Class of 2009

2009 was memorable. A Chicagoan was sworn in as US President and would later receive the Nobel Prize. The most successful entertainer of all time is lost, but his interstellar dance move will live on. A flu is named a global pandemic. James Cameron directed the otherworldly, highest grossing film of all time. And, the Class of 2009 headed out with new Booth degrees to set records of their own!

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Celebrate Your 10-Year Reunion

In 2009, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States and won a Nobel Prize less than a year later. Michael Jackson passes away in his Beverly Hills home. Swine Flu terrorized the world. Avatar entranced audiences with its world of blue. 

Reconnect 2019

May 2–4, 2019

Chicago, Illinois

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Lenny Bell
Oscar Capel
Dan Frailey
Smita Kini
Niki Koubourlis
Dan Kusalovic
Owen Li
James Liu
Dustin Lyman
Kenyata Martin
Dave Martinelli, Gift Chair
Gilbert Ong
Pooja Rajput
Larissa Razumovskiy
Katie Shackelford
Heather Towt, Program Chair
Peter Washington
Kedda Williams



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