Don't Miss Reconnect 2018

Touching, uplifting class reunions. The enlightening Management Conference. Captivating classroom sessions with Booth's world-class faculty. Strengthening bonds across all the Booth generations.

"Reconnect is a wonderful experience. Not only do you get to catch up with your classmates, you also can network with alums from other classes and hear the latest Booth thinking at the Management Conference. It’s a packed weekend, well worth the trip from near or far to mix with the Booth community once again." —Andrew Clark, ’10


Boothies across generations come from near and far to celebrate their common connection at Reconnect. Start planning your trip by checking out who else is coming. 

List updated weekly on Thursdays.

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Aaron Peck 1998 Full Time MBA MONROE CAPITAL LLC
Aaron Kelley 2013 Full Time MBA AQR
Abby Simon 1988 Full Time MBA Leslie Shankman School Corp
Abhi Chandrasekhara 2017 Full Time MBA Advantage capital
Abhishek Pakhira 2015 Executive MBA Aureus Techsystems
Adam Robins 1973 Full Time MBA The PFGGroup
Adama Ouattara 2017 Executive MBA Aon Consulting
Adi Trivedi 2017 Weekend MBA Citrix Systems
Aditya Burman 2013 Evening MBA Kaathis
Adrienne Eltink 2008 Evening MBA Adrienne Eltink, Inc.
Aimee Lorenz
Ajay Manglani 2013 Executive MBA Merkle
Ajit Dogra 2008 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Al Kim 2008 Full Time MBA Helmsley Charitable Trust
Alandrea Timmons 2008 Full Time MBA Color of Change
Albert Chung Allstate Investments
Aldo Cvintal 2003 Full Time MBA Cargill, Incorporated
Alejandra Acevedo
Alessio Crovetto
Alex Garstecki 2014 Evening MBA Avant
Alexander Chris Lozada 1998 Full Time MBA None
Alexis Miller 2017 Full Time MBA Adobe
Ali Ghumman 2013 Evening MBA SAP
Alice Thompson 2017 Full Time MBA Home Chef
Alison MacArtney 2013 Full Time MBA BlackRock
allan cohen 1983 Evening MBA First Analysis PE Fund IV
Allison Prescott 2017 Full Time MBA Creek Lane Capital
Amber Zelazny 2008 Full Time MBA Gartner Inc
Amit Sakhuja 2017 Weekend MBA Cummins Inc.
Amit Bapat 2013 Full Time MBA TrueCar
Amit Gupta 2008 Full Time MBA Twitter Inc
Amit Kapur Microsoft
Amy Poon 2015 Full Time MBA Starbucks
Amy Hamilton 1998 Full Time MBA Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Amy Davidoff chocola di da
Anastasia Matveeva
Andrea Medina None
Andrea Agnolio 2017 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Andrea Sparrey 2003 Full Time MBA Sparrey Consulting Group
Andres Naranjo McKinsey & Company
Andres Imaz 2013 Full Time MBA Schuepbach Energy
Andrew Horn 2017 Full Time MBA AlixPartners
Andrew McCulloch 2017 Full Time MBA Alvarez and Marsal
Andrew Plevin 1993 Full Time MBA BroadRiver Asset Management
Andrew Clarke 1998 Full Time MBA CH Robinson
ANDREW BEZAITIS 1991 Evening MBA Apopleo, Inc
Andrey Kozlov 2008 Full Time MBA 4Bio Capital
Andrey Matveev 2015 Full Time MBA Google
Andy Yang 2008 Full Time MBA 500px
Angela Lin 2017 Full Time MBA Adobe
Angie Ang 2008 Executive MBA Affilion Advisory SB
Anish Mehta 2008 Full Time MBA CBRE
Anish Shah Sprout Social
Anita L. Hawks, CFP, CRPS 1983 Full Time MBA Charterpoint Wealth Strategies
Ann Monahan
Anna Haghgooie 2008 Evening MBA Sandbox Industries
Anna Levchuk 2008 Full Time MBA Optum / United Health Group
Anna Pione 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Anna Chaldysheva 2017 Full Time MBA Barclays
Anne Horton 1998 Full Time MBA Mastercard Advisors
Annika Kapur
Anshu Bhardwaj 2008 Full Time MBA /
Antoinette King 2017 Full Time MBA WPC
Antonio Torres 2008 Weekend MBA Gogo, Inc.
Antonio Olivo 2017 Executive MBA LSL Healthcare Inc
Anu Johns 2017 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Anuj Singhal 2008 Evening MBA None
Archana Basi 1998 Full Time MBA Capital Group
Ari Pribadi 2003 Full Time MBA Marathon Capital
Arshiya Fazal 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Art Middlebrooks Chicago Booth
Arthi Nataraajan 2017 Full Time MBA Flex, Ltd
Arturo Gutierrez 2015 Full Time MBA Brunswick Corp.
Ashwin Chandramouli 2008 Full Time MBA Mr
Assal Hellmer GCI Health
Audra Mallow 1998 Full Time MBA Long Course Capital, LLC
Austin Namvou
Avinash Avula 2003 Full Time MBA DuPont
Avirishu Verma 2017 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Aviva Pinto 1983 Full Time MBA Bronfman Rothschild
Barbara Windisch 1993 Full Time MBA Barbara Windisch Consulting
Ben Yarbrough 2008 Full Time MBA Merit Capital Partners
Ben Abelson 2008 Full Time MBA American Century Investments
Benjamin Ybarra 2012 Evening MBA JP Morgan Chase
Bernie Groveman 1983 Full Time MBA First Manhattan Co.
Bianca Savant
Billy Levine 1998 Full Time MBA SunTrust
Blake Seymour 2017 Full Time MBA Procter and Gamble
Blas Puzon Draper & Kramer
Bob Bartell 1998 Evening MBA Duff & Phelps Corp.
Bonjoon Ku 2003 Full Time MBA Exxon Mobil Corporation
Boris Sifuentes 2017 Weekend MBA David Lewis Company
Brad Greenberg Wipfli LLP
Bradford Gillum 1993 Full Time MBA Gillum Strategy Partners
Bradley Schwartz 2013 Full Time MBA Delta Air Lines
Brandon Wood 2017 Evening MBA R1 RCM
Branislav Vukosavljevic 2015 Executive MBA none
Brennan Veys 2013 Full Time MBA Hilton Worldwide
Brent White Chicago Booth
Brian Thompson 2015 Weekend MBA ZS Associates
Brian Leach 2013 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Brian Walsh 2015 Evening MBA The Walsh Group
Brian Finerty 2003 Full Time MBA Equity International Management, LLC
Brian Van Elslander 1993 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
Brian Ondyak 2017 Evening MBA Performance Services
Brian Gracia 2017 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Brian Henry 2009 Executive MBA Paragon Biosciences
Brianna Sherman
Brianne Barco BBB
Brigitte Anderson 2008 Full Time MBA Orange Vista LLC
Brittany Henry 2017 Full Time MBA KPMG
Bruce Gockerman 1997 Executive MBA Standard Deviation Econometrics, Ltd.
Caleb Shen 2003 Full Time MBA Apollo Global Management
Calvin Hay
Calvin Wu 2013 Evening MBA SAP
Cameron Culek
Camille Emma 2017 Full Time MBA ZS Associates
Carin Nelson 2008 Full Time MBA none
Carol Howarth 1988 Full Time MBA 49th Fund
Carol Okamoto 1991 Evening MBA Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Carol Buehner 2013 Executive MBA 1973
carolina Gracia 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Caroline Swiatek
Caroline Grossman 2003 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Carolyn Blair Sasha & Oliver
Carolyn Kriss 2013 Full Time MBA Square
Carolyn Brewer 2015 Evening MBA Mattersight
Cassandra Oliveira 2017 Evening MBA The Context Network
Catey McCreary 1998 Full Time MBA CMC Intergrated Supply Chain Consulting
Catherine Littell 2008 Full Time MBA Consulting
Cecelia Lakatos Sullivan 1988 Full Time MBA PTI Solutions
Charles Frank 1975 Full Time MBA Z. Frank, Inc.
Charles Bobrinskoy 1983 Full Time MBA Ariel Capital Management, LLC
Charles McCusker 1998 Full Time MBA Patriot Capital Group
Chase Gosselin 2017 Full Time MBA Trive Capital
Chet Kwasniak 2000 Evening MBA MW Industries
Chloe Kelley 2013 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Chris Chan 1986 Full Time MBA HKMA
Chris Tholstrup 2008 Full Time MBA SkyCentrics
Christi Steely
christian aparicio 2013 Full Time MBA Nexus Group S. A.
Christie Lipkie Kent 1998 Full Time MBA SirsiDynix
Christine Usmen 2008 Full Time MBA Newly Weds Foods
Christopher Donohoe 1993 Full Time MBA Sandler O'Neill
Christopher Durr 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey and Company
Chuck McQuaid 1976 Full Time MBA None
Chun Ying Wang 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Cindy Paulauskas 2008 Executive MBA Rivet Radio, Inc
Cissy Zhou 2017 Full Time MBA none
Clifford Nelson 2017 Weekend MBA DRW
Colleen Clarke
Constance Dunn 1981 Evening MBA None
Constanza Eblen
Craig Yuen 2013 Executive MBA Vantage Specialty Chemicals Inc.
Dale Singleton
Dan Grossman Boston Consulting Group
Daniel Scott 2018 Executive MBA Havas Media Group
Daniel Tuller 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon
Daniel Pinzas 2013 Executive MBA None
Daniel DeRemigis 2013 Full Time MBA Davita
Daniel Avenick 2008 Full Time MBA Coca-Cola
Daniel Ohgi 2008 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan Chase
Daniela Berger 1998 Full Time MBA The College Board
Darren Benton 2017 Full Time MBA PWP
Dave Franckowiak MW Industries
Dave Koran Underwriter Laboratories
David Ijaz 2003 Executive MBA Effective Therapeutics, LLC
David Rawling
David Smith 2006 Evening MBA Marquette Associates
David Martinelli 2009 Evening MBA None
David Robertson 1999 Full Time MBA Wine and Beer Supply
David Descoteaux 1998 Full Time MBA UBS
David Garrigus 2008 Evening MBA Marsh & McLennan
David Allsop 2016 Evening MBA CME Group
David Nicholson 1997 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals, Inc.
David Mitchell William Blair
David Dohnalek 1988 Evening MBA The Boeing Company
David Goldberg 2008 Full Time MBA Endeavour Capital
Dean Kepraios 2013 Executive MBA Willis Towers Watson
Deana Namvou CISBIO
Deepali Sachdeva 2008 Executive MBA Penderie, Inc.
Deepesh Goyal 2017 Weekend MBA Cummins
Denis Beslic 2017 Full Time MBA Lending Club
Denis Casaubon 2017 Weekend MBA TAFi
Dennis Dombroski 1978 Full Time MBA Pfizer
Diana Cohen
Dina Jachi 2017 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Diogenes Oliveira
Dion Johnson
Dirk Halbach 2003 Full Time MBA Encyclopaedia Britannica
Divij Dogra
Dmytro Symak Lviv Polytechnic National University
Don Vanpool 2001 Weekend MBA OptaProfit
Don Delves 1980 Full Time MBA Willis Towers Watson
Donna Dolan 1978 Full Time MBA none
Donnie Phillips 2013 Full Time MBA Citadel Securities
Doug Peta 1998 Full Time MBA BCA Research
Doug Hanna
Douglas Keller 2008 Full Time MBA Glass Products Wholesale LLC
Douglas Braaten The New York Academy of Sciences
Drew Burns 2017 Executive MBA Tsinghua Finance Capital
Drury Armstrong Grace Hill
Dwight Hutchinson 2013 Full Time MBA Lucus Advisors
Ed Miller 1983 Full Time MBA EMCC Executive Coaching
Ed Rowland 1983 Full Time MBA Rowland Global LLC
Edem Dzakpasu 2013 Full Time MBA Chevron
Edgar Gonzalez 2008 Full Time MBA Nuveen Investments
Edgardo Crovetto 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Eduard Beit 1988 Full Time MBA JP Morgan Asset Management
Elaine Zong 1998 Full Time MBA ERJ Investments
Elizabeth Silverman 1978 Full Time MBA The Peddie School
Elizabeth Goltermann 1983 Full Time MBA KI Industries
Elizabeth Oates 2013 Full Time MBA Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
Elizabeth Bleakley 2002 Evening MBA Bleakley Law LLC
Elizabeth Gosselin 2017 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Elizabeth Veys
Ellen Bermingham 1993 Full Time MBA Free Agent
Ellie Shen
Emily Shen
Emily Strobel Amiet 2008 Full Time MBA Mars
Emily Kruger 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Emily Wang 2015 Full Time MBA HealthLoop
Emma Nagel 2017 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Emmeline Veys
Eran Koren 2013 Full Time MBA BCG
eric crowley 2008 Full Time MBA eSpark Learning Inc
eric bielke 2008 Full Time MBA GE Ventures
Eric Held 2008 Full Time MBA Development Specialists, Inc.
Eric Jeng 2015 Full Time MBA Elsevier
Eric Jacobsohn 2008 Full Time MBA Mesirow Financial
Eric Simon 2006 Evening MBA C.H. Robinson
Erica Salin 2013 Full Time MBA Nike
Erica Phillips
Erik Hansen 2008 Full Time MBA none
Erik Kolstoe 2003 Full Time MBA none
Erin O'Keefe 2008 Evening MBA Public Building Commission of Chicago
Erin Culek
Eshwar Sankar 2015 Executive MBA PLS Financial
Ethan Shen
eunhee sumner 1998 Full Time MBA Starbucks Corporation
Eve Glatt 1998 Full Time MBA UBP Asset Management
Fabio Iunis De Paula 1998 Full Time MBA IndicatorCapital
Fabio Massao Inocima 2013 Full Time MBA Kinea Investimentos
Farooq Abbasi 2008 Full Time MBA Mizuho Securities
Federico Gonzalez 2013 Full Time MBA HIG Capital
Felipe Moreno 2017 Full Time MBA JusBrasil
FELIPE SILVA 2013 Full Time MBA Inversiones Lota Green Ltda.
Felix Heurich 2017 Full Time MBA Bregal Unternehmerkapital
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive MBA Shopgate
Femi Akinde 2008 Full Time MBA Azuqua
Fergus McKay 2008 Full Time MBA HSBC
Fong Wa Chung Mui 2013 Full Time MBA Barclays
Forrest D. Bailey Draper and Kramer, Incorporated
Francesco Meloni 1998 Full Time MBA Heatherdown LLC
Francesco Schettino 2017 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Gal Skarishevsky 2017 Full Time MBA LSV Asset Managment
Ganesh Relekar 2017 Executive MBA Ipsos
Gang Sun 1998 Full Time MBA Qualcomm
Gary Kash 1978 Full Time MBA Gary Kash Marketing Insights
Gary Lewis 2008 Full Time MBA Cascade Partners
Gary Singer 1978 Full Time MBA A.T. Kearney, Inc.
Gaurav Rana 2008 Full Time MBA Oportun Inc.
Gene Settoon 2015 Full Time MBA Invenergy
Geoff Seaman 1968 Full Time MBA none
George Hendrick 1993 Evening MBA Hines Corporation
George Sorin Dan 2008 Evening MBA
Germana Paterlini 2008 Executive MBA Certusoft
Gina Cavato Mintel
Grace Lee
Guilherme Vaisman 2013 Full Time MBA Ambev
Guillaume Piard 2015 Full Time MBA Nalo
Gyan Prakash 2017 Executive MBA GAP Consulting Inc
Hakeem SB Yusuff 2013 Full Time MBA BASF Construction Chemicals
Hamilton Chang 1993 Full Time MBA Ballparks of America
Hannah Goldberg 2015 Full Time MBA Facebook
Hannah Mannino
Harley Bassman 1983 Full Time MBA none
Harry Gendler 1993 Full Time MBA none
Harsha Majeti 2015 Executive MBA Sabre
Harsha Pakhal 2015 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Harshal Gorde 2008 Full Time MBA Dowling Hales
Hassan Afzal Idaho State University
Heejin Ryu 2008 Full Time MBA Constellation
Helen Kondos 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Henrik Kruchen 2000 Executive MBA Haarslev Industries GmbH
Herman Reepmeyer 1978 Full Time MBA none
Howard Simon
Howard Bi NA
Howard Hodel 1978 Full Time MBA Hawaii Employees' Retirement System
Huaysin Ang
hugh morgan 1988 Full Time MBA Accelerance
Ian Lue 1993 Full Time MBA Guggenheim Partners, LLC
Ian Adams 2017 Evening MBA Clean Energy Trust
Immanuel Thangaraj 1993 Full Time MBA Park Lane Ventures
Ira Fox 2008 Full Time MBA Fitch Ratings
irene rodriguez 1993 Full Time MBA CalPERS
Irene Hale 1988 Full Time MBA none
Isabel Neumann 2003 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Ivana Marich 2003 Evening MBA Robert W. Baird
Jack Held
Jack Namvou 2013 Full Time MBA DSN Enterprises
Jackson Kelley
Jacob Gomolinski-Ekel 2015 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Jaime Streem 2013 Full Time MBA Beam Suntory
Jake Hamlin 2017 Evening MBA Merrill Lynch
James Kinoshita 1988 Full Time MBA PNC Bank
James Adams 1998 Full Time MBA Strong Leader
Jamie Mayo 1998 Full Time MBA None
Jamie Shah 2013 Full Time MBA Chem-Impex International, Inc.
Jamie Tam 2008 Full Time MBA Platinum Equity
Jana Frank
Jane Gonnerman 2008 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Janine Durbin 1999 Evening MBA Bank of America
Jason Perry
Jason Kozmic
Jason Berling Fidelity
Jason Carver 2002 Evening MBA FIS
Jay Alter 1996 Weekend MBA Curriculum Technology
Jay Duffy 2017 Evening MBA West Monroe Partners
Jean Meyer 1988 Full Time MBA JFM Holdings, Inc.
Jeff Siewert 1998 Full Time MBA Grapevine Enterprises
Jeff Neuman 1998 Full Time MBA Heineken
Jeff Swiatek 1998 Full Time MBA AIG
Jeffrey Stine 2013 Full Time MBA VestedWorld
Jeffrey Rowen 2009 Executive MBA HERE Technologies
Jeffrey Bi NA
Jennifer Howell
Jennifer Young 2013 Full Time MBA Evercore
Jennifer Chung 2008 Evening MBA Chicago Trading Company
Jennifer Jaucian 2008 Full Time MBA Savile Dagny
Jennifer Kozmic 2008 Full Time MBA McDonald's
Jeremy Falendysz 2007 Full Time MBA Amherst Partners
Jessica Mitra 2008 Executive MBA Deutsche Bank
Jessica Rochelle
Jessica Strausbaugh 2008 Evening MBA Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Jessica Villaverde Creel
Jessica Hatala 2016 Weekend MBA El Camino Hospital
Jessica Jacobs Ernst & Young
Jill Feldman 1988 Full Time MBA Strategic Development Associates
Jim Davis 1983 Full Time MBA Texas Corporate Capital Advisors
Jim Long 2008 Executive MBA Contour Saws, Inc.
Jim Walters 1983 Full Time MBA Future State Inc.
Jim Burtt 1993 Full Time MBA Cloudera
JIM O'DONNELL 1977 Full Time MBA O'Donnell Capital Company, LLC
JJ Goldberg
Joan De la Paz Hellmer 2013 Full Time MBA Viento Capital LLC
Joanna Si 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Joe Siffelren 1993 Executive MBA Premier Asset Management, LLC
Joe Pietrzak 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
John Robinson 2004 Executive MBA JP Morgan Private Bank
John Perry 1966 Evening MBA Four Hour Society, Inc.
John Thephasdin 2017 Evening MBA Bank of America
John Huber 1988 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
John Woodward 1978 Full Time MBA Front Porch
John Mazarakis 2017 Executive MBA Cecil Pulaski Properties
John Howell 1998 Full Time MBA Zurich Insurance Company
John Chmura
John Wallace 2017 Executive MBA Brookfield
John Snider 1988 Full Time MBA RBC Capital Markets
John Townley-Johnson 2008 Executive MBA African Housing Solutions
Jonathan Smucker 2017 Weekend MBA Marietta Investment Partners
Jonathan Hay 2013 Full Time MBA Boston Red Sox
Jonathan Dyck 2008 Full Time MBA CIM
Jordan Tepper 2013 Full Time MBA Apologue
Jordan Levine 2008 Evening MBA American Chemical Society
Jorge Caraballo 2013 Full Time MBA none
Jorge Zebadua 2008 Full Time MBA BBVA
Joris Zwegers Kantar Consulting (WPP)
Jose Armando Eduque 1968 Full Time MBA None
Josefina Bustamante
Josh Rzepka
Josh Leavitt 2003 Full Time MBA Zoku Technologies, Inc.
Joshua Steely 2008 Full Time MBA Sazerac Company
Jossy Matute 1998 Full Time MBA Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Juan Boido 2013 Full Time MBA MillerCoors
JUAN DIEGO HENAO 2003 Full Time MBA Connectors International
Juan Pablo Ortiz Southern Cross Group
Judith Griffin 1971 Evening MBA J. Griffin and Associates, Inc.
Julia Sanders 2017 Evening MBA Axiom Consulting Partners
Julia Walter 2012 Executive MBA Franklin Monroe
Julia Descoteaux
Julian Rowlands 2017 Full Time MBA Alter Global
Julie Diedrich
Julien Attal 2008 Full Time MBA Portman Square Capital
julio kuri 2013 Full Time MBA Kue Capital
Justin BELEOKEN 2008 Executive MBA World Bank
Justin Strausbaugh
Justin Sheperd 2003 Evening MBA None
Justine Jang 2017 Full Time MBA Ally
Kainaz Antia
Kara Lee Chicago Booth
Kara Settoon 2015 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting LLC
Karan Wallia 2013 Full Time MBA
Karen Passmore 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Karen Graham 1993 Full Time MBA Novantas
Karen Reepmeyer
Karim Chams Eddine 2011 Executive MBA Corporate Finance House Limited
Karina Inocima Facebook
Kartik Chandrayana
Kasey Stonehill 2017 Full Time MBA Mark43
Kathleen Keenoy 2017 Full Time MBA Pfizer
Kathleen Sullivan Chicago Booth
Kathleen Lamb Douglas Elliman
Kathryn Goodman 2015 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz Company
Kathy Barber 1988 Full Time MBA Bangor Savings Bank
Kathy Mohanna 2017 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Katie Claussen Bell Chicago Booth - Kilts Center
Katie Rzepka 2017 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Katie Caraballo
Kayla Kapur
Kazuo Inocima
Keith Koeneman 1994 Full Time MBA Kingsman Capital LLC
Kelly Fuller 2008 Full Time MBA BMO Capital Markets
Ken Kelly 1998 Full Time MBA Community Psychiatry
Kenny Kristianto 2017 Full Time MBA Dell Technologies
Kenzo Inocima
kevin Viravec 1994 Full Time MBA Gibraltar Industries
Kevin Lynch 1993 Evening MBA Morgan Stanley
Kevin McInerney 2003 Evening MBA Global Insight Consulting Inc.
Kiran Narahari 2008 Full Time MBA Egencia
Kirk Oliver 1985 Evening MBA UGI Corporation
Kristen Nancarrow Deloitte
Kristin Gilbert 2015 Full Time MBA The Cambridge Group
Kristina Leroux-Harvey 1993 Full Time MBA St. James's Place Wealth Management
Kristine Stoner 1998 Evening MBA CU Real Estate Center, Leeds School of Business
Kunaal Khanna 2008 Evening MBA Caerus, Inc.
Kush Sodhia 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Kyle Duncan ACH Food Companies
Lalita Badinehal 2003 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse Americas Corporate Citizenship
Larry Bi 1998 Full Time MBA Blue Stone Investments
Larry Botel 1993 Full Time MBA JOSS Realty
Lars Godell 1993 Full Time MBA Telenor Group
Laura Greenberg 2004 Evening MBA Verde Associates
Laura Kanov 1998 Weekend MBA HBI Solutions
Laura Lewis
Laura Payne 2008 Evening MBA Citadel
Laura Hall
Lauren Doig 2015 Evening MBA CME Group
Lauren Tepper
Lauren Abelson
Laurie Hosie 1993 Full Time MBA BlackRock
Laurie Dunn 1983 Full Time MBA None
Lawrence Harris 1978 Full Time MBA Private Investor
Leah von Essen Chicago Booth
Leila Burns
Lena Kolstoe
Leon Zuo 1998 Full Time MBA Leigna Institute
Leslie Woodward
Leslie McCarthy 1989 Full Time MBA Postgraduate Healthcare
Libby Harrison 1998 Full Time MBA none
Lilly Chang Northwestern University
lily xu 2013 Full Time MBA Sephora
Linda Yan 2015 Full Time MBA AIG
Linda Harvey University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Linda Shaffer 1998 Full Time MBA Checkr
Linh Lam 2015 Full Time MBA Grubhub
Lior Sahaf 2017 Full Time MBA Genentech
Lisa Travnik 2017 Full Time MBA Riverside Acceleration Capital
Lisa Hill 2013 Full Time MBA Starbucks
Lisa Donohoe JOSS Realty Partners LLC
Lisa Baker 2015 Full Time MBA Brunswick
Lisbeth STONE
Lori Kash
Lory Carbajal Van Ness 2008 Full Time MBA Constellation Brands Beer Division
Louisa Chen 2008 Full Time MBA Sole Society
Lu Cheng 2020 Evening MBA PwC
Lucy Chung Scout
Lucy Culek
Lydie Roux 2008 Executive MBA Merck&Co
Maayan Aharon 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon corporate llc
Macario Lullo 2001 Evening MBA Grant Thornton
Mackenzie Namvou
Madsen South
Mahesh Beniwal 2013 Executive MBA Barclays
Mai Anh Hoang
Maithili Sagar 2015 Full Time MBA Amazon
Maniwara Muscari 2008 Executive MBA none
Manuela Gomez O┤Brien
Marc Sallette 2003 Full Time MBA CBRE Capital Markets
Marc Poggioli 1988 Full Time MBA Principal Enterprise Capital
Marc Elzweig Shearman & Sterling
Marcelo Tomaszewski 2003 Full Time MBA MΘtodo Engenharia
Marco Cardenas 2011 Executive MBA Inkia Energy
Margaret McCoy 1983 Evening MBA McCoy Scott & Company
maria pia lindley 2013 Full Time MBA Not applicable
MariaJose Saralegui
Marina Chumakova
Marjorie Chelius 2017 Full Time MBA Procter & Gamble
Mark Taborsky 1993 Full Time MBA MarkerTree Capital
Mark Harvey 1993 Full Time MBA InterOcean Advisors LLC
Mark Roble 2003 Executive MBA Baird
Mark Cohen 2013 Full Time MBA Capital One
Mark Loughridge 1982 Full Time MBA None
Mark Flanagan 2014 Executive MBA None
Mark Middleton 1981 Evening MBA Perdido Isles Maritime Holdings
Mark Stoner Wells Fargo
Mark Trembacki 1985 Evening MBA Risk Management Levers, Inc
Martha Khanna
Marty Kearney 1998 Full Time MBA BMO Harris Bank
Mary Oliver 1985 Evening MBA Energy Marketing Partners, INC.
Maryum Ashraf 2013 Full Time MBA Heitman
Matt Culek 2008 Full Time MBA Citadel Securities
Matt Nelson 2013 Full Time MBA Habitat for Humanity
Matt Winter 2011 Weekend MBA Bottom Up Investments
Matt Savage 2013 Full Time MBA Accenture Strategy
Matthew Littell Spec Limit Capital, LLC
MATTHEW STONE 1988 Full Time MBA University of Chicago
Maurice Murray 2008 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mayank Jain 2017 Executive MBA HSBC Securities & Capital Markets (India) Pvt. Ltd.
megan marrs Chicago Booth
Meghan Hodgdon Hill & Knowlton
Mel Heckman 2004 Evening MBA West Monroe Partners
Melanie Siewert Worldpay
Meredith Young 1983 Full Time MBA none
Mhoire McGrath Cade
michael Krauss 1976 Full Time MBA Market Strategy Group
Michael Shapiro 2005 Evening MBA Deloitte
Michael Himmelfarb 1993 Full Time MBA HG Partners
Michael van Riesen 2008 Executive MBA Assenagon Asset Management S.A.
Michael Armstrong 1978 Full Time MBA San Jose Federated City Emp Retirement
Michael Watson 2013 Executive MBA Waste Management, Inc.
Michael Roberts 2008 Executive MBA PricewaterhouseCoopers
Michael Terpstra Pfizer
Michael Gandy 2013 Full Time MBA VMware, Inc.
Michael Amiet 2008 Full Time MBA Walgreens
Michael McCoy
Michael Maggio Hudson Design
MICHAEL MOSER 2002 Weekend MBA Armed Forces Benefit Association
MICHAEL ADAMIC 2008 Full Time MBA CVS Health
Michaela Murphy 2003 Full Time MBA Stanford GSB
Michelle Maynard 1993 Full Time MBA HCA
MIchelle Lofaro 2013 Full Time MBA Reckitt Benckiser
Mick Montesi 2014 Full Time MBA OFMS Energy Consulting
Mike Davidoff 2003 Full Time MBA Davidoff Investments
Mike Minton 1993 Full Time MBA Point B
Mike Kimbarovsky 2003 Weekend MBA CIBC Private Wealth Management
Mike Beedle Enterprise Scrum
Mike Girts
Mike Fogarty 2008 Executive MBA MF Digital Marketing
Ming Chai 2013 Executive MBA PwC Consulting
Mingwei Shen 2013 Full Time MBA Amazon
Mitchell Zelazny
Monica Tian 2017 Evening MBA Amazon
MORGAN Sze 1993 Full Time MBA Azentus Capital Management
Moti Bhatia
Musse Bizuneh 2013 Full Time MBA Apple Inc.
Nancy Dohnalek 1957
Nancy Rix 1997 Weekend MBA Dickerson, Rix and Company LLP
Nareen Katta 2017 Evening MBA AbbVie
Nathan Shetty 2008 Full Time MBA UBS Asset Management
Nathan Baumgartner 2018 Weekend MBA U.S. Bank
NICHOLAS SOMERS 1988 Full Time MBA SV Investment Partners
Nick Skeba
Nicolas Valdes 2013 Executive MBA K+S Chile S.A.
Nicole Lopez
Nikhil Savant
Nikki Schutz 2017 Evening MBA PwC
Nishanker Damodara 2015 Full Time MBA Baird
Noan Avidov 2015 Full Time MBA Bain & Co.
Norman Wang 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Nupur Bhargava 2013 Full Time MBA The Wonderful Company
Oluwafolajimi Akinsiku La' Tourist Africana
Onur Usmen
Osamu Yamamoto 1993 Full Time MBA Unison Capital, Inc.
Pablo Viguera 2013 Full Time MBA Revolut
Parag Beeraka 2015 Weekend MBA Western Digital
Pat Monahan 1962 Full Time MBA Monahan Partners
Patricio Bustamante 2013 Full Time MBA Molino Caupolican SpA
Patrick Burke 2017 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Patty Chan
Paul Gwilt Hilgers Graben
Paul Ochoa EY
Paul Rho 2017 Evening MBA SigFig
Paul R. Williams 1998 Executive MBA Oracle
Petar Dudukovski 2013 Full Time MBA ReversingLabs
Peter Johnson 2013 Full Time MBA Jump Capital
Peter Glick 1989 Full Time MBA Moody's Investors Service
Peter Bulandr 1987 Full Time MBA ASSOCIATED BANK
Peter McNally 1998 Full Time MBA None
PETER THOMPSON 2000 Weekend MBA Magis Leadership Advisors
Phil Johnson 2004 Executive MBA Sentinus LLC
Philip Clement 1993 Full Time MBA Aon
Philip Griffith 1988 Full Time MBA None
Pratik Patel 2008 Full Time MBA Artisan Partners Asset Managment
Priyanka Prakash 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co
Raahul Sathyanarayana 2013 Full Time MBA BASF Corporation
Rachel Nishball
Rachel Chamberlain 2017 Full Time MBA Ellevest
Rachel Patterson 2003 Full Time MBA Glocal Consultants Group, LLC
Rachel Uram 1998 Full Time MBA n/a
Rafael Kabesa 2013 Full Time MBA Salesforce
Rajeshree Shah 2008 Full Time MBA Abbott
Ramon Brigantti 2008 Full Time MBA US Army
Randall Spriggs Chicago Booth
Ranjan Ojha 2011 Weekend MBA PwC
Raphael Mannino 2013 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Ray Young 1986 Executive MBA Archer Daniels Midland Company
Rebeca Sarmiento 2008 Full Time MBA Attom Data Solutions
Rebecca Li-Huang 1998 Full Time MBA HSBC
Rebecca Long Swiss Reinsurance Corp.
Rebecca Boyle 2008 Evening MBA Fifth Third Private Bank
Renee Berman 1998 Full Time MBA None
Ricardo Outi 2013 Executive MBA AIC Capital
Richard Johnson 1992 Full Time MBA None
Richard Royse 1983 Executive MBA none
Richard Calleri 2003 Full Time MBA Geolog
Rick Elfman 1983 Full Time MBA Sterling Partners
Rickard Alfredeen 2003 Weekend MBA Oneforce Consulting
Ritu Chandra 2003 Full Time MBA NONE
rob burkart 2008 Evening MBA InnerWorkings
Robert Burns 2003 Executive MBA Mr.
Roberto Servitje 2013 Full Time MBA None
Rocky Blumhagen
Rodolfo Maciel 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Rohan Hemrajani 2017 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Rohit Gupta Wipro
Rohit Singh 2013 Full Time MBA ChenMed
Rona Johnson 2015 Executive MBA CalSTRS
Ronald Falcon 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Roopa Venkateswaran 2013 Full Time MBA Amazon
Rory Pavach 2022 Evening MBA University of Chicago
Rose Zou 2017 Full Time MBA Adobe
Ross Goglia 2015 Full Time MBA higi
Ross Moore 2017 Weekend MBA Accenture
Roth Nelson 2013 Full Time MBA A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Roxanne Martino 1988 Evening MBA OceanM19
Russell Kohn 2013 Full Time MBA Mochidoki
Ruth Reiner Chicago Booth
Rutton Patel 2003 Full Time MBA REPL
Ryan Preclaw 2008 Full Time MBA Barclays Capital
Ryan Boyle Learfield Licensing
Ryan Boyle 2008 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Ryan Kunzi 2013 Executive MBA K2 Fund
Sabrina Ricci 1998 Full Time MBA VTB Capital
Sailesh Yellumahanti 1998 Full Time MBA Cisco Systems
Sally DelBeccaro 1981 Full Time MBA Witt/Kieffer
Sam Cardone 2017 Evening MBA Freedman Seating
Samantha Keefe 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Samantha Hodgkins 1998 Full Time MBA SparkFire Active
Samuel Diedrich 2008 Full Time MBA Brookfield
Sandhya Nagubadi ZMedi
Sanjiv Kalevar 2013 Full Time MBA Battery Ventures
Santiago Marino Lopez 2013 Full Time MBA Estrategias Corporativas
Sara Watson 2015 Executive MBA Accenture
Sara Shepard
Sarah Walczewski 2013 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Sarah Macchia 2015 Evening MBA Gallup
Satish Savant 2015 Evening MBA FCA
Scott Cade 1993 Full Time MBA none
Scott Nancarrow 2013 Full Time MBA Bain
Scott Armstrong 2008 Full Time MBA Domino Data Lab
Shahriar Allen 2017 Executive MBA IHI
Shane Zhao IDEO
Shannon Brownell 1998 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Sharick Naqi
Sharon Poindexter 1998 Weekend MBA General Electric
Shawn Thomas 2015 Full Time MBA Infosys
Sheelu Nandigam 2013 Full Time MBA Walgreens
Shilpa Gadhok 2013 Full Time MBA The Hershey Company- Start Up Division
Shubhada Savant
Silvia Medina
Smita Dogra
Soichiro Kurachi 1985 Full Time MBA Japan Cornstarch &. Co
Soniya Tambe
Soobin Park
Soraida AlbeloSallette
Sri Ramkumar 2015 Executive MBA Ecolab
Stacy Tumarkin 2013 Full Time MBA Himalayan Institute
Stefano Grioni 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey&Co
Stephanie Chen 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Stephanie Nelson 2013 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Stephanie Mount 2017 Full Time MBA William Blair & Company
Steve Silverman 1978 Full Time MBA ironbound capital
Steven Strnad 2007 Evening MBA DTCC
Steven Chua 2003 Full Time MBA none
Steven Wu 2011 Weekend MBA northwestern mutual
StΘphane Dufraine 2013 Executive MBA SSD Invest
Su Fu 2017 Full Time MBA Vir Biotechnology
Sudeep Kanjilal Alvarez and Marsal
Sumeet Wadhera 1998 Full Time MBA Australia & New Zealand Bank
Sumit Nema 2015 Weekend MBA OpenText
Susan Visconti APL Logistics
Susan Singer Closet Curator
Susan Kendall 1998 Full Time MBA Citigroup
Susanne Hay
Suzanne Chin 1998 Full Time MBA Unilever
Talal Dajani 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Tamar Sahaf
Tawhid Ali 1998 Full Time MBA AB
Tejal Patel 2015 Full Time MBA Allstate
Teppei Tsutsui 2008 Full Time MBA GREE
Teri Hoffman 2015 Full Time MBA Deloitte
Tetiana Kholevan 2015 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings Corporation
Thais Gurgel Pitzi
Theodore Ellis 2013 Full Time MBA Riveted Labs
Thomas Hodgdon 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Thomas Kozlowski 2017 Full Time MBA United Airlines
Thomas {Tim] Monahan 1963 Full Time MBA The Thomas Monahan Company Handles, Inc.
Tiago Andrade 2013 Full Time MBA Partners Group
Tiffany Lindsay
Tiffany Van Elslander
Tim Jenkins 1988 Full Time MBA Point B, Inc.
Tim Bechtold 2017 Full Time MBA Frontier Capital
Timothy Moran 2001 Full Time MBA Contour Saws
TJ Patel Mediafly
Todd Hellman 2017 Executive MBA Battelle for Kids
Todd Vermeer 1998 Full Time MBA Gwinnett Medical Center
Tom Chin 1998 Full Time MBA Telsey Advisory Group
Tom Kane 1997 Evening MBA Element Bars, Inc.
Tomas Bustamante
tony cappell 2017 Executive MBA Stonegate Capital
Tosin Olusola 2017 Weekend MBA Procter & Gamble
Tracewell Hanrahan 1998 Full Time MBA Fresno Housing
Trevor Whitson 2008 Evening MBA Scotts Miracle-Gro
Tyler Kearn 2015 Full Time MBA Cicero Group
Tyler Qualio Sentinus LLC
Ulrike Koeppl 2008 Executive MBA Deloitte
utku kafali 2008 Evening MBA Jump Trading
Valeria Cuaik
Valerie Angelkos 2017 Full Time MBA Google
Valerie Bauer Gore 1998 Full Time MBA Constant Contact
Vandana Ramakrishnan 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Veronica Gonzalez
Vinayak Seshasayee 2013 Full Time MBA Pimco
Vince Pecis Greenlee Diamond Tool Co.
Vinnie Badinehal
Vinod Kesavan 2008 Full Time MBA Houlihan Lokey
Vivian Fan 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Vivian Whitson
Walter Lord 1997 Executive MBA Walter Eugene Lord, PLLC
Warren Tsu 2017 Weekend MBA Kelly Services
Webb Brown 2013 Full Time MBA Google Inc.
Wei Sun 2013 Full Time MBA Apple Inc.
Whitney Enright 2016 Full Time MBA Goldman Sachs
Will Han 2015 Full Time MBA Mckinsey
William Fitzgerald 1988 Full Time MBA Global Infrastructure Advisors LLC
Wilson Sun 2017 Evening MBA Home Chef
Winnie Wu 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey/LUNAR
Wonhee Park
Yoav Mordowicz 2013 Full Time MBA Via On-demand Transportation
Zachary Levin 2015 Full Time MBA Macquarie Capital
Zachary Cornett 2017 Evening MBA KPMG
Zack Frank
Zunnaira Abbasi
Amazing Weekend

An Amazing Weekend

Exchanging fond memories and sharing happy stories. Experiencing the true breadth of the Booth network, a "world-class business community where everyone is part of the family." Rekindling relationships with classmates, faculty, and staff. These are just a few of the reasons your fellow Boothies gave for why they love Reconnect.

Life Long

Lifelong Learning with Faculty

Learning is lifelong, and it wouldn't be a truly Booth event without an intellectual challenge. Go back to the classroom with Booth's renowned faculty for spirited, stimulating sessions of inquiry and analysis. We promise, there won't be a quiz.


Management Conference is a Must

There are a lot of reasons why Management Conference has been going strong for six decades: A world-renowned keynote speaker every year. Cutting-edge, practical insights into business best practices from Booth faculty. Networking with top executives from leading companies in all industries. It's a conference not to miss, in the heart of Chicago and Reconnect.

Management Conference Highlights
Class Dinner

Classmates and Community

Reconnect is a unique chance to relive great times at Booth with classmates who have remained close, far-flung friends who have slipped out of touch, and even amazing alumni from your class you didn't get to know during your Booth days. "Visiting with classmates and roommates instantly brought back many happy memories and stories." —Chip Horner, ’80


The Booth Family and Barbecue

Reconnect's last day celebrates the Booth community with a family-friendly barbecue that brings together alumni from across the generations. "It's a fantastic reminder of the power of the Booth network. People who I hadn't seen in a few years picked back up as if we had seen each other yesterday. These relationships are why I decided to go to Booth in the first place." —Wei Lin Wong, ’10