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February 7, 2017 Live Admissions Chat

Chat Transcript

Chat Guest: Dear all, I realize that this is not the best place to ask the following question, but maybe you can redirect me towards the right people. I am interested in the PhD at Booth, who would be the best person to ask?

* Erik Halloway: Here is the general contact for the PhD programs at Booth: Phone: 773.702.7298 Email: phd@chicagobooth.edu

Chat Guest: Hi. I was wondering whether we are open to recruitment opportunities and internships that full-time MBA students have access to?

* Lindsay Badeaux: You have the same access to Career Services as the Full Time MBA students, including campus recruiting for full time positions, with a few caveats: if you are receiving $8k or more per year from your employer towards your tuition, you must get their signed permission to participate in formalized recruiting.  As an Evening or Weekend student, you are unable to go through formalized recruiting for internships, as an internship is not a required component of your MBA in the part time programs. You still have access to 1on1 career coaching and can work with our Career Services team to determine your job search strategy.

Chat Guest: I am considered a reapplicant if I last applied in 2008? If not will my old application materials be still on file?

* Marcus Wordlaw:  No you would not be a reapplicant beyond two years of applying. You may apply as a traditional evening or weekend new applicant. Your old application materials would not be on file or used in your admission decision

Chat Guest: Good afternoon! Thanks for the taking the time to address some questions on Booth.  Question #1: Are Booth students allowed to take classes from other UC programs (computer science / data science from the Graham school)?

* Kara Northcutt: Yes! You can take 6 of your 20 course anywhere in the University of Chicago. Keep in mind non Booth course will be on Hyde Park campus and likely during the daytime. If you can make that work, it is a great way to explore different academic areas during your MBA.   

Chat Guest: Hello! Do many part time students get scholarships? Do you have a link for scholarships through Booth or any other relevant information? Thanks!

* Erik Halloway: Generally speaking, we do not have offer merit-based scholarships for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. There are a few exceptions: people working for a nonprofit or government organization, work in Detroit, or currently running a startup.

Chat Guest: How does the travel work for weekend MBA program attendees?

* Lindsay Badeaux: As a Weekend student, your classes take place weekly, each Saturday at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. Students are responsible for travel costs.  About 70% of our Weekend students commute in from areas outside of Illinois!  Some drive in from nearby cities like Milwaukee or Indianapolis, others fly in from as far as the West Coast.  

Chat Guest:  If you apply as an Evening student, Is it possible to take some weekend classes as well?

* Marcus Wordlaw: It is possible to take Weekend classes as an evening student (or vice versa) along with classes on the full-time campus in Hyde Park.

Chat Guest:  Hi.  What is the interview format for candidates applying to the Civic Scholars Program?

* Molly O'Donnell: Good question - it is a little different from the regular Weekend MBA applicants.  All applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and those who are qualified will be invited for an admissions interview.  If the candidate is offered admission to Booth then he/she will be placed in the pool of applicants for the Civic Scholars Program.  We will review all those applicants and choose a small group to come back for a second round of interviews with the deans and staff working with the Program.  From that group we will choose the 8 Civic Scholars.  

Chat Guest: Similar to the previous question, do you see more students remain with their current companies after completing a part time program or move on somewhere else?

* Kara Northcutt: Our students have a variety of career goals. Entering the program, around 65% look to advance in current company/industry, 25% seek to make a change and the remaining are looking to start a company. Goals sometime change while in the program, and our exit surveys show 2/3 of students made a significant change in their career. Of those seeking to stay at their current company, 60% were promoted and 43% changed functions. We also see students seeking to change companies. Of those who found employment at a new firm, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.   

Chat Guest: Hello, I have done my MS in US and am wondering if it’s a requirement for weekend MBA along with GMAT?

* Erik Halloway: the GMAT or GRE is required for all Weekend MBA or Evening MBA applicants. We do not waive this requirement for advanced degrees.

Chat Guest:  A while ago I sat in on an MBA course at Booth. Could you provide us with the link for sitting in on courses to get a better feel of teaching styles if that option is still available? Thank you!

* Lindsay Badeaux: Absolutely!  We encourage all who are seriously considering applying to attend an info session and then visit a class, as it's a great way to get a feel for our community here at Booth.  Here is the link: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit

Chat Guest: For applicants without much full-time experience (less than 3 years), what is it in the application that you use to evaluate admissions decisions?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The application is the same, but if you have 3 years or less of full time work experience we encourage you to learn more about our Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program for early career candidates!  It yields the same MBA, but as a CBF student you will have additional professional development opportunities your first quarter at Booth.  You can learn more about this special program here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates

Chat Guest:  Good Afternoon - I have a question concerning the Business Fellows program.  On the website it lists that applications are limited to those who have three years or less of full-time experience prior to the start of classes.  While classes start 09/21, I hit my fourth year anniversary on 08/05.  Does this two month gap restrict my eligibility to apply for the Fellows program?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Good question.  There is no hard cutoff at 3 years.  I would say if you have 4 years or less of experience by the time you would be starting classes at Booth, apply for CBF.  If we are evaluating your application and feel you would be a better fit for the traditional MBA program, we would simply have that conversation with you!

Chat Guest: What percent of students switch employers and what percent stay with their current employer?

* Kara Northcutt: Our students have a variety of career goals. Entering the program, around 65% look to advance in current company/industry, 25% seek to make a change and the reaming are looking to start a company. Goals sometime change while in the program, and our exit surveys show 2/3 of students made a significant change in their career. Of those seeking to stay at their current company, 60% were promoted and 43% changed functions. We also see students seeking to change companies. Of those who found employment at a new firm, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.   

Chat Guest: Is there a greater emphasis placed on GMAT/GRE scores or GPA?

* Marcus Wordlaw: We do not have a preference between the GMAT or GRE and accept/review both equally

Chat Guest:  Hi! I submitted my application this past weekend and it said that my GMAT report was "not received yet".  I tried to resubmit my official GMAT report as a "new submission", but it still says that the report was "not received."  How can I remediate?

* Marcus Wordlaw: If your application is submitted and you reported your GMAT score, then your application is complete. It is common to see a red X and "not received yet" as we are verifying the report, but nothing more is needed on the applicant's end

Chat Guest: Is it necessary to give GMAT or will you consider expired GRE scores as well?

* Erik Halloway: We require a valid GMAT or GRE score for all applicants.

Chat Guest: Can a Evening/Weekend MBA student transition to the full-time program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: An evening/weekend student may take a full time load of classes (ex. 4 classes per quarter) if you wish and happens in some scenarios (such as leaving a current job) but they would still be considered evening/weekend students. Once in the program, you may not transition to a full-time student in the full time program.

Chat Guest: Hi. Looking at the summer and fall start dates, Are there any major differences between the two? (Such as one you'd be more likely to be grouped with the same students, etc.)

* Marcus Wordlaw: There isn’t a competitive difference for applicants between the summer and autumn quarters for applying. Typically, the autumn quarter is our largest quarter for both applicants and enrolled students. The student profiles for industry and background are relatively the same for all quarters of the year

Chat Guest: are the evening MBA classes conducted in Hyde Park or at the Gleacher Center?

* Marcus Wordlaw: All evening classes are held at the Gleacher Center downtown

Chat Guest:  Hello, I have done my MS in US and am wondering if TOEFL is a requirement for weekend MBA along with GMAT?

* Erik Halloway: If you completed an advanced degree in an English-based curriculum, then the TOEFL, or IELTS, is not required.  

Chat Guest: What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone during the application process?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Be yourself, be genuine, and really give some thought to the "Why Booth/Why an MBA/Why now?" questions.  The admissions committee can tell when applicants are telling us what they think we want to hear, rather than being genuine, so my advice is to be true to yourself!

Chat Guest: Good afternoon, thanks for taking the time to answer questions for us today. Are weekend MBA students part of a cohort that completes classes together throughout the program or do students typically chalk out their own pace?

* Meng-Yang Chen: The Weekend MBA students are not cohorted in the sense that they take the same classes with each other throughout their entire MBA experience. You start together in an orientation program called LAUNCH, but then afterwards you are free to take courses at your own pace. Some people will knock out the introductory courses while others will jump right into electives that interest them.

Chat Guest:  How are interviews scheduled after I submit my application? Do I need to interview within a certain period of time after I submit my application?

* Lindsay Badeaux: When you submit your application, you will receive an email prompting you to schedule your admissions interview.  Our decision timeline is 4-6 weeks from when you submit your application, provided it's complete, and that you interview during that time.  The interview process for the CBF program is a little bit different, however.  CBF applicants should plan to attend one of our CBF Interview Days, offered a few times per year (you can find the dates on the website).

Chat Guest:  Is there an ideal time to apply if we are looking to begin class in the fall semester?

* Erik Halloway: Autumn Quarter Deadlines are April 12th for Weekend and June 30th for Evening.  Admissions is on a rolling basis, so you are able to submit anytime between now and the deadline. Our response time is 4-6 weeks from when you submit your application.

Chat Guest: How can I learn more about marketing programs at Booth? Is there the opportunity to connect with a current marketing-focused MBA at Booth?
* Erik Halloway:  We have 14 concentrations at Booth, including a few in Marketing. In addition to the coursework, we have the Kilt Center for Marketing, as well as, several clubs where you can get involved. You can connect with current students through our website.


Chat Guest:  Do you see similar long term success from part time students compared to full time in terms of position, compensation, alumni involvement?

* Kara Northcutt: All MBA programs at Booth yield the same degree and are considered Booth alumni once they graduate. We don’t see differences in long-term success when comparing Full Time, Evening and Weekend MBA alumni. This is tough to measure, as there are many definitions of success and goals of student and alumni vary widely.

Chat Guest:  What's the average GRE score for admitted students?

* Marcus Wordlaw: We convert GRE scores to GMAT scores to determine the average, you may use a GRE conversion tool from the following link to determine your GMAT score. The average GMAT score is a 680. https://www.ets.org/s/gre/flash/bschool/comparison/17302/800/index.html

Chat Guest: What’s the typical range of GMAT scores for your evening program applicants?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The middle 80% of our admitted students for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs score between 610-730 on the GMAT.

Chat Guest: Is there a required GRE score for acceptance?

* Marcus Wordlaw: We do not have a minimum required GRE. We convert GRE scores to GMAT scores to determine the average, you may use a GRE conversion tool from the following link to determine your GMAT score. The average GMAT score is a 680. https://www.ets.org/s/gre/flash/bschool/comparison/17302/800/index.html

Chat Guest:  Do you have any students enrolled in the evening MBA program that commute from outside of IL?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Yes, however the majority of students outside of Illinois attend the Weekend Program.  Upon submitting your application if you reside outside of Illinois and plan to attend evening classes we would want to understand your plan.

Chat Guest:  How is the weekend MBA program different from the Executive MBA program?

* Erik Halloway: There are several differences between the two programs with the main differences being academic flexibility and the average years of work experience amongst the students. I recommend reviewing each program to determine the best fit for you.

Chat Guest:  Typically, what is the amount of time between submitting an application and receiving notice on admission status?

* Molly O'Donnell: We try to make sure that applicants receive an answer about admission within 4-6 weeks of submitting their application.

Chat Guest:  If an applicant isn't accepted for the Fall 2017 can they reapply for Winter or Spring 2018?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The Spring 2018 quarter would be available to reapply as there is typically a 6 month waiting period prior to re-applying

Chat Guest:  Thanks for fielding questions! With the CBF program, is there a hard cut off when it comes to years of work experience? If +3 are you unqualified?

* Lindsay Badeaux: There is no hard cutoff.  As long as you would be under 4 years of experience by the time you'd be starting at Booth, and feel CBF is the right fit for you, go ahead and apply!  If we feel you'd be a better fit for the traditional program, we'd simply have that conversation with you.

Chat Guest:   Do you have students who move to Chicago for the evening program? Is it unusual for students to move and then find work while attending classes?

* Erik Halloway: We do. It's not typical because we have the Weekend MBA. 70% of Weekend students are commuting to Chicago to take classes on Saturdays.

Chat Guest:  Hi! I was wondering if you had an estimate of how many students in the weekend program typically switch jobs, careers, or industries upon graduation, or is this rarer than the full time MBA program?

* Kara Northcutt: Our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students complete the same employment survey upon graduation & no noticeable differences have emerged between programs. Around 2/3 of students made a significant change in their career. Of those seeking to stay at their current company, 60% were promoted and 43% changed functions. We also see students seeking to change companies. Of those who found employment at a new firm, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.   

Having said this, if you are seeking a dramatic career change and feel an internship will be an important part of your career goals, we suggest you explore full time programs, as they are designed for career changers.

Chat Guest:  I am currently on-deck for a promotion that will be announced in June and become official at the end of August.  Is it worth noting this information somewhere in my application, possibly the optional essay?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Sure.  Any additional information you think would be beneficial for the admissions committee can be included in the optional essay.

Chat Guest: How is the Weekend MBA program different from the Executive MBA program?
* Erik Halloway: There are several differences between the two programs with the main differences being academic flexibility and the average years of work experience amongst the students. I recommend reviewing each program to determine the best fit for you.

Chat Guest:  Is the Business Fellows program open to Weekend Students?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Yes!  We have one intake for Weekend CBF each Autumn quarter: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/early-career-candidates

Chat Guest:  Good afternoon. I am wondering if there are academic counselors available at Booth? Someone who can help you to figure out which classes it makes sense to take based on your career trajectory or concentrations?

* Marcus Wordlaw: We have an entire student services office and academic advising appointments upon request from our team to help with class selection along with concentrations. You could also make appointments with our career services office about your career trajectory

Chat Guest:  How are interview days for the CBF Program selected for each applicant? Is it assigned on a "sign-up" basis or are they randomly assigned?

* Lindsay Badeaux: All Chicago Business Fellows interviews take place during one of the scheduled Chicago Business Fellows Interview Days- the next two are on April 29 and June 3.  The day consists of your individual admissions interview, a group interview with other CBF candidates, a panel Q&A with current CBF students, and lunch. You can sign up for an interview day via the website, and it's okay to attend one before submitting your application.  

Chat Guest:  do part-time students have access to OCR?

* Erik Halloway: Yes. OCR is just one of many resources available to Evening and Weekend students through Career Services.

Chat Guest: Do you offer any online classes for the weekend program? Or do we have to personally be preset in all classes over the weekend?

* Molly O'Donnell:  All of our classes are in person.  Booth does not offer any online courses.  But being with your classmates is one of the best parts of Booth!  You wouldn't want to miss that.

Chat Guest: I am considering applying to the MBA/MPCS program. Is there a separate online application portal for the MPCS portion? Do I apply to the MPCS portion upon acceptance to the MBA program? Does the optional preparatory sequence for students without a CS background occur upon acceptance to the MPSC?

*Kara Northcutt:  You are required to apply to both programs and be admitted separately. We do not coordinate on admissions decisions. If you are admitted and start Booth first, you need to be admitted to the Computer Science (CS) Program prior to beginning your 11th course as Booth. Please contact the CS team to learn more about their application process- https://www.cs.uchicago.edu/

Keep in mind you need to apply to Booth's Evening MBA Program. The MBA/MPCS is not a viable option for those living outside of IL and in the Weekend MBA Program.  

Chat Guest: For those interested in consulting, can you tell me the breakdown or percentage of those who go into Big 3 consulting firms, mid-tier consulting firms, etc. who previously did not work at these firms?

* Kara Northcutt: We don’t have data this granular at our fingertips. Feel free to email our admissions hotline EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu and request to set up a meeting/call with your admissions contact to further discuss. Consulting is the top industry and function we see Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students go into toward the end of or post MBA.

Chat Guest:  Is the faculty for Weekend/Evening MBA same as the Full-Time MBA program? Are there any classes common to FT and PT MBA students?

* Molly O'Donnell: The faculty and courses for the full-time, evening, and weekend programs are the same.  There is no difference in the MBA you get - great faculty and a ton of great courses no matter what MBA you choose.  That is one of the reasons we are able to offer a great amount of flexibility to our students.  

Chat Guest: What is the average age (or years of work experience) for each Weekend/Evening MBA start class?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Roughly 6 years of working experience on average

Chat Guest: What is the minimum years of work experience necessary to apply for the Weekend MBA program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The minimum would be about one year of working experience which would apply to the Chicago Business Fellow's program for early professionals which you can find here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates

Chat Guest:  Are there any opportunities to study abroad during either program?

* Molly O'Donnell: There are study abroad opportunities in the Evening and Weekend Programs!  There are several short-term options as well as full quarter opportunities if your schedule allows. You can see more about all of the various opportunities on our website.  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/academics/international  

Chat Guest: Does all work experience have to be in the industry? I have a PhD followed by three years of postdoctoral experience. I am working with a non-profit since one year in a managerial position. How does this qualify or disqualify me?

* Lindsay Badeaux: We are committed to bringing in students with diverse backgrounds from all different industries and function areas, so as long as you can articulate why an MBA is the appropriate next step for you with a nontraditional background, you would still be considered!  If you’re working in nonprofit, I also encourage you to check out our Civic Scholars Program:  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program

Chat Guest: When evaluating an applicant, are test scores more important or academic performance?

* Marcus Wordlaw: We take a holistic approach at reviewing your application. However things that have happened more recently tend to be a bit more important because it is a closer representation of you currently.  Test scores tend to accurately represent the ability to succeed at Booth.

Chat Guest: I have worked in three different companies since I graduated 10 years ago. Is there a specific requirement on who can provide the recommendation or can I make that decision?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Recommenders may come from whoever you feel is a good professional source for you. Ideally one of the recommenders would be your direct supervisor but the other could be any professional contact from a former supervisor to colleague to former professor, etc.

Chat Guest: Thank you all for taking the time to answer these questions. Will there be a link to see the full transcript of questions? I am trying to scroll up and see all

* Marcus Wordlaw: We will post this chat as a transcript on our web-site within the next week with both question and answers provided

Chat Guest: Do you offer any online classes for the weekend MBA program?

* Molly O'Donnell: Booth does not offer any online courses.  All of our courses are in person.  But being with your classmates is one of the great parts of being at Booth!  You wouldn't want to miss that.

Chat Guest: As someone who recently graduated from undergrad, can my application focus on my extracurricular undergraduate experience, or should I focus more so on the few months of full-time experience I have had post undergrad?

* Lindsay Badeaux: If you are an early career candidate, it's okay to include some of your undergraduate activities, but we'll also be looking to see that you remain involved with the community post-undergrad, so I would focus on those experiences!

Chat Guest: Wanting to confirm that application deadlines vary depending on the program (Weekend vs CBF Weekend vs Full Time)

* Molly O'Donnell: There are different deadlines for the different programs.  You can see the Weekend MBA Program deadlines here:  https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions   CBF deadlines can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/early-career-candidates   Full-time MBA Program information about process and deadlines can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions

Chat Guest:  Does the CBF program admit students only in certain quarters?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Yes, great question.  For the Evening CBF program, we admit students each Spring and each Autumn.  For the Weekend CBF program, we admit students once per year, each Autumn.

Chat Guest: Are career services available as a Booth alum?

* Kara Northcutt: Yes! Alumni have career support for life.    

Chat Guest: Hi, when you said you take a holistic approach on applicant profile, what does that mean? If a student has below 3.0 GPA but attained 700 on GMAT and CFA. Does that boost up his qualification against other candidates assuming rest of the qualification is similar? What is the weight on academic background and GMAT? Is there a metric that you use?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Holistic meaning we don’t actually have a scale that we weigh each component. We consider each part of your application that you submit. If an applicant has less than a 3.0 GPA with a 700 GMAT – we would consider those two components separately and continue to look at things like the interview, letters of recommendation, and essays. Given that the middle 80% of students score between a 610-730, falling within this range helps your competitiveness

Chat Guest: Hello! When submitting the application, is it required to provide academic transcripts for all previous degrees? If I have a PhD, is it still required to submit my undergraduate transcripts?

* Erik Halloway: When applying to Booth, you will need to submit transcripts for all courses counting towards your degrees. This would include undergraduate transcript.

Chat Guest: Can an applicant switch from a Weekend MBA to an Evening MBA after maybe a year into the course? Or are the cohorts fixed with limited scope for movement?

* Lindsay Badeaux: You can officially transfer from the Evening program to the Weekend program (or vice versa) one time during your time as a student.  You must complete a certain number of classes before doing so.  There is also a lot of flexibility in our curriculum, so you are able to easily take courses across the Evening, Weekend, and Full Time MBA programs.

Chat Guest:  Good afternoon, thank you for hosting this session.  Program Flexibility: If a current weekend/evening MBA student needs to take academic leave during his/her degree studies (i.e. bereavement, maternity/paternity leave, etc.), what is the procedure to resume at Booth?  Similarly, is this student penalized in anyway by his/her credits expiring?
* Erik Halloway: Students have 5 years to complete either program. If a student chooses to take a quarter or more off, there is a simple form that needs to be filled out. There is no penalty for taking quarter(s) off, as long as you complete the degree in 5yrs.  

Chat Guest: Is there career support for weekend and/or executive MBA?

* Kara Northcutt: Booth’s Evening MBA & Weekend MBA (EW) Programs have the same career support/services as Full Time (FT) MBA students except for internship recruiting. This is only open to FT students. Executive MBA Program (XP) students have access to career service, but not to all the same programs as EW and FT are available for XP. For XP specific questions, please contact their admissions office at xp@chicagobooth.edu.    

Chat Guest: Where can I find the academic calendar for the 2017 - 2018 school year?
* Lindsay Badeaux: You can find that info here: http://www.uchicago.edu/academics/calendar/

Chat Guest: Do students do any live industry projects?

* Meng-Yang Chen: There are some courses that provide in-depth industry experience beyond the classroom. One class that comes to mind is "Developing New Products and Services" where you are basically acting as a consultant for a client firm. There are other ways to do projects, such as case competitions that are often sponsored by firms.

Chat Guest: Can you disclose the average acceptance rate for the evening program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: We cannot disclose the acceptance rate but certainly can work with you individually to understand your background and application content to best help you understand what routes you should take to apply or if this is the right time to apply

Chat Guest:  Are there any financial scholarships available for weekend program?

* Erik Halloway: Generally speaking, we do not have offer merit-based scholarships for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. There are a few exceptions: people working for a nonprofit or government organization, work in Detroit, or currently running a startup.

Chat Guest: Good afternoon all and thank you for your time. Meng-Yang, could you please talk about your experience as a Weekend student? Do you travel to Chicago? If so, what has that experience been like? What are some of the ways that Booth helps to build a sense of community within the Weekend program?

* Meng-Yang Chen: I started Booth as a Weekend CBF student flying from Minneapolis. I then moved here about a year afterward to take more advantage of the opportunities at Booth as well as to work on another product line (in the medical devices industry).

There are a ton of commuters in the Weekend program, some flying from places like Seattle, San Francisco, etc. Some come in the morning of (I used to do 6 AM flights) and while some do the entire weekend including Friday, especially if they want to take a Friday night class.

The experience has been great - you meet a lot of people with varying industry/functional expertise and also get exposed to the various opportunities out there. As far as community: Booth has a strong network across the country so there's people you can connect with locally. On Saturdays, student groups often host events where they bring in speakers, do "mock interviews", and other informational/networking activities. DEFINITELY get involved with student groups.

Chat Guest:  After our application and interviews are completed, what is the expected timeline on an admissions decision?

* Molly O'Donnell: Applicants will find out about admission decisions within 4-6 weeks of application.  

Chat Guest:  Do you offer any equivalent to an "accelerated" program?

* Kara Northcutt: You are able to speed up the program by taking 3 courses. However, you should be very careful to not overload yourself. Taking 2 courses per quarter is the norm for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. All students are required to take 20 courses and Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD). We offer the most flexible curriculum, and you have 130 courses to choose from. If you have strong knowledge of a particular area, you can take the more advance course to fulfill that requirement.  

Chat Guest: How many people on an average do you admit in the weekend MBA program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The average number of admits depends on the quarter applying and other factors, however we have roughly 350 current Weekend students in the program.

Chat Guest: I am considering applying for the Evening MBA program. Would changes in my employment status (say, going from full time to part time) during the program affect anything as far as MBA program is concerned?

* Erik Halloway: Applicants should be working full-time when they apply to either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program. Once you enroll in Booth, there is not a full-time requirement.  

Chat Guest:  What are the benefits of Executive MBA over part-time MBA? If a person with 12 years of experience, is he/she better off with E-MBA?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The Executive MBA program is a 21 month lock-step cohort program for students with 14 years average corporate working experience with some of those being higher management level roles. The program is very structured in terms of the curriculum, and involves a week in our campuses in London and Hong Kong respectively.  For the Evening/Weekend programs, the average student age is 30, with 7 years average working experience, but we also have students in the programs well into their 40’s. The program is quite flexible, allowing you to take classes across the evening and weekend programs, and possibly full-time program if your schedule permits. There is also a lot of flexibility in the types of classes you can take, depending on your experience and goals. Higher level classes can be taken if you have an expertise in a certain area, and electives may be selected outside of the business program if you so choose.  All programs yield the same degree, so it’s just a matter of which is the right fit for you!

Chat Guest: Do you have information on the # of students currently pursuing the dual MBA/MPCS degree?  Also, are there any caps or plans to cap the # of students in the dual program?

* Kara Northcutt: Unfortunately, we don’t have this information. The MBA and MPCS applications are handled completely separately. Also, we are unable to provide application numbers.     

Chat Guest: What is the best way to gauge if you are ready to begin a part-time MBA as far as completeness of your resume?

* Lindsay Badeaux: We are seeking those who have seen some success in their career thus far, and who have demonstrated leadership potential and clear ideas as to how a Booth MBA can help them achieve their future career goals.  Timing is a bit different for everyone- our students have anywhere from 2-10 years of work experience, on average.

Chat Guest: What is the least amount of time and the maximum amount of time that can be taken to complete the weekend MBA program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Students are given 5 years to complete the degree in the evening or weekend program. The speed at which you complete the degree to a great extent is up to you. I have personally seen students finish in a year and 9 months, and others who take nearly the full 5 years (taking multiple quarters off a year)

Chat Guest:  With the two required recommendations, does the committee accept additional recommendations from alumni/current students?

* Erik Halloway: Supplemental recommendations are allowed. 1 or 2 usually fine.

