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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - Noon CST

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Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
Nico -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Krista -> Everyone Thanks for joining today! I'm Krista McNamara, assistant director of admissions. I look forward to answering your questions. If you're interested in Chicago Business Fellows I'm happy to answer anything about that program too.
Jay J -> Everyone Hi everyone! I look forward to connecting and answering your questions today!
Kara -> Everyone Greetings from Chicago Booth!! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Booth offers a unique approach to business education, the most flexible curriculum and a dynamic community. We are thrilled you are considering Booth for your MBA.
AmyHenderson -> Jay J Can you please provide insight on the GMAT score average of Weekend Students specifically? I read in older chats it's about 700 Weekend and 680 for Evening. Can you provide updated numbers if they have changed?
Jay J -> AmyHenderson AmyHenderson, thanks for your question. The middle 80% of admitted students to BOTH the Evening and Weekend programs is a 620 - 750 with the average score being a 680.
Rohit -> Jay J I have a Master's in Computer Science along with a couple of years of professional experience in the software industry. I am a prospective Weekend MBA applicant. Do you feel my profile is competitive or would you recommend getting more experience?
Jay J -> Rohit Rohit, about 20% of our students have some sort of graduate degree before applying to our MBA programs. If you have 3 years of professional experience or less, I would recommend you look at the Chicago Business Fellows program at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/early-career-candidates.
Sha -> Beth What's the expected GMAT score for the program
Beth -> Sha Sha, thank you for joining us today. Our admitted students have a range of a GMAT range 620-750.
HarrisonWinters -> Krista People often times view a part-time MBA inferior to that of a full-time MBA. How is the Booth Evening/Weekend perceived by employers and outsiders? Is there still the notion that full-time trumps all other programs? With that in mind, what steps are being taken to demystify that perception.
Krista -> HarrisonWinters The Evening/Weekend MBA program is perceived the same as the Full-time MBA program since it's the same MBA. You have the same faculty teaching the same classes across programs. Employers know this about the Booth MBA and this is why they choose to hire from our program. The caliber of students is the same since classes are on the same grading curve.
Scott_C -> Nico How are part-time students billed for credits? Is it pay per class?
Nico -> Scott_C Hi Scott_C. Thanks classes are charged on a per course basis with tuition currently at $6,076 per course. Find more infromtaion here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid\
arin_mukh -> Beth I have 10 years of work experience and currently working in a Management consulting firm, I have not taken GMAT yet, wanted to know is there any cut-off GMAT score for the admission
Beth -> arin_mukh While we do not have a minimum requirement for the GMAT, our admitted student GMAT scores range between 620-750.
Scott_C -> Jay J What percent of those admitted/accepting admittance come from careers outside of banking and consulting?
Jay J -> Scott_C Scott_C, at the bottom of http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend#simple2, you can see our class snapshot broken down by industry. No one industry makes up more than 14% of our student body.
RS15 -> Krista Hello. Prospective Part time/Weekend MBA student here. I am currently in public accounting at a Big4 and will be transferring to their Transaction Advisory Group in April. Does that experience count towards when recruiting for IB/PE through OCR at Booth? Or is a summer internship absolutely necessary to break in? Thanks.
Krista -> RS15 rs15: You do not have to have an internship to break into the industry. When you're in the program, our career coaches and academic advisers will work with you to make sure your curriculum aligns with your careers goals.
pa1 -> Jay J Hi All. Is evening mba considered as full time mba . If not can we do full time mba with evening classes
Jay J -> pa1 pa1: The Evening MBA program is a part time program. For information on the Full Time program, see their website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time. Full Time students can take evening and weekend courses, as all of our programs are taught the same classes and curriculum by the same faculty members.
Scott_C -> Nico What recruiting opportunities are available to evening MBA students?
Nico -> Scott_C Hi Scott_C. You can find our career resources listed here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career. In addition, Evening MBA students are able to go through our formalized Campus Recruiting program.
iarm -> Beth How large are the class sizes for the evening/weekend mba?
Beth -> iarm Classes at Chicago Booth range between 45-65 students per class.
Avi -> Jay J Hi...Is the program a cohort based program?
Jay J -> Avi Avi, the part time Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are NOT cohort based. All of our students can take courses at their own pace and have the choice of courses to take. More information on our curriculum can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics.
Roy -> Beth how many course I need to complete for evening MBA?
Beth -> Roy 20 courses + LEAD are required to complete the MBA program. You can find more about the course requirements online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum.
Erik.C -> Krista What are your recommendations for someone who doesn't have the strongest GMAT score?
Krista -> Erik.C Erik C: There are other ways to supplement your application. The optional essay is a place where you can explain your score. If you are able and willing to take the exam more than once, that certainly helps your application. We only look at the highest score. If you would like to take a Booth class before you apply to the program that's also an option and can improve your application. You can do this through the Graham School of Continuing Studies. We recommend taking a Financial Accounting or Business Stats class. https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/credit/graduate-student-at-large/business
M.Elsorady -> Nico Hello! I was wondering if Booth does have a cap on how many students will be enrolled at a given term in the Weekend MBA?
Nico -> M.Elsorady Hi M.Elsorady. We do not have a cap on the amount of students that we take in. We usually take in about 100 Weekend students in the Fall and 50-60 in the Spring.
