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March 5, 2019 Live Admissions Chat

Answered Questions (58)


Chat Participant: Hi! What's the cut-off date for submitting GRE/GMAT scores if you want to be considered for the Weekend MBA August quarter?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Hi and thank you for joining. You can submit your application with self-reported scores. We will not need official scores until after admittance, at which point you will be required to submit official scores. Keep in mind that GMAT test scores are considered valid five years from the date the test is taken.


Chat Participant: Hi! Thanks for hosting this chat! Are there students in the weekend/evening program who end up quitting their full time job/transitioning to a part-time position while executing their MBA?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The Evening and Weekend program is designed for working professionals and for students who know they may have a desire early in the program to transition out of their job might benefit from a Full-Time program. With that being said, there are occasions where part time students may move out of their working role closer to the end of their Booth program to explore other opportunities. Students in this cause who look to take an increased course-load without employment (the average part time student takes two classes per quarter) would complete a document with student services to understand the plan and future career approach. These students may elect part-time employment while focusing more on Booth (ex. Campus Recruitment). Much depends on the strategy of the student itself, so there is no one standard way students approach transitioning out of a job. Career services provides great resources here and career guidance. Contact with them will certainly help your plan.


Chat Participant: Are there ways to combine the MBA with a MSc in Engineering?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: No, Booth does not have a joint MBA and engineering degree. Keep in mind that the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are designed for full-time working professionals who want to earn their MBA while working. If you were to pursue an engineering degree at another school and an MBA at Booth, you’d want to pursue the full-time option. We defer to other school’s policies on allowing students to be dually enrolled in another school. This varies from school to school. 


Chat Participant: Hi guys, thanks for hosting this session. I had one question off the bat. Other than LEAD, what other kinds of leadership development opportunities are available to evening MBA students?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Hi Andrew, there are tons of leadership development opportunities. You can get involved with SAC (student council) in a leadership role and also each Booth group has chair positions available to help develop and advance each group. There are also plenty of opportunities within each class as there is a fair amount of group work so often it works best to designate one or two group members as leaders. I am sure I am missing other opportunities as well but those are a few.

Chat Participant: If you are flying in from outside Chicago for the weekend program, do you feel like you are still able to participate in the student groups?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Saturdays at the Gleacher Center are full of opportunities for both Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students to engage with the vibrant student community at Booth.  Many events, such as Lunch & Learns, networking events, alumni panels, career services events, or student-hosted events take place over the lunch break from noon to 1:30pm on Saturdays.  Some Weekend students will also occasionally stay overnight on a Friday or Saturday to engage in the more social events happening each week!  You can learn more about our student groups here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom.


Chat Participant: Are the same career resources offered to Weekend MBA students compared to full time MBA students?

Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: Yes, students from all MBA programs receive the same career services. For Evening and Weekend MBA students, we have a career services office housed inside our downtown campus, and in addition to normal business hours, they are also here on weeknights and on Saturdays.


Chat Participant: are there online classes available or are all classes live and in person in Chicago?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: All Chicago Booth classes are taught in person at one of our campuses. We do not have any online options. 


Chat Participant: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Is the business fellows program available with the Weekend MBA or is it exclusive to the evenings program?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program is available to both Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants with 3 years or less of full time work experience.  For the Evening CBF program, we have two admissions intakes per year (Fall and Spring), and for the Weekend CBF program, we have one per year (Fall).  CBF students complete the same MBA, but this program offers additional professional development programming during your initial quarters at Booth.


Chat Participant: I'd like to learn about the weekend MBA program tuition

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: Tuition is the same for the Weekend MBA and Evening MBA Program. Currently each class is $7,130 and you need 20 classes in order to earn your Booth MBA. You can learn about tuition, financial aid and scholarships here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid..


Chat Participant: Do evening MBA students have any access to FT MBA classes, if there is capacity and flexibility in our schedules? Additionally, are recruiting/career services the same for all students? Thanks!

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Yes, you are able to take classes across the Evening, Weekend and Full Time Programs if spots are available and if your schedule allows. Students have priority registration over their “home population,” but after a coupe rounds of registration, students can try to enroll in courses outside of their home program.

