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February 9, 2016 Live Admissions Chat

(Feb 09 2016, 10:00:11 -08:00 PST - Feb 09 2016, 11:01:20 -08:00 PST)
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Feb 09, 10:00:11Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
Feb 09, 10:00:11Lindsay -> EveryoneHi everyone and thanks for joining us today! I am Lindsay Badeaux, Admissions Manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs. I look forward to answering your questions!
Feb 09, 10:00:11Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Feb 09, 10:00:13Marcus -> EveryoneGreetings, this is Marcus Wordlaw, assistant director of admissions and happy to take your questions today
Feb 09, 10:00:19Megan -> EveryoneHi everyone. Happy to answer all your questions today.
Feb 09, 10:00:43Fred -> MeganWhich of the MBA programs are best suited for working professionals?
Megan -> FredBooth has three MBA programs for working professionals: Evening MBA for those located in Chicago, Weekend MBA for professionals all across the US, and Executive MBA for senior executives.
Feb 09, 10:01:01Brij -> NicoI am interested in the weekend program . I will be commuting to Chicago from Philadelphia pa .How many weeks in a year do I have to come to Chicago for attending the class. assuming I take 1 course per quarter
Nico -> BrijHi Brij! Thank you for joining us. Each class meets for three hours once a week, and each quarter lasts 11 weeks (besides the summer quarter which is 10 weeks).
Feb 09, 10:02:06Kara -> EveryoneWelcome to our online chat! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions for Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We look forward to answering your questions about our flexible programs, dynamic community, and the application process.
Feb 09, 10:02:54Anika -> LindsayFor candidates with 3 years of experience, is it required to apply to Chicago Booth Fellows? Is it more competitive to do so?
Lindsay -> AnikaAnika, thanks for your question. It is not required for you to apply, it's completely up to you! The CBF program is a subset of our Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program, and yields the exact same degree. The only difference is that it provides additional professional development training in your first quarter in the program. You can see more about the program here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates
Feb 09, 10:03:06Fred -> MarcusWhat are the admissions requirements for the executive MBA program?
Marcus -> FredFred -- You may find specific requirements for the executive MBA at the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/decisions

Please contact the Executive MBA office at: xp@ChicagoBooth.edu
Feb 09, 10:03:26Neel -> MeganFor the weekend program: the class is scheduled only on Saturday or Sunday?
Megan -> NeelFor the Weekend MBA Program, classes are Saturday (mornings and afternoons). You can also take classes Friday nights, too.
Feb 09, 10:04:27Lane -> BethHello - I have been traveling to Canada and don't know how quickly I will be able to complete my GMAT. I've scheduled the test again in 2 weeks, but have already had to cancel a few times due to unexpected travel. What is your priority application date for fall 2016?
Beth -> LaneLane, thank you for joining us today. We can review your application with self-reported GMAT scores. So you can take the GMAT and self-report your scores that day.
Feb 09, 10:05:03Jimit -> LindsayI am interested in Weekend/Evening MBA? do the admission process differ between them?
Lindsay -> JimitHi Jimit. The application process for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs is the same. You can see the requirements here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply
Feb 09, 10:05:53Special_Kay -> NicoWould Career Management be open to speaking with prospective students to learn about their services?
Nico -> Special_KayHi Special_Kay. Thank you for joining us. Since we must be mindful of resources, we reserve our career resources team for current students. Admissions should be able to answer your career related questions.
Feb 09, 10:06:31Ray -> MarcusHello Booth admission team, thanks for hosting this event. My first question is in regards to class selection for Weekend MBA students. Do students typically get their first-choice of classes fulfilled or are there instances of not enough spots available?
Marcus -> RayRay: Great question. There is a bidding process for classes which allows a fair opportunity for all students to have an opportunity at their professors/class of choice. Classes typically fill up but there are rare cases where weekend students have had issues with weekend classes filling up without a chance to bid on them. You will be able to take the classes you need within the areas of focus
Feb 09, 10:06:50shara -> LindsayCan I apply to both the Weekend and Evening program?
Lindsay -> sharaShara, thanks for your question. For the purposes of the application, you must choose one or the other. Since the curricular requirements and faculty are the same, we recommend choosing the program that best suits your schedule (Evening classes meet on weeknights from 6-9 PM, and Weekend classes meet on Saturdays). Please know that it's also pretty easy to take courses across programs, so if you are an Evening student, you can still register for Weekend classes, etc.
Feb 09, 10:07:06Brij -> BethNoco do the classes happen each week or each course I choose or is it on alternate week
Beth -> BrijBrij, classes happen each week. Weekend classes meet each Saturday from 9am-noon and/or 1:30-4:30pm. Evening classes meet once a week from 6-9pm. The day of you class depends on which class you regsiter for.
Feb 09, 10:07:11Neel -> NicoHi.. I have a M.S in Industrial and Systems Engg from University of Southern California graduated in May 2011.. is there a possibility that may I request to waive GMAT requirement?
Nico -> NeelHi Neel! We do require that all applicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA submit a valid GMAT or GRE score .
Feb 09, 10:08:01Venkat -> MarcusFor the weekend MBA, how late can I apply, if i want to start Fall 2016?
Marcus -> VenkatVenkat: The deadline is July 1 for the Weekend Autumn 2016 quarter, so anytime before then would be fine
Feb 09, 10:08:49Ray -> LindsayFor weekend events, do students who take, let's say 2 classes on Saturdays, still find time to participate in weekend events such as Career Treks, Random Walks, Industry Networking events, etc. Also if I was interested in learning more about those activities, who would be the best point of contact for specifics?
Lindsay -> RayHi Ray, great question. Absolutely. Many of our student groups will purposefully hold events on Saturdays so that our Weekend MBA students can participate. The lunch hour on Saturdays is from 12-1:30, so many events will take place during that time period. If you'd like to be connected with a current student or alum who can talk more specifically about this experience, feel free to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Feb 09, 10:08:51T.Henderson -> BethAre there scholarships available to evening or weekend students? What types of financial aid are offered?
Beth -> T.HendersonT Henderson - in general, there are no scholarships for Evening and Weekend MBA. If you work in and plan on continuing to work in non-profit/government, you could apply for our Weekend MBA Civic Scholars Program, which does offer a scholarship which covers tuition. You can learn more online at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program
Feb 09, 10:09:04Walt -> MeganI work in the loop, if I wanted to stop by and chat with one of you what would be the best way to go about it?
Megan -> Walthi Walt. If you'd like to set up a time to meet with Admissions, we recommend that you email our hotline at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu, and we can find out a convenient time for you to stop by.
Feb 09, 10:09:32Sherese -> NicoHi! Thanks so much for hosting this chat. I wanted to send a follow up question to the question that Nico answered about how often classes meet for the weekend MBA program. Is it safe to say that since there are 11 weeks per quarter that we'd be traveling to Chicago around 44 weeks out of the year give or take a few weeks?
Nico -> ShereseHi Sherese! Since the summer quarter is only 10 weeks, it is safe to say you will be travelling in about 43 weeks a quarter for class.
Feb 09, 10:09:40Anika -> KaraIf I prefer evening MBA but live out of state and planning to move to Chicago, what proof do you need to see of my plans to move?
Kara -> AnikaAnika, we ask this directly in the application. Simply explain your plans. It is best if you have a job lined up in Chicago, as we seek full time working professionals in the programs. Transferring with your company or moving for a new job are all fine reasons one would apply to the Evening program from outside of IL. Explain as best you can in your app, and if we have any follow up questions, we will be sure to reach out.
Feb 09, 10:09:45Anika -> MarcusIf I apply for Chicago Booth Fellows, but don't get in could I still be considered for the Part-Time Program?
Marcus -> AnikaAnika -- You would be considered for the CBF program if you qualify (3 years or less experience). If we feel you have more experience than the program calls for we would alert you and allow your application to be used for the standard Evening or Weekend MBA program
Feb 09, 10:09:48Nick -> LindsayHi, I am interested in the weekend program and will likely have an opportunity to transfer to my firm's Chicago Office (I work in Patent Law and am finishing up Law School this Semester). I am in the process of finalizing my application for the Autumn 2016 cohort and was wondering what the turn around time would be as I would need to apply for the Illinois Bar exam upon acceptance to the program.
Lindsay -> NickHi Nick, our decision timeline is 4-6 weeks from the day you submit your application, provided it is complete and that you complete your interview with us during that time period. Hope this helps!
Feb 09, 10:10:00Nik -> BethIs GMAT a requirement for Executive MBA ?
Beth -> NikThe GMAT is required for the Executive MBA program but they do offer GMAT waivers. You can learn more about their process and requirements online at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/application/gmat
Feb 09, 10:10:46shara -> MeganIf I do apply for both weekend and evening programs, can I submit the same application with the same references or do I need to complete two separate ones?
Megan -> sharaHi Shara. To apply, you need to select either Evening MBA or Weekend MBA. Depending on where you live and your schedule, you can find a program that suits you. The Evening MBA is for Chicago-based professionals and classes are held in the evenings Monday to Fridays. Weekend MBA draws 75% students from outside IL, or for Chicago-based professionals who travel or prefer Saturdays.
Feb 09, 10:11:34Ashish -> LindsayIs there a age restriction (or desired max age) for weekend MBA?
Lindsay -> AshishAshish, thanks for your question. Most of our students are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, with the average age being around 30, but there is no age requirement to apply. We seek diverse experiences and backgrounds within our student body.
Feb 09, 10:11:58Venkat -> NicoThank you Marcus and the rest of the team. Is TOEFL or IELTS compulsory for International Students? I have Master from a US university and have been working for 5 years in the US.
Nico -> VenkatHi Venkat! You are not required to submit a language exam if you have earned an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction
Feb 09, 10:12:25Jimit -> Marcushow much emphasis has been put on the GMAT score during admission process to the part-time/evening MBA program?The reason I am asking is, I work at a Senior Staff Engineer at Telecommunitcation Software Firm. I have 8+ years of full time professional experience, worked 3 fulltime internships during my graduate program and have Masters degree in Computer Engineering. But have been out of touch with especially with Verbal portion with GMAT, and it is proving little more difficutlt to catch up than I would like to admit with full time job and a family with 2 young ones :)
Marcus -> JimitJimit -- I certainly understand your concern. We do require the GMAT/GRE for the Evening/Weekend program, your work experience could potentially be considered in the Executive MBA program with the potential for a waiver of the GMAT. Typically this is considered at 10+ years of professional experience, but you could discuss your potential with the Executive Program at xp@ChicagoBooth.edu
Feb 09, 10:12:55Cathlin -> BethFor the weekend MBA, how do groups typically work together on projects (if the students are in different cities/states)?
Beth -> CathlinCathlin, creatively! Groups either get together during the lunch hour or after class. If that doesn't work given travel schedules, groups utilize Skype, Google Hangout, or conference calls to meet and discuss projects.
Feb 09, 10:13:31Andrew_C -> KaraI have over 20 years experience in for profit, including large corporate and as a business owner. Have served government and non-profit; just recently joined the non-profit world. Would I be eligible for the non-profit scholarship program rolled out recently? And, based on my profile, do you have other recommendations for me?
Kara -> Andrew_CAndrew, since you are currently working for a nonprofit, you are welcome to apply to the Civic Scholars Program. You must also be committed to staying in the nonprofit space during and post MBA, See this link for more details https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program

While you have more experience that the profile listed on our website, do not let this deter you if you are interested in the program. Every applicant get the same consideration.
Feb 09, 10:15:05Sherese -> MarcusI was wondering when the application for the Fall 2017 Weekend MBA program will be available online to apply to?
Marcus -> ShereseSherese -- We should have the application for Fall 2017 available October 1st. In the meantime you may see a full list of the available application deadlines at the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions
Feb 09, 10:16:10Jimit -> Karacan I switch between evening program and weekend program once I am enrolled in either one. The reason mainly would be if I have to move out of Chicago because of job.
Kara -> JimitJimit, yes, this is a very easy process. Once you are in the program, you simply fill out a petition to transfer into the Weekend MBA program.
Feb 09, 10:16:36Alejandra -> LindsayHi, thank you for hosting this. In order to be considered for the Booth Civic Scholars Program, does your GMAT score have to be a 700 or above as it is listed in the candidate profile? Thanks for any insight.
Lindsay -> AlejandraHi Alejandra, the ranges are meant to provide you with an idea of who we are seeking for the program. You are welcome to apply if you are outside of these ranges. All applicants will be given the same level of consideration.
Feb 09, 10:16:48sylvie -> NicoWhat about GMAT or GRE, what's the needed score... I'm not good with those test..i over think it.. (to me they don't test my knowledge)
Nico -> sylvieHi sylvie. There is no minimum score for the GMAT or GRE, but our average GMAT falls around a 680 with the mid 80% ranging from 620-730.
Feb 09, 10:17:17Fred -> MeganHow often do classes meet for the executive program? Have any students had issues with coursework due to scheduling conflicts between work and attending classes?
Megan -> FredHi Fred. I would recommend that you reach out to the Executive MBA team at xp@chicagobooth.edu. They can help answer questions about the program and what it's like to be a student.
Feb 09, 10:18:09Sherese -> BethIs it possible to do 3 quarters a year instead of 4 and take longer to do the overall program? I ask this because typically my company sees a spike in the work that we are doing over the summer and our business travel schedules tend to increase during that time.
Beth -> ShereseSherese, good question. You can certainly take a quarter off and take a little longer to complete the program. You have up to 5 years to complete the MBA. If you take more than two quarters off, you would need to work with our academic advisors to take a leave of absence ( very easy process). A lot of students choose to take quarters off due to work commitments or to just enjoy the summer.
Feb 09, 10:18:42Nik -> NicoI have a PhD in Electrical Engineering with 7+ years of experience. Is it difficult to get into a MBA program because of my PhD ?
Nico -> NikHi Nik! About 30% of our incoming students have an advanced degree with a handful having PhD's.
Feb 09, 10:18:55Jimit -> Marcuswhat are the main differences between Part time MBA programs and Executive MBA programs mainly program duration, concentration offered etc
Marcus -> JimitJimit -- The main difference between the Evening and Weekend MBA and Executive MBA is the flexibility. The Evening and Weekend programs are based on that regarding class selection and pace with which you complete classes. The Evening and Weekend MBA programs have this flexibility while the Executive program prepares your schedule for you and takes much of the decision-making process out of your hands. There is also an international component of the Executive program in London and Hong Kong that are required and built into the program
Feb 09, 10:19:31Brij -> KaraIf I join in evening MBA and later move to non profit for job . Can I claim the civic scholarship later
Kara -> BrijBrij, no, this is not possible. You must be in the nonprofit or government sector when you apply to the Civic Scholars Program, during your MBA and at least 3 years post MBA.
Feb 09, 10:19:55Venkat -> BethI see that the class profile is more on tech and engineering. I am in Pharma/Healthcare domain with a Biotech background. Are there courses/faculty who can help me as I am from a different domain than the majority?
Beth -> VenkatVenkat, while we have several students with tech and engineering, it is not necessary to be succesful in the program. My recommendation would be to start with the foundation level courses - Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, and Microeconomics. Also as a student you would have access to our academic advisors and course evaluations to help you select which courses/professors you should take.
Feb 09, 10:19:56Jimit -> Marcushow much emphasis has been put on GMAT scores during admission process?
Marcus -> JimitJimit -- a fair amount of emphasis on the GMAT/GRE however we consider each component of your application including interview, transcripts, essays, and letters of recommendation
Feb 09, 10:20:49sylvie -> Bethwhen is the deadline for application submission for the weekend program fall 2016?
Beth -> sylvieThe deadline for the Weekend MBA program for Autumn 2016 is Friday, May 13. You can learn more about the application process online at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/application-process
Feb 09, 10:21:09Shree.Shah -> LindsayI had a great class visit last week - there was a high level of engagement, which was great to see. How much flexibility is there on cross-listed classes since the teachers are the same between programs? (ie - Enrolled for Monday, but attend a Tuesday class on occasion)
Lindsay -> Shree.ShahShree.Shah, we're so glad you enjoyed your class visit! The ability to occasionally visit a different section of the class you're registered for as a student is completely up to the discretion of the professor. For the most part, our faculty are understanding that students in the Evening and Weekend program are full-time working professionals, and they try to work with you when you have the occasional schedule conflict.
Feb 09, 10:22:05sylvie -> LindsayWhat's the % of people getting accepted into the weekend program?
Lindsay -> sylvieSylvie, we don't publish our acceptance rates. We will start around 250 Evening and Weekend students every Autumn, about 150 Evening and Weekend students every Spring, and around 80 Evening students every Winter and Summer.
Feb 09, 10:22:06Cathlin -> MeganCan you specify the Civic Booth Scholars requirements? How many years after completing the program is each Scholar expected to continue working in the nonprofit or Government space? Would love more details!
Megan -> CathlinCathlin Hi. Our new Civic Scholars Program is designed for working professionals in the nonprofit and public sectors, who wish to remain in these sectors during and after the program. If you apply to the program and leave the nonprofit or public sectors, there is a loan policy repayment plan, which you can find here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program/tuition-and-financial-aid
Feb 09, 10:22:07Manish -> BethDo you provide student visas(F1) for Weekend/Evening MBA programs for international students?
Beth -> ManishManish, good question. We can issue I-20s for Weekend MBA students travelling from within North America. We cannot issue for Evening MBA students.
Feb 09, 10:23:44Moderator -> EveryoneDid you know 75% of Weekend MBA students at Chicago Booth commute in from outside of Chicago each week for classes?
Feb 09, 10:24:03shara -> KaraHow much emphasis do you put on undergraduate GPA when reviewing applicants?
Kara -> sharaShara, one's ug GPA is important as it is an indicator of how one did academically. However, we know one cannot change their GPA. If it is lower that our average, focus on getting a strong GMAT or GRE score. Doing well on the exam can offset a lower GPA.
Feb 09, 10:24:24T.Henderson -> MarcusI know that one of the letters of recommendation should come from a direct supervisor. However, if I am in the process of changing direct supervisors, should the letter come from the previous supervisor or the current supervisor?
Marcus -> T.HendersonT. Henderson -- great question. You should consider using your old supervisor who you will be losing considering the amount of experience you have worked with them, however your direct supervisor is important -- and within the application you can add text to a box within the recommendations section where you can explain the situation with your old/new supervisors and chance in job. We will also see this on your resume
Feb 09, 10:24:59Ray -> NicoIn regards to flexibility for Weekend students, are we allowed to substitute evening courses if we pre-advise of future absences? Also, can Weekend MBA students take work holidays to participate in career/networking events during the week, assuming there is no initial restriction to only a certain group of Booth MBA students?
Nico -> RayHi Ray. If the faculty member for the class you are enrolled in is also teaching an Evening MBA section, you should be able to attend the Evening section. You would just have to work with the faculty member. Weekend MBA students are certainly able to attend events during the week. Keep in mind, that about 200 of our part-time MBA events are held on Saturdays.
Feb 09, 10:25:41Neel -> BethI am currently on H1B visa..Can Booth provide us some useful insights on obtaining loans, financial aid at low interests for weekend MBA program to cover the costs?
Beth -> NeelNeel as I am not as well-versed as our Financial Aid team, I would recommend reviewing the Financial Aid information on our website, https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid. If that does not answer your question, please feel free to reach out to our Financial Aid department at Financial.Aid@chicagobooth.edu.
Feb 09, 10:25:46Special_Kay -> LindsayAs Weekend MBA students, are we allowed access to the resources of the Polsky center?
Lindsay -> Special_KaySpecial_Kay, absolutely. The resources of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation are available to all Booth students.
Feb 09, 10:26:50Niomi -> NicoIn the Weekend MBA program, how exactly can/do students keep up with work if they for some reason miss a class?
Nico -> NiomiHi Niomi. Students who have to miss class generally work with their classmates and faculty for missed materials. In some cases, they are able to attend an alternative section of the course.
Feb 09, 10:27:00Nik -> MarcusIs there a difference in specializations offered between Full-time, Evening and Weekend MBA programs ?
Marcus -> NikNik -- there is no difference. You may earn any of the 13 concentrations in any of the three programs. The Booth degree is also the same across each program in terms of content and curriculum
Feb 09, 10:28:18shara -> NicoWhat are the housing accommodation options for students traveling for the weekend program?
Nico -> sharaHi Shara. It is up to students to book and finance their own accomodations when commuting in. We do offer discounted hotel rates around the Gleacher Center.
Feb 09, 10:29:30Jimit -> BethCan I attend one or two classes on campus to get a feel for it? And how do I sign up for them? Also, can someone recommend them, I am interested in Strategy and Analytics
Beth -> JimitJimit, yes! You can view the class visit options online at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/visit and sign up online. In terms of the classes in Strategy and Analytics, I would recommend looking at the classes in Strategic Management and Analytic Management. If you have any questions, you can feel free to email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagaobooth.edu
Feb 09, 10:30:48Brij -> KaraFor civic scholarship do you have any requirement as far as years of experience is concerned in non profit before one can apply for it . And what document do you need to as profit that someone is working in non profit sector
Kara -> BrijBrij, it really depends. We are looking for those who can show the impact their day-to-day work is having on the community, and we expect someone will need to have had a least 5-6 years to be able to display this impact. However, we know this will vary from one person to another, and it is on the applicant to prove this impact via the essays and interview process. We will be able to confirm via your resume and letter of rec. We also reserve the right to verify one's employer if concerned.
Feb 09, 10:31:11Nik -> MeganA followup question to the one from Shara: Do you have discounted rates with airlines for students flying into Chicago ?
Megan -> NikHi Nik, we actually do offer discounted rates for students on airlines and local hotels for those who fly into Chicago.
Feb 09, 10:31:13Brij -> BethIs civic scholarship applicable only for US citizens . Can a person on H1B with Indian origin apply for it
Beth -> BrijBrij, as long as you meet the requirements for the Civic Scholar Program, your citizenship does not factor into the admission decision. So yes, you can apply on an H1B visa if you work in non-profit or government and plan to continue to work in this area.
Feb 09, 10:31:48Moderator -> EveryoneWe are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Feb 09, 10:31:57schoi -> Marcusare you able to switch from the evening to the full-time program later in the program?
Marcus -> schoiSchoi -- No. Under rare unique circumstances it has happened in the past but you should plan to stay in either the Full time or Part time program once you are accepted and start. You do have one opportunity to switch from the Evening MBA to the Weekend MBA program or vice versa
Feb 09, 10:33:04Chloe -> KaraDoes anyone ever come in with just admin experience?
Kara -> ChloeChloe, we see a wide variety of work experience in our programs. If you feel you've had a strong career progression and now have the desire and need for an MBA, you should consider applying.
Feb 09, 10:33:21Shree.Shah -> NicoAre there any executive speaker series events held at Gleacher Center or would we need to go to the Hyde Park campus for these events?
Nico -> Shree.ShahHi Shree.Shah. We do host executive speaker events here at the Gleacher Center.
Feb 09, 10:33:53Chinta -> MarcusDoes Booth provide any curriculum advise for the student based on their field of interest? I would like to pursue in Product Management and Booth certainly offers great courses but I don't know if I can choose the best courses.
Marcus -> ChintaChinta -- Absolutely. Our student services office is designed to help counsel and build a series of classes based on your career interest, and understand which courses might be most beneficial for you. Students can make appointments at any time once enrolled.
Feb 09, 10:35:34DJ -> NicoHi! I am an early career candidate planning to apply for CBF. How much of my resume should I dedicate towards extracurricular from college? Should I limit my resume to one page or is it okay to spill onto a second page? Thank you!
Nico -> DJHi DJ! This is really up to you how much you dedicate, but there is also a section to add any extra-curricular activities in the application itself. Feel free to go over a page.
Feb 09, 10:35:41Nik -> MeganCan I apply to both the Evening and Executive MBA programs ?
Megan -> NikHi Nik. You can only apply to one MBA Program. We recommend that you select the MBA Program that best suits your needs. The two programs give you the same MBA, but offer different approaches. Depending on your unique circumstances and needs, you'll find that one of the programs better matches you.
Feb 09, 10:36:08Shree.Shah -> MarcusCould you discuss the process of registering for courses? Is there a bidding process?
Marcus -> Shree.ShahShree Shah -- Yes there is a bidding process where essentially you acquire points upon the classes you take over the course of time, and those points allow you to allocate whatever number you wish toward classes of your choice. This is particularly important for our award winning and most popular professors, but does not preclude you from registering from classes you need to graduate
Feb 09, 10:37:13Manish -> LindsayCan part-time students participate in on-campus recruiting?
Lindsay -> ManishHi Manish, part-time students do have access to campus recruiting for full-time employment. The only thing to note is that campus recruiting for internships is reserved for full-time students.
Feb 09, 10:38:08Brij -> KaraIf I want to miss a quarter . when do I catch up . do I have to wait for year till the next batch arrives
Kara -> BrijBrij, you are able to take quarter off here & there, as you have up to 5 years to complete your MBA. If you are not taking course for one quarter, you simply do not register for that quarter. If you want to take more than 1 quarter off consecutively, you need to submit a short term leave of absence form. Our program is very flexible & allows you to complete the program at your preferred pace.
Feb 09, 10:39:52Udayan -> BethHello Ad-com members, can we exempt the courses that we have taken during our under-grad or grad programs such as Financial Accounting, Economics, etc.?
Beth -> UdayanUdayan, you would still need to take 20 courses to complete the degree. That being said, if you have taken courses in the past, you can petition the facutly to take a higher level course. You also have to keep in mind the information you covered in you undergrad will be covered in your grad courses in the first 1-2 weeks. Our academic advisors can certainly meet with you to discuss your options.
Feb 09, 10:40:52kyang -> KaraHi - does the MBA program offer any course on Big Data Analytics ?
Kara -> kyangYes, we do have a Big Data course. See the online course guide to read about it (and all other course we offfer): https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch

Here is the course description:
BUS 41201 is a course about data mining: the analysis,exploration, and simplification of large high-dimensional datasets. Students will learn how to model and interpret complicated `Big Data' and become adept at building powerful models for prediction and classification.
Techniques covered include an advanced overview of linear and logistic regression, model choice and false discovery rates, multinomial and binary regression, classification, decision trees, factor models, clustering, the bootstrap and cross-validation. We learn both basic underlying concepts and practical computational skills, including techniques for analysis of distributed data.
Heavy emphasis is placed on analysis of actual datasets, and on development of application specific methodology. Among other examples, we will consider consumer database mining, internet and social media tracking, network analysis, sports analytics, and text mining.
Feb 09, 10:41:30Chloe -> MarcusDo any of the students ever go into non-traditional fields, like entertainment/media? How supportive is the program towards that industry?
Marcus -> ChloeChloe -- yes we do have students who pursue many different ventures and industries. Career services can assist with an understanding of specific industries and courses/concentrations that can help prepare/lead to your interest. Alums in those areas and Booth related events during the course of your education can also help support this as well
Feb 09, 10:41:40Shree.Shah -> LindsayAre there any specific clubs (affinity, industry, or community outreach) that meet at Gleacher or are designed for part-time students? I understand we have access to full-time ones, as well.
Lindsay -> Shree.ShahShree.Shah, good question. There are over 40 student groups specific to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs! You can see some of them here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups

Many of these groups hold events on Saturdays at the Gleacher Center so the Weekend MBA students can participate as well.
Feb 09, 10:42:21kyang -> Megandoes Booth MBA program offer any scholarship or financial tools to fund the education?
Megan -> kyangKyang, students fund their MBA through a mix of loans, personal savings, and company reimbursement if offered. If you work in and plan on continuing to work in non-profit/government, you could apply for our Weekend MBA Civic Scholars Program, which does offer a scholarship which covers tuition. You can learn more online at https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/civic-scholars-program
Feb 09, 10:42:53Chris -> NicoWhat programs and services are provided to military service members? Also, who would be a point of contact for assisting in navigating through the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits?
Nico -> ChrisHi Chris! We do have an armed service group that runs programming (http://groups.chicagobooth.edu/ptarmed/about/). Keep in mind we also waive application fees for military members.

You can find more information on Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits here: http://registrar.uchicago.edu/vetservices
Feb 09, 10:43:35Special_Kay -> NicoHave you all known Weekend MBA students to successfully facilitate their own internship?
Nico -> Special_KayHi Special_Kay. We have seen Weekend MBA students facilitate their own internships.
Feb 09, 10:45:09T.Henderson -> MarcusCan finance classes from Graham be waived in for credit? (i.e. Financial Accounting)
Marcus -> T.HendersonT. Henderson -- if you take financial accounting as a Graham student (Graduate Student At Large Business) and pass, and become a student within Booth that specific class will count toward the 20 classes to graduate and would not need to be taken again
Feb 09, 10:46:20Chloe -> BethWhen will the Spring Quarter course listing be available?
Beth -> ChloeChloe, if you are asking about the class visit options for Spring quarter, they will be posted online, https://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/visit, the end of March. As soon as they are posted, you can register.
Feb 09, 10:47:39Travis -> KaraWhat might be the best way to determine if one is better suited for the Regular/Weekend MBA or the EMBA? I'm looking to take a couple of classes this fall and will be 36 with about 9 years of applicable experience in my field. In terms of being a good fit for either program, I feel as though I'm right on the threshold (as far as age and work experience is concerned).. What might be the best way for one to decide?
Kara -> TravisTravis, great question, and I suggest you visit classes in both to see which one "feels" like the best fit. I also suggest you think more about differences in the program as a way to guide your decision. If you are seeking a more flexible program- both in format and course selection- the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA would be the best fit, as you basically get to pick and choose all of your courses. The XP program is a lock-step cohorted format, which is a great fit if you prefer more structure and would like to take courses with the same group of students throughout the program. We are happy to discuss further, email us at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu to set a time to meet or talk.
Feb 09, 10:48:31Brij -> Nicodoes the job statistics in both website also include part time students . If not then do you have some data about the kind of job offered to part time students
Nico -> BrijHI Brij. The website only lists employment statistics for the full-time MBA program, but the part-time MBA statistics are similar. We do have statistics on part-time MBA employment that we can share.I recommend reaching out to our hotline (eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu) to set up a conversation with a member of out team if you have specific questions regarding employment statistics.
Feb 09, 10:49:06Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
Feb 09, 10:50:16solo -> Marcusif making a choice between Eve MBA and Executive MBA - What are the most important points to consider?
Marcus -> soloSolo: The main difference between the Evening and Weekend MBA and Executive MBA is the flexibility. The Evening and Weekend programs are based on that regarding class selection and pace with which you complete classes. The Evening and Weekend MBA programs have this flexibility while the Executive program prepares your schedule for you and takes much of the decision-making process out of your hands. There is also an international component of the Executive program in London and Hong Kong that are required and built into the program. Time and structure of the program are two of the most important things to consider for advancing your career
Feb 09, 10:52:24Stan_H -> LindsayThank you for hosting the chat. may I ask what type of supports are available for weekend students in career development?
Lindsay -> Stan_HStan_H, you can meet with our Career Services team as soon as you begin classes, and they have offices here at the Gleacher Center specifically to serve our part-time MBA students. You simply make an appointment with a coach and take it from there. Students often have different goals and strategies for their career progression. Therefore, you can tailor your relationship and activities with career services to fit your goals.
Feb 09, 10:56:54Connor_P -> MarcusAlso - is there any advantage or disadvantage to applying closer to or further out from the application deadline?
Marcus -> Connor_PConnor: We have rolling admissions, so you will receive a decision within 4-6 weeks no matter what deadline you apply for, unless you are wait-listed in order to gain more understanding of our applicants. The greatest benefit to applying early is receiving your decision early, and there is no determent to applying at the end of the deadline
Feb 09, 10:58:28Manish -> BethIs it possible to graduate from the weekend program in 2 years?
Beth -> ManishManish, while it is possible, you would need to take more than 2 classes per quarter to graduate in 2 years. If you can only take classes on Saturday, you would graduate in 2.5 years.
Feb 09, 10:58:30DJ -> LindsayHi, when evaluating GPAs do you consider overall GPA vs. Major GPA at all? Or is the overall GPA primarily what is considered?
Lindsay -> DJHi DJ, we will see your transcripts from previous degrees earned, and consider overall GPA and grades earned throughout your time in school. Hope this helps!
Feb 09, 10:58:45Dan -> NicoWhat is the affiliation between U of C's Booth MBA program and certificates or programs offered by Graham? Also, with specific regards to certifications are there seminars offered for certificates relating to the PMP or the ACP for Project Mgmt?
Nico -> DanHi Dan! Booth is not affiliated with the certificates offered through the Graham School. Keep in mind that no certificate courses taken through the Graham School will transfer into a Booth MBA.

However, the Graham School does offer the Graduate Student-at-Large Business program. You are able to take actual Chicago Booth courses. Three of which would transfer into your Booth MBA. Find more information here: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business
Feb 09, 10:59:32Lane -> MarcusAre all classes for the evening MBA program held in your Hyde park location on Woodlawn, or do you have a remote location for evening classes closer to the loop?
Marcus -> LaneLane -- All our evening classes are held at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, however you can take full-time courses at the Hyde Park campus. You may see information about the location of our Gleacher Center at the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/conference-facilities/gleacher
Feb 09, 11:00:14Lindsay -> EveryoneThank you for your questions today! We encourage you to continue engaging with the Booth community by visiting a class with us. You can see that list and register for class visits at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit. We hope to see you at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago soon!
Feb 09, 11:00:22Megan -> EveryoneThanks everyone for joining us over lunch. Hope we helped answer some of your questions about pursuing an Evening MBA or Weekend MBA at Booth.
Feb 09, 11:00:27Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us. We are still on the road travelling. You can view our upcoming cities/events and register online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/receptions
Feb 09, 11:00:31Nico -> EveryoneThank you all for stopping by! We hope to see you at our next information session on Friday, March 4, you can register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Feb 09, 11:00:31Kara -> EveryoneThanks for joining today's chat! We look forward to working with you as you continue your research & move through the application process. If you have additional questions, email us at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu. Cheers, Kara
Feb 09, 11:01:09Marcus -> EveryoneThank you for your questions, it was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope to see you at events in the near future!
Feb 09, 11:01:20Moderator -> EveryoneThanks for joining our chat today! The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, February 12, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats