Class of 1993

1993 had some major moments. A government appointment made history. The latest toy craze had kids and parents in a frenzy. A basketball legend reached a scoring milestone. And the Class of 1993 came out on top with their Booth degrees.

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Celebrate Your 30-Year Reunion in 2023

1993 was the year Beanie Babies appeared on the scene, sparking a nationwide craze. Janet Reno made history as the first female Attorney General of the United States. And the legendary Michael Jordan scored his 20,000th career point as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Reconnect 2023

Date to be Announced

Chicago, Illinois

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Reunion Committee

Betsy Biern
Larry Botel
Jim Burtt
Scott Cade
Hamilton Chang
Lilly Chang
Brad Gillum
Karen Graham
Mark Harvey
Brian Hughes
Ian Lue, Program Co-Chair
Karen Meezan
Mike Onishi
Irene Rodriquez
Doug Simmons
David Simon
Mark Taborsky
Immanuel Thangaraj, Gift Chair
Brian Van Elslander, Program Co-Chair

Enjoying the Vibrant Food Scene Together 
Ian Lue, '93

Chicago wasn’t on my business school list at first. Fortunately for me, Booth hosted a reception in New York City. I was immediately impressed by the school’s faculty, alumni, and staff who were present, and decided to make the move to the Windy City.

My first economics class – which is a subject I’d never taken during my undergrad – was with Professor Lars Stole who was new to Booth. We spent the first microeconomics class ‘reviewing’ ordinary differential equations; it was a memorable moment, and Booth lived up to its reputation of being a heavily quantitative school.

I also had Professor Luigi Zingales. I remember him referencing English idioms and proverbs to make points in corporate finance. I vividly recall him using “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” but it sounded quite unique with his heavy Italian accent.

I remember Brats ‘n Brew always being a good time after a long week of classes, and Chicago’s vibrant food scene provided an ample supply of dining destinations to explore with classmates. Hanging out, having beers, and going to dinner was a big part of our social scene.

I recently met with a classmate whom I haven’t seen in a dozen years and it was as if no time had passed. Booth relationships have a uniqueness to them - there’s a level of familiarity and shared experience. I’m excited to relive some of the memories and stories in April, and maybe even plan new adventures with folks. It will just be a lot of fun.

Ian Lue is Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners, LLC in Chicago is co-chair of the Class of ’93 reunion committee.

A World of New Languages 
Betsy Biern, '93

I walked into Booth knowing how antithetical it was to my academic background, but I don’t think I had any idea how much I would grow in those two years. As an English and art history major, I learned to think differently. I ended up becoming friends with many engineers - they helped program my calculator and I helped them write papers. Fast-forward and two of my first clients were engineering societies. I did better with those clients because I understood them on a level I wouldn’t have without the relationships I made in school. 

I took classes across the university. Each group opened my eyes to new industries. My professors recognized that the environment at Booth wasn’t my natural place, but they welcomed me, supported me, and challenged me in a way that didn’t put me down, but helped me stretch and reach my goals in a new way. To this day, I’m more effective because I can speak “different languages” and bridge the gap between my Board members and my donors.
Booth was a neat community. We enjoyed spending time together in and out of the classroom. I lived on the North Side and frequently had classmates over before they went out to the bars. They would bring wine and I would make a massive bowl of pasta – this happened almost weekly.

Even after the years we’ve spent apart, I think our class will have a lot in common because of everything we taught each other in school. Reconnect will be a great time to see old friends and enjoy having a beer with them like we used to.

Betsy Biern is CEO of Make a Wish Greater Bay Area in San Francisco, CA and is co-chair of the Class of 1993 reunion committee.



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