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February 5, 2019 Live Admissions Chat

Answered Questions (53)


1. Chat Participant: Does "Specific Rounds" affect the success rate while applying?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: For the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs we do not have "rounds" but rather operate under rolling admissions. About 80% of candidates apply the week of the deadline and you should submit your application when you feel it is at its strongest.

2. Chat Participant: My question is regarding the possibility of joint degrees. Can evening students have an opportunity at completing a joint degree?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes! Each joint-degree program has their own set of requirements. You can review all available options here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/joint-degrees. While conducting your research, we recommend connecting with an individual admissions team member from each program.

3. Chat Participant: I have more than 11 year of experience and working a senior IT consultant with Global firm. Is the weekend MBA good for me or Executive MBA?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: You may look into either the Weekend or Executive MBA program. The Executive program is a lock-step program that contains an international component to study in our London and Hong Kong campuses, where the Weekend program provides greater flexibility in class selection and pace at which you move through the program. I recommend speaking directly to the Executive program at xp@chicagobooth.edu.

4. Chat Participant: Hi! Thanks everyone for their time today. I am looking into the evening program and want to understand class scheduling. What times do classes typically start and what is the frequency throughout the weekdays?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Hello and thank you for joining!  Evening classes begin at 6pm throughout the week and take place at the Gleacher center downtown.

5. Chat Participant: Is executive MBA also offer weekend and evening PART time option? Are the admission/application requirements same? How about the fee for executive MBA?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We recommend reaching out to our Executive MBA admissions team at xp@chicagobooth.edu for specific questions about their program and application requirements. Executive MBA is another one of our part time program options, specifically designed for individuals who are more experienced, with 10+ years of work experience on average.

6. Chat Participant: Can we have recommendations from someone who has left my organization recently?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes. Please keep in mind we prefer one of your recommendation letters to come from your current supervisor. Please feel free to email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu if you would like to connect with a member of the admissions team to discuss your letter of recommendation strategy if you believe you have a unique situation with this.

7. Chat Participant: When do classes take place for the Evening and Weekend students?

Molly O’Donnell | Director, Civic Scholars Program: Our evening classes are 6- 9 PM. Classes meet one time per week.  Classes are available Monday - Friday evenings. On Saturday the morning class block is 9 - 12 and the afternoon class block is 1:30 - 4:30

8. Chat Participant: About how long does it typically take to receive a decision after applying? Thanks!

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: Once an application is submitted a candidate will interview. We typically provide a decision within 4-6 weeks from the date the application is complete. Under rolling admissions, we do not wait until the application deadline to review applications. It's a pretty quick turnaround.

9. Chat Participant: Nicole- I would love to hear more about your experience and your work life balance (assuming you're working full time during the program).

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student: Hi Paige! When I started the program, I was working in apparel product management, which is basically a 24/7-type of existence. I ended up leaving the company and going into marketing freelancing primarily for a local company I worked with just prior to my last employer. It can definitely be done in whatever sort of FT work you partake in. I also have three sons and have still managed to be very involved at Booth, honestly as much (or as little) as I've wanted to or felt like. I hope that helps answer your question! You will be busy, and you will be tired, but it's honestly been the most amazing scholarly experience of my adult life.

10. Chat Participant: Is the application for the Executive MBA fully differentiated between the evenings and weekend MBA? Additionally, how does the coursework differ, I would assume the part-time MBA provides more flexibility.

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Hello and thank you for joining. Yes, it is a separate application process for the Executive MBA programs.  While both programs offer some flexibility in coursework and timing, The Executive MBA program is delineated across a 21 month period. You can find out more information about the Executive program curriculum and structure here and more information on the Evening and Weekend coursework here.

11. Chat Participant: How many classes do PT students take at a time? Do students also take a break and have a quarter without classes?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Most Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students take 2 classes per quarter and finish the degree in 2.5-3 years. However, the program is quite flexible, allowing students 5 years to complete the degree, as well as the ability to set their own pace throughout! Students sometimes will take just 1 class in a given quarter, or perhaps bump up and take 3 if their work schedule allows. There are breaks between quarters, but classes are offered year round (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters).

12. Chat Participant: After the application has been submitted, how long after are the interviews scheduled and how can the interviews take place, are they in-person or can they be via Skype or any other online platform for those not in the Chicago area at the time?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: After the application is submitted, you will be prompted to schedule your admission interview ideally within the next two-three weeks. We would like all interviews if possible to take place in person at the Gleacher Center in Chicago. We can provide skype/phone calls as a last resort should your schedule absolutely not allow you to travel to Chicago. You will interview with a current student or alumni of the Evening or Weekend program, and our admission team will begin the formal review of your application once your interview is completed. You can expect a decision on your admission within 4-6 weeks after you’ve submitted the online app.

13. Chat Participant: What makes Booth unique from other MBA programs?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We believe that the Chicago Approach, which is our set of core values, is what makes Booth unique compared to our peer institution. You can find this here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/about/chicago-approach. It captures the discipline-based approach in the classroom, the academic freedom we give our faculty and students, and our empowering community.

14. Chat Participant: Do part time students have the same access to the recruiters as the full time students at booth?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) students have the same access to career services and networking opportunities as their Full Time (FT) counterparts, with the main difference being that they typically do not go through formal recruiting for internships, since our student population is working full time. You still have access to the Booth job board which has over 5k postings per year, one-on-one career coaching, and you can even opt to go through formal on-campus recruiting as long as it is for full-time positions instead of internships. EW students can seek internships on their own, but if an internship will be an integral part of the career change you hope to make, a Full Time MBA program may be a better fit.

15. Chat Participant: How many students do you typically have in the weekend program that have more than 10 years of professional experience?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: I don't have that specific number at hand, but the mid 80% of Weekend MBA students have between 3-11 years of work experience, and the average is 7 years.  There is no cutoff for years of work experience, so if you decide the Weekend MBA program is the best fit for you despite being more experienced, you will simply explain why it is your program of choice in your application, as well as what you will contribute to the Booth community based on your experience!

16. Chat Participant: What are the additional admission steps for the Civic Scholars program? What percentage of applicants are admitted? And how many spots are available per quarter?

Molly O’Donnell | Director, Civic Scholars: We admit 6 or 7 Civic Scholars each year.  Applicants to the Civic Scholars Program use the same Weekend MBA application but in the application there is a place where you will indicate that you are applying for the Civic Scholars Program.  When you do this there will be one additional essay auto-populated to your application. Civic Scholars applicants go through the general admission process first. After being accepted to Booth, then you will be considered for the Civic Scholars Program. We will narrow the applicants’ pool to a group of finalists who will be invited back for an additional round of interviews.

17. Chat Participant: When is the deadline to enroll in the Evening MBA program for Fall 2019?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Hello, the application deadline for the Evening Autumn 2019 application is June 21, 2019. Classes would begin on September 23, 2019.

 18. Chat Participant: If I decide to look for a new job while in the midst of completing program, is recruiting at Booth open to me or are there other resources for PT students?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes, on campus recruiting is available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. There are many other resources available to students and alumni to get a new job, including our online job posting site, alumni and staff career advisors, and other networking tools. You can find the full list of resources available here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career/job-tools-resources.

19. Chat Participant: During a recent visit I learned that each student is surveyed regarding the average time they spent in preparation for each lecture. Is this information available to applicants?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Unfortunately, this information is specific to Booth students only. Students are surveyed after each class about the class, their workload, the professor, and class content. Students tend to use this information to determine whether they would like to bid on this class the next time it is offered.

20. Chat Participant: Can classes be taken online in case you can't make it due to work conflicts?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: We do not have online options, but since our students are working professionals it is not uncommon to have work conflicts. Students use the flexibility of our program to sit in another section of the class if they know they need to miss one of their classes. For example, Financial Accounting might be taught Wednesday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning. So if a student had to miss their assigned section, they would connect with the Professor and ask to sit in another section of that class. This is not typically an issue. Given that 74% of our weekend students commute from outside of Illinois, there are times where classes are recorded when bad weather is likely to prevent students from getting to their classes.

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student: Every professor is different, regarding attending different class sessions, some are more flexible than others. Honestly, for me and a lot of students I've met, we prioritize class over work, over our families. This is our focus for the duration of the program. :-)

21. Chat Participant: Does taking the GMAT multiple times affect an applicant's potential or is it acceptable to take the test more than once?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We often see applicants take the test more than once and improve their score, and this can show the admissions committee that you were committed to earning a good score. However, it can be a red flag if someone has taken the test many times with no improvement. Our mid 80% range for the GMAT is 610-740, so this is a great range to shoot for when preparing for the test.  We also accept the GRE and have no preference between the two tests.

22. Chat Participant: For someone with a work experience of 3 years or less, would you recommend the normal Evening MBA program or the Chicago Business Fellows program? What is the advantage of both and how is the admission process different?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: For all applicants with three years or less of working experience I recommend the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program. It allows you to move through the program in a cohort of other young professionals, provides professional development seminars in the first quarter of Booth to impact skills such as public speaking, networking, and leadership. Finally, when applying you are among a pool of applicants who have the similar amount of working experience. The CBF program yields the same degree as the traditional Evening/Weekend program, with the same classes and same Booth students so you would not be getting a different classroom experience as a CBFer.

23. Chat Participant: How is Booth working to include diversity and equity in its weekend and evening programs?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Booth continues to impact an environment that appeals to and creates a dynamic space for diversity in all our programs. Specifically for the Evening and Weekend programs, we don’t have prerequisites for classes or specific industry experience for applicants. We want to create as diverse a classroom as that allows our Chicago Approach to data-driven thought and discovery to come alive in its most vibrant nature. Student-led clubs such as Graduate Women in Business, Coalition of Minorities in Business, Partners Club, Booth Pride Club, and the Part-Time Armed Forces Group are just a few student clubs that provide a space for students to identify with other like-minded students of similar backgrounds with a platform to impact the Booth community.

24. Chat Participant: If I apply for 2019 class, will I still be eligible for scholarships?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Great question, there are a limited number of merit-based scholarships. All award decisions are determined from your MBA application by the Admissions Committee and Deans. The Admissions Committee and Deans work to identify applicants who have excelled both academically and professionally.  Keep in mind, the overall strength of the applicant pool also factors into scholarship decisions.

25. Chat Participant: Is there a minimum undergraduate GPA requirement?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Due to our holistic application review process, we do not have a required minimum GPA or GMAT/GRE test score to apply.

26. Chat Participant: Apart from GRE/GMAT scores, what other credentials would be considered while making an admission decision? I am a software engineer working for a startup in the bay area with 5 years of experience.

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: When reviewing applications, we employ a holistic review process- the academic piece is important, as we want to ensure you can handle the rigor of a Booth classroom, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.  We’ll review your work history, letters of recommendation, and your essays, which will help us understand why you’re pursuing an MBA at this point in your career, why Booth is the right fit for you, and what unique perspectives you will contribute to the Booth community.  We also interview all of our applicants for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, so you'll have a chance to tell your story in person as well.

27. Chat Participant: Do you require official transcripts or will scanned copies suffice?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: To submit the application unofficial (scanned and uploaded copies) will suffice. Upon admittance, you would be required to submit official transcripts from the institutions.

For more tips and tricks on the academic section of the application, check out this blog post by our Director of Admissions https://www.chicagobooth.edu/blog/ewadmissions/2018/app-process-transcripts

28. Chat Participant: Can you please share how an average accepted profile for a weekend MBA applicant look like?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: You can view the Weekend class profile here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend

A couple things to note - On average our students are 30 years of age, with 6 years of work experience. Approximately 74% are commuting from outside of Illinois. The average GMAT is 680. It's important to understand that our students have very diverse backgrounds and there really is no typical Boothie. This helps give you an idea of the student profile.

29. Chat Participant: Thank you for the information Marcus!  My next question is for Nicole:  What has been your favorite course so far and what did you enjoy most about it?

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student: So, I'm only in my 2nd quarter, taking my 3rd-5th classes, but I've been lucky enough to get amazing classes right off the bat. If I had to pick just one, I'd say Commercializing Innovation with Scott Meadow. I enjoyed the team-work aspect, the richness he brought to the classroom discussion, the required presentation- aspect, and mostly that he's just an amazing human being with amazing stories and adventures in the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial space.

30. Chat Participant: Does Booth facilitate any networking events where perspective students can meet with current students and/or faculty?

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student: Yes! SO MANY! When I was in the application/prospective student phase, I literally stalked the "Events" tab on the Evening/Weekend admissions page and signed up for/attended every event I could possibly swing between full-time work and family responsibilities. It really behooves anyone serious about Booth to "Do All The Things" possible in making connections and learning about the school from multiple angles/visits. Obviously, this is easier if you're local to Chicago, but I met a lot of people at these events who were not local to Booth at all and still making the time/trip to connect with the people here and really find out if Booth is where you should be.

32. Chat Participant: What is the average percentage of financial aid that part-time students can get? Aside from federal loans, are there merit -based and or need-based scholarships and if awarded, are they for just a quarter, a year or for the entire time of the program?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We do not disclose that data, but I recommend connecting with our financial aid office at 773-702-3964 or financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu to learn more about what options are available for you. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs do offer a limited amount of merit based-scholarships for admitted students of these programs every quarter. Please note that these scholarships are very competitive. Fund distribution of these scholarships vary. To learn more, I recommend taking a look at our tuition and financial aid page here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.

33. Chat Participant: What are the deadlines for applying to the Weekend MBA program?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: The deadline for the Weekend Autumn 2019 application is May 10, 2019

35. Chat Participant: What financial aid options are available to evening and weekend students? Do you need to take a certain number of courses per quarter/semester/year in order to qualify for financial aid?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Yes, we do offer financial aid options for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, including merit based-scholarships. You can learn more about these options here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.

36. Chat Participant: Is it possible to sit in on a class?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, you may register online to attend a class. You will receive a confirmation email upon your registration: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/portal/EWClassVisit

37. Chat Participant: What are some of the extracurriculars that students participate in?

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student If you look on the Booth E/W website, you can see a list of the student clubs in one of the tabs. There are a ton. You will not run out of options. In fact, you will want to do all the options, possibly burn out a tiny bit, tell yourself you're going to take it easy next quarter, only to be just as or more involved than you were the previous quarter... Not that I know anyone who did that... Examples: wine club, tech club, marketing club, Graduate Women, product management club, ski club, epicurean club, India club, Christians at Booth, etc. etc. etc. And then there are even more options when you add in different case competition opportunities that are done in self-selected groups and cool initiatives like the New Venture Challenge.

38. Chat Participant: Do you currently have any students in the weekend program who are commuting from Montana?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions We don't have any current students in the program from Montana but certainly from Washington, Oregon and Colorado that come to mind. It is likely we have alumni in Montana as well. 74% of our Weekend students commute from outside of Illinois and we have a number coming from the West Coast.

39. Chat Participant: Is there any additional information on merit-based scholarships you can provide – percentage of class that are awarded, average award amount, etc.? How do most students finance their education? Appreciate your time.

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: We do not provide percentages of how many students are awarded these scholarships since we have these opportunities available on a quarterly basis. These types of scholarship do not cover the entire tuition. The amount ranges are a smaller amount, and are dependent on applicant strength. You can find more info about tuition and financial aid here: here. We are also happy to chat offline, if you would like a phone or in-person conversation about this topic.

40. Chat Participant: If you are accepted into a Weekend/Evening MBA program and made progress towards the degree, can you switch to Full-Time? If so, are there any barriers or an application process?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: You are unable to switch between the Evening/Weekend and Full Time programs.  You can switch between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs one time after becoming a student and completing a certain number of classes.  Keep in mind it is relatively easy to take classes across programs.  The main reason someone might switch is to get priority registration access for classes in the other program (so, for example, maybe you begin as a Weekend MBA student located outside of IL, but end up moving to Chicago and switching into the Evening MBA program to have first priority on the Evening MBA classes).

