall-Hammer Andrea 1991 Full Time Ferraro & Associates/A Wynning Event
Scot Campbell 1981 Full Time BIK & Co. LLP
Scot Schiefelbein 2016 Evening/Weekend PwC
Scott Drews 2006 Evening/Weekend Promotion Activators
Scott Schuster 2001 Full Time NONE
Scott Tolbert 2013 Full Time Fortress Investment Group
Scott Campbell 1991 Evening/Weekend Dole Food Company, Inc.
Scott Isbell None
Scott Abramson 2006 Executive MBA Jack Henry & Associates
Scott Katzbeck 2017 Evening/Weekend XR Trading
Scott Grossman 2011 Full Time Keeper Security
Scott Tullis None Wahl & Case
Scott McGarvey 1981 Evening/Weekend Scott McGarvey Associates
Sean Newton 2015 Full Time 3m
Sean Swanzy 2006 Full Time Centurylink
Sean Mulloy 2018 Executive MBA Inserts, USA
Sebastian Stankiewicz 2015 Evening/Weekend Orbitz
Seema Sundar 2006 Full Time Nestle USA
Sekhar Nair 2001 Full Time Lonza AG
Seth Coppock 2011 Executive MBA HSBC
Seth Blumenthal 2010 Evening/Weekend American Medical Association
Shadi Nayyer None Realm
Shaelyn Otikor 2012 Evening/Weekend Northern Trust
Shanna Wood None
Shaoping Zhou 2010 Evening/Weekend Topco
Shari Young Lewis 2006 Full Time Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting
Sharon Apricena 2001 Full Time Hilton Worldwide
Sharon Huey 2001 Full Time NONE
Shawn Thomas 2016 Full Time
Shawn McMahon None
Sheila Arora 2011 Evening/Weekend Walgreens
Shelley Phillips None
Shermica Farquhar 2011 Full Time Solutions By SF
Sheryl Greiber None
Sheryl Jiang 2016 Evening/Weekend none
Shikha Agarwal 2011 Full Time Google
Shilpa Gadhok 2013 Full Time Procter & Gamble
Shirlei Lima 2016 Executive MBA
Shirley Mui 2011 Executive MBA FocalPoint Business Coaching
Shiv Bharti 2017 Executive MBA Perficient, Inc
Shiyi Zhao 2013 Full Time 402 Briargate Terrace
Shobhna Upadhyaya 2011 Full Time LinkedIn
Shona Huang 2011 Full Time www.trvlgenie.com
Shruti Yalamarty 2015 Evening/Weekend L.E.K Consulting
Shubhada Savant None City of Chicago
Siddharth Doshi 2015 Full Time Strategy&
Sidhartha Adholekar 2015 Evening/Weekend Sapient Global Markets
Silas Smith 1986 Evening/Weekend none
Silvia Pan 2001 Full Time UBS AG
Simon Frisch 2011 Full Time United Airlines
Simon Rees 2011 Full Time BCG
Simone Santiago 2013 Full Time Noble Network of Charter Schools
Sofia Ramirez None
Sonal Sehgal None
Sonie Singh None NA
Sonja Brisard 2009 Executive MBA Business Accounting Matters
Sophia Kamberos 2006 Full Time United Airlines
Sophie Chen 2015 Full Time Accenture
Spencer Hart 1991 Full Time Guggenheim Securities
Spencer Hugret None Gordon & Rees
Sravani Kandula None Easi Inc.
