Weekend MBA

Employment Source

Job Source for Those Who Changed Employers Percent of Employed Students
School-Facilitated 57.6%
Campus Recruiting 21.9%
Direct Contact with Company – Existing School Relationship 14.9%
Booth Job Posting/Resume Referral Service (GTS) 8.4%
Alumni Contact 7.4%
Internship Sourced through Booth Job Posting 1.4%
Other Booth Source (e.g. Faculty/Staff/Student Groups) 3.7%
Direct Contact with Company 42.3%
Non-Booth Business Contact 14.4%
Organization Website / External Job Board 7.9%
Executive Recruiter / Search Firm 5.6%
Organization Contacted Me Directly 4.2%
Personal/Family Contact 2.8%
Internship Sourced through Personal/Business Contact 1.9%
Internship Sourced through External Job Posting 0.5%
Other Personal Relationship 5.1%
All 100.0%

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Employment Source


Source for all data: 2016 Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Employment Report

The employment report reflects changes made within one year prior to and following graduation.