41. Chat Participant: What is your best advice in regard to our applications for being accepted into the MBA program? What sets some applicants apart from others?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Applicants who can illustrate an academic background that shows they can succeed in Booth’s rigorous classroom while also providing a unique background and ways they can add value to other students in the classroom/community are some of the strongest applicants. Ultimately, it is important to feel confident that you will have success given your background, and know why you feel Booth is a good fit for your career progression.

42. Chat Participant: Is there any fee for applying?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Yes, the application fee for applying to the Evening or Weekend programs is $175.00. 

43. Chat Participant: Does Booth have agreements with any airlines that might offer reduced rates for students commuting from other states?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We do not offer special rates for airfare, but we do offer discounted rates for hotels near Gleacher. Many weekend students fly in and out on Saturdays, so lodging is not as common for them. If you attend Saturday classes for all four quarters, travel would be required for 43 Saturdays of the year.

45. Chat Participant: What percentage of students, typically focus on entrepreneurship?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: Based on our 2017 data, about 10% on incoming students are seeking to advance or start their own venture.

46. Chat Participant: Does the admissions team offer a resume review or another pre-application service to help determine if an applicant is a fit for the program (and vice versa)?

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student: No, they are not able to offer those types of services, nor recommend one to prospective students. There is a ton of info through googling about MBA programs to get more info on fit w one vs another. Also, taking advantage of attending the admissions events is a great way to ask some specific questions regarding your resume w the admissions team, if you have them ready.

 47. Chat Participant: Question for Nicole, as a current student in Booth, do you feel that the current cost of attendance and therefore any amount of debt that can result, is well worth it in the short or long term?

Nicole Campbell | Current Evening Student: Completely, 100% yes. For me, Booth was a way to both transform my career and professionally develop at a lightning pace alongside "the smartest guys in the room." Obviously, everyone is different and has different views. I came into the program 100% self-funded, whereas many students come in with work sponsorship, etc. Short term, it's been worth it because the caliber of people and classes I'm engaging with are literally helping me "Level Up" 10x--something that would've been much more challenging on my previous path. Long term, it's going to be worth it, because I'll have a Booth MBA, which I consider a "golden ticket" of sorts into certain halls of power that were previously closed off to me, by way of lack of access, not intelligence. There are calculated risks that we all get faced with at one time or another. Sometimes you have to be willing to "lose it all" in order to "gain it all..." (knowing in the back of your mind that you were never, really going to be in the first category under any circumstances, anyway

48. Chat Participant: What is the acceptance rate for the Chicago Business Fellows?

Lindsay Badeaux | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: We do not share our acceptance rate, but it does not differ between CBF and the traditional Evening/Weekend programs, or from quarter to quarter.  We aim to bring in around 30 CBF students per cohort, but we also receive fewer applications for that particular program, which is why the acceptance rate is the same.

49. Chat Participant: I have found this chat to be helpful, especially with the links provided in some of the responses.  Is there a way to export the content to a document I can reference at a later date?

Keenan Gannon | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Analytics: Yes, the chat transcripts will be posted online here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats.  

50. Chat Participant: Are there any deadlines to apply in order to be considered for the Merit scholarship and the 75th anniversary scholarship?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: There are no deadlines to apply for Evening/Weekend merit scholarships. Every applicant who applies and is admitted is considered for a scholarship.

51. Chat Participant: What is the average number of student attendance per classroom?

Stephanie Gunn | Senior Associate Director of Admissions: An average size class is approximately 45 students and you will never see a class with more than 65 students.

52. Chat Participant: What the average student debt payment for students graduating from the Weekend Program?

Patrick McHale | Admissions Manager: I recommending getting in touch with our financial aid office at 773-702-3964 or financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu. However, we do not disclose this data, as many different factors go into how students finance their MBA. They will be able to inform you on what options are best for you.

53. Chat Participant: Can I schedule more than 1 class visit?

Marcus Wordlaw | Senior Assistant Director of Admissions: Yes, you can schedule for up to two classes in a calendar year, and sitting through two classes can give you the best idea of the Booth experience.