Class of 2005

2004 was a record-breaking year. A US athlete set a world record and started his journey to become the most decorated Olympian in history. A new Chicago park opens. The—at the time—world's tallest skyscraper is opened and a New York sculpture is reopened to the public. A social network is launched at Harvard that will forever shape our online experience. And, the Class of 2004 went out to shape the world with new Booth degrees in hand!

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Celebrate Your 15-Year Reunion

In 2004, Michael Phelps swam his way to the top, scoring 6 gold and 2 bronze. Millennium Park opens in downtown Chicago. Taipei 101 is completed, standing at 1,441 feet, and the Statue of Liberty is reopened to the public. Facebook is launched to Harvard students and would go on to become the most used social media website.


Reconnect 2019

May 2–4, 2019

Chicago, Illinois

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Maria (Achoa) Fernandes 2004 Full Time Amazon
Ashley (Baxter) Zickefoose 2004 Full Time CEC Entertainment
Meredith (Belafsky) Swartz 2004 Full Time Meredith Swartz Design
Heidi (Bruch) Gilllmore 2004 Full Time
Rebecca (Gerben) Gerben Mehta 2004 Full Time Convoy
Jamie (Kraska) Muehlhauser 2004 Full Time
Erin (Leone) Blute 2004 Full Time
Corrie (McIntosh) Carrigan 2004 Full Time Bain & Co.
Monica (Merino) Garrido 2004 Full Time Footprint IQ
Sarah (Mullin) Cunningham 2004 Full Time Crossfire Logistics
Kristin (Murphuy) Kohn 2004 Full Time Club Pilates Westmont & Oak Park
Sucha (Sastry) Sastry Brown 2004 Full Time AveXis
Andrea (Shagory) Strudeman 2004 Full Time Healthcare Financial Management Assn.
Lena (Sullesta) Jessen 2004 Full Time
Alyson (Tesler) Anderson 2004 Full Time
Puneet Agarwal 2004 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Rahul Aggarwal 2004 Full Time SkyPath Capital Partners
Todd Babbitz 2004 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
Renuka Babu 2004 Full Time DOTS Technology Corp
Prakhar Bansal 2004 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Sachin Bapat 2004 Evening/Weekend
Don Baptiste 2004 Full Time
Ryan Blute 2004 Full Time PIMCO
Jonas Bordo 2004 Full Time
Tanya Burnell 2004 Full Time Henry Crown & Company
Linda Bursic 2004 Full Time Evercore
Gabriel Buteler 2004 Full Time Scotiabank Europe
Ryan Carmichael 2004 Full Time
Gita Chakrabarti 2004 Full Time Walmart
J.P. Claxton 2004 Full Time Catalyst Operating Group
Alvaro Cunto 2004 Full Time
Gerardine D’Sa 2004 Evening/Weekend
Gerard Damien 2004 Full Time OGCI
Caroline Davidson 2004 Full Time Monroe Capital
Paul De Cock 2004 Full Time Mohawk Industries
Nerone deBrito 2004 Full Time Guardian
Irene Didinsky 2004 Evening/Weekend FEI System
Cord Frieden 2004 Full Time Dropbox
Holly Fulp 2004 Full Time Paylocity
Catherine Gacad 2004 Full Time Wells Fargo
Divya Gadodia 2004 Full Time Knowledgreetree Advisory Services Pvt Lt
Amit Garg 2004 Full Time Financial Services Private EquityMcKinsey and Company
Michael Garrow 2004 Full Time Delta Air Lines
Lynda Gauthier 2004 Full Time RBC
Jeremy Getson 2004 Full Time AQR Capital
Ankur Gupta 2004 Full Time PNC
Farhad Hakimov 2004 Full Time IQVIA
Eric Hart 2004 Full Time Expedia Group
Adam Hartstein 2004 Evening/Weekend Point B
Jeff Hoffman 2004 Full Time CVS Health
Jonathan Huckaby 2004 Full Time Hudson Bankers
Chad Iverson 2004 Full Time Lendio
Andrew Jessen 2004 Full Time William Blair
Mark Johnson 2004 Full Time Musclepharm
Julia Jung 2004 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Ajay Jyoti 2004 Full Time Analysis Group
Jennifer Kaufman 2004 Full Time
Andre Konig 2004 Full Time Estrapadus
Denis Krupnov 2004 Full Time REASON8 Films
Gaurav Kukreja 2004 Full Time Amstar
Derek Lundberg 2004 Full Time
Ryan Lynch 2004 Full Time Prestige Beverage Group
Ishita Majumdar 2004 Evening/Weekend eBay
Anuj Maniar 2004 Full Time Deloitte
Brent Matson 2004 Full Time LOQBOX
Mark McClendon 2004 Executive Tarrant County College District
Robert Meyer 2004 Full Time Wipfli Corporate Finance
Gregory Morin 2004 Full Time Argonne National Laboratory
Brian Murphy 2004 Full Time Murphy Consulting
Darin Neumyer 2004 Full Time Cherry Bekaert
Matt Niksch 2004 Full Time Noble Network of Charter Schools
Bill O'Connor 2004 Full Time
Alyson Ogden 2004 Full Time Bank of America
Rafael Oliveira 2004 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Shalin Parmar 2004 Full Time
Kristin Peters 2004 Full Time MeUndies
Samantha Pokroy 2004 Full Time Sanari Capital
Jonathan Polonsky 2004 Full Time Compass Lexecon
Sanjay Raghu 2004 Evening/Weekend TapHeaven
Pranav Rawal 2004 Full Time Sapience Investments
Gary Roll 2004 Evening/Weekend General Motors
Rebecca Runkle 2004 Full Time HealthQuota
Xavier Santos 2004 Full Time Deutsche Bank
Bartholomew Sayer 2004 Full Time The Estee Lauder Companies
Paul Schmidt 2004 Full Time Akcea Therapeutics
Tej Shah 2004 Full Time Macquarie Capital
Alexander Shire 2004 Full Time CIBC
Shri Singhvi 2004 Full Time Alliance Bernstein
Arthur Smourigin 2004 Full Time
Sebastian Sobczak 2004 Full Time Friendo
William Turcato 2004 Full Time PAC Worldwide
Damon Vaughan 2004 Full Time Cardinal Health
Prathap Venkatesan 2004 Evening/Weekend i2 Decisions
Jeff Wilcoxon 2004 Full Time Nationwide
Rob Wildeman 2004 Full Time Jericho Capital
Saori Yamanaka 2004 Full Time Schneider Electric
Eteri Zaslavsky 2004 Full Time Next Realty

Thursday, May 2

Reunion Happy Hour 
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Gleacher Center, Room 621

Start off Reconnect Weekend by celebrating with your friends, classmates, and Booth alumni from across the generations.



Friday, May 3

Alumnae and Student Breakfast
9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Gleacher Center, Room 621

Booth women (alumnae and students) are invited to a fun speed networking event.

Management Conference
11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Fairmont Hotel and Gleacher Center

For over 60 years, Management Conference has shaped the theory and practice of business.

Class Reception
7:00 - 10:00 p.m
The Ivy Room 
12 E Ohio
Chicago, IL 60611


Join your classmates for an evening of celebration.



Saturday, May 4

Back to Booth Sessions
11 a.m.– noon
Charles M. Harper Center

Get back in touch with Booth’s renowned spirit of inquiry and analysis with esteemed faculty. Back to Booth is supported by the Fred G. Steingraber / A.T. Kearney Endowment. The endowment supports lifelong learning among Chicago Booth alumni.

Homecoming BBQ
Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Charles M. Harper Center

Celebrate a reunion-wide barbecue. This event is family friendly and open to only reunion alumni and their guests.

Don Baptiste
Jonas Bordo
Gerardine D’Sa
Amit Garg
Monica Merino Garrido
Amy Montgomery Hogan, Program Co-Chair
Lena Jessen, Gift Co-Chair

Andrew Jessen, Gift Co-Chair
Julie Jung
Kristin Kohn, Program Co-Chair
Jamie Kraska Muehlhauser
Brian Murphy
Stephanie O’Connor
Jorge Saba
Lizzie Schwartz
Ravi Viswanathan


Empowering Environment
Kristin (Murphy) Kohn
, ’04

Booth, for me, has become a family affair. While deciding where to apply to business school, I experienced Booth first-hand while visiting my now sister-in-law, who was a first-year student, with my now husband during fall preview weekend. The combination of thought leadership and decision-making grounded in analysis was what sold an MBA at Booth to us.

Most people who go to Booth will say you'll never be in an environment again where everybody in the room with you is incredibly talented, well educated, and full of different ideas. I think we were the first class with over 30% women, and while still being in the minority, made us a tight-knit group. Having a group of women experiencing the same balancing act with careers and families now has been really helpful.

I think it’s really hard not to be really involved on campus while at Booth. There are so many opportunities and clubs. One of my favorite organizations was Giving Something Back. We organized volunteer opportunities for students and held an annual charity auction which was really popular across the business school. Professors donated auction items that included experiences with them which the students loved. These out-of-classroom experiences worked to build a strong community within the school.

I enjoy Reconnect because it’s easy to rekindle relationships that may have just gotten away from us over the years. We can really pick up right where we left off, and I love learning about where classmates have gone and what they're up to now.

Kristin (Murphy) Kohn is the franchise owner of Club Pilates Westmont and Club Pilates Oak Park in Hindsdale, Illinois. She also serves as co-chair of the Class of ’04 reunion committee.



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