Regarding career services, we have a dedicated team for Evening and Weekend (EW) students at the Gleacher Center. Their office is open in the evenings and on Saturday. Their services are essentially the same offered to our full-time (FT) students, with the exception of internship recruiting, which is open to FT students only. If you feel an internship will be an important part of your career plan, we suggest you explore full-time programs.

EW students are able to participate in the same Campus Recruiting program for full time jobs. Keep in mind that campus recruiting is only one of many sources students use to find a new job (if that is their goal). Many EW students are not seeking a new job, rather


Chat Participant: Hi! My office is in Chicago, and the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA would both be doable for me. Can/should I note this on my application, or should I decide on one program and apply to that one only?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Being in Chicago offers you great flexibility for events and networking throughout the week. In applying, you would need to choose one program that you feel fits best. Consider your current week, and when you feel you’d be most available to do the majority of your Booth work. If you feel the weekend – namely Saturday provide the best opportunity for you to dedicate to Booth then the weekend program would be best. If you are one who would like to maximize your weeks, and taking class after work during the evening is ideal (and perhaps would like a bit of reprieve on the weekends) then the Evening program would be best. Regardless, the majority of our student-led events take place on Saturday, so you will likely be at Gleacher frequently for networking events on Saturday if you choose, as these events would be optional for social or career building.


Chat Participant: What is the coursework load typically like during the week for the weekend program? In terms of hours?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: A typical week is 3 hours in class and around 3-4 hours outside of the classroom per class. The course load outside of the classroom does vary from class to class, however, after each class students fill out an evaluation for the class and professor with one of the questions being how many hours per week did you spend on the class. You will have access to all of this data when you are registering for classes so it is easy to balance your schedule. I usually try to take a class that has a lighter load if I know that I am in another heavy workload class. Obviously, everyone is different but I have found the evaluations to be a very accurate gauge.

Chat Participant: How much impact does age and years of experience has on approval process?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: It is a very holistic review process so it depends on when you are ready to start the program. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with our student profile. On average students in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program have 7 years of work experience and are on average 30 years old. These are by no means cutoffs or requirements, but help give you a sense of where most of our students fall. The mid 80%ile range of work experience is 2-10 years so you can see that it is very broad.


Chat Participant: What is the culture at Booth like? And what has been the best part of your experience so far?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: The culture at Booth is like nothing I have ever been a part of. Everyone is extremely motivated and brilliant in their own ways which brings unique perspective. There is a tremendous sense of pride so although we challenge each other and compete among one another, there is still a mentality that we support one another over all else.


Chat Participant: For the weekend program, is it plausible for students to fly in and out on the same day and how does this affect group work?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, absolutely, and many do fly in on Saturday mornings before class, and fly back out on Saturday afternoons after class. We offer a free shuttle to both Chicago airports to bring students to/from campus on Saturdays as well. Both Evening and Weekend MBA students get creative about scheduling group work meetings, as all are balancing busy schedules! In addition to meeting in person at Gleacher, many students take advantage of Skype, Google docs, and other technologies to help them stay in touch on their projects throughout the quarter.


Chat Participant: I am 37 and have over 12 years of experience in IT and the amount of flexibility Booth weekend program provides, I think it would be best suitable for me. My question is, does the higher experience or age have any negative impact on the application or is it weighed negatively while reviewing the application?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: There is no cutoff for years of work experience, so if you decide the Weekend MBA program is the best fit for you, you will simply explain why it is your program of choice in your application, as well as what you will contribute to the Booth community based on your experience! Keep in mind the average amount of work experience is 6-7 years, but the range is wide. Students work in a wide variety of industries and functions including IT. You can view the industry breakdown on the main program pages under Industries Represented: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening and https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend


Chat Participant: Is participation in Booth's Investment Management Group available for PT/weekend students?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: There are over 40 different student groups for Evening and Weekend students to participate in! This includes the Investment Management Club, which caters to the needs of students at Chicago Booth, focused on investment management. The group provides opportunities to gain exposure to and delve deeper into the richness of the investment management field. You can learn more about student groups here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups.


Chat Participant: If I took a graduate level Business Statistics course at another University (Marquette), would it transfer over to the replace the same course for the Evening MBA program.

Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: No, Chicago Booth does not accept transfer course credits of any kind.


Chat Participant: Thank you for hosting the session. For the Weekend MBA program, could you give a little more insight into time commitment per semester (i.e. how many weekends a month and what is the time commitment on each weekend)?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Weekend MBA students should expect to be at Gleacher Center every week during the quarter. Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters are 11 weeks, and Summer quarter is 10 weeks. Therefore, you can expect 43 weekends per year. Keep in mind we have winter break in December, a week long spring break, and a few weeks off between Summer and Autumn quarter. You are also able to take breaks during the program, as you have five years to complete the degree. Approximately 70% of Weekend students live outside of IL. You will be supported by an incredible groups of classmates, faculty and administrators.  


Chat Participant: Does the admissions team provide any feedback as to why you may not have been accepted into the program or tips on improving your profile if you want to apply again?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Booth policy states that we do not provide denial feedback, if you are not admitted to the program. However, should that happen, there is a reapplication process that you can go through. In addition, the admissions team is more than happy to meet with you prior to your application to speak about your background and profile, and offer tips for how to put your best foot forward in the application process! Feel free to schedule something with us by emailing eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.


Chat Participant: How much does GRE/GMAT weigh in admissions decisions?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: We do not have a minimum GMAT score.  We definitely look at the entire application, but a strong GMAT is helpful. We have a holistic review and look at academics ability, professional background, professional accomplishments, career goals with an MBA, and interests/community involvement outside of work. In short, we are looking for well-rounded individuals who have a high level of intellectual curiosity. Our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA incoming classes for 2018 had: 3.43 undergraduate GPA (average), 7 years of work experience (average), and the mid-80% GMAT range is 610-740 with the average being a 680. Hopefully this help you get an idea of our student profile and what we are looking for in candidates.


Chat Participant: In regards to the question above about student organizations, are the evening/weekend organizations separately run from the full-time student organizations?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Yes, there are separate organizations. Recently, I know that there has been a big effort to bring the two programs closer together and create a more collaborative environment. I have been a part of a few events with the full time program and I have met some amazing people in that program.


Chat Participant: I am currently enrolled in a public policy program which may have some overlap in coursework - in explaining 'why MBA' what would help the admissions committee better understand my applicant profile? There are still gaps in my current education despite overlap.

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: I would encourage you to use the optional essay in the application, which provides you with an opportunity to explain your situation in course overlap and to better understand your profile. Anything you want the committee to know or if you want to clarify/shed light on an aspect of your profile that you feel might raise a red flag or be cause for concern you can do in the optional essay. 


Chat Participant: Are classes in a cohort format?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: The program is not officially co-horted, as our flexible curriculum allows students to take courses in whatever order they choose, but our community is very collaborative, and students form study groups all the time!  Many classes have a group work component as well. We encourage you to come visit a class and experience it for yourself!


Chat Participant: Since my field develops so quickly, and my level of responsibilities will continually evolve post-graduation, what continuous learning opportunities exists for Alumni?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We have a great option called Take Three. This allows all alumni to take up to three classes for free at Booth at any point post-graduation. This is designed specifically for what you mentioned – changing business landscape, sudden career change and a need of new industry knowledge. Our career services office provides resources to all alumni for the rest of your life to assist a changing career path. Finally we offer a program called Back to Booth for alumni to build and enhance their knowledge in different areas. This includes classroom courses, mini-cases, and various professional events.


Chat Participant: For those with right around 3 years of professional experience, is it preferred that they apply for CBF program or can they choose? Would the weekend CBF program be easier/harder to get into than the normal weekend program? Or is it the same?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The acceptance rates do not differ between CBF and the traditional Evening or Weekend programs, so if you are around the 3 year mark, we encourage you to apply for CBF. Please also note that there is not a hard cutoff at 3 years for CBF- typically if you have 3.5 years or less of full time work experience, it would still be a great fit for you!


Chat Participant: If we're unsure of whether we would like to do the Full Time or Weekend MBA, can we apply to both and/or is there a wait period to apply for the other?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: To reapply to any Booth program you must wait six months in between applications. You can only have one application open at a time. It is generally best to research the programs prior to applying so that you can apply to the program that best fits your needs. 


Chat Participant: How easy or difficult is it to get into the classes you want?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Hi Nicole, it really depends on the class. There is a bid system. You basically start off with a certain amount of points and then you get additional points for each class you complete. The more popular classes will go for a higher amount of points but the idea is that once you progress through the program you will have enough points to get into those more popular classes. I will say that I have been able to take all the classes that I wanted. 


Chat Participant: I see that the Civic Scholars application deadline for 2019 is this month. As I am in early on in my application process I will not be making that deadline. Will there be another application period/deadline for Spring 2020 start?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: The Civic Scholars program has an annual Weekend enrollment period every Autumn. The next application would be for the Autumn Weekend 2020 quarter. The deadline would be around the same time next year. You could consider beginning an application now for 2019 Civic Scholars, and if you feel as you approach the deadline your application is not at the quality you feel necessary to apply, you can hold off and look toward 2020 Autumn Weekend for Civic Scholars.


Chat Participant: Generally, how large are incoming classes each quarter?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Given the rolling admissions, the quality of the applicant pool will vary quarter to quarter, and we are flexible regarding our incoming class sizes. Keep in mind we bring in classes all four quarters. We suggest you don’t get too caught up in this and focus on making your application as strong as can be.


Chat Participant: Do most weekend MBA students finish in 2.5 years?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Most Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students finish the degree in 2.5-3 years. The MBA is 20 courses, and many students take an average of 2 classes per quarter, which would have them finishing in 2.5 years. But please note that there is a lot of flexibility built into the program, so students are able to set their own pace through the program, as long as they finish the degree within 5 years of starting!


Chat Participant: This might not be relevant, however, for family planning purposes, do alumnus receive discounts to the Chicago LABs school?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: I am not 100% sure, but I believe Lab schools discounts are only available to University faculty and staff.


Chat Participant: What is the maximum number of classes you can take in a quarter for the Weekend MBA?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: All students need 20 classes in order to graduate. On average Evening and Weekend students take 2 classes/quarter and at that pace would graduate in 2.5 years, but you have 5 years to complete your degree. The most we recommend someone takes is 3 courses a quarter. If you are looking to take more than 4 courses you would need to submit an application for a course increase load and it would be reviewed by the Deans.


Chat Participant: Are the classes pass/fail or graded?

Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: Only some of our classes are available pass/fail. You can learn more here https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch


Chat Participant: Are there set dates for interviews for those who are invited after the May 10 application deadline? Just wondering if certain dates should be left open on our schedules in case we are invited. Or if there is some flexibility there.

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: There will be flexibility in the date to select for your interview. Upon submission, you will receive an email from me with a calendar of available days/times to interview at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. We conduct interviews Monday-Friday and some select Saturdays. You will be able to select an interview 2-4 weeks out from when you submit your application. Should you not see any days that work for your schedule, I can work with you to set up a skype interview. We would like all applicants to interview in person so this would be a last resort.


Chat Participant: Does undergraduate GPA significantly impact applicant eligibility?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: It is certainly one of the factors that we look at when determining whether you are able to handle the academic rigor of the Booth classroom. However, it is by no means the only factor that we take into consideration. Please keep in mind that the mid 80% range is 3-3.85 with the average being 3.43. If you feel your GPA is not competitive, try to offset that with a strong GMAT score. You can also use the optional essay in the application to provide context for your grades in undergrad.


Chat Participant: Good Afternoon, could you speak about the specialized programming mentioned on the website for the Neubauer Civic Scholars? Thanks so much.

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: This varies year over year and typically involves guest speakers and topical discussions with high-level, experienced individuals in the nonprofit sector. Each year, the Civic Scholars have gone on a trip to meet with organizations and leaders. Cities include Seattle, Detroit and Atlanta. To learn more, please email Molly O’Donnell at Molly.O'Donnell@chicagobooth.edu. Molly oversees the Civic Scholars Program.


Chat Participant: How much does the Evening and weekend MBA cost?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: Tuition is currently $7,130 per course, and 20 courses are required. For the Evening and Weekend Programs, you pay each quarter for the course(s) you are enrolled in. Tuition increases each Summer quarter. See this link for details about tuition and additional fees: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid


Chat Participant: does evening or weekend MBA provide internship possibility?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Hi Mark, I plan to stay at my current company so I may not give the best answer here but I do have some knowledge talking with peers who seek something similar. Yes, there is internship possibilities in E/W program. E/W students can participate in OCR (on campus recruiting) which has employers that are looking for internships and full time roles. Also, there are lab classes where as a part of the class you will interact with companies and I have heard of students getting internships through that. I have also heard students networking and getting involved in the many events, clubs, etc. at Booth and came across opportunities through those outlets. If your goal is to get an internship, I suggest meeting with career services early on and they will be able to give you great advice on how to achieve your goal.   


Chat Participant: In regards to classes where you have to apply to take them, such as Marketing Research Lab, how does that application process look like and is the process very competitive?

Kara Northcutt | Director of Admissions & Marketing: This is something you’d want to speak with an academic advisor about when you are a student, as the applications vary across lab courses. It is safe to assume you need to be in good academic standing and should be able to express why your background and interests make you a good fit for the lab course. Informational webinars are held in advance of application due dates, who you’ll have a variety of resources to help you prepare.


Chat Participant: I am in my senior year of undergrad and will be complete in December. How soon can I start my application?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: For the Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates, you can apply with 0-3 years of work experience after graduation.  Applicants must be employed or have a full time job lined up to be eligible, so if you are graduating in December, the earliest you could apply would be for our Spring 2020 quarter.


Chat Participant: This may be a broad answer, but can you describe the characteristics/personality/strengths of the type of students admitted to the program and will be successful in the program?

Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: We take a holistic approach to the application process, and will evaluate at you a whole person.  We are looking for authenticity and someone with the drive and ambition to excel in our rigorous program. Our students are curious, collaborative, and bold, are always questioning the status quo. Like the question, the answer is broad as well, but there is no one set of criteria we use to evaluate each applicant.


Chat Participant: Do professors hold virtual officer hours during the week for additional Q&A?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Hi Robert, it depends. Each professor is different but all of them will find time one way or another to answer questions or provide insight. Every professor I have had was extremely supportive and willing to spend as much time as needed.


Chat Participant: Can you apply for civic scholars after you've already begun the weekend MBA program?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: No, if you are interested in the Civic Scholars program you should apply using the Weekend MBA Autumn 2019 application. Keep in mind the deadline for the Civic Scholars program is March 18th 2019, while our regular Weekend Autumn 2019 deadline is May 10th 2019.  If you have any additional questions regarding the Civic Scholars program or application feel free to reach out to Molly O’Donnell at Molly.O'Donnell@chicagobooth.edu.


Chat Participant: average age of evening class?

Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: The average age for the Evening MBA program is 27, with the middle 80% range being between ages 25 and 34. You can view more of or class stats by clicking the link below and scrolling mid-page and clicking "Class Stats" https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening


Chat Participant: When does the Weekend MBA August quarter officially start? Is there orientation?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: The Autumn quarter for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students begins on September 23, 2019. Mandatory Orientation, known as LAUNCH takes place Friday-Sunday August 23-25, 2019 for Weekend Students. The deadline for the Weekend Autumn 2019 application is May 10.


Chat Participant: Is there a penalty or maximum number of classes you can miss to receive credit for a course? And if you must miss a class, are there ways to view the lecture online?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: All classes take place in person and lectures are not typically recorded or posted online. I do not know the number of classes that can be missed, but many classes do have participation grades, and attendance is generally expected each week. If students occasionally have to miss a class, they can work with their professor to perhaps attend a different section of the class that week, or get the notes from a fellow student. 


Chat Participant: Do professors tend to offer office hours over the weekend?

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Hi, each professor is different and has different availability so timing of office hours will depend on a professor's schedule. I will say that every professor is willing to go above and beyond to help students and will make themselves available at a time that mutually works.


Chat Participant: Hi if you are admitted to the weekend program but decide to pursue a full time later on, is it possible to switch or do you have to go through the admission process again? is there a cut off?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: You cannot transfer from the Weekend MBA Program into the full-time MBA Program. You can only transfer between Evening and Weekend Programs. It is important early on to identify that program that is right for you and that will help you meet your personal and professional goals. The Weekend Program is designed for working professionals and those that intend to continue working while concurrently earning their MBA at Booth. The same faculty teach across our programs so you have access to the same world class faculty and rigorous program.


Chat Participant: Hi, as a prospective weekend student ultimately looking to change in my job function/role but not industry. What advice would you give to someone also considering a fulltime program at a school that does not match the reputation of Booth. Based on what I have heard and then read here today, it sounds like the weekend students are able to get a similar Booth experience to fulltime students, just over a longer period of time.

Thomas Byrne| Current Evening Student: Hi Ross, I am probably a little bias but if I was making your decision I would absolutely choose Booth. In my application process, I was similar to you and was focused on reputation of the school but I did not predict the relationships I have formed and how much I have grown personally and professionally because of the program. There is a reason for that reputation is what I have learned. As far as advice for someone looking to change job function/role, I have seen many classmates do just that and find amazing opportunities through the various outlets Booth provides such as on campus recruiting (OCR), career services and events. If you end up leaving your job during the program, you can take more courses in the E/W program so it is very flexible in terms of that.


Chat Participant: Can i convert to being a full time student later in the program?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: No, students cannot transfer between the Full Time MBA and Evening/Weekend MBA programs at Booth, as we have separate application processes. 

Applicants who are offered admission to the Weekend MBA Program will then be considered for the Civic Scholars Program. Select finalists will receive a Civic Scholars Program interview invitation via email.  More information on this process can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program/admissions.


Chat Participant: If I wanted to fly to Chicago and learn more about the program, what resources are available for prospective applicants?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We would love to have you visit Chicago and there are a number of resources from student-led group events to informational events with current students, alumni, and staff. You may reference our admission events, and also email me directly at marcus.wordlaw@chicagobooth.edu and I can help you with other things like potentially a class visit or tour of Gleacher Center while you are here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events


Chat Participant: Are weekend students as welcome in the clubs hosted for predominantly full time students? Especially consulting club? Are these clubs held separately for full time vs weekend students

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: There are separate clubs based on the time demands of our students. There are over 40 student clubs for Evening and Weekend students with meetings that take place on the weekends and in the evenings. There is a consulting club for Weekend students. You can see the full list of groups here:https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups.  There are also opportunities to interact with and engage with full-time students as well.


Chat Participant: Given the rolling admissions process, how soon after applying would an applicant be notified of the interview and final decision? (Specifically for an Evening applicant applying now for the Autumn quarter)

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: As soon as you submit your application you will be invited to interview so you can schedule that immediately upon submission. With rolling admissions we will provide you with your admissions decision 4-6 weeks after you submit your completed application provided you interview within that timeframe. We look forward to seeing you for your interview!


Chat Participant: what is the average age of evening or weekend MBA?

Hannah Kohut | Associate Director of Marketing: The average age of our Evening MBA students is 27, with the middle 80% range being 25-34. You can find more on our class stats by scrolling midway through this page: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening


Chat Participant: Question: does evening or weekend MBA provide internship possibility?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: There is opportunity to work with career services through the Evening and Weekend program to find internships through their resources and your own network. The part-time program does not have a formalized internship process as the full-time program does. If you believe that an internship is essential for your career development then I recommend researching Booth’s Full-Time program. Part-time students can and have found internships but the process is geared more toward the motivation and work from the student without a formal internship process within the school.