Peter -> Kara Can you clarify class sizes for weekend and evening program? Online claims show the program has about 1700 students (one of the largest in the country). I imagine the 1700 figure is all the students in the program across the roughly 2.5 years to complete the program. Is it really about ~600 per class when you look at it on a year basis? i.e. full time classes are about 550ish so I imagine part time classes should fall in the similar range and not the 1700 that is always quoted online. Can you also outline class size by program and the # of applications that you receive for each program? I am trying to assess the competitiveness of the program relative to full-time. While I understand that these stats are not posted, I view competitiveness as a indicator of prestige for the program.
Kara -> Peter Peter, our total student body for Evening and Weekend students is around 1400. We cannot share our application numbers. Here are the typical incoming class sizes per quarter: Evening, Fall=150, Evening, Winter, Spring and Summer= between 60-80. For Weekend, Fall= 100, for Weekend, Spring= 50-60. No quarter is more or less competitive. We encourage you to apply to the quarter that best fits your timeline.
Ryan_Eckhart -> Jay J How flexible are most professors if business travel requirements come up during the week for students in the Evening MBA program?
Jay J -> Ryan_Eckhart Ryan_Eckhart, our professors realize that our students are full time working professionals and are flexible. They will work with you and help you figure out the best way to make sure everything is all set. You would also have the opportunity to take that course during a different block during the week. Most courses are taught in our Full Time, Evening and Weekend programs during each quarter (3 blocks per quarter).
Roy -> Krista I am having an experience of 11 years in IT working for Fitch Ratings, like to do an evening MBA in Chicago, do i need to give both gmat and toefl to begin the application process
Krista -> Roy Hi Roy: The GMAT or the GRE is required for the EW program. The TOEFL is required if you have lived in the US for less than two years. More information regarding that test and our policy can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international/english-exams
Carolyn -> Everyone Good afternoon! My name is Carolyn Brewer, and I'm a current Evening student at Chicago Booth. I'm excited to chat with you today!
Nik -> Krista I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering with 5 years of work experience....last 3 years of which have been in Product Development and management....Do you think the PhD will work against me for being too technical ?
Krista -> Nik Hi Nik: The PhD will only help your application! Roughly 30% of applicants have advanced degrees when they start the program.
PMAN -> Nico Hi! What kind of support is there in terms of airline discounts for Weekend students? Is there a "corporate" rate provided to students?
Nico -> PMAN Hi PMAN. There are some flight discounts for Booth students determined by the airline.
RS15 -> Jay J Jay, so I understand your response correctly, it is possible to be admitted as a full time Booth student and graduate by taking Weekend and Evening classes?
Jay J -> RS15 RS15, if you are planning on taking primarily Weekend and Evening courses, I would suggest applying to those programs. As a Evening or Weekend student, you can take a full time course load, including courses taught during business hours. 

Hopefully I'm explaining this correctly for you. If its easier to chat on the phone, lets set up a time. You can email me at Jay.Jacobs@chicagobooth.edu.
Mahesh -> Nico Do Weekend MBA programs mandates students to be at class room every weekend?
Nico -> Mahesh Hi Mahesh. Weekend MBA classes are held in person every Saturday of the quarter.
iarm -> Kara Which would be the best option for someone working full-time.
Kara -> iarm Both the Evening MBA & Weekend MBA are designed for full time working professionals. Most students who live & work in the Chicago-land area are in the Evening MBA program. Most of our Weekend MBA students live & work outside of IL and commute to Chicago for classes. If you prefer classes in the evening you should apply to the Evening MBA, if you prefer Saturday courses, the Weekend program will be your best fit. Keep in mind you are also able to take courses across programs.
Mackenzie -> Carolyn What's the schedule for a typical weekend in the part-time weekend MBA program?
Carolyn -> Mackenzie Hi, Mackenzie! Great question. Most student enroll in two Saturday classes, which are scheduled from 9:00-12:00, and 1:30-4:30. Students with a more flexible schedule also attend Friday evening courses as well. In addition to classes, we have a number of student activities that take place over that lunch hour, and after classes at 4:30.
M.Elsorady -> Nico How old recommedation letters should be? For instance, if I am planning to apply for the next round of Weekend Program, can I start uploading the letters from now or wait till I finally submit my application?
Nico -> M.Elsorady Hi M.Elsorady. You can have your letters submitted any time before submitting your application.
WT -> Krista For individuals that are currently employed, looking to enroll in evening classes what sort of networking opportunities are there with prospective employers? Assuming I would not be able to intern due to current employment.
Krista -> WT WT: You have a great deal of exposure to employers through our Career Services office and also professional student clubs. We host our events in the evening and on Saturdays to accommodate our students work schedules. If you wanted to find an internship, you are not able to go through the Full-time MBA internship recruitment. However, our Evening and Weekend career services team can help introduce you to companies who might be looking for interns, just outside of the formal internship recruiting process.
Avi -> Jay J What kind of career services help is available from Booth for Weekend MBA?
Jay J -> Avi Avi, we have a lot of different resources for our part time students. Its a common misconception that part time students have limited access. It is not true. You have full access and our career services dept. is staffed during Evening and Weekends. Our students take advantage of resume review, mock interviews, one on one career coaching, networking events, among many other programming events.
Mehdi -> Nico Hi Beth . Please tell me about the tuition.
Nico -> Mehdi Hi Mehdi. Please find all necessary information on tuition here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
pa1 -> Beth What can we expect in selection interview ? Should we have knowledge of Finance, economics basics or issues
Beth -> pa1 All applicants are required to interview for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program. Your interview is a one-on-one interview with a member of our Admissions Committee, either a current student or alum, for an hour. The admissions interview is blind, meaning the interviewer will not have reviewed your application before hand. You will bring a copy of your resume, which the interviewer will review and base their questions off. Good preparation would be knowing your resume, being able to articulate why you want a Booth MBA/part-time MBA, and having questions you would like to ask the interviewer. You will have the opportunity to schedule your interview after submitting your application.
arin_mukh -> Carolyn Do the part time students take part in the placement events along with the Full time students?
Carolyn -> arin_mukh Hi Arin- I'm assuming by 'placement' you are referring to career services activities. The Evening and Weekend program students are not eligible to participate in on campus recruiting for internships, but have full access to all other career services offerings, including on campus recruiting for full time jobs.
pa1 -> Beth How are the merit based scholarships decided? Are they given at time of admission or based on performance in mba course time
Beth -> pa1 The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program does not offer any scholarships. For more on the Full-Time scholarships available, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships
Scott_C -> Krista What common elements do the most successful personal essays share?
Krista -> Scott_C Scott_C: Authenticity. Hands down. We appreciate hearing your story and what you will bring to the classroom and student body. Be yourself, that's the best advice! We also want to hear why Booth specifically. What about our program appeals to you and how will it help your career. Have someone you trust read your essays without knowing the prompts/questions to make sure you are answering them appropriately too.
Andreea -> Carolyn I know a part of the application is talking about involvement in "extracurricular" activities or volunteering. Does involvement in company sponsored initiatives such as mentoring programs, company culture development initiatives, etc. count for that aspect of the application?
Carolyn -> Andreea Hi Andreea- absolutely! Your level of involvement in company sponsored activities is a good indication to us that you'd also participate in the Booth sponsored ones, so we'd love to hear about what you've gotten involved with recently!
M.Elsorady -> Nico Thank you Nico! Do you mean that you still can enroll if you have reached the 100 student margin for the Fall term Weekend Program?
Nico -> M.Elsorady Hi M.Elsorady. We do not have a max for the number of students we admit or who can accept an offer of admission.
Mahesh -> Jay J For Weekend MBA programs, do you have students travelling from places like Minneapolis?
Jay J -> Mahesh Mahesh, we have a great group of students traveling from Minneapolis for the Weekend program. About 80% of our Weekend students commute to Chicago from out of state. We will be in Minneapolis next week for a dinner with current students and alumni. Information and registration for that event can be found at https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=51463bf3-e385-4357-a131-7e74b0d3d27e.
Roy -> Nico For Evening MBA, how many class one have to attend per course?
Nico -> Roy Hi Roy! Each Evening MBA course meets one night a week. Each quarter lasts 11 weeks except for Summer which is 10 weeks.
Avi -> Kara Are career changing options available to weekend MBA students?
Kara -> Avi Avi, of course. Our students range from career advancers to career switchers. You have access to career services just like our Evening and Full Time students. The component of career services not open to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student is the formalized recruiting process for internships. This is for Full Time students only. You own your own career strategy at Booth. If you would like to change careers you should engage with career services early in the program to take full advantage of their services.
iarm -> Beth I have an undergrad degree in IT and Op Management. I just celebrated my 10th year working for a private family office that works with hedge funds, private wealth, estate planning, etc. With this much experience, is it possible to waive a gmat and allow me to apply for an MBA? Other institutions have been willing to waive the gmat given my work experience.
Beth -> iarm All applicants are required to submit either a GMAT or GRE score. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program does not offer GMAT waivers. The only program currently offer a GMAT waiver is the Executive MBA program. For more on the waiver option, please visit their website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/application/gmat
Tejas -> Nico When does the interview take place during the application process? Is this something I need to schedule or that is scheduled after I have submitted my GMAT score and online application?
Nico -> Tejas Hi Tejas! You will receive an email to schedule your interview once you submit your application. We do interview all of our applicants.
pa1 -> Kara Will the selection process have levels of screening with interview as final screening/decision or is it based on overall weightage based on all the factors (GMAT, exp, interview)
Kara -> pa1 All Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants are interviewed after they submit their application. Interviews take place at the Gleacher Center, downtown Chicago.
Roy -> Beth What are the class timing for evening MBA?
Beth -> Roy Evening MBA classes meet once a week, from 6:00-9:00PM.
Matt_B -> Jay J Good afternoon and thank you for hosting the chat. What is your best piece of advice for the essays? And under what circumstances should we use the optional essay?
Jay J -> Matt_B Matt_B, my advice for the essays is to be honest, transparent, and teach us about yourself. You have to craft your application to fit your story; show us how you fit our value proposition (Why Booth, Why now, Why part time), and how you will add unique value to our classrooms/community.
Brooke_Scoles -> Krista How long does it take for most students to complete the program? Is it possible to finish in two years? How it the GRE viewed in the application process compared to the GMAT? As a career switcher, do any students transition while they are studying at Booth? I can imagine it being very valuable to be working in my new career while applying the lessons from the evening program.
Krista -> Brooke_Scoles Brooke_Scoles: Most students take two classes per quarter and then the program take 2.5 years. If you wanted to take 3 classes a quarter you could finish the program in less time. We do not have a preference as far as the GMAT vs GRE goes. Feel free to take whichever test you are more comfortable with. We have many career changers in the program. In a recent graduating survey, students reported that 52% changed industry and 21% changed function.
Scott_C -> Carolyn Carolyn, on average, how many hours a week does each course require, outside of classroom time?
Carolyn -> Scott_C Hi Scott- that varies, wildly, by course and professor! Fortunately, Booth collects detailed feedback from students at the end of each quarter, and compile reports that you can access in advance of bidding on courses. That feedback will include an average of how many hours the students spent on the course per week in previous quarters. In my experience, I have seen surveys that reported between 3 hours and 16 hours per week in out-of-class time, and those were fairly accurate estimates. Having that knowledge allows you to plan your schedule so you avoid two very time intensive classes in the same quarter!
PMAN -> Nico Looking at the tuition figures online, is the "book fee" of $25/course the only books needed for class? Or do you still need to buy textbooks?
Nico -> PMAN Hi PMAN. Depends on the course. Some courses may require an additional textbook.
vtomer -> Krista Hello. I am a prospective weekend or evening MBA student. I have a Phd and 5 years of work experience. What other credentials outside of GMAT are considered vital for a possible acceptance to the program?
Krista -> vtomer Vtomer: We review the application with a holistic perspective. While GMAT/GRE is an indicator of success in the program, it's not the only thing we look at. We want to see what you've done in your career thus far and how the MBA will help you achieve your career goals. Every aspect helps us have a better picture of who you are!
Andreea -> Beth Can applications for both evening and weekend programs be submitted at the same time or is there an option ti have the one that is submitted be considered for both programs?
Beth -> Andreea You can only submit one application to one program at a time. If you are unsure which program is the best fit, I would highly recommend visiting a class. You can view the class visit options for our program online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/visit.
pallavi_sharma -> Jay J Hello, What percentage of weekend mba program students are from outside the Chicago area. Most specifically from Portland/Seattle area?
Jay J -> pallavi_sharma Pallavi_Sharma, about 80% of our weekend student body commutes to Chicago from outside of Illinois. From the Pacific NW specifically, I'm going to guess we have around 8 current students and a good number of alumni. If you would like to be put in touch with one of our City Ambassadors, be in touch with me at Jay.Jacobs@chicagobooth.edu.
RS15 -> Jay J Thanks Jay. I will definitely reach out to you. I am currently on an H1B visa and my employer will be starting my Greencard process soon. I was also hoping you could connect me to a few current Weekend/Evening students who might be in the same boat as me.
Jay J -> RS15 RS15, sounds good! I'll keep my eye out for your email.
Avi -> Jay J Thanks Jay. Is there a difference b/w career services for Spring and Fall intake for weekend MBA courses?
Jay J -> Avi Avi, there isn't. All of our students have the same access to our career services dept.
Andreea -> Nico Can a very strong GPA offset a slightly lower GMAT score (when I say lower I mean perhaps between 600-650) in the application process?
Nico -> Andreea Hi Andreaa. We take a holistic approach when reviewing applications. A strong GPA can certainly help make up for a lack in GMAT score, but we will look at all aspects of the application.
Juan1429 -> Beth I would like to know if there is some kind of residency, or does the university maybe helps in offering internships?
Beth -> Juan1429 If you are interested in internships, you will want to apply to the Full-Time program. Our students are employed and generally not looking for internships. For more on the internship opportunities in Full-Time, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/career/internships
Andreea -> Nico Can an application be submitted with only un unofficial GMAT score and the official score be submitted upon receipt from the GMAC?
Nico -> Andreea Hi Andreea. We do not require an official GMAT score until admission into the program, so an unofficial score is sufficient for the application process.
WT -> Kara For individuals that are currently employed, looking to enroll in evening classes what sort of networking opportunities are there with prospective employers? Assuming I would not be able to intern due to current employment.
Kara -> WT Career services offer a variety of in-person and online resources to provide information and connections in different industries/companies. You have access to our online job postings, on campus recruiting for full time positions, and our student and alumni community directory. Our industry focused student groups also provide opportunities for you to network with companies.
Brooke_Scoles -> Krista Hi Krista, You mentioned that, "If you wanted to find an internship, you are not able to go through the Full-time MBA internship recruitment. " Would you explain the reason behind this? The opportunity to intern would be an essential part of the MBA process. Will being kept out of this part of the recruiting process impact our ability to apply to the main firms in our field?
Krista -> Brooke_Scoles Brooke_Scoles: Since our Evening and Weekend students are working full-time, an internship is not possible for students to partake in. The internship is one way to go about finding a job, but there are many others. The student network, our job database, and the on campus recruiting process for full-time employment are the best options. We have a current student, Carolyn, joining us on today's chat and she went through the on-campus recruiting process. Feel free to direct a question towards her if you have questions about finding a new job while at Booth!
Mehdi -> Carolyn Hi Carolyn. Please Explain a little experience studying in Chicago Booth.
Carolyn -> Mehdi Hi Mehdi- my experience has been wonderful! I came to Chicago Booth expecting to get a great education, be inspired by tremendous professors, and build a robust professional network. The actual experience has wildly exceeded those expectations. I have made incredible friends here, and the opportunities that this place provides you are beyond compare. Chicago Booth has been a place of personal and professional growth, and a great addition to my social life, to boot :-)
Mahesh -> Nico what is the median age for students applying for weekend MBA?
Nico -> Mahesh Hi Mahesh. The average age for the Weekend MBA is 30 years.
iarm -> Nico can i request a chat transcript email? theres been some great points discussed here.
Nico -> iarm Hi iarm. A chat transcript will be posted on Friday, here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats
arin_mukh -> Krista I have done a post graduate diploma in Management from Singapore and willing to take up the Evening Part time MBA in Booth. Is there any restriction for previous management students to join the part time course?
Krista -> arin_mukh Arin_Mukh: If you clearly explain why an MBA in addition to your graduate degree would help your career, then it is not an issue. We want to ensure that all of our students are challenged in the classroom.
Jimmy -> Beth What part does the interview play in the candidate selection process? What are some of the key attributes of an applicant that you look for specifically in person?