Chat Guest:  Is there a percent breakdown available for states that Weekend Commuters come from?

* Erik Halloway: 70% of Weekend students travel from outside of Illinois. The majority of students are from the Midwest, but we also have a good number of students from the east and west coast, as well as, Texas.

Chat Guest:  What would be the best way to explore student groups and contact them for any information?

* Marcus Wordlaw: You may contact me directly at marcus.wordlaw@chicagobooth.edu and I can send you event information from the groups or if you have specific questions for chair members I can relay those to them

Chat Guest: If you are a weekend MBA student and then move to Chicago (career/family) or vice versa evening MBA moving outside Chicago, can you  transition to evening (or weekend) MBA esp. if your work situation changes? I understand the separation between full time-MBA and part-time (separate admission process/cycle) but wonder how interchangeable weekend/evening programs are?  Thank you

* Lindsay Badeaux: Yes, you can officially transfer between the Evening and Weekend programs one time during your time as a student.  It is also very doable to take classes across the programs!

Chat Guest: Is it allowed to defer the start of the program, or, if a person is admitted, then the 5 year program starts from the quarter for which he/she originally applied for?

* Marcus Wordlaw: You are able to defer to the following quarter if issues arise. We encourage applicants to try to apply for the quarter they feel they would most likely be able to start, but if something arises there is a deferment fee and we could move your accepted application to the following quarter. If you need to defer more than one quarter, we would work with you on a case by case situation.

Chat Guest: As a MCPS student, would it be viable for me to take some full-time classes at Hyde Park? If the expectation is that dual students would alternate between quarters of what classes to take, is there a limit to how many full-time classes I can take since these will be during the day?
* Kara Northcutt: If Full Time MBA classes have open seats and work with your schedule, you are able to enroll. As an Evening MBA student you will have priority registration over week night courses. However, many courses have open seats allowing students to take courses across programs.     

Chat Guest: Meng-Yang, thanks for doing this. Do you have any tips to make an effective application? Maybe not "the secret sauce", just something that you followed in your application which you believe made an impact

Meng-Yang Chen: While I think there is no "standard" way to make an effective application, I have 2 general personal suggestions. (1) Make sure you can clearly articulate the "Why MBA", "Why Now", "Why Booth" questions throughout your essays/interviews. You don't necessarily need to write long essays on each of them, but the underlying reasons should be fairly clear. (2) This is more for the interview, but present yourself as someone that can add value (not just extract value from) to the Booth community, of course genuinely so. Whether it's bringing a positive and hardworking attitude, contributing to SAC or student groups, or eventually becoming a LAUNCH mentor, I think it'll go a long way to show you will fit in nicely.

Chat Guest: Meng-Yang, as a current student, is there anything you wish you had known back during the admissions/application processing?

* Meng-Yang Chen: Good question. I think one thing I wish I had a better grasp of was the beyond-the-classroom opportunities available at Booth, such as case/new venture competitions and lab courses. Part of it was my fault as I could've done a better job researching the b-schools. But sometimes you don't know what you don't know.

Chat Guest:  On the application, it asks of applications to other schools.  Is applying to another school as a backup seen as a negative? Is it worth noting in essays or elsewhere that Booth is top choice and other application(s) are backup?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Applying to other schools is not seen as a negative nor does it impact your admission decision. This is for our records.

Chat Guest:  What is structure like for the in-person interview? How should prospective students prepare?

* Lindsay Badeaux: All interviews are conducted by members of our Admissions Committee, typically current students or alumni of our programs.  They're conversational and behavioral in nature, and are also blind interviews in that your interviewer will not have read your application before meeting with you.  Applicants often tell us they really enjoy their interview process and having the opportunity to ask their questions to our students and alumni as well!

Chat Guest:  Marcus, thank you for responding to my question about deferment. Where can I find out information about the deferment fee that you mentioned?
* Marcus Wordlaw: The deferment fee is $1,000 which would be applied to your tuition for the following quarter. This is in addition to the one time deposit fee of $1,000 which is also used toward your tuition.

Chat Guest:  When I spoke to Erik and Marcus during an adcom visit to Boston (i.e. City of Champions!!!...sorry guys), they mentioned possibility of taking courses abroad as Booth has several international programs and courses of studies.  3 quick-related questions 1) Is this done by quarter?  2) Is financial aid consideration the same since it's still under the same part-time program? 3) Can you take a study abroad course from offered by a diff. (non-MBA) degree program at U of C?

* Erik Halloway: There are two study abroad options: Quarter long (11 weeks) and Short-term (2-3 weeks). The fees vary based on program, but are paid to Chicago Booth. I am not aware of alternative study program options available to Booth students.

Chat Guest:  I had two questions 1) Does the quarter in which you start influence how long it takes to finish (holding other things constant) due to course offerings, and if it does, what is the best quarter to start? Also, is there a cap on the number of courses you can take per quarter?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Each quarter you wait prior to applying would in theory be an additional time you would have to take classes. However within each quarter students typically take between 1 and 4 classes, with 4 classes being the most and those are generally taken by students who have left their jobs.

Chat Guest:  I currently have 1 year of professional experience, but have 4 years of military service (post undergrad) prior to starting in my current role. How does Chicago Booth perceive veteran applicants and time served? Will I be required to pursue the Chicago Business Fellows route or can I apply to the traditional Evening/Weekend MBA route?

* Lindsay Badeaux: We count military experience towards your years of work experience, so it sounds like you’d be a good fit for our traditional programs, rather than the CBF program. We have a vibrant community of veterans and active duty military in our student population for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.  You might be interested in learning more about our Armed Forces Student Group: https://groups.chicagobooth.edu/ptarmed/web_page?club=ptarmed&club2=ptarmed&url_name=about&club=ptarmed

Chat Guest:  On your website, there is a table that outlines what industry graduates chose, average salaries, etc.  Do you have anything similar for the evening or weekend programs?

* Kara Northcutt: We have Evening MBA and Weekend MBA employment reports going back to 2010. At this time, they are only available to current students.   From our recent survey, 2/3 of students made a significant change in their career. Of those seeking to stay at their current company, 60% were promoted and 43% changed functions. We also see students seeking to change companies. Of those who found employment at a new firm, 52% changed industries and 70% changed function.  A small % starts a business.  Feel free to email our admissions hotline EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu and request to set up a meeting/call with your admissions contact to further discuss the report.

Chat Guest: If you were going to take four courses and had thought about aiming for a summer quarter start date, is the availability in the summer such that you could get 4 courses? Or is the number of course offerings lighter in the summer?
* Erik Halloway: Taking 4 courses and working full-time is not recommended; especially for your first quarter. You can see the courses schedule here: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch

Chat Guest:  Question about concentration areas: is there any formal advising on which classes to choose when pursuing a particular concentration?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Yes, the courses that are accepted for each concentration are available to students to review, and you can also meet with an academic advisor at any time to help you plan your coursework.

Chat Guest: Clarifying question regarding the CBF interviews, the dates listed are 4/29 and 6/3 but the application due date is 5/12. It is noted that you must attend an interview day prior to the application deadline, if you could shed some light on that it would be much appreciated!

* Marcus Wordlaw: The application due date for the CBF evening program for the autumn quarter 2017 is June 30th and the interview dates are April 29 and June 3rd. You should plan to attend one of the two interview days however you may submit your application if you like before you actually attend the interview day.

Chat Guest: Good Afternoon, does Booth only participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program when the candidate qualifies for 100% of their Post 9-11 GI Bill? For example, if less than 100% of the GI Bill is available to a candidate, will they not receive any matching funds through the Yellow Ribbon Program?

* Erik Halloway: Here is our information on the Yellow Ribbon Program. I recommend reaching out to Fin Aid for any additional questions.  773.702.3964 or financial.aid@ChicagoBooth.edu

Chicago Booth participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program which is an additional enhancement of the Post-9/11 Veteran's Educational Assistance Act of 2008, which allows institutions of higher learning in the United States to enter into an agreement with the Veterans Administration (VA) to fund tuition expenses that exceed the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate. Yellow Ribbon awards are available to all veterans at Chicago Booth who qualify under the VA guidelines. For academic year 2015–16 Chicago Booth will offer $15,000 per year in Yellow Ribbon scholarship support and the VA will provide up to $15,000 in additional funding. The Yellow Ribbon awards are in addition to other VA programs. You can find the application through the University Registrar.

Chat Guest: Hello! When are the next set of deadlines for the Weekend MBA Admissions for Spring 2018?

* Molly O'Donnell: The deadlines for applications are posted on our web site 9 months ahead of time.  The deadline this year for Spring was January 13.  It will be around the same date next year, but we don't have the exact date set yet.

Chat Guest: What personal traits do you seek in applicants?

* Kara Northcutt:  Our student body is very diverse thus have diverse goals. We seek students who are intellectually curious, have ability to handle Booth’s academic rigor, have high level of motivation to succeed and desire to give back to the community.