Weekend MBA

October 11, 2016 Admissions Live Chat

Chat Transcripts

1. Chat Guest: For the Executive MBA, there is process to request a waiver for the GRE/GMAT requirement if you can demonstrate sufficient quantitative skills/experience. Is there a similar process for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The Executive MBA program does provide opportunities for a GRE/GMAT waiver depending on a number of factors. I would suggest speaking directly to the Executive MBA program at xp@Chicagobooth.edu or 312.464.8750

2. Chat Guest: How does the curriculum for the Civic Scholar's Program differ from that of traditional MBA students?

* Nico Ricchiuto: The Civic Scholars Program will follow the regular Weekend MBA program. Optional courses relevant to the Civic Scholars will be offered in 2017.

3. Chat Guest: My question is in regards to the Chicago business Fellows program. I read that students with 3 years or less work experience are eligible for that program among other things. I recently had a conversation with a current student who mentioned that even though it is a 3 year or less, admissions look for at least a year experience. Is that assertion true? If not, how is the work experience calculated for a fresh graduate? Does it include work pre- and post- graduation?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Hi, thanks for your question.You're correct that the Chicago business Fellows program targets those with 0-3 years of work experience, but that it's pretty rare for us to admit someone right out of undergrad.We want to see that you've at least had a few months at a professional job under your belt so that you're better able to contribute to the classroom with your more experienced fellow students.Chicago business Fellows students have an average of 2 years’ experience, and we begin assessing experience post-graduation.That being said, we have admitted those with only 6-8 months of experience, so it really varies!

4. Chat Guest: Are there seminars and activities for the Civic Scholar's Program that occurs during the week that would prevent someone from pursuing the weekend program?

* Erik Halloway: Thank you for your question. Civic Scholars is in its first year and programming is still being development. This year, the program has included networking events and round table discussions.

5. Chat Guest: Hello Panelists. What is a competitive GMAT score for the Weekend MBA Program? Would work experience be considered while reviewing the GMAT score?

* Keenan Gannon: Hello and thank you for joining today.Our 80% range of GMAT scores for the Weekend program is 640-740.However it is important to note that the overall application review is a holistic process, and all sections of the application are considered in the process.

6. Chat Guest: What factors do I need to consider when choosing between Full-Time or Evening MBA at booth?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. Thank you for joining us today. Really what is comes down to is whether or not you want to continue working full-time during your MBA. Also, there are a few career transitions (such as transitioning into Investment Banking) that we always encourage students to consider the Full-time MBA.

7. Chat Guest: Hello, what is the deadline for admissions to spring, and how important is GMAT? Wanted to know as I just started preparing for it

* Marcus Wordlaw:Great question. The deadline for spring 2017 is January 13th. The GMAT/GRE is important as is the entire application process. The middle 80% of enrolled students score between 620-730 on the GMAT exam. There is not a minimum requirement however for the exam but the average score is about a 680. If you have questions before applying any one of us here would be happy to schedule some time to speak, and work with you through the application process.

8. Chat Guest: My second question pertains to the letters of recommendation. It requires a letter from one's current supervisor. What if you have not been at the job so long enough for the supervisor to know you as well as your previous supervisor did? Also, what if you are not sure how your supervisor will feel about your MBA objective especially if it is not in line with your current job?

* Lindsay Badeaux: While we recommend that one of your letters of rec come from your current supervisor, it's ultimately up to you whom you chose to be your recommenders.There is a spot in your application where you are able to explain why you chose your particular recommenders, so if you feel a previous supervisor could speak better to your experience that is where you would explain that to us.In terms of getting buy-in from your boss, here is a great blog post with some tips for that!http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/EW_Admissions/Seal_the_Deal_How_to_Get_buyin_from_your_boss/ewadmissions/121?redirCnt=2&nav=entry

9. Chat Guest: What are the career opportunities that booth provides to Non-US Citizens attending the PT MBA program?

* Erik Halloway: To be eligible for admission to the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA, students must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, or have a valid work visa. The career opportunities are the same for all students. International students would only be limited depending on their visa status.https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international

10. Chat Guest: What are ways to get more involved outside of class? (Student groups etc.?)

* Ashwin Avasarala: There are numerous student groups that you could be a part of. I'm a part of three groups - booth Social Impact, Creative Culture Club and booth Poker Club. It all depends on how you can manage your time.

11. Chat Guest: Hi, I would like to ask Ashwin to share a bit about himself. How long have you been in the program? What is your concentration? What is your most and least favorite part about the program so far?

* Ashwin Avasarala: Hi, A little bit about myself. I've been in the Evening MBA program for more than 5 quarters. I'm on my classes 11 and 12. I'm looking to concentrate on strategy, entrepreneurship and finance. My most favorite parts of the program are the access to resources and amazing smart people that I work with. My least favorite part is probably having to make tough choices around time management. Hope that helps.

12. Chat Guest: Hi I have 12 years of experience with 3 years in management. I would like to know if GMAT is a requirement for admission or can it be waived?

* Nico Ricchiuto: We require a valid GMAT or GRE score from all of our applicants.

13. Chat Guest: Planning to give my GMAT mid-December & apply for spring 2017.... Will there be enough time to get through the application process or should I consider applying next semester?

* Erik Halloway: When you apply is up to you. I recommend focusing on the GMAT between now and mid-December. Once you have completed the GMAT, you will have roughly one month to gather letters of recommendation and work on your essays. If you feel that a month is enough time to complete these tasks, then I would say apply for spring.

14. Chat Guest: Thanks Marcus. I was asking if a waiver process exists for the Weekend and Evening programs?

* Marcus Wordlaw: My apologies. No, the Evening/Weekend programs require the GMAT or GRE for all applicants.

15. Chat Guest: A work for a small family run jewelry wholesale company in Chicago. I want to explore my skill and use what I learn at the MBA program I choose to further my business. What program at booth would be right for me?

* Lindsay Badeaux: We offer four ways to earn your MBA at booth.The Full Time MBA program is for those who want to quit their jobs and come to school for 2 years.The Executive MBA program has campuses in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong, and targets those with more work experience (10-15 years on average).The Evening and Weekend MBA Programs are designed for those who want to continue working full-time while they earn their degree, and classes take place at night and on Saturdays.It's important to note that our faculty teach across all 4 programs, and they all yield the same degree, so it's really about what's best for you!

16. Chat Guest: Regarding the Chicago business Fellows program, if we end up not qualifying for this due to too many years of experience (3.5-4 years), would we be allowed to audit some courses?

* Lindsay Badeaux: The only difference with the Chicago business Fellows Program is that a Chicago business Fellows student take a non-credit bearing seminar their first quarter at booth that's focused on professional development.While the seminar is only open to Chicago business Fellows students, there are plenty of opportunities to gain professional development experience at booth that you would be able to seek out as a traditional MBA student.

17. Chat Guest: Does the Weekend Program offer financial aid/scholarships?

* Keenan Gannon: There aren't dedicated scholarships for Weekend Students.However the details on available types of financial aid can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid .

18. Chat Guest: I have scheduled a visit this weekend. Will it be possible to speak with someone currently in or who manages the Civic Scholars Program?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. I do not believe our director of the Civics Scholars program will be in the office this weekend, but if you email our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu we can get you in touch with her.

19. Chat Guest: Are scholarships offered for all MBA programs (Full-Time, Executive, Evening, Weekend)? What are average amounts awarded?

* Marcus Wordlaw: There are scholarships offered in the Full-Time Program that are merit-based. The Weekend program offers a scholarship as part of the Civic Scholars Program if you are working in the non-profit or government sector and intend to be for the foreseeable future. The amounts for Full-time vary, and the Civic Scholars scholarship is a full tuition scholarship. You should consider the specific program that fits your life best at this time and then potential scholarships at that time

20. Chat Guest: Can you explain how the Chicago business Fellows Program differs, other than targeting students with 0-3 years of experience?

* Keenan Gannon: Hello and thank you for joining today.Yes, the Chicago business Fellows Program program includes additional professional development designed for early career candidates. More specific information on the Chicago business Fellows Program can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates .

21. Chat Guest: Are you also able to tell us what the middle 80% of enrolled students scored on the GRE?

* Nico Ricchiuto: We do not currently have that data available, but in order to get a sense of where you fall as far as the mid 80%, you can convert your GRE score into a GMAT score here: https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool

22. Chat Guest: What factors should we consider when choosing between the Evening or Weekend MBA?

* Ashwin Avasarala: You should definitely consider how you will be able to manage the time during the weekdays, vs. during the weekend. In addition to that you should see what courses are available, which professors are teaching, what your goals are, which events are going on etc. All of that encompasses your experience at booth.

23. Chat Guest: Good Afternoon, my question is in regards to time between undergraduate and graduate school. I have been in the workforce for several years as a financial professional but I am just finally obtaining my undergraduate degree in the spring. Is there a period of time that I should wait after graduating to apply? I ask because I would like to apply for admission for 2017 but will only be graduating that year?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Our Chicago business Fellow'sprogram for early career candidates might be a great fit for you, given the program enrolls students with 0-3 years of working experience and yields the same degree as the traditional Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs -- with added professional development seminars. Although you could apply directly after graduating, we do typically look for at least 6 months to 1 year of professional experience to help us understand your abilities and hear from your supervisor in a professional setting.

24. Chat Guest: What are the number of credit hours required to graduate MBA program?

* Keenan Gannon: There are 20 total courses required for graduation.More information on course requirements can be found here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum/ . .

25. Chat Guest: With regards to leadership experience, what would qualify as an acceptable leadership experience? What would also be considered a b leadership experience?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Hi, we assess leadership experience both inside and outside the workplace.For your work experience, we want to see that you've had some success in your career thus far and that you've taken on additional responsibilities at your job.Your supervisors who write your letters of rec will be able to speak to this as well.For outside of the workplace, we want to see that you're well-rounded and involved, and that you'll be excited to contribute to our community at booth outside of the classroom as well!

26. Chat Guest: Are all 680 GMAT scores the same? Or do you also look at how individuals score on the quant and verbal sections individually, and potentially devalue a 680 score that has a high verbal score and low quant score?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. Overall score is the most important component, but we will look at the individual scores as well. We take a holistic approach, so I really depends on other components of your application as well.

27. Chat Guest: Are there any upcoming forums or info sessions in the South Florida area?

* Keenan Gannon: Hello and thank you for your interest in attending an Information Session! Currently there aren't any scheduled for South Florida, however you can check this page https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/receptions to see upcoming Information Sessions inside and outside Chicago.

28. Chat Guest: Thank you Lindsay for answering my questions. I was wondering does booth have "speed admissions" where a prospective student can bring in their documents from transcripts to GRE/GMAT scores and know if they will get in?

* Lindsay Badeaux: because our review process is holistic, we are not able to fully assess an applicant's candidacy until we review their entire application.That being said, we operate under a rolling admissions model, meaning that our decision timeline is 4-6 weeks from the date you submit your application, provided that it's complete and that you interview with us during that time.The only real advantage to applying early is that you receive your admissions decision earlier.

29. Chat Guest: What is acceptance rate for the Evening MBA Program?

* Nico Ricchiuto: We do not publish our acceptance rates for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. It varies based on the quality of the applicant pool.

30. Chat Guest: The Weekend MBA Program in booth is separate from Evening MBA Program from application process. Is there a particular reason for that? It’s kind of basic question, but I am in decision which program is more suitable. Thank you!

* Erik Halloway: Hello. The curriculum, faculty, and courses are the same for the Evening and Weekend Programs. The main difference between the two programs is when a student would take the majority of their classes. booth offers one of the most flexible MBA programs in the country; this includes when students take their courses. Weekend students will take the majority of their classes on Saturdays, and Evening students will take theirs throughout the week. Weekend students have access to Evening courses and vice versa.

31. Chat Guest: I am a software developer and have a very small business. What doors can an MBA open for me?

* Marcus Wordlaw: As a software developer in a small business, an MBA can do a number of things. 1. Provide general and specific business knowledge to advance your small business and/or advance in a more corporate role in IT and software development. booth specifically allows you to develop your classes how you wish, and create a plan specific to your career goals which may focus more specifically on entrepreneurship and technology related courses. It also provides significant contacts within your network which can particularly be valuable with a small business (in addition to the many case competitions, business development seminars, and networking with alums who have begun successful start-ups)

32. Chat Guest: Typically what is the average number of years students take to complete Evening or Weekend MBA?

* Erik Halloway: Hello. On average, students complete their MBA in 2.5-3 years. You will have 5 years to complete the program, so you can also slow down or speed the program.

33. Chat Guest: Hello. Can you talk a little about the additional essay in the application process for Civic Scholars applicants?

* Lindsay Badeaux: that additional essay question is basically asking why you feel you're a good candidate for the Civic Scholars Program.We're looking for those who are committed to advancing their career in the government and non-profit sectors, so it's your opportunity to tell us a bit more about yourself and why you feel Civic Scholars Program is a good fit for you!

34. Chat Guest: Outside of this chat - what other activities would you recommend to prospective students do to learn more?

* Ashwin Avasarala: Prospective students should definitely visit classes and talk to current students. That interaction usually gives a very good overview of how the experience is. In addition, one can connect with all the current students during numerous other events conducted by the admissions committee. At the same time, you can connect with any of the students you meet. Most people are open to a coffee chat

35. Chat Guest: What is the program fee?

* Keenan Gannon: A breakdown of the Evening MBA program tuition and fees can be found here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid .

36. Chat Guest: What is the recommended pace for the evening MBA? 2 classes per semester? Is there a minimum or maximum number of classes you need to take each semester?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The pace is really up to you and your schedule. Yes, 2 courses per quarter is average, but you may take the number of classes you wish per quarter be it one class or three. Given the rigor of booth classes and working full time (if you maintain your job) any more than 2 classes can be quite difficult. You may also take entire quarters off if you wish. You have 5 years to graduate once you begin classes.

37. Chat Guest: Could you please let me know the tuition financing options available for non US citizens who hold a valid work visa?

* Erik Halloway: Hello. Here is the link to tuition costs: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aidtowards the bottom of the page, you will find information for international students.

38. Chat Guest: What are the types of roles people take after completing MBA from booth?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Our alumni are working in almost every possible industry and function area you could imagine, from banking and consulting to healthcare administration and beyond, and 10% of them are C-level executives.If you have specific questions about a certain industry area, feel free to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can talk about specifics!

39. Chat Guest: Can I switch from a part-time MBA program to a Full-Time MBA one after I finish one year? Or can I also take the Evening program in addition to Weekend program if time allowed?

* Marcus Wordlaw: No, you may not switch from part-time to Full-Time. You can however take a Full-Time load of classes as a part time student (ex. 4 classes per quarter) if you wish, typically depending on the amount of hours throughout the week you have available. You may take single classes in the evening, weekend, or full-time program throughout your time at booth, as all programs yield the same degree and professors teach throughout each program.

40. Chat Guest: What is the average GMAT score necessary for evening MBA?

* Keenan Gannon: Hello and thank you for your question. The 80th percentile range for our Evening MBA students is 610 - 730. A class snapshot of the Evening MBA program can be found here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening#simple2 .

41. Chat Guest: Hello, I recently finished the Certified Public Accounting exam and now have an active license. I looked at other MBA programs and they wave the GMAT requirement if the CPA exam was successfully completed. Is this the case with your weekend/evening MBA program?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Hi, congrats on completing your CPA exam!We do require current GMAT or GRE scores for all of our applicants to the Evening and Weekend MBA programs, so we do not grant waivers.Hope this helps!

42. Chat Guest: Are GMAT scores the single most important criterion for acceptance? How much do you value work experience?

* Marcus Wordlaw: GMAT/GRE scores are very important as they indicate your ability to have success in the classroom. We do not weigh each component of the application process, but your test scores are significant. Work experience is also important along with your recommendations. Consider each component of the application as an opportunity for you to provide value to booth. We can discuss this further moving forward if you like

43. Chat Guest: Are the acceptance statistics (GMAT, GPA, work experience) similar for all MBA Programs?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. You can see a snap shot of incoming student data for each program using the following links:




44. Chat Guest: Hi there - I am debating between applying to the Full-Time, Evening, and Weekend Programs. I am currently working in the consumer goods industry and interested in moving to a consulting role for the same industry. Would you recommend pursing an MBA part-time or full-time?

* Lindsay BAdeaux: We see many applicants trying to make the choice between the Full-Time, Evening, and Weekend MBA Programs.The main difference is that Full-Time MBA students are required to complete an internship, so if you're looking to make a drastic career change into a different industry, sometimes that internship can help you get your foot in the door.That being said, about 2/3 of our Evening and Weekend MBA students are making a significant change in their career by graduation.Our Career Services department works closely with our students to help them figure out the best path for them career-wise.We'd be happy to chat with you more about the FT vs PT decision and the specifics of your situation, if you want to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.

45. Chat Guest: Is there flexibility in switching between the Weekend and Evening programs? I understand that we are able to make up for classes, but will we be able to enroll in the Evening Program one semester, and enroll in the Weekend Program for the next semester? Likewise, how flexible is that between the part-time and Full-Time MBA Programs?

* Erik Halloway: Hello. As an Evening or Weekend student, you are able to take classes in either program without ‘switching’. When you are registering for courses, you will be able to select course in the other program. This is also true for the full-time. Whilst the faculty, courses, and curriculum is the same across the 3 programs, you will able to take classes in full-time program if your schedule allows.

46. Chat Guest: How important is the undergraduate GPA in the admission selection process

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. Undergraduate GPA is an important component to the application, but we do not have a formula we follow. We take a holistic approach to the application process, so we look at all components of your application.

47. Chat Guest: Are professional designations an acceptable method of helping to demonstrate quantitative abilities?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Yes, professional designations, certifications, titles, etc. are good ways to illustrate proficiency in certain areas. We would also consider test scores in these areas as well

48. Chat Guest: how many courses does students take in weekend program per semester and how many week of class in a semester? I will travelling from a different city would like to manage the time.

* Ashwin Avasarala: Typically students take 2 courses every quarter. This pretty manageable even if you are travelling from a different city. However, different courses require different commitment and booth provides all the data you need to make an informed decision

49. Chat Guest: In the "Activities" and "Work Experience" sections of the application a description of participation is requested for each job or extracurricular included. For the description are you looking for just a few quick bullet points like in a resume or are you looking for a short essay description of what you do or have done with the organization?

* Erik Halloway: Hello. It is up to you. If you feel a few bullets are the best way to articulate your involvement or job function, go ahead and use bulletins. We do not have a preference.

50. Chat Guest: If we will be travelling into Chicago for the weekend MBA program, does booth provide any housing opportunities?

* Ashwin Avasarala: The school doesn't provide housing opportunities, but definitely helps us connect with other students and resources that can help us figure those details out. People stay in hotels, Airbnb and with other booth students

51. Chat Guest: Are there software engineers who have done the program and what have they gone on to do?

* Ashwin Avasarala: Different students go on to do many different things. Some people end up starting something on their own, while some use this opportunity to accelerate within their organization and some people completely switch careers. It's all about how you much you put in

52. Chat Guest: What does booth provide students with that other schools do not?

* Ashwin Avasarala: Like I was telling another chat guest, I would say booth is academically & analytically very rigorous, very flexible, and gives access to amazing resources

53. Chat Guest: Speaking of the Civic Scholars Program, will consideration for acceptance be given to quasi-governmental agency applicants?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. That is a tough question to answer without more details. I suggest emailing our hotline eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu we can get you in touch with Director of Civics Scholars program to discuss.

54. Chat Guest: Does Admissions view taking courses on platforms like EdX as a way to show quantitative experience on our applications if our undergrad transcript in light on quant?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. As we take a holistic approach, we will take into consideration at anything that proves your academic ability.

55. Chat Guest: This question is for Ashwin--Ashwin, can you help us understand why you chose the Evening MBA over the Weekend MBA and discuss a little more in detail about time management?

* Ashwin Avasarala: I primarily chose the Evening program because I was already here in Chicago and was not travelling a lot for work. Some people who live in Chicago, but travel during the week for work tend to choose the weekend program. In terms of time management, people take about 2 courses a quarter. Each course on an average needs about 4-5 hours of work outside the classroom. This could be group work or individual. It also varies by course. And of course, there are numerous other events that go on

56. Chat Guest: How many students are currently enrolled in the Weekend Program?

* Erik Halloway: Hello. We have approximately 350 students enrolled in the Weekend MBA.

57. Chat Guest: So what makes Chicago booth "booth-y"? You guys are an awesome program, but there are also other awesome programs. Is there anything unique to the booth part-time MBA over say a berkeley or a UCLA?

* Ashwin Avasarala: A few things that are important to note about Chicago booth are that the program is extremely academically rigorous. The program makes you really push your analytical boundaries. Most programs say they are flexible, but it needs to be experienced. One should definitely understand what flexibility for different programs means. Lastly, you have access to almost all of the resources at booth and UChicago, like a full time student would. It's all about how well you can manage your time and set priorities. All of these programs are great, so choose one that fits your needs

58. Chat Guest: Who should consider Executive MBA program?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Executive MBA students have an average age of 39 and 10-15 years of work experience, on average.Their program is a 21 month lock-step, cohorted program.If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to the Executive MBA admissions team xp@chicagobooth.edu.

59. Chat Guest: What types of career resources does booth offer? (Recruiting, career planning etc.)

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. booth offers part-time MBA career resources ranging all the way from career coaching to a formal recruiting process for full-time jobs. You can find more information on the career resources available here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career/advancement

60. Chat Guest: How many times a week does Evening MBA classes meet? If I take 2 courses per quarter, do I have to attend classes twice a week?

* Ashwin Avasarala: Yes. That's typically how it works. Some of these courses might have a lab component, which means that you might be meeting a client in addition to or instead of a class

61. Chat Guest: In what ways does booth quantify diversity?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Great question regarding diversity. This can be shown in a number of different ways, from your background and education/industry to activates, and experience. In general, we look for those who can provide value in the classroom and among the booth community and having a diverse background helps in that way.

62. Chat Guest: What tips would you give students to help make the most of their MBA experience at booth?

* Ashwin Avasarala: The most important thing in an MBA experience is that one should be willing to spend time with people and school outside the classroom. This adds a lot of value. However, there are so many things going on that all of them cannot be equally important. Prioritization becomes key.

63. Chat Guest: What are the deadlines for application into Weekend program in early 2017?

* Keenan Gannon: Hello and thank you for your question.The deadline for Weekend Spring 2017 is January 13th 2017. More details on upcoming Weekend deadlines can be found here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions .

64. Chat Guest: Are there ways to get more involved outside of the classroom? (Competitions, student groups etc.?)

* Ashwin Avasarala: There are numerous ways to get involved outside the classroom. For one, you could become the booth ambassador and help prospective students. There are many clubs that cater to the career needs and extracurricular needs of students. Each club has many events that range from informative to participative. In addition, there are social events and competitions.

65. Chat Guest: Do you all view the GRE with less brass than the GMAT, or do you use ETS's score converter and treat the two tests with the same weight?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Great question. We do not have a preference between the two exams, and we do use a conversion tool for the GRE to GMAT. You may take either exam you prefer.

66. Chat Guest: Can evening/weekend students enroll in full-time classes during the day?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Since the curriculum is the same between the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time MBA programs and our faculty teach across programs, it's fairly easy to sign up for classes across programs as well.Students will always have priority over classes in their home program, but as long as a class doesn't fill up in the first phase of registration, students across programs are able to bid on the open seats.

67. Chat Guest: Hi, I heard that part-time students have access to the full-time career services as long as their employer is financing less than a certain amount to complete the part time program.Is this true?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. Part-time students do have access to the formalized recruiting process for Full-time jobs. If you are receiving more than $8,000 a year in sponsorship money from your employer, you must receive permission from your employer to participate.

68. Chat Guest: What are the biggest challenges within the MBA programs?

* Ashwin Avasarala: The biggest challenge would be manage time and manage priorities. It becomes important to find your interest and focus slowly. After that it becomes easier to figure out whether you can invest time in a specific activity or not. Most importantly, communication with family and friends becomes key to managing expectations

69. Chat Guest: Where are all the classes held? Is there an online class option?

* Lindsay Badeaux: All of the classes for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs take place at the Gleacher Center, which is booth's downtown Chicago campus location.We do not offer online courses.

70. Chat Guest: I recognize that booth students enter the program with significant leadership abilities but is there a specific way that booth helps students sharpen those abilities?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Opportunities such as Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) component to your student orientation is the only "required" class to do just that -- build and sharpen your leadership skills. There is also a Leadership student-club for part time students that designs events around leadership development.

71. Chat Guest: what are the application deadlines for autumn 2017 or fall 2017 or early spring 2018? What are the deadlines?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. You can find the Evening MBA deadlines here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions

You can find the Weekend MBA program deadlines here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions

We do not currently have our 2018 deadlines posted, but they fall within the same week of the previous year.

72. Chat Guest: Will we be able to get a transcript of this chat? Lots of great info, hard to remember it all.

* Nico Ricchiuto: The transcript will be posted next week here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats

73. Chat Guest: You mentioned competitions students can participate in. Can you talk more about a few examples? Are they trading/risk management competitions? Or more of simulated business management challenges?

* Ashwin Avasarala: There are numerous competitions that happen. There are strategy case competitions, impact investing competitions, entrepreneurship pitches and so on. I'm sure there are some related to trading and risk management, but unfortunately I have not looked at them myself

74. Chat Guest:From your perspective, what sets Chicago booth apart from the many other MBA Programs?

* Ashwin Avasarala: I think it's predominantly access to resources, academically & analytically rigorous structure, and flexibility

75. Chat Guest: what is the average age/work experience of students in Weekend MBA Program?

* Marcus Wordlaw: The average range of work experience is 5-7 years, with age being 30 for weekend students

76. Chat Guest: Do you consider substantial international travel as an 'extracurricular'?

* Lindsay Badeaux: Sure, I think that is a great thing to include as part of your application to speak to your experiences and well-roundedness.

77. Chat Guest: Do the students have opportunities to assist professors with their research? Or is that typically reserved for PhD students?

* Erik Halloway: Research opportunities are more common among PhD students. If an MBA student was interested in doing research, it would be organized between the student and the faculty member.

78. Chat Guest: I am interested in learning more about the booth curriculum and programs around data analytics.Where can I learn more about this or who can I talk to?

* Marcus Wordlaw: I would suggest a class visit where you can experience a course specific to data analytics – although our Chicago Approach to teaching and learning involves a quantitative approach. You may look at our class visits here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit

79. Chat Guest: What leadership skills do you emphasize in your curriculum?

* Erik Halloway: L.E.A.D is our leadership office. They have designed a program to enhance student’s self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness. Students learn to work in teams, influence others, conflict management, and interpersonal communication skills.

80. Chat Guest: I listen to business Radio (on Sirius XM) and they had a former undergraduate student (that started a company in med tech) and later received his MBA from Stanford. He said that there is a running theme at UoC (in the business program) that is 'That's great in practice, but how is it in theory?' In other words, the program is cerebral, thought-based in place of practical, grit, application-based. I like Chicago and I want to apply to UoC, but I also want to eventually start my own business (media industry 2-3 years), so how does UoC's program help marketers and would-be entrepreneurs move towards entrepreneurship; i.e., academics, programs, venture capital exposure, etc.

* Lindsay BAdeaux:The UofC is known for our rigorous pursuit of knowledge and commitment to inquiry and debate inside of the classroom, across the undergraduate and graduate schools.That being said, our faculty come from all disciplines and backgrounds- some are research-based (like Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama), and others are clinical faculty who are practitioners in their field (check out Waverly Deutsch and Craig Wortmann for great examples of clinical faculty of entrepreneurship).To address the second part of your question, Entrepreneurship is our most popular academic concentration among our MBA students, and the resources of the Polsky Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers a plethora of resources for those students, from incubator space to lab courses to our annual New Venture Challenge.Check out their website to learn more!http://polsky.uchicago.edu/

81. Chat Guest: I've seen an email in which potential students can "sit-in" a class this weekend. If one isn't able to make this Saturday, are there any dates available?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. You can find all of our class visit options for the quarter here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/visit

82. Chat Guest: how many credits/courses in total for graduating in Weekend or Evening MBA programs? Is there a course curriculum link?

* Keenan Gannon: Hello and thank you for your question.Twenty courses and a LEAD component are needed to fulfill the degree requirements.More information on specifics of the coursework and degree requirements can be found here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum/ .

83. Chat Guest: What opportunities are there related to entrepreneurship?

* Nico Ricchiuto: Hi. We offer curriculum in entrepreneurship including a concentration in entrepreneurship. MBA students also have access the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. You can see more on the resources they provide here: http://polsky.uchicago.edu/

84. Chat Guest: Hello, am considering an MBA to help transition into consulting or analytics. I have 13 years of management experience, and want to stay in my industry, but change function. Do you think a functional change would benefit more from a FT program, or is PT ok? I am nervous about the prospect of not working for 2 years! Not that studying isn't working....

* Marcus Wordlaw: Either the FT or PT program would work for you, as we have students in each program changing function. Many of the PT students look to move around within their industry, potentially to a different company in a new role – so your networking opportunities would be b with fellow classmates.

85. Chat Guest: Does the part time/weekend program allows the student to take a break for a quarter (if needed)?

* Erik Halloway: Students are able to take a quarter off. You have 5 years to complete your MBA, so you will have the flexibility to speed up and slow down your coursework.

86. Chat Guest: How does the Polsky Lab (CIE) work in conjunction with MBA students? Can we meet there? Do we have access to the events and space (to meet/gather)?

* Nico Ricchiuto: The Polsky Center does work with MBA students. You can find more information and resources available to students here: http://polsky.uchicago.edu/

87. Chat Guest: What type of workload can students expect outside of class?

* Ashwin Avasarala: Typically every course has a work component outside of the classroom. This is on an average around 4-5 hours. Some courses need a lot of more, as high as 10 hours, and some need only 2 hours. This also changes by time of the quarter, especially when you have midterms, finals, presentations etc.

88. Chat Guest: I am interested in the part time MBA but may also be a student for another degree seeking program at a different university.Would that be a problem?

* Erik Halloway: A requirement for admission to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs requires an applicant to be working full-time. It is unlikely that student would be able to work full-time whilst being enrolled in two part-time programs. There are no rules against a student being enrolled at booth and another part-time program.

89. Chat Guest: Does the Weekend MBA Program offer admission all four semester or only during spring and autumn semesters as posted in the website?

* Keenan Gannon: The Weekend MBA Program has admissions during autumn and spring quarters.The application deadlines and specifics can be found here https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions .

90. Chat Guest: Any notable alumni from the past 5 years?

* Marcus Wordlaw: Yes we have a number of alumni in many industries with various roles impacting their organizations. I encourage you to look through some of our alumni here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/