Beth -> Jimmy The interview is one component of the admissions process. All candidates to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are required to conduct an in-person interview. In the interview, we are looking for you to articulate your goals for an MBA and understand how a Booth MBA will help you reach those goals. It also gives you an opportunity to ask a current student or alum any questions you might have. You schedule your admissions interview after submitting your application.
Liam -> Jay J I'm late to the Chat and do not know if this has previously been asked. I am a working professional and trying to decide between the applying for the Executive MBA and the Weekend MBA are there any guidelines to follow in making this decision. or suggestions on
Jay J -> Liam Liam, the two programs are pretty different in terms of structure. I suggest you compare and contrast our websites. The Executive program is a 21 month, lock step, cohorted program where as the Evening and Weekend programs is much more flexible. I'm happy to work with you offline to help you determine your fit.
Faisal -> Nico Hi, do weekend, executive and regular mba's they all receive same mba's from chicago or on their graduation degree says as weekend mba, regular mba or executive mba.
Nico -> Faisal Hi Faisal. Part-time and Full-time students receive the same Chicago Booth MBA diploma.
Faisal -> Nico So the diploma doesnt say whether its part time or full time right
Nico -> Faisal Hi Faisal. That is correct.
Mahesh -> Jay J Currently I am working as an Solution Architect in retail space. How good are the programs in supply chain management and can it be coupled with strategic operation?
Jay J -> Mahesh Mahesh, we don't have any specific program in supply chain management, though we do have classes that lean that direction. Our goal is to teach business acumen that will span industry and teach the fundamental principles. We do have a Strategic Operations concentration. Information on our 13 functional concentrations can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/academics/curriculum#c.
Rohitson -> Krista Is the Chicago business fellows program for people with less than 3 years of experience more competitive?
Krista -> Rohitson Hi Rohitson: The program is just as competitive as our Evening and Weekend program. It's a great community of early career candidates and we are looking to build a robust and dynamic community.
Roy -> Nico Hi Jay, whats the max time length one can complete one's evening MBA
Nico -> Roy Hi Roy. You have up to 5 years to complete the Evening MBA.
pallavi_sharma -> Kara If i want to change industry post mba(say, from tech to consulting), is part time mba or evening mba a bad idea? Should i only focus on full-time mba program to switch industries?
Kara -> pallavi_sharma This is a personal choice. In general, we say if you want to do a dramatic career change and would like an internship you should pursue full time MBA programs. Having said that, part time students do change careers. Some students prefer not to leave their jobs for a full time program even if they want to change careers.You do have access to all career service offerings as an Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student, except for internship recruiting.
Ryan_Eckhart -> Nico if we are planning on attending a class before our interview, what is typical dress? What other items should we bring?
Nico -> Ryan_Eckhart Hi Ryan_Eckhart. There is no dress code. Keep in mind that most students come straight from work. Other than that, we will provide you with all necessary materials.
vtomer -> Jay J Do you have any events planned for Philadelphia region?
Jay J -> vtomer vtomer, we don't have any recruitment events planned in Philadelphia until the Fall (Date, location, etc. TBD). All information on our events across North America http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/receptions.
Scott_C -> Krista What are the best classes to take from Graham to get a start on transferable credits and strengthen application? I'd assume the basics like Financial Accounting or Financial Statement Analysis?
Krista -> Scott_C Scott_C: We recommend a Financial Accounting or Business Statistics class and try to receive a B+ or higher to help your application! We are looking to see how you preform in a quantitative class.
Bill -> Beth What types of information /context are you looking for in the letters of recommendation? Should they purely be professional? How many can we provide?
Beth -> Bill We would like one of your recommendations to be from a current supervisor. We provide your recommenders guidance as to what we are looking for. They submit an online recommendation form, rank you on various aspects, and ask them to write a letter of various topics.
Juan1429 -> Carolyn I know this question will be out of scope, but maybe hearing from you it will be best, why is the Booth MBA program, better than any other program?
Carolyn -> Juan1429 Hi Juan- I would point you partially towards my answer to Mehdi above! Past that, or more specifically, driving that answer, it is all about the people at Chicago Booth. Our professors are the preeminent experts in their respective fields, and the student body is comprised of equally impressive individuals. I can't imagine a school that would be more amazing than this one!
jk -> Jay J do you have students from Phoenix or west coast that attend weekend program. Is there any way I can contact them to find out how they manage travel?
Jay J -> jk jk, yes, we have current students and alumni in Phoenix and the west coast. Be in touch with me and I can introduce you to one of our City Ambassadors. My email address is Jay.Jacobs@chicagobooth.edu.
Gustavo -> Kara Do your military veteran students find that they are able to transition smoothly from the military to the business world while in the Evening Program, despite lacking "industry experience"?
Kara -> Gustavo Yes. Career services can assist you in making connections in industries/companies of your choice. In addition, they can hep you craft a resume showing how your military skills and responsibilities are transferable.
Mahesh -> Jay J Please can you explain what options do program provide if I need to further my career in supply-chain management ?
Jay J -> Mahesh Mahesh, we offer supply chain courses within our operations management function block. More information on that can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/academics/curriculum/operations-management.
Prasanth -> Krista Can you provide link where I can find Business Statistics (Graham) schedule? I am planning to enroll in March.
Krista -> Prasanth Prasanth: You can see a list of our upcoming classes here: http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205
Gia -> Jay J Hi I am applying for the Fall 2015 weekend MBA, I am planing to take the GMAT on May, if I get a low score and want to to retake it. What is the deadline to submit the GMAT scores for that term?
Jay J -> Gia Gia, we will need your GMAT scores by May 15, the application deadline for the Autumn start date.
pallavi_sharma -> Kara I have not completely decided between fulltime and part time mba yet. Could I apply to both simultaneously? Does it hurt my prospects?
Kara -> pallavi_sharma At Booth, you cannot apply to both programs simultaneously. You can work on applications for both, but you will need to decide which is your to choice before clicking submit. If you are not offered admission to one program, you can then reapply to another. Reapplicants are in no way viewed negatively.
Amit -> Nico Could you please give any insights into GRE score average for evening MBA program?
Nico -> Amit Hi Amit. We have not accepted the GRE for very long, so we do not have an average. However, our average GMAT is a 680, and you can convert your GRE score into a GMAT score suing an online calculator. This with give you an idea of where you stand.
Andreea -> Jay J Booth Business School is an impressive name worldwide. For someone who knows that he/she would be a great candidate but does not have any extraordinary previous achievements such as a PhD, volunteer abroad, having many people under his/her management, etc., but has followed a more common path (college, approximately 5 years in the corporate world, etc.), what would you suggest trying to emphasise during the application process to convince Booth admissions that he/she would be a perfect fit for Booth?
Jay J -> Andreea Andreea, you need to craft your application so that is shares the story that you hope to convey. What we are looking for is: can you do the academic work, how do you fit our value proposition (Why Booth, Why now, Why Part Time), and what unique value can you add to our classrooms/community.
arin_mukh -> Nico Hi arin_mukh. You can find all class visit options here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit

We recommend visiting a class in the subject you are most interested in.
pallavi_sharma -> Carolyn Do weekend MBA students have opportunities to do International educational trips, industry treks in different US cities and other MBA developmental activities outside classroom over the course of the program?
Carolyn -> pallavi_sharma Hi pallavi_sharma- Absolutely! There are a huge number of experiences available outside of the classroom, including all three categories that you listed. I have good friends from the Evening and Weekend programs who have studied abroad for full quarters in London and Paris, short-term study abroad programs in Brazil, China, and Austria, short-term industry treks in tech to San Francisco, media to LA and finance to New York, and regional business treks to Japan, Dubai, and South Africa. And those are just the ones that come to mind off-hand!
Allan_Yang -> Kara Hi everyone. Thanks for setting this up. I see the average age for weekend is 30. I'm 3 years below the average. Is this gap worth mentioning in the optional essay?
Kara -> Allan_Yang Allan, our age range is wide, so no need to explain. We admit younger professionals into the program on a regular basis. Simply explain why this is the best timing for you to pursue your MBA. This should fit into one of the 3 regular essays.
yaz -> Jay J Is Booth considering creating a 1 year MBA, other Chicago schools have that program, how come Booth does not?
Jay J -> yaz yaz, we have no plans as of now to create a 1 year MBA program. We don't want to dilute the academic experience of our students.
Roy -> Carolyn How the completion of course evaluate?
Carolyn -> Roy Hi Roy- students complete an evaluation of each class in the last session that course meets. Those forms include evaluation information that is shared with other students, and anonymous feedback that goes only to the professor of the course.
Faisal -> Krista For weekend MBA, While working in Toronto, If I want to fly to Chicago on Friday so after arriving Chicago do you have any accomadations for students to stay overnight on Friday night or we arrange hotel?
Krista -> Faisal Hi Faisal: We offer relationships with hotels all over Chicago and you're able to take advantage of these discounts as a student at Booth. They range in price starting at $90-100 a night. Students will take advantage of bunking up together to keep the cost down too.
arin_mukh -> Beth I will take my company's sponsorship, do I need to take my company's approval before my application or after I get the admission?
Beth -> arin_mukh You do not need to submit a letter of approval with your application.
avin -> Kara Would it be possible to furnish the acceptance rate for the weekend program?
Kara -> avin Avin, we do not publish our acceptance rates, as it varies from quarter to quarter. We encourage you not to worry about this. If you are a strong applicant, you will get admitted.
Bill -> Nico What are the deadlines for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 applications (Evening)? Thanks!
Nico -> Bill Hi Bill. You can find out Evening deadlines here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions

The Winter 2016 application will be published soon, and the deadline will be October 9.
Mahesh -> Nico what are the key submission dates for this year? Fall and winter
Nico -> Mahesh Hi Mahesh.You can find out Evening deadlines here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions

The Winter 2016 application will be published soon, and the deadline will be October 9.
Juan1429 -> Krista Do you have many international students in the part-time mba?
Krista -> Juan1429 Juan1429: 13% of our Evening MBA students are international: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening#simple2
Faisal -> Jay J If I decide to do master of finance in Toronto before applying to Chicago Weekend MBA which is my intended school for MBA I will not have a job at that point as my master of finance programme it will be full time 1 year. Would I still be eligible to apply to Weekend MBA so that after my master of finance from Toronto I can find job in next 3 months and continue my weekend mba in Chicago if admitted?
Jay J -> Faisal Faisal, yes, you would still be eligible to apply for the part time MBA program. We have no employment requirement. Though I would suggest explaining why you aren't employed somewhere in your application.
Gustavo -> Beth Are the U of C facilities in Hyde Park available for Evening students' use? i.e. libraries, gym, invited speakers, etc. How hard is it to get from Hyde Park to downtown and back?
Beth -> Gustavo The facilities on the Hyde Park campus are open to Evening students. Travel between the two campuses is via public transportation (Metra, CTA).
PMAN -> Carolyn What are some of the things students wish they knew before entering the program? i.e time management?
Carolyn -> PMAN Hi PMAN- Most students expect to have a little learning curve around time management and re-shifting priorities in your life. The feedback I hear most consistently is that students are surprised how much fun they have, and how social the program is. Our 37 active student groups throw over 300 events each year, so there's always something fun going on!
Aaron -> Krista Hello. I have not explored the Graham School website in depth yet, but I am not seeing any reference to a Summer 2015 quarter. Is that quarter skipped? Thanks in advance.
Krista -> Aaron Aaron: I would reach out to their office to ask when the Summer deadline is. Adam Finefrock is an excellent resource there! ajfinefrock@uchicago.edu
avin -> Krista I studied my master's here in the US and have been working now for 4 yrs...Would I be required to take Toefl?
Krista -> avin Avin: No, you do not need to take the TOEFL.
Roy -> Carolyn Great , so I can choose any number of course per quarter?
Carolyn -> Roy Hi Roy- you can choose how many courses you take each quarter, but as our students are typically working we recommend no more than three. You will need to meet with an academic advisor if you wish to take more than that.
Brooke_Scoles -> Jay J Within my chosen field, I am particularly interested in supply chain sustainability and corporate responsibility. Would you speak to the opportunities at Booth specifically through the Evening and Weekend program to engage in these topics?
Jay J -> Brooke_Scoles Booke_Scoles, we have supply chain courses as well as business ethics courses in our curriculum. Concentrations and a sample of our course titles can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/academics/curriculum. We also have the Social Enterprise Initiative, a relatively new and really interesting center that we have at Chicago Booth. More information can be found at http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/.
pallavi_sharma -> Kara With the great heights Booth climbed under Dean Ted Snyder, how is the direction/focus of Booth MBA changed with the new Dean at the helm since 2011?
Kara -> pallavi_sharma Dean Kumar says it best, see this link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/about/dean
Vas -> Nico I am Computer science Engineer.I have a 640 GMAT score. I have 11 years of experience working in ERP. I am currently working as a Manager - Financial services for one of the Major consulting firms. What are my chances of getting into Evening MBA. MY focus is on Business Analytics.
Nico -> Vas Hi Vas. We cannot pre-screen applications before submission. Therefore, I cannot provide any feedback on admission chances.
Brooke_Scoles -> Jay J I am currently working in San Francisco and, if accepted, will be transitioning to our Chicago office. Is it possible to interview remotely or with a former student currently living near San Francisco?
Jay J -> Brooke_Scoles Brooke_Scoles, all of our interviews are held in Chicago at the Gleacher Center with members of our admission committee (current students and alumni volunteers).
rahul_raghav -> Krista Hi! I am interested in knowing more about booth short term ibep? How does one get selected for a ibep program?
Krista -> rahul_raghav Rahul_Raghav: You are eligible to apply to the short-term IBEP once you have completed 6 classes in the programy Your application is reviewed by our academic services team. You rank the programs you are interested in and if you are admitted, you will go to one of your top three choices. About 35-40 students take advantage of this opportunity!
pallavi_sharma -> Beth Does Chicago Booth part time and fulltime mba allow taking courses from other schools outside of business school. For example: Product design, import/export law etc?
Beth -> pallavi_sharma You have six electives which can be taken with other departments in University of Chicago. For example, some students take law school or public policy classes.
Prasanth -> Nico Autumn 2015 application deadline is July 1st. If so, do you still need GMAT score by May 15th?
Nico -> Prasanth Hi Prasanth. You do not need to submit your GMAT score until you submit your application by the deadline.
Faisal -> Kara For weekend MBA, Classes are held only on Saturdays and average gmat for weekend mba is it 710.
Kara -> Faisal Faisal, do you have a specific question? One thing to clarify, the average GMAT for the Weekend MBA is typically 680-690. Also, you can take classes on Friday night as well if you want.
iarm -> Krista Im still debating on whether to incur the expense for an MBA. Can the classes I take through the GSAL transfer over if I decide on an exec Amba?
Krista -> iarm iarm: You are not able to transfer GSAL classes to the Executive MBA program. You are eligible to transfer up to 3 GSAL classes to either the Full-time, Evening or Weekend MBA program.
pallavi_sharma -> Beth Does Chicago Booth award Forte Fellowships for Full time and Part time programs? If so, what is the eligibility criteria?
Beth -> pallavi_sharma Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs do not offer fellowships. For more on the fellowship/scholarships available for Full-Time students, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions/scholarships
Roy -> Nico Whats the last date of application for Fall 2015 Eve MBA
Nico -> Roy Hi Roy. The Fall 2015 deadline for the Evening MBA is July 1, 2015.
avin -> Beth Do you have rolling admission process for Weekend MBA if the application is submitted prior to deadline?
Beth -> avin We do have rolling admissions. Once your submitted application is complete, our office will have a decision within 4-6 weeks.
Brooke_Scoles -> Carolyn Hi Carolyn! Did you change careers while at Booth? What was the experience of career switchers in the Evening and Weekend cohort? Did they feel lacking an internship was a barrier and if so, how did they overcome it? I am interested in switching from high technology to strategy consulting. Would you speak to the types of opportunities are available to students to prepare for this field including clubs, mentorship, and classes?
Carolyn -> Brooke_Scoles Hi Brooke- I did change careers while here. A number of students are able to do so successfully without an internship, and some students network their way into an internship outside of the official on-campus process. Your desired transition is a common one, and many students are able to successfully enter consulting via the support of our Evening and Weekend consulting club and career services offerings. If you feel that an internship is critical to your ability to make such a transition, I would recommend you consider the full-time program.
Mahesh -> Nico I see the autumn deadline is July 1st, does it mean we can submit our completed application form with GMAT score submission by then?
Nico -> Mahesh Hi Mahesh. You can submit your application with your GMAT anytime prior to the July 1st deadline.
Roy -> Nico So i can submit the gmat score in that same time frame ?
Nico -> Roy Hi Roy. Yes, please have your GMAT score in your application at the time of application submission.
Andreea -> Kara I wish to apply for the Fall 2015 quarter. If I get accepted for that quarter, I unfortunately will not be able to make the LAUNCH program. What are my options?
Kara -> Andreea Once you are admitted and accept our offer, you work the the LAUNCH coordinator to complete a LAUNCH deferral request. We offer 2 LAUNCH sessions for Autumn quarter incoming students, so hopefully you could attend one of them. If not, winter would be an option. See here for LAUNCH dates, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions
Gia -> Nico Hi I am applying to the Graham School to take Business Statistics class this srping. Can you please advise if this class will be taken into consideration during the application process for the Fall 2015 deadline?
Nico -> Gia Hi Gia. Yes, we will take your Graham School class into consideration on your application. We recommend shooting for a B+ or higher.
Catherine -> Beth How important is the community involvement in the application? Will it be a deterrent if one is not so active?
Beth -> Catherine As we take a holistic approach to application review, community involvement is one part of your application. As we understand applicants do have busy lives, it is not a deterrent if you are not active. If you are concerned, you can always mention it in the optional essay.
pallavi_sharma -> Carolyn How does Chicago Booth's Weekend program compare to Kellogg's part time program. Are there any strong strengths that stand out right away?
Carolyn -> pallavi_sharma Hi pallavi_sharma- The two programs are both excellent, but very different. The biggest differences are in our core approaches to business education. Kellogg focuses on case-based education, while at Booth we emphasize developing an understanding of the underlying fundamentals to business, which you can then apply to any business problem you encounter. Additionally, at Chicago Booth we have an extremely flexible curriculum, whereas Kellogg is cohorted. I would highly recommend visiting classes at both institutions to identify which approach is the better fit for you.
Vas -> Kara In your selection process for Par time MBA programs what is the weightage provided to the following items GMAT , Essays, Recommendation, Sponsorship etc. Which one carries higher weightage?
Kara -> Vas Vas, generally, everything is weighted evenly. On the individual level, one strong aspect can outweigh a weaker aspect. For example, if someone has a low GPA, but a strong GMAT, the GMAT will be weighted more heavily.
rahul_raghav -> Carolyn How easily are the professors accessible after classes? How does Booth support/facilitate professors'-students networking?
Carolyn -> rahul_raghav Hi Rahul- this is dependent on the professor! All professors hold office hours, but some are less convenient for Evening and Weekend students than others. Other professors make themselves extremely available- for example, I had a 45 minute call with a professor whose class I have not actually taken on Sunday night about a start-up I'm working with, and I spent two hours on the phone yesterday with a professor I took last quarter, about the same issue. They are typically very generous with their time!
pallavi_sharma -> Carolyn How heavy is the course load for evening MBA program? I am asking to figure out how difficult it is to manage MBA with fulltime job in engineering and travel from the west coast every weekend? What steps should i take to evaluate this as realistically as possible?
Carolyn -> pallavi_sharma Hi pallavi_sharma- It is truly up to you! Many students start the program enrolling in just one class a quarter until they gain comfort with the program. We provide our incoming students with numerous resources to help them ease their transition and achieve academic success while they are here.
M.Elsorady -> Kara I see that preferred concentrations are limited to 5 in the application form. What if I am looking to have more concenrations, like 6 or 7, how would I signal that in my online application?
Kara -> M.Elsorady It is tricky, but you are technically able to earn more than 5 concentrations. The average is typically 3-4. If you are seeking 6-7, you would want to meet with an academic adviser early in the program to plan your curriculum. We also have great online resources to help plan.
iarm -> Beth What are some of the negatives of pursuing the Exec MBA over the Weekend/Evening MBA?
Beth -> iarm I wouldn't say it is negative, but the programs have a different format. The Executive MBA program is a cohorted experience, and you take all of the same classes with your cohort, in the same order. It is also a more general management curriculum. Classes meet every other Friday and Saturday.The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program has a lot of flexibility. You have 150 courses to choose from and can earn several of the 13 concentrations available. Classes meet once a week, depending on which class you register for. I would encourage you to visit a class in each program.
Vas -> Kara Does applicants have a good chance of getting in to Booth compared to the reapplicants?
Kara -> Vas Vas, yes, reapplicants go through the through the same review process and are often successful in getting admitted.
Jay J -> Everyone Thanks for all your questions and participating today! As I've mentioned many times, if you are looking to connect with one of our current student or alumni Ambassadors, be in touch with us!
Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. As a reminder, the deadline for Evening MBA for Summer 2015 is Friday, April 3. We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, please email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Nico -> Everyone Thank you all for stopping by! We hope to see you at our next information session on March 6, you can register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Carolyn -> Everyone Thanks for your time today! One upcoming opportunity to engage with the Booth population is our On Board conference on February 27th, focused on how the business community can serve in non-profit roles. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/events/onboard/on-board-2015
Krista -> Everyone Thanks for joining today's chat! As a next step, come visit a class to see what the program is list first-hand. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
Kara -> Everyone Thanks for joining today's chat!!! We look forward to working with you as you continue your reseach and move through the application process.
Moderator -> Everyone Our session has now ended. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BoothEveWknd. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, February 13, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats