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June 7, 2016 Admissions Live Chat

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Jun 07, 09:55:33Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Jun 07, 10:00:17Lindsay -> EveryoneHi all! My name is Lindsay Badeaux, Admissions Manager for Booth's Evening and Weekend MBA Programs. I engage with prospective students to help guide them through the application process and connect them with resources, current students, and alumni. You can find me at our monthly information sessions in Chicago and throughout the US!
Jun 07, 10:00:27Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Jun 07, 10:00:28Kara -> EveryoneWelcome to our June chat! I hope you summer is off to a great start. I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions, We look forward answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.
Jun 07, 10:01:10Megan -> EveryoneHi welcome to our chat today. I'm Megan Marrs and oversee social media. Look forward to answering your questions.
Jun 07, 10:01:14Kara -> EveryonePlease start submitting your questions!
Jun 07, 10:01:29Ian -> EveryoneThanks for joining! I'm Ian Adams, a current student at Booth in the evening program. I look forward to answering any questions you have.
Jun 07, 10:04:50Austin -> LindsayI am looking to apply to the Chicago Business Fellows program for a start date in fall of 2017. When will the application open for this cohort of Chicago Business Fellows?
Lindsay -> AustinAustin, thanks for your questions and interest in our CBF program for early career candidates. We bring in CBF Evening students each fall and each spring quarter, and CBF Weekend students each fall. You can keep an eye on this page (https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates) for deadlines, but the deadline to begin in Spring 2017 will be in early January.
Jun 07, 10:05:53Amit_Mehta -> MeganHello, My name is Amit. How soon after the application deadlines, are the interviews conducted?
Megan -> Amit_MehtaHi Amit. You are able to schedule your interview as soon as you submit your application.
Jun 07, 10:06:10Atiya -> KaraDoes one need to do G-MAT to apply for weekend MBA programs?
Kara -> AtiyaAtiya, thanks for joining today's chat. The GMAT or GRE is required for all applicants. The average GMAT is always around 680, and the mid 80% range is 620-730.
Jun 07, 10:07:23Gregg_Rollins -> IanI attended a recent info. session, where a number of the student panelists mentioned taking on multiple concentration, including those different than they intended...can you please explain how that works?
Ian -> Gregg_RollinsGregg - Absolutely - concentrations are sort of like choosing a Major, but the biggest difference is that you don't have to 'announce' your major, and there is more flexibility.

Most concentrations require 3-4 classes to earn; pretty much everyone I know will graduate with 2 or 3, and some have even more - some classes also count for multiple concentrations. I personally did not plan on earning a concentration in entrepreneurship, but am going to do so because of the electives I've chosen to take
Jun 07, 10:08:11Sam -> NicoHi all, thank you for your time! In formulating the short and long term goals, I see the word count is unlimited - is there a rough target we should stay around?
Nico -> SamHi Sam! Thanks for joining us. I would say keep it around 300 words or less, but this is not a hard limit.
Jun 07, 10:08:28Atiya -> KaraDoes one need to do G-MAT to apply for weekend MBA programs?
Kara -> AtiyaAtiya, thanks for joining today's chat. The GMAT or GRE is required for all applicants. The average GMAT is always around 680, and the mid 80% range is 620-730.
Jun 07, 10:08:57Sam -> MeganI see Spring 2016 started 3/28/16 on the UChicago page - will Spring 2017 start on a similar timeframe (late March)?
Megan -> SamHi Sam. For Evening Spring 2017, classes start on March 24. So yes classes start at a similar time.
Jun 07, 10:10:29Amit_Mehta -> MeganHad a question regarding the GMAT exam. Is a scratchpad allowed for rough calculations during the exam?
Megan -> Amit_MehtaDear Amit, Thanks for asking us questions about the GMAT. We recommend that you visit the mba.com website from GMAC and look for a FAQ that might help you answer that question.
Jun 07, 10:10:36Jeremy_Enos -> NicoDo you hold application interviews via phone calls, skype, or in person?
Nico -> Jeremy_EnosHi Jeremy_Enos. Our interviews are conducted in person at the Gleacher Center in Chicago. You will be prompted to schedule your interview once you submit an application.
