Don't Miss Reconnect 2017

Touching, uplifting class reunions. The enlightening Management Conference. Captivating classroom sessions with Booth's world-class faculty. Strengthening bonds across all the Booth generations.

"Reconnect is a wonderful experience. Not only do you get to catch up with your classmates, you also can network with alums from other classes and hear the latest Booth thinking at the Management Conference. It’s a packed weekend, well worth the trip from near or far to mix with the Booth community once again." —Andrew Clark, ’10

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Aarav Mukkamala
Aaron Brown 2014 Full Time MBA BCG
Aaron Foss 2012 Full Time MBA LinkedIn
Aaron Schwam 2012 Full Time MBA The Cambridge Group
Aaryav Deshpande
Abbie Castiglione 2018 Evening MBA University of Chicago Urban Labs
Abby Leichtman
Abhishek Joshi 2014 Full Time MBA Practo Technologies
Abhishek Khandelwal 2007 Full Time MBA Jefferies
Adam Cox 2012 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Adam Ginsburgh Align Income Share Funding
Adam Waltz 2011 Full Time
Aderly Kor 2012 Full Time MBA Prospect Capital
Adis Vila 1997 Weekend MBA none
Aditi Pendse
Aditi Sodhi 2016 Full Time MBA none
Aditya Narula 2012 Full Time MBA Bain & Co.
Adrienne Eltink 2008 Evening MBA Adrienne Eltink, Inc.
Adrienne Marsh L H Woodhouse & Co Ltd
Aggie Zhu 2012 Full Time MBA CRE ALLIANCE FUND
Agnieszka Machaj RGI
Ajay Singh 1997 Full Time MBA UBS
Akiko Kato Michi Travel Japan
Akshay Sethi 2007 Full Time MBA The Stellar Group
Al Longfield 1997 Full Time MBA Roth Capital Partners
Albert Marshall 1992 Full Time MBA none
Alberto Garcia 2007 Full Time MBA Citadel
Alejandro Renteria 2012 Full Time MBA Akua Capital
Alejandro Velasco 2012 Full Time MBA Allianz Global Investors
Alessandro Salerno 2012 Full Time MBA UBS Investment Bank
Alex Greenhouse 2016 Full Time MBA Accenture
Alex Grimstad 2014 Full Time MBA Lazard Middle Market
Alex Lintott 2012 Full Time MBA Subatomic Digital, LLC
Alex Olea 2012 Full Time MBA Accenture
Alex Schneider 1972 Evening MBA none
Alexander Kuznetsov 2016 Full Time MBA none
Alexandra Ablian
Alexandra Barroso 2002 Full Time MBA IBM
Alexandra Goldblatt 1997 Full Time MBA Cancer Research Foundation
Alexandra Hirsch 2012 Full Time MBA Oak Hill Advisors
Alexandra Piskunov
Alexandria Moxley
Alexey Manichenko 2012 Executive MBA Skylark Learning
Alexis Tessier 2007 Full Time MBA ICR
Ali Naveed 2016 Evening MBA none
Alicia Ginsburgh 2012 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Aline De Camargo 2016 Full Time MBA Bank of America
Alison Alexander 2012 Evening MBA CIT
Alison Madry
Alison Van Vark 2014 Evening MBA Genpact
Allison Mathias
Allison Shi 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Allyson Redpath 1992 Full Time MBA NA
Almudena Ruiz 2012 Full Time MBA Finamex
Alyssa Jaffee 2016 Full Time MBA Pritzker Group Venture Capital
Amber Zelazny 2008 Full Time MBA Gartner Inc
Amir Friedman 2007 Full Time MBA Mosaic
Amit Kulkarni
Amruta Yedekar 2016 Weekend MBA none
Amy Braz
Amy Kohen
Amy Liu 2012 Full Time MBA Clarifai
Amy Mick 1997 Full Time MBA Skokie Valley Material
Amy Tuchler Gifts For You
Anadi Misra 2014 Full Time MBA None
Anastasia Zabolotnikova 2012 Full Time MBA Fidelity investments
Anat Gotfried 2014 Full Time MBA Terlato Wines
Anatoly Shvedov 2007 Executive MBA Goldman Sachs
Andi Hadisutjipto 2016 Full Time MBA Riviter
Andre Carpinetti 2016 Full Time MBA AB InBev
Andrea Irvin 2012 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Andrea Kinnear
Andreas Schultz 2002 Executive MBA Otto Bock HealthCare LP
Andreas Stocker 2012 Full Time MBA Roland Berger
andrew dordal 1992 Full Time MBA Next Level Partners
Andrew Egan
Andrew Himmer 2012 Full Time MBA The Dow Chemical Company
Andrew Nelson 2012 Full Time MBA Sift Science
Andrew Nguyen 2016 Full Time MBA PPHB
Andrew Pearsons 2012 Full Time MBA Wayfair
Andrew Peet Fred Hutch Cancer Research
Andrew Schwert 2016 Full Time MBA Boston University
Andrew Stoll 2006 Full Time MBA Northern Trust Asset Management
Andrew Sugerman 1997 Full Time MBA The Walt Disney Company
Andrew Sykes Habits at Work
Andrew Turnbull 2014 Evening MBA JPMorgan
Andy Reichgut 1997 Full Time MBA Classic Cooking
Aneysha Pearce 1997 Full Time MBA Axiom Consulting Partners
Angel Zhu 2017 Weekend MBA Prudential Financial
Angelina Chueh 1987 Full Time MBA Baring Asset Management
Angie Lintott Hitachi Consulting
Anibal Silva 1997 Full Time MBA Porto Capital
Ankit Bhargava 2012 Full Time MBA Intel Security (McAfee)
ankur raniwala 2014 Full Time MBA Farmers Insurance
Anna Sukenik 2014 Full Time MBA Prophet
ANNA KALLIANI 1997 Full Time MBA Critical Publics Ltd
Annie Monahan
Anshuma Arora Mukkamala
Anthony Dedousis 2016 Full Time MBA E15 Group / Levy Restaurants
Anthony Marsh 1987 Full Time MBA LH Woodhouse & Co Ltd
Antonio Valencia
Arabella Olson
Aram Nikitas
Aric Butler 2016 Weekend MBA none
Arjan Ligtenberg 2016 Evening MBA IBM
Arjun Agarwala 2016 Full Time MBA PwC Strategy&
Arlen Wiley 2007 Full Time MBA Perkins Investment Management LLC
Armando Rosselli 2012 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Arno Niazi 2016 Full Time MBA none
Aron Branam 2017 Weekend MBA EDP Renewables
Arpan Patel 1997 Full Time MBA Somat Engineering, Inc.
Arshele Stevens 2013 Executive MBA Kennedy King College
Arthur Tang 2012 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company / QuantumBlack
arundhati biswas 2012 Evening MBA Infosys Consulting Inc.
Asenath Watson 1975 Full Time MBA none
Ashish Chandarana 2007 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Ashish Kothari 2002 Weekend MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Ashley Becker 2014 Full Time MBA KraftHeinz
Ashley Egan 2007 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Ashley Lougheed
Ashok Gangolli 1992 Full Time MBA Gramercy Consulting Group LLC
Astha Goyal
Astitva Chopra 2014 Full Time MBA Google Inc
Atish Gude 1992 Full Time MBA Verizon
Audrey Pang 2012 Full Time MBA Centro
Avni Nath
Avtar Bhatoey 2002 Full Time MBA The Boeing Company
ayako nakayama 2016 Full Time MBA Security Benefit
Ayush Sood 2016 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Barry Bear 1992 Full Time MBA TBD
Becca Yang 2016 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Belen Juri 2017 Full Time
Belen Romero 2014 Full Time MBA IBM
Benjamin Glover 2012 Full Time MBA Barclays
Benjamin Kinnear
Benjamin Piskunov
Bernardas Morkunas Full Time
Betsey Leichtman
Betsy Sylvester 2012 Full Time MBA Envoi LLC
Bhanu Arora 2014 Full Time MBA Avant
Bharat Sankaran 2012 Weekend MBA McKinsey & Company
Bill Ferns
Bob Holloman 1983 Full Time
Bonnie Yam 1987 Full Time MBA Pension Maxima
Brad Gillum 1993 Full Time MBA Gillum Strategy Partners
Brandon Boros 2018 Evening MBA None
Brandon Kinney Grainger
Brandon Rath Calamar
Brandon Swinton 2012 Evening MBA Supernova Companies, LLC
Brett Barganz 2014 Evening MBA Accenture
Brian Kasal 2006 Executive MBA FourStar Wealth Advisors, LLC
Brian Santosuosso Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Brian Zimcosky Marquette Partners
Briann Olson
Bridget Freas 2007 Full Time MBA InnerWorkings, Inc.
Brigitte Anderson 2008 Full Time MBA Rally Health
Britton Van Dalen 2005 Weekend MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Bruce Gockerman 1997 Executive MBA Standard Deviation Econometrics, Ltd.
Bruce Nelson 1973 Full Time MBA Roundtree Capital Corporation
Bryan Ding
Bryan Wright 2002 Full Time MBA Tailored Brands
Bryce Bach 2014 Full Time MBA Oliver Wyman
Bryndl Bartter 2016 Full Time MBA Tyson Foods
Bryson Clements 2014 Full Time MBA Gillum Strategy Partners
Bufus Outlaw 1987 Full Time MBA BOE Securities, Inc.
Cailyn Mittur 2015 Evening MBA EY
Caleb (Cal) Kinnear
Cali Stefanos McDermott Will & Emery
Camelia Robu 2002 Full Time MBA HSBC Global Banking and Markets
Candice Kline 1997 Evening MBA Sidley Austin LLP
Cara Kelly 2009 Evening MBA Storypoint Inc.
Carl Lingenfelter 2000 Weekend MBA Northern Trust
Carla Adams 2013 Evening MBA Blue Prairie Group
Carlo Scapinelli 2002 Executive MBA SunPower Corporation
Carlos Castellanos 2012 Full Time MBA UBS Investment Bank
Carlos Ontaneda 2007 Full Time MBA AQR Capital
Carlos Paesano 2002 Full Time MBA Astor Construction, LLC
Carol Bramson 1992 Full Time MBA TBG Capital, LLC
Carol Choy
Carol Marasigan
Carol Wolfe 1987 Full Time MBA CSJ Consultants
Caroline GOLES 1997 Full Time MBA Microsoft Corporation
Carolyn Brewer 2015 Evening MBA Mattersight
Carolyn Gillespie
Carolyn Polka 2002 Full Time MBA Accenture
Catalina Sarano
Catherine Grimsted 1987 Evening MBA Grimsted Associates
Cathy Bailey 1992 Full Time MBA Quartner and Associates, LLC
Cathy Carroll 1997 Full Time MBA Legacy Onward, Inc.
Cathy Hsu 2016 Full Time MBA Affirm Inc
Chaitanya Puri 2012 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Chandra Nath 2007 Full Time MBA Palantir
Charles Frank 1975 Full Time MBA Z. Frank, Inc.
Charles Giglio 2001 Evening MBA Pearson Online Learning Solutions
Charlie Beresford 2012 Full Time MBA none
Chase Yeung 2016 Executive MBA BasePoint Capital
Chelsea Mitchell
Chen Hutson 2016 Evening MBA Prospect Partners
Chris Baker 1997 Full Time MBA QuintilesIMS Health
Chris Callaway 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Chris Myers 2012 Evening MBA EY
Chris Samp 2009 Evening MBA NoQ Commerce
Chris Santore 2012 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Christina Charalambou
Christine Mondero Corrales 1997 Full Time MBA none
Christoph Buerer 2007 Executive MBA Twelve Capital
Christopher Krohn 1997 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings Corporation
Christopher Lee 2016 Full Time MBA none
Christopher Noon 1972 Full Time MBA Quadrangle Development Company
Christopher Pearson 2014 Executive MBA Sia Partners
Christopher Rodriguez Eris Exchange
Christy Jacoby 1997 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Cindy Lester Rudman 1997 Full Time MBA Noteworthy, LLC
Cindy Machles 1982 Full Time MBA GLUE Advertising
Claiborne Booker 1992 Full Time MBA Quadrivium Partners LLC
Clare Ceballos 2007 Full Time MBA German Village Rentals
Clarissa Messa
Claudia Almeida
Cliff Nelson 2017 Weekend MBA DRW
Colin McCourt Bueche 2007 Full Time MBA CPI
Connie Hsu 2012 Full Time MBA UC Berkeley
Connor Sullivan
Conor McFerran Lift Collective
Constance Dunn 1981 Evening MBA None
Corinne Pfender Noyes 1992 Full Time MBA Self-Employed
Cory Burns 2012 Full Time MBA none
Cosme Salazar 2012 Full Time MBA
Craig Fichtelberg 2012 Executive MBA AmTrav Corporate Travel
Craig Kahler 2007 Full Time MBA Safanad Inc
Craig Scalise 1992 Full Time MBA PwC
Cristian Varela 2013 Full Time MBA Vesco Inversiones
Cristina Chertes 1997 Full Time MBA Bartell Machinery Systems LLC
Cristina Iftimie 2012 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
curtis thom 1997 Full Time MBA Roth Capital Partners, LLC
Cynthia Crossland Actiance
Damilola Olotu 2016 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings
Damla Akguner 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Damon Cates 2005 Executive MBA The University of Chicago
Dan Bowen 2012 Full Time MBA Deloitte Corporate Finance
Dan Hoskins 1992 Full Time MBA Glidepath Partners
Dan Karraker 2007 Executive MBA Apple
Dan Martino 2015 Full Time MBA OCEANM19
Dan Robinson 2016 Full Time MBA Discover Financial Services
Dan Solender 1992 Full Time MBA Lord, Abbett & Co., LLC
Dana Levitan 1992 Full Time MBA none
Dana McLeod 2012 Full Time MBA DISH Network Corporation
Daniel Carroll 2012 Executive MBA Advocate Financial
Daniel Darnell 2012 Full Time MBA Citizens Financial Group
Daniel Lozano 2016 Full Time MBA Cisco Systems
Daniel Mikes 2012 Evening MBA IBM
Daniel Webber 2012 Full Time MBA Tribune Media
Daniel Werner 1994 Evening MBA none
Daniela Fainberg
Daniela Giannocaro 2016 Full Time MBA General Motors
Danielle Gopen 2014 Full Time MBA First Republic PWM
Danielle Zepeda
Darlene Acker 2016 Executive MBA none
Darlene Landsittel Retired
Darrell Riley 1986 Executive MBA T. Rowe Price Asssociates, Inc.
Darren Gray 2002 Executive MBA Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Darrin Shillair 2016 Evening MBA LYTE Collective
Darrylyn Bakshi 1997 Full Time MBA Association of Corporate Counsel
Dave Meats 2012 Full Time MBA Morningstar
Davi Rickard 1997 Full Time MBA US Foods
david quinn 2007 Executive MBA bank of the west
David Byrd 2013 Executive MBA Blinderman Construction
David Dai 2012 Full Time MBA Sunrun
David Gomel 2012 Full Time MBA Hopkey Capital
David Jaffee National Home Rentals
David Kinnear 1997 Full Time MBA Kinnear Family Wealth Management of Wells Fargo Advisors
David Kivel 1997 Full Time MBA WP Engine
David Landsittel 1963 Full Time MBA None
David Lee 1987 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse Asset Management
David Nicholson 1997 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals, Inc.
David Rosenblatt 2012 Full Time MBA BMO Asset Management U.S.
David Scott 1997 Full Time MBA Wrap Media
David Sullivan
David Tune 2016 Full Time MBA AT Kearney
David Wasz 2002 Executive MBA B.L. Downey Company LLC
David Yates 1987 Full Time MBA UNC - Chapel Hill
Dawn Kust Gershman 1997 Full Time MBA BP America
Dawn Sullivan 2002 Full Time MBA None
Deb O'Neal 1997 Full Time MBA Envision Business Consulting
Deborah Hilibrand 1979 Full Time MBA The Hilibrand Foundation
Deborah Piskunov
Deborah Weinswig 1997 Full Time MBA Fung Global Retail Technology
Deborah Wente 1987 Full Time MBA None
Debra Riedy 1987 Full Time MBA None
Deepa Jaishankar 2012 Weekend MBA PwC
Demetrios Dounis 2007 Full Time MBA The Compass Group
Demetrius Rota 2016 Full Time MBA Itau Asset Management
Denise Smolios
Dennis Leppin 1979 Evening/Weekend
Dennis Tong 2014 Full Time MBA WEDGE Capital
Dennis Williams 1965 Full Time MBA Quincy Newspapers, Inc.
Derek Bly 2012 Evening MBA PowerPlan
Derek Dunfield Google
Diana Levy Undercover Chocolate Co.
Diana Wu 2016 Full Time MBA Knowles Corporation
Diane Garber 1992 Evening MBA WillPOWER Your Day, Inc.
Diane Garnick 2012 Executive MBA TIAA
Diann Andrews 1983 Full Time Lincoln Financial
Diego Fainberg 2002 Full Time MBA Nfq Advsiory-Solutions-Outsourcing
Dina Ross 1987 Full Time MBA Dina B. Ross Law Offices
Dino Beslic 2016 Full Time MBA Grey Mountain Partners
Divyanka Pillai 2014 Full Time MBA Microsoft Corporation
Dominic Paulik 2012 Full Time MBA Fidor
Donna Snider 2002 Full Time MBA The Kresge Foundation
Donna Wu 2012 Full Time MBA Haven
Dora Gu 2012 Evening MBA GATX
Douglas Barnard 1998 Weekend MBA CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
Douglas Kohen 2007 Full Time MBA FORRESTER RESEARCH
Douglas Loewe 2002 Executive MBA Interxion UK
Dragana Pajovic 2014 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co
Drew Bell 2016 Full Time MBA Surgical Care Affiliates
Dwij Garg 2016 Full Time MBA Deloitte Digital
Ed Lam 1997 Full Time MBA Li & Fung Ltd
Ed Ryder 1992 Full Time MBA Waypoint Residential
Edoka Edosio 2012 Full Time MBA Business Development Manager
Eduardo Serafim Junior 2016 Full Time MBA Burger King
Edward Slapansky 2007 Full Time MBA AllianceBernstein L.P.
Eileen Hoggatt
Eileen Mulcrone 2012 Full Time MBA Tyson
Elana Fine 2002 Full Time MBA University of Maryland Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
Eldon Passey 2009 Executive MBA Hawthorne Capital Corporation
Elene Cafasso 1987 Full Time MBA Enerpace Executive Coaching
Elise Brock Medtronic
Elizabeth Bray
Elizabeth Cassin Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Elizabeth Ditmars Stolrow 1992 Full Time MBA The Huo Group
Elizabeth Johnston Lizzy Olsson Wardrobe Consulting
Elizabeth Kothari
Elizabeth Macken 1992 Full Time MBA, Inc.
Elizabeth Morlock Castellanos
Elizabeth Ragan 1990 Weekend MBA Elizabeth Ragan, Attorney-at-Law
Ella Vuernick 2002 Full Time MBA None
Ellen Huntley 2012 Executive MBA JD Harvester Worldwide Product Development Center
Emily Lo 1997 Full Time MBA iCNC
Emily Ruff 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Enrique Ruiz Zepeda 2012 Full Time MBA none
Enzo Paesano
Eric Braz 2007 Full Time MBA MFS Investment Management
Eric Chernik 1997 Full Time MBA Lennox International
Eric Levengood 1997 Full Time MBA Citigroup
Eric Lewis 2007 Full Time MBA Vinmar International
Eric Lo 2007 Full Time MBA WOLTERS KLUWER
Eric Madry 2007 Full Time MBA Atlantic Resources
Eric Simon 2005 Evening MBA C.H. Robinson
Eric Stilwell
Erik Parks 2009 Evening MBA Edcura LLC
Erika Danina Williams 2008 Executive MBA UnionBanc Investment Services
Erin Greener
Eugenio Infante Benavente 2012 Full Time MBA Devon
Eunice Tsai Full Time Kaiser Permanente
Eva Karagianni-Goel 2007 Full Time MBA Colossus Bets
Evgeniya Batratskaya 2016 Full Time MBA Accnture
Ewelina Lewandowska 2016 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Fabiana Kudo 2012 Full Time MBA Itaú Unibanco S.A.
Faizal Chaudhury 2007 Evening MBA Sallie Mae
Fallon McGraw 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Farhad Shariff Deloitte
Fatima Gutierrez
Felicia Rauls 2014 Evening MBA Mesirow Financial
Felipe Alonso 2012 Full Time MBA none
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive MBA Reply
Fernando Cacela 2002 Full Time MBA Cenveo
Finn McFerran 2012 Evening/Weekend
Flavia Santos Full Time
Flora Calabrese Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Francisca Castro
Fred Luminoso 2012 Full Time MBA Team Rubicon
Fred Steingraber 1964 Full Time MBA A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Gaby Aiguesvives 2012 Full Time MBA Hudson's Bay Company/ Saks Fifth Avenue
Gail van Brugge 1997 Full Time MBA none
Gale Bowman 2012 Full Time MBA IrishAngels
Gargi Gupte
Gary Cotler 1997 Full Time MBA None
Gary Ecklund 1979 Evening MBA Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Gary Williams 1975 Evening MBA Ecolab, Inc.
Gaspar Betancourt 2016 Full Time MBA Wipro
Gaurav Devasthali 2014 Full Time MBA Enova Financial Holdings LLC
Gavin Yeung 2012 Full Time MBA none
Gayle Haller 1987 Full Time MBA National Executive Service Corps
Gayle Haller 1987 Full Time MBA National Executive Service Corps
Gayle Wheaton 2012 Full Time MBA Google
Geoffrey Orland 2014 Evening MBA KPMG
George Kadifa 1989 Full Time MBA SEP
George Zinchenko
Gerry Caballero 1997 Full Time MBA HEC Global, Inc.
Gintautas Jankauskas 2012 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Giovanna Burns 2012 Full Time D.A. Davidson
Giovanni Volonte 1999 Executive MBA Aegir Partners
Giulia Angi 2014 Full Time MBA Google, Inc.
Gloria Danna 1987 Full Time MBA General Telecom Systems
Godson Udeh 2012 Full Time MBA United Technologies Corporation
Gordon Taylor 2016 Full Time MBA Carla Technologies LLC
Grace Ablian
Grace Ding 2015 Weekend MBA Strategy&
Grace Leppin 1987 Evening MBA none
Grant Sullivan
Greg Bregstone 2002 Full Time MBA Woodlawn Partners
Gregory Love 1983 Evening/Weekend
Guadalupe Herrera Arroyo 2017 Full Time MBA Universidad Continente Americano
Guru Sulibhavi 2012 Weekend MBA Arconic
Gus Sauter 1980 Full Time MBA Retired Vanguard
Hadas Shahar 2012 Full Time MBA Google
Haibo Lu 2014 Full Time MBA CancerIQ
Hakob Sarkissian 2007 Executive MBA Ernst & Young Valuation and Advaisory Sevices LLC
Haley Marwell 2012 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Hanlie van Wyk Habits at Work
Hao Nguyen
Harbinder Singh 2007 Executive MBA Sudeku
Harsimran Singh 2012 Weekend MBA pwc
Heidi Christensen 1992 Full Time MBA Sentient LifeSciences
Heidi Granner 2007 Full Time MBA mbaMission
Helen Wei 2002 Full Time MBA New York Life Insurance
Hemant Elhence 1992 Full Time MBA Synerzip
Hernando Bunuan 2007 Full Time MBA none
Hisham Khairat 2007 Executive MBA Commercial International Bank
Hitomi Nakamura 2007 Full Time MBA Goldman Sachs
Holly Shearer Chicago Booth
hope McCracken Wenke 1982 Full Time MBA none
Horacio Cabanillas 2012 Full Time MBA Puente
Hyun Park 2012 Executive MBA V-Space
Illya Zyskind 2012 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Indeshaw Adenaw 2012 Full Time MBA Intel Capital
Indraneel Kanaglekar 2007 Full Time MBA Zimmer Biomet
Ingrid Figueiredo 2012 Full Time MBA Moody's
Ira Chadha 2014 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Isaac Song 2016 Full Time MBA BCG
Isabel Hurtado
Ishita Sharan 2016 Executive MBA TCG Digital
Ivan D'Avanzo 2012 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Jacob Johnson
Jacqueline Jodl 1987 Full Time MBA Aspen Institute
Jacqueline Murphy 2018 Evening MBA University of Chicago
Jacqui Barrett 2014 Evening MBA LinkedIn
JALESH KALRA 2016 Evening MBA Honeywell
Jamarr Buchanan 2016 Full Time Brunswick
james jenkins 2016 Full Time MBA BCG
James Banker 2016 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
James Bray 2007 Full Time MBA Capital Research and Management
James Clarke 1987 Full Time MBA Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing, Inc.
James Hardiman 2014 Full Time MBA Data Collective
James Hasik 1997 Full Time MBA Atlantic Council
James LaRue 2016 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
James MacEachern 2007 Executive MBA SupplyMax Industrial Solutions
James Nicholson 1967 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals
James Parsons 1982 Full Time MBA Retired
James Viceconte 1987 Full Time MBA Armory Investment Management, LLC
JAMES F. STEWART, JR 1965 Full Time MBA none
Jamie Castro 2012 Full Time MBA .
Jana Zagorski 2016 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz
Janet Cooper 1982 Evening MBA The Toro Company, Lennox International
Janine Golden 2007 Executive MBA PepsiCo
Jasmine Kwong 2016 Evening MBA Chicago Booth
Jason Carver 2002 Evening MBA FIS
Jason Felger 2010 Executive MBA Jump Capital
Jason Heltzer 2002 Full Time MBA Origin Ventures
Jason Marasigan 2007 Full Time MBA SYNNEX/Concentrix
Jason Nichols 2002 Full Time MBA BBVA Compass
Jason Ramski 2015 Evening MBA Goldman Sachs
Jason Rico Saavedra 2012 Full Time MBA none
Jason Velkavrh 2014 Full Time MBA Baird
Jassel Torres Zafra 2012 Full Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Javier Echavarri 2002 Full Time MBA UBS
Javier Ortiz 1997 Full Time MBA Access Media Advisory LLC
Jay Ablian 2002 Full Time BluePay
Jay Kumar Universal Plastics
Jay Miniati 2002 Executive MBA Jay Miniati Actuarial Services
Jay Rudman 1997 Full Time TopStep Trader
Jeanette Ray Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Jeff Lee 2010 Executive MBA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Jeff Meyer 1997 Full Time MBA New Relic
Jeffrey Bartow 2014 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Jeffrey Crane 2014 Full Time MBA Bain & Co.
Jeffrey Lawrence 1992 Full Time MBA Oracle
Jennifer Cavolo 2012 Full Time MBA Progressive
Jennifer Jaucian 2008 Full Time Savile Dagny
Jennifer Lawrence 2002 Executive MBA Juniper Boutique
Jennifer Linardon
Jennifer Park 2007 Full Time MBA none
Jennifer Snelders BofA
Jennifer Stilwell 2002 Full Time MBA Apple
Jennifer Tan 2014 Full Time MBA Oak Street Health
Jesse Feinberg 2016 Full Time MBA Woodlawn Associates
Jessica Binder
Jessica Davis Full Time Deloitte Consulting
Jessica Hatala 2016 Weekend MBA none
Jessica Madsen 2016 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Jessica Peet 2014 Full Time MBA
Jessica Peng 2016 Full Time MBA None
Jessica Scrimale Nelson 2013 Full Time LinkedIn
Jianfeng Li 2016 Weekend MBA 5229 Palatine N
Jim Ely 1987 Full Time MBA PriiCap Advisors, LLC
Jim Long 2008 Executive MBA Contour Saws, Inc.
Jim Murray 2012 Full Time MBA RXBAR
Jim Riedy 1987 Full Time MBA None
Jim Tuchler 1992 Full Time MBA Gifts for You LLC
Jim White 1992 Full Time MBA Harbor Pilots
Jinwoo Park
Jo Kleivan 2016 Executive MBA Real-Time Components srl
Joanne Chen 2014 Full Time MBA Foundation Capital
Joanne Wang 2016 Weekend MBA KPMG
Jocelyn Chao 2012 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
john ciasulli 2014 Full Time MBA Uptake
John Christman 2016 Full Time MBA Baxter International
John Czerwionka 2013 Evening MBA Northern Trust
John DeChellis 2016 Full Time MBA Strategy&
John Dunn 2010 Weekend MBA GE Digital
John Edwardson 1972 Full Time MBA none
John Egeland Laurel Investment Partners
John Greener 1992 Full Time MBA Ulta Beauty
John Iwanski 1980 Full Time MBA AAA Washingaton
John Kane 1991 Evening MBA JP Morgan
John Kurey 2002 Executive MBA Catholic Church
John McBane 1992 Full Time MBA NMAC
John Milligan 2017 Evening MBA Pepr
John Nelson 2012 Full Time MBA Vroom Delivery
John Ovnik
John Ranz Full Time
John Sander 2012 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
John Vitanovec 1989 Evening MBA DePaul University
Jon Chait 2016 Executive MBA HealthX
Jon Lewis Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Jonathan Baum 1987 Full Time MBA George K. Baum and Co.
Jonathan Gol 2016 Full Time MBA Perella Weinberg Partners
Jonathan Hargrove 2015 Weekend MBA Accenture
Jonathan Kaufman 2007 Full Time MBA The Blackstone Group
Jonathan Knauss 2002 Full Time MBA
Jonathan Zapp 1997 Full Time MBA Intel Corporation
Jonisa Clements GCM Grosvenor
Jordan Dexter 2016 Full Time BCG
Jordan Hupp 2016 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Jordy Freeman 2016 Full Time MBA Amazon
Jorge Uquillas 2012 Full Time MBA Bloomberg Government
Jose Eibar 2016 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Josephine Chu 1997 Full Time MBA JC Financial Management, Inc.
Josh Brock 2014 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Josh Yelsey 2012 Full Time ATI
Juan Lopez Jr 2007 Full Time MBA Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago
Judith Griffin 1971 Evening MBA J. Griffin and Associates, Inc.
Judy Meguire 1977 Full Time MBA Pritzker Family Office
Julia Arozena
Julia Murphy 2002 Full Time MBA Ultra Capital
Julia Walter 2012 Executive MBA Franklin Monroe
Julie Arsenault Randall Reilly
Julie Leichtman
Julien Merda 2012 Executive MBA AREVA GmbH
Justin Ploeger 2018 Evening MBA PwC
Justin Samaniego 2018 Evening MBA Grainger
Kacey Martino 2017
Kalpana Ramakrishnan
Kara Lawrence 1997 Full Time MBA Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc.
karah haghi 2012 Full Time MBA Platform Ventures
Karen Herman
Karen Holloman 1982 Full Time MBA none
Karen Lindgren 2002 Full Time Trustwave
Karen Dillon Rodriguez 1997 Full Time MBA Merrill Lynch
Kase Lawal 2016 Full Time MBA Citi
Kate Besser 2016 Evening MBA PwC
Kate Hui 2014 Full Time MBA William Blair
Kate O'Connor 2016 Full Time MBA Beatbox
Katherine Ziegelbauer 2018 Evening MBA None
Kathy Courtney 2016 Executive MBA NORTHERN
Kathy McBane 1992 Full Time
Katie Bush
Katie Coogan Chicago Booth
Katie Given Ligtenberg 2016 Full Time MBA University of Chicago
Katie Perri 2016 Full Time MBA Adobe
Katie Santore Share Our Selves
Katy Ganguli 2012 Full Time MBA None
Katy Leoni 2014 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Kedaresh Deshpande 2016 Evening MBA Acuity Brands
Keith Kizziah 1992 Full Time MBA LBD Partners Inc
Keith Schwartz
Keith Zorn 2007 Full Time MBA Point B
Kelechi Wami 2012 Full Time MBA Deutsche Bank LLC
Kelly Henry 2016 Full Time MBA Accenture
Kelly McCartney 2016 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Kelly Valenzuela UCB
Kelly Young 2016 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Kendahl Kersten
Kendre Manfredi 2014 Full Time MBA Mattel
Kent Van Steenbergh 2007 Full Time MBA Coty
Ketty Pan 2012 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
Kevin Grogan DS Smith Plastics
Kevin Lam 2016 Full Time MBA Deloitte
Kevin Smith 1992 Full Time MBA Crescat Capital
Kian Kiat Tan 2007 Executive MBA Nipsea Nippon Paint Group
Kim Persaud 2007 Full Time MBA Citi
Kimberly Steiner Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Kirill Osipenko 2012 Full Time MBA Silent IT
Kishore Yalamanchili 1997 Full Time MBA Prudential Financial
KOTARO HAMA 2012 Full Time MBA Dimensional Fund Advisors
Kristen Lwin Practice & Research Together (PART)
Kristen Robinson Chicago Booth
Kristi Rubenstein 2012 Executive MBA Gallup
Kristina Schwam
Kristine Stoner 1998 Evening MBA GPG Advisers
Kristine Wiley 2012 Evening/Weekend Gas Technology Institute
Kristopher Frey 2010 Evening MBA ABN AMRO Clearing North America, Inc.
Kriszta Webber 2012 Full Time MBA Wrigley
Kurt Davis 2012 Full Time MBA Barclays Capital
Kurt Hoddinott 2007 Full Time MBA General Mills Inc.
Kyle Egan
Kyle Mitchan 2012 Full Time MBA Barclays
Kyle O'Meara 2012 Full Time MBA Atkore International
Lana Rizai 2016 Executive MBA none
Latika Sharma 2016 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Laura Greenberg 2004 Evening MBA Verde Associates
Laura Huseby Full Time Marwedell, Minichello, and Reeb
Laura McKuin Puryear 1997 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Laureen Mallon Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Lauren Koenig 2016 Full Time MBA Pepsico
Laurence Berman 1987 Full Time MBA Valtur Hotel Company
Laurie Walters 1987 Full Time MBA none
Leah Caplanis 2014 Evening MBA SOCIAL Sparkling Wine
Leif Jackson 2008 Full Time MBA Equifax
Lemuel Seabrook 1975 Full Time retired
Lena Dickinson 2014 Full Time MBA IA Collaborative
Leon Wagner 1977 Full Time MBA LWPartners
León Varela
Leonardo Alves 2012 Executive MBA Sibelco
Leonidas Stefanos 2012 Evening MBA Feis Trading Corp
Les Rescorl 2002 Executive MBA Premier, Inc.
Leslie Koehn 2016 Full Time MBA Chatham Financial
Leslie Lichtenstein 2007 Executive MBA University of Chicago
Leslie Richman 1985 Evening MBA none
Libby Andrews 1994 Evening MBA WorldOLuxe LLC
lika dutta 2012 Full Time MBA Danaher
Linda Klute 1986 Executive MBA Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.
Linda Levinson-Harvey 1992 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Linda Smith 1992 Full Time MBA Crescat Capital
Lindsay Hernandez 2016 Executive MBA none
Lindsay Hoffman 2014 Full Time MBA None
Lindsay Taylor 2016 Evening MBA Microsoft
Lionel Go Executive
Lisa Cavallari 1997 Full Time MBA Russell Investments
Lisa Hillier The Related Group
Lisbeth Fotheringill Chicago Booth
Liz Han 2014 Full Time MBA SV Life Sciences
Lokender Bommisetty 1997 Full Time MBA None
Lola Yang
Lonnie Mollo Loyola University Medical Center
Lorelai Olson
Lori Lancaster 1997 Full Time MBA none
Lorraine Heffernan 1982 Full Time MBA University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Loryn J Mischke 2007 Executive MBA University of Chicago
Louisa Shields 1997 Full Time MBA Apple Computer, Inc.
Lucie Bhatoey-Bertrand
Lucy Liu 2016 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Luisito Dakay 1987 Full Time MBA Volt
Lynda Adelson
Lynne Kostakis 2018 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Lynne Whitman 1992 Full Time MBA Dun & Bradstreet
Madeline Bray
Mads Asprem 1987 Full Time MBA Green Resources
Magda Rojas
Maks Piskunov 2012 Full Time MBA AGF Management, Ltd.
Maksym Ostapenko 2017 Evening MBA Varsity Views
Manas Babbili 2012 Full Time MBA Aegon Asset Management
Manish Bidasaria 2016 Evening MBA Veta Capital
Manish Nehra 2007 Full Time MBA Barclays
Manisha Singh
Manisha Varshney 2012 Evening MBA LinkedIn
Manoel Carvalho 2012 Full Time MBA Rothschild
Manoj Mehta 2002 Full Time MBA naked Group
Manu Harish 2007 Full Time MBA GoDaddy
Manuel Hallivis 2014 Full Time MBA DLA Piper
Manuel Monasi 2016 Full Time MBA Barclays
Marcela Ferreira
Marcey Becker 1992 Full Time MBA Elizabeth Arden
Marcia Hunt 1997 Full Time MBA Sugar Puck Marketing
Marcio Zapater 2012 Full Time MBA Promon
marco gonzalez 2012 Executive MBA Sofofa
Marcos Diez 2012 Executive MBA GEBBRAS
Marcos Tasso 2014 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz
Marcy Braselton
Margaret Anderson 2012 Full Time MBA CNFA
Margaret Foley 1992 Full Time MBA Walter Scott
Margaret Unetich 2002 Full Time MBA Julie Harron Real Estate Group
Margie Lawler Gerrity 1987 Full Time MBA Issaquah School District
Margo Ten Eyck 2012 Full Time MBA The Dow Chemical Company
Maria Curry-Nkansah 2003 Executive MBA Argonne National Laboratory
Maria Zinchenko
Mariana Dos Santos Rosenblatt Full Time
Mariana Vidales
Marianne Bertrand
Marie-Flore Nabor 2002 Full Time MBA AstraZeneca
Marina Nakano 2002 Full Time MBA Walkabout Foundation
Marino Linardon 1997 Full Time MBA Indigo Sky Partners, LLC
Marissa Lawrence
Marissa Love Chicago Booth
mark kammerer 1986 Full Time MBA Kammerer Group
Mark Harvey 1993 Full Time InterOcean Advisors
Mark Konjevod 2007 Executive MBA None
Mark Lanctot 2012 Evening MBA E*TRADE
Mark Lockareff 1987 Full Time MBA ClearPath Partners
Mark Loughridge 1982 Full Time MBA None
Mark Trombley 1997 Full Time MBA Roche
markus thuler 2002 Executive MBA Copper Realty Investments LLC
marlene busse
Marnie Schwartz 1997 Full Time MBA none
Marshall Andrews 1982 Full Time MBA None
Marta Valer 2016 Full Time MBA Apple inc
Martin Sarano 2012 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Martin Slark Molex, LLC
Martine Satterlee 2012 Full Time MBA Contrarian Capital Management
Mary Dalakouras 2002 Executive MBA Honeywell Life Safety
Mary Go 2007 Executive MBA Walgreens
Mary Hannes 2002 Weekend MBA McKinsey & Company
Mary Oliver 1985 Evening MBA Energy Marketing Partners, INC.
Mary Lou Marinas 2015 Evening MBA Larson Consulting / MRNEIO
Maryann Ferns
Marylynn Diallo 2016 Full Time MBA Accenture
Marz Svensson 2016 Evening MBA none
Masaru Kato 1982 Full Time MBA Sony Music Foundation
Mathias Mueller 2007 Executive MBA Rodl & Partner
Matias Loayza Tabja 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Matias Riutort 2012 Full Time MBA PICTON
matt lutz 2006 Executive MBA PPC Partners
Matt Kogan 2016 Full Time MBA BMO Capital Markets
Matt McCabe
Matt Olson 2016 Evening MBA Strategy&
Matt Olsson 2014 Full Time MBA PwC
Matt Westerlund 2016 Full Time MBA BCG
Matt Winter 2011 Weekend MBA Bottom Up Investments
Matthew Benton 2016 Evening MBA none
Matthew Haughom Accenture
Matthew Howard 2007 Executive MBA Argonne National Laboratory
Matthew McKinney
Matthew Shapiro 1992 Full Time MBA New York Restoration Project
Mauro López Berzosa 2016 Full Time MBA Amazon
Max Adler 2014 Full Time MBA G2 Capital Advisors
Max Cohen 2016 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Max Leichtman 2007 Full Time MBA Commonwealth Edison Co.
Maya Bach Uptake
McKenzie Gillis 2016 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Megan Johnson 2015 Evening MBA Mercer
Megan McFarlane 2014 Full Time MBA Peer Foods Group, Inc.
Megha Kadiyala 2007 Full Time MBA CVS
Meghna Ubhan Promethean Inc.
Mel Heckman 2004 Evening MBA PlanoSynergy
Melissa Malka
Michael Barros 1997 Full Time MBA Education Brands
Michael Ceballos 2007 Full Time Aver Inc.
Michael Faulkner 2014 Full Time MBA Deloitte
Michael Hajost 1992 Full Time MBA Accuride Corporation
Michael Herman 1964 Full Time MBA Herman Family Trading Company
Michael Koen 2002 Full Time MBA CPP Investment Board
Michael Krauss 1976 Full Time MBA Market Strategy Group
Michael Kuszynski 2012 Full Time MBA Legal & General Investment Management
Michael Laskowski 2011 Executive MBA PPM America
Michael Latham 2007 Full Time MBA H.I.G. WhiteHorse
Michael Levy 1992 Full Time MBA Octagon Capital Group, LLC
Michael Lockhart 1975 Full Time MBA None
Michael Mazur 2016 Weekend MBA Westminster Capital
Michael Rotter 1992 Full Time MBA None
Michael Schoenfeld 2014 Full Time MBA Fooda
Michael Tilatti 2016 Evening MBA XR Trading
Michael Weiner 1997 Full Time MBA LoveBug Probiotics
Michael Yovkovich 2012 Evening MBA RESIDCO
Michaela Olson
Michał Rumiński 2009 Executive MBA EEC Ventures Sp. Z o.o.
Michele Hooper 1975 Full Time MBA The Directors' Council
Michele Williams
Michelle Ai 2016 Full Time MBA Boomerang Commerce
Michelle Lee 2007 Full Time MBA JP Morgan
Michelle Oh 2016 Full Time MBA Box
Michelle Soares
Mike Emery 2014 Full Time MBA The Cambridge Group
Mike Francis 2016 Full Time MBA ZS Associates
Mike Kimbarovsky 2003 Weekend MBA Geneva Advisors, LLC
Mike Tobey 2012 Full Time MBA Springline Partners
Miki Ebihara Executive
Mila Bhatoey-Bertrand
Milan Lathia 2012 Weekend MBA Microsoft
Miles Wuller 2005 Evening MBA Ryan Specialty Group Underwriting Managers
Mimi Baker Swank 1997 Full Time MBA none
Mimi Bosika 2008 Evening MBA Delos Therapy
Mir Aamir 1997 Full Time MBA Quotient Technology (fka
Mitch Braselton 1992 Full Time MBA BAM
MK Lee 2007 Full Time MBA none
Moby Sekenhamo 2016 Full Time MBA Cornerstone Research
Molly O'Donnell Chicago Booth
Monali Shah 2002 Full Time MBA HERE
Monica Brisnehan 1997 Full Time MBA none
Monica Ganley 2012 Full Time MBA Quarterra
Monica Murarka 2007 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Morgan Lin 2015 Evening MBA McKinsey
Mustaqeem Siddiqui 2012 Evening MBA Mayo Clinic
NAEEM HUSSAIN 2012 Executive MBA AgileTrailblazers
naho katsura 2017 Executive MBA Dow Chemical
Nanci Fastre 1992 Full Time MBA Silicon Valley Bank
Nandini Maheshwari 2012 Full Time MBA Uber
Naoki Shigetake 1992 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Naomi Lynch 2007 Full Time MBA University of Southern California
Natalia Uquillas
Nathan Pelzer 2015 Evening/Weekend Accenture
Nathaniel Goddard 2016 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting
Nathaniel Grotte Chicago Booth
Nathaniel Schaefer 2007 Full Time MBA Edelman
Ndeye Mbathio NDOYE 2012 Executive MBA Criteo
Neha Jain 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co
Neha Paranjape
Neha Puri Cummins
Nelson Yan 2016 Full Time MBA VMware
Nicole Caty 1997 Full Time MBA none
Nicole Friedman Clareo
Nicole Rogers 2012 Full Time MBA Accenture
Nicole Yelsey 2012 Full Time MBA Mosaic
Niels Andersen 1987 Full Time MBA Altrinsic Global Advisors UK Ltd.
Nikki Valentino Chicago Booth
Nishita Agarwal Discover Financial Services
Nissa Mohomed 2012 Full Time MBA PwC Strategy&
Nolan Wartick 2007 Weekend MBA -
Nora McCarthy
Norman Bobins 1967 Full Time MBA The PrivateBank and Trust Company
Oi Eng-Crandus 1992 Full Time Essendant
Olivia Gomel
Omar Hafez 2007 Full Time MBA McKesson
Omar Khayum 2009 Full Time MBA Exelon
Orest Pizyo 2012 Full Time MBA Deutsche Bank
Oscar Romero Bridgestone Americas, Inc
Osmar Jaramillo 2016 Full Time MBA tenorios 222
Pablo Alvarez 2012 Full Time MBA Google
Pallav Mehta 2016 Full Time MBA Amazon
Pallavi Gupta Netflix
paola maria caburlotto 2009 Executive MBA Transearch International
Paolo Persico 2016 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Param Yanamandra 2015 Evening MBA Exquisyt, LLC
Pat Monahan 1964 Full Time MBA Monahan Partners
Patrick Hallinan 1997 Full Time MBA Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.
Patrick Alexander Seifert 2007 Executive MBA Landesbank Baden Württemberg
paul smith 2002 Executive MBA NextEra Energy
Paul Wolfe 1997 Weekend MBA Mission Measurement Corp.
Paula Feynman 1992 Full Time MBA Cambridge Public Schools
Peter Hofmann 2007 Full Time MBA
Peter Miller The Food Mint
Peter Weidmann 2007 Executive MBA The Sentient Group
Petr Daniel 2007 Executive MBA Gopas, a.s.
Philip Iosifidis 2011 Executive MBA MALVA S.A.
Philipp Luijckx 2012 Full Time MBA The Dow Chemical Company
Pia Sareen Kumar 2007 Full Time MBA Universal Plastics
Pierre Courteille 2004 Executive MBA ABIVAX
Pietro Schena 2016 Full Time MBA KPMG
PJ McCall 2014 Evening MBA Crist|Kolder Associates
Pooja O'Meara 2011 Full Time MillerCoors
Prasad Chathurvedula 2007 Executive MBA Project sigma
Prem Panchal 2014 Full Time MBA Panchal Investments
Priya Shanker 2007 Full Time MBA Stanford University
Priyanshu Bakshi 2016 Full Time MBA Fidelity Investments
Pushya Jataprolu 2016 Full Time MBA Cisco Systems Inc.
Quinn Heidenreich 2014 Evening MBA Suntex Marina Investors, LLC
Rafael Helguero 2012 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Raghav Kamath 2016 Weekend MBA Knowles Corporation
Rahul Prasad 2014 Full Time MBA Google
Rahul Singla 2007 Full Time MBA Deutsche Bank
Rahul Trivedi 2015 Weekend MBA IBM
Rajesh Salem 2001 Full Time MBA Wotnow by Alltivity
Ram Subramaniam 1997 Full Time MBA Fidelity Investments
Ramiro Sanchez Caballero 2016 Full Time MBA WPP
Randy Miller 1987 Full Time MBA Weichert Realtors
Ravi Mukkamala 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey and Company
Ravi Kiran Reddi 2016 Full Time MBA WIlliam Blair & Company LLC
Ravit Ansal 2014 Weekend MBA The Halal Guys
Ray Lian 2012 Full Time MBA Working on new startup
Ray Sturm 2007 Full Time MBA AlphaFlow
Rebecca Hasik US AID
Rebecca Matzek 2002 Full Time MBA Duff and Phelps LLC
Renata Bregstone 2002 Full Time MBA Blazin Babes
Renata Dias
Renata Johns 2012 Full Time MBA none
Rene Aiguesvives 2012 Full Time MBA Royal Bank of Canada
Ricardo Jimenez Suarez 2012 Full Time MBA Acon Investments, LLC
Rich Levin 1992 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Richard Franklin Drive Golf
Richard Sullivan 2002 Executive MBA None
Richard Tucci 1977 Full Time MBA Leap Technologies
Rick Cavolo 2012 Full Time MBA Sterling Jewelers
Rita Egeland 1987 Full Time MBA Athena & Associates
Rob Percival 2002 Full Time MBA Ascensus College Savings
Robert Boland 1987 Full Time MBA The Riverview Group, Inc.
Robert Feerick 1972 Full Time MBA Horizon Partners, Ltd.
Robert Fezekas 1997 Full Time MBA Vickery Financial
Robert Madorsky 2016 Full Time MBA Windjammer Capital Investors
Robert Payne 1992 Full Time MBA Bango
Robert Rdzak 2012 Full Time MBA Ellington Management Group
Robert Schmdit 2012 Full Time MBA None
Robert Wurzburg 2012 Full Time MBA None
Rodolpho Amboss 1997 Full Time MBA Silverpeak Real Estate Partners
Rodrigo Hahn 2012 Full Time MBA Cencosud S.A.
Rohit Dhake 2016 Full Time MBA Rotunda Capital Partners
Rohit Dube 2007 Full Time MBA liontree
Rohit Saroop 2007 Full Time MBA Capital One
Roxanne Martino 1988 OceanM19
Roxy Goebel 1998 Evening MBA HelmsBriscoe
Roy Daniel 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Roy Grinapell 2016 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan
Ruchita Sinha 2007 Full Time MBA Sanofi Ventures
Rui Lin JPMorgan Chase
Rupal Agarwal 2012 Full Time MBA Realytics LLC
Russell Bray
Ruth Chew 2016 Full Time MBA Uber
Ruxandra Hill 2016 Executive MBA BMO
Ryan Bickham 2016 Full Time MBA IBM
Ryan Boers 2014 Weekend MBA Cleary Gull
Ryan Bormet 2017 Evening MBA Associated Bank
Ryan Boyle 2008 Evening MBA TransUnion
Ryan Humphreys 2007 Executive MBA UICO
Ryan Kole 2014 Evening MBA VCapital
Ryan McGlothlin 2002 Full Time MBA River and Mercantile Group plc
Sally McDonald Full Time
Sam Bordenave 2016 Tesla
Sam Cardone 2017 Evening MBA Freedman Seating Company
samantha Friedman 2012 Full Time MBA Accenture
Samantha Bonning 2012 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Samantha Galewicz 2012 Full Time MBA none
samir tari 2016 Executive MBA Abbvie
Samir Shah 1987 Full Time MBA MBS Mantra, LLC
Samir Suri 2010 Evening MBA Oportun
Samuel Holmberg 2016 Full Time MBA JP Morgan
Samuel Kunz 2007 Executive MBA UC Regents
Sana Yousuf 2014 Full Time MBA JP Morgan
Sandeep Ganesh 2007 Full Time MBA Accenture
Sandeep Kulkarni 1992 Full Time MBA Independent Consultant
Sandra Ozola 2007 Executive MBA KKR
Sandy Li 2014 Executive MBA Weir Minerals
Sanjana Ram 2012 Full Time MBA American Airlines
Sara Clarke 1987 Full Time KBB Partners
Sara Wilburn
Sarah Bell
Sarah Gomel
Sarah Jahnke 2016 Full Time MBA L'Oreal
Sarah Macchia 2015 Evening MBA Gallup
Sarah McEneaney 2016 Executive MBA PwC LLP
Sarah Sugerman
Sari Kaganoff 2012 Evening MBA McKinsey and Company
Sarita Singh 2007 Executive MBA Google
Saurabh Goel 2007 Full Time MBA TT International
scott potter 2016 Executive MBA None
Scott Adelson 1987 Full Time MBA Houlihan Lokey
Scott Bryant 2014 Full Time MBA Skylights
Scott Ebbott 2016 Full Time MBA AJ Capital Partners
Scott Gifford 2002 Evening MBA Wiss Janney Elstener Associates, Inc.
Scott Norby 1997 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Scott Ohm 2012 Executive MBA Sustainable Growth Advisers
Scott Van Duinen 2002 Full Time MBA The Halifax Group
Sean Kendall 2016 Full Time MBA ARCH Venture Partners
Sean Miller 2011 Executive MBA BHP Billiton
Sergio Zepeda 2012 Full Time MBA Z Capital Partners
Shaelyn Otikor 2012 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Shahrul Ramli 2016 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Shail Sharan 2016 Executive MBA Microsoft
Shailee Ajmera
Shang Rico Saavedra 2012 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting
sharon kampner 2007 Executive MBA The Mason Companies
Sharon Tsui Mehta MSFAA
Shary Risting Stadler 1982 Full Time MBA Valley View Woodlands
Shawn Ely 2002 Executive MBA The Edgewater Funds
Sheela Agarwal 2016 Executive MBA Bayer
Sheena White 2012 Full Time MBA American Express
Shelley Gupta 2016 Full Time MBA Accenture
Shelley Venus
Sherri Nelson The Mom Project
Shilpa Gulati
Shira Hirsh 2016 Evening MBA Mattersight
shlomo crandus 1992 Full Time MBA Wheels, Inc.
Shobha Frey 1997 Full Time MBA Adriness Partners LLC
Shruti Kulkarni
Sidhartha Adholekar 2015 Evening MBA SKA Associates
Simon Mc Grotty 2016 Full Time MBA William Blair Investment Management
Sinem Hostetter 2012 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Siva Rajaraman 2016 Weekend MBA Harman International
Sohee Lacey 2012 Full Time MBA Checkr
Son Nguyen 2014 Full Time MBA William Harris Investors
Sophie Susman Brooks Brothers
Spencer Egan
Spiros Christakopoulos 2012 Full Time MBA SEGA
Sreevani Lokender
Stacie Frank 2002 Full Time MBA None
Stefania Monda
Stephanie Bowen
Stephanie Gupte 2012 Full Time MBA Experian
Stephanie Joseph 2016 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Steve Bush 2002 Full Time MBA Recleim LLC
Steve Vogel 1977 Full Time MBA None
Steve Zimmerman Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assocaites
Steven Eliscu 1987 Full Time MBA Bitfury
Steven Fatora 2006 Evening MBA Exelon
Steven Piekarczyk 2007 Full Time MBA Sigma Technologies Global
Steven Sigurdson 2012 Evening MBA none
Stuart Hanson 2012 Executive MBA Change Healthcare (fka Emdeon, McKesson Technology Solutions)
Sue Stevens 1989 Evening MBA Stevens Wealth Managment LLC
Surjono Tanoto 2007 Executive MBA Gunung Pantara
Susan Fanning 2007 Full Time MBA Janus Capital Group
Susan Hopkinson 1997 Full Time MBA Deep Blue Orange
Susan Weiss
Suzanna Barnard 2016 Full Time MBA Cisco Systems
Svetlana Manichenko Skylark Learning
Swanand Gupte 2014 Full Time MBA TELUS
Talla Mountjoy 2018 Weekend MBA "none"
Tamaki Kato
Tamara Roberts 2004 Evening MBA Gogo LLC
Tamir Gotfried Full Time Bringg
Tandean Rustandy 2007 Executive MBA PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk
Tanushree Mishra
Tanya Golubeva 2007 Full Time MBA Deezer
Taria Buchanan 2012 Full Time MBA Wrigley
tatijana janko 2012 Full Time MBA Angeles Investment Advisors
Tatyana D'Ascenzi 2013 Evening MBA Discover Financial Services
Ted Brandt 1987 Evening MBA Marathon Capital, LLC
Terry Li 2005 Executive MBA Analog Devices
Therese Wareham 1982 Full Time MBA Kaufman, Hall and Associates, Inc.
Thierry Berman
Thomas Judge 2016 Evening MBA UCBooth
Thomas KENTER 2000 Evening MBA CRMT Holdings
Thomas Sidlik 1973 Full Time MBA Retired - DaimlerChrysler AG
Thomas Snider
Thorsten Weinelt 2007 Executive MBA UniCredit
Tiago Dias 2012 Full Time MBA Bayer
Tian Xu 2014 Full Time MBA Wolters Kluwer
Tim Blasius 2018 Evening MBA Wrigley
Tim Brennan 1997 Full Time MBA ParkWhiz
Tim Frey 1997 Full Time MassAve LLC
Tim Haaf 2012 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Tim Heyen 2015 Evening MBA Gearhead Workspace
Tim Meng 2012 Full Time MBA One Source Communications, LLC
Timothy Cao 2012 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Timothy Moran 2001 Full Time MBA Contour Saws
Tina Gao 2012 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Tina Longfield 1999 Full Time RBC Capital Markets
Todd Huseby 2002 Full Time MBA A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Tom Kuglen 1992 Full Time MBA Apple, Inc.
Tom Richards 2015 Evening MBA FONA International Inc.
Tom Shields Full Time
Tonia Shen 2012 Full Time MBA Google Inc.
Tori Scheid 2014 Executive MBA Chicago Booth
Tracey Jackson 2014 Full Time MBA United Airlines
Tracy Walter 2016 Evening MBA CME Group
Trevor Lwin 2012 Executive MBA T-Base Communications Inc.
Trevor Mathias 2007 Executive MBA Morgan Stanley
Trevor Whitson 2008 Evening MBA Scotts Miracle-Gro
TU DUONG 2012 Executive MBA Millicom
Ulrich von Altenstadt 2007 Executive MBA XAIA Investment GmbH
Urenna Onyewuchi Corning Inc.
Vagdevi Akella
Val Zinchenko 2012 Full Time MBA Samsung Electronics
Valerie Wright 1983 Evening MBA Coldwell Banker
Vasily Gorev 2012 Full Time MBA BCN LH
Venetia Kontogouris 1977 Full Time MBA Venkon Group, LLC
Vera Lanctot
Vicky Canto 2007 Full Time MBA Karlin Asset Management
Victoria Paesano
Victoria Pieper 1992 Full Time MBA Accenture
Vida Miezlaiskiene 2018 Evening MBA Ares Management
Vihaan Kamath
Vik Sasi 2016 Full Time MBA AmFam Ventures
Vince Lanctot
Vince Pecis Greenlee Diamond Tool Company
Vincent Howard 1997 Full Time MBA IFS NA
Vindya Dayananda 2016 Full Time MBA NA
Vishal Verma 2007 Executive MBA Edgewood Ventures
Vivek Kadiyala
Vivek Padmanaban 2014 Evening MBA Discover Financial Services
Vivian Koen 2002 Full Time MBA Scotiabank
Walker White
Walter Lord 1997 Executive MBA Walter Eugene Lord, PLLC
Wataru Kato 2012 Full Time MBA Nomura Asset Management
Wendy Heltzer 2002 Full Time MBA DePaul University
Wendy Shi 2014 Full Time MBA Chezhibao
Wesley White Desmarais LLP
Whitney Morgan 2014 Full Time MBA Prodigy Finance
Whitney Guest Morgan Guest
Willem-Jan Boogerd ELEDGE
William Eichhorn 1985 Evening MBA none
William Lucas 2002 Full Time MBA Jarden Consumer Solutions
WILLIAM MCGRATH 2002 Evening MBA Accenture
WILLIAM WEISS 1987 Full Time MBA Weiss Capital Management
Woo Yang 2007 Full Time MBA
yanping jiang 2016 Executive MBA
Yashar Nassouhi
Yi Yi Tang 2013 Full Time
YIFTACH SHALIT 2016 Full Time MBA Google
Ying Wang 2006 Full Time MBA Hopesun Capital
Yoshiyuki Nakao 2002 Executive MBA B/E Aerospace
Young Lee 2015 Evening MBA Harris Associates LP
Yu Shin Tan Ebihara Executive
Yuichi Inukai 2007 Full Time MBA Twitter Japan K.K.
Yukari Lee
Yulia Romanenkova 2007 Executive MBA Rigensis bank
Yumi Shigetake NA
Yuv Nath
Zachary Ding
Zack Ellison 2012 Full Time MBA Sun Life Investment Management
Zahavah Levine
Zeina Sawaya-Melville 2007 Executive MBA Melville Business Consulting Limited
Zhenya Kaliberova 2016 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Zvi Goldstein 2012 Full Time MBA Ontic Capital
Amazing Weekend

An Amazing Weekend

Exchanging fond memories and sharing happy stories. Experiencing the true breadth of the Booth network, a "world-class business community where everyone is part of the family." Rekindling relationships with classmates, faculty, and staff. These are just a few of the reasons your fellow Boothies gave for why they love Reconnect.

Life Long

Lifelong Learning with Faculty

Learning is lifelong, and it wouldn't be a truly Booth event without an intellectual challenge. Go back to the classroom with Booth's renowned faculty for spirited, stimulating sessions of inquiry and analysis. We promise, there won't be a quiz.


Management Conference is a Must

There's a lot of reasons why Management Conference has been going strong for six decades: a world-renowned keynote speaker every year. Cutting-edge, practical insights into business best practices from Booth faculty. Networking with top executives from leading companies in all industries. It's a conference not to miss, in the heart of Chicago and Reconnect.

Class Dinner

Classmates and Community

Reconnect is a unique chance to relive great times at Booth with classmates who have remained close, far-flung friends who have slipped out of touch, and even amazing alumni from your class you didn't get to know during your Booth days. "Visiting with classmates and roommates instantly brought back many happy memories and stories." —Chip Horner, ’80


The Booth Family and Barbecue

Reconnect's last day celebrates the Booth community with a family friendly barbecue that brings together alumni across the generations. "It's a fantastic reminder of the power of the Booth network. People who I hadn't seen in a few years picked back up as if we had seen each other yesterday. These relationships are why I decided to go to Booth in the first place." —Wei Lin Wong, ’10