Class of 1998

1998 was a year of exciting firsts. A literary legend unleashed a childhood wizard on the United States. A tech titan revved up its search engine for the first time. A funny man received an inaugural award. And the Class of 1998 gets their own honors in the form of Booth degrees.

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Celebrate Your 25-Year Reunion in 2023

1998 was a year for the books. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released in America. Google, Inc. was founded in Menlo Park, California. And the first Mark Twain Prize for American Humour was given to comedian Richard Pryor.

Reconnect 2023

Date to be Announced

Chicago, Illinois

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Reunion Committee

Benjamin Bader
Renee Berman
Chris Gloede
Kristin Finney-Cooke
Amy Hamilton, Program Co-Chair
Laura Kanov
Ken Kelly
Billy Levine
Catey McCreary
Aaron Peck
Doug Peta
Sabrina Ricci
Bret Schroeder
Jeff Siewert
Eunhee Sumner, Program Co-Chair
Jeff Swiatek
Elaine Zong, Co-Gift Chair 
Peter McNally, Co-Gift Chair 


An Atmosphere Unlike Any Other 
Amy Hamilton, '98

What sticks with me about Booth is how invigorating it was to be surrounded by classmates with so many different backgrounds; everyone in the class deserved to be there. Our professors were also surrounded by a diverse peer group, each doing all sorts of interesting things and sharing their thoughts. Everyone learned from each other - that type of environment is really special.

I was at Gleacher Center in October for a seminar and was able to meet with some students. I asked if TNDC was still going and they were so surprised when I told them it was started by the class before us. It’s exciting that some things have longevity. We had a special class that was particularly social and involved.  

Even though we were only together for a couple years, we bonded. We used to travel together, but life gets busy. We’ve stood up in each other’s weddings; we are godparents to classmates’ children. It’s nice those relationships have remained strong. When I was working in Chicago, I used to travel to New York frequently. My boss would laugh on those trips because I would run into someone from Booth everywhere I went – walking down the street or in Central Park. It’s a great feeling knowing how strong and widespread our network is. 

Each reunion has been better than the last. Some of the people who came back for our 15th said, “I haven’t seen everybody or kept in touch with a lot of people.” They were energized and looking forward to coming back to the next reunion. I like that Reconnect offers a variety of opportunities – involving academics; professors, students, and alumni; and making your brain think differently than you do every day -  to remind you of the power and special atmosphere of Chicago Booth. 

Amy Hamilton is Vice President, Internal Audit at Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. in New York and is co-chair of the Class of 1998 reunion committee.

Transforming the Norm
Eunhee Sumner, '98 


I was destined to obtain a graduate degree. My father immigrated to the US after the Korean War and subsequently spent 40+ years as a professor. The importance of higher education was ingrained in me. I sought out a rigorous and challenging program that would best complement my liberal arts education; this led me to Booth.

In the late 90s, Booth was undergoing a transformation in the student body, branding, and even the building. Our class was able to benefit from the precedent the class before us set to “work hard, play hard.” We mirrored and improved upon that. Socially, we had great fun at TNDC and I ran Brats ‘N Brew on Fridays where we brought microbrews to campus and invited the professors to our events!

While these events were great, I do think the smaller, more intimate study groups were where our class ended up having deeper conversations where we learned about our professors and fellow classmates’ backgrounds - what drove them to attend Booth, how their different perspectives could enrich others, what were their thoughts on the latest case study. I think that was really positive and was the building block of relationships that have remained strong for 20 years. 

I love Chicago and am excited to return; I think it’s an extremely vibrant city full of culture, music, and food. I know Reconnect will be an amazing event. Booth has stepped up with the orchestration of Reconnect events and has made impressive investments in the school and community.

Most importantly, I’m looking forward to returning to Chicago for the people – sharing stories about the good ole’ times and learning about everyone’s families, adventures, and accomplishments since we last got together. 

Bottom line - it will just be downright fun. See you there!

Eunhee Sumner is vice president, Marketing Operations at Starbucks Coffee Company in Seattle and is co-chair of the Class of 1998 reunion committee.


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