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January 5, 2016 Live Admissions Chat

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Jan 05, 09:54:16Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Jan 05, 09:59:37Marcus -> EveryoneGreetings, this is Marcus Wordlaw, assistant director of admissions for Chicago Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program. I am excited to answer your questions today.
Jan 05, 09:59:45Jay J -> EveryoneHappy New Year everyone! My name is Jay Jacobs, am an Assistant Director, and coordinate our Chicago Business Fellows program for early career candidates with three years of experience or less. I'm looking forward to answering your questions this afternoon.
Jan 05, 10:00:09Lindsay -> EveryoneHi everyone and thanks for joining us today! I am Lindsay Badeaux, Admissions Manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs. I look forward to answering your questions!
Jan 05, 10:00:14Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager for the Evening and Weekend MBA programs. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Jan 05, 10:00:14Kara -> EveryoneHappy New Year! Welcome to our first online chat of 2016. We hope your New Year's resolution is to get an MBA, and we hope Booth is top on your list. I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions. I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and the application process.
Jan 05, 10:00:23Jen S -> EveryoneHi everyone, thanks for joining the chat today. My name is Jen, and I am a current Booth Evening/Weekend student. I look forward to answer your questions!
Jan 05, 10:00:50Manjeera -> Jay JHi My name is Manjeera and I would have about 4 years of work experience at the time of application/enrollment. Would I still be able to apply to CBF? Or are the limits to 3 years of experience stringent?
Jay J -> ManjeeraManjeera, the 3 year mark is not a hard and fast rule. If you are interested in CBF, then apply for it. We will review your file for all programs regardless of whether or not your check the CBF box on the application.
Jan 05, 10:02:52MkLove -> Jay JIs there a preferred test for admission between the GRE and GMAT?
Jay J -> MkLoveMkLove, we don't have a preference. We admit students with both exams each quarter. We will always take your highest score.
Jan 05, 10:03:24Ryan -> LindsayI have been self employed for the last year and a half and my previous employers are unwilling to write me a recommendation letter for a application. Is there alterative recommendations that would be accepted besides past managers or professors?
Lindsay -> RyanHi Ryan, thanks for your question. We prefer at least one of your letters of recommendation to be professional in nature, either a manager or a colleague you worked closely with in the past. There is a section on the application to explain why you chose your recommenders, so you will be able to let us know about any circumstances preventing you from obtaining one from a supervisor.
Jan 05, 10:04:41Special_Kay -> MarcusWhat is the process of reaching out to Alumni...do students make cold calls or does the school reach out for them?
Marcus -> Special_KaySpecial Kay: Feel free to email me at marcus.wordlaw@chicagobooth.edu with the type of background you are looking for from the Alum and/or current student and I will reach out to them on your behalf -- trying to find the alum/student that best matches what you are looking for.
Jan 05, 10:04:45Manjeera -> Jay JThanks Jay. Is there a higher commitment needed as a CBF than non-CBF candidate?
Jay J -> ManjeeraManjeera, I'm not sure what you mean as far as "commitment." All of our CBF students will take a noncredit professional development seminar during their first quarter with us. This is on top of one or two academic classes for credit. After the first quarter, your CBF commitment is finished. I hope that answered your question.
Jan 05, 10:06:01Kam -> Jay JHi. Upon starting in the weekend program, will be able to join the evening batch or mix both to accelerate the overall timeline?
Jay J -> KamKam, Yes. Evening students can take Weekend courses and vice versa. You can officially transfer between programs once during your Booth career.
Jan 05, 10:06:24Prospective_Student_2016 -> NicoQuick question - How important are the recommendation letters for the admission? What if my current manager is not willing to give me a recommendation letter?
Nico -> Prospective_Student_2016Hi Prospective_Student_2016! Thank you for joining us. Recommendations are an important part of your application, but we look at all areas of the application holistically. We generally recommend your current supervisor submits one of you letters, but if that is not a possibility, we simply ask that you are transparent in the reasoning. There is a section within the application to do so.
Jan 05, 10:06:44Kal -> LindsayHi. I am planning to start my MBA program from the Winter session of 2017. How can I prepare myself to get an admit? I have 6 years of experience in a finance firm working as a software programmer
Lindsay -> KalHi Kal, thanks for your question. We are looking for students who will be intellectually curious and willing to go above and beyond here, as well as able to handle the rigor of a Booth classroom. We'll look for academic ability, professional experience, and "fit", so be thinking about why you want an MBA from Booth specifically, and be willing to explain that in your essays. You can also engage with us at our admissions events, interact with current students and alumni, to make sure Booth is the right place for you! Check out our upcoming events here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events
Jan 05, 10:06:45Jensen -> Jen SHi my name is Jensen. I have had a chance to explore Booth from a full-time perspective, but based on new career options I think part-time would be best. Can you talk a little bit about the experience of a Booth part-time student outside of class?
Jen S -> JensenHi Jensen. Outside of class, there are a number of ways for part-time students to get involved in the Booth community. In the evenings, there are a number of talks/networking sessions that take place after work as well as on Saturdays during the lunch time break between weekend classes. I have found the part-time Booth groups to be a great way to connect with others as well. I'm a part of the Booth Market Club, Booth Consulting Club, and Wine Club.
Jan 05, 10:06:57cmc -> MarcusHi. I'm Car. From what I understand, in the regular MBA, you have the opportunity to take language classes if you have an international focus. Does the Evening/Weekend option allow for language training as well?
Marcus -> cmcCar -- you may choose from a number of Booth classes and also University of Chicago classes to take. We do offer an international MBA along with an International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) which can provide the international focus you may be looking for
Jan 05, 10:07:23Special_Kay -> KaraHello! I am interested in learning more about Career Services. Is there a formal process that students adhere to or do you just make appointments and the process takes off organically?
Kara -> Special_KayYou meet the Career Services team at LAUNCH, and you can meet with them as soon as you begin classes. You simply make an appointment with a coach and take it from their. Students often have different goals and strategies for their career progression. Therefore, you can tailor your relationship and activities with career services to fit your goals.
Jan 05, 10:08:04bfoth -> Jay JMy name is Brandon and I'm on the verge of submitting my application for the Evening MBA program. I was advised to stick with former employers for my recommendations but have a few alumni that wanted to write something for me as well. Where should I have them direct the letters?
Jay J -> bfothbfoth, if they are formal letters of recommendation, then you can input their information into the application and they will get our form email with instructions on what we are looking for. If its an informal note, they can email our hotline at EveningWeekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. I wouldn't go past 3 total letters of recommendation.
Jan 05, 10:08:23Manjeera -> LindsayIf a choice has to be made between the two equally good candidates but one has a GMAT and the another has GRE, which candidate would rank higher for acceptance?
Lindsay -> ManjeeraManjeera, if both candidates are great and have equally competitive scores, they will both be admitted. We don't have any preference as to whether you submit a GMAT score or a GRE score.
Jan 05, 10:08:35Sai_R -> MarcusHappy New Year! I have 8 years of engineering experience plus 2 years of grad school. Is 10 years - out of the average range for part time intakes (not for Executive)
Marcus -> Sai_RSai_R: No you are not out of the range of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program with those years. We have a number of student with 10+ years of professional experience
Jan 05, 10:08:40Beta98 -> Jay JUpon being admitted into a Booth part-time MBA program, if a student would like to relocate to Chicago to work during studies, are there resources at Booth to assist the student with job placement?
Jay J -> Beta98Beta98: yes, our career services department help students change jobs, negotiate for raises and promotions, and tap into different networks in order to impact your career in the short term. These services are available to our alumni as well, for free!
Jan 05, 10:08:59Prospective_Student_2016 -> MarcusIs GMAT or GRE mandatory for weekend MBA. Can the work experience compensate for the exam?
Marcus -> Prospective_Student_2016Prospective _Student_2016: Yes either the GMAT or the GRE is mandatory for the weekend MBA. Work experience can only be considered for the executive MBA program
Jan 05, 10:09:02Special_Kay -> NicoI currently work for the government and I am able to take non-paid time off of work. Am I allowed to work with Career Services to obtain an internship? I understand that I am not allowed to take advantage of OCR for internships.
Nico -> Special_KayHi Special_Kay! Outside of the OCR internship recruiting process, you are certainly able to work with Career Services in regards to internships. You will have access to our internship postings the same as a full-time student.
Jan 05, 10:09:04Josh -> Jen SI know a large percentage of students in the weekend program commute. I currently live in San Francisco; however, I would prefer to relocate to Chicago for a number of reasons, mainly to reduce cost and stress of traveling. Does Booth provide any services to help with relocation? Are weekend students allowed to participant in certain events with Evening students?
Jen S -> JoshJosh, I'm not sure if Booth provides any relocation services. Weekend students are able to participate in events targeted towards evening students. There are a number of events that take place in the evening on weekends, but you'll also find a lot of events during the lunch break on Saturdays and after class on Saturdays - these events gather the Evening and Weekend students together.
Jan 05, 10:10:34Kyle -> NicoHi my name is Kyle Dahlstrom. I recently submitted my application to start this spring and will be flying in for my interview tomorrow. Can you provide any additional information about the interview format and process?
Nico -> KyleHi Kyle! We are excited to see you tomorrow. You will receive a reminder email with all the necessary details for your interview later tonight.
Jan 05, 10:10:49Sammy -> LindsayWhat do you look most for in an applicant to the evening program vs full-time MBA?
Lindsay -> SammyHi Sammy, thanks for your question. I cannot speak specifically to the Full Time admissions process, but in general at Booth we want students who are intellectually curious, willing to go above and beyond, and immerse themselves in the community here. The main difference between the Part Time and Full Time programs is that students in the Evening or Weekend programs are wanting to work full-time while earning their degree. Both programs yield the same degree and have the same curriculum and faculty.
Jan 05, 10:11:49Dave -> MarcusHappy New Year Guys! Thank you for organizing this chat session! I have a question related weekend MBA program. Do I need to have full time profesional job when I apply to the program? Is this possible to start my job after enroll to the program?
Marcus -> DaveDave: No problem, hope it is helpful. You do not need a full-time job at the point of your application. Your work experience and professional development will be considered on your resume in your application, but it is not mandatory to be holding a job at the time you submit.
Jan 05, 10:11:52Edward -> Jen SHi all - thanks for your time today! Can you talk a little about the Random Walk trips? Are there other international opportunities for part-time candidates?
Jen S -> EdwardEdward, I can't speak to the Random Walk trips, as those are geared towards Full-time students, but there are international opportunities for part-time students that I am familiar with. There are short-term study abroad trips that are 2-3 weeks in length. This summer, I participated in the 3 week study abroad trip to Paris, where there were several other Booth students in the class, along with students from other business schools around the world. If you have the work flexibility, part-time students can also spend a full quarter abroad at certain business schools.
Jan 05, 10:12:03Kam -> NicoDo part time students also take part in campus recruiting? Do they also have the same level of access to on campus recruiting events?
Nico -> KamHi Kam! Part-time students do have access to campus recruiting for full-time employment. The only thing to note is that campus recruiting for internships is reserved for full-time students.
Jan 05, 10:12:23Waleed -> MarcusI am a practicing physician and thinking about the part time program. I am 40 years old. Will I feel out of place or do you have a few students around that age.
Marcus -> WaleedWaleed: We have students ranging from 2 years of working experience to 10+ years, and students who are in their early to mid 40's.
Jan 05, 10:12:46Abe_V -> KaraHi, I have an MBA (2010) but am looking to make a career switch from marketing consulting to Private equity focused on growth. I've been debating getting a MBA again. Thoughts?
Kara -> Abe_VAbe, since you are seeking a fairly major career change you may want to consider a full time MBA program. Full Time programs typically require an internship, which may be a good avenue for you to get experience in PE. PE is a competitive field to get into no matter how you approach it. Regarding already having an MBA, we see applicants in the same situation from time to time. As long as you provide good reasoning for another MBA, no need to be concerned.
Jan 05, 10:13:14Manjeera -> MarcusWhat is the shortest duration a candidate has completed the program?
Marcus -> ManjeeraManjeera: We have had graduates complete the program as early as 1 year and 9 months, however that is not recommended due to the workload required
Jan 05, 10:13:19SamM -> LindsayHello, and thank you for hosting this chat. How quickly is an admission decision made typically? Does applying later in the application process hurt one's chances of admission?
Lindsay -> SamMHi SamM, great question. We operate on a rolling admissions basis, meaning that once you submit your application, you will receive a decision from us within 4-6 weeks, provided your app is complete and you interview during that time period. That being said, the vast majority of our applications are submitted the week of the deadline, so there is no real advantage in applying early other than having your decision sooner. If you are admissible, you will be admitted, regardless of how early you apply.
Jan 05, 10:13:38MkLove -> Jen SAre there specific classes/clubs/programs centered around entrepreneurship at Booth?
Jen S -> MkLoveYes, there is a Booth Entrepreneurship Club at Booth. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation hosts a number of exciting events for those interested in entrepreneurship. One of the most well known events is the New Venture Challenge, which gives participants the opportunity to test out their business ideas.
Jan 05, 10:14:17SamM -> Jay JIf an admitted evening student is relocated away from Chicago, what flexibility do they have in continuing his/her program? Is s/he automatically transitioned to the Weekend Program and expected to travel? Can they attend via satellite / WebEx?
Jay J -> SamMSamM: all of our classes are held in person at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. No web based courses. If you relocate away from Chicago, then your option is to continue studies through our Weekend program and commute to Chicago for classes on Saturdays. About 75% of our Weekend students commute to Chicago from out of state for Saturday classes.
Jan 05, 10:14:26ProspectiveStudent -> MarcusAre we allowed to take an occasional Day-time class?
Marcus -> ProspectiveStudentProspectiveStudent: Yes you can take Day-time classes as frequently as you like if they fit into your schedule. These can be both Booth classes or up to 6 non-Booth but University of Chicago classes
Jan 05, 10:14:28Dana -> NicoHi! How soon after you submit an application are you contacted for an interview? Subsequently, how soon after that do you typically find out whether you have been admitted or not?
Nico -> DanaHi Dana! You will receive an email to schedule your interview shortly after you submit your application. generally within an hour. Candidates will receive there decisions within 4-6 weeks after they submit the application.
Jan 05, 10:14:34ProspectiveStudent -> KaraFor Kara: In the essay regarding leadership, should we include some examples of our past leadership accomplishments, or is it strictly what qualities I admire and how I hope Booth will help me grow in leadership?
Kara -> ProspectiveStudentFeel free to include examples and characteristics. Examples are a nice way to illustrate how characteristics influence leadership. Our questions are fairly open, so feel free to answer as you see fit.
Jan 05, 10:14:52DJ -> LindsayHi! I was wondering if you could elaborate on if there are any opportunities to earn duel degrees with any of the other University of Chicago program's with the part-time MBA program.
Lindsay -> DJHi DJ. Joint degrees are definitely an option for our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, but they are uncommon because most of our students work full time and the joint degree time commitment is pretty demanding. You can see the options for joint degree programs here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/joint-degrees

Keep in mind that as a Booth student, you can take up to 6 courses in other University of Chicago schools, so that might be an option you would want to explore as it would allow you to take Harris School classes as well, without necessarily going the joint degree route.
Jan 05, 10:15:34Kamille -> Jay JDoes the Managerial and Organizational Behavior concentration closely resemble a concentration in HR
Jay J -> KamilleKamille, a lot of the MOB courses will be transferable to HR, however there is no specific HR concentration. There are a handful of HR courses that can be taken.
Jan 05, 10:16:03James_Z -> Jen SI am interested in the part-time program and I was wondering if you could give some explanation as to what the LEAD program is and what a student can expect to gain from it. Thanks!
Jen S -> James_ZJames, the LEAD program is a program that gives students an opportunity to focus on their leadership skills, such as working in teams, influencing others, conflict management, and presentation skills. LEAD is a part of orientation when you first start at Booth, and the program also offers a number of optional sessions throughout the year to help you continuously improve your skills.
Jan 05, 10:16:50Dana -> NicoIt seems like most evening students take 2 classes per semester. How often do students take more than 2 classes per semester?
Nico -> DanaHi Dana. I do not have an exact number on how often, but it is not uncommon for students to do so. We do not recommend taking three classes your first quarter, but if your schedule allows it, it is always a possibility going forward.
Jan 05, 10:17:06Sam -> LindsayHi. I am Sam. Is my work experience taken into account during the application process and the interview?
Lindsay -> SamHi Sam. Yes, work experience is an important part of your overall application. We look for solid career progression, leadership, taking on additional responsibilities, etc.
Jan 05, 10:17:07Lucas -> Jay JHi, can you talk about what kinds of topics are typically covered in the optional essay?
Jay J -> LucasLucas, we have seen so many things addressed in the optional essay. It is truly optional. If you feel like something needs to be addressed in your file, but doesn't fit in another box on the application, this is a good space to use.
Jan 05, 10:17:23Hannah_Keogh -> Jen SHi Jen, can you elaborate on these types of events? Are they more social or academic in nature?
Jen S -> Hannah_KeoghHannah, there are both social and academic events available. Some will feature industry experts talking about their work, some will be panel discussions talking about a specific career, while others are a chance to practice interviewing skills, for example.
Jan 05, 10:18:00Waleed -> MarcusDo you offer any courses in Healthcare Management? I could not find any on your website but I may not have access to the full range of your courses.
Marcus -> WaleedWaleed: We in fact offer a certificate in Health administration and policy which allows students to take various healthcare and public policy related classes and graduate with a certificate along with your Booth degree. You may find more information here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/academics/joint-degree/certificate-health-administration-policy
Jan 05, 10:18:04Tom -> Jay JHello Jay, if I'm a Weekend MBA candidate applying for CBF in Fall of 2016, does the introductory CBF seminar and courses need to be taken on the weekend as well? I know you mention the flexibility of taking MBA classes on the weekend or evening, but does the CBF specific classes qualify for this as well?
Jay J -> TomTom, the professional development seminar for Weekend CBF students will occur on Sunday mornings during your first quarter. There are 10 of them and they are mandatory for CBF students.
Jan 05, 10:18:40Walt -> KaraI've been out of Undergrad for 10 years. I always felt like GPA would be a barrier into a top school. I have recently graduated with a MS degree with a better GPA. Should I look at taking a class or two through GSALB?
Kara -> WaltWalt, assuming you did well in your MS degree, we will look more heavily at this GPA than your ug GPA. However, taking a GSALB course is also a good idea if you want to further prove you can handle the academic rigor of Booth. We strongly suggest you take business statistics and/or financial accounting and we look for grades of B+ or higher.
Jan 05, 10:18:40Jensen -> Jay JAre there opportunities to take a M&A-related Chicago law courses while at Booth?
Jay J -> JensenJensen, at Booth we have both Business Law courses and M&A courses available. Another great aspect of our flexible curriculum is the ability to take 6 electives at other U Chicago schools that would count towards their MBA. So you could take courses from our Law school and they would count at Booth.
Jan 05, 10:20:28Kal_Arey -> Jay JIf I am enrolled in Evening MBA, would I have the option of choosing one class from evening MBA and one from weekend MBA without transferring my program from Evening to weekend MBA
Jay J -> Kal_AreyKal_Arey, yes, our Evening students can take Weekend classes and vice versa.
Jan 05, 10:20:31Kay -> LindsayCan evening and weekend students participate in summer internships, through the university
Lindsay -> KayKay, formal recruiting for internships is the only aspect of career services not available for Evening or Weekend students. While full-time students typically participate in an internship, most part-time students do not (since they are working). While it's possible to do an internship as a part-time student, if that aspect is important to you, you should consider the full-time program as well.
Jan 05, 10:20:46Waleed -> Jen SCan part time students take part in the new venture challenge competition?
Jen S -> WaleedWaleed, yes, part-time students can take part in New Venture Challenge.
Jan 05, 10:20:53Prospective_Student_2016 -> MarcusI have been debating on whether to do a full time or a part time MBA...talking to a few alumni I was told that based on my age, I would not be able to fit into the class profile for full time student? Is this true?
Marcus -> Prospective_Student_2016Prospective_Student_2016: that is not necessarily true. I would recommend speaking to the Full-time office about your concerns with fitting into the profile. you may follow up with the full-time office here: admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
Jan 05, 10:22:06Sam -> MarcusI am in the process of changing my fields from Engineering to Management. I think MBA would help me a better entry into a new domain. Changing fields - does that make my application look weak?
Marcus -> SamSam: No it doesn't. We have a number of prospective students looking to change industries, and we seek students who offer diverse backgrounds and perspectives, so I would encourage you to apply with your background
Jan 05, 10:22:20Reva -> MarcusWhat is the average length of weekend MBA program?
Marcus -> RevaReva: Average length of the program is 2.5 years (taking two classes per quarter), however you have up to 5 years to graduate once you begin. So the speed of the program is very much up to you.
Jan 05, 10:22:53Special_Kay -> Jay JWhats a GSALB course?
Jay J -> Special_KaySpecial_Kay, GSALB courses are taught through the Graham School. Some students will take a GSALB course to test out the waters and make sure Booth is the right fit for them. Some use the GSALB course in order to enhance their application and prove success in our classroom. More information on GSALB can be found at https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business.
Jan 05, 10:23:18Special_Kay -> NicoI've researched and learned that part-time programs aren't made for "major career switchers". In your professional opinion, would you consider my goal of switching from accounting (Tax Pro with CPA) to Finance (Corporate Finance FP&A) a major switch? Have anyone seen this done successfully in the part-time program?
Nico -> Special_KayHi Special_Kay, We have certainly seen people in the part-time programs make career switches similar to your situation. Our career services team has seen and worked with part-time students with similar backgrounds to yourself.
Jan 05, 10:23:23OC -> LindsayHello All. How does one overcome a bad undergraduate transcript (from a top-tier university) or is that even possible?
Lindsay -> OCHi OC, thanks for your question. One can balance out a low undergraduate GPA by pulling a higher score on the GMAT or GRE. You can also consider taking a Booth MBA course as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL) through the Graham School of General Studies. Up to three GSAL courses can be transferred into the MBA program. We suggest the foundation courses, Business Statistics and/or Financial Accounting, and we prefer to see grades of B+ or higher.
Jan 05, 10:23:49Sai_R -> Marcuswhat if I have more than three recommenders willing to write letters - is there any mode I can add those extra letters to the application process!
Marcus -> Sai_RSai_R: We require two recommenders for your application, however we allow a third if there is someone you feel can provide additional value. Typically we do not like to receive more than 3 from prospective students.
Jan 05, 10:24:18bfoth -> Jay JI have worked in an industry where my pay was strictly commissions. In the application where it asks starting salary and bonus what would be best to put in due to the fact that my numbers varied over the years. For now I have a rough average in the box. Is that sufficient?
Jay J -> bfothbfoth, yes that is sufficient. We use that for statistical purposes on our end and carries no weight in our decision on your candidacy.
Jan 05, 10:24:42Dave -> MarcusWill admission committee be considered work experience in foreign country on my resume in my application?
Marcus -> DaveDave: Yes, experience outside of the U.S. if professional in nature will be considered on your application and resume
Jan 05, 10:24:50Cecilia -> LindsayIs it possible to transfer from an Evening or Weekend trajectory into the full time program? Would it require going through another application process?
Lindsay -> CeciliaCecilia, you cannot transfer from the Evening or Weekend program into the Full Time program, you would have to withdraw and reapply. That being said, our students are all eligible to take classes across programs, since the programs have the same curriculum and faculty teach across programs. If you schedule allows, you'd be able to take classes in Hyde Park with the Full Time MBA students from time to time.
Jan 05, 10:25:00Arman -> KaraIs it possible to get accepted to the University of Chicago if I have 90 IBT score and is it ok if I only took GRE math section? Also what is the approximate financial aid you give ?
Kara -> ArmanArman, our IBT requirement 104. You also need to take and report scores for all sections of the GRE (or GMAT). If you graduated from a school were English was the primary language of instruction or if you have been working in the US for over 2 years, you are exempt from the TOEFL for our Evening MBA or Weekend MBA. We do not offer scholarships for Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. Most students take out student loans (private or federal, depending on your situation) to help fund their MBA.
Jan 05, 10:25:05Sai_R -> NicoAlso, I have many recommenders and I am struggling to shortlist and get the most valuable ones - I have one of my Senior Manager and my supervisor lined up. However for the third one " If I have to choose between my " Global Director of Engineering" at my current workplace, (who has worked with me for 6+ years and at who is at the top of company) AND an Economics professor @ U of Chicago, (who I have known for past 9 years - out of workplace) - which one would have the most value added to my application - given that both know me well and can write a good one! Sorry for the long question!
Nico -> Sai_RHi Sai_R! That is a decision that can really only be made by you. I would say think about who can attest to your work the most. You can always have the other send us a supplemental recommendation.
Jan 05, 10:25:31Waleed -> Jen SWhat is the average number of hours per week a student can expect to spend outside of class for one course.
Jen S -> WaleedWaleed - It really depends on the class. Some classes are a 3-4 hour commitment, while others can be up to 20 hours. I would say I spend on average 6-7 hours per class. Before registering for classes, we do have the ability to see past course evaluations, which list the average time students said they spend outside of class. This has been a great tool for me when planning my schedule each quarter.
Jan 05, 10:25:34Special_Kay -> NicoI hold several leadership positions at work and within my community. I will be starting my GMAT journey this year. I would like to give up this leadership roles so that I can focus on the GMAT. Will a lack of "recent" leadership roles negatively impact my application?
Nico -> Special_KayHi Special_Kay. I would say that would not negatively impact your application. We understand the time commitment the GMAT requires.
Jan 05, 10:25:53Ninad -> Jay JCould you also elaborate an any financial assistance provided for weekend programs? I live in houston and is it often the case that students fly out over every weekend to pursue their degree for weekend program? ( trying to understand if it feasible )
Jay J -> NinadNinad, we do have some travel discounts for air fare and hotels in Chicago. We have a good number of students who commute from the Houston area. I'm happy to put you in touch with some of those folks. Just email me at Jay.Jacobs@chicagobooth.edu. FYI, our travel discounts can be found at https://finserv.uchicago.edu/purchasing/travel/uchicagodiscountprograms.shtml
Jan 05, 10:26:49Kal_Arey -> Jen SWould a professor teach a particular class three times in a week? The reason I am asking is that if I am not able to make it to evening class in one week, would I be able to take it on a weekday or a weekend?
Jen S -> Kal_AreyKal, some professors do allow you to attend their day time section or weekend section, but it is up to each professor and also depends on how full the class is. I have attended day time classes when I have had to travel for work, but usually it has only been once per quarter or so, not on a regular basis.
Jan 05, 10:27:10missEmilie -> Jay JAre there classes only offered in the full-time program that are or would not be available to students in the part-time programs?
Jay J -> missEmiliemissEmilie, our professors are required to teach across programs. The same class might not be offered the same quarter, but it will be offered during your Booth career in all MBA programs.
Jan 05, 10:27:12Ryan -> NicoGetting my MBA is a step in a career change for me into the Financial business world. I do have to go the route of the Evening MBA because I have to continue to work full time. I realize a the full time program would be the better choice, but is it still possible to make the career change in the evening program?
Nico -> RyanHi Ryan! Of course! A large portion of our part-time MBA students make a career transitions, and we have a Career Services team fully dedicated to part-time students.
Jan 05, 10:27:26Ninad -> LindsayCould you elaborate on the curriculum for International Business? What scope does it have?
Lindsay -> NinadHi Ninad, you can check out more about the international business concentration here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum/international-business

We also offer an IMBA, which has a study abroad and language component, which you can learn about here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/imba
Jan 05, 10:27:32Katie_ -> MarcusHi, thank you for hosting this session. I am applying to the Evening program starting Fall 2016. What are the benefits to submitting an application now (whenever I feel I have the most complete application possible) versus other times throughout the year prior to the hard deadline for the fall session?
Marcus -> Katie_Katie: Great question. We have rolling admissions, so the biggest benefit is that you will receive a decision within 4-6 weeks of applying. If you have a time sensitive deadline for an answer, or would just like to know as soon as possible, it benefits you to apply early. However, I always recommend applying only when you feel you are submitting the strongest application possible, even if it requires you to spend additional days/weeks on certain components of it.
Jan 05, 10:28:08Clint_S -> LindsayHello, I have two solid recommenders for the formal letters, but my VP expressed interest in submitting a less formal one on my behalf if that was an option. Is there anyway I can add a shorter, less formal recommendation to my file, or would he need to follow the structured prompt?
Lindsay -> Clint_SHi Clint_S, it's really up to you. You can either send him a link to submit an official recommendation (we do accept supplemental letters of rec if you have more than 2 you'd like to submit), or have him email his informal rec to us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Jan 05, 10:28:30Prospective_Student_2016 -> KaraDo you need to have a full time job or a part time job to do your weekend MBA? What if I get unemployed while doing the course or I decide to take a break from work during middle of the course?
Kara -> Prospective_Student_2016We do not technically require student be working full-time throughout the duration of the program. However, for admission, we are typically looking for full-time working professional who want to work and go to school concurrently. There are of course exceptions to this but if one is not working, or does not want to work while getting an MBA, we may wonder why they are not applying to a full time MBA program. If you have a unique work situation, be sure to explain well in your application.
Jan 05, 10:28:31Kumar -> MarcusAlso for the Executive/Evening MBA do you accept GRE?
Marcus -> KumarKumar: We accept the GRE for the executive and evening MBA programs, however it is required for the evening, and may potentially be waived for the executive.
Jan 05, 10:29:05Kam -> Jen SI keep hearing that Booth is better geared for professionals in finance domain. How would someone from Technology fare?
Jen S -> KamKam, I don't work in technology, but I do think there are variety of backgrounds at Booth. I enjoy having diverse classmates share their experiences in class because it makes for better and more interesting discussion.
Jan 05, 10:29:05Ryan_Burns -> MarcusHow much is undergraduate major/minor concentration taken into account?
Marcus -> Ryan_BurnsRyan_Burns: More-so the courses you've taken and the grades you received in those classes are considered as opposed to your Major/Minor. We will look at each but will look more closely at the courses and your overall GPA.
Jan 05, 10:29:36Kam -> NicoWill I have to wait till I am closer to graduation to participate recruitment opportunities? Or can I leverage them as soon as I join? In case I want to relocate, will I be able to take the aid of career development services at Booth?
Nico -> KamHi Kam! The formalized campus recruiting process for full-time employment opens to students after they have completed 12 courses, but all other career service resources are open to you from your start at Booth.
Jan 05, 10:29:49Kumar -> LindsayHi, I live in Northern Virginia and I was wondering how much percentage of evening/executive program is online?
Lindsay -> KumarKumar, Chicago Booth does not offer online courses. All classes take place here in Chicago. That being said, 75% of our Weekend MBA students commute in from outside of IL to take classes here each Saturday! So it would not be impossible for you to study at Booth if you are willing to commute.
Jan 05, 10:30:46cmc -> Jay Jwhat are your average and/or range of GRE scores?
Jay J -> cmccmc: the middle 80% of our admitted students have a 620-730 on their GMAT with the average being a 680. We don't have enough data to calculate a similar range for the GRE, as we just started accepting the GRE about 2 years ago. You can convert scores online, however.
Jan 05, 10:31:06Sai_R -> MarcusThanks Marcus and Nico! How to send/submit supplemental recommendation - Can I add that to the application attachments or send an email to the admissions?
Marcus -> Sai_RSai_R: No problem! Additional materials such as a third letter of recommendation may be sent to me at marcus.wordlaw@chicagobooth.edu
Jan 05, 10:31:07ProspectiveStudent -> NicoDo other U of Chicago schools offer electives on Saturday?
Nico -> ProspectiveStudentHi ProspectiveStudent! It is hard to say. I have heard of some programs offering Saturday sessions in the past, but it is not as formalized as Booth's Saturday offerings. I think it would be best to reach out to the school you are interested in for more information.
Jan 05, 10:31:12cmc -> Lindsaywould a high undergrad gpa (3.7) but an average MA gpa (3.2) affect admissions? or would the higher gpa be considered only?
Lindsay -> cmcHi cmc, we require transcripts from all degrees you have earned, so we will see and consider both GPAs, as well as your GMAT or GRE score, to give us an idea of your academic ability. That being said, it is a holistic review process, so one portion of your overall application would not be weighted more heavily than another.
Jan 05, 10:32:07Ninad -> Jay JWhat sort of social work is considered to be an asset in an application? Would you prefer a candidate with social work in variety of fields as opposed to social work in one particular field ?
Jay J -> NinadNinad, I assume by social work you mean community involvement? We don't have any preferred community involvement. We use this section to be able to judge what type of community member you would be at Booth.
Jan 05, 10:32:39SamM -> Jen SI'm an attorney, and recall law school being quite competitive and focused on individual effort. Is a Booth MBA the same or is there more of a collaborative environment for students?
Jen S -> SamMSam, I've heard law school is quite competitive, and I don't think Booth is the same. At Booth, ideas compete and people collaborate. I have found my classmates to be tremendously supportive and collaborative.
Jan 05, 10:32:49Sam -> Marcusone of my friends has a bachelors from outside US and 18 yrs of work experience. Does he need to have his transcripts evaluated before submitting for the application?
Marcus -> SamSam: For your friend, he will need to have unofficial transcripts sent to us before applying, and we will need official transcripts before he begins classes.
Jan 05, 10:33:08alimbayev -> Jay Jhi guys, thanks for the session. can evening/weekend mba students continue their studies in london/hk campuses if they relocate due to work? thanks
Jay J -> alimbayevalimbayev, no, only our Executive MBA programs are located in London and Hong Kong, none of our Evening or Weekend classes can be taken at those campuses.
Jan 05, 10:33:31Waleed -> Jen SAs a weekend MBA student can you also take classes in the evening for some semesters if it better suits your schedule?
Jen S -> WaleedWaleed, yes, you can do so. Students have priority bidding in their home section, so you will have to wait a little longer to pick your classes, but you can register for classes in an alternative section.
Jan 05, 10:33:42OC -> LindsayThanks Lindsay. A follow-up to my earlier question. I am actually looking at the Weekend MBA (commuting from Los Angeles) so, I don't believe the GSAL would be an option for me (short of relocating temporarily to Chicago). Is there any equivalent you might recommend?
Lindsay -> OCOC, GSAL would still be an option for you, actually! Since you would be taking an actual Booth Weekend class through that program, you could commute and take the class on Saturdays to see what it would be like to commute as a Booth student. If that's not an option for you, I would suggest trying to balance your lower undergrad GPA by concentrating on achieving a higher GMAT or GRE score. Remember also that our review process is holistic, meaning that your transcripts are just one piece of your overall application. We will also look at work experience, essays, reasons for choosing Booth, your letters of rec, etc.
Jan 05, 10:34:06SamM -> KaraDo you find that those students entering the program to effectuate a career change find the transition difficult? And if so, what resources do they have available to assist them?
Kara -> SamMSam, it really depends on the type of change one wants to make, their professional background and how much effort they put into a career change. Many students do navigate a career change, and we see changes in industry, function and geography. If you feel an internship will be a vital part of your career change, you will want to look into full time MBA programs. Formalized internship recruiting is the one aspect of career services not open to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. You do have access to campus recruiting for full time jobs. You also have access to career coaches, our job posting database a career programming as soon as you start the program.
Jan 05, 10:34:20Ryan -> Jay JMy previous work experience is not the typical business world experience, but I have been working professionally since I received my BS in 2007, so I am not eligible for the 3 year or less work experience program. But I fear my lack of that environment will be a problem. Is it possible to take that one course without being in the program?
Jay J -> RyanRyan, yes you are able to take our courses as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL) through our Graham School. More information on that program can be found at https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business.
Jan 05, 10:34:32Kyle -> Jen SIs it common for students to pursue multiple concentrations or do the majority of students focus on a single concentration?
Jen S -> KyleKyle, each concentration takes about 3-5 classes to complete, so there is an opportunity to gain multiple concentrations. So far, I have completed 3 and will probably get one more before I graduate.
Jan 05, 10:34:34Beta98 -> MarcusUpon being admitted as a part-time student, but prior to beginning the program, is there an option to switch between part-time programs? (i.e. Weekend to Evening and vice versa)
Marcus -> Beta98Beta98: I would recommend taking time to think about which program would be best for you, and applying to that. You have the opportunity to switch once, between Evening and Weekend once the program starts. Keep in mind you are able to take courses in both programs regardless of which one you are enrolled in.
Jan 05, 10:34:47Josh -> LindsayLindsay, regarding your response to OC’s question about undergraduate GPA, what score does Booth consider a“higher score on the GMAT” sufficient to offset lower undergraduate GPA?
Lindsay -> JoshHi Josh, there is not a specific score, as it would depend on many other factors of your application. The middle 80% of our admitted students score between a 620-730 on the GMAT, so that is a great range to shoot for!
Jan 05, 10:36:02OC -> LindsayThank you, Lindsay! This has been super helpful.
Lindsay -> OCMy pleasure!
Jan 05, 10:37:03ProspectiveStudent -> Nico@Nico: you mentioned a formalized campus recruiting process for full-time employment. What percentage of part-time students avail themselves of the formalized recruiting process? What is the employers' perception of part-time students?
Nico -> ProspectiveStudentHi ProspectiveStudent. We usually see about 200 part-time MBA students fully participate in the formalized campus recruiting process a year. Our career services team puts great effort into employer relations and making sure they know that part-time students are going through the same rigor and, ultimately, receiving the exact same degree as a full-time student.
Jan 05, 10:37:14Chaitan -> Jen SHi, are there international study abroad opportunities and which would you recommend?
Jen S -> ChaitanChaitan, there are international opportunities for part-time students. There are short-term study abroad trips that are 2-3 weeks in length. This summer, I participated in the 3 week study abroad trip to Paris, where there were several other Booth students in the class, along with students from other business schools around the world. If you have the work flexibility, part-time students can also spend a full quarter abroad at certain business schools.
Jan 05, 10:37:33Kal_Arey -> KaraI read that you look for diversity in a class when accepting candidates. Are you going to look at diversity based on session or the class? If I opt for a Evening MBA class, would I be at a disadvantage if there is someone with a similar profile as me but I have one of a kind of profile for the Weekend MBA ?
Kara -> Kal_AreyNo, you would not be at a disadvantage. Since we are not a cohorted program, we do not have to worry much about admitting applicants with similar backgrounds. If you are a strong applicant, you will get in regardless of what other applications look like. Our applicant pool is very diverse to begin with, which is an advantage to all applying.
Jan 05, 10:37:37Sammy -> MarcusDo out of state students mostly go for the weekend program? What is the difference in the class size between weekend program vs evening program?
Marcus -> SammySammy: Yes most students tend to enroll in the weekend program. There are about roughly 1,100 evening students, and 350 weekend students
Jan 05, 10:37:38ProspectiveStudent -> LindsayTwo of my degrees are from international institutions and they use a different grade point standard. Do I need to translate that to 4.0 standard?
Lindsay -> ProspectiveStudentProspectiveStudent, as long as the transcripts are in English, there is no need to convert your GPA. We will reach out to you if we need any additional information to properly review your transcripts.
Jan 05, 10:37:54Sai_R -> MarcusThanks Marcus!
Marcus -> Sai_RSai_R: No problem glad to help
Jan 05, 10:38:03Ninad -> Jay Jwhat % of applicants make a career switch via weekend/evening programs?Particularly from tech to managerial.
Jay J -> NinadNinad, of those who are seeking a career change, about 2/3 of our students make a significant career change whether its promotions, changing function or industry, or switching employers. I don't have data breaking down specifically from tech to management.
Jan 05, 10:40:43Sammy -> NicoHow much does the interview process weigh in your final decision? What do you look for in a candidate during the interview?
Nico -> SammyHi Sammy. The admissions interview is an important piece of the application. Interviews are conduction by either a current student or alum of the part-time MBA programs, so they are looking to determine your fit for the program. The interview is highly behavioral.
Jan 05, 10:40:53Sai -> MarcusHi, I am planning to take weekend MBA classes at BOOTH. I have 3 and half years work ex from semiconductor industry. I have masters degree from NEW MEXICO STATE UNI. with GPA 3.9. My GMAT score 590. What chances do i have with that score or do i have to retake GMAT ?
Marcus -> SaiSai: It will be difficult to assess your chances without seeing a completed application. Our middle 80% of enrolled students score 620-730 GMAT score, but we do take a holistic approach to reviewing your application.
Jan 05, 10:41:11Ryan_Burns -> Jay JWhat was the acceptance rate for 2015?
Jay J -> Ryan_BurnsRyan, we don't publish our acceptance rates. We will start around 250 Evening and Weekend students every Autumn, about 150 Evening and Weekend students every Spring, and around 80 Evening students every Winter and Summer.
Jan 05, 10:41:56Jon -> Jen SDoes the workload vary from class to class or is it fairly consistent? Is there an advisor available to help students select ideal classes for each quarter?
Jen S -> JonJon, the workload does vary. Some classes are a 3-4 hour commitment, while others can be up to 20 hours. I would say I spend on average 6-7 hours per class. Before registering for classes, we do have the ability to see past course evaluations, which list the average time students said they spend outside of class. This has been a great tool for me when planning my schedule each quarter. also, there are academic advisors available to help you plan your schedule.
Jan 05, 10:42:21cmc -> LindsayDoes the Consulting Club participate in case study competitions? if so, could you elaborate on them a bit? i.e. how big are they? what companies/orgs host them? etc
Lindsay -> cmccmc, thanks for your question. Shoot us an email at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we will dig into the answer for you or connect you with a current student in the Consulting Club who will be able to elaborate.
Jan 05, 10:42:26Manjeera -> Jay JIs there a limit of candidates admitted into each program every semester?
Jay J -> ManjeeraManjeera, no. We will admit all admissible students each quarter for each program.
Jan 05, 10:42:38Manjeera -> MarcusWhat is a typical interview format for admissions?
Marcus -> ManjeeraManjeera: The interview process will be a one-on-one discussion with someone from our admissions committee (likely a current student or alum) discussing your resume, work experience and how you might fit in the Booth culture and community. Will last 45-55 minutes and be formal, similar to a job interview. You can set this up after you submit your completed application
Jan 05, 10:42:51Abe_V -> Nicotwo questions. 1. Can I waive some of the core classes given my prior MBA? 2. I took the GMAT in 2007. I realize those scores are not valid but is there a possibility of an exception?
Nico -> Abe_VHi Abe_V. Chicago Booth does not accept transfer credit, however, you can use those classes to satisfy pre-requisites for more advanced courses. You will still have to take 20 courses at Booth.

As far as your GMAT, unfortunately 2007 is too old for us to provide an exception.
Jan 05, 10:43:18Sammy -> KaraI would like to know a little more about booth's Entrepreneurship program. Are there any statistics on te number of successful startups that have come out of Booth? And do part-time students have access to all the facilities such as access to incubator programs?
Kara -> SammySammy, I suggest you check out the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship to view the variety or programming, New Venture Challenge, etc. open to all MBA student https://research.chicagobooth.edu/polsky/. While Polsky is physically located in Hyde Park, they offer programming downtown and Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have the same access. Entrepreneurship is consistently in the top 3 earned concentrations. Booth has a great community for current or hopeful entrepreneurs.
Jan 05, 10:43:19Ryan -> MarcusI am currently looking into getting a Certificate of CFP. Would it be more beneficial for me to complete that Certificate before applying?
Marcus -> RyanRyan: That is up to you, it will certainly be reviewed and considered in your application which can always help enhance your application
Jan 05, 10:44:02Cait1007 -> Jay JAs an applicant with approximately 4 years experience, will I have less experience than the majority of my peers in the evening/weekend program?
Jay J -> Cait1007Cait1007, the average years of work experience in the Evening/Weekend program is right around the 6 or 7 year mark. We have students with 2 years of work experience and higher. We are less concerned with your years of work experience and more concerned about how you will be able to contribute to the classrooms and the community.
Jan 05, 10:44:27Ninad -> LindsayDo i need to have a clear picture of which field of MBA i want to specialize in, at the time of application or can i decide as i learn more once I am in the program. Thank you for all your replies!
Lindsay -> NinadNinad, we will want to know generally about your short term and long term career goals and how you feel earning an MBA will help you achieve them, but there is no need to go into specifics of which concentrations you want to earn if you are unsure. We recognize that our program is transformative, and many students change their minds or gain new interests as they move through the program!
Jan 05, 10:44:56SamM -> NicoWhat, if any, scholarship opportunities are available for Evening MBA applicants / students and how are those decisions made?
Nico -> SamMHi SamM. Scholarships at Chicago Booth are reserved for full-time MBA students. You are certainly able to look for scholarships from an outside party.
Jan 05, 10:45:12Jag -> Jay JGood Afternoon! If a student is interested in pursuing a concentration such as analytical finance which has a number of course requirements, is it possible for the student to defer taking classes for multiple quarters if the desired professor/course is not available in the evening program or is full for the day time courses?
Jay J -> JagJag, yes, students can slow the program down by taking 1 class per quarter or quarters off if needed or desired. You have 5 years to complete the MBA after you start the program.
Jan 05, 10:45:39Miranda -> MarcusAre the professors previous working individuals from the corporate world? Or do their work experience lie in curriculum?
Marcus -> MirandaMiranda: Our professors have various backgrounds, typically having experience in both areas. As a student when selecting classes you will have the ability to see a bio of each professor, their professional background and along with in academia
Jan 05, 10:45:55Ninad -> NicoDoes the round of application matter in the application decision?
Nico -> NinadHi Ninad! No, the round will not affect your admission decision. We suggest that you apply to the quarter that works best with your timing.
Jan 05, 10:46:31Abe_V -> KaraThanks. I was looking at it more from a financial perspective - the idea of foregoing earnings over 2 years and program costs. 2 questions. 1. Can I waive some of the core classes of the program so I can focus on specialization courses? 2. GMAT scores - I assume that I'll need to retake the GMAT given I took mine in 2007 and those scores are no longer valid?
Kara -> Abe_VAbe, you are required to complete 20 courses at Booth. We do not waive courses or allow transfer credit from other schools. We do allow students to take courses at different levels based on their previous educational and professional background. Yes, valid GMAT or GRE sores are required, so you will need to retake the exam.
Jan 05, 10:46:38Chaitan -> Jay JBeen working in consulting the past few years, how many years of experience is recommended and should a specialty be identified?
Jay J -> ChaitanChaitan, the average years of work experience in the Evening/Weekend program is right around the 6 or 7 year mark. We have students with 2 years of work experience and higher. We are less concerned with your years of work experience and more concerned about how you will be able to contribute to the classrooms and the community.
Jan 05, 10:47:03Cait1007 -> Jen SCan you share a little bit about what sets Booth's part time program apart from other top ranked part time programs?
Jen S -> Cait1007Booth offers a diverse array of analytical and behavioral tools to help students see things in new ways. In addition, the culture is very collaborative. What I like the most is that the people are curious, which has helped broaden my perspective. I highly recommend you take the opportunity to visit the schools where you are applying because what made Booth my top choice was the people, both professors and students. I felt Booth was going to offer me the most enjoyable experience. Taking a chance to visit a class will help you see which school is the right fit for you.
Jan 05, 10:47:39ProspectiveStudent -> LindsayHow do we know if we are a fit to the program? You mentioned intellectual rigor and curiosity, and the ability to go above and beyond. What else?
Lindsay -> ProspectiveStudentProspectiveStudent, we like to see that you have a good career trajectory, are ambitious, and interested in leadership, but the "fit" piece goes both way, so it's equally important for you to explore whether or not this is the right place for you. We encourage you to schedule a class visit and engage with our community to start to get a feel for that. I like to tell applicants that it's a little like shopping for an apartment, sometimes you just walk in and know that it's right or that it's not right, so we definitely encourage you to visit all schools you are considering!
Jan 05, 10:47:52Kal_Arey -> MarcusI am considering if I should open a college fund and start saving some money there. I have not looked at any cost benefits of doing this but do you have any students enrolling for evening MBA doing this before they start their program
Marcus -> Kal_AreyKal_Arey: That is a personal decision as to what might work best for you. Students typically have varying forms of financial stability when financing their degree. I would encourage you to do more research on what makes the most sense for you and your family.
Jan 05, 10:48:18wan -> NicoI just joined. I would like to swtich career path so I wonder if a weekend MBA would give me the max potential to do so?
Nico -> wanWelcome wan! We certainly see Weekend MBA students make career switches. We have a Career Services department fully dedicated to part-time MBA students.
Jan 05, 10:48:36Kyle -> Jen SWhat services are available to help students identify which courses are most beneficial for their desired career path.
Jen S -> KyleKyle, there are academic advisors and career advisors available. I have also had good luck talking with my classmates, who have provided their recommendations for the most beneficial classes, given my career interests.
Jan 05, 10:49:21Manjeera -> Jen SAre students allowed to take quarters off?
Jen S -> ManjeeraManjeera, yes, you do have the flexibility to take quarters off. I believe the policy is that you can take one quarter off without notifying the university, but if you plan to take more than one quarter off in a row, you need to notify the university. Students have up to five years to complete the degree.
Jan 05, 10:49:41cmc -> Karahow many weekend/evening students have started their own companies during or just after the program?
Kara -> cmcAccording to our recent employment survey data for Evening and Weekend students, 4% report starting a company near or upon graduation.
Jan 05, 10:49:58ProspectiveStudent -> LindsayAre we able to participate or help lead in Social Enterprise Initiative? It seems that most events take place during the week.
Lindsay -> ProspectiveStudentProspectiveStudent, the upcoming events seem to be on weekdays, you're correct, but SEI does make an effort to hold events on Weekends as well throughout the year. I would be happy to connect you with a current Part Time MBA student or alum who is/was involved in that space, if you would like to chat with them about the specifics! Email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we'll set that up.
Jan 05, 10:50:52Lucas -> NicoHi, once admitted, how much time does the student have before having to accept?
Nico -> LucasHi Lucas. It depends, but generally about 10 days. We are always willing with you.
Jan 05, 10:51:25Vik -> Jay Jhow many evening/weekend applications do you guys get in a typical year?
Jay J -> VikVik, we don't publish application numbers or acceptance rates to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
Jan 05, 10:51:34Kam -> Jay JThank you for all your answers. It has been really helpful! I'm debating between weekend and Executive MBA. Can you please shed some light as to the advantages of one over the other?
Jay J -> KamKam, each program will yield the same Chicago Booth MBA, so its more of a personal fit question. There are dramatic programmatic differences in each program. I suggest that you attend an information session for each program or come to Chicago and visit a class for each program and go from there. We're also happy to chat with you about each program in more detail. Feel free to call our hotline at 800-464-8700.
Jan 05, 10:52:28Chandrika -> MarcusHi, do we get an opportunity to talk to the professors and discuss our interests with them during our campus visit?
Marcus -> ChandrikaChandrika: You typically are not able to speak with professors on visits. You may at times potentially introduce yourself to professors during class visits, but we must be wary of their time in terms of questions. Let us know at any point when you would like to visit the Gleacher Center
Jan 05, 10:53:40Kam -> KaraWhen would I consider execuitve mba vs weekend mba?
Kara -> KamKam, these programs at Booth a very different in terms of structure and format. If you are looking for flexibility, Weekend is the best option. If you prefer a lock-step cohorted format, Executive is better. Our executive students tend to be further in their career as well. I suggest you attend Info Session for both to help you determine fit.
Jan 05, 10:54:01Kal_Arey -> Jay JI can't decide which of evening MBA or weekend MBA to apply for. Can I interview for either and let the admission group decide which one based on the class size and diversity, if I happen to get selected?
Jay J -> Kal_AreyKal_Arey, you should apply to the program where you will take the most amount of courses. This is due to how the registration process works (priority registration for your home program).
Jan 05, 10:54:03Cait1007 -> LindsayIs there a particular area on the website where we can get a feel for the profiles of our potential classmates? Would the profiles for the part time program be different from those of the full time?
Lindsay -> Cait1007Cait1007, you can check out some of our student profiles here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/ewviewbook/

Our student profiles vary a bit in terms of numbers (i.e. Part Time MBA students are slightly older and have a little more work experience than the typical Full Time student), but otherwise they are very similar.
Jan 05, 10:54:08Beta98 -> Jen SRegarding student-led groups, I noticed there are noticeably fewer catering to part-time students. For clubs listed under the full-time program, are part-time students typically able to attend club events (i.e. do "full-time" clubs tend to organize activities during the evenings/weekends as well)?
Jen S -> Beta98Most of the full-time clubs' events are during the day, from what I've seen. If you have the flexibility, you can go to the day time events down at Harper. Booth has over 40 clubs in the part-time program, while the full-time program has 70+. The part-time program has the most clubs and organizations of any other part time program. In my two years at Booth, I have always felt there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.
Jan 05, 10:54:54Manjeera -> MarcusAre there any restrictions on the participation in certain activities if the degree is sponsored by an employer? Like internship and career services?
Marcus -> ManjeeraManjeera: The only restriction you may have depending on your company is the ability to leave the company for other opportunities if they provide sponsorship. That is something you will want to discuss with them and the HR department prior to agreeing to any potential sponsorship
Jan 05, 10:55:39Alex -> NicoI graduated from undergrad in 2013 with a communications degree. I would like to take a couple core business classes to supplement my undergrad transcript and submit with my application. Considering I have been in the workforce for 2+ years, would you look more positively on top scores through GSALB or if I were admitted to participate in the Summer Business Scholars Program this summer?
Nico -> AlexHi Alex! GSALB classes are always a great indicator of success in our programs. We do look for B+ and higher in the courses taken through GSAL. Plus, it is an advantage for you as these classes would translate directly into the degree if you were admitted.
Jan 05, 10:55:43missEmilie -> MarcusWhen applying for the evening program is there are particular benefit or reason why an applicant would submit a GRE score versus a GMAT? Are there circumstances when one or the other is preferred?
Marcus -> missEmiliemissEmilie: It really comes down to personal preference. They are two different exams and I recommend prospective students research both exams and take the one that seems to align best with their skill set. We have no preference in either exam.
Jan 05, 10:55:47Jensen -> KaraIf I sent my GMAT scores to Booth full-time, what do you recommend for the part-time application? Does sending the scores to Booth in itself suffice?
Kara -> JensenJensen, we have access to all scores submitted to Booth regardless of what program you released them to. We are happy to check for you, email our hotline and we will look into it EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Jan 05, 10:56:35Kumar -> KaraThank you for responding to my earlier questions. For the executive MBA, I've read that you can waive the GMAT/GRE. In such case, what are the key things you look for in a profile for admission.
Kara -> KumarKumar, we prefer not to speak for the Executive Program. Please email them at xp@chicagobooth.edu to inquire about the GMAT waiver process.
Jan 05, 10:56:48Jag -> Jay JAround when would students be able to expect the Fall and Winter 2016 course availability list for the evening/weekend program?
Jay J -> JagJag, do you mean for class visits? The Winter quarter will be published sometime this week. The Fall quarter will be published the first week of the Fall quarter. All classes available to our students are already out there and can be found using our class search tool at https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/pub/coursesearch/coursesearch
Jan 05, 10:57:07Chaitan -> NicoShould there be a focus identified prior to going into the MBA?
Nico -> ChaitanHi Chaitan. Most applicants have some ideas, but you do not have to pin-pit an exact focus. We find that quite a few students will transition throughout their career at Booth.
Jan 05, 10:57:14ProspectiveStudent -> LindsayI would like to schedule a Saturday class visit as well as schedule my interview on the same day. Is that possible?
Lindsay -> ProspectiveStudentProspectiveStudent, it's possible, depending on which interview slot you schedule (you will be prompted to schedule the interview once you submit your application, if you have not already). Class Visit registration will be available later this week, and you can sign up for those here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/visit
Jan 05, 10:57:22Sammy -> Jay JWould a lower quant percentile ( < 70 percentile) in the GMAT hurt a candidtae's chance of admission at Booth? Are there any supplemental courses that can be taken to make up for it?
Jay J -> SammySammy, we will look at the overall score more than we will look at individual components.
Jan 05, 10:58:23Marcus -> Everyonehttps://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=003e7484-aeeb-405e-a4e6-06b2026b80b3
Jan 05, 10:58:34cmc -> Karathanks kara. how is that compared to the full time program?
Kara -> cmcI do not know off the top of my head. However, you can access their full employment report here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/
Jan 05, 10:58:49Marcus -> EveryoneThank you for your questions today. If you are looking to experience Booth in a greater capacity, I recommend attending our informal lunch and learn events, which take place at the Gleacher Center at 12:00 p.m. cst. Our next available lunch and learn event is Saturday, February 6th and you may register at the following link:
Jan 05, 10:58:57Lindsay -> EveryoneThanks everyone for your great questions today. We invite you to join us for our upcoming Booth Women Connect networking event here in Chicago on January 23rd! You can register for that event here: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=f9306911-384c-4c8e-b403-283e48d2302d
Jan 05, 10:59:34Nico -> EveryoneThank you all for stopping by! We hope to see you at our next information session this Friday, January 8, you can register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Jan 05, 10:59:57Jay J -> EveryoneThanks for joining us today everyone! Later this week, we will publish the classes available for prospects to visit this quarter. You can see that list and register for class visits at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit. We hope to see you at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago soon!
Jan 05, 11:00:12Kara -> EveryoneThanks for all the great questions today!!! We look forward to working with you as you continue your research & move through the application process.
Jan 05, 11:00:21Marcus -> EveryoneThank you for your questions today. If you are looking to experience Booth in a greater capacity, I recommend attending our informal lunch and learn events, which take place at the Gleacher Center at 12:00 p.m. cst. Our next available lunch and learn event is Saturday, February 6th and you may register at the following link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=003e7484-aeeb-405e-a4e6-06b2026b80b3
Jan 05, 11:00:37Jen S -> EveryoneThank you, everyone!