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April 5, 2016 Live Admissions Chat

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Apr 05, 09:50:29Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CST. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Apr 05, 10:00:25Jay J -> EveryoneHi everyone! My name is Jay Jacobs and am an Assistant Director and coordinate the admissions process for the Chicago Business Fellows program designed for early career candidates with three years or less of experience. I look forward to answering your questions.
Apr 05, 10:00:26Lindsay -> EveryoneI am an Admissions Manager for Booth's Evening and Weekend MBA Programs. I engage with prospective students to help guide them through the application process and connect them with resources, current students, and alumni. You can find me at our monthly information sessions in Chicago and throughout the US!
Apr 05, 10:00:26Marcus -> EveryoneGreetings, this is Marcus Wordlaw, assistant director of admissions for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs, excited to hear what questions you all have today.
Apr 05, 10:00:30Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Apr 05, 10:00:37Darion -> Jay JI am currently working at GE Transportation as a Technical Adviser, troubleshooting freight locomotives when they break down. Is there a specific MBA that would focus on that industry and what classes would you recommend?
Jay J -> DarionDarion, at Chicago Booth we focus on business fundamentals and have very few courses that are industry specific. We like to teach business acumen that will span across industry.
Apr 05, 10:00:51Darion -> LindsayHow long does the "Weekend MBA" program typically take to complete and how much does it cost?
Lindsay -> DarionDarion, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students typically take 2 classes per quarter, and at that rate you would finish the degree in 2.5 years. However, you have the flexibility to slow it down or speed it up as you see fit! You have up to 5 years to finish your course requirements. You can read more about tuition and fees here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Apr 05, 10:01:05Kara -> EveryoneGreetings from Chicago Booth! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions. We look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. We offer the most flexible programs that will fit into your already busy life. In addition, you'll join a dynamic and supportive community that is second to none.
Apr 05, 10:01:46Matt -> Jay JHow long does it typically take for the student to receive the admissions decision?
Jay J -> MattMatt, we guarantee an admissions decision within 4-6 weeks of submission of a complete application, assuming you interview in that time period. We guarantee all of our applicants an admissions interview.
Apr 05, 10:02:10ben.gaddy -> NicoWhat is the typical level of interaction among weekend students, especially during the weeks? Do the students in a weekend cohort tend to be satisfied with the opportunities to form connections with their classmates?
Nico -> ben.gaddyHi ben.gaddy. As a majority of Weekend MBA students commute in from outside of the Chicago land area, a lot of interaction during the week is virtual for Weekend MBA students. However, we find that Weekend MBA students are satisfied with the connections formed with fellow students as most of our student events are hosted on Saturdays as well as bonds buitl during class time.
Apr 05, 10:02:17Darion -> MarcusIs there a sample syllabus to look at, so that I can be aware of how much the workload will be for the "Weekend MBA"? Just wondering...
Marcus -> DarionDarion -- Great question, we don't necessarily have a sample syllabus but would be happy to put you in touch with a current student who can share their experience with the weekend program. As a student, you are able to see a bio of the class and data from prior students regarding class information, workload outside of class, lecture/discussion base, and midterms/finals
Apr 05, 10:02:37Matt -> LindsayIf we have attended information sessions and classroom visits, does the application fee still apply?
Lindsay -> MattMatt, yes, the fee will still apply. We do offer fee waivers for military veterans, as well as those who went through Teach for America.
Apr 05, 10:03:32zv1007 -> Marcushow many different focuses or specializations can you choose to do in the part time evening MBA program?
Marcus -> zv1007zv1007: we have 13 specializations in the part time program (same as full-time) which you can view at the link below:

Apr 05, 10:03:48Vanessa -> NicoCan I upload my letters of recommendation and school transcripts to the application myself or is there another preferred means of transmission to U of C?
Nico -> VanessaHi Vaness. Thank you for joining us. You will enter your recommenders' information into the application, and they will receive a link to upload the letter of recommendation. During the application, we ask that you upload transcripts into the application itself.
Apr 05, 10:03:57cfmc -> Jay JI am a social worker looking to change fields and utilize my experience thus far to make a larger impact through business. What benefits have you seen that Booth can provide for someone in my field.
Jay J -> cfmccfmc, we have a number of courses and co-curricular programs for students who are interested in social enterprises. This will help you network with other leaders in your field. The curriculum at large, however, is designed to help you broaden your business acumen regardless of industry. Our network and career services will help you successfully navigate a career change.
Apr 05, 10:04:31CW -> LindsayHi there. For the Civic Scholars Program, is the age range strict? I'm 36, which is just outside the age range listed.
Lindsay -> CWCW, great question. That range is not strict- there are no hard minimums or maximums, what you see online is simply a general profile. We still encourage you to apply!
Apr 05, 10:05:01Matt -> LindsaySo just to confirm, you will meet with all applicants for an admissions interview?
Lindsay -> MattMatt, yes. For the Evening and Weekend MBA programs, we interview all of our applicants.
Apr 05, 10:05:20Jim -> NicoFor the 4-6 week decision time frame, is that upon submission of the app or once the deadline passes?
Nico -> JimHi Jim. As we operate on rolling admissions, the 4-6 week decision time-frame begins when you submit the application.
Apr 05, 10:05:24suranyoo -> MarcusIf you have recently started a new job (2 years), which manager do you recommend for the recommendation letter?
Marcus -> suranyoosuranyoo: great question. I recommend your most current manager, and if you would like you can add a note in the "recommendation" section of the application mentioning how long the person has been your manager, that would be appropriate. You may use the 2nd letter for any other professional person
Apr 05, 10:05:47KT -> KaraMy Question is about admissions - How is the whole process typically consist of , what are you looking for in new students ? What would be the requirement to apply ?
Kara -> KTKT, thanks for joining the chat! See this link for an overview of the application process & requirements- https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply.

We are looking for candidates who are intellectually curious, can handle the academic rigor of Booth, and who've had success in their career. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, there is no typical candidate.
Apr 05, 10:07:08Samar -> NicoHi, I converted by Indian CGPA to 4 point GPA using service from ECE. The US equivalent GPA was just 2.6. With such a low GPA in my Bachelors, what should be my target GMAT score? I am interested for evening MBA program.
Nico -> SamarHi Samar. There is not an exact target for the GMAT, but our average GMAT is a 680 with the mid-80% ranging from 620-730.
Apr 05, 10:07:13estradak -> Jay JGood afternoon, all. My name is Kimberly Estrada and I am currently a senior who will be obtaining her Bachelors in Accountancy this May. While I do intend to wait a little before applying to business school, I am certain that I want to attend in the future. With that being said, what path would you recommend to younger students who have some full-time work experience and know they would like to apply to business school? Also, do you encourage applying early on or waiting?
Jay J -> estradakestradak, great question! I suggest to soak up all the work experience you can. Raise your hand and volunteer for leadership opportunities, regardless of size or weight. Build your relationships so that you have people who will vouch for you. Finally, apply when you are ready to apply for the quarter you are ready to start in. I definitely suggest looking at our Chicago Business Fellows program for students with less than three years of experience. More info can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
Apr 05, 10:07:48zv1007 -> Marcuswhat type of access does a part time mba student have to the career center at booth and how is it different from a full time student
Marcus -> zv1007zv1007: Career services are virtually the same among both programs. We have a specific part time career center in the Gleacher Center allowing all the features of full-time career services minus only a specific internship component to Campus Recruitment. Other than that all the services are the same. You may make appointments as soon as you are a student and have access for the rest of your life after graduation
Apr 05, 10:07:52raj -> NicoThe deadline for weekend Autumn 2016 MBA is May 13th... is there any advantage of applying earlier than May 13th (rolling selection)?
Nico -> rajHi raj. Submit when it is convenient for you. There is no disadvantage to waiting. In fact, a large portion of our applicants submit the week of the deadline.
Apr 05, 10:08:28Erika_H -> LindsayHi everyone my name is Erika, I'm interested in your MBA program for the weekend and evening. What should I anticipate from the workload and class size comparing to the weekend and evening program?
Lindsay -> Erika_HHi Erika! Work load will differ from quarter to quarter depending which classes you take, but all of our students have access to data from previous quarters and can be strategic with how they pair their classes to account for that (for example most will pair a heavy workload quantitative class with a "softer skills" class so they are able to manage it).
Apr 05, 10:08:38LLC -> NicoWhat is the percentage of students that commute from outside of the Chicago area for the weekend program?
Nico -> LLCHi LLC. About 75% of our Weekend MBA students commute in from outside of Chicago.
Apr 05, 10:08:46suranyoo -> Jay JWhat are some specific characteristics/qualities are you looking for a Chicago Business Fellows program applicant? Do you expect a higher GMAT score/GPA to compensate for fewer years of work experience?
Jay J -> suranyoosuranyoo, we aren't expecting a better academic profile, but right on par with the rest of our Evening and Weekend students. We are looking for potential for career progression and leadership potential. Finally, the CBF students should be ambitious enough to obtain a top tier MBA early and desire to fast track their career.
Apr 05, 10:08:49zv1007 -> Marcusunderstood but can you choose to do more than one specialization?
Marcus -> zv1007zv1007: Yes, most students have 3-5 specializations when they graduate. It is fairly easy to achieve specializations depending on what classes you are interested in taking.
Apr 05, 10:09:26Jenessa -> LindsayHi is there a GMAT waiver for the evening or weekend program?
Lindsay -> JenessaJenessa, we require all of our applicants to submit a valid GRE or GMAT score as part of their application.
Apr 05, 10:09:44jimbuca -> NicoHi everyone. Thanks so much for hosting this chat. If you are working full-time, do you need to receive permission from your current employer to take part in on campus recruiting?
Nico -> jimbucaHi jimbuca. If you are receiving $8,000 of more in educational funding from your employer, you will need consent from your employer.
Apr 05, 10:09:54Troy -> KaraWhen re-applying (Part time-Evening) what MUST be re-done in the application and what will be carried forward from the previous application? What can be re-done and what suggestions, if any do you have for re-applicants?
Kara -> TroyTroy, the typical process is that you have to wait 6 months, complete all of our essays (including the reapplicant essay), submit 1 new letter of rec & and interview after you submit the application. We sometimes make case by case exceptions on the 6 month rule and maybe the letter of rec. Please email me to discuss- kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Apr 05, 10:10:18suranyoo -> Jay JHow is the class dynamic different in your opinion from the Full time, evening/weekend part time, and weekend part time cohorts?
Jay J -> suranyoosuranyoo, there really isn't a difference between our student bodies other than the part time students are employed full time, where the full time students aren't. More of our full time students are probably looking for significant career changes, though some of our part time students are as well. The major factor driving decisions is what the opportunity cost is to you personally of quitting your job and giving up an income for two years.
Apr 05, 10:10:54AS -> NicoAs a current undergraduate student, I am interested in your "early career" MBA option. Would you recommend having a professional letter of recommendation (from a supervisor) along with a letter(s) from a Professor?
Nico -> ASHi AS. It is recommended that your first letter of recommendation be from a current supervisor.
Apr 05, 10:11:11Vanessa -> MarcusIs there an admissions committee that determines which candidates get accepted into the program? Any general information you can share about the selection process?
Marcus -> VanessaVanessa -- yes we do have an admissions committee made of both admission staff, current students and alums that have a part in the process. Selection process is based on your application (letters of recommendation, essays, resume, undergraduate & graduate transcripts if applicable GMAT/GRE scores, and your interview) we take a holistic approach to your application reviewing all of the above
Apr 05, 10:11:23Jim -> Lindsaywhat are you looking for in an applicant's job history? is there a certain type of job or progression that you want to see?
Lindsay -> JimHi Jim, we're looking to see that you've had some sort of career progression so far, and that you have career ambition and leadership qualities to continue on that path. There is no one typical career background for our students- they come from all different industries and backgrounds, and we value that diversity of perspective in the classroom.
Apr 05, 10:11:45Victory -> Jay Ji am sure you are getting this question a lot and i have read general answer to this - about GMAT Score, is there absolute minimum that is needed ?
Jay J -> VictoryVictory, no, we don't have a minimum GMAT score. The middle 80% of our admitted students have between a 620 - 730.
Apr 05, 10:12:18raj -> NicoAre all applicants to weekend MBA (as long as they provide all required documents and provide essays) invited for an interview (on-site/Skype/local-site)... if yes, what is the range of dates to expect the interview invitations [i will be applying for Autumn 2016: may 13th deadline]
Nico -> rajHi raj. We interview all of our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants. You will receive a link to schedule your interview upon submission.
Apr 05, 10:12:58Justin -> LindsayI'm a veteran and still have some benefits from the Post 9/11 GI bill remaining. As an evening mba student taking 2 classes per quarter, is that considered more than 1/2 time when it is reported to the VA?
Lindsay -> JustinJustin, that's a good question- I'm not sure off the top of my head but would be happy to look into it for you. Please connect with us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll find out! We do have an active community of veterans in the Evening and Weekend MBA programs.
Apr 05, 10:13:02Charlie -> KaraIs there scholarship available for weekend MBA students?
Kara -> CharlieCharlie, only for those working for government or nonprofit organizations through the Civic Scholars Program. If you fit this employment criteria, check out the Civic Scholars Program site- https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program

In general, you will not find scholarships for part time MBA programs.
Apr 05, 10:13:26Umesh -> MarcusAre there any prerequisite exams?
Marcus -> UmeshUmesh: yes, you will be required to take either the GMAT or GRE exam as part of the application process for the Evening or Weekend MBA program. The TOFEL exam if needed ie: if your undergraduate school did not use English as their primary language.
Apr 05, 10:13:43Sandeep -> LindsayDoes Chicago Booth offer recruitment sessions for Weekend and Evening MBA students
Lindsay -> SandeepSandeep, we do have a number of admissions events for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Check them out here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events
Apr 05, 10:14:07Charlie -> Jay JYou have study abroad programs for weekend MBA program, can you tell me more about it?
Jay J -> CharlieCharlie, the short term IBEP courses are 6 partnerships that we have in China, Israel, Brazil, Austria, Germany, and France. You would study abroad for 2-3 weeks and take one course for the quarter. More information can be found at http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/ibep/short-term-locations.aspx
Apr 05, 10:14:38Asad -> NicoHello, when will applications open for applicants who are interested for winter or spring 2017?
Nico -> AsadHi Asad. The Winter 2017 application is currently available, and the Spring 2017 application will open this Month.
Apr 05, 10:15:02Salma_C -> Jay Jcan you please tell me more about any scholarship opportunities for full-time MBA
Jay J -> Salma_CSalma_C, all scholarship opportunities for the FT program can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships. For more clarifying questions, please contact our FT admissions team at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Apr 05, 10:15:13ben.gaddy -> MarcusDo you find that Chicago-based students choose the evening vs. weekend program for reasons other than their schedule?
Marcus -> ben.gaddyben.gaddy: that is a great question. I find that it all depends on their schedule. Some students who live in Chicago find it more appealing to take the weekend program given a work schedule, however 75% of our weekend students come from outside of the state of Illinois. I would suggest you consider your schedule and which program might fit better. Keep in mind you can take classes across both Evening, Weekend and Full time even if you aren't in that particular program
Apr 05, 10:16:21Tayis -> Jay JHow much emphasis is put on the GRE versus the GMAT?
Jay J -> TayisTayis, it doesn't matter to us if you take the GMAT or GRE. We don't prefer one over the other and admit students who take each exam every quarter.
Apr 05, 10:17:05mknox -> NicoGood afternoon. I have 3 years of professional work experience and also 2 years of co-op work experience from my undergrad. Does Booth also consider/weigh co-op work experience for admissions? Thanks.
Nico -> mknoxHi mknox. We will certainly take your co-op experience into consideration, and it can add value. However, it will not count towards your years of professional work experience.
Apr 05, 10:17:09Matt -> MarcusIf I take 2 classes per quarter, does that mean I'd likely graduate in 2.5 years? Is that the equivalent to 12 quarters?
Marcus -> MattMatt: Yes, 2 classes per quarter would mean graduating in 2.5 years which would be equivalent to 10 quarters
Apr 05, 10:17:13Zach_Taylor -> LindsayHi, thanks for hosting us today. What is the advantage of taking a class or two through the Graham school before going through the official application/admission process? I've heard of students doing this.
Lindsay -> Zach_TaylorZach_Taylor, there are two main reasons why students might take a Booth class through the Graham School's GSAL program (https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business). The first is simply to try out the program, see if the MBA is right for you and if Booth is a good fit. The second is for those looking to balance a perceived weakness in your Booth application such as a lower GMAT score or undergraduate GPA. For these applicants, we recommend taking Financial Accounting or Business Stats through GSAL, and look for grades of B+ or higher to prove to the admissions team that you are able to handle the academic rigor of a Booth classroom. Hope this helps!
Apr 05, 10:17:27Matt -> KaraDoes Booth have a career services center to help MBA graduates with job placement, improving their resume, etc.?
Kara -> MattMatt, yes, we have a fantastic career services team at Gleacher who focus on Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. You gain access as soon as you start the program and have access for life. They offer a variety of programs- coaching, job posting database (5000+ jobs per year), alumni Career Advisers, etc. The only aspect of career services not open to part time students is formalized campus recruiting for internships. Internship recruiting is only open to full time students.
Apr 05, 10:17:34jimbuca -> LindsayTo quickly follow up. Was that $8,000 annually or $8000+ over the course of the program?
Lindsay -> jimbucajimbuca, it's annually.
Apr 05, 10:17:52TTayl -> Jay JHello Admissions team. Thanks for your time. Do you have data on the recent graduates that were able to transition from finance to consulting after graduation?
Jay J -> TTaylTTayl, we don't have that specific of data, but we do have data on our graduates that we don't publish. If you would like to talk through it, contact us at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Apr 05, 10:18:23Karthik -> NicoAre there separate student clubs and organizations for Part time MBA students? Or Do we have the option to join the full time mba clubs (eg: Private Equity,VC and Entrepreneurship etc)
Nico -> KarthikHi Karthik. We have over 40 student groups specific to the part-time MBA programs. Please see here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
Apr 05, 10:19:02Ananth -> Marcusis it considered reapplication if you are applying after 8 years?
Marcus -> AnanthAnanith: not sure if i am interpreting this correctly, but you are a re-applicant if you are denied the first attempt at your Booth degree if it is within 2 years. After 2 years, you would be a new applicant
Apr 05, 10:19:09Ivan -> LindsayWhat is the GRE score range that students admitted to the MBA program have?
Lindsay -> IvanIvan, The middle 80% of our admitted students score between 620-730 on the GMAT. Unfortunately we do not have similar data on the GRE. Since we have only been accepting it a few years and the sample size would not be very large, it’s harder to get good averages for that test. You can google "GRE to GMAT conversion tool" and convert your GRE score to a GMAT score to see if it falls within our recommended range!
Apr 05, 10:19:45EPaulino -> Jay JHow competitive is it to get into the Chicago Business Fellows program and what are some of the big differences that students in the program get to experience?
Jay J -> EPaulinoEPaulino, the CBF program is just as competitive as the rest of the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. The only difference for CBF students is an added non-credit professional development seminar during your first quarter. In these seminars you will focus on "softer" skills like presentation, networking, and conflict resolution skills.
Apr 05, 10:20:05Darion -> LindsayI have already done the GMAT and completed my Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering. Would I have to redo the GMAT for the Weekend MBA Program?
Lindsay -> DarionDarion, if your previous GMAT score is less than 5 years old, it is still valid and you're welcome to submit it for the MBA program. If not, we'll need you to retake the test. We have a number of engineers in our program, so you'd be in good company!
Apr 05, 10:20:09zv1007 -> NicoIf an applicant pursued professional designations while working (like the CFA), how is that viewed by the admissions committee and do they help with chances of being accepted into the program?
Nico -> zv1007Hi zv1007. Professional designation reflect positively on your application as any other educational certifications or development experience.
Apr 05, 10:22:20Anthony_Harvey -> Jay JHello, I was wondering if you would be able to provide any information on career changes among Evening MBA students. Is this done often? Also, I would be interested in pursuing a career in a boutique/middle market M&A firm and was wondering how career services would be able to assist me.
Jay J -> Anthony_HarveyAnthony_Harvey, about a third of our students consider themselves career changes and many are very successful. Our career services would help you figure out what networks to tap into, classes to take, and skills sets you need to build in order to change functions and/or industries.
Apr 05, 10:22:52zv1007 -> MarcusI have heard that it's much more difficult for part time MBA students to pursue a career switch, how does the part time booth program help candidates achieve the goal of changing careers?
Marcus -> zv1007zv1007: great question -- and it starts with career services and the alums in the network of Booth connections you have access to, along with your fellow students. Certain industries such as Investment Banking might be less difficult to transition into in the Full-time program given the internship component of the program. However you would have access to all of the resources as a part time student such as networking events, corporate events, etc.
Apr 05, 10:23:26Sandeep -> LindsayLindsay, sorry if my question wasn't clear. I was referring to career opportunities for the weekend MBA students. Do the weekend MBA students have access to on campus recruitment that is available to full time students ?
Lindsay -> SandeepApologies, Sandeep. Yes, all Weekend MBA students have the same access to Career Services as their full-time counterparts, with the one exception being on-campus recruiting for internships (since we do not require internships for our part time students). We have a full career services team specifically to serve our part time MBA students here at the Gleacher Center!
Apr 05, 10:23:35AS -> KaraHi everyone. I am mostly interested in the part time program. However, I might also apply for full time admission. Is there a minimum number of credits required to maintain each quarter during full time enrollment?
Kara -> ASAS, at Booth, you can only apply to one program format at a time. If you prefer to work while going to school, the Evening or Weekend MBA (EW) may be a good fit. If you prefer to quit your job and fully immerse in school, full time is best. EW students can take a full time course load (3 courses), but this would be very challenging while working full time.
Apr 05, 10:23:58Charlie -> LindsayIs there a difference between spring or fall applications?
Lindsay -> CharlieCharlie, no there is no difference. We bring in Evening students all 4 quarters throughout the year, and Weekend students each spring and each fall.
Apr 05, 10:24:20Anthony -> MarcusMy employer funding assistance is contingent on grade received post class completion. Which box should I check in the application? And what role does employer assistance play in admissions?
Marcus -> AnthonyAnthony: the role of employer assistance does not play a role in the admissions process and would not affect our decision. There should not be a specific box for the question you are asking
Apr 05, 10:24:48Sandeep -> Jay JWhat number of courses are required and what number of coursers can be electives to complete the Weekend MBA program ? What is the range of electives we can take ? Do electives have to be chosen from the business school or can be from another school as well ?
Jay J -> SandeepSandeep, you will need to complete 20 courses to complete your degree. Although no courses are required, about 11 courses will be free for you to choose as electives. We have a wide variety of courses with 13 functional concentrations for you to choose from. Up to 6 of your electives can be taken at other University of Chicago schools and count toward your MBA. More information on our open and flexible curriculum can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum.
Apr 05, 10:24:52Umesh -> LindsayWhat about executive MBA program? How long that program will be?
Lindsay -> UmeshUmesh, the Executive MBA program is a 21 month lock-step, cohorted program. To learn more, check out their website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba
Apr 05, 10:25:00Abigail -> NicoRegarding the Civic Scholars program, what are you looking for in applicants? Do you foresee the Scholars being of both nonprofit and government backgrounds?
Nico -> AbigailHi Abigail. We are certainly looking for individuals with nonprofit or government backgrounds. I suggest taking a look at our Civic Scholars FAQs here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program/faqs

If you have any additional questions, I suggest set up a time to talk by emailing our hotline at: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Apr 05, 10:25:23LLC -> LindsayWhat is the typical work experience range for students in the weekend program?
Lindsay -> LLCLLC, our students have anywhere from 2-10 years of work experience, with the average being about 7 years.
Apr 05, 10:25:57John -> KaraHello all, I am working on my evening MBA application for the summer of 2016, which is due 4/8. One of my references is still being worked on at this time. Is it okay if I submit my application if this one reference has not been completed yet? Thanks for your thoughts and guidance!
Kara -> JohnJohn, glad you are applying for summer 2016! Yes, you are more than welcome to submit before the letter has been submitted. They can submit even after you have. This way you can go ahead and schedule your interview. If they need a few more days past the deadline, also not a big deal.
Apr 05, 10:26:02Matt -> MarcusWhat can we expect from the interview? Is it similar to a job interview? Are there standard questions all candidates answer?
Marcus -> MattMatt: Great question, yes it is similar to a job interview, except a bit more conversational. You should prepare as if it were a job interview and the interviewer will only have had viewed your resume, as opposed to any other component of your application. Questions will be more geared toward your professional experience and ability to be a good component of the Booth community
Apr 05, 10:26:04Victory -> Jay Jthanks Jay - looking to see at what point i should really take next step if i am closer to lower range of GMAT score , 3.5 GPS, but have 12+ years of experience ( different industries, international experience across many continents )
Jay J -> VictoryVictory, apply when you are ready to apply and ready to start your MBA! If you want to chat with an admissions director, contact our hotline at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu to set up a time to meet or talk on the phone.
Apr 05, 10:26:11CRose -> NicoI just took my GMAT and I'm still waiting for the official score and AWA score. Should I wait to formally submit my application until it's official?
Nico -> CRoseHi CRose. Feel free to submit with your unofficial score, however, there is no disadvantage or advantage to waiting.
Apr 05, 10:26:15Ivan -> LindsayThanks Lindsay, about the TOEFL, what is the minimum score accepted for an MBA program? For how long a score is still valid? Thanks!
Lindsay -> IvanIvan, you can check out the TOEFL requirements here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international/english-exams
Apr 05, 10:26:28Sandeep -> MarcusHow many credits are required for completing the weekend MBA program ?
Marcus -> SandeepSandeep: there are 20 total courses required to graduate the weekend and evening MBA program
Apr 05, 10:27:38Darion -> LindsayNice...Do you know what classes engineers typically take? I am just wondering, because GE has a tuition reimbursement program, but the courses have to be somewhat relevant to work.
Lindsay -> DarionDarion, I'm not sure exactly, but the curriculum is very flexible, allowing you to pursue specific concentration areas, or simply take the classes that interest you! So you would be able to pursue classes that are relevant to your work as an engineer.
Apr 05, 10:28:08Dr._Basnet -> MarcusHi, I took my GRE, scored 153 (59th percentile verbal), 162 (83rd percentile quant), and 4.5 (80th percentile essays). I am a physician by background, working in research in academia and moving to a private sector job from May this year. Do you recommend applying with this score? Thank you.
Marcus -> Dr._BasnetDr._Basnet: I would consider using a GRE conversion tool to a GMAT score, and given that our range of middle 80% is 620-730 with the average being 680. I would recommend those within that range to certainly apply
Apr 05, 10:28:15SR -> MeganHello - Is unofficial GMAT score good enough to complete the application ? I am scheduling GMAT for June 27 and the Autumn due date is July 1, 2016. Is this going to be an issue?
Megan -> SRHi SR- yes, when you apply you can submit your unofficial GMAT score, and it would be considered a completed part to your application.
Apr 05, 10:28:24ted_m -> Jay JHi all, I'm wondering if you can speak to the typical logistical side of the weekend MBA for non-Chicago dwellers -- do weekenders generally get hotel rooms and stay a night or plan day-trips if they're coming from out of town? Thanks!
Jay J -> ted_mted_m, each Weekend student has their own strategy. The program is set up so that you can do a day trip on Saturday. Many will come in Friday night or leave on Sunday morning, or some combination of Fri/Sat/Sun. Everyone does what works for them!
Apr 05, 10:28:47abhi131 -> LindsayI realize the need for recommendation from a current supervisor, but if I am not in a position to provide the same. I work in consulting roles, I may be able to get a recommendation from my client manager. Will that work?
Lindsay -> abhi131abhi131, whoever you think is best is fine. I would recommend picking someone you've worked with closely and who can speak to your work ethic!
Apr 05, 10:28:52AS -> KaraHow many classes in a specific subject constitute a concentration or specialization?
Kara -> ASAS- It typically takes 3-4 courses to get a concentration. A few require 6 courses. Most students graduate with 3-4 concentrations. We have fantastic advisors to help you through the course planning process.
Apr 05, 10:29:26Umesh -> MeganHow many courses/quarter is feasible?
Megan -> UmeshHi Umesh- typically students take 2 courses per quarter and complete the program in 2.5 years. You have the ability to speed up/slow down the pace of completing the program.
Apr 05, 10:29:54Aksh -> LindsayHi - I am an international student and want to know if the Weekend or Evening programs are suitable/recommended for international students?
Lindsay -> AkshHi Aksh, we do have a number of international students in our programs. As a part time program, we are unable to issue student visas, so you would need to be working in the US on a work visa to study part time at Booth.
Apr 05, 10:30:09Tayis -> MarcusHow many students are typically in each class?
Marcus -> Tayistayis: the number of students in class ranges anywhere from about 12-65 students with the average class having about 55 students
Apr 05, 10:30:20Matt -> NicoI'm not seeing information on the cost of the China IBEP program. Is this the same as normal tuition?
Nico -> MattHi Matt. You will be charged tuition for one Booth course as well as a program fee and flights. It looks like the China program fee is $3000.
Apr 05, 10:30:28Brian -> Jay JGood afternoon. Is the new Civic Scholars program intended to function like a cohort? Beyond just starting and ending at the same times, will consideration be paid to having Civic Scholars students lump together in the same classes, work together on projects, and network with one another?
Jay J -> BrianBrian, the Civic Scholars Program is designed to be more of a cohort than the rest of our Evening and Weekend programs. Three of the courses will be with the other Civic Scholars. The rest of your 20 courses will be with the general Evening and Weekend populations.
Apr 05, 10:31:02jimbuca -> MeganAre there research opportunities for part time students to work alongside professors?
Megan -> jimbucaJimbuca- There are opportunities to work alongside professors, but that is something you'd manage individually your professor.
Apr 05, 10:31:25Umesh -> Jay JBooth MBA, is it good for professionals in health care?
Jay J -> UmeshUmesh, we have a lot of healthcare professionals in our program who find high value in the Chicago Booth experience.
Apr 05, 10:32:07estradak -> NicoNico, previously you mentioned that co-op experience does not count towards years of professional work experience. Would part-time work you did during your undergrad be considered professional work experience?
Nico -> estradakHi estradak. Part-time work experience during your undergrad would not count towards your professional work experience. Any full-time work experience after completing your undergrad degree counts towards professional work experience.
Apr 05, 10:32:24estradak -> MarcusMarcus, so even if a student applies in the Full-Time Program, they have the option to transition to Weekend or Evening if they need to due to sudden necessity to work?
Marcus -> estradakestradak: To be clear, no students may NOT transfer from full time to a part time program, however the MAY sign up for a specific class offered in either the evening program or weekend program if available. This is also the case for evening or weekend students looking to register for a class offered in the full time program.

separately, if you were a weekend student, you do have one opportunity to transfer to an evening student, and vice versa. This is just not the case with regard to full time
Apr 05, 10:32:35Salma_C -> Jay JI'm a consultant working full-time at a government agency, am I eligible for Civic Scholarship Program?
Jay J -> Salma_CSalma_C, it sounds like you might be, assuming your government agency is in the public sector. We are looking for students who are passionate about and interested in staying in the non profit and/or public sectors.
Apr 05, 10:32:42Jenessa -> LindsayAre there prerequisite courses needed prior to beginning the Master's program if your degree is in another field for example Criminal Justice?
Lindsay -> JenessaNo, there are no prerequisite courses required before entering the MBA program. Our students come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds!
Apr 05, 10:33:21suranyoo -> KaraAre you at a disadvantage for admission if you are a re-applicant? What are some things to consider if re-applying?
Kara -> suranyooNot at all! Many reapplicants are successful in getting admitted. Those who are successful make great improvements in their app- maybe retake the GRE or GMAT, maybe take a Booth course as a student at large, etc.
Apr 05, 10:33:22Umesh -> LindsayWhat is the fee structure/course?
Lindsay -> UmeshUmesh, you can read more about tuition and fees here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Apr 05, 10:33:52Christina -> MarcusIf you've already completed a graduate degree, does that get factored into the admissions process?
Marcus -> ChristinaChristina: yes, a graduate degree would be reviewed and factored into our overall decision, and you may provide transcripts for the graduate school
Apr 05, 10:33:59Pallavi_N. -> Jay JHi all, thank you for your help in the application in the application process! How complete does an application need to be prior to the interview date? For example, do letter of recommendations need to be submitted prior to interview?
Jay J -> Pallavi_N.Pallavi_N, no, your application must be submitted, which will include essays, resume, self reported GMAT scores, transcripts, and the contact information for your recommenders. As soon as you submit, you'll be able to schedule your interview.
Apr 05, 10:34:20TTayl -> NicoI was recently researching Chicago Urban League IMPACT program that allows fellows to take courses/seminars through Booth. Does successful completion of the IMPACT program increase competitive advantage for acceptance to Booth? Also, will we have access to review this transcript later?
Nico -> TTaylHi TTayl. The Chicago Urban League IMPACT program can certainly reflect well in an application, but it will not make or break your application. This transcript will be available for viewing on out website.
Apr 05, 10:34:41Ashish -> LindsayCan you please provide any resource or feedback on how MBA has helped your alumna's with Engineering background?
Lindsay -> AshishAshish, we would be happy to connect you with an engineering alum who would be able to speak with you about this! Connect with us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll make the connection for you.
Apr 05, 10:34:58KT -> Jay JOk so for CBF - I have 2 years 11 months experience prior to my MS degree in Industrial Engineering and then i have been currently working full time again from February. Should i join CBF or to go with weekend/ Evening MBA
Jay J -> KTKT, its totally up to you. The 3 year mark isn't a hard and fast rule. If you think you would find value in the CBF professional development seminars, apply for it! We will review your application for all available programs in Chicago Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
Apr 05, 10:35:13Aksh -> MeganHi, how many recommendations do we typically need to submit with our application?
Megan -> AkshHi Aksh- Two letters of recommendation are needed for the application. You can find more on the letters of rec here >> http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/letters-of-recommendation
Apr 05, 10:36:04Avenkat -> MarcusHi I am writing my GMAT on May 25th. Will it be late to apply for the Autumn Quarter ? I have already started work on the essays and application . Will be able to send everything by June Week.
Marcus -> AvenkatAvenkat: The weekend deadline for the autumn quarter is May 13th, but we can potentially be flexible with you if you are testing close to the deadline. email the admission office separately and we can go over this with you.
Apr 05, 10:36:23estradak -> KaraIn your experiences, what do you believe is important for prospective students to understand about Booth's academic culture?
Kara -> estradakThat is a tough question! We hope all understand that our community is incredibly open and supportive- students and alumni truly have each other's back personally & professionally. Also, Booth is intentionally an academically rigorous program. It is meant to challenge and transform you.
Apr 05, 10:36:50Emaad -> NicoAs part of my Masters program I was required to take Financial Accounting and Operations Management. Is it possible to get a waiver on these courses as part of my MBA curriculum ?
Nico -> EmaadHi Emaad. You can not receive any credit for the courses you took in your Master's, but you can use those courses to waive any pre-requisites for more advanced courses. You will still have to complete 20 courses and all curriculum requirements. See here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/academics/curriculum
Apr 05, 10:37:39SR -> MarcusOne of U Chicago Alumni and Professor would like to write a recommendation letter for me - however, it will be a fourth one, as I already have 3 recommenders (from work) who have provided their input. First - Where should he send his letter
Marcus -> SRSR: Great, you may email the letter of recommendation to our hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
Apr 05, 10:38:09Aksh -> LindsayHi, do you take into account our undergraduate GPA and course load while reviewing our application?
Lindsay -> AkshAksh, yes we will see your undergraduate transcripts and consider them as part of the academic piece of your application. The middle 80% of our admitted students score have an undergraduate GPA of 3.1 - 3.7.
Apr 05, 10:39:45Abigail -> KaraAre there any informational sessions on the Civic Scholars Program before the May 13th deadline?
Kara -> AbigailAbigail, we suggest you attend a general Information Session, as the vast majority of Civic Scholars is the same as the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. See this link for upcoming events- http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/chicago

At these events, we've been hosting a small Q&A specifically for this interested in Civic Scholars.
Apr 05, 10:39:57Michael_Jones -> NicoHello - for the early career program, I received an invitation to a networking event in a couple weeks. I'm curious if that program is available to me? The guidelines say 3 years or less of experience; I've been working for 3.5 years. As such, receiving the invite to the networking event confused me. Thanks for the response!
Nico -> Michael_JonesHi Michael_Jones. We do have some leeway in the work experience requirement, so you could be eligible for the program depending on when you apply. I highly recommend attending the networking event to get a better feel for the program's fit for you.
Apr 05, 10:40:05202MBA -> LindsayWill the Civic Scholars program continue for many years? Or is it a time limited program? (asking because I won't be able to apply until 2017)
Lindsay -> 202MBA202MBA, the Civic Scholars program will be offered for the foreseeable future! We look forward to you applying next year.
Apr 05, 10:40:59estradak -> MarcusNow, say I work full-time AND I am pursuing my undergrad degree as well. Does that count as full-time or is full-time strictly work AFTER you graduate?
Marcus -> estradakestradak: work full time would need to begin after you graduate, where you would be a candidate for our Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates 0-3 years of experience. You may reference more information from the following link:

Apr 05, 10:43:33estradak -> Jay JDoes the program allow for students to take the extra courses they may need to achieve other certifications? For example, say a student may need only business law to sit for the exam, does the program's concentration in accounting allow for this?
Jay J -> estradakestradak, we do allow students to take 3 free (on us!) classes after you complete your 20, but before you graduate. We then allow alumni to take 3 more free classes (on us!) at any point after graduation.
Apr 05, 10:44:17Asad -> KaraHow many students do you typically take in each class?
Kara -> AsadAsad, this varies widely from quarter to quarter. Here are the typical incoming class sizes:
Evening MBA
summer- 50; fall- 150; winter- 65; spring- 65
Weekend MBA
spring- 65, fall- 100

Keep in mind these are not set in stone and vary based on the size & quality of the applicant pool.
Apr 05, 10:44:29202MBA -> MarcusDoes Booth often accept applicants for their MBA programs from non-traditional industries... meaning an applicant who comes from a non-profit background, not a business oriented industry or undergraduate program?
Marcus -> 202MBA202MBA: great question, yes Booth actively pursues and looks to create diversity in our student body, and we in fact have a specific Civic Scholars Program that might appeal to you. we feel that this dynamic creates the best learning environment for our students. For more information on the Civic Scholars Program please see the following link:

Apr 05, 10:45:01Ro -> LindsayCouple of Questions1. Candidate with over 9 years of experience, would an Executive MBA be more suited?2. If yes, can the candidate request for a GMAT waiver3. What traits do you look for in a candidate applying for an Executive MBA?4. Any issues that prospective students come across during their application to the Executive MBA.
Lindsay -> RoRo, you could potentially be considered for either program. The Executive MBA program is essentially a 21 month lock-step cohorted program for students with an average age of 39, and 10+ years of corporate working experience with some of those being higher management level roles. The program is very structured in terms of the classes you would take, and involves a week in our campuses in London and Hong Kong respectively. Classes meet every other week, all day on Friday and Saturday. They occasionally waive the GMAT requirement based on a candidate's work experience. For more questions, please contact the Executive MBA office at xp@chicagobooth.edu.
Apr 05, 10:45:27Brian -> Jay JDoes Booth offer any networking events specifically for students in the Civic Scholars Program? Or simply networking events for MBA students seeking employment in the non-profit sector?
Jay J -> BrianBrian, there will be co-curricular programming specifically for Civic Scholars. So, both are opportunities!
Apr 05, 10:45:55Avenkat -> Jay JWill the civic scholars program be available for both spring and fall weekend intakes ?
Jay J -> AvenkatAvenkat, at this point the Civic Scholars Program only offers a Weekend Fall intake.
Apr 05, 10:46:01Pallavi_N. -> NicoIn an application, would you say that leadership roles and experiences within our professional careers or externally (professional organizations, etc.) are more heavily weighted? Additionally, how do you factor in things like community service? I am wondering how much these should be expanded on in our applications.
Nico -> Pallavi_N.Hi Pallavi_N. Professional leadership experience is generally weighted more heavily than external leadership, but both reflect well in an application. You should have plenty of opportunity to highlight both throughout the application.
Apr 05, 10:46:14Charlie -> LindsayDo you have any other information sessions after the one on 6/1/2016 for the rest of the year? Thanks
Lindsay -> CharlieCharlie, absolutely. We have one the first week of every month. Keep an eye on the website- the July info session should be up shortly!
Apr 05, 10:46:42Avenkat -> MarcusHi I work in Univ of texas system as an healthcare project manager. I work on federal CMS funded projects and have 3 years experience in the same. I have also published articles in journals and presented work in national conferences about the project impact on the community. Do you think I can qualify for the Civic Scholars program ?
Marcus -> AvenkatAvenkat: feel free to email me separately to discuss your potential fit in the Civic Scholars Program, but we are typically looking for students who have been in the non for profit sector for 6 years and their base organization is actually a non-for profit or government organization. you may email me at marcus.wordlaw@chicagobooth.edu
Apr 05, 10:48:40LLC -> KaraHow does the EMBA differ from the part time MBA program and what is the typical student profile of an EMBA student?
Kara -> LLCLLC: See the Executive MBA Program (XP) site for details about their class profile: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba#simple2

The main difference is structure & format. If you are seeking a flexible program that allows you to manage the pace & basically choose the courses you want to take, the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA may be a good fit. If you prefer a structured program & set curriculum, the XP program may be best.
Apr 05, 10:48:56Armando -> MarcusWe are only allowed 2 Letters of Recommendation per application correct??
Marcus -> ArmandoArmando: 2 letters of recommendation are required, however you may provide no more than 4 total letters of recommendation with the additional 2 emailed to the admission office
Apr 05, 10:50:01Molly -> Marcusis there any scholarship for part-time MBA students?
Marcus -> MollyMolly: we have a scholarship for Civic Scholars if you are working in the non-profit sector which for information you may find below. it is the only scholarship we offer:

Apr 05, 10:50:15Molly -> LindsayDo you have any scholarship for part-time MBA students who are not in the Non profit sector?
Lindsay -> MollyHi Molly, as of now the Civic Scholars program is the only current scholarship we offer as a part time program. Most of our students fund their education with a combination of loans, personal savings, and salary. Hope this helps!
Apr 05, 10:50:45202MBA -> Jay JI received information about the Civic Scholars program from a message sent to me via LinkedIn from a representative from Booth. (thanks so much!) However, I don't live in Chicago. Have any weekend MBA students ever commuted from states away and been successful? Or should a move to Chicago be contemplated when considering Booth's Weekend MBA?
Jay J -> 202MBA202MBA, of our 350 or so active Weekend students about 75% commute in from out of Illinois. So, just under 300 are successful with commuting to Chicago on Saturdays!
Apr 05, 10:50:57estradak -> NicoFor the early career MBA students, what do you mainly look for in students that compensates for the lack of experience?
Nico -> estradakHi estradak. We look more heavily at academics and leadership potential when it comes to early career candidates.
Apr 05, 10:51:08SR -> MarcusThanks Marcus! Is it ok to exceed the stipulated number of recommenders (i.e. 3) ? - I hope it won't negatively impact my application. I strongly believe that his input (outside of work) will add value to my application.
Marcus -> SRSR: No problem! You may have up to 4 recommenders so you would be fine with the additional recommender
Apr 05, 10:52:46Shan -> Jay JI would be interested in the Executive MBA or the Weekend MBA program at Booth. I read in a recent article that Booth would accept the 'Executive Assessment' instead of the GMAT. Does this apply only to the Executive MBA?
Jay J -> ShanShan, Yes, only the Executive MBA program accepts the Executive Assessment. All Evening and Weekend applicants must submit a valid GMAT or GRE score.
Apr 05, 10:53:23jimbuca -> LindsayDo you find that more and more students are sourcing their student loans from companies like SoFi and CommonBond?
Lindsay -> jimbucajimbuca, most people do federal student loans, we are not sure of the specifics beyond that.
Apr 05, 10:53:40Bhanu -> NicoHello, I am wondering if I apply for full time and if I did not receive tuition funding/ scholarship then can I change to evening MBA?
Nico -> BhanuHi Bhanu. You cannot transfer admission from the Full-time MBA programs to any of the Part-time MBA programs. In that case, you would have to re-apply to the Evening MBA program.
Apr 05, 10:53:59Charlie -> MarcusHow many hours of classed do the weekend MBA students?
Marcus -> CharlieCharlie: weekend classes take place on Saturday from 9-12pm and again 1:30-4:30pm with students on average taking 2 courses per quarter
Apr 05, 10:56:12Mikell -> NicoWhen will the Spring 2017 application open up?
Nico -> MikellHi Mikell. We will be opening the Spring 2017 application in the middle of this month.
Apr 05, 10:56:14Bhanu -> Jay JIn evening MBA program can I take more than 2 courses/ semester if my work load/ timings are flexible?
Jay J -> BhanuBhanu, Yes, we have students who take 3 or 4 classes per quarter in our part time programs if their schedules allow that commitment.
Apr 05, 10:56:46Kris -> MarcusHi Marcus, Thank you for hosting the Austin Info session. Does weekend MBA has an option to have an international session for a week or 2 like Exec MBA
Marcus -> KrisKris: Absolutely, great meeting you. Not the same as the Executive program, but there is a short term international business exchange program which allows you to study abroad for 2-3 weeks for a Booth credit. You can find the information below:

Apr 05, 10:57:00Tyler -> KaraWhat is the acceptance rate for the evening program?
Kara -> TylerTyler, we do not publish this information.
Apr 05, 10:57:02Justin -> LindsayWhat is a typical schedule for an evening student taking 2 courses. Does each class only meet one night/week?
Lindsay -> JustinJustin, yes. Each class meets once per week, so as an evening student taking two classes per quarter, you would have class two weeknights per week. The quarter lasts for 11 weeks. Hope this helps!
Apr 05, 10:57:24Justin -> KaraWhat percentage of applicants are accepted into either the evening or weekend programs?
Kara -> JustinJustin, we do not publish this information.
Apr 05, 10:58:41Charlie -> MarcusSorry for the last question, how many hours do the weekend MBA students have to spend on classes each week?
Marcus -> CharlieCharlie: no problem, it all depends on the class, there is data for each class available for students before you select the class -- which can range anywhere from 3 hrs outside of class to 12 hours or so
Apr 05, 10:58:45abhi131 -> NicoWhat are the key differences between the Spring and the Fall programs?
Nico -> abhi131Hi abhi. The only difference between the two quarters is start time. We admit for both the Weekend MBA and Evening MBA programs during the Spring and Fall.
Apr 05, 10:59:34VJ -> LindsayHello, if I start the process now, when will I be able to join the program, provided I get admission. By the way, my question pertains to weekend MBA program.
Lindsay -> VJVJ, the next deadline for the Weekend MBA program is May 13th for a Fall quarter start. The next intake after that will be spring 2017. We operate on a rolling admissions basis, so once you submit your app, you'll hear back from us in 4-6 weeks, provided your application is complete and that you interview with us during that time.
Apr 05, 10:59:40estradak -> MarcusDoes undergrad school reputation play a role for the early career MBA?
Marcus -> estradakestradak -- not particularly, your undergrad school will be viewed based on the school but more specifically your performance in your program
Apr 05, 11:00:09stonecor -> Jay JDo GSAL Business classes count toward the 20 MBA classes?
Jay J -> stonecorstonecor, up to three GSAL courses will transfer to Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs and count towards the 20 MBA courses.
Apr 05, 11:00:43Molly -> NicoIf I would like to check out a class, should I email the professor directly? I received an email, but the direction was not very clear. Thank you!
Nico -> MollyHi Molly. You can sign up for a class visit here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=ew-em-20160330-01.
Apr 05, 11:01:30Molly -> LindsayFollow Lindsay's question, if I take 2 courses per quarter for the weekend MBA, do I spent a whole Sat for 11 weeks?
Lindsay -> MollyMolly, Weekend MBA classes are on Saturdays, one in the morning from 9-12 and one in the afternoon from 1:30-4:30. So yes, if you are a Weekend student taking 2 classes per quarter, you'd be here each Saturday.
Apr 05, 11:02:07Mikell -> NicoThank you for your resume review; it's a great service. I haven't heard back though. Can I contact your office or should I give it some more time?
Nico -> MikellHi Mikell. Please email our hotline to check on the status of your resume review: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Apr 05, 11:03:11Bhanu -> KaraCan evening MBA take weekend classes ?
Kara -> BhanuYes! This is really common. Weekend MBA students have priority registration over Friday & Saturday courses. However, after a few rounds of registration, you can also register for Evening courses with open seats. Keep in mind most courses do not fill up thus leaving room for students across programs to enroll.
Apr 05, 11:03:20Nico -> EveryoneThanks for coming today everyone! For a great glimpse into our program consider visiting a class! You can register for those at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit.
Apr 05, 11:03:29Marcus -> EveryoneThanks for the questions everyone, good speaking with you. If you would like to connect with current students in an informal setting over lunch, we have lunch and learn events -- the next available being May 18th. Feel free to sign up from the link below:

Apr 05, 11:03:31Lindsay -> EveryoneThanks everyone for your great questions today. We invite you to join us for our upcoming Booth Women Connect Week, where we will be traveling around the country, and you will have the opportunity to meet many of our esteemed alumni in their city, contribute to the dynamic and supportive community at Booth, and spark dialogue about bolstering inclusivity in the workplace and campus! You can register for those events here: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/events/womens-week
Apr 05, 11:04:27Kara -> EveryoneThanks for joining today's chat! We look forward to working with you as you continue your research & move through the application process.
Apr 05, 11:04:39Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for joining our chat today-Our session has now ended. If your question was not answered, please email: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can further assist you. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, April 8, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats