MAY 2–4, 2019

Reconnect 2019

Chicago, Illinois

Save the date for an unforgettable weekend with old friends and new.



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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Aakash Jain 2015 Full Time MBA
Aaron Kelley 2013 Full Time MBA AQR
Aaron Peck 1998 Full Time MBA MONROE CAPITAL LLC
Aaron Solomon 2013 Full Time MBA Perella Weinberg Partners
Aaron Meder Legal & General Investment Management America
Abbie Smith Chicago Booth
Abby Simon 1988 Full Time MBA Leslie Shankman School Corp
Abby Steele 2008 Full Time MBA Optum
AbdelKarim Mouline 2017 Executive MBA GrammaTech
Abdul Karim Chams Eddine 2011 Executive MBA Corporate Finance House Limited
Abhi Chandrasekhara 2017 Full Time MBA Advantage capital
Abhishek Pakhira 2015 Executive MBA Aureus Techsystems
Abigail Moyer 2017 Executive MBA ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Abigail Sussman Chicago Booth
Adam Robins 1973 Full Time MBA The PFGGroup
Adam Zhang 2021 Weekend MBA Stanley Electric US
Adam Meredith
Adam Freda 2013 Full Time MBA 50 South Capital
Adam Weinstock 2008 Full Time MBA Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Adam Behrman 2019 Full Time MBA
Adam Frederico 2018 Evening MBA
Adam Rodnitzky 2008 Full Time MBA Occipital, Inc.
Adam Byerley 2013 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
adam jigang Sun 1998 Full Time MBA Ocean Pine Capital
Adama Ouattara 2017 Executive MBA Aon Consulting
Adi Trivedi 2017 Weekend MBA Citrix Systems
Aditi Ruhi
Aditya Burman 2013 Evening MBA Kaathis
Adrian Ecker 2013 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Adrian Pellen 2018 Evening MBA
Adrienne Boutwell
Adrienne Eltink 2008 Evening MBA Adrienne Eltink, Inc.
Adrienne Han Johns Hopkins Hospital
Ahmad Filsoof 2008 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Aimee Lorenz
Ajay Desai 1998 Weekend MBA UBS
Ajay Manglani 2013 Executive MBA Merkle
Ajit Dogra 2008 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Akay Tuncak 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Akif Irfan Goldman Sachs
Akua Hutchful 2008 Full Time MBA Barclays
Al Kim 2008 Full Time MBA Helmsley Charitable Trust
Alain Bouichou 2008 Executive MBA Wavestone
Alain Deza 2008 Executive MBA Sidetrade
Alan Solis 2013 Full Time MBA PROMECAP
Alan Chester Williams-Sonoma
Alan d'Escragnolle
Alan Lazzaro 2008 Evening MBA NVISION
Alan Silberman 2007 Executive MBA Microsoft
Alana Isabel 2013 Full Time MBA R1
Alandrea Timmons 2008 Full Time MBA Moxie Advisors, LLC
Albert Chung Allstate Investments
Albert Cozzi 1988 Executive MBA Cozzi Recycling
Alberto Paracchini 1997 Weekend MBA Byline Bank
Alberto Boleres 606 Coffee Roasters
Alberto Zacarias 1998 Full Time MBA AbbVie
Alda Andreotti Arcadia
Aldo Cvintal 2003 Full Time MBA Cargill, Incorporated
Aled Tien
Alejandra Acevedo
Alejandro Zamorano
Alek Auxier 2017 Weekend MBA Parametric
Aleksandra Efimova
Alessio Crovetto
Alethea Cruz 2008 Full Time MBA Slow Food Marathon County
Alex Clavo
Alex DeCamp Chicago Booth
Alex Fergus 2016 Evening MBA Arity
Alex Garstecki 2014 Evening MBA Avant
Alex Witt 2013 Full Time MBA Cztery Malpki Ltd
Alex Long 2019 Evening MBA McMaster-Carr Supply
Alex Baldwin 2008 Full Time MBA OfferUp
Alexa Williams
Alexander Tang 2008 Evening MBA Gas Technology Institute
Alexander Chris Lozada 1998 Full Time MBA
Alexandra Smith 2019 Full Time MBA
alexandre castanheira 2003 Executive MBA Morgan Stanley
Alexandre Castanheira 2003 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Alexis Miller 2017 Full Time MBA Adobe
Alfonso Garcia 2013 Full Time MBA Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Ali Brimah 2017 Executive MBA The Rank Group
Ali Imam 2019 Evening MBA Sprint Corp
Ali Ghumman 2013 Evening MBA SAP
Ali Waterman 2017 Evening MBA Envoy Global
Ali Khachan 2015 Full Time MBA BCG
Ali Fox Latham and Watkins
Alice Thompson 2017 Full Time MBA Home Chef
Alice Yurechko 2017 Full Time MBA Hasbro, Inc
Alicia Del Real
Alicia Zhang
Alicia DelReal Center for Advanced Emotional Intelligence
Alina Kotova 2013 Full Time MBA
Aline Mathias
Alison MacArtney 2013 Full Time MBA BlackRock
allan cohen 1983 Evening MBA First Analysis PE Fund IV
Allison Weil 2017 Full Time MBA Civis Analytics
Allison Prescott 2017 Full Time MBA Creek Lane Capital
Allison Levitan Health clx
Alok Matapurkar 2008 Full Time MBA BofA Merrill Lynch
Aly Kasberg 2020 Evening MBA DigitasLBi
Alyssa Lim 2003 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Amadeo Ibarra Flores 2013 Full Time MBA Linzor Capital Partners
Aman Dhamija 2013 Full Time MBA Goldman Sachs
Amanda Perkins
Amanda Hargrove
Amanda Felt Chicago Booth Executive Education
Amanda Marshall Chicago Booth
Amanda McQueen Onica
Amare Williams
Amber Zelazny 2008 Full Time MBA Gartner Inc
Ameya Argekar 2022 Weekend MBA Kindred Healthcare
Ami Badani 2008 Full Time MBA Cumulus Networks
Amir Debourou 2008 Full Time MBA Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
Amit Gupta 2008 Full Time MBA Twitter Inc
Amit Bapat 2013 Full Time MBA TrueCar
Amit Sakhuja 2017 Weekend MBA Cummins Inc.
Amit Kalley 2013 Executive MBA Infosys
Amit Kapur Microsoft
Ammar Rizki 2008 Evening MBA Cook County Government
Amparo Garcia 2008 Full Time MBA Analysis & Transformation
Amruta Hunnurkar 2017 Full Time MBA Booth
Amy Hass Simple Mills
Amy Hass
Amy Ellis 1980
Amy Poon 2015 Full Time MBA Starbucks
Amy Davidoff chocola di da
Amy Doperalski 2003 Executive MBA Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Amy Hamilton 1998 Full Time MBA Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Amyn Andharia Oak Street Health
Ana Paula Goellner 2007 Full Time MBA Bayer
Anadi Misra 2014 Full Time MBA BMW
Anand Sundaresan 2008 Full Time MBA The Dow Chemical Company
Anastasia Matveeva
Andre Gnecco Avelar 2013 Full Time MBA Itau
Andrea Sparrey 2003 Full Time MBA Sparrey Consulting Group
Andrea Agnolio 2017 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Andrea McPike 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Andrea Medina
Andres Imaz 2013 Full Time MBA Schuepbach Energy
Andres Naranjo McKinsey & Company
Andrew Leventhal 2013 Full Time MBA TAU Investment Management
Andrew Smith 1988 Full Time MBA Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corporation
Andrew Behrens Yahoo!
Andrew Irvine 2008 Executive MBA TUSK Capital Management
Andrew Kling
Andrew Ahadi 2017 Full Time MBA Bain
Andrew Clarke 1998 Full Time MBA CH Robinson
Andrew Horn 2017 Full Time MBA AlixPartners
Andrew McCulloch 2017 Full Time MBA Alvarez and Marsal
Andrew Plevin 1993 Full Time MBA BroadRiver Asset Management
Andrew Isabel Bain
Andrew Daniels 2019 Evening MBA Morningstar
Andrew Stoll 2006 Full Time MBA Northern Trust Asset Management
Andrew Strong 2019 Evening MBA
ANDREW BEZAITIS 1991 Evening MBA Apopleo, Inc
Andrey Kozlov 2008 Full Time MBA 4Bio Capital
Andrey Matveev 2015 Full Time MBA Google
Andy Shafer SIBBS
Andy Bost 2013 Full Time MBA Ensco plc
Andy Ng 2020 Evening MBA Axis Insurance
Andy Yang 2008 Full Time MBA 500px
Angela Lin 2017 Full Time MBA Adobe Systems Incorporated
Angela Anandappa Alliance for Advanced Sanitation
Angela Jones 2008 Full Time MBA
Angie Ang 2008 Executive MBA Affilion Advisory SB
Anil Kashyap Chicago Booth
Anish Shah Sprout Social
Anish Mehta 2008 Full Time MBA CBRE
Anita Thompson 1993 Evening MBA Wild Blue Services, LLC
Anita L. Hawks, CFP, CRPS 1983 Full Time MBA Charterpoint Wealth Strategies
Anjana Agarwal 2018 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Anjoo Rai-Marchant 2008 Executive MBA HighGround
Anka Twum-Baah 2008 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Ankit Patel 2013 Full Time MBA Ventas
Ann Cheng
Ann Reinisch
Ann Monahan
Anna Haghgooie 2008 Evening MBA Sandbox Industries
Anna Chaldysheva 2017 Full Time MBA Barclays
Anna Yang 2013 Full Time MBA Amazon
Anna Mori 2015 Full Time MBA Chevron
Anna Solomon 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Co.
Anna Pione 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Anna Levchuk 2008 Full Time MBA Optum / United Health Group
Annabelle Zhang 2019 Full Time MBA
Anne Horton 1998 Full Time MBA Mastercard Advisors
Annie Van Winkle Blue Dog Design
Annie Yamashita Intero Real Estate Services
Annika Kapur
Anshu Bhardwaj 2008 Full Time MBA Walmart
Anshuman Acharya 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Anthony Todaro 2003 Executive MBA Soraa
Antoinette Brimah
Antoinette King 2017 Full Time MBA WPC
Anton Heldmann 2019 Weekend MBA FINRA
Antonio Torres 2008 Weekend MBA Gogo, Inc.
Antonio Olivo 2017 Executive MBA LSL Healthcare Inc
Antonio Olivo 2017 Executive MBA LSL Healthcare
Antonio Salomon Tamer 2017 Full Time MBA MIKEL'S
Anu Johns 2017 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Anuj Singhal 2008 Evening MBA Sears
Anuj Bhasin 2008 Full Time MBA Gatorade
Anuradha Chandwani 2018 Evening MBA
Anushka Gaur
Aparna Abburi 2003 Full Time MBA Health Care Service Corporation
Archana Basi 1998 Full Time MBA Capital Group
Archita Patel
Ari Pribadi 2003 Full Time MBA Marathon Capital
Arin Raichaudhuri
Arlan Williams
Armando Tamez 2017 Full Time MBA Crystal Rock Capital Management
arnaud brel 2008 Executive MBA Hill's Pet Nutrition
Arnon Lavie
Aron Branam 2017 Weekend MBA EDP Renewables
Arshele Stevens 2013 Executive MBA Girls Inc. of Chicago
Arshiya Fazal 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Art Middlebrooks Chicago Booth
Arthi Nataraajan 2017 Full Time MBA Flex, Ltd
Arthur Mendes 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon
Arturo Gutierrez 2015 Full Time MBA Life Fitness
Arun Ramamoorthy 2015 Executive MBA Fiserv Inc.
Arup Raha 2013 Executive MBA Infosys
Arvind Vel ANSYS, Inc.
Ashlee Zarolinski 2015 Full Time MBA Southport Midstream
Ashleigh Cares 2015 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Ashton Williams
Ashwath Muralidharan 2015 Full Time MBA TripAdvisor
Ashwin Chandramouli 2008 Full Time MBA Mr
Assal Hellmer GCI Health
Atsushi Yamazaki 2019 Full Time MBA
Audra Mallow 1998 Full Time MBA Long Course Capital, LLC
Audrey Proeve
Audrey Stone
Austan Goolsbee Chicago Booth
Austin Fang 2017 Full Time MBA Sling TV
Austin Namvou
Avani Patel
Avinash Avula 2003 Full Time MBA DuPont
Avirishu Verma 2017 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Aviva Pinto 1983 Full Time MBA Bronfman Rothschild
Ayan Raichaudhuri 2008 Full Time MBA Citi
Baber Abbas 2013 Evening MBA Commscope
Baird Kellogg 2017 Full Time MBA Moelis & Company
Barbara Windisch 1993 Full Time MBA Barbara Windisch Consulting
Barrie Somers
Barry Tarter 2003 Full Time MBA EXACT Sports
Barry Yontef 1978 Full Time MBA
Barry Freeman 2003 Weekend MBA Lincoln International
Barton Cohen 1973 Full Time MBA Cascoh, Inc.
Bayasaa Enkhbaatar 2015 Full Time MBA JPM
Belen Bazano Sammartino 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Belinda Wong Wellington Management
Bella Martinez
Ben Eisenpress 2017 Full Time MBA Dell
Ben Rice 2017 Evening MBA Flowserve
Ben Abelson 2008 Full Time MBA American Century Investments
Ben de Fiebre 2018 Evening MBA
Ben Yarbrough 2008 Full Time MBA Merit Capital Partners
Benjamin Altman
Benjamin Navarro
Benjamin Goucher 2017 Evening MBA The Hartford
Benjamin Schack 2017 Executive MBA BMO Harris Bank
Benjamin Ybarra 2012 Evening MBA JP Morgan Chase
Benjamin Lee 1983 Full Time MBA Phoenix Property Investors Ltd.
Benjamin Bader 1998 Full Time MBA HERE Technologies
Benjamin Chan-Yusuff Lewis Elementary School
Benyamin Intan
Bernie Groveman 1983 Full Time MBA First Manhattan Co.
Beth Cronin
Beth McNamee 2013 Full Time MBA Leaders' Quest
Betsy Ducat APL Logistics
Bianca Savant
Bianca Williams Chicago Booth
Biju Menon 2015 Executive MBA Capital One
Bill Reilly 1998 Full Time MBA PwC
Billy Levine 1998 Full Time MBA SunTrust
Blair Martin 1998 Full Time MBA Spencer Stuart
Blake Seymour 2017 Full Time MBA Procter and Gamble
Blakely Winstead 2020 Evening MBA Microsoft
Blas Puzon Draper & Kramer
Bob Mannarino 1983 Full Time MBA Boardroom Associates
Bob Kuhn 1989 Evening MBA AptarGroup Inc.
Bob Topel Chicago Booth
Bob Bartell 1998 Evening MBA Duff & Phelps Corp.
Bob Hamada Chicago Booth
Bob Niesen GPA Holding Company
Bonjoon Ku 2003 Full Time MBA Exxon Mobil Corporation
Boris Sifuentes 2017 Weekend MBA David Lewis Company
Boris Aksenov 2017 Full Time MBA 2017
Brad Greenberg Wipfli LLP
Brad Romney 2008 Full Time MBA Pluralsight
Bradford Gillum 1993 Full Time MBA Gillum Strategy Partners
Bradley Hoos 2008 Full Time MBA The Outloud Group
Bradley Schwartz 2013 Full Time MBA Delta Air Lines
Brandon Wood 2017 Evening MBA R1 RCM
Brandon Jones 2015 Full Time MBA BCG
Brandon Boros 2018 Evening MBA Impact Engine
Brandon Sitz 2013 Full Time MBA Indeed
Branislav Vukosavljevic 2015 Executive MBA
Brenda Jahnke Chicago Booth
Brendan Downing 2018 Executive MBA RevHound, Inc.
Brendon Eisner 2013 Full Time MBA Phoenix Steel Service, Inc.
Brennan Veys 2013 Full Time MBA Hilton Worldwide
Brent White Chicago Booth
Brent Sesselmann 2017 Weekend MBA IBM
Brett Colasacco
Brett Koch 2015 Full Time MBA Bain and Company
Brett Bonet 2013 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan
BRETT MILLER 2019 Evening MBA MB Financial Bank
Brian Behm 2015 Full Time MBA Tilia Holdings
Brian Thompson 2015 Weekend MBA ZS Associates
Brian Walsh 2015 Evening MBA The Walsh Group
Brian Gracia 2017 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Brian Van Elslander 1993 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
Brian Catron APL Logistics
Brian Morello 1998 Weekend MBA Beloit College
Brian Finerty 2003 Full Time MBA Equity International Management, LLC
Brian Convey 1993 Full Time MBA Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Brian Moskowitz Attorney Revolution
Brian Hughes 1993 Full Time MBA Discover Financial Services, LLC
Brian Acks 2015 Evening MBA CNA Insurance
Brian Sullivan City of Chicago
Brian O'Connor NextGen Growth Partners
Brian Ondyak 2017 Evening MBA Performance Services
Brian Henry 2009 Executive MBA Paragon Biosciences
Brian Louie 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Briana Kearney 2015 Evening MBA XSELL Technologies
Brianna Sherman
Brianne Barco BBB
Brigitte Anderson 2008 Full Time MBA Orange Vista LLC
Brittany Bruner C.H. Robinson
Brittany Henry 2017 Full Time MBA KPMG
Bruce Gockerman 1997 Executive MBA Standard Deviation Econometrics, Ltd.
Bruce Colter 1988 Executive MBA Colter & Associates
Bruce Stein 1978 Full Time MBA aXiomatic Gaming
Bruce Jackson General Motors
Bruna Porto 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Bruno Cipriani 2008 Full Time MBA Nomura Securities
Bryan Martinez
C J Nanivadekar 2008 Weekend MBA Accenture
Caitlin Geehan 2019 Full Time MBA
Caitlyn Olofsson The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Calvin Hay
Calvin Wu 2013 Evening MBA SAP
Cameron Culek
Camilla Liou 2013 Full Time MBA
Camille Emma 2017 Full Time MBA ZS Associates
Candice Rosevear 2012 Evening MBA Global Economics Group
Carey Cheng 2018 Evening MBA Amazon
Carin Nelson 2008 Full Time MBA
Carla Penicka 2018 Evening MBA The University of Chicago Medicine
Carla Adams 2013 Evening MBA Blue Prairie Group
Carla Casares 2013 Full Time MBA Alvarez & Marsal
Carlos Luna Veterans Rebuilding Community, Inc.
Carlos Quiroga Coeur Mining Inc.
Carlos NAVARRO NAVAS 2017 Full Time MBA Exelon
Carlos Villarreal Hernandez 2013 Full Time MBA Linzor Capital Partners
Carmen Gutierrez Smith Julius Baer
carol winfrey Chicago Booth
Carol Rubin University of Chicago
Carol Stansbury University of Chicago
Carol Howarth 1988 Full Time MBA 49th Fund
Carol Okamoto 1991 Evening MBA Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Carol White 1983 Full Time MBA CBWhite Market Research & Strategy
Carol Buehner 2013 Executive MBA 1973
Carolann Gemski 2008 Executive MBA FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)
carolina Gracia 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Carolina Serrano
Carolina Forero 2013 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Caroline Colasacco 2017 Executive MBA Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Caroline Karr 1988 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Caroline Grossman 2003 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Carolyn Blair Sasha & Oliver
Carolyn Kriss 2013 Full Time MBA Square
Carolyn Sellers
Carolyn Brewer 2015 Evening MBA Mattersight
Carolyn Marsh 2008 Full Time MBA Marsh Consulting LLC
Carolyn Braff 2013 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Carrie Chan 2008 Evening MBA Shinho Food Enterprise
Carrie Valencia 2012 Evening MBA University of Chicago Medicine
Casey Monda
Catey McCreary 1998 Full Time MBA CMC Intergrated Supply Chain Consulting
Catey Mark 2013 Full Time MBA Equinox
Cathe Johnson Chicago Booth
Catherine Littell 2008 Full Time MBA Consulting
Catherine Speck 2008 Full Time MBA Accenture
Catherine DeMille 2013 Executive MBA
Catherine Odelbo 2000 Morningstar, Inc.
Cecelia Lakatos Sullivan 1988 Full Time MBA PTI Solutions
Cecilia Kane
Chaoran Jin 2003 Full Time MBA Keystone Capital
Charles Frank 1975 Full Time MBA Z. Frank, Inc.
Charles Bayne 2017 Executive MBA R1 RCM
Charles Bobrinskoy 1983 Full Time MBA Ariel Capital Management, LLC
Charles McCusker 1998 Full Time MBA Patriot Capital Group
Charly Jeganathan 2017 Executive MBA TEKsystems Global Services
Chase Gosselin 2017 Full Time MBA Trive Capital
Chase Yeung 7 Qubes
CHASE YEUNG 2016 Executive MBA 7Qubes LLC
Chelsea Miller Radius Intelligence
Chelsea Vail Chicago Booth
Chelsea Sprayregen 2017 Evening MBA Pie for Providers
Cheryl Cortez 2003 Full Time MBA The Banc Funds Company
Chester Rodeheaver 2017 Executive MBA Pont Capital
Chet Kwasniak 2000 Evening MBA MW Industries
Chiara Mattarozzi
Chloe Willstrom 2013 Full Time MBA Accenture
Chloe Kelley 2013 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Chris Tholstrup 2008 Full Time MBA SkyCentrics
Chris Johnson 1998 Weekend MBA Tivoli Enterprises - Classic Cinemas
Chris Russell 2015 Evening MBA Calamos Investments
Chris Perrault 1993 Full Time MBA CleanChoice Energy
Chris Broughton 2017 Evening MBA Bottom Line
Chris Sikora C.H. Robinson
Chris Abraham 2013 Full Time MBA CVA Investment Management, LLC
Chris Chan 1986 Full Time MBA HKMA
Chris Loehr 2003 Full Time MBA Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC
Chris Bahr Mu Sigma Leadership
Chris Robeson L Brands
Chrissie Pariso 2008 Full Time MBA Exelon Corporation
Christi Steely
christian aparicio 2013 Full Time MBA Nexus Group S. A.
Christian Leman 2008 Executive MBA HomeAway
Christie Lipkie Kent 1998 Full Time MBA SirsiDynix
Christina Ciaccio The University of Chicago
Christina Duncan 2013 Full Time MBA Google
Christine Hanson
Christine Himmelfarb
Christine Usmen 2008 Full Time MBA Newly Weds Foods
Christine Bower JLL
Christopher Donohoe 1993 Full Time MBA Sandler O'Neill
Christopher Noon 1972 Full Time MBA Quadrangle Development Company
Christopher Prokup 2020 Evening MBA United Technologies Corporation
Christopher Myers 2012 Evening MBA EY
Christopher Durr 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey and Company
Christy Hunter 1998 Full Time MBA Transamerica
Christy Leak
Chu-An Lee 2008 Full Time MBA William Blair
Chuck McQuaid 1976 Full Time MBA
Chun Ying Wang 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Cindy Paulauskas 2008 Executive MBA Rivet Radio, Inc
Cindy Judge SRG
Cindy Zollinger 1979 Full Time MBA Cornerstone Research, Inc.
Cissy Zhou 2017 Full Time MBA
CJ Presto Baxter Credit Union
Claude Salmona Ricci 2008 Executive MBA
Clifford Nelson 2017 Weekend MBA DRW
Clyde Danganan Jenner & Block
Colin Volz Draper and Kramer, Incorporated
Colleen Clarke
Connie Keller
Constance Frydenlund 1987 Full Time MBA
Constance Dunn 1981 Evening MBA
Constanza Eblen
Courtney Smith 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Courtney Burrows 2017 Full Time MBA AbbVie
Courtney Hall 2003 Full Time MBA Hillcrest Venture Partners
Craig Iseli 1993 Evening MBA SpiderRock
Craig Yuen 2013 Executive MBA Vantage Specialty Chemicals Inc.
Craig Fichtelberg 2012 Executive MBA AmTrav Corporate Travel
Craig Zummer 1998 Full Time MBA Insight Advisory Partners
Craig Wheeler 1988 Evening MBA
Cristin Garry 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Cristina Bonner
Curtis Miller 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte
Cynthia Smith 2015 Full Time MBA Discover Financial Services
Cynthia Shelley 1996 Evening MBA
Dafydd Silcock 1993 Full Time MBA Berkeley Research Group
Daila Cepeda
Dale Singleton
Daljit Kochhar 2003 Full Time MBA KT Advisory
Dami Oyedele 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon
Damian Dolyniuk 2017 Executive MBA BBH
Damian Ehrlicher 2017 Executive MBA DJE Consulting Services
Dan Boduch 2019 Evening MBA The University of Chicago
Dan Romanelli 2013 Executive MBA USAM Group
Dan Dittler 2008 Full Time MBA Fidelity Investments
Dan Noonan 2003 Executive MBA Forsythe Technology, Inc.
Dan Grossman Boston Consulting Group
Dan Frailey 2009 Evening MBA Omnicom
Dan Zuiches 1998 Full Time MBA
Dan Kirmse 2019 Evening MBA Maranon Capital
Dan Hanson 1998 Full Time MBA JANA Partners
Dan Goldman 1998 Full Time MBA Olson Investment Advisors, LLC
Dane Skillrud 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Daniel Damon 1992 Full Time MBA US Bank
Daniel Vidican
Daniel DeRemigis 2013 Full Time MBA Davita
Daniel Tuller 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon
Daniel Avenick 2008 Full Time MBA Coca-Cola
Daniel Dybala DDY Capital
Daniel Mori Arbulu 2017 Full Time MBA Apple
Daniel Martinen Driehaus Private Equity, LLC
Daniel Ohgi 2008 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan Chase
Daniel Horsley 2008 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting
Daniel Lee
Daniel Kapnick 2013 Full Time MBA Greyrock Capital Group
Daniel Pinzas 2013 Executive MBA
Daniel Scott 2018 Evening MBA Havas Media Group
Daniel Martin 2008 Full Time MBA Nutrabolt
Daniel Rogers 2013 Full Time MBA
Daniel Stump 2008 Full Time MBA Neuberger Berman
Daniela Sinuela
Daniela Collar
Daniela Berger 1998 Full Time MBA The College Board
Daniela Kovacheva
Daniela Melgar 2017 Full Time MBA Google LLC
Danielle Brewer Amazon
Danielle Hamada 1992 Full Time MBA Non-Profit Strategists
Danielle Voloshin 2017 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Darina Denkova 2013 Full Time MBA Adyen
Darrell Cronan 2000 Full Time MBA Proficiency Health Care LLC
Darren Meyer 2010 Evening MBA Magnetrol International
Daselly De Freitas 2017 Evening MBA Life Fitness
Dave Lubnik 2008 Full Time MBA YCharts
Dave Donnelly 2012 Weekend MBA SpiderRock Advisors
Dave Vitale 1976
Dave Koran Underwriter Laboratories
Dave Chenn 2000 China Century Group, Inc.
Dave Franckowiak MW Industries
Dave Gasparovich 2018 Weekend MBA
david long 1988 Full Time MBA VH Blackinton
david barry 2008 Full Time MBA Karbone
David Rawling
David Rabie 2015 Full Time MBA Tovala
David Robertson 1999 Full Time MBA Wine and Beer Supply
David Dohnalek 1988 Evening MBA The Boeing Company
David Morris 2002 Weekend MBA
David Nicholson 1997 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals, Inc.
David Davis Target
David Granat Robert R. McCormick Foundation
David Glick 2003 Executive MBA The University of Chicago Hospitals
David Mitchell William Blair
David Descoteaux 1998 Full Time MBA UBS
David Lee 1987 Credit Suisse Alternative Investments
David Hill 2008 Full Time MBA Club Monaco Gaming
David MacLennan 1988 Cargill Inc.
David Fabish 2003 Full Time MBA Accenture
David Goldberg 2008 Full Time MBA Endeavour Capital
David Abuaf 2008 Full Time MBA Forman Investment Services
David Light 1988 Full Time MBA American Working Capital
David Simon 1993 Full Time MBA Berkeley Research Group, LLC
David Allsop 2016 Evening MBA CME Group
David Ijaz 2003 Executive MBA Effective Therapeutics, LLC
David Staehler 2013 Executive MBA Eli Lilly and Company
David Kite 2017 Executive MBA Free Market Ventures
David McLeese 1988 Full Time MBA First Capital Partners
David Agosto Draper and Kramer, Incorporated
David Kelley 2013 Full Time MBA Addepar, Inc.
David Dalka 2003 Evening MBA Fearless Revival
David Byrd 2013 Executive MBA Blinderman Construction
David Osei 2013 Full Time MBA Capital One
David Berg 1978 Full Time MBA NCPHS
David Winn 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
David Margolin 1993 Full Time MBA Margolin Group
David Smith 2006 Evening MBA Marquette Associates
David Lange 1978 Full Time MBA
David Rentschler 1968 Full Time MBA
David Bochetto 2017 Full Time MBA NextGen Growth Partners
David Kirchheimer 1978 Full Time MBA Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
David Christopher 1998 Full Time MBA Patriot Capital
David Garrigus 2008 Evening MBA Marsh & McLennan
David Wang 2019 Full Time MBA
David Martinelli 2009 Evening MBA
DAVID ABRAHAM 1993 Full Time MBA Siena Capital Partners
David Forrest West 1978 Evening MBA Westadvisor
Davis Yang 2017 Full Time MBA Nan Fung Life Sciences
Dean Kepraios 2013 Executive MBA Willis Towers Watson
Dean Ladin 2018 Evening MBA Morningstar, Inc.
Deana Namvou CISBIO
Deb Emerson 2008 Executive MBA Sonoma Clean Power
Debbie DeSalvo 2003 Evening MBA Tribune Media
Debbie Chan 2008 Evening MBA Walgreens
Deborah Hilibrand 1979 The Hilibrand Foundation
Debra Michaels 2019 Evening MBA Chicago Run
Decio Cunha
Deepali Sachdeva 2008 Executive MBA Penderie, Inc.
Deepthi Chelupati 2017 Weekend MBA Amazon web services
Deepti Shirsalkar 2008 Full Time MBA River North Consulting, LLC
Deepti Tatini 2008 Full Time MBA Prudential
Deepti Jodhawat 2017 Full Time MBA
Demetrios Dounis 2007 Full Time MBA The Compass Group
Demi Chao 2017 Full Time MBA GMS - Global Merchant Services, Inc.
Denis Casaubon 2017 Weekend MBA TAFi
Denis Beslic 2017 Full Time MBA Lending Club
Denisse Williams
Dennis Keller 1968 Full Time MBA
Dennis Williams 1965 Full Time MBA QuincyMedia Inc.
Dennis Dombroski 1978 Full Time MBA Pfizer
Dennis Chookaszian 1968
Dev Ashish 2013 Weekend MBA GoHealth Urgent Care
Dheeraj Ravi 2017 Full Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Dhiraj Rajaram 2003 Mu Sigma INC
Diana Cohen
Diana Mota Barrera 2017 Full Time MBA Unilever
Diana Molinar Grupo Hunan
Diane Dygert Seyfarth Shaw LLC
Diane Preston Toys "R" Us
Diane Hagen 1983 Full Time MBA Chicago Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, LTD
Diane Dawson 1980 Evening MBA Dawson Sales
Diane Nguyen 2013 Full Time MBA Inflection Capital
Dilip Agrawal 2017 Evening MBA Baxter
dima mostovoy 2013 Full Time MBA fidelity
Dina Jachi 2017 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Dion Johnson
Dionne Jacomello 2008 Executive MBA Global Business School
Dionne Jacomello 2008 Executive MBA Global Business School
Dipen Gala 2017 Evening MBA VirtualKEY
Dirk Halbach 2003 Full Time MBA Encyclopaedia Britannica
Divij Dogra
DJ Thompson 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co.
Dmitry Tyomkin 2008 Executive MBA Citadel
Dmytro Symak Lviv Polytechnic National University
Dominic Vallosio University of Chicago
Dominique Favell
Don Delves 1980 Full Time MBA Willis Towers Watson
Don Emond
Don Vanpool 2001 Weekend MBA OptaProfit
Don Miller 1993 Full Time MBA
Donald Andrews 2008 Full Time MBA LGIMA
Donn Reinelt 1978 Full Time MBA Corry Capital Advisors
Donna Zarcone 1987 Full Time MBA The Economic Club of Chicago
Donna Salvatore 1983 Evening MBA Megalytics, Inc.
Donnie Phillips 2013 Full Time MBA Citadel Securities
Dora Gu 2012 Full Time MBA GATX
Doug Hanna
Doug Peta 1998 Full Time MBA BCA Research
Douglas Walker 1978 Full Time MBA Stewart Adair Shumante LLC
Douglas Barnard 1998 Weekend MBA CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
Douglas Keller 2008 Full Time MBA Glass Products Wholesale LLC
Douglas X Adams 1964 Evening MBA Adams Valuation Corp
Drew Daum 2019 Evening MBA Wheaton Capital
Drew Burns 2017 Executive MBA Tsinghua Finance Capital
Drew Thomson 2018 Evening MBA
Drury Armstrong Grace Hill
Durant Gipson 2008 Full Time MBA Oracle
Dustin Braunreiter 2017 Executive MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Dwight Hutchinson 2013 Full Time MBA Lucus Advisors
Ed Rowland 1983 Full Time MBA Rowland Global LLC
Ed Polich Draper and Kramer
Ed Miller 1983 Full Time MBA EMCC Executive Coaching
Edem Dzakpasu 2013 Full Time MBA Chevron
Eden Jones
Edgar Ancona 1976 Full Time MBA
Edgar Gonzalez 2008 Full Time MBA Nuveen Investments
Edgardo Crovetto 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Edi Ekhomu 2013 Full Time MBA Generic Electric
Edison Ordonez 2008 Full Time MBA LATICRETE Inc.
Eduard Beit 1988 Full Time MBA JP Morgan Asset Management
Eduardo Veiga 2003 Full Time MBA Exelon Corp
Eduardo Rossi 2013 Full Time MBA Pßtria Investimentos
Edward Brice 2008 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings
Efrat Stamler Payoneer
Elaine Garven 2013 Full Time MBA Stripe
Elaine Zong 1998 Full Time MBA ERJ Investments
Elatia Abate 2008 Full Time MBA Elatia Abate, LLC
Eleanor Chan-Yusuff
Eleanor Coe 1965 Full Time MBA Self-Employed
Eliana Pinilla-Ryhal RXBAR
Eliana Lopez
Elias Boufis 2009 Evening MBA Driehaus Private Equity, LLC
Elisabeth Azzarello 1990 Full Time MBA
Elisabeth Goossen 2015 Full Time MBA
Elizabeth Oates 2013 Full Time MBA Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
Elizabeth Silverman 1978 Full Time MBA The Peddie School
Elizabeth Veys
Elizabeth Spenko
Elizabeth Gisch 2013 Executive MBA CME Group
Elizabeth Mitchell 2003 Full Time MBA BMO
Elizabeth Kim 2008 Full Time MBA Cain Brothers
Elizabeth Gosselin 2017 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Elizabeth Bleakley 2002 Evening MBA Bleakley Law LLC
Elizabeth Patejunas 1988 Full Time MBA
Elizabeth Cohen 1998 Full Time MBA Paris Presents Incorporated
Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Goltermann 1983 Full Time MBA KI Industries
Ella Greer
Ellen Beatty 1990 Full Time MBA The Aerospace Corporation
Ellen Bermingham 1993 Full Time MBA Bermingham Culler Group
Ellen Rudnick Chicago Booth
Ellen Rudnick 1973 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Ellie Shen
Elysia Root 2005 Evening MBA
Emeka Anyanwu
Emilee DeMartino McDonald's
Emily Wattimena
Emily Shen
Emily Hanson
Emily Splett 2016 Weekend MBA Farmer's Fridge
Emily Hallowell 2008 Full Time MBA Aera Technology
Emily Kruger 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Emily Kidd 2019 Full Time MBA
Emily Wang 2015 Full Time MBA HealthLoop
Emily Strobel Amiet 2008 Full Time MBA Mars
Emma Van Gorden
Emmeline Veys
Erez Stamler 2013 Full Time MBA Divergent Capital
eric bielke 2008 Full Time MBA GE Ventures
eric crowley 2008 Full Time MBA GP Bulllhound
Eric Muehlhauser 2003 Full Time MBA Wolverine Asset Management
Eric Olson 2011 Evening MBA Red Kite Advisory
Eric Zimmer 2009 Executive MBA University of Notre Dame
Eric Sheffield Eric Sheffield Architect
Eric Lin 2013 Evening MBA Discover Financial Services
Eric Jeng 2015 Full Time MBA Elsevier
Eric Held 2008 Full Time MBA Development Specialists, Inc.
Eric Lewis 2007 Full Time MBA Caldwell Companies
Eric Lundstedt Chicago Booth
Eric Simon 2006 Evening MBA C.H. Robinson
Eric Meier 1998 Evening MBA Performance Trust Capital Partners
Eric Nordness 2005 Evening MBA Hickory Street Capital
Eric Suh 2018 Weekend MBA
Eric Jacobsohn 2008 Full Time MBA Mesirow Financial
Erica Phillips
Erica Nollen 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Erica Salin 2013 Full Time MBA Nike
Erich Anderson 2019 Evening MBA
Erik Russel
Erik Proeve
Erik Sjolseth 2003 Full Time MBA Nordstrom
Erik Steffensen 2003 Full Time MBA Point B Property Development
Erik Kolstoe 2003 Full Time MBA
Erik Underwood 2017 Full Time MBA Marathon Capital
Erik Hansen 2008 Full Time MBA
Erika Streu
Erika Williams 2008 Executive MBA UnionBanc Investment Services
Erika Maschmeyer Columbia Wanger Asset Management
Erin Culek
Erin O'Keefe 2008 Evening MBA Public Building Commission of Chicago
Erin Lucien 2003 Full Time MBA Springstone Advisory
Erin Squires 2008 Full Time MBA
Ernest (Ernie) Levine 1968 Full Time MBA Admiral Tool & Mfg. Company
Ethan Shen
eunhee sumner 1998 Full Time MBA Starbucks Corporation
Eve Glatt 1998 Full Time MBA UBP Asset Management
Evelyn Yee 2003 Full Time MBA
Everest Villaverde
Evgenia "Jenny" Murkes 2003 Full Time MBA Consero Global
Evgeniya Makarova 2008 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Eyal Altman 2003 Full Time MBA Littelfuse, Inc.
Eyal Ofir 2013 Full Time MBA Lazard
Fabio Iunis De Paula 1998 Full Time MBA IndicatorCapital
Fabio Massao Inocima 2013 Full Time MBA Kinea Investimentos
Faezeh Fathizadeh Sacred Space International
FAIZAL SYED 1993 Full Time MBA Calatrava Advisors Pte Ltd
Farhan Siddiqi 2007 McDonalds
Farhan Banani 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Farhan Ahmed 2013 Full Time MBA Instagram
Farooq Abbasi 2008 Full Time MBA Mizuho Securities
Federico Gonzalez 2013 Full Time MBA HIG Capital
felipe de campos salles 2017 Full Time MBA Cargill
Felipe Moreno 2017 Full Time MBA JusBrasil
FELIPE SILVA 2013 Full Time MBA Inversiones Lota Green Ltda.
Felix Heurich 2017 Full Time MBA Bregal Unternehmerkapital
Felix Schupp 2015 Executive MBA Aircloak
Femi Akinde 2008 Full Time MBA Azuqua
Fengsuo Zhou 1998 Full Time MBA Humanitarian China
Fergus McKay 2008 Full Time MBA HSBC
Fernanda Gomez Ocejo 2017 Full Time MBA Shipbob
Fiona Zhang 2019 Full Time MBA
Flavia Greca
Flavia Garcia 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Fletcher McCombie 2017 Weekend MBA Clerestory Consulting
Fong Wa Chung Mui 2013 Full Time MBA
Forest Himmelfarb 2008 Full Time MBA Newell Brands
Forrest D. Bailey Draper and Kramer, Incorporated
Frances DeBlasio 1995 Full Time MBA Ticketmaster/Live Nation
Francesco Schettino 2017 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Francesco Meloni 1998 Full Time MBA Heatherdown LLC
Francine Tabas 1978 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
Frank Karbarz 1998 Full Time MBA CoreX Materials Inc.
Fred Greene 2013 Full Time MBA Project Destined
Fred Musnicki The Niven Marketing Group
Fred Steingraber 1964 Full Time MBA
Frederic Surville 2017 Weekend MBA Rice Industries
Frederic Mantha 2008 Full Time MBA Caisse de dΘp⌠t et placement du QuΘbec (CDPQ)
Frederik Wattimena 2008 Executive MBA FT Capital Partner Ltd
Gabriel Pankhurst Verde Associates
gabriela chanona 2017 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Gail Khosla
Gail Tien 1993 Full Time MBA
Gal Skarishevsky 2017 Full Time MBA LSV Asset Managment
Ganesh Relekar 2017 Executive MBA Ipsos
Gang Sun 1998 Full Time MBA Qualcomm
Garrett Monda 2013 Full Time MBA The Riverside Company
Garrett Norman 2013 Full Time MBA JP Morgan Asset Management
Gary Ng 2015 Full Time MBA Rocketmiles
Gary Kash 1978 Full Time MBA Gary Kash Marketing Insights
Gary Singer 1978 Full Time MBA A.T. Kearney, Inc.
Gary Lewis 2008 Full Time MBA Cascade Partners
Gary Radville 1983 Evening MBA Lively Bottle
Gaurav Rana 2008 Full Time MBA Oportun Inc.
Gautam Ganguli 2013 Full Time MBA Atlas Brescon India Fund / Atlas Merchant Capital
Gavin Palatt 1993 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
Gayatri Narayan 2008 Full Time MBA Amazon
Gem McCreary 2013 Full Time MBA TalentoTotal
Gene Fama Chicago Booth
Gene Rapoport 2013 Full Time MBA Bain & Company, Inc.
Gene Settoon 2015 Full Time MBA Invenergy
Gene McEnery GTIII Holdings, LLC.
Geoff McQueen 2013 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting LLC
Geoffrey Bonn 2003 Full Time MBA Symcor
George Keushguerian 1978 Full Time MBA Twinpeaks Software
George Papa SpiderRock
George Constantinides Chicago Booth
George Koshy 1988 Full Time MBA Alva Capital Management
George Mansour 2008 Weekend MBA PricewaterhouseCoopers
George Kumis 1973 Full Time MBA
George Sauter 1988 Full Time MBA John Muir Health
George Hendrick 1993 Evening MBA Hines Corporation
George Sorin Dan 2008 Evening MBA
Georgi Popov 2013 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Gerald Nudo 1973 Full Time MBA Marc Realty
Germana Paterlini 2008 Executive MBA Certusoft
Gilles Guillon
Gina Potthoff University of Chicago
Gina Biernacki 2019 Full Time MBA
Gina Cavato Mintel
Ginette Oebel 2013 Executive MBA Basinghall Partners
Girish Pai Shopalyst
GIRISH SATYA 2008 Full Time MBA TSG Consumer Partners
Girisha Chandraraj 2003 Full Time MBA Elite Sportswear
Glenn Sykes Chicago Booth
Glenn David Jackola 2008 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Gloria Pogofsky Ret.
Gloria Zhang 2017 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Grace Lee
Graham Lewis 1988 Full Time MBA PRL Investments, L.P.
Grant Curry 2013 Full Time MBA Dyal Partners
Grant Manny LFI Real Estate
Grant Bremner 1993 Full Time MBA
Greg Washburn 1998 Full Time MBA TFS Capital Partners
Greg Wilensky 1993 Full Time MBA AllianceBernstein
Greg Zinsmeister 2019 Evening MBA Chicago Blackhawks
Gregory Bunch Chicago Booth
Gregory Dorai 2003 Full Time MBA Cisco
Gretchen Kohlhepp
Grete Willstrom AbbVie
Guilherme Vaisman 2013 Full Time MBA Ambev
Guillaume Debernardi 2015 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Guillaume Piard 2015 Full Time MBA Nalo
Guillermo Del Nogal 2008 Evening MBA adidas China
Gus Sauter 1980 Full Time MBA Retired Vanguard
Haining Zheng 2015 Full Time MBA DaVita
Hakeem SB Yusuff 2013 Full Time MBA BASF Construction Chemicals
Hal Weitzman Chicago Booth
Halley Kehoe 2006 Full Time MBA
Hamilton Chang 1993 Full Time MBA Ballparks of America
Hammad Shaikh 2017 Evening MBA Microsoft
Hannah Mannino
Hannah Goldberg 2015 Full Time MBA Facebook
Hannah Pecis Greenlee Diamond Tool Co.
Hao Meng 2015 Full Time MBA Lyft, Inc.
Hap Bryant
haresh KRIPALANI 2008 Full Time MBA Nutanix
Haresh Sapra Chicago Booth
Harley Bassman 1983 Full Time MBA
Harry Zhu Alliant
Harry Davis Chicago Booth
Harry Gendler 1993 Full Time MBA
Harsha Majeti 2015 Executive MBA Sabre
Harsha Pakhal 2015 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Harshad Mali 2013 Evening MBA mbaMission
Harshal Gorde 2008 Full Time MBA Dowling Hales
Harshal Chaudhari 2008 Evening MBA IBM
Hassan Afzal Idaho State University
Heather Fairclough
Heather Choe 2017 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz Company
Heather Leaver-Spear 2018 Executive MBA
Heejin Ryu 2008 Full Time MBA Constellation
Heidi Colter
Heidi Graham 2016 Evening MBA Casechek
Helen Bremner PwC
Helen Do Chester 2013 Full Time MBA Sphera
Helen Wu 2018 Weekend MBA Booth
Helen Kondos 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Helmuth Ludwig 1990 Full Time MBA Siemens
Hema Sharma
Herman Reepmeyer 1978 Full Time MBA
Hernando Bunuan 2007 Full Time MBA Adykai Ventures
Hilda Pedere
Himanshu Varandani 2009 Weekend MBA TransUnion Healthcare
Hoda Tabbara
Holly Shearer Chicago Booth
Holly Guzman 2013 Full Time MBA Henkel
Horacio Larios 2015 Executive MBA Invenergy
Howard Simon
Howard Lu 2008 Full Time MBA Fidelity Investments
Howard Bi
Howard Hodel 1978 Full Time MBA Hawaii Employees' Retirement System
Huaysin Ang
hugh morgan 1988 Full Time MBA Accelerance
Hugh Cameron 2013 Full Time MBA O'Brien-Staley Partners
Ian Adams 2017 Evening MBA Clean Energy Trust
Ian Lue 1993 Full Time MBA Guggenheim Partners, LLC
Ileana Funez 2015 Full Time MBA Adobe
Ilya Zlotnik 2016 Evening MBA Vivaldi Capital Management
Immanuel Thangaraj 1993 Full Time MBA Park Lane Ventures
Indre M Semogas 1978 Full Time MBA
Ira Fox 2008 Full Time MBA Fitch Ratings
Ira Dym 1993 Full Time MBA
Ira Moreland 2003 Executive MBA ICV Partners
irene rodriguez 1993 Full Time MBA CalPERS
Irene Hale 1988 Full Time MBA The Huntington National Bank
IRFAN MALIK 2017 Executive MBA Tharawat
Irina Logovinsky 2003 Full Time MBA
Isabel Neumann 2003 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Isabelle Goossen 1978 Full Time MBA
Itai Koren 2017 Full Time MBA Cisco
Ivan Joseph 2003 Full Time MBA Microsoft Corporation
Ivana Marich 2003 Evening MBA Robert W. Baird
Ivy Chenn
J.D. Cronin 1988 Full Time MBA William Blair Investment Management
Jack Held
Jack Namvou 2013 Full Time MBA DSN Enterprises
Jack Wadsworth 1963 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
jackie kaweck 2005 Full Time MBA Vivid Seats
Jackie Winter
Jackie Kurtz
Jackie Dessibourg
Jackson Greer
Jackson Kelley
Jacky Song 2017 Full Time MBA NIKE
Jacob Gomolinski-Ekel 2015 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Jacqueline Murphy 2018 Evening MBA
Jaime Streem 2013 Full Time MBA Beam Suntory
Jake Mikva 2017 Full Time MBA GoodWerk
Jake Hamlin 2017 Evening MBA Merrill Lynch
Jake Levine 2018 Weekend MBA
Jamal Wilburn 2013 Full Time MBA Jones-Dilworth, Inc.
james watson 1993 Evening MBA Doculabs Inc.
James Adams 1998 Full Time MBA Strong Leader
James Geraghty 2013 Full Time MBA ZapLabs
James Levinson 2017 Full Time MBA AT&T
James Riso 2017 Full Time MBA Daily Harvest
James Murray 1993 Full Time MBA
James Kinoshita 1988 Full Time MBA PNC Bank
James Giuliani 2017 Executive MBA GreenSky
James Ziegelbauer 1977 Full Time MBA JRZ, LLC
James Cao 2018 Evening MBA Health Care Service Corporation
Jameson Stengel 2013 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Jamie Muehlhauser
Jamie Shah 2013 Full Time MBA Chem-Impex International, Inc.
Jamie Lancaster Kroger
Jamie Tam 2008 Full Time MBA Platinum Equity
Jamie Rubinstein 2017 Full Time MBA Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Jamison Larsen 2008 Full Time MBA DaVita
Jan Soderberg
Jan Miecznikowski 1993 Full Time MBA
Jana Frank
Jana Piragic Nova University
Jane Gonnerman 2008 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Janice Farrar Chicago Booth Career Services
Janine Durbin 1999 Evening MBA Bank of America
Jarret Weinrich
Jason Winterboer 2008 Full Time MBA Tiffany & Co.
Jason Perry
Jason Kozmic
Jason Forte 2015 Full Time MBA Capco
Jason Berling Fidelity
Jason Carver 2002 Evening MBA FIS
Jason Ramski 2015 Evening MBA Goldman Sachs
Jason Ortiz 2015 Evening MBA Merrill Lynch
Jason Kania 2013 Executive MBA K Squared Fund
Jason Hanson McKinsey and Company
Javier Candial
Javier Hinojosa Aranda 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Jay Duffy 2017 Evening MBA West Monroe Partners
Jay Sinder 1993 Full Time MBA ForeSee Results Inc.
Jay Alter 1996 Weekend MBA Curriculum Technology
Jay Subramaniam 2015 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth
Jay Dial 1988 Full Time MBA Ohio State University
Jay Longbottom 1979 Full Time MBA
Jay Inks 1993 Evening MBA JMI Holdings
Jean Jourdain
Jean Meyer 1988 Full Time MBA JFM Holdings, Inc.
Jeanne Lamar
Jean-Pierre DubΘ Chicago Booth
Jean-Serge Klein
Jeff Carter 2007 Executive MBA West Loop Ventures
Jeff Daniel PVS Chemicals
Jeff Lee 2010 Executive MBA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Jeff Richman Draper and Kramer
Jeff Gutierrez 2017 Executive MBA GoHealth
Jeff Kamperschroer C.H. Robinson
Jeff Swiatek 1998 Full Time MBA AIG
Jeff Cesario 2008 Executive MBA Heidrick & Steuggles
Jeff Neuman 1998 Full Time MBA Heineken
Jeff Siewert 1998 Full Time MBA Grapevine Enterprises
Jeffrey Stine 2013 Full Time MBA VestedWorld
Jeffrey Ke 1998 Full Time MBA WinTwin Global Capital
Jeffrey Gourdji 1998 Full Time MBA Prophet Brand Strategy
Jeffrey Hanks Bill Hanks Lumber
Jeffrey Rowen 2009 Executive MBA HERE Technologies
Jeffrey Williams 2008 Full Time MBA Monroe Capital
Jeffrey Bi
Jen LaBelle 2008 Full Time MBA American Express
Jen Korynski 2013 Full Time MBA
Jenna Russell 2003 Executive MBA
Jenna Gilbreath 2020 Weekend MBA
Jennifer Stratman Stratman Partners Executive Coaching, Inc.
Jennifer Howell
Jennifer Tekkey
Jennifer Jaucian 2008 Full Time MBA Savile Dagny
Jennifer Jaucian 2008 Full Time MBA Savile Dagny
Jennifer Kastenholz 2013 Full Time MBA Arthur J. Gallagher
Jennifer Barbieri Barbieri Group LLC
Jennifer Sagan 2014 Evening MBA Fitch Ratings
Jennifer Sheffield 1993 Full Time MBA Citigroup
Jennifer Shofner Ecolab
Jennifer Chung 2008 Evening MBA Chicago Trading Company
Jennifer Young 2013 Full Time MBA Evercore
Jennifer Ballinger 2008 Full Time MBA EMCare
Jennifer Alexander Monzon 2008 Full Time MBA Chapin Coffee
Jennifer Caballero APL Logistics
Jennifer Boss 2008 Executive MBA Heitman
Jennifer Kozmic 2008 Full Time MBA McDonald's
Jenny Hanly
Jeremie Rosselli 2013 Full Time MBA N26
Jeremy Falendysz 2007 Full Time MBA Amherst Partners
Jerry Alderman 2008 Executive MBA Valkre Solutions Inc.
Jerry Hoffman C.H. Robinson
Jerry Levin 1968 Full Time MBA JW Levin Management Partners LLC
Jess Hansen 2008 Evening MBA NowSecure, Inc.
Jessica Baiguera 2008 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
Jessica Altman
Jessica Harmon 2013 Full Time MBA TransUnion
Jessica Mitra 2008 Executive MBA Deutsche Bank
Jessica Strausbaugh 2008 Evening MBA Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Jessica Chan Cleveland Clinics
Jessica Villaverde Creel
Jessica Bliesner 2008 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth Angels
Jessica Jacobs Ernst & Young
Jessica Whitt 2008 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Jianwei Gu 2019 Weekend MBA GE Healthcare
Jiayi Lin 2022 Weekend MBA Discover financial services
Jill Feldman 1988 Full Time MBA Strategic Development Associates
Jim Davis 1983 Full Time MBA Texas Corporate Capital Advisors
Jim Turmo Thermo Fisher Scientitific
Jim Kole
Jim Richards
Jim Walters 1983 Full Time MBA Future State Inc.
Jim Misener 50,000feet
Jim Burtt 1993 Full Time MBA Cloudera
Jim Fick Experian
Jim Long 2008 Executive MBA Contour Saws, Inc.
Jim Hayes Draper and Kramer
Jim Pockross 1978 Full Time MBA Pockross Properties / James Pockross & Associates
Jim Kearns
Jim Hill, Jr. 1967 Full Time MBA
JIM O'DONNELL 1977 Full Time MBA O'Donnell Capital Company, LLC
Jinesh Ramani 2017 Full Time MBA DoorDash
Jingjia Zang 2018 Full Time MBA Chevron
Jitender Batra 2003 Full Time MBA Alix Partners
JJ Goldberg
Joan De la Paz Hellmer 2013 Full Time MBA Viento Capital LLC
Joan Giardina 1974 Evening MBA Chesley Taft & Associates LLC
JoAnn Suh
Joanna Frazier 2013 Full Time MBA Greystar
Joanna Si 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
JoAnna Takla 2015 Evening MBA 1985
Joao Coelho 2017 Weekend MBA
Jodan Ledford Legal & General Investment Management America
Joe Woods 1983 Full Time MBA CDW Corporation
Joe Wicklander 2014 Executive MBA CIBC Bank USA
Joe Pietrzak 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Joe Qualtier IBM Watson Health
Joe Sifferlen 1993 Executive MBA Premier Asset Management, LLC
Joe Kunkel 1988 Full Time MBA
Joe Mallahan 1993 Full Time MBA Jim James, LLC
Joel Taboada US Army
Joel Miller 1998 Full Time MBA Intel Capital
Joerg Proeve CNA Insurance
Joey Lee 2008 Full Time MBA AQR Capital
john jenkins 1973 Evening MBA
John LeVert 2008 Full Time MBA William Blair
John Snider 1988 Full Time MBA RBC Capital Markets
John Covell
John Huber 1988 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
John Townley-Johnson 2008 Executive MBA
John Amboian 1984 Full Time MBA
John Howell 1998 Full Time MBA Zurich Insurance Company
John Perry 1966 Evening MBA Four Hour Society, Inc.
John Mazarakis 2017 Executive MBA Cecil Pulaski Properties
John Wallace 2017 Executive MBA Brookfield
John Wyszynski 1993 Full Time MBA Gerretson Realty, Inc.
John Gannon 1993 Full Time MBA Blue Spark Technologies
John Domanskis 2015 Full Time MBA BCG
John Thephasdin 2017 Evening MBA Bank of America
John Song 2003 Full Time MBA Baird
John Dunn 2010 Weekend MBA GE Digital
John Woodward 1978 Full Time MBA Front Porch
John Staton 1988 Full Time MBA CPF Recovery Ways
John Michelsen 1978 Evening MBA
John Miller 2000 Full Time MBA Nuveen
John Robinson 2004 Executive MBA JP Morgan Private Bank
John Herrold 2008 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan
John Engel 1998 Full Time MBA Knowledge Capital Consulting
John O'Toole 1979 Full Time MBA
John Davidson 1984 Evening MBA OCC
John Hammerschlag 1973 Full Time MBA Hammerschlag & Co., Inc.
John Cosentino 1993 Evening MBA
John Evarts 2005 Executive MBA Mediafly
John Muirhead 1993 Full Time MBA
John Smith 1988 Full Time MBA Merrill Lynch
JOHN KEARNS 1997 Executive MBA Fleur Dentistry LLP
Jon Hammer 2013 Full Time MBA StubHub
Jon Lewis
Jon Maschmeyer 2008 Full Time MBA The Vistria Group
Jonah Kling
jonathan herbst 1998 Full Time MBA UBS Investment Bank
Jonathan Chait 2016 Executive MBA University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business
Jonathan Faulk
Jonathan Coffey 2017 Full Time MBA Qapital, Inc.
Jonathan Hay 2013 Full Time MBA Boston Red Sox
Jonathan Dyck 2008 Full Time MBA CIM
Jonathan Hargrove 2015 Weekend MBA Invenergy
Jonathan Smucker 2017 Weekend MBA Marietta Investment Partners
Jonathan Chan 2015 Full Time MBA Lumere
Jordan Herrod
Jordan Tepper 2013 Full Time MBA Apologue
Jordan Levine 2008 Evening MBA American Chemical Society
Jordan Katz 2008 Evening MBA Insight Venture Partners
Jorge Alvarez 2015 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Jorge Zebadua 2008 Full Time MBA BBVA
Jorge Caraballo 2013 Full Time MBA
Joris Zwegers Kantar Consulting (WPP)
jose candial 2003 Full Time MBA ScotiaBank
Jose Gonzalez US Marine Corps
Jose Rojas 2017 Full Time MBA LafargeHolcim
Jose Armando Eduque 1968 Full Time MBA
Josefina Bustamante
joseph rizzi 1973 Full Time MBA Macro Strategies, LLC
Joseph Raudabaugh 2017 Full Time MBA A.T. Kearney, Inc
Joseph Sorum 2007 Weekend MBA General Electric Healthcare
Joseph Banks 1978 Full Time MBA Library of Congress
Joseph Sheils 2005 Evening MBA MB Financial Bank, NA
Joseph Casola 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Joseph Alexander 2017 Evening MBA Palo Alto Networks
Joseph Greer 2015 Executive MBA Makexchange
Josh Leavitt 2003 Full Time MBA Zoku Technologies, Inc.
Josh Susser 2015 Executive MBA ECMC Group
Josh Raizin 2015 Full Time MBA Cedar Street Asset Managment
Josh Tobey 2008 Evening MBA IMS
Josh Weiss 2017 Full Time MBA NextGen Growth Partners
Joshua Steely 2008 Full Time MBA Sazerac Company
Joshua Cohen 2020 Executive MBA W16 Energy
Joshua Prangley 2008 Full Time MBA Investment BankingJP Morgan Chase
Jossy Matute 1998 Full Time MBA Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
Joyce Sterk 1995 Evening MBA Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Joyce Zhao 2018 Weekend MBA
Joye Wykoff 2017 Executive MBA
Juan Bell 2008 Full Time MBA 1977
Juan Boido 2013 Full Time MBA MillerCoors
Juan Donadio 2013 Full Time MBA Government Buenos Aires Province
JUAN DIEGO HENAO 2003 Full Time MBA Connectors International
Juan Pablo Ortiz Southern Cross Group
Judith Griffin 1971 Evening MBA J. Griffin and Associates, Inc.
Judy Meguire 1977 Full Time MBA Pritzker Family Office
Jules Dessibourg 2008 Full Time MBA Chubb
Julia Richardson
Julia Descoteaux
Julia Walter 2012 Executive MBA Franklin Monroe
Julia Sanders 2017 Evening MBA Axiom Consulting Partners
Julia Galotto 2003 Full Time MBA
Julian Rowlands 2017 Full Time MBA Alter Global
Julianne Gorte 1978 Full Time MBA Cloverbrook Advisors, LLC
Julie Diedrich
Julie Muggli 2017 Evening MBA United Airlines
Julie Blankemeier
Julie Casola
Julie Morton Chicago Booth
Julie Boland 1993 Full Time MBA Ernst & Young
Julie Lowe 1978 Full Time MBA Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina
Julie McLaughlin 2013 Executive MBA
Julie Ginsberg 2015 Full Time MBA PepsiCo
Julien Attal 2008 Full Time MBA Portman Square Capital
julio kuri 2013 Full Time MBA Kue Capital
Julio Antonio Cortes CR Realty
June Fan
Justen Knight 2013 Full Time MBA Google
Justin Strausbaugh
Justin Carroll
Justin BELEOKEN 2008 Executive MBA World Bank
Justin Larkin 2018 Evening MBA Altria Group
Justin Odonnell 2018 Evening MBA
Justin Sheperd 2003 Evening MBA
Justin Samaniego 2018 Evening MBA Grainger
Justine Jang 2017 Full Time MBA Ally
Jymme Chaouki
Kaan Kadioglu 2019 Evening MBA McMaster Carr Supply
Kalyan Patel
Kandace Barker 2015 Evening MBA Digitas
Kaniika Gupta 2017 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Kara Lee Chicago Booth
Kara Sheaffer Chicago Booth
Kara Settoon 2015 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting LLC
Karan Wallia 2013 Full Time MBA
karen pleva 2008 Executive MBA Sodexo
Karen Greer
Karen Meezan 1993 Full Time MBA Skjervem Inc.
Karen Reepmeyer
Karen Hernandez Chicago Veterans
Karen Passmore 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Karen Graham 1993 Full Time MBA Novantas
Karin Danganan 1993 Full Time MBA
Karina Lopez Chicago Veterans
Karina Inocima Facebook
Karina Convers 2018 Weekend MBA Newport Partners
Karl L. Buschmann 1985 Full Time MBA The GMC International Group
Karthik Rajan
Karthik Rajagopalan 2017 Executive MBA McKinsey & Company
Kartik Chandrayana
Kasey Stonehill 2017 Full Time MBA Mark43
Kash Muthuraman 2003 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz
Kat Goodman 2015 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz
Katarina Lackner 2017 Full Time MBA Adobe
Kate Kelly 2019 Evening MBA Smart Museum of Art
Kate Besser 2016 Evening MBA Speciate AI
Kate Wade 2005 Full Time MBA Wade Strategy
Kate Deland 2017 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Kate Lennox 2013 Full Time MBA Tyson
Kate Bensen The Chicago Network
Kate Wang 2017 Full Time MBA BAML
Kate Stephens 2005 Full Time MBA Compass
Kate Duncan 2017 Evening MBA Hyatt
Kate Richardson 2008 Full Time MBA mbaMission
Katerina Valtcheva 2019 Full Time MBA
Katharine Klein 1978 Full Time MBA GE Healthcare
Katherine Ziegelbauer
Katherine Puffer 2003 Executive MBA VH Valuations Inc.
Katherine Stone 2008 Evening MBA Tyson
Katherine Schulman 2017 Full Time MBA IrishAngels Ventures
Katherine Bader 2016 Executive MBA NORTHERN
Kathleen Wilson 2017 Full Time MBA The Minte
Kathleen Wilson 2017 Full Time MBA The Minte
Kathleen Lamb Douglas Elliman
Kathleen Sullivan Chicago Booth
Kathleen Keenoy 2017 Full Time MBA Pfizer
Kathryn Goodman 2015 Full Time MBA Kraft Heinz Company
Kathryn D'Amico 2018 Full Time MBA
Kathy Keefe
Kathy Barber 1988 Full Time MBA Bangor Savings Bank
Kathy Thurston 2017 Executive MBA CIBC Bank USA
Kathy Bartlett KBW Investment LLC
Kathy Mohanna 2017 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Kathy Schwartz Kemper
Katie Blodgett 2013 Full Time MBA ZS Associates
Katie Jones William Blair
Katie Caraballo
Katie Ossman 2013 Full Time MBA Water Street Healthcare Partners
Katie Rzepka 2017 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Katie Lee 2019 Full Time MBA Booth
Katie Perri Adobe
Katie Smith 2015 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Katie Claussen Bell Chicago Booth - Kilts Center
Katie Tkach Chicago Booth
Katie Merrell Ms.
Katlin Smith Simple Mills
Katy Rauen 2013 Full Time MBA A. T. Kearney
Kavitha Lingamoorthy 2015 Evening MBA Amazon
Kayla Kapur
Kayrus Unwala GroundSpark
Kazuo Inocima
Ke Ning Ma
Keira Berger 2003 Full Time MBA Marathon Asset Management
Keith Lambert Nike
Keith Koeneman 1994 Full Time MBA Kingsman Capital LLC
Keith Hall 2018 Evening MBA
Kelley Berlin Grubhub
Kelly Neroda 2013 Full Time MBA Tyson Foods
Kelly Fuller 2008 Full Time MBA BMO Capital Markets
Kelly Calvert CVS Health
Kelly Lynn Ulmer
Kelsey Letizia RXBAR
Kelsey Martin 2013 Full Time MBA Goldman Sachs
Ken Kelly 1998 Full Time MBA Community Psychiatry
Kenneth O'Keefe 1993 Beecken Petty Okeefe & Co
Kenneth Rhee 1998 Full Time MBA Huhan Advisory
Kenneth Viellieu 1984 Full Time MBA Moelis & Company
Kenny Kristianto 2017 Full Time MBA Dell Technologies
Kenzo Inocima
Kerry Long 1978 Evening MBA Long & Associates
kevin Viravec 1994 Full Time MBA Gibraltar Industries
Kevin Lauwick-Baumeister 2013 Full Time MBA SMBC Nikko Capital Markets
Kevin Yang 2020 Weekend MBA Workday
Kevin Kastenholz
Kevin Meyers
Kevin McInerney 2003 Evening MBA Global Insight Consulting Inc.
Kevin Mok BDT & Company
Kevin Zimmerman 2008 Full Time MBA Coastal Credit, LLC
Kevin Treco 2008 Full Time MBA Carbon Trust
Kevin Teehan 2003 Executive MBA HID Global
Kevin Lynch 1993 Evening MBA Morgan Stanley
Khloe Karova 2006 Evening MBA Modern Capital Concepts, a benefit corp
Kimberly Dittler
Kimberly McMenamy 2017 Full Time MBA Class of 2017
Kiran Narahari 2008 Full Time MBA Egencia
Kirk Oliver 1985 Evening MBA UGI Corporation
Kirsten Klotz 2016 Evening MBA MB Financial Bank
Kirthi Vadlamuri 2019 Full Time MBA
Kit-Ying Ho 2019 Full Time MBA
Kothai Senthil 2008 Full Time MBA Capital One
Krishna Rupanagunta Mu Sigma Leadership
Krissy Jones 2003 Full Time MBA WestRock Co.
Krista Nunn
Kristen Minger
Kristen Vahia
Kristen Nancarrow Deloitte
Kristin Gilbert 2015 The Cambridge Group
Kristin Staffeldt University of Chicago, Office of Investments
Kristin Sun 2013 Full Time MBA Bobbi Brown
Kristin Healy 2003 Full Time MBA Barclays
Kristin Slavish Aon
Kristina Leroux-Harvey 1993 Full Time MBA St. James's Place Wealth Management
Kristine Stoner 1998 Evening MBA CU Real Estate Center, Leeds School of Business
Kristopher Frey 2010 Evening MBA ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago, Inc.
Krisztina Kohlhaas 2008 Full Time MBA Vistage
Kul Razdan 1978 Evening MBA Techknow Engineering LLC
Kunaal Khanna 2008 Evening MBA Caerus, Inc.
Kuppy Sampale 2013 Full Time MBA Unilever
Kurt Callaghan 2017 Evening MBA Ingredion
Kush Sodhia 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Kyle Sullivan 2017 Full Time MBA Walmart
Kyle Duncan ACH Food Companies
Kyle McAndrews 2018 Full Time MBA
Laina Biglow 2017 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting
Lakshmanan Venkitaraman 2008 Full Time MBA Harding Loevner
Lakshmi Karanth 2008 Full Time MBA Apple
Lalita Badinehal 2003 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse Americas Corporate Citizenship
Lance Muwayi 2019 Executive MBA Tyson Foods
Larisa Mora
Larry Berlin 1994 Full Time MBA First Analysis
Larry Bi 1998 Full Time MBA Blue Stone Investments
Larry Botel 1993 Full Time MBA JOSS Realty
Larry Ewald 1963 Full Time MBA
Lars Godell 1993 Full Time MBA Telenor Group
Laura Greenberg 2004 Evening MBA Verde Associates
Laura Hall
Laura Lewis
Laura Craig
Laura Nicholson Capgemini
Laura Payne 2008 Evening MBA Citadel
Laura Worsham 2017 Full Time MBA A.T. Kearney
Laura Kanov 1998 Weekend MBA HBI Solutions
Laura Burns Great Central Brewing Company
Laura Johnson 2013 Full Time MBA ORIX Growth Capital
Lauren Tepper
Lauren Desmond
Lauren Abelson
Lauren Monkiewicz 2017 Full Time MBA The Cambridge Group
Lauren Fleming RXBAR
Lauren Altman
Lauren Mead 2008 Full Time MBA Free Market Ventures
Lauren Holland 2001 Full Time MBA CreditSights
Lauren Bugay 2008 Full Time MBA Duchossois Capital Management
Lauren Doig 2015 Evening MBA CME Group
Lauren Murphy 2017 Full Time MBA
Lauren Kramer 2017 Full Time MBA IBM
Lauren Mueller Northern Trust Asset Management
Laurie Hosie 1993 Full Time MBA BlackRock
Laurie Dunn 1983 Full Time MBA
Lawrence Spieth Dimensional Fund Advisors
Lawrence Moats 1986 Executive MBA Moats Office Properties, Inc.
Lawrence Harris 1978 Full Time MBA Private Investor
Lawrence W Flack II 2015 Full Time MBA Roland Berger, LLC
Leah von Essen Chicago Booth
Leah Lansberry Austin 2013 Full Time MBA Point B Consulting
Leena Sukumar 2008 Evening MBA mySkin Inc.
Leif Jackson 2008 Full Time MBA Cybrary
Leila Burns
Leila Tovbina 2013 Full Time MBA Apple Leisure Group
LeMinh Hoang MacArthur Foundation
Lena Kolstoe
Leo Koonmen Orchard Partners
Leon Zuo 1998 Full Time MBA Leigna Institute
Leonard Kang 2011 Evening MBA Keboola
Leslie Lichtenstein 2007 Executive MBA University of Chicago
Leslie Woodward
Lester Coleman Coleman Development Corporation
Leticia Cvintal
Lia Giovanni 2008 Weekend MBA Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Libby Harrison 1998 Full Time MBA
Lilach Rapaport 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon
Lilly Lo 1993 Full Time MBA GD Commercial Real Estate
Lilly Chang Northwestern University
lily xu 2013 Full Time MBA Sephora
Linda Harvey University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Linda Moses 1983 Full Time MBA Citigroup
Linda Shaffer 1998 Full Time MBA Checkr
Linda Yan 2015 Full Time MBA AIG
Linda Krier
Lindsay Atkinson Chicago Booth
Lindsay Hallett Community Psychological Consultants
Lindsey Morgan 2008 Full Time MBA Danone
Lindsey Rongstad 2011 Evening MBA Harrison Street Real Estate Capital
Ling Pyng Northern Trust
Linh Lam 2015 Full Time MBA Grubhub
Linhard Stepf 2005 Executive MBA Radius
Lionel Go
Lior Sahaf 2017 Full Time MBA Genentech
Lisa Fan 2018 Full Time MBA University of Chicago
Lisa Travnik 2017 Full Time MBA Riverside Acceleration Capital
Lisa Hill 2013 Full Time MBA Starbucks
Lisa Staton
Lisa Baker 2015 Full Time MBA Brunswick
Lisa Koengeter Chicago Booth
Lisa Donohoe JOSS Realty Partners LLC
Lisa Wright 2015 Evening MBA Mizuho Bank
Lisa Lee-Herbert 2013 Full Time MBA NowPow
Lisa Shao 2013 Full Time MBA Hyatt
Lisbeth STONE
Lisbeth Fotheringill Chicago Booth
Liz Azzarello Loyola University
Lizzie Pine 2017 Full Time MBA Accenture
Loan Villaverde 2015 Evening MBA
Lois Park
Loren Trimble 1993 Evening MBA AArete LLC
Loren Kosloske 2019 Weekend MBA Cargill Inc.
Lorenzo Romero 2016 Executive MBA LSR Consulting
Lori Kash
Lori Williams 2003 Full Time MBA Roar Beverages Canada
Lori Inks
Lori Shia 2008 Full Time MBA Red Ventures
Lori Knapp 2017 Full Time MBA Microsoft
lorie adams
Lory Carbajal Van Ness 2008 Full Time MBA Constellation Brands Beer Division
Lotika Pai 2008 Evening MBA POWWFUL
Louisa Chen 2008 Full Time MBA Sole Society
Lu Cheng 2020 Evening MBA PwC
Lubna Ahmed 2013 Full Time MBA Ola
Luca Pizzuto 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Lucy Culek
Lucy Jones
Lucy Chung Scout
Luenetta Jackson 2008 Executive MBA County Care Health Plan, CCHHS
Luigi Zingales Chicago Booth
Luiz Greca 2013 Full Time MBA William Blair & Company
Luman Colasacco
Luzat Khandkar 2018 Evening MBA University of Chicago
Lydia Carle 2017 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Lydie Roux 2008 Executive MBA Merck&Co
Lyman Howell 1988 Evening MBA Regal Oak Financial, LLC
Lynn Major 2008 Executive MBA Progressive
Lynn Kumis
Lynne Kostakis 2018 Evening MBA Northern Trust Asset Management
M Desai
M Concepci≤n Prado 2016 Executive MBA Greenfield Group
M. (Peg) Conway 1988 Evening MBA MAC Associates
Maayan Aharon 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon
Maayan Aharon 2017 Full Time MBA Amazon corporate llc
Macario Lullo 2001 Evening MBA Grant Thornton
Mackenzie Namvou
Madhav Rajan Chicago Booth
Madhu Yennamani 2017 Weekend MBA GE
Madison Meredith
Madsen South
Maeve Szambelan
Maggie Andrews
Maher Beaini 2013 Full Time MBA Impact
Mahesh Beniwal 2013 Executive MBA Barclays
Mahesh Dhillon 1998 Full Time MBA
Mai Anh Hoang
Maile Housel 2015 Full Time MBA MGM Resorts International
Maithili Sagar 2015 Full Time MBA Amazon
Maksym Ostapenko 2017 Evening MBA Victory Views
Manbir Singh 1988 Full Time MBA
Mandy Lewis 2008 Evening MBA Sirius
Manish Rao 2008 Executive MBA Abbvie
Manisha Gandhi
Maniwara Muscari 2008 Executive MBA
Mansi Hopps 2008 Full Time MBA Biogen
Mansoor Akhthar Georg Fischer
Manuela Gomez O┤Brien
Mara Melamed Schaefer 2005 Full Time MBA
marc reinisch 1988 Full Time MBA Rushmore Properties
Marc Elzweig Shearman & Sterling
Marc Daniel 1988 Full Time MBA SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
Marc Klein C.H. Robinson
Marc Sallette 2003 Full Time MBA CBRE Capital Markets
Marc Poggioli 1988 Full Time MBA Principal Enterprise Capital
Marcela Garcia Pena Silveyra 2017 Full Time MBA Nike
Marcelo Tomaszewski 2003 Full Time MBA MΘtodo Engenharia
Marco Chain 2015 Full Time MBA Ita·
Marco Cardenas 2011 Executive MBA Inkia Energy
Marcos M. Silva 2014 Executive MBA Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group
Marcy Calaway 1998 Full Time MBA Russell Reynolds Associates
Margaret Stueben 1978 Full Time MBA Peggy Stueben & Associates
Margaret Adams
Margaret McCoy 1983 Evening MBA McCoy Scott & Company
Maria Ortiz
Maria Senf
Maria Wilder
Maria Constantinides 1983 Evening MBA
Maria Juri Colella 2017 Full Time MBA
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Mosolova Chicago Booth
Maria Unwala Brickfish
Maria Ocasio Chicago Booth
Maria Cabanilla 2003 Full Time MBA Nestle
Maria Florencia Viola
maria pia lindley 2013 Full Time MBA
MariaJose Saralegui
Mariana Villaverde
Mariana Aroxa
Mariana Botero 2019 Full Time MBA
Marianne Bertrand Chicago Booth
Marie Ceranowicz 2017 Full Time MBA Accenture
Mariella Vecchio Google Inc
Marina Chumakova
Marina Chumakova 2018 Full Time MBA
Mario Schlener 2009 Executive MBA EY
Mario Yang 2017 Full Time MBA Opening Ceremony
Marissa Love Chicago Booth
Marjorie Chelius 2017 Full Time MBA Procter & Gamble
mark hennessy 1990 Executive MBA Covenant House
mark agnew 2006 Lou Malnati's
Mark Stoner Wells Fargo
Mark Trembacki 1985 Evening MBA Risk Management Levers, Inc
Mark Tang 2019 Evening MBA Warady&Davis LLP
Mark Bourdenko 2015 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Mark Butts 2017 Executive MBA CB&I
Mark Cohen 2013 Full Time MBA Capital One
Mark Hinken 2017 Full Time MBA Gillum Strategy Partners
Mark Roble 2003 Executive MBA Baird
Mark Flanagan 2014 Executive MBA
Mark Serdar 1998 Full Time MBA
Mark Sneathen 2003 Full Time MBA Nielsen
Mark Taborsky 1993 Full Time MBA MarkerTree Capital
Mark Middleton 1981 Evening MBA Perdido Isles Maritime Holdings
Mark Tessier 2013 Full Time MBA Henkel
Mark Harvey 1993 Full Time MBA InterOcean Advisors LLC
Mark Williams 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Mark Loughridge 1982 Full Time MBA
Marta Singer 2019 Evening MBA
Martha Gillum
Martha Khanna
martin herz 1998 Full Time MBA Colorado Open Lands Foundation
Martin Serra 2013 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Martin Trussi 2013 Full Time MBA Falabella
Martin Stever 1998 Full Time MBA Pacific West Land, LLC
Martin Slark Molex, LLC
Martina Dimova-Martinez 2008 Full Time MBA Follett Higher Education group
Marty Kearney 1998 Full Time MBA BMO Harris Bank
Marvin Zonis Chicago Booth
MARVIN ZONIS Chicago Booth
Mary Josephs 1989 Evening MBA Verit Advisors
Mary Kerr
Mary Ignas 2012 Executive MBA Boise Paper
Mary Go 2007 Executive MBA
Mary Oliver 1985 Evening MBA Energy Marketing Partners, INC.
Mary Scarpulla 2018 Evening MBA
Mary Beth May 1993 Full Time MBA Home Instead Senior Care
Mary Lou Gorno Ingenuity International, LLC
Mary Miller Bergman Hanove Hill Capital Partners
Maryl Wilensky
Maryum Ashraf 2013 Full Time MBA Heitman
Massimo De Vincenzi TechnipFMC
Matt Winter 2011 Weekend MBA Bottom Up Investments
Matt Poleski 2010 Executive MBA Arthur J Gallagher & Co.
Matt Szambelan Enviva
Matt McLure 2008 Full Time MBA Antares Capital
Matt Thorne 2015 Full Time MBA ArrowMark
Matt Culek 2008 Full Time MBA Citadel Securities
Matt Savage 2013 Full Time MBA Accenture Strategy
Matt Strumpf Gartner
Matt Thacker 2008 Full Time MBA Dose Media
Matt Kim 1998 Full Time MBA LUMERITY CAPITAL
Matt Nelson 2013 Full Time MBA Habitat for Humanity
Matt Ramoundos 2019 Evening MBA
Matt Stockert 1993 Evening MBA Hill & Stone Insurance
Matthew Littell Spec Limit Capital, LLC
Matthew Lunkes 2017 Evening MBA TCS
Matthew Butterworth 2013 Full Time MBA Bain & Co.
Matthew Hamada 1998 Full Time MBA AbbVie
Matthew Michalak 2010 Evening MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Matthew Lyons 1998 Full Time MBA LinQuest Corporation
MATTHEW STONE 1988 Full Time MBA University of Chicago
Maureen Cherwin 2015 Evening MBA Simple Mills
Maureen Lewis 2008 Full Time MBA Grating Pacific
Maurice Murray 2008 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mauricio Gomez 2003 Full Time MBA MAS Equity Partners
MAURO CUNHA 1998 Full Time MBA Association of Capital Markets Investors
Max Marchevsky 2015 Executive MBA UChicago Medicine
May Himmelfarb
Mayank Jain 2017 Executive MBA HSBC Securities & Capital Markets (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Meenakshi Lakshmanan 2022 Evening MBA Goldman Sachs
Meenakshi Dash 2008 Evening MBA
Meet Mehta Motorola Solutions
Megan Davies 2003 Full Time MBA The Boeing Company
Megan Wells
Megan Lambert 2022 Evening MBA Aon
Megan Marrs Chicago Booth
Megan Hart 2013 Evening MBA Coherent Economics
Megan Johnson 2015 Executive MBA Mercer
Megan Petitti 2017 Full Time MBA
Meghan Byerley
Meghan Keedy Chicago Booth
Meghan Shehorn 2008 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Meghana Raghavan 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Mei Li 1998 Full Time MBA Applied Materials Inc.
Mei Chang 2015 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan
Mel Heckman 2004 Evening MBA West Monroe Partners
Melanie Siewert Worldpay
Melanie Scarlata Chicago Booth
Melanie Angers 1998 Weekend MBA
Melis Brufman 2015 Full Time MBA Amazon
Melissa Smith Skadden Arps
Melissa Hamilton 2015 Full Time MBA AVIA
Melissa Krchma Blue Dog Design
Melissa Brooks Chicago Booth
Melissa Patterson 1998 Full Time MBA Chicago Booth Executive MBA
Melissa Fenton 1998 Full Time MBA
Melissa Newman 1998 Full Time MBA Hangar12
Melissa McKenzie 2018 Weekend MBA
Melissa Hamilton 2017 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Mena Teijeiro 2003 Full Time MBA Menafesting
Mensur Muhamedagic 2015 Evening MBA CRA
Meredith Lawrence 2017 Evening MBA The University of Chicago Office of Investments
Meredith Grogan Morningstar
Meredith Addy 2015 Executive MBA
Meta Curry 2008 Executive MBA
Mhoire McGrath Cade
Mia Bader
Micaela Devaney The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
michael Krauss 1976 Full Time MBA Market Strategy Group
michael zeleniuch 2017 Executive MBA Private Advisors
Michael Amiet 2008 Full Time MBA Walgreens
Michael Armstrong 1978 Full Time MBA San Jose Federated City Emp Retirement
Michael Hennel 1983 Full Time MBA Silvon Software, Inc.
Michael Gandy 2013 Full Time MBA VMware, Inc.
Michael Eizenga 2017 Executive MBA The Jaffe Companies
Michael Gordon The Chicago Capital Management Group
Michael Lasota 2008 Full Time MBA William Blair
Michael McCoy
Michael Zummer
Michael Bader
Michael Tadros 2017 Full Time MBA Trailview Partners
Michael Gibbs University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Michael Hubbard William Blair
Michael Honeysett 2003 Executive MBA Entrust Product Solutions
Michael van Riesen 2008 Executive MBA Assenagon Asset Management S.A.
Michael Cheng 2017 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Michael Burns 2003 Executive MBA BDT & Company
Michael Zarolinski Constellation Energy
Michael Palaguachi Chicago Veterans
Michael Lucchesi 2015 Evening MBA Gonnella Baking Company
Michael Carano 2003 Executive MBA ChicagoFIRST
Michael Duffey CH Robinson
Michael Shapkarov 2008 Executive MBA AIE
Michael Murray 1998 Full Time MBA Ferrara Candy Company
Michael Schwartz 1993 Evening MBA Comcast
Michael Atella Atella and Associates
Michael Krimm 2003 Full Time MBA California Public Employees Retirement System
Michael Dixon 2015 Evening MBA CVS Health
Michael Daly 2013 Evening MBA Hub Group, Inc.
Michael Dinger 2003 Full Time MBA J.P. Morgan
Michael Curry 2013 Full Time MBA Krueger Gilbert Health Physics
Michael Simon 2003 Executive MBA
Michael Himmelfarb 1993 Full Time MBA HG Partners
Michael Roberts 2008 Executive MBA PricewaterhouseCoopers
Michael Terpstra Pfizer
Michael Geary Kiewit
Michael McDaniel 2003 Evening MBA Mesirow Financial
Michael Vrchota 2003 Evening MBA PNC
Michael Maggio Hudson Design
MIchael Alter Chicago Booth
MICHAEL MOSER 2002 Weekend MBA Armed Forces Benefit Association
MICHAEL ADAMIC 2008 Full Time MBA CVS Health
Michaela Murphy 2003 Full Time MBA Stanford GSB
Michal Malkiewicz 2013 Evening MBA Epsilon Economics
Michele Souder 1998 Full Time MBA Trendline Interactive
Michele Gowda 1993 Full Time MBA Base Pair Biotechnologies
Michelle Seitz Russell Investments
Michelle Bader
Michelle dimattia 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte
Michelle Faurot 2018 Weekend MBA
Michelle Maynard 1993 Full Time MBA HCA
MIchelle Lofaro 2013 Full Time MBA Reckitt Benckiser
Mick Montesi 2014 Full Time MBA OFMS Energy Consulting
Mike Dunn Region 1 Planning Council
Mike Girts
Mike Mallon
Mike Connor 1998 Full Time MBA SunTrust Bank
Mike Davidoff 2003 Full Time MBA Davidoff Investments
Mike Boush 2015 Executive MBA Goldman Sachs
Mike Kimbarovsky 2003 Weekend MBA CIBC Private Wealth Management
Mike Fogarty 2008 Executive MBA MF Digital Marketing
Mike King 2019 Evening MBA Plante Moran
Mike Brady 2016 Executive MBA Interactive Brokers
Mike Minton 1993 Full Time MBA Point B
Mike Luce 2017 Executive MBA High Yield Insights
Mike Onishi 1993 Full Time MBA Next Chapter LLC
Mike Janko 2015 Full Time MBA Janko Group
min yue 2018 Weekend MBA
minakshi jain 2013 Executive MBA NAVODAYA TRADING DMCC
Mindy Clanin 2008 Evening MBA Franklin Monroe
Ming Chai 2013 Executive MBA PwC Consulting
Mingwei Shen 2013 Full Time MBA Amazon
Minoti Dhanaraj 2008 Full Time MBA
Mitchell Zelazny
Mitchell Lederer 1988 Evening MBA
Mitesh Dave 2013 Full Time MBA
Mitul Shah 1998 Evening MBA Siemens Healthineers
Mohamed Okda 2008 Executive MBA Insight into Crisis
Molly Mulroy 2013 Executive MBA WEC Business Services
Molly Heyen EXP Realty
Monica Parekh 2003 Full Time MBA BNP Paribas
Monique Kack-North TJX Canada
Monish Rajpal 2008 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting LLC
Moon Song
Morgan Brewster 2013 Full Time MBA ThousandEyes
Morgan Larsen
Morgan Lin 2015 Evening MBA McKinsey
MORGAN Sze 1993 Full Time MBA Azentus Capital Management
Moti Bhatia
Mukesh Srivastava 2013 Evening MBA DFS
Muneeb Balbale 2013 Full Time MBA L.E.K. Consulting
MURRAY ALSCHER 1980 Full Time MBA Stronghold Capital LLC
Musse Bizuneh 2013 Full Time MBA Apple Inc.
Nadia Bervaes 1993 Full Time MBA Vendis Capital
naho katsura 2017 Executive MBA DowDuPont
Nancy Schoess
Nancy Rix 1997 Weekend MBA Dickerson, Rix and Company LLP
Nancy Dohnalek 1957
Nancy Nagel
nandita Tiwari Potini 2012 Weekend MBA Egen Solutions, Inc
Nandita Pinisetti
Naomi Altman
Nareen Katta 2017 Evening MBA AbbVie
Nargiz Sadigzade 2017 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Natalia Perlova 2018 Weekend MBA
Natasha Beydoun 2015 Full Time MBA Apple
Natasha Indras 2017 Executive MBA nCognitiX
Nate Pelzer 2015 Evening MBA VillageMD
Nathan Shetty 2008 Full Time MBA UBS Asset Management
Nathan Baumgartner 2018 Weekend MBA U.S. Bank
Nathan Chiaverini 2008 Full Time MBA PIMCO
Naveed Bandukwala 2000 Full Time MBA Egon Zehnder
Navendu Garg 2015 Evening MBA Slalom
Navneet Agarwal 2003 Full Time MBA Moody's Investor Service
Neel Chopdekar 2003 Full Time MBA Express Scripts
Neelam Gaur
Neelan Choksi Tasktop
Neema Saraiya UT Southwestern
Neeta Upadhyay 2018 Weekend MBA Caresource
Neetika Bachlaus 2015 Full Time MBA Monroe Capital
Neev Raichaudhuri
Neil Ramchandani 2015 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Neil Patel 2018 Evening MBA
Nenette Bradley 2017 Full Time MBA Walmart
Nestor Zavala Victor Tech, Inc.
Nguyet Phi
Nicholas Epley Chicago Booth
Nicholas Lilovich 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co
NICHOLAS SOMERS 1988 Full Time MBA SV Investment Partners
Nick Allen
Nick Skeba
Nick Stone 2013 Executive MBA Cyprium Partners
Nick Fosteras 2015 Executive MBA Luminary Consulting
Nick Brown 2014 Weekend MBA Moelis
Nicola Mezzadri 2013 Full Time MBA Barclays
Nicolas Valdes 2013 Executive MBA K+S Chile S.A.
Nicole Lopez
Nicole Brown envisionit
Nicole Doucet 2017 Full Time MBA Green Sheep Water
Nicole DeHoratius
Nida Zaman Treasury Department
Nigela Xhamo 2018 Evening MBA
Nikhil Savant
Nikita Gaur
Nikki Schutz 2017 Evening MBA PwC
Nikolai Oudalov 2017 Full Time MBA C3 IoT
Nima Parikh 1998 Full Time MBA Mezzanine Consulting LLC
Nimesh Patel 2003 Full Time MBA WilmerHale
Nimisha Dhawan 2008 Full Time MBA HCL Technologies
Nimma Bakshi 1996 Full Time MBA PwC
Nina Tekkey
Niraj Swami 2012 Weekend MBA SCAD AI
Niranjana Rajagopal 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Nish Abeysiriwardena GN ReSound
Nisha Wadhwani 2015 Full Time MBA Bellwether Education Partners
Nishanker Damodara 2015 Full Time MBA Baird
Nithin Kuchibhotla 2017 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Niti Gupta 2015 Evening MBA Strategy&
Nitin Jain 2003 Full Time MBA Centene
Niyati Upadhyayula 2019 Weekend MBA
Noah Martinez
Noam Avidov 2015 Full Time MBA Bain and Company
Noopur Jain 2017 Full Time MBA Ernst & Toung LLP
Nora Peterson 2014 Evening MBA Xessentials
Nora Hopps
Norm Rickeman 1973 Full Time MBA Retired - Accenture
Norman Wang 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Nouman Ahmed Qureshi 9586767
Noura Abdullah 2008 Executive MBA Aura
Nripjeet Josan 2008 Full Time MBA Hitachi Vantara
Nupur Bhargava 2013 Full Time MBA The Wonderful Company
ogechi nwachukwu 1998 Full Time MBA PPM America, Inc.
Oi Eng-Crandus Essendant
ojas vahia 2008 Full Time MBA Topspin Partners
Olga Lepigina 2017 Full Time MBA Vanguard
Olin Hill Lakeside Bank
Oliver Hopps
Olivia Greca
Olivia Moon
Oluwafolajimi Akinsiku La' Tourist Africana
Olya Vasilenko 2019 Full Time MBA
Oma Nwabudike 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Onur Usmen
Osamu Yamamoto 1993 Full Time MBA Unison Capital, Inc.
Pablo Viguera 2013 Full Time MBA Revolut
Pamela Roxas 2017 Evening MBA Morgan Stanley
Papayanopulos Christian 2013 Full Time MBA Ventura
Param Yanamandra 2015 Evening MBA Exquisyt, LLC
parker payson 1993 Full Time MBA
Pat Monahan 1962 Full Time MBA Monahan Partners
Patricia Najmias
Patricia Nazar 1983 Evening MBA PNC
Patricio Bustamante 2013 Full Time MBA Molino Caupolican SpA
Patrick Quinn 1988 Full Time MBA
Patrick Burke 2017 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Patrick Walsh Hinkhouse Williams Walsh
Patrick O'Brien 2019 Full Time MBA
Patty Chan
Patty Keegan Chicago Booth
paul adams 1988 Full Time MBA Cenegenics
Paul Hyink 2007 Evening MBA Whirlpool Corporation
Paul Travlos Wynstone Associates
Paul Rho 2017 Evening MBA SigFig
Paul Kohlhepp 1998 Full Time MBA Wells Fargo
Paul Ochoa EY
Paul Madsen 2014 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Paul Kostolansky 1998 Full Time MBA CBRE
Paul Rotilie 2015 Full Time MBA Citadel
Paul Danehy 1988 Full Time MBA Energy Federation Inc
Paul Creedon 2013 Full Time MBA Centerview Partners
Paul O'Connor 1984 Full Time MBA Hamilton Partners
Paul Gwilt Hilgers Graben
Paul Henderson 1988 Full Time MBA
Paul Williams 2003 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Paul R. Williams 1998 Executive MBA Oracle
Pedro Diaz de Leon 2017 Evening MBA Aon
Pedro Saboia 2013 Full Time MBA Accordion
Peggy Holst 1978 Evening MBA
Perry Hollowell 2013 Full Time MBA Guggenheim Partners
Petar Dudukovski 2013 Full Time MBA ReversingLabs
Pete Moutvic 1993 Full Time MBA Slalom
Peter Ren 2017 Weekend MBA Walgreens
Peter McNally 1998 Full Time MBA Ferndale Energy Advisors
Peter Bulandr 1987 Full Time MBA ASSOCIATED BANK
Peter Christman 2015 Full Time MBA Chicago Ventures
Peter Skrbek 2008 Full Time MBA Deschutes Brewery
Peter Glick 1989 Full Time MBA Moody's Investors Service
Peter Stutz 1993 Full Time MBA Guggenheim Partners
Peter Kotz 2003 Evening MBA Old Town Equity, LLC
Peter Johnson 2013 Full Time MBA Jump Capital
Phil Johnson 2004 Executive MBA Sentinus LLC
Phil Schwarz 2008 Full Time MBA Corazon Capital
Phil Canfield 1996 Full Time MBA GTCR
Philip Clement 1993 Full Time MBA Aon
Philip Berger 1988 Chicago Booth
Philip Griffith 1988 Full Time MBA
Phillip Robinson 2015 Full Time MBA Mr
Phyllis Emond
Pierre Hage 2017 Weekend MBA IBM
Ping Gu 2008 Full Time MBA Wilmington Trust
Poncho Ruiz 2008 Full Time MBA IGI
Pradeep Chintagunta Chicago Booth
Pradeep Tekkey 2017 Executive MBA Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc.
Pramodh Mallipatna 2008 Full Time MBA Lenovo
Pranjal Boghara 2015 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Prashant Gandhi 2000 Full Time MBA JP Morgan Chase
Prashob Menon 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Pratik Patel 2008 Full Time MBA Artisan Partners Asset Managment
Pratish Mehta Onward Technologies Inc
Praveen Bontu 2013 Full Time MBA Restaurantware
Praveen Rao 2008 Weekend MBA IBM
Praveen Chennareddy 2005 Full Time MBA
Praveen Adhi 2008 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Priscila Morrone
Priya Bhasin
Priyanka Ramamurthy Flatiron Health
Priyanka Prakash 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co
Qi Zeng 2017 Weekend MBA
Qi Wan 2019 Full Time MBA
Quan Tran 2017 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Qun Liu 2019 Evening MBA
Rachel Nishball
Rachel Chamberlain 2017 Full Time MBA Ellevest
Rachel Brody 2015 Full Time MBA BCG
Rachel Williamson Morris 2008 Evening MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Rachel Patterson 2003 Full Time MBA Glocal Consultants Group, LLC
Rachel Uram 1998 Full Time MBA
Rachna Velamati
Radhika Bhargava JPMorgan
Rafael Kabesa 2013 Full Time MBA Salesforce
Rafael Viturro 2013 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Rafael De Leon 2008 Full Time MBA Diageo Latin America & Caribbean
Raghu potini E GEn solutions
Raghu Velamati 2008 Full Time MBA Macquarie Capital
Raghuram Rajan Chicago Booth
Raheela Anwar 1993 Evening MBA bpi Group.
Rahul Trivedi 2015 Weekend MBA IBM
Raj Hirpara 2021 Evening MBA Zurich North America
Raj Raval 2008 Full Time MBA Georgia-Pacific
Raj Kamath 2015 Executive MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Raj Salgia 2003 Full Time MBA OSI Group
Raj Joshi 2015 Executive MBA
Rajat Sharma 2003 Full Time MBA JPMorgan
Rajeev Narang 1998 Full Time MBA
Rajeshree Shah 2008 Full Time MBA Abbott
Raji Acharya 2017 Weekend MBA Blue Canyon Partners
RAJKUMAR JOSEPH JOHN BRITTO 2015 Full Time MBA Schlumberger Business Consulting
Rajneesh Gaur 1998 Full Time MBA Cavium Inc
Rajni Bhargava
Rakesh Duggirala 2008 Weekend MBA McKinsey & Co
Ram Sarabu 2009 Evening MBA SAP
Ram Shivakumar Chicago Booth
Ram Vadrev 1998 Evening MBA HPE
Ramiro Sanchez Caballero
Ramon Brigantti 2008 Full Time MBA US Army
Randal Romell 2017 Executive MBA Kelemen Camamno Investments
Randall Spriggs Chicago Booth
Randall Bellows 1987 Executive MBA
Randall Burkard 1988 Full Time MBA ONY Biotech
Randall Troutman Printpack
Randeep Malhan 2015 Weekend MBA Rockwell Automation
Randy Kroszner Chicago Booth
Randy Kurtz 1988 Evening MBA Illinois Criminal Justice Authority
Randy Anderson 2012 Evening MBA IFG
Ranjan Ojha 2011 Weekend MBA PwC
Rao Surapaneni 2003 Full Time MBA Discover Financial Services
Raphael Mannino 2013 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Rashi Sharma
Rashmi Pasapula 2015 Full Time MBA DowDuPont
Rattan Khosa 1979 Evening MBA AMSYSCO, Inc.
Raul Garza 2003 Executive MBA Aunt Martha's Health and Wellness
Ravi Tanuku 2008 Full Time MBA Point72 Asset Managment
Ray Blackwell C.H. Robinson
Ray Young 1986 Executive MBA Archer Daniels Midland Company
Ray Salvatore 2003 Evening MBA Eckhardt Trading Company
Rebeca Sarmiento 2008 Full Time MBA Attom Data Solutions
Rebecca Long Swiss Reinsurance Corp.
Rebecca Fruchtman 2009 Executive MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Rebecca Boyle 2008 Evening MBA Fifth Third Private Bank
Rebecca Beagan 2019 Full Time MBA
Rebecca Li-Huang 1998 Full Time MBA HSBC
Reema Mukheja 2008 Full Time MBA Apollo Global Management
Regina Larkin 2017 Full Time MBA Boston Consulting Group
Reginald Binford 2008 Full Time MBA Proviso Capital
Renata Bregstone 2002 Full Time MBA Blazin' Babes
renato iregui 1988 Full Time MBA Sideview Investments Ltd.
Renee Berman 1998 Full Time MBA
Renee Bell 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Reshma Gorde
Reuben Anderson
Revanta Pawar 2017 Full Time MBA
Rex Peters 1998 Evening MBA Purdue University
Rhett Plotner 2015 Evening MBA RP M&A Studio
Rhys Meredith
Ricardo Outi 2013 Executive MBA AIC Capital
Ricardo Cucalon 2017 Weekend MBA IBM
Ricardo Martinez Finger 2013 Full Time MBA Netshoes
Rich Thompson 1993 Evening MBA JLL
richard arnold 1973 Full Time MBA State of Wisconsin
Richard Calleri 2003 Full Time MBA Geolog
Richard Lindsay-Jones 2008 Full Time MBA Humana, Inc.
Richard Brandt Marathon Capital LLC
Richard Johnson 1992 Full Time MBA
Richard Royse 1983 Executive MBA
Richard Weiland 1980 Executive MBA
Richard James Williams 2008 Evening MBA Accenture Digital
Rick Elfman 1983 Full Time MBA Sterling Partners
Rickard Alfredeen 2003 Weekend MBA Oneforce Consulting
Rinkal Thakker 2020 Evening MBA Vyoma
Rish Khara 2013 Full Time MBA Bain and Company
Rishi Gupta 2019 Evening MBA Exp US Services
Rishi Singh 2015 Executive MBA CAPGEMINI AMERICA INC
Rita Sherman 2017 Full Time MBA Accenture
Ritika Singh 2017 Full Time MBA
Ritu Vig 2012 Executive MBA RR Donnelley
Ritu Chandra 2003 Full Time MBA
Ritu Kama 2008 Executive MBA Intel Corporation
Riya Sharma
rob burkart 2008 Evening MBA InnerWorkings
Rob Cignarella 1998 Full Time MBA Prudential Insurance Co. of America
Rob Tafaro 2020 Evening MBA Altus Group
Rob Walsh 2019 Executive MBA JH
Robert Legan 2000 Full Time MBA Whitnell
Robert Karicod TPG
Robert Lucas
Robert Sheehan University of Chicago
Robert Davidson 1969
Robert McCormack Trident Capital, Inc.
Robert Aliber Chicago Booth
Robert Gertner Chicago Booth
Robert Yohanan First Evanston Bancorp, Inc.
Robert Conrardy 1993 Evening MBA ctc|myCFO (BMO Harris Bank)
Robert Burns 2003 Executive MBA Mr.
Robert Bower 2015 Executive MBA HCSC
Robert Sola MRC Polymers
Robert Frazier Hyatt
Robert Bruant 2019 Executive MBA Pioneer Natural Resources
Robert Kaplan 2017 Executive MBA Gray Bark LLC
Roberto Verthelyi 1983 Full Time MBA Asimco
Roberto Servitje 2013 Full Time MBA
Rocio Jalil 2013 Full Time MBA Mercado Libre
Rocky Blumhagen
Rocky Daehler 1993 Full Time MBA Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Rodney Jones-Tyson 1998 Full Time MBA Baird
Rodolfo Maciel 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Rodrigo Nieto
Roger Whitenhill 2008 Full Time MBA City National Bank
Roger Parfitt 1978 Full Time MBA Knowles Electronics
Rohan Hemrajani 2017 Full Time MBA Ecolab
Rohit Gupta Wipro
Rohit Singh 2013 Full Time MBA ChenMed
Rolando Zavala Four Star Fit
Romain Areste 2013 Evening MBA IBM Watson Health
Ron Mitra 1998 Full Time MBA William Blair
Ron Quaranta Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
Ron Neroda Cassiday Schade LLP
Rona Johnson 2015 Executive MBA CalSTRS
Ronald Falcon 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey
RONALD TARRSON Santa Fe Aero Services
Roopa Venkateswaran 2013 Full Time MBA Amazon
Rory Pavach 2022 Evening MBA University of Chicago
Rosemary Himmelfarb
Rosemary Safranek 1988 Full Time MBA Ninepeaks Capital Management
Rosemary Rentschler
Ross Moore 2017 Weekend MBA Accenture
Ross Goglia 2015 Full Time MBA higi
Roth Nelson 2013 Full Time MBA A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Rotinia Bynum 2006 Executive MBA World Fuel Services
Roxanne Martino 1988 Evening MBA OceanM19
Roxy Goebel 1998 Evening MBA HelmsBriscoe
Runa Howard 2008 Evening MBA Jameson Sotheby's International Realty
Rupak Pandya
Russell Kohn 2013 Full Time MBA Mochidoki
Ruth Reiner Chicago Booth
Ruth Vater Beloit College
Rutton Patel 2003 Full Time MBA REPL
Ruxandra Hill 2016 Executive MBA BMO Financial Group
Ryan Hass 2013 Full Time MBA RF&L Wealth Management, LLC
Ryan Bormet 2017 Evening MBA Salesforce
Ryan Simpson 2008 Full Time MBA ANTARES CAPITAL
Ryan Smith 2013 Full Time MBA Dow Chemical
Ryan Preclaw 2008 Full Time MBA Barclays Capital
Ryan Boyle 2008 Evening MBA Northern Trust
Ryan Boyle Learfield Licensing
Ryan Kunzi 2013 Executive MBA K2 Fund
Sabeen Firozali 2013 Full Time MBA Comerica Bank
Sabrina Ricci 1998 Full Time MBA VTB Capital
Sabrine Waismann 2013 Full Time MBA Ayka Partners
Sachin Padwal 2008 Evening MBA Walmart Inc.
sahil sethi 2013 Full Time MBA Qualtrics
Sahil Bhasin
Sailesh Yellumahanti 1998 Full Time MBA Cisco Systems
Sally DelBeccaro 1981 Full Time MBA Witt/Kieffer
Sam Westelman 2002 Executive MBA Shelley & Co / Coldwell Banker
Sam Peltzman Chicago Booth
Sam Cardone 2017 Evening MBA Freedman Seating
Sam Chung 2013 Full Time MBA JP Morgan
Samantha Hodgkins 1998 Full Time MBA SparkFire Active
Samantha Keefe 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Sami Arayssi 2013 Full Time MBA Postmates
Samia Khan 2008 Full Time MBA Minted
Samuel Hartzmark The University of Chicago
Samuel Diedrich 2008 Full Time MBA Brookfield
Samuel Cowan 2019 Evening MBA McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
Sandeep Garg HALO Branded Solutions
Sandeep Bhalerao 2008 Executive MBA InnovEAT
Sandeep Panda Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sandhya Nagubadi ZMedi
Sandra Wightman US Cellular
Sandra Scoseria Katz 2013 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Sanjeev Joshi 2003 Full Time MBA UBS
Sanjeev Aggarwal 2013 Weekend MBA McKinsey and Company
Sanjin Piragic 2008 Full Time MBA NextEra Energy
Sanjiv Kalevar 2013 Full Time MBA Battery Ventures
Sanjog Misra Chicago Booth
Sankash Venkatesh 2008 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Sankat Patel 2013 Executive MBA Fifth Third Bank
santhosh challa 2017 Evening MBA pepsico
Santiago Marino Lopez 2013 Full Time MBA Estrategias Corporativas
Santiago Delgado 2013 Full Time MBA Acon Investments
Santosh Patil 2015 Executive MBA Discover Alpha
Sara Shepard
Sara Romney
Sara Watson 2015 Executive MBA Accenture
Sarah Barr University of Chicago
Sarah Smith
Sarah Walczewski 2013 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting LLP
Sarah Macchia 2015 Evening MBA Gallup
Sarah Jones 2018 Evening MBA Goodwill Industries
Sarah Coury 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Sarah Twardock 2017 Full Time MBA Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Sarah Bush 2003 Full Time MBA Morningstar
Sarie Solomon
Sasha Trifunac 2008 Full Time MBA IHG
Satish Savant 2015 Evening MBA FCA
Saurabh Sharma 2008 Full Time MBA Indus Insights
scott novak 2009 Executive MBA Zurich North America
Scott Conner 1998 Full Time MBA Connecticut Capital Group
Scott Nancarrow 2013 Full Time MBA Bain
Scott Steichmann 2010 Evening MBA ePlus Technology
Scott Ordway 1998 Full Time MBA Aon
Scott Armstrong 2008 Full Time MBA Domino Data Lab
Scott Simpson 2018 Evening MBA Invenergy
Scott Cade 1993 Full Time MBA
Scott Stern 2017 Full Time MBA Origin Ventures
Sean Dunkle PVS Chemical Solutions
Sean Singleton 2008 Full Time MBA DIUx
Sean Love 1988 Full Time MBA
Sean Green 2013 Evening MBA Invesco
Sean Lin 2017 Full Time MBA Lam Research
Sebastian Alvarez
Sebastien Fauteux 2017 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Seema Panjwani 2008 Full Time MBA Panjwani Network Restaurants
Seenu Sarma 1998 Full Time MBA Dean Foods
Sekar Velu 2008 Full Time MBA Microsoft
Selorm Klaye 2008 Full Time MBA Gold Street Consulting
Seth Penland 2008 Full Time MBA Bluewave
Shahriar Allen 2017 Executive MBA IHI
Shailaja Taparia 2019 Full Time MBA
Shaina Milleman 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co.
Shalu Umapathy 2008 Full Time MBA
Shane Meredith 2008 Full Time MBA Northern Trust
Shane Zhao IDEO
Shannon Brownell 1998 Full Time MBA The Chartis Group
Sharick Naqi
Sharon Taylor
Sharon van Zwieten 2010 Executive MBA Columbia University
Sharon Choksi 1998 Full Time MBA Girls Will Be
Sharon Alexander 2017 Executive MBA Accenture
Shawn Schukar Ameren
Shawn Thomas 2015 Full Time MBA Infosys
Shayna Harris FarmerÆs Fridge
Sheelu Nandigam 2013 Full Time MBA Walgreens
Shefali Raichaudhuri
Sheila Arora 2011 Evening MBA Walgreens
Sheila Proeve 2008 Full Time MBA Real Estate
Shelley Foran 2017 Full Time MBA Shell Oil Company
Sheridan Root NetJets
sheryl jiang 2016 Evening MBA US Cellular
Shilpa Gadhok 2013 Full Time MBA The Hershey Company- Start Up Division
Shinichi Yamashita 1983 Full Time MBA
Shirley Vuong Google
Shiv Khanna 2008 Full Time MBA Catalyst Ventures
Shivam Srivastava 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Shivangi Shah 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Shiyi Zhao 2013 Full Time MBA Noble Network of Charter Schools
Shobhit Kapila 2017 Evening MBA Workday Inc
Shreya Singh 2019 Weekend MBA JVM Realty
Shruti Mathure 2013 Full Time MBA Amazon
Shubhada Savant
Sibo Zhao 2013 Full Time MBA Lookout
Sidhartha Adholekar 2015 Evening MBA SKA Associates
Silvia Medina
Simon Zhang 2003 Full Time MBA Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW)
Simone Santiago 2013 Full Time MBA Noble Network of Charter Schools
sinan kermen 2008 Full Time MBA Sinan Kermen
sireesha atluri 2017 Evening MBA Allstate
Sitaram Gundapaneni 2013 Evening MBA
Smita Dogra
Sofia Ramirez
Sonia Ewald
Sonja Bontu
Soobin Park
Sophie Proeve
Soraida AlbeloSallette
Spencer Reely 2018 Evening MBA SAP Software Solutions
Spencer Smith 2008 Full Time MBA Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Sreepathy Viswanathan 2013 Executive MBA HGS Inc
Sridatta Mukherjee 2015 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Sridhar Chandran 2003 Full Time MBA Nutanix, Inc
Srividya Pandya 2015 Full Time MBA Amazon
Srividya Ramkumar 2015 Executive MBA Ecolab
Sruti Balakrishnan 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Co
Stacey Balkansky Chicago Booth
Stacey Kole Chicago Booth
Stanley Johnson 2016 Executive MBA Metcotech
Starr Marcello Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Stefan Nagel Chicago Booth
Stefano Grioni 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey&Co
Stephan Schoess 1978 Full Time MBA
Stephanie Mount 2017 Full Time MBA William Blair & Company
Stephanie Hall Edelman
Stephanie Nelson 2013 Full Time MBA Bain & Company
Stephanie Sahota 2019 Evening MBA Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Stephanie O'Connor Chicago Booth
Stephanie Sorensen 2020 Evening MBA CIBC Bank USA
Stephanie Klein 2015 Executive MBA Braviant Holdings
Stephanie Wilson-Coleman 2003 Executive MBA General Services Adminstration
Stephanie Sinder 1993 Full Time MBA
Stephanie Chen 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey
Stephen Komon 1993 Full Time MBA Colorado PERA
Steve Sprindis 2000 Evening MBA Waypoint Private Capital
Steve Prokup
Steve Sehy 1998 Weekend MBA CaaS for SaaS CFO Services
Steve Tuohy 2008 Full Time MBA Cloudera
Steve Mickelson 1995 Evening MBA Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Steve Kaplan Chicago Booth
Steve Silverman 1978 Full Time MBA ironbound capital
Steve Muscarello IAA
Steven Chaouki 1998 Full Time MBA TransUnion
Steven Patrick 1988 Full Time MBA Everett Advisory
Steven Strnad 2007 Evening MBA DTCC
Steven Wu 2011 Weekend MBA northwestern mutual
Stuart Hanson 2012 Executive MBA Change Healthcare
StΘphane Dufraine 2013 Executive MBA SSD Invest
Su Fu 2017 Full Time MBA Vir Biotechnology
Subi Rajamohan 2019 Weekend MBA Ericsson
Sudeep Kanjilal Alvarez and Marsal
Sudhir Rao 2019 Executive MBA Husky Energy Inc.
Sue Johnson
Sumeet Wadhera 1998 Full Time MBA Australia & New Zealand Bank
Sumit Nema 2015 Weekend MBA OpenText
Sunday Grace 2016 Executive MBA First Command
SUNIL PANDE 2003 Evening MBA Walmart Inc.
SunYoung Moon 2017 Full Time MBA TransLink Capital
Supat Tipayamongkol East West Bank
Suresh Sridharan 2013 Executive MBA Oracle
Susan Sundaresan
Susan Wilson
Susan Hanks 1978 Full Time MBA The Marc Group
Susan Visconti APL Logistics
Susan Kendall 1998 Full Time MBA Citigroup
Susan Longworth 2003 Full Time MBA Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Susan Singer Closet Curator
Susan Callahan 1993 Full Time MBA IDB Bank
Susan Sullivan 2016 Evening MBA JLL
Susan Reynolds 1993 Full Time MBA IBM Watson
Susan Packard 1989 Full Time MBA Private Wealth Investor
Susan Davis 1988 Full Time MBA
Susan Keefe 2003 Full Time MBA
Susana Madrigal
Susann Almasi 2017 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Susanne Hay
Sushil Kumar 2017 Evening MBA exp US services Inc
Suzanne Chin 1998 Full Time MBA Unilever
Suzanne Morgan 1978 Evening MBA Sacred Space International LLC
Suzanne G Locke
Swatee Surve 2004 Weekend MBA litesprite
T.R. Dilla 2017 Full Time MBA Cerner
Taimur Khan 2017 Evening MBA Navigant Consulting
Takashi Yamamoto
Talal Dajani 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Talal Almutairi
Tam Phan 2017 Evening MBA Lizard Investors
Tamar Sahaf
Tamara Scott Presence Health
Tandean Rustandy 2007 Executive MBA PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk
Tanja Boskovic 2008 Full Time MBA BlackRock
Tara Tekkey
Tarek Darwish 2013 Full Time MBA Strategy&
Tathiana Oliveira Oito Tech
Tati Rezende 2017 Full Time MBA The Safe + Fair Food Company
Tati Tezende The Safe + Fair Food Company
Tawhid Ali 1998 Full Time MBA AB
Tayler Stogsdill
Ted Ens TransForm Automotive
Ted Wright 2000 Fizz
Tejal Patel 2015 Full Time MBA Allstate
Teppei Tsutsui 2008 Full Time MBA GREE
Teresa Harmon 2008 Full Time MBA LexisNexis
Teri Hoffman 2015 Full Time MBA Deloitte
Terry J. Pogofsky 1973 Full Time MBA Prism Mortgage Company
Tetiana Kholevan 2015 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings Corporation
Thad Bedard APL Logistics
Thais Gurgel Pitzi
Thanos Souroutzidis 1998 Full Time MBA
Theodora Rodman 2015 Full Time MBA The Hatchery
Theodore Ellis 2013 Full Time MBA Riveted Labs
Theresa Morelli 2008 Evening MBA IBM
Thibaut Luckel 2015 Full Time MBA Twitter
Thom Allcock Diply
Thomas Kozlowski 2017 Full Time MBA United Airlines
Thomas Kavanaugh 2007 Evening MBA PwC
Thomas Faherty 1995 Full Time MBA TD Securities
Thomas Gregory 1993 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Thomas Herd Accenture
Thomas Houchins 2013 Evening MBA Gartner
Thomas Noonan 2013 Executive MBA
Thomas Taylor 1978 Full Time MBA
Thomas Ricketts 1993 Incapital
Thomas McDonald 2008 Executive MBA Jaguar Growth Partners
Thomas Shumaker 2008 Full Time MBA GS Fitness Holdings / Blink Fitness
Thomas {Tim] Monahan 1963 Full Time MBA The Thomas Monahan Company Handles, Inc.
Tiago Andrade 2013 Full Time MBA Partners Group
Tibi Stef-Praun 2015 Evening MBA Serendipify.Me
Tiffany Lindsay
Tiffany Van Elslander
Tim Heyen 2015 Evening MBA Gearhead Workspace
Tim Bechtold 2017 Full Time MBA Frontier Capital
Tim Liu 2019 Weekend MBA Capital One
Tim Hemmert Gap, Inc.
Tim Binney 2016 Executive MBA Houlihan Lokey
Tim Suh 2015 Evening MBA IBM
Tim Dixon InterOptic
Tim Trampedach 2008 Full Time MBA LendUp
Tim Meng One Source Communications
Tim Jenkins 1988 Full Time MBA Point B, Inc.
Timothy Ramsey 2003 Full Time MBA Total MINDCARE
Timothy Nicholson 2009 Full Time MBA PVS Chemicals, Inc.
Timothy Moran 2001 Full Time MBA Contour Saws
TING Jiang 2019 Weekend MBA Tyson Foods
TJ Patel Mediafly
Todd Huseby A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Todd Bancroft Draper and Kramer
Todd Martin Capgemini
Todd Hellman 2017 Executive MBA Battelle for Kids
Todd Remis 1998 Full Time MBA
Todd Vermeer 1998 Full Time MBA Gwinnett Medical Center
tom Hanly 1993 Full Time MBA Two Eagle Investments
Tom Chin 1998 Full Time MBA Telsey Advisory Group
Tom Priebe The University of Chicago
Tom Wells 2013 Full Time MBA 10 Point Capital
Tom Tisa 2003 Executive MBA CN
Tom Kane 1997 Evening MBA Element Bars, Inc.
Tom Knight ConSol USA
Tom Jung 2008 Executive MBA
Tomas Trussi
Tomas Bustamante
Tomas Ecker
Tomasz Marcinkowski 2008 Full Time MBA Pinterest
tony cappell 2017 Executive MBA Stonegate Capital
Tony Zhang 2015 Evening MBA Zacks Investment Management
Tony Zasimovich APL Logistics
Tony Zaffirini 2008 Full Time MBA
Tony Davis 1998 Linden Capital Partners
Torrence Hinton 2016 Executive MBA Peoples Gas
Tosin Olusola 2017 Weekend MBA Procter & Gamble
Tracewell Hanrahan 1998 Full Time MBA Fresno Housing
Tracy McCabe Chicago Booth
Tracy Walter 2016 Evening MBA BCBS IL
Tracy Li 2015 Full Time MBA Houlihan Lokey
Travis Swoope 2013 Executive MBA Microsoft
Trent Grable Indiana Tech
Trenton Smith 2008 Full Time MBA Dow Chemical
Trevor Whitson 2008 Evening MBA Scotts Miracle-Gro
Trevor Gingras 2018 Full Time MBA
Trey Pendery 2018 Full Time MBA
Trey Waters Mercy Corps
Tricia Rothschild
Tricia Krimm
Trisha Chakraborty 2018 Full Time MBA
Tristan Herrod
Troy Mastin 1998 Full Time MBA MERGE
Truong Le DTE Energy
Tushar Pandey 2017 Executive MBA Strata Decision Technology
Tutty Puspavijayanti
Tyler Qualio Sentinus LLC
Tyler Batchelor 2008 Full Time MBA Chevron
Tyler Kealy 2017 Full Time MBA Credit Suisse
Tyler Kearn 2015 Full Time MBA Cicero Group
Ulla Nylin
Ulrike Koeppl 2008 Executive MBA Deloitte
Urvi Shah
utku kafali 2008 Evening MBA Jump Trading
V Peter Semogas
Vagdevi Akella
Valentina Fernandez Rodriguez Egana 2017 Full Time MBA
Valeria Cuaik
Valerie Booth
Valerie Bauer Gore 1998 Full Time MBA Constant Contact
Valerie Angelkos 2017 Full Time MBA Google
Vandana Ramakrishnan 2017 Full Time MBA Bain and Company
Vani Sharma
Varun Kaushal Everspring
Vasanth Sivasubramanian 2017 Evening MBA Oriental Motor USA
Venkat Venkatakrishnan 2021 Weekend MBA Bayer Inc
VENKATESH KALIPI 2015 Executive MBA Actifio, Inc
Venky Raghavendra 2008 Full Time MBA
Vera Calasan 2008 Executive MBA Excellence AG - German Engineering
Vera Tkach 2008 Full Time MBA McKinsey & Company
Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Navarro
Victor Khosla 1983 Strategic Value Partners, LLC
Victor Chen 2008 Full Time MBA The Boston Consulting Group
Victor Burga 2008 Full Time MBA Discovery Communications
Victor Kryukov 2008 Full Time MBA Hotwire
Victor mendez 2013 Full Time MBA Morgan Stanley
Victoria Gustafson 2001 Evening MBA Verde Associates
Victoria Yunger 2018 Full Time MBA
Vidur Sehgal 2015 Full Time MBA EY-Parthenon
Vikas Chowdhry 2013 Weekend MBA Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation
Vikas Gupta Mu Sigma Leadership
Vikram Dhanda
Vinayak Seshasayee 2013 Full Time MBA Pimco
Vince Villaverde
Vince Chung 1988 Full Time MBA Chung Capital
Vince Pecis Greenlee Diamond Tool Co.
Vincent Keefe
Vincent Cozzi 1993 Full Time MBA
Vindhya Vunnam 2013 Full Time MBA CIT
Vinnie Badinehal
Vinod Patel 1998 Full Time MBA ZS Associates Inc
Vinod Neelakantan 2008 Evening MBA Sysmex
Vinod Kesavan 2008 Full Time MBA Houlihan Lokey
Vipin Bhatia 2019 Evening MBA Quinnox Inc.
Vipin Jain 2008 Evening MBA
Vish Subramanian 2019 Evening MBA CME Group
Vishal Bansal 2017 Full Time MBA BCG
Vishal Goel 2013 Evening MBA Clarivate
Vishal Sharma 1998 Full Time MBA Google Corp.
Vishal Lall 2003 Full Time MBA Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Vishnu Ramaswamy
Vishnu Beri 2003 Full Time MBA AlphaStreet
Vitaly Goldfeder 2017 Full Time MBA Enhanced Healthcare Partners
Vivek Bhownani 2020 Weekend MBA MathWorks
Vivian Whitson
Vivian Fan 2017 Full Time MBA Deloitte Consulting
Vivian Wang 2018 Weekend MBA Cummins,Inc
Viviana Limon 2018 Full Time MBA
Vivienne Ko 2013 Full Time MBA Jefferies LLC
Walter Lord 1997 Executive MBA Walter Eugene Lord, PLLC
Warren Tsu 2017 Weekend MBA GE Ventures
Webb Brown 2013 Full Time MBA Google Inc.
Wei Sun 2013 Full Time MBA Apple Inc.
Wei Li 2003 Full Time MBA Huawei Technologies
Wenbo Fang 2022 Evening MBA Booth
Wendy Lue 2017 Full Time MBA ZS Associates
Weston Polaski Victor Tech, Inc.
Whitney Enright 2016 Full Time MBA Goldman Sachs
Will Holsworth
Will Han 2015 Full Time MBA Mckinsey
Willard Zangwill Chicago Booth
William Rusnack 1970 Evening MBA
William Hass 1971 Full Time MBA TeamWork Technologies
William Hayes 1990 Evening MBA Clean Path Partners
William Fitzgerald 1988 Full Time MBA Global Infrastructure Advisors LLC
William Lamm 1993 Full Time MBA Presidio Technology Partners
William McKeown 2013 Full Time MBA NorthStar Anesthesia
William Jackson 1988 Full Time MBA Johnson Controls, Inc.
William Blankemeier 1988 Executive MBA PeopleFlo Manufacturing, Inc.
William Davidson 2004 Full Time MBA John Deere
William Ramsden IBM
William Park II 1968 Full Time MBA
Wilson Sun 2017 Evening MBA Home Chef
Winnie Wu 2013 Full Time MBA McKinsey/LUNAR
Wonhee Park
Xi Deng
Xiaolei Liu 1998 Full Time MBA AKAZAM Wireless
Yang Liu 2013 Full Time MBA Qilu Pharmaceutical
Yanping Jiang 2016 Executive MBA SBC
Yanping Jiang 7Qubes LLC
YAOYAO WANG 2015 Full Time MBA Sling TV
Yara Cunha
Yashwanth Tummala 2018 Evening MBA Allstate
Yi Yi Tang 2013 Full Time MBA One Source Communications
Yiliu Zhang 2020 Weekend MBA Rhode Island Commerce Corporation
Yoav Mordowicz 2013 Full Time MBA Via On-demand Transportation
Yousuf Hashim 2003 Executive MBA Videojet
Yuan Gao 2008 Evening MBA AT&T
Yuri Ashuev 2003 Full Time MBA Sears Holdings
Yusu Tian 2017 Evening MBA Amazon
Yvon Hopps Biogen
Zach Simmons 2008 Evening MBA
Zachary Levin 2015 Full Time MBA Macquarie Capital
Zachary Cornett 2017 Evening MBA KPMG
Zack Frank
Zack Shah 2003 Full Time MBA Lazard Middle Market
Zeeshan Farooq 2013 Evening MBA Mr
Ziad Abouchadi 2017 Full Time MBA
Zishaan Hayath
Zoe Kling
Zunnaira Abbasi

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