Class of 2003

Memories of 2003. An amusement park soared to new heights in Ohio. The aviation industry's high-speed dreams hit the brakes. A beloved musical cast its first spell over audiences. And the Class of 2003 took a bow as they receive Booth degrees.

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Celebrate Your 20-Year Reunion in 2023

2003 saw the opening of the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, then the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. The record-breaking supersonic Concorde jet made its last flight. And Wicked premiered on Broadway, earning 10 Tony Award nominations.

Reconnect 2023

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Chicago, Illinois

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Reunion Committee

Rickard Alfredeen
Eyal Altman
Jitender Batra
Patrick Cassereau
Alex Castanheira
Brian Finerty
Juan Diego Henao
Bonjoon Ku
Nimesh Patel
Rachel Patterson, Program Chair
Justin Sheperd, Gift Chair
Andrea Sparrey
Erik Steffensen, Program Chair


Leader in Love
Erik Steffensen, '03


Our class’s first day of orientation was 9/11/2001. I remember speeding down Lake Shore Drive to campus in anticipation of the day when I heard the announcement on the radio about the Twin Towers. Orientation was cancelled, and I offered my tiny Lakeview studio to anyone who might need a cable or internet connection. Seven of us spent the day glued to the television, many trying to reach friends. It’s not an experience you would ever choose, but the sense of community created by that tragic event brought the class together.

I think experiencing Booth is a pivotal point in life where everyone comes out a different and better person because of the people you meet. My classmates came to campus from around the world bringing widely differing perspectives, which expanded mine and added a richness to my life I didn’t know I was missing.  

LEAD was also transformative. Coming from an engineering background, undergoing the program and being a facilitator helped me develop personally and professionally, but most importantly, it introduced me to the love of my life. After a LEAD event she approached me to ask thoughtful questions. I answered, handed her my “GSB” card, and hoped for a call. She ignored me all summer, but I found her when school started again, and we’ve built a wonderful life together.

Everyone I met at Booth was brilliant. I was amazed by the depth and intellect of my class and thought, “Man, I’d be crazy not to get to know these people.” Three people from business school stood up in my wedding and one is the godfather to my oldest daughter. 

I’m excited for our class to get back together again in April. There are so many stories from our time together, and I am sure there are many more new ones to hear as well. 

Erik Steffensen is a Principal at Point B Consulting and President of Easton Harbor. He resides in Chicago with his wife, Jessica, and daughters Charlotte and Audrey. He is co-chair of the Class of 2003 reunion committee.


Fun at Follies
Rachel Patterson, '03

I made a lot of good friendships at Booth, many of which remain. An intense experience creates an esprit de corps, and both the MBA and some of the historical and economic events (9/11, Enron & Worldcom implosions, jobless recovery, so few job offers) qualify. Just today, I had coffee with a classmate whom I hadn’t seen since our 5th reunion. It was like no time had passed. Our classmates were interesting, multi-layered, and multi-faceted. Everyone was intellectually ambitious, but it was paired with a lack of hubris that was especially refreshing.

The extracurriculars were a great way to get to know a subset of our large classes. It was incredible to see everyone's creativity (and the non-serious side) at Follies. I remember getting to LEAD class late one afternoon, and a "tardy policy" had recently been instituted that, if guilty, you had to sing a song in front of everybody. No one knew that I had been a professional singer, so I launched in... and the room went silent.

I had to work hard, but I'm glad, because I still remember a lot of the analytical tools and processes.  One course I continue to think about was a leadership class with Harry Davis. I loved stepping back to think about the human side of business. One of his memorable analogies was about a theater stage. We analyzed the diverse skill sets on our team, or within ourselves, and decided which should be front stage versus in supporting a role. 

I’m excited to return, revisit old haunts, and memories. There's so much to catch up on: How and where are you/your family? What have been your career and life accomplishments? Did you have any unexpected turns? I'm looking forward to the opportunities to reconnect and create more memories.

Rachel Patterson is Founding Principle of Glocal Consultants Group, LLC a growth strategy firm for non-profit-organizations and small businesses, and is enjoying being based in New York, seeing family and friends. She is also co-chair of the Class of 2003 reunion committee.



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