Jun 07, 10:10:51Hannah_Keogh -> IanHello, my name is Hannah Keogh. Quick question regarding student work/school/life balance at Booth. What do you believe is the greatest challenge for PT Evening Students beyond time-management?
Ian -> Hannah_KeoghHi Hannah, thanks for joining. Time management is definitely my top challenge. Beyond prioritizing the things I want to do, I think a top challenge is to live presently- everyone is busy, so I think it is really important to make the most of whatever I'm doing - so, if I am at class, I avoid checking my email, and if I'm hanging out with friends or watching TV, I try not to worry about my homework. At the end of the day, it's a high class problem!
Jun 07, 10:11:16Dan -> LindsayHi all. I appreciate you holding these sessions. How much weight does being a CFA Charterholder hold for the admissions process? Would it give my application a boost if I had a slightly lower GMAT score (lower end of the 80th percentile range)?
Lindsay -> DanHi Dan, any extra credentials you have are not required but certainly nice to see. If you're towards the lower end of our GMAT range, remember that we will also look at your GPA from undergrad, and if you are still looking for a way to balance out a lower GMAT, you can consider two things. One, you can consider retaking the exam. We always consider your highest score. Two, you can take a Booth MBA course as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL) through the Graham School of General Studies. Up to three GSAL courses can be transferred into the MBA program. We suggest the foundation courses, Business Statistics and/or Financial Accounting, and we prefer to see grades of B+ or higher.
Jun 07, 10:11:19Eric_Knight -> KaraAfternoon all!I’m hoping to join the Booths evening mba program next year. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that offers flex office, so my schedule is very pliable. If enrolled are there option to take a classes outside of the evening/weekend timeslots?
Kara -> Eric_KnightEric, we are glad you are interested in Booth's Evening MBA. Yes, if your schedule allows, you can take courses across other MBA programs (Full Time and Weekend). You can also take up to 6 of your 20 courses anywhere in the University of Chicago.
Jun 07, 10:11:28Sam -> NicoDo the undergraduate and graduate (if you have a grad degree) GPAs hold the same weight, or is one looked at more closely than others.
Nico -> SamHi Sam. Generally more recent experiences or degrees are look at more heavily.
Jun 07, 10:12:27Milind_Wasaikar -> KaraIn reviewing an application, do you look at / review social profiles of the candidate, such as linkedin,facebook,twitter / personal website and others?
Kara -> Milind_WasaikarMilind, no, we do not look at these sites when reviewing applicants.
Jun 07, 10:13:05T.Henderson -> NicoI am finalizing my application for the Evening Program in Fall 2016. If there are letters of support from Booth alumni that I want to have submitted, whom should the Booth alum send those to?
Nico -> T.HendersonHi T.Henderson! You can have any supplemental letters of support sent to our hotline at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Jun 07, 10:13:27kennydotk -> LindsayI'm interested in the Weekend Program, curious to see the breakdown of students who commute to Chicago from outside the surrounding area and how they best manage the logistics, etc. and also get the most out of the program given group work, clubs, and networking are part of the business school experience? (From NYC)
Lindsay -> kennydotkkennydotk, about 75% of our Weekend MBA students commute in from areas outside of IL (everywhere from DC to Houston to the West Coast, etc). Many of our student groups hold events on Saturdays over the lunch hour and after class so that Weekend students can be a part of the student experience and community. In terms of group work, our students get creative, using things like Google hangouts and documents to "meet" with their classmates throughout the week!
Jun 07, 10:14:41Kelly -> KaraHi everyone - I plan to take the GMAT a second time in August, will my scores still be accepted if I plan to apply by the Round 1 Sept deadline?
Kara -> KellyKelly, Booth always considers your highest score when reviewing an application. Since you mentioned Round 1, I assume you are applying to Booth's Full Time MBA. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have rolling admissions, not rounds. As long as you have your scores self-reported into your application when you apply, you'll be set.
Jun 07, 10:15:00Fun Fact -> ModeratorDid you know Booth faculty host 65 faculty connect events annually with students? This is a great way to connect with faculty and classmates beyond the classroom.
Jun 07, 10:18:13Sam -> KaraRegarding the GMAT, does the school factor in the quant/verbal breakdowns, or is more emphasis placed on the total score?
Kara -> SamSam, we mainly focus on the total GMAT score. However, it is important to be strong in the quantitative section, as we want to feel confident applicants can handle the academic rigor of Booth.
Jun 07, 10:18:45Eric_Knight -> LindsayThanks for the info! Can explain how the Chicago Booth Fellows differ than the standard program, if at all.
Lindsay -> Eric_KnightEric_Knight, good question. The CBF program is a subset of our Weekend MBA and Evening MBA programs. It yields the exact same degree, and all of your courses will be with the traditional MBA students. The only difference is that CBF students will participate in an additional weekly professional development seminar their first quarter in the program, which will focus on softer skills (i.e. advanced public speaking, ways to effectively network, etc). Hope this helps! It's a great program for those with 0-3 years of work experience to consider.
Jun 07, 10:18:55Jeremy_Enos -> MeganAre there any resources that will help prepare us for the application interview?
Megan -> Jeremy_EnosJeremy, great question. Interviews can be a little daunting. We actually have a great blog article on how to prepare for your interview. I recommend that you take a look http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/EW_Admissions/Top_10_tips_for_acing_your_Chicago_Booth_admissions_interview/ewadmissions/106?nav=entry
Jun 07, 10:19:35Milind_Wasaikar -> NicoI am interested in the evening MBA program. If admitted, am planning to relocate to Chicago to attend. Is there any kind of support documentation needed at the time of application?
Nico -> Milind_WasaikarHi Miland_Wasaikar! Good question. You do not need any support documentation, but there is a section for you to explain why you are applying to the Evening MBA program but are outside of Chicago. We just ask that you are as detailed and transparent as possible in your response.
Jun 07, 10:20:11Gregg_Rollins -> KaraWould you say that an applicant's work experience plays a larger role, or more of an equal role, to that of the GMAT score and undergraduate GPA during the application review?
Kara -> Gregg_RollinsGregg, in general academics and work experience have equal weight. However, it can vary from person to person. For example, if one has only 2-3 years of work experience, we have to rely more on their academics and test scores. If one has 12+ years of experience, this may carry more weight.
Jun 07, 10:20:46Austin -> LindsayFor Weekend MBA students who commute from outside of the greater Chicago area, are there any overnight stay arrangements in close proximity to the Gleacher Center that Chicago Booth offers? If not, how does the typical Weekend MBA commuter plan their weekend stay?
Lindsay -> AustinAustin, we do have relationships with some nearby hotels that offer discounts for our students. There is also a hostel nearby I've heard is very popular for Weekenders, and other students may stay overnight with friends they make throughout the program. It differs from student to student, but you can check out some of the travel discounts here: https://finserv.uchicago.edu/purchasing/travel/uchicagodiscountprograms.shtml (There are a few links on this page you will be unable to view without a UChicago login, but it should give you a general idea, if you’re curious about travel costs should you become a student here).
Jun 07, 10:21:11Laura_P. -> IanHi all - I'm wondering how juggling evening classes and work typically looks. Do students frequently miss classes due to travel or work obligations? How do they make up for that?
Ian -> Laura_P.Hi Laura,
I do occasionally have travel or work obligations that conflict with class. Fortunately, there's flexibility with the schedule - most classes have more than one section (ie a daytime section, and evening section, and/or a weekend section) - so on several occasions when I've had an evening flight for work, I just go to the daytime section (the professors are very flexible on that front).
On a couple of occasions, I've had an unavoidable conflict and missed class; you can always get notes from classmates, and most professors post their slides or notes online so you can keep up with class.
And, if it looks like you're going to miss several weeks (say, a really busy time at work or an international business trip), you can always choose to take fewer classes that quarter - that's what I did this past winter.
Jun 07, 10:22:09Amar -> MeganDo you accept GRE scores as well or is it only GMAT?
Megan -> AmarHi Amar. Our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs accept both GRE scores and GMAT. Take which one you feel works best for you.
Jun 07, 10:23:35Fun Fact -> ModeratorDid you know students in the Weekend MBA Program commute to Chicago each week for class from cities such as Seattle, St.Louis, New York City, Houston, and San Francisco? In fact 75% of Weekend MBA students live outside of Chicago.
Jun 07, 10:24:48Gregg_Rollins -> NicoThanks for answering so many of my questions! In order to submit my undergraduate transcript, do you prefer it directly mailed to you via my school, or can it be uploaded online?
Nico -> Gregg_RollinsHi Gregg_Rollins! For the application, feel free to upload your transcripts online. Official transcripts directly from the institution are only required once admitted.
Jun 07, 10:25:58Ivan -> KaraKara, I presented GRE and got 163 in math and 152 in verbal, this is equivalent to a GMAT score of 620. Can I apply with that score? Do you have any advice on this? thanks!
Kara -> IvanIvan, thank you for sharing. Your score does fall within our mid-80% range. If your GPA and other aspects of your application are strong, feel free to submit with this score. If you are concerned about other areas of your app, you could retake the exam. We always consider one's highest scores.
Jun 07, 10:26:08Sam -> LindsayMy company is sponsoring me, but with a limit of 6 courses per year. Do students normally take 2 courses per quarter (generally)?
Lindsay -> SamSam, yes, most Evening and Weekend students take two classes per quarter and at that rate you'd graduate in 2.5 years. However, the program is extremely flexible when it comes to the pacing, so you're able to drop down and take 1 course per quarter, take quarters off when need be, or even speed things up and take 3 courses per quarter if you have the flexibility in your schedule. As long as you finish all of your course requirements in 5 years, you have the flexibility.
Jun 07, 10:27:04Ramenani -> IanHi all!! I'm wondering how many hours outside of the class does students typically spend? for case studies/ homeworks etc.
Ian -> RamenaniHi Ramenani-
It varies a lot on the class - in my experience the range has been about 2.5 hours to over 10 hours per week outside of class. Most classes I've taken have been in the 3-6 hour range. One great tool is a database of class evaluations that provide information on how much time student spend preparing for a particular class. This allows you to make sure your schedule is balanced and so you aren't surprised by the workload in a class.
Jun 07, 10:29:35Justin_Wilson -> LindsayWhat makes the difference between a student who applies and a student who gets accepted? I saw 620-730 GMAT scores. What kind of GPA do you look for? Are there any other extracurricular activities that weigh heavily in the application process?
Lindsay -> Justin_WilsonJustin_Wilson, we utilize a holistic review process. so no one thing is weighted more heavily than another. The academic piece is important, as we want to ensure you can handle the rigor of a Booth classroom, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. We’ll review your work history, letters of recommendation, and your essays, which will help us understand why you’re pursuing an MBA at this point in your career, why Booth, etc. I recommend making sure your application tells a cohesive story about why the program is the right fit for you.
Jun 07, 10:30:11Roman_Zelinsky -> KaraHello, I was wondering if there is a limited to how many courses Weekend or Evening students are allowed to take in a quarter/year. Thand you!
Kara -> Roman_ZelinskyRoman, most students take 2 courses per quarter. You can take 3-5 courses, but this is not recommended while working full time. I've seen may students manage 3 courses while working, so it can be done. You'll want to be strategic in course pairing. Keep in mind the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are designed for full time working professionals.
Jun 07, 10:31:20Moderator -> EveryoneWe are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Jun 07, 10:31:59Sam -> LindsayAre there any "outside" factors that are also considered about a candidate besides academic/work exp/statements & rec? i.e., how far we would be traveling from, if the company is sponsoring us, etc.?
Lindsay -> SamSam, no those factors do not impact our decision at all. We are looking for candidates who are the right fit for our community, regardless of company sponsorship or geographic location. Hope this helps!
Jun 07, 10:33:04Umrao -> NicoI have a PhD in History from the U of C, and my resume is an academic resume, what do I have to do to make a strong application to get into the weekend-MBA program?
Nico -> UmraoHi Umrao! Thank you for joining us. There is no one way to create a strong application. We utilize a holistic review process. Academic experience is important, as we want to ensure you can handle the rigor of the Booth curriculum. You can find more information on admissions criteria here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/criteria
Jun 07, 10:33:21Eric_Knight -> KaraThanks again for the useful info guys! While this might sound a bid broad could you describe what the ideal candidate brings to the school.
Kara -> Eric_KnightEric, this is tough to answer, as our applicant pool and and student body is very diverse. We look for students who are intellectually curious, have a solid career progression, and can handle the academic rigor of Booth. We also seek well rounded students who are involved in the community and/or have interests and hobbies outside of work.
Jun 07, 10:35:12Laura_P. -> LindsayFollowing-up on the question about company sponsorship, are there any constraints to a student if sponsored, or considerations we should be making when having those conversations with employers?
Lindsay -> Laura_P.Laura_P, it's definitely important to have employer buy-in (check out this blog post with some ideas on how to get that: http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/blog/EW_Admissions/Seal_the_Deal_How_to_Get_Buyin_from_your_boss/ewadmissions/121?redirCnt=1&nav=entry) In terms of constraints, the only one is if you choose to go through formalized on campus recruiting here. If your employer contributes $8k or more per year towards your education, you will have to get written permission from them to go through that process.
Jun 07, 10:35:34Sam -> IanIan - what would you say are some invaluable traits you have seen in yourself and other students that lead to success at Booth?
Ian -> SamHi Sam, great question. There's so much diversity in experience and background within the community that it's hard to pin one or two things down, but here are a couple:
1. Time management - there are always going to be more things you'd like to do than you have time for, between clubs, events, class, homework and social activities, so prioritizing and managing your time is important. And, it's something everyone get's a lot of practice at!
2. Collaboration: a lot of work is done in groups, so working well with your peers is important.
Jun 07, 10:36:07DataScientist -> NicoWhat are the different focus areas of the mba program?
Nico -> DataScientistHi DataScientist. We offer 13 concentrations here at Booth. You can find a full list here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum#c
Jun 07, 10:38:46Chinta -> KaraHi all - Can I submit my application for Fall 2016, but provide GMAT score later? I plan to take GMAT on July 20th.
Kara -> ChintaChinta, we typically only allow a 1 week grace period after the deadline for applicants to submit outstanding materials. It would be ideal to take the exam by July 8th. If this is not possible, you can apply for Winter 2017 quarter. Having said all this, we do look at everything on a case by case basis. Feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu to explain in more detail why you cannot take the exam by the deadline.
Jun 07, 10:41:12Eric_Knight -> NicoA question I think some people would benefit from. Do you have to take the TOEFL? For non English speakers
Nico -> Eric_KnightHi Eric_Knight. All international students whose native language is not English must take either the TOEFL or IELTS exam unless they have earned an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction or are a citizen or permanent resident of a country where English is an official language. Find more information here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international/english-exams
Jun 07, 10:41:26James_Zuercher -> LindsayI saw from an earlier submission that you accept supplemental letters of recommendation but when I looked at the application there are only two allowed. Can you expound on what you would be looking for in a supplemental letter? Thanks!
Lindsay -> James_ZuercherJames_Zuercher, there are only 2 required (and your two official letters should be submitted via the application system), but if you'd like to send a third letter of rec or a less formal letter of support, your recommender can send it to our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. We recommend your official letters be professional in nature, but if you have another person or mentor in your life who could speak to your other abilities, feel free to have them send the extra letter.
Jun 07, 10:42:10Eric_Knight -> NicoDo you offer application fee waivers for military service members?
Nico -> Eric_KnightHi Eric_Knight. We do provide application fee waivers for military service members. Just email us when you submit, and we will waive the fee.
Jun 07, 10:42:28Eric_Knight -> MeganHow much does the program cost?
Megan -> Eric_KnightHi Eric. Our MBA Program tuition costs $6500 per class. Most part time students take 2 classes per quarter. There are a lot of ways you can finance your MBA with student loans, private loans, and if your company offers, corporate sponsorship. To find out more please visit our tuition and financial aid page here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Jun 07, 10:42:39Ivan -> KaraThanks Kara, I am Electrical Engineer with a Master in Automation, in both cases I did get 87% of the total score, I assume that in a scale of 4, it would be something like 3.48. What do you think about their potential for applying to this MBA program?
Kara -> IvanIvan, your profile sounds strong, but we are unable to let you know chances of admissions. We need to full application (essays, letters of rec, etc.) and interview to assess your candidacy. If you want to go to Booth, you should give it a shot! You never know if you don't apply:)
Jun 07, 10:43:39Austin -> LindsayFor commuting CBF students who have classes on Saturday mornings and afternoons, is it typical for some students to arrive in Chicago on Friday nights, and stay for Saturday nights as well? There are also clubs for part-time students to be involved with – what is a typical time that these clubs for part-time students get together?
Lindsay -> AustinAustin, I don't have that data accessible, so I'm not sure how common it is, but it's certainly encouraged if you have the flexibility to do so! I think those who have longer commutes from the West Coast typically come in on Friday nights. Some students stay overnight on Saturday, some don't- it's totally up to you! We have over 40 student organizations in Evening and Weekend, and many try to have meetings/events over the lunch hour on Saturdays, but there are events going on all throughout the week as well.
Jun 07, 10:44:07Ani -> NicoHi There, is GMAT mandatory? I already have a masters from Case Western Reserve
Nico -> AniHi Anu. We require a valid GMAT or GRE score from all applicants.
Jun 07, 10:44:46Terence -> IanIan...how has The Chicago Approach equipped you with the knowledge and skill set to handle different situations at your job? Do you notice a difference between how you handle these situations and other non-Booth colleagues handle it?
Ian -> TerenceHi Terrence,
I definitely feel that the Chicago approach, and the concepts that it reinforces (inquiry, insight, and impact), have improved my performance at work. I think it helps provide a framework for analyzing problems and making data-driven decisions in a clear and rational manner
Jun 07, 10:45:05Sam -> LindsaySimilarly to the question of providing GMAT, do all the recommendation letters need to be in by the time I submit my application?
Lindsay -> SamSam, we give a little leeway for recommenders, recognizing that they might not be in by the deadline. As long as they submit within a week or so after the deadline, you should be good to go! The only thing to note is that we will not be able to begin reviewing your application until it's complete, so the longer it takes for us to receive all of your materials, the longer our decision timeline may become.
Jun 07, 10:46:12Mike -> KaraFor those who may have already applied for Fall admission into the weekend and evening program, will the calendar of available interview dates we updated soon? The current version shows no available dates.
Kara -> MikeMike, Yes! Interview spots will be added by week's end. Please check the scheduler in a few days, and you'll see plenty of spots to choose from.
Jun 07, 10:46:45Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
Jun 07, 10:47:11DataScientist -> LindsayWhat's the average undergraduate GPA of those admitted?
Lindsay -> DataScientistThe middle 80% of admitted students for the Weekend program have between a 3.0-3.7 GPA, and the middle 80% of admitted students for the Evening program have between a 2.7-3.8 GPA.
Jun 07, 10:47:35Ani -> NicoBy valid GRE/GMAT, do you mean that it has to have been taken less than 5 years ago?
Nico -> AniHi Ani. That is correct. The test scores are valid for 5 years.
Jun 07, 10:50:29Fun Fact -> ModeratorDid you know there are over 40 student run part time student groups at Chicago Booth?
Jun 07, 10:52:00Patrick_Corcoran -> LindsayWhat was the average GMAT score for the Spring 2016 CBF?
Lindsay -> Patrick_CorcoranPatrick, the average was 680.
Jun 07, 10:53:16Mike -> NicoThanks for the GPA range for the middle 80% for the Evening program. By any chance, what's the middle 80% GMAT range for the Evening program?
Nico -> MikeHi Mike. The mid 80% for the GMAT is 620-730.
Jun 07, 10:54:01Amar -> NicoIs that average GMAT score of 680 valid for full time mba as well?
Nico -> AmarHi Amar. Full-time MBA's average GMAT is about 726.
Jun 07, 10:54:13Milind_Wasaikar -> KaraIs there a link where I can find recruitment statistics? - by company, industry etc
Kara -> Milind_WasaikarMilind, you can view the Full Time MBA specific employment report here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/

We have been gathering Evening MBA and Weekend MBA (EW) specific employment data since 2010. This is currently only available to current students. If you'd like to set up a call with admissions to talk through the EW report, email us at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Jun 07, 10:55:51Ahmed -> LindsayWhat about the average GRE score for the Spring 2016 CBF?
Lindsay -> AhmedAhmed, we don't have averages when it comes to the GRE because we receive fewer of them. What we typically recommend for those with a GRE score who want to see how their score fares within our pool is to use this conversion tool and convert your GRE to a GMAT: http://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool/
Jun 07, 10:56:16Ahmed -> LindsayHi, is it possible to start out with the evening MBA program and then make the switch to the full time program?
Lindsay -> AhmedAhmed, no you cannot transfer into the Full Time MBA program from the Evening or Weekend program.
Jun 07, 10:56:33Amar -> NicoAlso does it matter whether you give GRE or GMAT? Does admission committee has a preference/bias towards GMAT?
Nico -> AmarHi Amar, we do not have a preference for which test you take during the admissions process.
Jun 07, 10:57:06Patrick_Corcoran -> IanAre there a lot of group cases/projects for evening students? How do current students find time to meet if everyone has a busy work week?
Ian -> Patrick_CorcoranHi Patrick, Many classes have group work, on homework assignments and/or a larger group project. Everyone has busy schedule, but makes time to collaborate - people meet on the weekends, on nights they don't have class, or before or after their class in the evening. Also, a lot of work is done collaboratively on google docs, or by doing the work separately and then discussing it together. This last quarter, I had a group project where we met about once every two weeks, and then supplemented that with some conference calls or quick check-ins after class.
Jun 07, 10:57:36Ivan -> NicoWhat is the range of GMAT score on full time MBA program?
Nico -> IvanHi Ivan. Full-time's GMAT range is 570-780 with an average of 726.
Jun 07, 10:57:55Alexandra -> KaraHello. My name is Alexandra and I am a recent Teach for America alum. Is there an active community of Teach for America alumni that share interest in social entrepreneurship? Or are there student groups within the current MBA cohorts who seek to eventually leverage their MBAs for the non profit sector?
Kara -> AlexandraWe have a few students and alums who are TFA alumni. There is a plethora of activities via student groups and our Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) that allow all students to give back to the community and/or work on building their social venture. Here are some links to learn more: https://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/
Polsky Center fro Entrepreneurship: https://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/
Jun 07, 10:59:39Amar -> KaraIs there any financial aid/scholarships available for weekend/evening mba?
Kara -> AmarAmar, in general, no. The only scholarships available to Weekend MBA are through our Civic Scholars Program, which is for those workign in nonprofit or government organizations. You will have access to student loans.
Jun 07, 11:00:36Ivan -> LindsayLindsay, can I know why is not possible to switch from weekend to full time MBA program?
Lindsay -> IvanIvan, while the curriculum and faculty are the same across our programs, the Weekend program is designed specifically for full time working professionals, whereas the Full Time program is designed for those looking to make a big career change and come to school full time. You are able to take classes across programs if you have the flexibility in your work schedule to do so.
Jun 07, 11:01:49Kara -> EveryoneThank you for joining today's chat! For those of you applying to the Evening MBA for Autumn 2016, the deadline is July 1st. As soon as you submit, you can schedule your interview. Interview spots will be added into the application system by week's end. Have a wonderful day!
Jun 07, 11:01:55Megan -> EveryoneThanks for coming to our monthly chat today. If you live outside Chicago and want to find more about a Chicago Booth part-time MBA, we are on the road visiting cities across the US. Join us at a city near you at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/receptions
Jun 07, 11:01:59Lindsay -> EveryoneThanks everyone for your great questions today. We encourage you to join us for our July information session here in Chicago on July 13th! Register here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=f0ee5fb3-99ba-4d8e-8318-130693b7d744
We also invite you to join us for our upcoming Booth Women Connect networking event here in Chicago on July 9th! You can register for that event here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=8fd3a3f4-c538-438f-9193-618d2179dd98
Jun 07, 11:02:14Ian -> EveryoneThanks for taking the time to ask questions. I encourage you to come to an in-person info session and/or visit a class in the coming quarters!
Jun 07, 11:03:00Nico -> EveryoneThank you all for joining us! For a great glimpse into our program consider visiting a class! Class visit options for the Summer quarter will be posted next week and begin on June 27. You can register for them at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit.
Jun 07, 11:03:40Moderator -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today. Our chat has now ended; however, if you have additional questions please reach out to the admissions hotline: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, June 10 on: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats