Class of 200

We spent 1999 in preparation of the new millennium. A director gained international recognition for his classic horror film. The human population reached new heights. A snowstorm shook the city of Chicago. And, the newest generation of Booth grads took the world by storm!

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Celebrate Your 20-Year Reunion

1999 was an exciting time with a new millennium on  the horizon. M. Night Shyamalan directed The Sixth Sense, that would remain popular for years. Earth's population reached 6 billion, and one of the worst snowstorms in history slammed Chicago, shutting down Lake Shore Drive for the first time in history.

Reconnect 2019

May 2–4, 2019

Chicago, Illinois

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The list below reflects only those registrants who opted in to share their names on the website.   If you have registered and do not see your name listed, please contact to be opted in.   The list is updated weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Jeri (Easterday) Vick 1999 Full Time
Gretchen (Frary) Seay 1999 Full Time Clearsight Capital Advisors
Dena (Gavitt) Neuwirth 1999 Full Time RTS Labs
Judith (Henry) Scinto 1999 Full Time Global Scholars ProgramSacred Heart Greenwich
Maggie (Magallon) Demkin 1999 Full Time Google / Kaggle
Lisa (Postal) Prostic 1999 Full Time Tenacity Group
Michelle (Tadros) Eidson 1999 Full Time Shorehill Capital
Kaitan Agrawal 1999 Full Time Currencies Direct
Melanie Angers 1999 Evening/Weekend
Austin Bankhead 1999 Full Time Snap Finance
Jun Bao 1999 Full Time Impact Therapeutics
Matthew Beagle 1999 Full Time Hartford Investment Mgmt
Marie Beeson 1999 Executive
Dianne Begin 1999 Executive New Beginnings Garden Design
Steven Bernstein 1999 Full Time Amazon
Leo Bernstein 1999 Full Time LineSlip Solutions
Ron Bezoza 1999 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ashok Bhatia 1999 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Raj Biyani 1999 Full Time "none"
John Bonner 1999 Full Time Refinitiv
Bruce Bunner 1999 Full Time Quadrant Management
Kelsey Burr 1999 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Matthew Calistri 1999 Full Time Biogen
Andrew Cerillo 1999 Full Time Credit Suisse
Chris Cerimele 1999 Full Time Balmoral Advisors
Ed Cerny 1999 Full Time Backcast Partners
Jai Das 1999 Full Time Sapphire Ventures
Anthony DeChellis 1999 Full Time Boston Private Bank & Trust
Christopher Denver 1999 Evening/Weekend IFG
Bhalendu Deshpande 1999 Full Time Conning
George Doherty 1999 Full Time Clipper Ship Ventures
Mike Dougherty 1999 Full Time Deloitte
Dimitri Drone 1999 Full Time Houlihan Lokey
Robert Eason 1999 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Bala Ekambaram 1999 Full Time AlixPartners
Maura Feaheny 1999 Evening/Weekend Charter Senior Living
David Flueck 1999 Full Time Marriott International
Yoh Funamoto 1999 Full Time McAfee Co.
Erik Graber 1999 Full Time Conway MacKenzie
David Greer 1999 Full Time Merril / Bank of America
John Griffin 1999 Full Time Centerwood Holdings
Sunil Grover 1999 Full Time True Blue Partners
Joy Han 1999 Full Time None
J Michael Harley 1999 Executive Opus Arbiter SM
Matt Healy 1999 Full Time Pixelligent Technologies
Janet Henry 1999 Executive Ramirez Asset Management
Doug Hohner 1999 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Diana Hu 1999 Full Time InBounds USA
Blair Jacobson 1999 Full Time Ares Management
Matt Janopaul 1999 Full Time Servco Pacific Capital
Matthew Kemp 1999 Full Time BlueGrace Logistics
Sean Khurana 1999 Full Time Cavern Technologies
Venkat Krishnamurthy 1999 Full Time v2 Financial Group
Daniel Lapushin 1999 Full Time Fortella
Gordon Lawrence 1999 Full Time Wellington Management Company
David Lee 1999 Full Time The Capital Group
Barry Lesht 1999 Executive General Dynamics Information Technology
Mary Lezon 1999 Executive Pfizer
Rebecca Lin 1999 Full Time JTShirlin Advisors
Bob Lord 1999 Full Time Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Sanjeev Mahajan 1999 Full Time Grant Thornton
Alexi Makkas 1999 Full Time Redwood Investments
Sumeet Maniar 1999 Full Time WellBrain
Daphne Mazarakis 1999 Full Time
Mike McGarry 1999 Full Time Genentech
Arun Melvani 1999 Full Time Pretium Partners
Christopher Metcalf 1999 Full Time BridgeView Pictures
Alisa Miller 1999 Full Time PRI/PRX
Adam Minow 1999 Full Time MINOWCPA CORPORATION
James Morrow 1999 Full Time Callodine Capital Management
Mike Muscolino 1999 Full Time TPG Sixth Street Partners
Daniel Mytelka 1999 Full Time MIT / Center for Biomedical Innovation
Rajesh Nagella 1999 Full Time BlackRock
Ram Nair 1999 Full Time RNM Consulting
Walter O’Leary 1999 Full Time South Pointe Capital
John O'Callahan 1999 Full Time Prudential Financial
A. Chris Ortigara 1999 Executive CrossCheck Compliance
John Ossyra 1999 Executive Honeywell/ UOP
Kevan Parekh 1999 Full Time Apple
Brent Paris 1999 Full Time Dubin Clark & Co.
Harshal Patel 1999 Full Time Sago Capital
Dawn Priory 1999 Evening/Weekend Hollister Incorporated
Helen Qubain 1999 Full Time Story Goldmine
Marius Ronge 1999 Full Time The Gibb River Group
Rob Roquitte 1999 Evening/Weekend eCIO
Rahul Sachdev 1999 Full Time Fortella
Praveen Sahay 1999 Full Time Wave Equity Partners
Vineet Sahgal 1999 Full Time JLL
Julia Saunders 1999 Full Time
Andy Simonoff 1999 Full Time Voya Investment Management
Ved Sinha 1999 Full Time Edmodo
Greg Sitrin 1999 Full Time Raymond James
Kathleen Sullivan 1999 Full Time Kitchry Health
Christopher Tobias 1999 Full Time Intel Corporation
Lawrence Turow 1999 Full Time Grabovsky Group
Divya Varshney 1999 Full Time Baxter Healthcare
Vitaly Vishnitsky 1999 Full Time PwC
Richard Wardell 1999 Full Time
Johnnie Watson 1999 Full Time
Jennifer Williams 1999 Full Time Bank of America
Jason Wilson 1999 Full Time

Thursday, May 2

Reunion Happy Hour 
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Gleacher Center, Room 621

Start off Reconnect Weekend by celebrating with your friends, classmates, and Booth alumni from across the generations.



Friday, May 3

Alumnae and Student Breakfast
9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Gleacher Center, Room 621

Booth women (alumnae and students) are invited to a fun speed networking event.

Management Conference
11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Fairmont Hotel and Gleacher Center

For over 60 years, Management Conference has shaped the theory and practice of business.

Class Reception
The Library at the Ambassador Hotel
1301 N. State Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610
7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Join your classmates for an evening of celebration.



Saturday, May 4

Back to Booth Sessions
11 a.m.– noon
Charles M. Harper Center

Get back in touch with Booth’s renowned spirit of inquiry and analysis with esteemed faculty. Back to Booth is supported by the Fred G. Steingraber / A.T. Kearney Endowment. The endowment supports lifelong learning among Chicago Booth alumni.

Homecoming BBQ
Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Charles M. Harper Center

Celebrate a reunion-wide barbecue. This event is family friendly and open to only reunion alumni and their guests.

Austin Bankhead
Ron Bezoza
John Bonner
Vilma Chan, Program Co-Chair
Janine Durbin
Bala Ekambaram
David Greer
Sunil Grover
Blair Jacobson, Gift Chair
Lauren LaCerda, Program Co-Chair

Bob Lord
Harshal Patel
Matt Perry
Sangeeta Prasad
Rahul Sachdev
Vineet Sahgal
Vijay Talwar
Jennifer Williams


Winnebago Wonderland
Lauren Lacerda Merten, ‘99

My two years at Booth were so critical in my career in that it completely changed how I think about marketing and how I approach everything. It was so very beneficial.

We made a lot of good memories as a class. Weekly, we tagged onto the Thursday Night Drinking Club that the class a few years ahead of us started and we kept it going. Our cohort took two giant Winnebagos—which none of us knew how to drive—and drove down to Graceland in Memphis, and then on to New Orleans. We just hung around together and had a blast. One classmate—I won’t name names—took to swimming in the Mississippi, which was very ill-advised. Luckily, everyone was okay!

I also remember loving Follies; I was a producer. You have class with this huge group of super smart people, but seeing them in Follies, you find out that some are amazing vocalists—like almost opera singers—some are tap dancers, etc. Putting that together was just so fun all-around.

Being in an environment where you’re surrounded by incredibly smart people and there are so many different backgrounds coming together was honestly spectacular. Being able to keep up with everyone’s lives on social media, what they’re doing, where their working, is awe-inspiring. It’s fun to come back and get to hear firsthand what everyone is doing, not just see it on the internet. It makes me so excited for May!

Lauren LaCerda Merten is the executive director at Social Venture Partners Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also serves as co-chair of the Class of ’99 reunion committee.

A Network of Amazing Friends
Rahul Sachdev, ’99

I arrived in Chicago as an international student from the UK and landed with nothing but two suitcases in my hand. I’d applied from overseas and had not even been to campus before, so I had little idea what to expect.

I was part of the Rockefeller Cohort—what a great group of friends we had. I'm still actively in touch with a lot of them. What some people call a network I would call friendships. For me, Booth (formerly known as GSB) created a depth of relationships that’s hard to find elsewhere. We've been to each other’s weddings, watched our families grow, and now we’re starting to see some of our kids go to college.

I had a wonderful broad-based academic experience at Booth. Some of my most interesting classes were those from Steven Kaplan, James Schrager, Marvin Zonis, Pradeep Chintagunta and Ann McGill (her first year of teaching Marketing at Booth). I am always pleasantly surprised about how much I truly walked away with that still applies today.

I’ve made a point of coming to my reunion every five years; this year will be my fourth. I always find it's wonderful to go back, see how the school has evolved and see some old friends.  You hear first-hand how everybody has grown, and yet remained the same. I really would urge everybody to think hard about coming. It's easy to say, "Hey, I'm busy," but catching up with old friends is what keeps the spirit of Chicago in our lives, and the experiences that we went through together. It's up to us to maintain that connection.

Rahul Sachdev is the cofounder and CEO at Fortella in San Francisco, California.



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