Don't Miss Reconnect 2019

Touching, uplifting class reunions. The enlightening Management Conference. Captivating classroom sessions with Booth's world-class faculty. Strengthening bonds across all the Booth generations.

"Reconnect is a wonderful experience. Not only do you get to catch up with your classmates, you also can network with alums from other classes and hear the latest Booth thinking at the Management Conference. It’s a packed weekend, well worth the trip from near or far to mix with the Booth community once again." —Andrew Clark, ’10


Boothies across generations come from near and far to celebrate their common connection at Reconnect. Start planning your trip by checking out who else is coming. 

List updated weekly on Tuesdays.

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
"Asuncion ""Susan" Villanueva-Hayward 1989 Full Time none
"Howell ""Chip""" Evans 1974 Full Time None
Abhishek Joshi 2014 Full Time Intuit
Abhranil (Abhro) Goswami Barclays Capital
Abraham Owens
Ada Chesney
Adam Frederico 2018 Evening/Weekend Accelerated Growth Advisors
Adam Garson
Adip Numa Hellal 2009 Full Time FDN
Aditi Ruhi 2014 Full Time Zume Inc.
Adolfo Pittaluga 2014 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Adrian Pellen 2018 Evening/Weekend Marsh
Adrienne Lundberg
Agnes Brooks
Alan Schuchner 2018 Full Time SSA & Company
Albert Suprenant 2018 Evening/Weekend Blue Ridge Partners
Alejandro Correa 2014 Full Time A.T. Kearney
Alex Garstecki 2014 Evening/Weekend Avant
Alexa Manos 2018 Full Time PepsiCo
Alexander Grimstad 2014 Full Time Lazard Middle Market
Alexander Shire 2004 Full Time CIBC
Ali Imam 2019 Evening/Weekend Sprint Corp
Alisha Marfatia 2018 Full Time Adobe
Allie Bendor Vokal
Althea Trevor 2014 Evening/Weekend Dimensional Fund Advisors
Alyson (Tesler) Anderson 2004 Full Time NONE
Alyssa Premji 2014 Full Time Davita
Amanda (Needham) Quick 2014 Full Time DMDII
Amanda Lerner 2018 Evening/Weekend United Airlines
Amanda Ganske 2014 Full Time Stripe
Amber Holzmeister 2018 Evening/Weekend KPMG
Amit Garg 2004 Full Time Financial Services Private EquityMcKinsey and Company
Amit (Khanna) Khanna 2000 Evening/Weekend Infogroup
Amit Swaroop 2018 Full Time H.I.G. Capital
Amruta Reynolds McKinsey
Amy (Montgomery) Hogan 2004 Full Time
Amy Levine 1994 Full Time Shenkman Capital Management Inc.
Amy Boonstra Center for Decision Research
Amy Viellieu
Ana Carolina Silva de Carvalho 2014 Full Time Accenture
Anadi Misra 2014 Full Time Capital One
Analyssa (Doyle) Noe 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Ananth Bhogaraju 1994 Full Time Seven Hills Healthcare Advisors
Anca Mataoanu 2009 Full Time Cargill
Anchal Gupta
Andi Hadisutjipto 2016 Full Time Riviter
Andre Zardini
andrea (Harper) boston 1988 Evening/Weekend none
Andrew Levin 2018 Full Time Finisterre Capital
Andrew Schwartz 2018 Full Time Google
Andrew Kupsco 2014 Executive Honeywell
Andrew Clarke 1998 Full Time C.H. Robinson
Andrew Davidhizar 2018 Full Time Citi
Andrew Jorczak
Andrew Drake 1994 Full Time Celsius Capital
Andrew Pires
Andy Ney 2014 Evening/Weekend Reventics
Andy Simonoff 1999 Full Time Voya Investment Management
Angel Chen Mckinsey
Anjali Marok 2018 Full Time The Context Network
Anjulla Tolliver
Annie Sorich 2009 Evening/Weekend PSP Investments
Annie Monahan
Anthony Dedousis 2016 Full Time ZipRecruiter
Arjun Agarwala 2016 Full Time PwC Strategy&
Arti Badami 2018 Full Time IBM
Arun Melvani 1999 Full Time Pretium Partners LLC
Ashok Bhatia 1999 Full Time Neuberger Berman
Astha Goyal
Austin Bankhead 1999 Full Time Snap Finance
Avi Bhar 2018 Executive Navicent Health
Aviv Shalgi 2018 Full Time Dormigo
Bala Ram 2014 Executive Kinetik Finance Inc.
Bala Ekambaram 1999 Full Time AlixPartners
Bassam Yammine 1994 Full Time Excelsa Development Holdings
Becky Abraham 2009 Full Time Challenger
Becky Khayum
Bela Barner 1999 Full Time self-employed
Belen Romero 2014 Full Time IBM
Ben Swartz 2014 Executive Marcel Digital
Benigno Perez 2016 Full Time Uber
Benjamin Salzberg PTD Partners
Benny Joseph 2009 Full Time Allbirds
Bernard Quancard 1969 Full Time SAMA
Beth Burns 1993 Evening/Weekend AON
Beth Ferner
Birgit Stuckenschneider
Blair Jacobson 1999 Full Time Ares Management
Bliss McMahon 2004 Evening/Weekend Neuberger Berman
Bob Lord 1999 Full Time Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Borislava Karageorgieva 2004 Evening/Weekend none
Borja Soldevila 2014 Full Time NONE
Brandon Boros 2018 Evening/Weekend BMO Capital Markets
Brandon Clapp Swift Currie
Brentt Baltimore 2018 Full Time Greycroft
Brian Axelrad 2009 Evening/Weekend Horwood Marcus & Berk
Brian Murphy 2004 Full Time Murphy Consulting LLC
Brian Hieggelke 1984 Full Time Newcity
Brian Acks 2015 Evening/Weekend CNA Insurance
Brian Tolliver 1999 Full Time Schneider Electric
Brian Strickland
Bridget (Daly) Hankin 2004 Full Time Social Capital Partnerships
Brittany Neisewander 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Bruce Rigal 1989 Full Time St MaryÆs University Twickenham
Bruno Mourao Silva 2014 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Bryan Quick Ingredion
byron boston 1986 Full Time Dynex Capital Inc.
Caitlin Wu 2014 Full Time Gartner
Candace Potempa 2018 Evening/Weekend AbbVie
Carmen Magar 2009 Full Time Facebook
Carol Hinman
Caroline Silverman 2014 Full Time PepsiCo
Caroline Davidson 2004 Full Time Monroe Capital
Carolyn Harthun n/a
Carrie (Matusiak) Sullivan 2009 Full Time JW Levin Management Partners
Catherine (Kalman) Munaco 2014 Full Time Deloitte
Catherine Gacad 2004 Full Time Wells Fargo
Cathy Hsu 2016 Full Time Square
Cathy Cislak
Celine Kosian 2018 Evening/Weekend KPMG
Ceylan (Kaya) Bilgin 2009 Evening/Weekend IET
Chaitanya Yaramada 2009 Full Time Brown Capital Management
Chakradhar Yarlagadda 2004 Full Time Entrepreneur
Chantelle Pires 2018 Full Time McKinsey
Charlotte Troupis 2009 Full Time Target Corporation
Charlotte Guy 2018 Full Time Booth Student 2018
Chelsy Cheng 2018 Evening/Weekend N/A
Chris Cerimele 1999 Full Time Balmoral Advisors LLC
Chris D'Aunoy
Christa Smyth 2018 Full Time WhereTo
Christina Xiong 2018 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Christopher Berba 1999 Full Time Amazon Web Services
Christopher (Esch) Esch 2018 Full Time McKinsey
Christopher Tobias 1999 Full Time Intel Corporation
Christopher Hayward JPMorgan/ Highbridge Capital Management
Christopher Phelan City of Newport Beach
Claire (Baldikoski) Koeneman 1994 Full Time Bully Pulpit Interactive
Clare (Kelly) Metcalf 1994 Full Time Russell Reynolds
Claudia (Eachus) Eachus 2018 Full Time LinkedIn
Claudia Jones 2018 Full Time PSP Partners
Corey Runnels 1999 Full Time jpi
Cosmin Lucaci 2016 Evening/Weekend BRF
Courtney Kohler 2018 Full Time Workday
Cristina Pereira 2014 Full Time Citigroup Inc.
Crystal Shen 2018 Executive Jefferies
Crystal Lee 2014 Full Time eBay
Damian Ehrlicher DJE Consulting Services
Damian Gumpel 2009 Full Time Olin Corporation
Dan (Frailey) Frailey 2009 Evening/Weekend Omnicom
Dan Gruemmer 2009 Full Time American Century Investments
Dan Hsieh 1989 Full Time ION Media Networks
Danica Tan 2018 Full Time IFC
Daniel Paul 1994 Full Time ConocoPhillips
Daniel Gafny
Daniele Pedrazzoli 2003 Executive Liberty Mutual
Danielle Bell Pen & Voice Inc
Dave Martinelli 2009 Evening/Weekend Portage Point Partners
Dave Mullen 2018 Full Time Wells Fargo Strategic Capital
David Maley 1984 Full Time Ariel Investments
David (Daigle) Daigle 1994 Full Time Capital Group
David Peckenpaugh 1980 Evening/Weekend Whitnell & Co.
David Flueck 1999 Full Time Marriott International
David Adelman 1990 Full Time Morgan Stanley
David Muller 1984 Full Time Ashmore Investment
David Hinman 2009 Executive none
David Barclay 1970 Full Time University of Chicago
David Ryou 2018 Evening/Weekend Deloitte Consulting
Dean Haefner 1989 Full Time none
Debra Hoitomt
Deepika Mathur 2009 Full Time Facebook
Deepti-test test chicagobooth
Demetrios Dounis 2007 Full Time The Compass Group
Denise (Cash) Hlad 1995 Evening/Weekend agileResource
Dennis Tong 2014 Full Time Aetna / CVS
Dennis Leppin 1979 Evening/Weekend Gas Technology Institute
DENNIS BIANUCCI 1994 Full Time Community Funded
Derek Lundberg 2004 Full Time None
Dhruv Varma 2018 Full Time Yelp
Diana Damyanova 2014 Full Time BNP Paribas
Diana Wu 2016 Full Time Verdigris Technologies
Diane (Nale) Rittmanic 2009 Executive Home Partners of America Inc.
Diane Reynolds 1999 Executive McElroy Deutch Mulvaney & Carpenter
Dimitri Drone 1999 Full Time houlihan lokey
Disha Sharma 2018 Full Time Adobe
Don Baptiste 2004 Full Time none
Douglas Monieson 1989 Full Time UICO LLC/Hyde Park Angels
Duong Phan 2016 Full Time Arrrowstreet Capital
Ed Ritter 1989 Full Time Oppenheimer & Co.
Eduardo Sarreta 2018 Evening/Weekend GE Healthcare
Edward Naranjo 2000 Full Time Emerson Automation Solutions
Edward White 2016 Full Time Ampush
Elena (Magana) Senties
Elizabeth (Cooper) D'Aunoy 2014 Full Time Aggreko
Elizabeth Gannett 2018 Full Time The Chartis Group
Elizabeth Jenson
Ella Chesney
Emilio Andrade 2014 Full Time Citi
Emily Bergstrom 2013 Evening/Weekend Ostrom Capital Partners
Emily Fowler Pellen
Emma Sotomayor 2018 Full Time Barlovento Consultores
Emma Reidy
Emmett McCann 2004 Full Time Oaktree Capital
Enrico Biasiolo 2014 Full Time Amazon
Eric Parmenter 2009 Executive Collective Health
Eric Harthun 1994 Full Time Retired
Eric Zimmer 2009 Executive University of Notre Dame
Eric Muehlhauser
ERIC YIN 2014 Full Time none
Eric Test Meyer Test none
Erica Watkins Ryan 2018 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Erik Vaughan 2014 Executive Standard Wellness Company
Erik Johnson Morningstar
Eteri Zaslavsky 2004 Full Time Next Realty LLC
Ethan Wang 2014 Full Time Pine Brook Road Partners
Eunice Hahn
Eva (Varma) Ahmed 2009 Full Time Wells Fargo
Eva Hsu ICF
Evan Coughenour 2014 Full Time Bellwether Education Partners
Evgenia Korkina 2009 Full Time Ferrara USA
Evgeniya Betancourt 2016 Full Time Accenture
Fabio (Anna) Sant'Anna 2001 Evening/Weekend Capgemini
Farhad Hakimov 2004 Full Time IQVIA
Farhan Banani McKinsey & Co
Felisha (Liu) Faulkner 2014 Full Time SCA
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive StarFish Capital
Fernando Germana 2014 Full Time Merrill Lynch
Florence Lowe 2002 Full Time Synerzip
Florian Amann 2016 Full Time Goldman Sachs
Frank Guan 2016 Full Time Google
Frank Caine 1976 Full Time Dexter Advisors
Frank Thometz 1989 Full Time Tootsie Roll Industries
Frank Passalacqua
Franklin Young 1974 Full Time TC Young Foundation
Fred Akansu 2018 Full Time None
Fred Steingraber 1964 Full Time A.T. Kearney
Gabriel Buteler 2004 Full Time Scotiabank Europe
Gabriela Ortega
Gael Numa
Gaspar Betancourt 2016 Full Time Wipro
GAURAV KUKREJA 2004 Full Time Amstar
Geoffrey Orland 2014 Evening/Weekend KPMG
George Stein 2009 Evening/Weekend HSBC Bank
George Kadifa 1989 Full Time SEP
George Seay Annandale Capital
Gerald Nalepa 1989 Full Time US Marine Corps (Retired)
Gerardine DÆSa 2004 Evening/Weekend None
Gergana Kostadinova 2018 Full Time Accenture
Ghida (El Osman) Yammine
Gilbert Ong 2009 Full Time Nuveen
Gino DiGregorio 1994 Evening/Weekend Accenture
Gita Chakrabarti 2004 Full Time Walmart
Glen Anderson 2004 Evening/Weekend RainMaker Group Holdings
Gordon Lawrence 1999 Full Time Wellington Management Company LLP
Gordon Taylor 2016 Full Time Guzo
Govindasamy Ramanan 2009 Executive NINE CAPITAL
Grace Leppin
Grant Robertson 2018 Full Time Grace Matthews Inc
Greg Kogan
Gregg Vann 2009 Executive Admiral Advisory Group
Gregory Cislak 1979 Full Time Cislak Realty LLC
Gregory Hedges 1989 Evening/Weekend Protiviti
Gretchen (Frary) Seay 1999 Full Time Clearsight Capital Advisors Inc.
Guillermo Bravo 2009 Full Time FibraHotel
Guillermo Vallejo
Hamida Lalani 2009 Full Time Indeed
Hansa Melvani
Harry Zhu Alliant Credit Union
Harshal Patel 1999 Full Time Sago Capital
Heather Towt 2009 Full Time Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Heidi (Bruch) Gilllmore 2004 Full Time
Heidi Hu 1989 Full Time none
Heinrich Stuckenschneider 1979 Full Time None
Helana Robbins Huddleston 2018 Executive CohnReznick
Helen Bogen 2018 Full Time L.E.K. Consulting
Helen Wu 2018 Evening/Weekend McKinsey
Hendrik Spaepen 2014 Full Time BCG
Hilal Tamrat 2017 Evening/Weekend Zekelman Industries
Hinne Temminck Tuinstra 2004 Full Time Associated British Sugar
Holly Tu 2018 Full Time Chicago Pacific Founders
Hossam Tewfik 2014 Full Time Facebook
Howard Albert 1984 Full Time Assured Guaranty Ltd.
Ian Duany 2014 Full Time AgroValue Solutions
Ignacio Pasquinelli 2018 Full Time Bain
Il Joon Lee 1999 Full Time Vanadium Capital
J Michael Harley 1999 Executive Opus Arbiter SM
Jack Zhao 2018 Full Time Golub Group
Jack Pedron
Jacqueline Barrett 2014 Evening/Weekend LinkedIn
Jai Das 1999 Full Time Sapphire Ventures
Jaime Rocha 2016 Full Time State Street Global Advisors
JALESH KALRA 2016 Evening/Weekend Lubrizol Corp Berkshire Hathaway
Jalpa Patel 2018 Full Time Chicago Booth Student
James jenkins 2016 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
James Hardiman 2014 Full Time Data Collective
James Gorrell 2018 Evening/Weekend Nuveen
James Janega 2014 Executive Cushman & Wakefield
James Brauher Walmart
Jamie (Kraska) Muehlhauser 2004 Full Time
Jamil Nazarali 1994 Full Time Citadel Securities
Jan Hieggelke Newcity
Jana Chesney
Janet Waring
Jani Tuomi
Janine Durbin 1999 Evening/Weekend Bank of America
Jarrod Koenig 2009 Full Time Betterment
Jason Ko 2009 Full Time TSS
Jason Reynolds 2009 Full Time McKinsey
Jason Jao 2018 Full Time ZS
Jason Mueller 2018 Evening/Weekend J.P. Morgan
Jason Brown 2009 Full Time Tally
Jason Ramski 2015 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Jason Wilson 1999 Full Time Mr.
Javiera Soler
Jay Woldenberg 1989 Full Time Fulcrum Financial Corporation
Jayson Maslowski 2018 Executive Lockheed Martin
Jean Marc Etchebarne 1979 Full Time VO Conseils
Jeanette (Danno) Walton
Jeff Thiesen 2016 Full Time Lazard
Jeff Yingling 1984 Full Time Guggenheim Securities LLC
Jeff Bartow 2014 Full Time Bain & Company
Jeff Griffin 2016 Evening/Weekend Concurrency
Jeffrey (Detweiler) Detweiler 2014 Executive none
Jeffrey Crane 2014 Full Time Bain & Co.
Jehana Vazifdar 2018 Full Time SurveyMonkey
Jenifer Steig 1989 Full Time The Cheshire Group
Jennifer Williams 1999 Full Time Bank of America
Jennifer Park 2014 Full Time Huge
Jennifer (Shelby) Czaja 2018 Full Time Life Fitness
Jennifer (Welch) Polk 2008 Evening/Weekend Gartner Inc.
Jennifer Yurcak 2009 Full Time Microsoft (Xbox)
Jennifer Kaufman 2004 Full Time None
Jennifer Bezoza Leading For Good
Jennifer Kroll
Jenny Spiel 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Jeremy Oberfeld MCC Holdings
Jeri (Easterday) Vick 1999 Full Time self employed
Jerry O'Brien 1994 Full Time O'Brien-Staley Partners
Jessica (Block) Roubitchek 2009 Evening/Weekend Purple Monkey Playroom & Aubergine Chicago
Jessica Peng 2016 Full Time None
Jian Chai 2018 Executive Energy Recovery inc
Jianfeng Li 2016 Evening/Weekend McKinsey & Company
Jie Jiang 2014 Full Time Google
Jim Hofmockel 1994 Full Time Hofmockel Investments LLC
Jo Trahms 2014 Full Time William Blair
Joan Treistman 1969 Full Time The Treistman Group
Joanne Chen Foundation Capital
john ciasulli 2014 Full Time Nubundle
John Griffin 1999 Full Time Centerwood Holdings
John Washington 2014 Full Time Accenture
John Baik 2018 Full Time AlixPartners
John Kim 2018 Evening/Weekend F&A Specialty Foods
John Phelan 1993 Evening/Weekend Speedpro Imaging North Shore
John Shoffner 2000 Full Time Minn. Dept. of Employment & Econ. Dvlpmnt.
John Domanskis A Place for Mom
John Bonner 1999 Full Time Refinitiv
John Walton 1974 Full Time none
John Granato 1991 Full Time Tradesmen International
John Majors
Jon Lancaster Epsilon Economics
Jonas Bordo 2004 Full Time None
Jonathan Smucker 2017 Evening/Weekend Marietta Investment Partners
Jonathan Seed 1994 Full Time Seed Wealth Management Inc.
Jonathan (Yoni) Gol 2016 Full Time Perella Weinberg Partners
Jorge Senties 2009 Full Time PwC Strategy&
Jose Munoz 2018 Evening/Weekend Geneva Capital Management
Jose Antonio Valenzuela Baldwin 2014 Full Time Sitrans
Joseph Cherukara 2018 Full Time Google Inc.
Joseph Elberts 2013 Evening/Weekend SunCoke Energy
Joseph Fabusiwa 2014 Executive DLC Group
Joseph Gullo 1999 Full Time McAfee LLC
Josh McConnell 2014 Full Time The Burbridge Group
Joshua Livingstone 2014 Full Time Equity International
Joyce Lin 2014 Full Time Franklin Templeton
Juan Jose Varela Eluchans 2014 Full Time SummaPartners
Judy (Solomon) Maley 1984 Full Time Booth Alumni Nonprofit Consultants (BANC)
Julie Danis 1984 Full Time Self
Julie Jung 2004 Evening/Weekend The University of Chicago
Julie Martinelli Diageo
Julien Le Vely 2014 Executive John Deere
Justin Beltram 2014 Executive Maverick Gaming
Justin Sheperd 2003 Evening/Weekend none
Justin Samaniego 2018 Evening/Weekend Grainger
Jyothi Das
Jyothsna Krishna Rau 2018 Full Time none
Kairat Mavlyankulov 2018 Executive New Plan Learning Inc
Kalhara Gandrakota 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Kaloyan Petrov
Kamran Tariq 2017 Evening/Weekend Northern Trust
Kate (Albin) Lindberg 1995 Evening/Weekend Sawdust Investment Managment Co
Kate (Radcliffe) Davis 2009 Full Time Broadstone
Katie D'Amico 2018 Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Kedda Williams 2009 Full Time The Opportunity Institute
Keith Morgan 1984 Full Time Piper Jaffray & Co.
Keith Koeneman 1994 Full Time Kingsman Capital LLC
Keith Hall 2018 Evening/Weekend Northern Trust
Kelly Bianucci
Kelly Webber
Kelsey Johnson 2018 Full Time PepsiCo
Kenneth Viellieu 1984 Full Time Moelis & Company
Kevin McInerney 2003 Evening/Weekend Global Insight Consulting Inc.
Kevin Leininger 1991 Evening/Weekend IntegriChain
Kevin Hogan
Keya (Bandyopadhyay) Peterson 2009 Full Time Grainger
Kingston Wong 2014 Full Time Cadillac
Kiran Rane 2016 Evening/Weekend Sears Home Services
Klariza Alvaran 2018 Evening/Weekend
Kofi Mitchell 2009 Full Time BET Networks / Viacom
Kristi Bankhead
Kristin Peters 2004 Full Time MeUndies
Kristina Black 2018 Full Time SGT Partners
Kristine Mackey 1994 Full Time Midwest Jesuits
L . Michael Cantor 1989 Full Time Equator Capital Group
Lalo Edery 1998 Evening/Weekend Fabex Technologies LLC
LaMarr Barnes 2009 Executive U.S. Water Services
Larry Berlin 1994 Full Time First Analysis
Laura Piwinski 2018 Full Time Accenture
Lauren Michalak 2016 Evening/Weekend Nuveen Investments
Laurie Garrow
Lavanya Sridhar
Lawrence Turow 1999 Full Time Grabovsky Group
LeeAshford Clapp 2016 Full Time Encompass Health
Lena (Sullesta) Jessen 2004 Full Time
Lena Dickinson 2014 Full Time IA Collaborative
Lena Paul
Leo Bernstein 1999 Full Time LineSlip Solutions Inc.
Leonard Bell 2009 Full Time Standard Chartered Bank
Leslie Graham
lex Maultsby 1994 Full Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Libby (McCarten) Andrews 1994 Evening/Weekend @properties
Liesl McDonald 1999 Full Time Scout Capital LLC
Lincoln Campbell 2018 Full Time Green Thumb Industries
Linda Bursic 2004 Full Time Evercore
Lindsay Hoffman 2014 Full Time BlueVine
Lindsay McCann
Linsey Molloy 2009 Full Time Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Lisa Stefanac 2009 Full Time Assessing in Action
Lisa Twu 2018 Full Time Activision Blizzard
Lisa Fan 2018 Full Time Microsoft
Lola Majors
Louis Kenter 1984 Full Time Prospect Partners LLC
Louise (Park) Stejbach 1989 Full Time Arden Park LLC
Lovneet Singh 2018 Full Time Amazon
Luigi Ciavarella
Luis Nanes 2014 Full Time Google
Luis Miranda 1989 Full Time Centre for Civil Society
Lynda Gauthier 2004 Full Time RBC
Lynn Wehbe 2018 Full Time Delta Partners
Madelyn Grunewald 2014 Full Time VMware
Maggie (Magallon) Demkin 1999 Full Time Google / Kaggle
Mairen Foley 2018 Full Time Deloitte
Marcus Bellows 2014 Full Time Houlihan Lokey
Margaret Hardin 1996 Full Time Ergobaby
Margarita Siri 2018 Full Time Accenture Strategy
Margret Klein-Magar SAP
Maria (Mosolova) Mosolova 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Maria De la Garza
Mariana Castillo 2016 Full Time Ben & Frank
Mariana Suarez Yadeun Microclima
Marie Beeson 1999 Executive None
Marilyn Schlein Kramer 1984 Full Time HDMS a CVS Health Company
Mario Schlener 2009 Executive EY
Mark Loughridge 1982 Full Time None
Mark Schmidt 1999 Full Time Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management
Mark Flanagan 2014 Executive Lindquist LLP
Mark Leahy 1989 Full Time Fenwick & West LLP
Mark Iammartino 2009 Executive Development Specialists
Mark Lopez 2014 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Mark Stejbach Flexion Therapeutics
Mark Rittmanic
Martha Andersen
Martin Boulanger 2018 Full Time PPM America
Mary (Sullivan) Josephs 1989 Full Time Verit Advisors LLC
Maryclare (Tim) Trela
Matt Healy 1999 Full Time Pixelligent Technologies
Matt Bey 2018 Evening/Weekend Outlier Ventures
Matthew Murrill 1973 Full Time Mr.
Matthew Park 1994 Full Time Main Event Entertainment
Matthew Calistri 1999 Full Time Biogen
Matthew Beagle 1999 Full Time Hartford Investment Mgmt Co.
Matthew Robinson 2018 Full Time Bain & Company
Matthew Kessler 2018 Full Time TripAdvisor
Matthew Kroll 2009 Executive Chalmers St. Consulting
Maureen Sweeney 1989 Full Time Crescent Peak
Maureen Fannon City Colleges of Chicago
Mauricio Perez Benitez 2014 Full Time AB InBev
Max (TD/TN) Adler 2014 Full Time Wilson Perumal & Co.
Max Gafny
Maya Petrova 2009 Full Time Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Megan Marrs Chicago Booth
Melanie Quall 2018 Full Time Accenture
Melissa (Schmidt) Reagen 2011 Evening/Weekend Nuveen Real Estate
Meredith Lawrence 2017 Evening/Weekend University of Chicago
Miao (Mia) Yu 2018 Evening/Weekend Amazon Web Service
Michael Gill 2009 Full Time SAIF
Michael Shaw 1989 Full Time CMS
Michael Cherone 2018 Evening/Weekend Follett School Solutions
Michael McDonald 2014 Executive Molex
Michael Thompson 2014 Full Time The Cambridge Group
Michael Faulkner 2014 Full Time CNA Financial
Michael Tilatti 2016 Evening/Weekend XR Trading
Michael Garrow 2004 Full Time Delta Air Lines
Michelle Ai 2016 Full Time Boomerang Commerce
Mick Montesi 2014 Full Time DeWolff Boberg & Associates
Mike McGarry 1999 Full Time Genentech Inc.
Mike Muscolino 1999 Full Time TPG Sixth Street Partners
Mike Fogarty 2008 Executive MF Digital Marketing
Milee Nisargand
Miriam Owens 2014 Full Time McKinsey & Co.
Missy (Koppelman) Nachbar 2009 Executive NORC at the University of Chicago
Mohit (suri) Bhalla 1999 Full Time Mondelez
Monica (Merino) Garrido 2004 Full Time Prescriptive Insights
Monica Vajani 2018 Evening/Weekend MATTER
Monika Majors 1999 Full Time Chick-fil-A
Moran Sadeh
Mrinmayee Patil 2018 Full Time Seedling
Nancy Cheng 2018 Full Time Strategy&
Nandita Bothra
Natalia Perlova 2018 Evening/Weekend Takeda
Natalie White 2014 Full Time Thermo Fisher Scientific
Natalie Stone 2018 Full Time Hill and Stone Insurance Agency
Natalie Hudson
Natasha Indras 2017 Executive nCognitiX
Nate Simon 2018 Full Time AlixPartners
Nathan Giebel 2018 Evening/Weekend Satori Energy
Neal Nisargand 2014 Full Time Credit Suisse
Ned (Armstrong) Armstrong 1984 Full Time Capitol CFO Solutions
Nestor Zavala 2018 Executive Volunteers Of America
Nicholas Lenicheck
Nicole Wain 2018 Full Time Pfizer
Nicole Pedron
Nicolßs L≤pez Polo 2014 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Nina Xu 2018 Full Time T. Rowe Price
Niranjana Hariharan
Nish Abeysiriwardena GN ReSound
Nita Patel 1999 Full Time Cambridge Associates
Nithya Kanamarlapudi
Nour Schehade 2016 Full Time BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON
Odelio Arouca Micromed
Omar Khayum 2009 Full Time Annova LNG
Omar Nasser 2009 Executive NPC
Onaiza (Jilani) Cadoret-Manier 1989 Full Time Grail Biosciences
Oren Yunger 2018 Full Time GGV Capital
Owen LI 2009 Full Time BofA Merrill Lynch
Pablo Arana 2018 Full Time Kraft Heinz
Pamela Olson 1989 Full Time Inviting Growth LLC
Pat Monahan 1964 Full Time Monahan Partners
Patrick Hayes
Paul Gollash 2004 Full Time Voxy
Paul Schmidt 2004 Full Time Akcea Therapeutics
Paul Wolfe 1997 Evening/Weekend Rousseau Partners LLC
Paul Ostroff 2009 Executive Lane Powell PC
Paul Hoest 2010 Full Time Kirkland & Ellis
Paul Manos 1994 Full Time RBC Capital Markets
Paul De Cock 2004 Full Time Mohawk Industries
Paul Peterson
Paulina Rocha
Peter Chesney 2014 Executive Baxter Healthcare
Peter Washington 2009 Full Time CapX Partners
Peter Hu 2018 Evening/Weekend EY
PHAEDRA MARTIN 2009 Evening/Weekend MillerCoors
Philip Smith 1994 Full Time Scotiabank
Piers Nash 2014 Executive Sympatic
Pranav Rawal 2004 Full Time Sapience Investments
PRAVEEN SAHAY 1999 Full Time Wave Equity Partners
Prem Panchal 2014 Full Time Panchal Investments
Prescille Cernosia Chicago Booth
Pri Bakshi 2016 Full Time Fidelity Investments
Priyanka Ripley
Rachel Le Vely
Rahul Sachdev 1999 Full Time Fortella
Rahul Prasad 2014 Full Time Facebook
Rajvi Berry 1994 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ram Nair 1999 Full Time RNM Consulting LLC
Ramesh Subramaniam 1989 Full Time Consequent
Randy Waring 1984 Full Time none
Ravi Viswanathan 2004 Evening/Weekend Google
Ravit Ansal 2014 Evening/Weekend Epsilon
Ray Zhu 2014 Full Time Amazon
Rebecca Runkle 2004 Full Time HealthQuota
Rebecca Dauer 2018 Full Time Deloitte
Richard Johnson 1992 Full Time Structured Financial Visualization
Richard Kemmling 2009 Executive ACA Compliance Group
RJ Shannon Raynor Worldwide
Rob Wildeman 2004 Full Time Jericho Capital
Robert Zabors 1994 Full Time Enovation Partners
Robert McNamara 1999 Evening/Weekend Guidehouse
Robert Jenson 2014 Full Time Whirlpool Corporation
Robert Madorsky 2016 Full Time The CapStreet Group
Robert Sellers Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Robert Owens
Robin (Friedman) Rose 1974 Full Time none
Robin Li 2014 Full Time GGV Capital
Rodney Propp 1989 Full Time Tahl Propp Equities LLC
Rohit Dhake 2016 Full Time Rotunda Capital Partners
Roland Cole 2018 Full Time Polen Capital
Roman Merkulov 2014 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ron Bezoza 1999 Full Time Morgan Stanley
Ronald Ferner 1969 Evening/Weekend Cairn University
Roxanne Martino 1988 Executive OCEANM19
Roy Grinapell 2016 Full Time J.P. Morgan Chase
Ruchira Amin 2018 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Ruth Brenner 1994 Full Time Robertson Foundation
Ryan (Ryan) Gillmore RJ OBrien
Ryan Blute 2004 Full Time PIMCO
Ryan McManus 2009 Executive
Ryan Lynch 2004 Full Time Prestige Beverage Group
Ryan Carmichael 2004 Full Time """none"""
Saakshi Agarwal Amazon
Sakshi (Sakshi) Jain 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Salim Lalani 1969 Full Time Sandown Capital Corporation
Sally Li 2018 Full Time Leapfin
Salman Aldukheil 2018 Full Time None
Salman Banani
Samantha Bprland 2018 Full Time Beam Suntory
Samantha Pokroy 2004 Full Time Sanari Capital
Samip Joshi 2018 Evening/Weekend Braintree
sangeeta prasad 1999 Full Time GrowingupwithIndia
Sanjay Raghu 2004 Evening/Weekend TapHeaven
Sara Raffa 2016 Full Time Coterie
Sarah Owen 2018 Full Time William Blair
Sarah Rhoades 2018 Full Time American Airlines
Sarah Hetherington 2018 Full Time Google
Sarah Jahnke 2016 Full Time L'Oreal
Sarah Goldenberg
Sarah Abaza
Scott Metcalf 1994 Full Time University of Chicago
Scott Hall 2009 Full Time Jefferies - Private Wealth Mgmt
Sean Mulloy 2018 Executive Pangea
Sean Taylor 2009 Full Time Charles River Associates
Sean Lobo 2009 Full Time Vulcan Capital
Shaily Jaisinghani 2018 Full Time none
Sharon Greenstein 1989 Full Time Brigham and Women's Hospital
Sharon Ephraim 1989 Full Time Ephraim Advisory
Shay Smith 2014 Full Time Barclays
Shehnaz Sinha
Sherry (Sherry) Parmenter Tennessee Fine Properties LLC
Sheryl Jiang 2016 Evening/Weekend US Cellular
Shikher Bisaria 2009 Full Time Mercuria Energy
Shira Hirsh 2016 Evening/Weekend Dynamic Signal
Shri Singhvi 2004 Full Time Alliance Bernstein
Shruthi Chandramouli 2009 Full Time Enjoy Life Foods
Shruti Kulkarni
Sian Sutcliffe
Sid Dhakal 2018 Full Time Facebook
Sirisha Kadamalakalva 2009 Full Time BofA Merrill Lynch
Siva Rajaraman 2016 Evening/Weekend Mercedes Benz
Smita Kini 2009 Full Time None
Sofia Garrido 2009 Full Time GrandVision Brazil
Sofia Cienfuegos
sonia Ghajar 2018 Full Time JLL
Sonu Shrestha 2018 Full Time Gainsight
Sophie Lalonde 2018 Full Time Box
Sora Yoon
Sree Kode 2014 Full Time Caremore
Sree Kanamarlapudi Black Hawk Network
Stanton Anderson 2011 Evening/Weekend Harris Associates
Star (Quezada) Lopez 2018 Executive JD Nanotech
Stefan Passalacqua
Stefan Hankin Lincoln Park Strategies
Stephanie (Susan) Gupte
Stephanie Bennett 2009 Full Time J.M. Smucker
Stephen (Franks) Franks 1996 Evening/Weekend SFIS LLC
Stephen Pedron 2018 Executive UnityPoint Health
STEPHEN NIED 1994 Full Time Self-employed
Steve Murchie 1984 Full Time Envision Technology Partners
Steve Doherty 2014 Full Time McDonald's Corporation
Steve Huddleston
Suki Sujai 2018 Full Time Apple
Sumeet Maniar 1999 Full Time WellBrain
Sunanda Sahay
Sunita (Dudeja) Dudeja 2009 Full Time Luxottica
Suraj Arukil 2014 Executive Nuvento
Susan Johanneson Packard 1989 Full Time Private Wealth Investor
Susan Brenner
Susan Murphy
Susanne (Lilly) Hutcheson
Tal Cnaani 2009 Full Time Keter
Tamaria Kemmling
Tanya Burnell 2004 Full Time Henry Crown & Company
Tao Qu McKinsey & Co
Tashfeen Ahmed 2009 Full Time Wells Fargo
Taylor Carson 2018 Full Time Google
Teed Welch 1979 Full Time
Tej Shah 2004 Full Time Macquarie Capital
Teresa Greenlees 2009 Full Time Confections with Convictions
Terrence McKenna 2004 Evening/Weekend Bank of Montreal
Thiago Brando 2014 Full Time Citibanamex Afore
Thomas Dougherty 1989 Full Time Acertitude
Thomas N Connors 1982 Executive TC Chemical Sales LLC
Tian Xu 2014 Full Time Wolters Kluwer
Tim Bass 1994 Full Time Hickory CRE Capital
Tim Girian 1989 Full Time LUI Group LLP
Tim Kwan 2018 Evening/Weekend Citi
Timi Mohanty 1994 Full Time Mohanty Gargiulo LLC
Timothy Trela 1979 Evening/Weekend Trela & Associates
Todd Huseby 2002 Full Time A. T. Kearney
Todd Schwarzinger
Tom Kurey 1994 Full Time Clearwater Advisors LLC
Tom Hollahan 1979 Full Time Citigroup
Tom Wichman 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Trang Do 2018 Full Time Exelon Corp
Trista Li 2018 Full Time KitcheNet
Tural Bayev 2022 Evening/Weekend Swapp Technologies Inc.
Valerie de Charette 2009 Full Time Jetblack
Varun Khanna 2018 Evening/Weekend C3 Inc.
Ved Sinha 1999 Full Time Edmodo
Veena Bontu 2018 Full Time PayPal
venkat Krishnamurthy 1999 Full Time v2 Financial Group
Venkat Raman 2018 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Vesna Petronic-Rosic 2018 Executive Georgetown University MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Victor Zhorin 2009 Evening/Weekend The University of Chicago
Victoria Yunger 2018 Full Time Zendesk
Vijay Rajan 2018 Evening/Weekend McKinsey & Company
Vijay Talwar 1999 Full Time Footlocker Inc
Vineet Sahgal 1999 Full Time JLL
Vinny Parra 2018 Full Time Deloitte
Vivek Padmanabhan 2002 Full Time PSG Global Solutions
Vivek Mehta 2013 Executive SINAI HEALTH SYSTEM
Vivek Ojha 2018 Full Time McKinsey & Co
Vladimir Andonov 2014 Full Time Martis Capital
Walter Lord 1997 Executive Walter Eugene Lord
Wei He 2018 Full Time Amazon
Whit Ford 1984 Full Time - None -
Whitney Enright 2016 Full Time American Express
Whitney Morgan 2014 Full Time Prodigy Finance
William Turcato 2004 Full Time PAC Worldwide
XIAOHAN KONG 2018 Full Time Fiserv
Xin Wan 2018 Full Time Mckinsey & Co.
YASMEEN Bano 2014 Evening/Weekend UL
Yelena Shkolnik 2014 Full Time Jump Capital
Yelihan Fofana 2018 Full Time none
Yi Marco Zhang 2014 Evening/Weekend Plante Moran
Yigit Kuban Accenture
Yogesh Kansal 2018 Full Time Boston Consulting Group
Young Lee 2015 Evening/Weekend Harris Associates LP
Yvanna (Perez-Morel) Lopez 2014 Full Time Ulta Beauty
Zeke Pires
Zenas Hutcheson 1979 Full Time Vesbridge Partners LLC
Zoe Hughes
Amazing Weekend

An Amazing Weekend

Exchanging fond memories and sharing happy stories. Experiencing the true breadth of the Booth network, a "world-class business community where everyone is part of the family." Rekindling relationships with classmates, faculty, and staff. These are just a few of the reasons your fellow Boothies gave for why they love Reconnect.

Life Long

Lifelong Learning with Faculty

Learning is lifelong, and it wouldn't be a truly Booth event without an intellectual challenge. Go back to the classroom with Booth's renowned faculty for spirited, stimulating sessions of inquiry and analysis. We promise, there won't be a quiz.


Management Conference is a Must

There are a lot of reasons why Management Conference has been going strong for six decades: A world-renowned keynote speaker every year. Cutting-edge, practical insights into business best practices from Booth faculty. Networking with top executives from leading companies in all industries. It's a conference not to miss, in the heart of Chicago and Reconnect.

Learn about Management Conference
Class Dinner

Classmates and Community

Reconnect is a unique chance to relive great times at Booth with classmates who have remained close, far-flung friends who have slipped out of touch, and even amazing alumni from your class you didn't get to know during your Booth days. "Visiting with classmates and roommates instantly brought back many happy memories and stories." —Chip Horner, ’80


The Booth Family and Barbecue

Reconnect's last day celebrates the Booth community with a family-friendly barbecue that brings together alumni from across the generations. "It's a fantastic reminder of the power of the Booth network. People who I hadn't seen in a few years picked back up as if we had seen each other yesterday. These relationships are why I decided to go to Booth in the first place." —Wei Lin Wong, ’10