Class of 1988

Big things happened in 1988: An action classic was released. The web began to grow. The Cubs embraced change. And the Class of 1988 rounded the bases to earn Booth degrees.

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Celebrate Your 35-Year Reunion in 2023

In 1988, Die Hard premiered and swept the box office. The first permanent intercontinental Internet link was made between Europe and the United States, kicking off the growth of the World Wide Web. And Wrigley Field finally held its first night game, adding lights to the legendary ballpark.

Reconnect 2023

Date to be Announced

Chicago, Illinois

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Reunion Committee

Nick Alexos
Jill Feldman
Bill Fitzgerald, Gift Chair
Irene Hale
Carol Howarth
John Huber
Bill Jackson
Caroline Karr 
Jim Kinoshita
Wendy Lam
Jean Meyer
Abby Simon
Nick Somers, Program Co-Chair

Meeting a High Bar Made Us Better
Bill Fitzgerald, '88

When I was looking at business schools, I wanted the school that offered the most rigorous academic program and that would expose me to some of the sharpest thinking in business research. Booth lived up to that.

We were in school during the stock market crash of 1987, which was traumatic. The DJIA declined 22% in one day, but my classmates were bright, sharp, competitive people, full of ambition. We knew we had to stick it.

There were two professors that I really enjoyed. One was Abbie Smith who taught financial accounting and financial statement analysis. The second was Nobel laureate, George Stigler. I was fortunate enough to take his class on economics of policy. What distinguished those professors was not just their popularity, but that they were so approachable and interested in spending time with students. It was really amazing. 

Booth was a performance environment and I think that bound us together. I know a common feeling among us was that while sitting in class we never felt like the smartest person in the room, but when we got out into the work environment, we felt very prepared and ready to take on anything. We had a high bar to meet and we were surrounded by quality people that were strong and talented.

I’m looking forward to intersecting with many classmates whom I haven’t seen for a number of years and learning what their life experiences have been. So much time has passed, but when we get together it really feels like no time at all. It’s just a lot of fun to see each other and to reconnect. 

Bill Fitzgerald is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Global Infrastructure Asset Management in Chicago and is co-chair of the Class of 1988 reunion committee. 

A Family Tradition
Jill Feldman, '88
I grew up in Chicago and my grandfather graduated from the Law School in 1928.  I had always known how important the University of Chicago was to my family - it truly changed my grandfather’s life. I was thrilled to be able to attend Booth and carry on the family tradition.

I’m amazed how often I rely on concepts and skills I learned while studying at Booth. They are as relevant and important in my professional life today as when I was first introduced to them.

It’s been great to stay in touch with many of my classmates over the years and I love hearing about all of their personal and professional accomplishments.  Lately, a number of classmates have served as resources for my children as they begin to navigate the world of banking and finance – the generations continue!

I am delighted to return to Chicago and to learn about what has changed – and what has stayed the same - since my time at Booth. I look forward to reconnecting with classmates and reminiscing on some of our favorite business school memories.

Jill Feldman is President of Strategic Development Associates in Santa Barbara, CA and is co-chair of the Class of 1988 reunion committee.


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