Class of 2004

2004 was a record-breaking year. A US athlete set a world record and started his journey to become the most decorated Olympian in history. A new Chicago park opens. The—at the time—world's tallest skyscraper is opened and a New York sculpture is reopened to the public. A social network is launched at Harvard that will forever shape our online experience. And, the Class of 2004 went out to shape the world with new Booth degrees in hand!

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In 2004, Michael Phelps swam his way to the top, scoring 6 gold and 2 bronze. Millennium Park opens in downtown Chicago. Taipei 101 is completed, standing at 1,441 feet, and the Statue of Liberty is reopened to the public. Facebook is launched to Harvard students and would go on to become the most used social media website.


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Chicago, Illinois

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Don Baptiste
Jonas Bordo
Gerardine D’Sa
Amit Garg
Monica Merino Garrido
Amy Montgomery Hogan, Program Co-Chair
Lena Jessen, Gift Co-Chair

Andrew Jessen, Gift Co-Chair
Julie Jung
Kristin Kohn, Program Co-Chair
Jamie Kraska Muehlhauser
Brian Murphy
Stephanie O’Connor
Jorge Saba
Lizzie Schwartz
Ravi Viswanathan



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