Sri Aparajithan 2001 Evening/Weekend Advisian/ WorleyParsons
Sridatta Mukherjee 2015 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Sripal Mehta None
Srividya Ramkumar 2015 Executive MBA CVS Health
Srividya Pandya 2015 Full Time Kurt Salmon
Stacey Kole None Chicago Booth
Stacey Hadash 1996 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Stacy Du 2015 Full Time Cornerstone Research
Stacy Sachen 1998 Full Time PriceWaterhouse Coopers
Stanislav Nokhrin 2011 Full Time Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Stefan Dobler 2014 Executive MBA Rautenberg & Company GmbH
Stefano Galiasso None Energy Resources Center (ERC)
Stephan Richford 2006 Evening/Weekend BMO Capital Markets
Stephanie Mount 2017 Full Time None
Stephanie Mak 2011 Full Time Siriusxm
Stephanie Umaschi None
Stephanie Hsu 2017 Full Time NONE
Stephanie Klein 1991 Full Time Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
Stephanie Kater 2011 Full Time The Bridgespan Group
Stephanie Petrusha None
Stephanie Freda None
Stephanie O'Connor 2004 Full Time Chicago Booth School of BusinessThe University of Chicago
Stephen Glick 1976 Full Time None
Stephen McKenna 1996 Full Time Consonance Capital Partners
Stephen Hammond 2011 Full Time American Express
Steve Sahara 1991 Full Time SRR
Steve Guberer 2006 Full Time CBRE Capital Advisors
Steve Kaplan None Chicago Booth
Steve Minturn 2014 Full Time BMO Global Asset Management
Steve Hong 2015 Full Time Credit Suisse
Steve Southwick 2013 Full Time THL Credit
Steve Lyons 2006 Full Time Cooke & Bieler
Steve Vincze 2006 Executive MBA Polaris Management Partners, LLC
Steve Sprindis 2000 Evening/Weekend Waypoint Private Capital, Inc.
Steve Purze None Park Place Investments
Steve Senkfor None
Steve Lucado 2006 Executive MBA Trans Energy, Inc.
steven coulembier 2006 Full Time e-atlete
Steven Wu 2011 Evening/Weekend Amgen
Steven Gruber 1981 Full Time Oak Hill Capital Partners Inc.
Steven Hyde 1976 Full Time Good Harbour Advisors, LLC
Stoyan Stoyanov 2013 Full Time Akuna Capital LLC
Stuart Eisner None Phoenix Steel Service, Inc.
Subhi Khanna None
Sukeert Shanker 2006 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Sukhvinder Singh 2016 Executive MBA Tech Mahindra
Sumana Bhat None Bank of America
Sumeet Karnik 2006 Full Time UBS
Sumit Nema 2015 Evening/Weekend Cummins
Sunil Kumar None Chicago Booth
Sunyoung Moon 2017 Full Time none
Suresh Raju 2001 Full Time Golden Hills Capital India Private Limited
SURUCHI GUPTA None Mercy Hospital & Medical Center
Susan Elolampi 2001 Full Time JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Susan Chamberlin 2013 Evening/Weekend The University of Chicago
Susan Goren None
Susanna Visuri Monacelli None BCBSA
Suyash Sarwate 2011 Full Time Dubai Tourism
Suzanne Sykes None
Suzanne Glick None
Suzette Petit None
suzy davidkhanian 2006 Full Time Macy's
Sven Rose 1996 Full Time Transoceanicas, S.A.
Svetlana Zaydman None Valley Pain Relief & Wellness Center
Svitlana Kholevan 2015 Full Time Security Benefit Corporation
Swajit Rath 2011 Full Time Ironsides Partners
Swaminathan Narasimhan 2011 Evening/Weekend Catalent Pharma Solutions
Swathi Griffin None
Tais Virginia Marques Correa 2015 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Tal Raeside 1996 Full Time Insight Strategic Services
Tal Eloya 2001 Full Time Integer Asset Managemenet
Talha Ashraf 2006 Executive MBA WorkWell Medical Group
Talla Mountjoy 2020 Evening/Weekend Deloitte
Tam Thao Pham 2006 Full Time A Little Help Co.
Tamara Sonabend None
Tandean Rustandy 2007 Executive MBA PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk
Tanya Fraser 2015 Full Time Citi
Tanya Gerozoy None
Tara Duhan 2006 Full Time IBM
Tarun Sood 2015 Evening/Weekend
Tashu Trivedi 2001 Full Time TFC Consulting, Inc.
Tathyane Vosgerau None
Tatiana Hodapp 2014 Full Time JLL
Tatyana D'Ascenzi 2013 Evening/Weekend Discover Financial Services
Taylor Wood None
Tazia Smith 2001 Full Time NONE
Teck Hsien Ho 2017 Full Time None
Ted Brandt 1987 Evening/Weekend Marathon Capital, LLC
Teddy Cha 2006 Full Time pulseData
Teffani Zadeh 1996 Full Time Aon Corp
Tejal Patel 2015 Full Time Allstate
Tejal Parekh 2006 Full Time HackerRank
Teresa Bergkamp None
Teresa Hoffman 2015 Full Time Innosight LLC
Terri Bookwalter 1991 Full Time Microsoft
Terry Kiely 1991 Evening/Weekend Om On The Range Yoga Studio
Terry Li 2005 Executive MBA Analog Devices
Tetiana Kholevan 2015 Full Time Sears Holdings Corporation
Theo Vachovsky 2008 Evening/Weekend
Theodora Rodman 2015 Full Time NONE
Theodore Ellis 2013 Full Time PIMCO
Theresa Olivier None Chicago Booth
Therese Connor 2011 Executive MBA Microsoft
thomas rowles 1976 Full Time none
Thomas Seto 1991 Full Time Parametric Portfolio Associates
Thomas Richards 2015 Evening/Weekend FONA International
Thomas O'Flynn 1986 Full Time Chief Financial OfficerThe AES Corporation
Thomas Gawlik II None Freeosk
Thomas Gawlik 1982 Full Time ICM Products, Inc.
Thomas Monahan 1963 Full Time The Thomas Monahan Company Handles, Inc.
Thomas Brennan 2014 Evening/Weekend William Blair
Thomas Reighard None
Thomas Riegelman 1984 Evening/Weekend R-A Associates, LLC
Thomas (Tom) Kenter 2000 Evening/Weekend CRMT Holdings
Tibi Stef-Praun 2015 Evening/Weekend Zirmed
Tim Kitchen 2006 Full Time Global Holdings Management
Tim Brinkman 1991 Full Time None
Tim Heyen 2015 Evening/Weekend Gearhead Workspace
Tim Fries 2015 Full Time Baird Capital Partners
Tim Kwan 2018 Evening/Weekend JPMorgan Chase
Tim Suh 2015 Evening/Weekend IBM
Timothy Liu 2006 Full Time Air Canada
Timothy Nelson 1986 Evening/Weekend Encore Packaging LLC.
Timothy State None Chicago Booth
Timothy Bradley None Aldridge Electric
Timothy Richards 2015 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Tina Salvato None Mandell Menkes
Ting Zhang 2011 Evening/Weekend Abbott
Tinnen Lam 2011 Full Time Walgreens
TJ Pope 2011 Full Time Honeywell Aerospace
TK MacKay 2006 Full Time Textura
Todd Smalley 1996 Full Time Medtronic
Todd Higgerson 2011 Full Time United Health Group
Todd Patrick 1996 Full Time Grant Thornton
Todd Garner 2011 Full Time Starbucks
Todd Applebaum 2006 Full Time Sg2
Tom Kleinschmidt 1998 Executive MBA Sonoscan Inc.
Tom Lubin None NextWave Media Group
Tommy Sternberg 2009 Evening/Weekend William Blair
Tony D'Arceneaux 1991 Evening/Weekend None
Tony Eheli 2010 Evening/Weekend Danaher Corporation
Tony Riva 2015 Evening/Weekend None
Tonya Noble 2011 Full Time Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery
Traci Foreman None
Tracy Li 2015 Full Time Houlihan Lokey
Tracy Flack None AMAA
Tracy Leventhal None
Tracy McCabe Chicago Booth
Travis Swoope 2013 Executive MBA Microsoft
Trevor Spencer 2006 Full Time UBS Investment Bank
Tricia Boezio None
Tricia Allison None Tractor Supply Company
Tso-Li Huang 2006 Full Time Korea Investment Corp
Tulika Ladsariya None
Tyler Kearn 2015 Full Time Cicero Group
Tyler Mansfield 2013 Full Time PwC
uma aggarwal 1976 Evening/Weekend none
Umesh Johari 2011 Full Time San Francisco 49ers
Unmi Song 1986 Full Time Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Uri Zror 2006 Full Time Paneco
Urshala Bowles 2011 Full Time Lockheed Martin
Urvi Shah None
Usman Maher 2015 Full Time Lone Star Funds
Vadim Gorin 2011 Full Time Dimensional Fund Advisors
Vaishali Bulusu 2015 Evening/Weekend Infosys
Valentina Durand 2017 Full Time none
Valeria Saccol 2011 Full Time GSK
Valerie Schutyser None e-atlete
Valerie Mukherjee None Zen Capital Partners, LLP
Vance Johnston 1996 Full Time SP Plus Corporation
Vania Swenden None
Vaughn Roberts 2001 Full Time MORE Development
Venera Jordan 2011 Executive MBA QIAGEN Sciences
Venkat Inumella 2011 Full Time McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Venkata Akula 2011 Executive MBA BTG Pactual Commodities
Vern Moore 1963 Evening/Weekend None
Veronica Robinson None
Vesna Petronic-Rosic 2016 Executive MBA The University of Chicago
Vicki Chou None US Attorney Office
Vicky Huang 2015 Full Time Boston Scientific
Victor Banjo 2015 Full Time TIAA Cref
Victor Hue 2006 Evening/Weekend New China Development, Inc.
Victor Heymeyer 2006 Full Time Microsoft
Victor Hammer None
Victor Culiuc 2006 Full Time Healthios Capital
Victoria Hefty 2011 Full Time Baby Bump Collective Media
Victoria Varau 2013 Full Time Oracle
Victoria Gustafson 2001 Evening/Weekend Verde Associates
Vida Miezlaiskiene 2018 Evening/Weekend Ares Management
Vidur Sehgal 2015 Full Time Parthenon-EY
Vignesh Subramanian 2011 Executive MBA None
Vijay Guntur 2006 Executive MBA HCL Technologies
Vijay Reddy 2013 None Intel Capital
Vikas Pathani None
Vinayak Seshasayee 2013 Full Time PIMCO
Vince Pecis None Greenlee Diamond Tool
Vincent Rivers 2001 Full Time JO Hambro Capital Management
Vipin Nambiar 2011 Evening/Weekend Hunt Investment Group
Vishal Shah 2011 Full Time Northleaf Capital Partners
Vitaly Goldfeder 2017 Full Time
Vivek Sharma 2006 Full Time Charles Schwab
Vivian Gaddis 2017 Full Time None
Vivienne Ko 2013 Full Time Citigroup
W Janet Dougherty 2001 Full Time JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Wally Radjenovic 2001 Evening/Weekend NOFP, Inc.
Walter Lord 1997 Executive MBA Walter Eugene Lord, PLLC
Waqar Habib 2013 Evening/Weekend Discover Financial Services
Warren Yates 2015 Full Time NONE
Wayne Robinson 2013 Executive MBA Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Webb Brown 2013 Full Time Google Inc.
Wei Sun 2013 Full Time Apple Inc.
Wende Fox 1981 Full Time Fox Lawson Management Consulting, Inc.
Wendy Grossman None Beacon Academy
Wesley Barnes 2006 Full Time AIF Capital
Will Han 2015 Full Time McKinsey
William Anast 2001 Full Time JPMorgan Chase & Co.
William Meyer 2018 Executive MBA DesignerShare LLC
William Noble 1976 Full Time MedSource
William McEnery 2015 Evening/Weekend Houlihan Lokey
William McGrath 2006 Full Time Stifel
William Pescatello 2006 Full Time Lightbank
William Fitzgerald 1988 Full Time Global Infrastructure Asset Management
William Hass 1971 Full Time TeamWork Technologies, Inc.
William Keeling None student
William Eichhorn 1985 Evening/Weekend Textura
Winnie Wu 2013 Full Time IA Collaborative
Wuji Fei 2014 Evening/Weekend PwC Advisory
Xavi Valenti 2015 Full Time Evercore
Yanfei Feng 2006 Full Time WellTang
Yaniv Ronen 2011 Full Time Uline
YaoYao Wang 2015 Full Time Dish/Sling TV
Yaron Lev-Ran 2006 Full Time Pennant Capital
Yasmeen Allen None
Yasmeen Bano 2014 Evening/Weekend UL
Yazmin Espinosa 2015 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Yevgeniya Kaliberova 2016 Full Time none
Young Lee 2015 Evening/Weekend Harris Associates LP
Youngeun Kim 2017 Full Time None
Yu Zhang 2016 Full Time none
Yulia Jigalina 2010 Evening/Weekend DJO Global
Yumiko Kakutani None Satoshi Kakutani
Yunus Jaffrey 2015 Full Time HIG WhiteHorse Capital
Yusif Iddirisu 2015 Full Time General Motors
Yuta Kakutani None Satoshi Kakutani
Yves Bienvenu 2006 Evening/Weekend Presence Health Partners
Yvette Gonzales None
Zach Levin 2015 Full Time Credit Suisse
Zach Drawbaugh 2011 Full Time GE Oil & Gas
Zenaida Bartelme None