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December 9, 2015 Live Admissions Chat

Dec 09 2015, 09:52(Dec 09 2015, 09:54:05 -08:00 PST - Dec 09 2015, 10:59:54 -08:00 PST)

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Dec 09, 09:54:05Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Please begin to submit your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Dec 09, 10:00:45Elizabeth -> EveryoneHi everyone - thanks for joining our chat today. My name is Elizabeth Reynders and I am the Associate Director of Student Services. I am happy to answer any questions regarding the curriculum and bidding.
Dec 09, 10:00:53Jeremy Siefken -> EveryoneHello! Welcome to the LAUNCH chat. Happy to answer your questions surrounding LAUNCH, student life, or academics at Booth!
Dec 09, 10:01:01Michael -> ElizabethIf a class is closed through phase 2, can you bid in the event that someone drops or do you have to wait until there are seats available?
Elizabeth -> MichaelHi Michael - yes, you can place bids on a closed course in the hopes that someone drops.
Dec 09, 10:01:37Michael -> ElizabethLooking at price history, there are some classes that went through all phases, never filled seats and it looks like the price was zero - is that accurate?
Elizabeth -> MichaelMichael - that is correct, some classes never close throughout all phases of bidding. Thus, students would not pay any bid point to take the course.
Dec 09, 10:02:19Sreely -> Jeremy SiefkenShould we bring a laptop to Launch?
Jeremy Siefken -> SreelyNo need to bring a laptop to LAUNCH as you won't need it for the program. We provide everything you'll need. That said, if you want it for breaks throughout the day, feel free!
Dec 09, 10:04:11Michael -> ElizabethI recently obtained my CFA charter - I'm looking for guidance on appropriate classes that will present more of a challenge - some of which I'll have to ask for waivers on prereqs. When can I start contacting professors and when can I engage with advisers for evaluating class choices?
Elizabeth -> MichaelYou are welcome to set up an advising appointment at any time to discuss your background and which classes would be appropriate for you. You can do so here: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/evewkd/academics/as/student-services/student-support/request-an-academic-advising-appointment. I also encourage students to reach out to faculty at any time should they have questions about a course.
Dec 09, 10:05:36Michael -> ElizabethElizabeth - thank you for confirming my no bid question. As a follow up - how do we best determine an appropriate bid level if the history is 0? Would it best to bid nothing and assume you'll be placed?
Elizabeth -> MichaelYou're welcome! You must bid at least one point, you cannot bid zero points. In general, if you see a course consistently does not close, you can adjust your bid accordingly. We cannot recommend specific bid amounts, as this could inflate prices or interfere with the process. I recommend speaking with currents students and mentors during your time at LAUNCH to get their perspective as well.
Dec 09, 10:06:33Ali -> ElizabethHello! Would you recommend we start bidding for classes now through iBid, or should we wait until after LAUNCH? Thanks!
Elizabeth -> AliHi Ali - it is completely up to you. Students are able to adjust their bids throughout the entire phase. Thus, if you bid on a course tonight and then change your mind, you can adjust before Phase 1 closes. We also have a bidding marketplace tonight at Gleacher Center if you would like to speak with advisors and current students while you bid.
Dec 09, 10:07:16Sreely -> Jeremy SiefkenFor Launch: dress is business casual Thursday & Saturday. Friday is jeans + a 'conversation starter' shirt. Is that correct?
Jeremy Siefken -> SreelyCorrect - we want you to be comfortable on Day 2 as you'll be moving around a bit more. So feel free to be more casual. The first two days will be business casual.
Dec 09, 10:07:30MaryK -> ElizabethHi, Thanks for doing this. When can we put in our bids? And do we only get 75% back even though this is our first bid?
Elizabeth -> MaryKHi Mary - bidding has just opened, at noon. You are welcome to start placing bids now. There is a graduated bid point penalty scale that first kicks in during Phase 3 (75% points back for drops). The iBid website has the bidding schedule in its entirety, including the bid point refund scale.
Dec 09, 10:08:16Bill -> ElizabethAre there any ways to buy/earn additional bid points throughout the program?
Elizabeth -> BillBill - the only way students can accrue bid points is by taking courses, there is no way to buy/earn points otherwise.
Dec 09, 10:09:02Neil -> Jeremy SiefkenCan I bid 2 different classes that meet on the same night, in-case I don't get into one of them?
Jeremy Siefken -> NeilYes; you can bid on 2 different classes that would have a time conflict. If you are successful with both bids, you will want to drop the course of your choice before the end of Phase 5 otherwise the system will randomly drop one of your courses for you.
Dec 09, 10:09:35Michael -> ElizabethI understand that bidding starts now for new students. The calendar says phase 3 starts on the 15th. Will there be 2 new student phases prior to phase 3? What are the windows for those?
Elizabeth -> MichaelYes, the two new student bidding phases go from today at noon through December 14 at 5. Once Phase 3 opens you will be bidding with all current students. You can see the bidding schedule here: https://ibid.chicagobooth.edu/registrar-student/Home.tap
Dec 09, 10:11:17MaryK -> ElizabethIf the bidding process just started how are so many classes already closed out? I'm not tracking.
Elizabeth -> MaryKMary - current students have already completed two phases of bidding, so that is why you will see closed classes. You can utilize the course price history to see what is available at this time. You can find this document on the iBid home page.
Dec 09, 10:12:34Brandon -> ElizabethHi All - thank you for taking the time to do this. If I took a course and received credit through the Graham school, do I start with additional bidding points?
Elizabeth -> BrandonHi Brandon - you will get your additional bid points after Phase 2, but before Phase 3 opens. You will need to complete the online academic form for GSAL courses here as well: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/evewkd/academics/as/academic-forms. If you complete this form by the close of Phase 2, you will get your extra bid points in time for Phase 3.
Dec 09, 10:15:22Michael -> Jeremy SiefkenAre only drops allowed in Phase 2 - New Students, or can you submit a new bid in that phase?
Jeremy Siefken -> MichaelHi Michael - New bids can be placed within each of the 5 phases. You also can drop classes throughout the phases; however, bid point penalties start to accrue after Phase 2. Phase 1 and 2 are the only phases where classes can be dropped without a bid point penalty.
Dec 09, 10:16:00Moderator -> EveryoneWe are a quarter through today's live chat - keep your questions coming...
Dec 09, 10:18:37Michael -> ElizabethIs the bidding market place only scheduled from 5 to 6 tonight?
Elizabeth -> MichaelYes, the marketplace takes place from 5-6pm tonight in Room 303 at Gleacher. We will be around during all of LAUNCH as well if you have questions over the three days.
Dec 09, 10:19:12Badri -> Jeremy SiefkenWhen can we buy books from Booth book store? Do we need to wait till Launch is complete?
Jeremy Siefken -> BadriHi Badri - You will just want to wait until you have secured your classes for the quarter before you purchase books.
Dec 09, 10:21:08Scott -> ElizabethIf there is only one spot left in a class and I am the highest bid, I will pay my bid price, correct? Regardless of how much lower than me the second place bid is?
Elizabeth -> ScottYes that is correct - if there is one spot in the class and you place the highest bid, you will get that one spot in the course and pay what you bid. All others who placed bids lower than you would be unsuccessful in adding the course.
Dec 09, 10:22:01Bill -> ElizabethCurious, say I bid 1000 points for a course, but it clears at 500; when do I get those points back to leverage for other bids?
Elizabeth -> BillYou get those points back immediately. You would get a "dutch bid refund" of 500 points to your bid point wealth. Keep in mind, we strongly encourage students to bid in unique amounts, like 501 or 1101, in order to avoid a tie situation. In the event of a tie of the lowest successful bid, iBid will randomly select who gets the spot..
Dec 09, 10:25:23Michael -> ElizabethLooking at the price history, I see some classes with volatile bids (close at 0 in one phase, then 10,000, then 0) - are these just instances of bad bids?
Elizabeth -> MichaelI wouldn't call them "bad bids" - those prices just reflect supply and demand. Prices can vary greatly from one phase to another. If there are fewer spots in a course during a phase, the course tends to close for a higher bid price.
Dec 09, 10:27:47Michael -> ElizabethTeam - that addresses my questions - I'll see you tonight at 5. THANK YOU for doing this in addition to all of the prep e-mails. It's all extremely helpful.
Elizabeth -> MichaelYou're very welcome Michael! I look forward to meeting you tonight.
Dec 09, 10:31:14Moderator -> EveryoneWe're halfway through today's live chat - please keep your questions coming...
Dec 09, 10:31:21Don -> ElizabethIs it possible to bid on 3 courses and then drop 1 in the case that all 3 are successfully added?
Elizabeth -> DonHi Don - yes, in fact we recommend bidding on more courses than you plan to take, to give yourself backup options should you not be successful in adding your desired courses.
Dec 09, 10:34:15Vasili -> ElizabethHello Elizabeth, I have noticed that Booth-Book does not go further than Spring 2016. I was under impression that academic year ends with a summer quarter.
Elizabeth -> VasiliHi Vasili - you are correct, the academic year goes from Autumn - Summer Quarters. Summer courses should be loaded in Booth Book. If you are having issues we can look into it during LAUNCH.
Dec 09, 10:36:07MaryK -> ElizabethI know I found on a Booth website the final exam schedule based on what day the class is held. Can you point that to me? I have to defer LAUNCH, and want to make sure I'm not bidding for a class that will have an exam during the March LAUNCH. Thanks
Elizabeth -> MaryKMary - the calendar and exam schedules can be found here: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/evewkd/academics/cdr/course-related-information. The Registrar will add more info for Winter 2016 Quarter soon. In general, final exams that are in-class are held at the same time as regular class. You could also email the professor if you needed clarity around anything.
Dec 09, 10:36:57Bill -> Jeremy SiefkenBid wealth refers to the amount you can bid up to, correct? I couldn't bid more than my bid wealth in the hopes of clearing classes for lower and thus coming in under it?
Jeremy Siefken -> BillHi Bill - Your bid wealth is the number of bid points you have your 'bank' to spend as you see fit. You won't be able to bid higher than the bid points you have in your account. So, the max you'll ever be able to bid on a given class is the number of points you have. All incoming students are given 4000 bid points at the start of their entry quarter. That is your current bid wealth.
Dec 09, 10:41:56Dan -> ElizabethWhat is the amount of the "tuition penalty" in Phase 5?
Elizabeth -> DanDan - there is no tuition penalty in Phase 5. The tuition penalty kicks in once bidding has closed for the quarter. If you needed to drop a class after bidding, you would complete a Late Drop form: https://intranet.chicagobooth.edu/secure/evewkd/academics/as/academic-forms. The tuition penalty scale is outlined on that form.
Dec 09, 10:42:06Dan -> ElizabethThank you for all the information so far...
Elizabeth -> DanYou are very welcome!
Dec 09, 10:46:06Neil -> ElizabethAre we notified by email after Phase 1 on our bid results? Or do we have to log-in to iBid to see?
Elizabeth -> NeilNeil - you will receive an email from the Booth Registrar once each Phase has been resolved. At that time you can login to iBid and see your bid results.
Dec 09, 10:50:26Scott -> Jeremy SiefkenI believe you said earlier that it is possible to bid on closed courses - it seems that one or more courses that are currently closed aren't on the Bid/Drop/Add page in my IBid. If I want to bid on a closed course, is there are separate page where I can do so?
Jeremy Siefken -> ScottHi Scott - Generally, you can bid on closed courses but given you're a new student participating in Phase 1 and 2 for incoming students you aren't able to at this time. The reason is current students had 2 phases before new students and since they're not in a bidding phase they're not able to drop a course. Moving forward, you'll be able to bid on closed courses.
Dec 09, 10:50:29Bill -> ElizabethThanks all for the information. Looking forward to developing some strategies for success. All the best
Elizabeth -> BillHi Bill, you're welcome! We look forward to meeting you soon.
Dec 09, 10:51:15Elizabeth -> EveryoneWe hope to see you tonight from 5-6pm in Room 303 at Gleacher Center for the Bidding Marketplace. Advisors and current students will be on hand to answer questions and provide strategies.
Dec 09, 10:53:38Jeremy Siefken -> EveryoneDon't forget about the pre-LAUNCH reception following the bidding marketplace at Bellwether (302 E Illinois) from 6-9. Totally optional and casual!
Dec 09, 10:58:01Dan -> ElizabethIf we have one or two schedule conflicts of which we are before bidding, can we still bid that class and make up those missed sessions in a different section with the same professor - assuming their permission?
Elizabeth -> DanHi Dan - if you have to miss a class once or twice throughout the quarter, you can absolutely sit in on another section with the faculty's permission, of course. We do not recommend bidding on a course that you know ahead of time you will have to miss more than one section.
Dec 09, 10:59:16Elizabeth -> EveryoneThanks all for your questions today. I look forward to meeting you at LAUNCH, or tonight at the Bidding Marketplace!
Dec 09, 10:59:31Jeremy Siefken -> EveryoneHopefully this was useful. Looking forward to meeting you all at LAUNCH!
Dec 09, 10:59:54Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for joining today's chat. We look forward to seeing you later today or tomorrow at LAUNCH.