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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - Noon CST

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Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
Carolyn -> Everyone Hi, everyone! I'm a current Booth student, and co-President of our Evening and Weekend Student Advisory Council. Looking forward to chatting with you today!
Jay J -> Everyone Happy New Year everyone! My name is Jay and I am an Asst. Director. I look forward to answering your questions.
Nico -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager. I manage Information Sessions and assist with the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Krista -> Everyone Happy New Year! Thanks for joining us today. I'm Krista McNamara, assistant director of admissions. I look forward to answering your questions!
Kara -> Everyone Happy New Year! Thank you for joining our fist online chat of 2015. I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions. I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, our flexible curriculum and dynamic community.
Kelly_A -> Beth I am interested in the Weekend MBA program because studying with a large percentage of students who live outside of Illinois is appealing to me and also because it seems most optimal with my work travel schedule. However, I do live in Chicago. If I apply, would my residency make me a less desirable candidate? And if so, are there recommendations of things I could mention in my application that prove I contribute to having a diverse body of students (i.e. having completed my undergraduate degree in a different region of the country)?
Beth -> Kelly_A Kelly, thank you for joining us today. No, your residency would not impact your candidacy at all. You are welcome to explain how the Weekend program fits best with your needs in your optional essay question, should you like to. We look forward to receiving your application. As a reminder, the deadline for the Spring quarter is this Friday, Jan 9. The deadline for Autumn quarter is May 16.
Kelly_A -> Jay J In a previous online chat I saw the great suggestion to take the Business Statistics class through the Graham School as a way of demonstrating aptitude and an ability to handle the MBA program. Other than dropping the course or getting a grade less than a B+, are there any reasons doing so might be held against you?
Jay J -> Kelly_A Kelly, thanks for the question. No there is no drawback in taking the Graham School course. Its a great way to test out our classrooms, get to know our students and faculty members, and show your aptitude in a real class room.
MayaChunyu -> Krista Thank you for organizing this and give us the opportunity to know more about the programs. I have a question about CBF program: Group interview is required for CBF applicants. What do you expect to see in a successful applicant during the group interview? Do you have any suggestions for applicants? Thanks!
Krista -> MayaChunyu Hi Maya - Thanks for your question! The group interview will be conversational. We won't ask you to solve problems or work through case studies. Instead, we're trying to get a feel for the group dynamic and how you feed off of each others comments and engage. Since the CBF students spend a great deal of time together, it's important that the group discussion is healthy!
Vivek -> Kara Hi everyone , I am Vivek Pandey,prospective student for the Weekend program
Kara -> Vivek Hello Vivek! We are pleased you are applying to Booth's Weekend MBA program. How can we help you today?
Kelly_A -> Nico I have a question about how to best talk about my academic background. I think my background is strong as I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class, took advanced classes, finished in 3 1/2 years and worked as a TA, etc. However, I've noticed GPAs from my university tend to be lower on average than those of my peers at other universities who graduated in a similar percentile for their school. Do you have any advice about how to best talk about this? I don't want to come across as apologetic as I am proud of my academic accomplishments even though my GPA of 3.42 doesn't seem as impressive as an absolute figure.
Nico -> Kelly_A Hi Kelly_A. Thanks for joining us! I would focus on your accomplishments and not compare yourself to peers from other schools. We look at each candidate's application individually and holistically.
Jonathan -> Jay J Hello everyone. I am interested in pursuing an MBA part time. I actually live in Hyde Park so would prefer to take classes on campus and not downtown. Is it possible to do a part time program on the main campus?
Jay J -> Jonathan Jonathan, thanks for joining us. The Evening and Weekend classes will all be held at the Gleacher Center or Booth 455 (our space across the street of Gleacher in the NBC tower). Part time students can take classes at the Harper Center with the full time program, however their classes are going to be during weekday business hours.
Kelly_A -> Carolyn I currently work in the marketing field and am interested in going to Booth to advance in my career. Looking at the marketing coursework it looks like it has a quantitative bent. Is that a fair assessment? If so, does it impact the kinds of career paths students take after graduation or the kinds of students who excel in marketing at Booth
Carolyn -> Kelly_A Hi Kelly_A! Our marketing courses vary according to the subject and professor's interest, but do tend to have both a qualitative and quantitative element to them. Most of our classwork strikes a balance with both elements here at Booth. I would not say that marketing careers post-Booth are heavily skewed towards quantitative fields, nor that employers selectively come to campus seeking just quantitative skills. Students of all backgrounds who put in the time and effort are able to excel in marketing here!
Jonathan -> Jay J So of I wanted to take classes in Hyde Park, I would need to enroll in the full time program?
Jay J -> Jonathan Jonathan, you can enroll in Hyde Park classes as an Evening/Weekend student, however you won't be able to register for classes until late. You will also need to be available during the day to attend classes. We can't guarantee that you will be able to complete all 20 courses in Hyde Park as a part time student.
James_Gorrell -> Beth Good Afternoon- regarding letters of recommendation, what would you recommend as an appropriate lead time when asking your references?
Beth -> James_Gorrell James, it depends on your recommenders. I would give them a few weeks prior to the deadline so you are not waiting on their letters when you are ready to submit your application.
Mehdi -> Carolyn Hi Carolyn ,Please explain a little more about scholarships and fellowships.Thanks
Carolyn -> Mehdi Hi Mehdi- The Evening and Weekend programs do not offer scholarships or fellowships at Booth. Our financial aid office can work with you to identify loan options, or assist you with negotiating support from your employer. Hope that helps!
Vivek -> Krista I have a question on GPA. I have done my undergrad from India and have my transcript that do not give a GPA rather have marks out of 100. How does this get converted to GPA?
Krista -> Vivek Hi Vivek - You do not need to switch your transcript to a GPA. We are accustomed to reading applications out of 100. Please upload your mark sheets and degree certificate to your application!
Chinta -> Jay J About GPA, do you consider Bachelor's only or Master's too? I did my master's in US while Bachelor's in India.
Jay J -> Chinta Chinta, we will look at all of your past academic experiences and transcripts. We only publish undergrad GPA because that is all we require.
Vivek -> Krista Thanks Krista. How many days after the deadline can we schedule the interview to be considered for the Spring 2015 session?
Krista -> Vivek Hi Vivek: After you submit your application, you will receive an email shortly after which invites you to schedule your interview using our online calendar. The decision time frame is 4-6 weeks after you submit your application!
Chinta -> Nico Hi, Question on Group Interview. When do you usually invite for group interviews?
Nico -> Chinta Hi Chinta. Thank you for joining us. Only candidates who are applying to the Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program participate in a group interview. See dates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/early-career-candidates

Candidates who are not applying as CBF students schedule an individual interview once they submit their application.
BoothMBACandidate -> Krista I live in Seattle, do you have any events in my area?
Krista -> BoothMBACandidate Hi BoothMBACandidate: Yes! We will be in Seattle on January 20th. Take a look here for more information and to register. https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=4bee4270-c578-447a-804a-e40ee5a3b307
kswift -> Kara I've read a couple of different suggestions as far as recommendation letters are concerned. Are there any specific attributes/areas that the admissions team is looking for specifically regarding the non-professional letter of recommendation?
Kara -> kswift Great question. One of your recommendations should be professional in nature. Most submit one from a direct supervisor. If you do to have a direct supervisor, you can choose a client, co worker, previous supervisor, etc. The 2nd letter can also be professional in nature, or from someone else you feel would write a strong letter about your candidacy. We ask them to address a variety of characteristics: how you work in groups, conflict management, attention to detail, leadership potential, etc. Once you add your rec's information into your application, they are emailed instructions that include some seed questions.
Amritha -> Jay J Hello, I am interested in the Weekend MBA program. I currently work in the biotech industry in a sales function and am looking to switch into consulting after a Booth MBA. What kind of support do the career services provide for tis type of transition? Also, are the job listings and on-campus recruitment for full-time also available for part-timers?
Jay J -> Amritha Amritha, thank you for joining us today. We have many students who will change careers during or after the program. Consulting is one of the largest industries Booth students pursue. You will be able to work with our career services department utilizing all the same resources available to full time students. The only caveat comes with the On-Campus Recruitment process. If you are being sponsored by your employer with $8000 or more per year, you will need written consent from your employer to go through OCR.
Jonathan -> Jay J Thanks, Jay. So if I did want to take some classes in Hyde Park, would it be better for me to apply to the Weekend or Evening program? Or does this matter?
Jay J -> Jonathan Jonathan, Evening and Weekend students will have the same chances at getting into full time courses in Hyde Park.
BoothMBACandidate -> Krista I only have two years of work experience, should I still apply to the Chicago Booth? I'm interested in the Weekend MBA program. TIA!
Krista -> BoothMBACandidate Hi BoothMBACandidate: You are still eligible to apply to Booth! You might consider looking at the Chicago Business Fellows program. This program is a subset of the part-time MBA programs and is gear towards candidates with three years or less of full-time work experience.
mbey -> Jay J hello - do you interview every candidate that is being considered for admission to the evening MBA program?
Jay J -> mbey mbey, yes! We are lucky that we get to interview every single applicant to the Evening and Weekend programs.
James_Gorrell -> Nico Are there advantages/disadvantages to applying well in advance of the application deadline versus immediately prior to the deadline? For example, would there be fewer admission spots available as a deadline approaches?
Nico -> James_Gorrell Hi James_Gorrell. The only advantage to submitting early is you will receive your decision response sooner, but as far as the decision itself, we do not have a maximum number of spots to fill. On average, 80% of applicants submit within the week of the deadline.
Raean -> Krista Good afternoon! I am interviewing this weekend for the CBF program. The other application materials don't need to be submitted until January 23rd for the early application. Is this correct?
Krista -> Raean Hi Raean: Looking forward to see you there! Yes, the application materials are not due until the deadline of January 23rd. We only need your nomination form before the interview. Please bring an updated copy of your resume to the interview as well.
Mike -> Jay J Thanks for hosting this chat. Do applicants ever find out if they are accepted in less than 4 weeks? Also, do you have a ballpark acceptance rate?
Jay J -> Mike Mike, some will find out sooner than 4 weeks. Though we only guarantee the decision to come within 4-6 weeks after completion. If you have special circumstances, be in touch with us. Finally, we don't publish any acceptance rates, but admit all admissible students who apply for each program and each start date.
BoothMBACandidate -> Nico What is the process for visiting a class at Chicago Booth?
Nico -> BoothMBACandidate Hi BoothMBACandidate. You can view availability and register for a class visit on our website here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit
Dave -> Kara I have a few questions. I am an applicant of U.S permanent resident. Currently, I am working full-time with work permit. However, my status is an international student. That being said, am I eligible to apply and study for Weekend MBA program at the Booth School of Business?
Kara -> Dave Dave, I am not sure I understand you situation. If you are working in the US on a valid work via, you are able to apply to our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Most of our international population are on H1B work visas. We are unable to issue you an F1 student visa.
ErinK -> Krista Thank you for hosting this chat! I have one sort of technical application question - I'm a CBF applicant, so I only have one full-time, post-collegiate workplace on my resume. However, I've had several significant job changes at that workplace. These changes are of course detailed on my resume, but on the employment history section of the application itself, should I just list my workplace once, or enter a new "job" for each major job change?
Krista -> ErinK Hi ErinK: Happy to help! I would encourage you to list the workplace just once. We will see on your resume that you have had a few positions while at that company.
Matthew -> Beth Hi everyone. I'm a prospective student of the Evening Program. One aspect I find attractive about the EP is that it isn't a diluted version of the Full-Time program (e.g., EP classes are the same as those taught at the FT program by the same professors, etc.). I was wondering if there exists any overlap in extracurricular activities between the two programs, however. If, for example, I wanted to get involved in AudioBooth as an EP student, would that be feasible? Thanks!
Beth -> Matthew Matthew, many of the FT groups are open to part-time students. AudioBooth doesn't currently have any part-time students but they are open to anyone attending their events.
Sam_C. -> Carolyn Hi Carolyn, what is the SAC involvement in shaping the Mentor Program? Typically, how long have mentors been in the Booth program? Are there any opportunities for pairings with alumni mentors?
Carolyn -> Sam_C. Hi Sam_C- great question! SAC works in conjunction with the Program office to help provide mentors to our new students at our LAUNCH orientation events. Our mentors have all completed at least four courses at Booth, and those who are newer to the program are partnered with those further along. On average, I would guess our mentors have completed a little more than half of the program. We do also bring alumni in for LAUNCH, as well as many other structured events like weekly breakfasts, our quarterly executives in residence days, and many, many other activities. That said, we do not typically assign students to specific alumni mentors. I would describe myself as having two Booth alumni mentors- one via professional connections, who encouraged me to apply in the first place, and the second who I met via the Chicago Booth Graduate Women in Business student group. There are lots of opportunities to connect like that!
Christopher -> Jay J Thank you all for taking our questions today. I have been out of academia for 4 years, but have been continuing my education through the use of "Massive Open Online Courses," offered on sites such as Coursera or Udacity. Some of the courses I completed covered topics in Economics or Finance, which would relate directly to the coursework offered at Booth. Obviously, this coursework will not be part of any official transcripts I would submit, but would this be relevant to my application? I feel it would at least show a continued academic interest. What is the best way to communicate this type of study?
Jay J -> Christopher Christopher, its up to you to determine what you want your application to read like. If you believe any piece of information makes your application stronger, include it! You can include these types of classes on your resume or tell us through your optional essay.
Neil.Fernandes -> Nico Hello, Does Booth review applications on a rolling basis or are applications viewed only after the deadline has passed? I plan to apply to the Fall 2015 PT program?
Nico -> Neil.Fernandes Hi Neil.Fernandes. Thank you for joining us. Booth Part-time MBA applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Candidates will receive an admissions decision within 4-6 after application submission.
kswift -> Kara Kara, thanks, that's helpful. I wasn't aware of the additional prompt/seed questions which I'm sure will go a long way in providing clarification.
Kara -> kswift Exactly! They will receive full instructions that you will be unable to view as the applicant.
BoothMBACandidate -> Nico I took the GMAT May 2010, is my GMAT score still valid?
Nico -> BoothMBACandidate Hi BoothMBACandidate. GMAT scores are valid for 5 years, so your score will be valid until May 2015.
Dave -> Carolyn My second question, what is the maximum courses that I can take for each quarter in Weekend MBA?
Carolyn -> Dave Hi Dave- you can take up to four courses a quarter. If you want to attempt more than that (I would not recommended it!) you can petition for permission to do so.
James_Gorrell -> Nico I'm scheduled to attend a class visit next week. Do you typically recommend that prospective students prepare in any way for these visits?
Nico -> James_Gorrell Hi James_Gorrell. There is no preparation necessary for a class visit, but feel free to bring any questions you may have about the program. Your ambassador will be happy to answer them.
schamton -> Beth hello, my name is Eric. I've been thinking of doing an MBA for some time, and last week i got a promotion and decided this was the time to go ahead with it. So with only one week time to meet the Jan 9th deadline, i signed up to take the gmat tomorrow - now my question is, i feel i didn't prepare enough to take the exam tomorrow (i'll take it anyway). How important is the score? I have a background in Electrical Engineering and Physics, from IIT - and i also own a restaurant business
Beth -> schamton Hi Eric, thanks for joining us today. Good luck on the GMAT tomorrow. I would say, take the exam, and see how you do. If you are happy with your score, I would encourage you to submit. If you have any questions about your score, you can certainly email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Sam_C. -> Krista If taking a class at the Graham School as a GSAL, do we have any access or exposure to other aspects of Chicago Booth such as student clubs or events?
Krista -> Sam_C. Hi Sam_C: Thanks for your question! You are able to attend events hosted by the Faculty, such as Faculty Connects. If you are interested in a particular club, we can introduce you to a co-chair of the club and find a way to have you get involved while you apply to Booth!
Hunter -> Nico Hi, when are the four start dates (spring, summer, fall, winter) for 2015's evening MBA program?
Nico -> Hunter Hi Hunter. You can find all of our start dates on our website here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics
Achilles -> Jay J Is IMBA available for Weekend and Evening students, if they'll willing to take time off work for an extended period of time?
Jay J -> Achilles Achilles, yes, the IMBA is available to part time students. You would need to participate in a full term IBEP, complete the international business concentration, and pass a language proficiency exam in a language other than English. More information can be found at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/imba
c -> Jay J What test would be of more interest when decisions are made about admission; the gre or gmat?
Jay J -> c c, its totally up to you. We have no preference.
Neil.Fernandes -> Jay J To what level can PT Booth MBA students avail of experiential learning? What type of projects do company sponsors submit to the Booth MBA program?
Jay J -> Neil.Fernandes Neil.Fernandes, PT Booth students can utilize the experiential learning if you find yourself available and willing to put in the hours outside of the classroom. EW students do find those courses more difficult to manage than FT students. Its really hard for Weekend students to participate in those courses fully.
James_Gorrell -> Carolyn Regarding the community at Booth, what percentage of students would you say participate in an extracurricular activity or club of some sort?
Carolyn -> James_Gorrell Hi James_Gorrell- Hmm... that's a tough one to get specific with! As in any community, we have a small number of very heavy participators, a large number who are active, and a small number who choose not to participate, whether as a result of work and family commitments outside of school, or other priorities taking precedence. In general our recommendation for new students is to get involved in two student groups: one that you can contribute to, and one that you can learn from. I believe a majority of students follow that advice! We definitely have an active and engaged student body :-)
mbey -> Nico can you please confirm the application deadline for the fall 2015 evening program?
Nico -> mbey Hi mbey. The deadline for Fall 2015 for Evening MBA is Wednesday, July 1, 2015.
Mehdi -> Beth Carolyn , Please expalin about the student visa.
Beth -> Mehdi Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are not eligible for student visas.
Achilles -> Jay J Thanks Jay. Have you had experience with international students who are on L visas, i.e. international assignments from 2 to 5 years? Is it too risky to try because whole Evening MBA process can last up to 5 years. How soon can it be finished?
Jay J -> Achilles Achilles, yes we have students in the program on L visas. The average time to degree in the EW programs is 2.5 years. We've seen students do it in 18 months and some students take the full 5 years. The timeline will differ based on personal circumstances.
Sam_C. -> Carolyn In regards to entrepreneurship, do most Evening Program students utilize the Polsky Center in Hyde Park? If not, are there any satellite operations at the Gleacher Center or 1871?
Carolyn -> Sam_C. Hi Sam_C- Most Evening students who are targeting an Entrepreneurship concentration do seek out Polsky resources, and the Center does a great job of hosting events at both the Harper and Gleacher centers. We also do have space at 1871 through Polsky that students can apply to access. There are robust opportunities for involvement with Polsky across all of our MBA programs!
Neil.Fernandes -> Nico I am currently located in Portland, OR. Is there a way for me to visit a Booth MBA class online or can I view a recording of a Booth MBA class?
Nico -> Neil.Fernandes Hi Neil.Fernandes. Unfortunately all class visits are held in person in Chicago.
Amritha -> Jay J Will the admissions department be able to provide me with contact information of current/alumni students who are focusing on my industry/job-function of interest prior to my application?
Jay J -> Amritha Amritha, I would be happy to connect you. Please email me at jay.jacobs@chicagobooth.edu. Include any specific criteria you want your ambassador to fit.
schamton -> Beth thanks Beth, if i'm interested in both entrepreneurship and finance, is there a way to combine both specialties / departments into one MBA?
Beth -> schamton Absolutely - you can earn both concentrations and take classes in both areas. I would highly recommend visiting a class, perhaps two, one in each area. You can see the class visit options online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/visit
Sireesha08 -> Jay J are you lab courses also considered to as experiential learning programs? do you see many E/W students participate in these management lab courses?
Jay J -> Sireesha08 Sireesha08, PT Booth students can utilize the experiential learning/lab courses if you find yourself available and willing to put in the hours outside of the classroom. EW students do find those courses more difficult to manage than FT students. Its really hard for Weekend students to participate in those courses fully. More Evening students than Weekend students take advantage of those opportunities.
BoothMBACandidate -> Carolyn Can you tell me more about the Booth Women Connect events?
Carolyn -> BoothMBACandidate Hi BoothMBACandidate- Of course! The Booth Women Connect events are held once a quarter, and are a great forum for female prospects, current students, and alumni to meet and network over appetizers and beverages. We have our next event coming right up on January 24th! If you or other female prospects will be in Chicago that day I invite you to register via this link: https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=be4176bd-fa5a-4c6c-a6d0-f7cb784e7f63%20&source=ew-em-20141222-02 Hope to see you there!
Greg -> Jay J Do you have any upcoming events in Denver, CO?
Jay J -> Greg Greg, we don't have another event in Denver until the Fall. I can, however, connect you with a current student/alumni ambassador. Please email me at jay.jacobs@chicagobooth.edu with the type of student you would like to be put in touch with.
Neil.Fernandes -> Krista When admitting students, does the admission committee compare applicants to the entire applicant pool or to applicants within the competing demographic such as "Indian male engineer?"
Krista -> Neil.Fernandes Hi Neil: Thanks for your question! The admissions committee looks at applicants alongside the entire applicant pool.
Vivek -> Krista I reached out to my current supervisor for a recommendation but he does not sound very supportive of the idea. So I plan to get the recommendations from my previous supervisor and a current client. I do plan to explain this in the optional essay but will not getting a recommendation from current supervisor will have a negative impact on my application.
Krista -> Vivek Hi Vivek: This will not have a negative impact on your application. Explaining this in the optional essay is a good option. It's best to have two strong letters!
Greg -> Kara How is the weekend MBA program viewed by employers as compared to the full-time MBA program? Does Booth track stats (post-MBA compensation increase, employment %'s, etc.) that may indicate there is a different valued placed on each program? My gut tells me the weekend program is not viewed as favorably since you are not immersed in the experience / network / classroom, etc.
Kara -> Greg Greg, since all MBA programs at Booth yield the exact same degree, you do not need to list Weekend MBA on your resume. Booth has strong relationships with 100s of employers & they all understand each program yields the exact same degree and the same faculty and courses are offered across programs. I know many Weekend MBA students who are successful in landing new jobs through career services programs as well as the current student and alumni network. It is a challenge, as you have to prioritize and make time to engage with career services and the community. Lucky for you, and all other weekend students, careers resource center is open on Saturday and most student group activities also take place on Saturday. Bottom line, it is up to you how much you want to engage in the community beyond the classroom. All activities and services are there for you, you just have to prioritize and make it happen.
Kelly_A -> Beth The flexibility of the program is quite appealing to me. Am I correct in understanding that a small amount of your coursework while at Booth can come from other colleges of the University of Chicago and if so, what types of classes do students generally take?
Beth -> Kelly_A Yes, up to six classes can be taken outside of the business school. While you can choose from any area, popular choices are law and public policy classes. Please note, these classes typically meet down at Hyde Park and often during the day. .
Sireesha08 -> Nico Hi, do you have any events coming up in the NYC area?
Nico -> Sireesha08 Hi Sireesha08. We will be in NYC on 2/4/15. See here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/receptions
Sireesha08 -> Nico Hi, for prospective students who want to move up or move to a different role within the same company, do you offer any networking opportunities or workshops that will allow this mobility?
Nico -> Sireesha08 Hi Sireesha08. Once you are a student there a quite a lot of networking and workshop opportunities including industry specific events as well as one on one career coaching through our career services department.
Vivek -> Carolyn Carolyn, in a leadership role for SAC, how much time usually you have to spend on activities for the group. What is the process to get a leadership role in group such as SAC?
Carolyn -> Vivek Hi Vivek- the time commitment varies dramatically! I would say most weeks averaged around 10 hours of SAC-specific commitments in the past year, but some were definitely much heavier than that. It has been a tremendous experience, though, and my strongest advice to our incoming students is always that they get involved in the Booth community early! We have a lot of opportunities for leadership roles- SAC is the overarching group for all Evening and Weekend students, but we have 36 other groups for our part-time population, all of which have 3-6 co-chairs. I would recommend identifying your areas of interest early, joining the appropriate group(s) as an active member attending events, and begin volunteering to assist with event set up. As with everything in life, networking will be important, as each group hosts elections once a year. SAC specifically is a little different, with an application and interview process driven by the existing board of directors. Hope that helps!
jay -> Beth Beth, is it correct that like other courses, these six classes cannot be transfer credits?
Beth -> jay Yes, that is correct. All courses must be taken at either Chicago Booth or the University of Chicago.
Greg -> Kara Does Booth publish stats of pre-MBA firm size? If so, could you point me to those stats?
Kara -> Greg Greg, I am unsure exactly what you are asking. Booth brings in students from a wide variety of companies and industries. No one company or industry dominate the classroom. See this link for more details about industries represented http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening#simple2

Click on class snapshot, then scroll down. Feel free to reframe your question if this is not what you are looking for.
apacheco -> Nico I'm interested in reaching out to organizations on campus affiliated with minority groups, particularly Hispanic organizations or business groups at Booth. Can someone give me a contact or a link I can look into?
Nico -> apacheco Hi apacheco. You can find all student groups listed on our website here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups. Feel free to reach out to the groups' leaders.
James_Gorrell -> Kara Outside of a class visit, info session, lunch and learn, and chat session, are there other exploratory avenues that you would recommend a prospective student pursue?
Kara -> James_Gorrell James, you are also welcome to attend some current student social events. Shoot me an email, and will share dates of upcoming events. Kara.Northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
kswift -> Carolyn Regarding the coursework and classroom environment, I'm told that there can be significant amount of group work involved in the curriculum in a given quarter. How much of a student's evaluation is based on individual achievement vs. group work, generally speaking? Does it vary largely from class to class?
Carolyn -> kswift Hi kswift- Group work is definitely a key component of the Booth MBA experience! We like to say that our ideas compete, but our people collaborate :-) The grading structure for evaluating group versus personal deliverables very much depends on the course and professor, but they are typically explicit about grading policies on their syllabi, which you have access before bidding on course seats. A typical example might look like: homework 20% (group), exams: 50% (individual), class participation 10% (individual), and final project 20% (group). In a course structured that way, 60% of your grade would come from your individual efforts, and 40% would be tied to the group. But again, it varies!
Sam_C. -> Krista Can you explain more about the short-term IBEP?
Krista -> Sam_C. Hi Sam_C: The short-term IBEP is a great international experience for part-time students! You go abroad to one of our six locations overseas for 2-3 weeks and receive a elective course credit while you're there! This counts as 1 of your 20 courses at Booth. For more information, take a look here: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/ibep/short-term-locations.aspx
Kelly_A -> Carolyn One of the things I'm very interested in is involvement outside of the classes (i.e. clubs). Is there a difference in how involved people are outside of the classroom in the weekend program vs the evening program?
Carolyn -> Kelly_A Hi Kelly_A- Nope, not really! Obviously weekend students commuting into Chicago have more time constraints than local students, but a vast majority of our student group events are held on Saturdays and draw from both populations equally.
Senthil -> Nico Hello every one and thank you for answering my questions. i am interested in the experential courses in the entrepreneruship concentration. I work for a large coroporation and plan to continue to do so after graduation. I feel they are relevant because we have a lot of innovative ventures at my firm. Does not working for or not planning to work for a new venture bar me form those courses?
Nico -> Senthil Hi Sentil. These courses are open to all Part-time students who are able to fit the class into their schedule.
Julielynn -> Krista Hi, I work in government. and as government can not pay any part of tuition as it is considered a gift of public funds, do you give a discount on price for government workers. I am in healtcare andwant to progress in the field by earning my MBA at Chicago Booth. But as I receive lower wages as compare to a private employer I would really need additional funding excluding loans to come from another source in order o attend a higher degree program.
Krista -> Julielynn Hi Julielynn:Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer tuition discounts for students. Our financial aid officers are fully equipped to assist students with finding the best loan, federal or private.
jay -> Krista Can you explain the rules regarding deferring admissions and the limits on how long you have to complete the evening/weekend programs?
Krista -> jay Hi Jay: Thank you for your email! You are able to defer up to one application cycle. Students have 5 years to complete the degree at Booth.
Neil.Fernandes -> Beth What is the Booth admissions committee looking for in an applicant?
Beth -> Neil.Fernandes Great question! We are looking to understand how an MBA will help your short and long term goals. We look at your career progression, academic performance, recommendation letters. All applicants come for an in person interview here at the Gleacher Center. I think you can apply with confidence. If you have any additional questions, please feel fee to contact us.
Matthew -> Carolyn Carolyn, how long would you say it took you to acclimate to working and pursuing your MBA simultaneously? And would you say your first quarter or two were difficult but that it got easier with time?
Carolyn -> Matthew Hi Matthew- There was definitely a learning curve! I had been out of undergrad for 5 years when I started at Booth, but I quickly found a cadence to balancing my work commitments, class, and then to ramp up my involvement in the Booth community. We have a number of resources for our new students, to try and set expectations and help keep you from getting overwhelmed. Everyone here is committed to the success of our students!
Vivek -> Kara Are there any events where weekend MBA students get to network with students from other formats such as Full time and Evening program.
Kara -> Vivek Vivek, Yes! You will have both Evening MBA and Full Time MBA students in your courses. Most interactions take place between Evening and Weekend students, as they share student groups, and most activities are hosted on Saturday. You will have no shortage of ways to connect with students across programs. In addition, you will have access to community directory, which includes all students and alumni across programs.
jay -> Nico Are the individual portions of the GRE/GMAT considered with respect to an individual's professional background or is the score taken as a whole?
Nico -> jay Hi jay. We look at all parts of the GMAT/GRE score, but overall score is most important.
Sireesha08 -> Krista Hi, is there any one part of the application that is examined more closely than others? Or are they all weighted equally?
Krista -> Sireesha08 Hi Sireesha08: Thanks for your question! We take a holistic approach to the application. We appreciate authenticity throughout the entire application! Be yourself and be confident in the application you put forward, that's most important.
mbey -> Krista I'm taking the GMAT in March but want to apply for a fall start date. Can I apply and be considered right away?
Krista -> mbey Hi mbey: Yes, since we have rolling admissions you can apply whenever you're ready. You will receive a decision from Booth within 4-6 weeks after you submit your application. We look forward to receiving your application!
Dave -> Carolyn Thank you, Carolyn. If I take four courses a quarter, how does the schedule works out in Weekend MBA?
Carolyn -> Dave Hi Dave- that would require your presence here every Friday. Many weekend students take three courses a quarter by registering for the Friday evening class (6:00 - 9:00), Saturday morning class (9:00 - 12:00), and Saturday afternoon class (1:30 - 4:30). You could sneak a fourth class in there if you were able to be in Chicago early Friday and take a morning or afternoon class down in Hyde Park. Be warned, that type of schedule will be exhausting!
Sam_C. -> Nico Are students assigned one advisor through the CRC or do they meet with various advisors based on availability?
Nico -> Sam_C. Hi Sam_C. You are not assigned a career resource advisor when you start the program, but once you work with an advsior, you can continue working with the same individual.
Amritha -> Beth Are there opportunities for E/W students to get involved in any community work in and around Chicago through Booth?
Beth -> Amritha Our Student Advisory Council hosts several Booth gives Back events (Habitat for Humanity build, lunch at Ronald McDonald house are some recent examples) for students to give back to their community. We have the Booth Social Impact group (http://groups.chicagobooth.edu/social/home/) which facilitates additional ways for our students to give back. Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) will be hosting their On Board Conference in late Feb, which is open to everyone. For more information, please visit http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/events/onboard/on-board-2015
PAMIN -> Kara Is there a link to the Booth Weekend MBA salary statistics posted anywhere?
Kara -> PAMIN Pamin, this information is not available online. I am happy to set up a call to share details. Salary range is wide based on industry, function, and one's level of experience. Send me a note, and we can set a time to speak in the coming weeks. My email is Kara.Northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Gia -> Nico Hi, my question is if I start in the part time porgram, can switch to the full time program?
Nico -> Gia Hi Gia. You are unable to transfer from the Part-time MBA program to the Full-time MBA program and vice-versa.
Erik -> Beth What percentage of admitted students choose to attend Booth?
Beth -> Erik Erik, the vast majority of our admitted students join Chicago Booth!
Mehdi -> Krista Carolyn , Which one is acceptable? IELTS or Tofel?
Krista -> Mehdi Hi Mehdi: We accept either test for your application. For more information, take a look here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/international/english-exams
Sam_C. -> Carolyn For on-campus recruiting, is there any waiver that an employer must sign to allow a student they are sponsoring to participate?
Carolyn -> Sam_C. Hi Sam_C- Yes, if you receive financial support in excess of $8,000 a year from your employer, then you will need to submit a letter from your employer asserting that your participation in on-campus recruiting does not violate corporate policy.
Amritha -> Krista Can one apply to the evening MBA, but take weekend MBA courses and vice-versa?
Krista -> Amritha Hi Amritha: Yes, you are able to take classes outside of your program at a later phase of registration. It's a very easy process and many students take advantage of this opportunity to take classes across programs!
Sireesha08 -> Nico Hi, are there any discounted hotel rates you offer for students who are commuting out of Chicago?
Nico -> Sireesha08 Hi Sireesha08. Yes, we do offer discounted hotel rates. You can find them here: http://job.chicagobooth.edu/docs/Hotel_Program.pdf
Sam_C. -> Carolyn What opportunities are there for PT, FT, and Exec students to socialize while at Booth?
Carolyn -> Sam_C. Hi Sam-C- they are myriad! We open a vast majority of our Evening and Weekend student events to the other populations, and vice versa. It is more of a challenge to identify opportunities with Exec students due to their unique schedule, but we're always trying!
LucasLMoino -> Beth As an expat working in the US, am I still considered an international student? Also, should I need any additional authorization (or type of visa), besides my L1A to enroll?
Beth -> LucasLMoino You would just need to list your visa status as work visa in your application.
James_Gorrell -> Krista How impactful is a student's past business education on their Booth experience? Would a student who studied business in undergrad have a significant advantage over a student with a non-business background? I'm curious how important a business foundation is to one's success at Booth.
Krista -> James_Gorrell Hi James_Gorrell: Applicants with a business background do not have a distinct advantage over students with non-business backgrounds. We appreciate diversity in our classrooms and many of our students do not have prior business education.
PAMIN -> Carolyn Can you describe the typical workload for weekend MBA students?
Carolyn -> PAMIN Hi PAMIN- that varies tremendously based upon the courses in which you're enrolled. We have many resources available that will allow you to accurately gauge the time commitment of each course to assist you in planning your schedule each quarter to make sure you keep it manageable for you given your other commitments.
Neil.Fernandes -> Kara What is the typical course load for a PT evening student if he or she tried to complete the program in 3 years? Is there a minimum number of courses that need to be taken per quarter in order to be considered an enrolled student?
Kara -> Neil.Fernandes Most students take 2 courses per quarter. If you take two courses each quarter consecutively, you finish in 2.5 years. Three years is average completion, as some students take one course a quarter or two and/or take a quarter or two off.
Neil.Fernandes -> Beth If I am a US permanent resident and have earned a MSEE degree from a US based university, but a bachelors degree from India, am I still considered an international applicant and need to take English proficiency exams such as the TOEFL?
Beth -> Neil.Fernandes Since you have earned a degree from a US-based institution, you are exempt from the TOEFL.
jay -> Nico Can you provide a schedule of when each quarter begins and ends?
Nico -> jay Hi Jay. You can find all academic dates here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics
Sam_C. -> Kara Besides as part of the Admissions Committee, what are the other ways an alumnus can stay involved at Booth?
Kara -> Sam_C. Sam, alumni can also participate in admissions events across the US and world and also be an alumni ambassador. In addition, we have alumni clubs all over the world and many other alumni special interest groups you can get involved with.
Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. As a reminder, the deadline for both Evening MBA and Weekend MBA for the Spring 2015 quarter is this Friday, Jan 9. We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, please email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Nico -> Everyone Thank you all for stopping by! We hope to see you at our next information session on January 9, you can register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Jay J -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today! As I already mentioned to some of you, if you want to be put in touch with a current student/alumni ambassador in your city, feel free to get in touch with me at jay.jacobs@chicagobooth.edu.
Krista -> Everyone Thanks for joining today! For those of you interested in Chicago Business Fellows Evening or Weekend MBA, we have the early decision deadline coming up on January 23rd! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our office at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Carolyn -> Everyone Thanks everyone! I hope to see you at Booth Women Connect on the 24th, or another event geared for prospects sometime very soon!
Kara -> Everyone Thank you for joining today's chat! Great questions. We look forward to working with you all as you continue your research and move through the application process.
Moderator -> Everyone Our session has now ended. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @BoothEveWknd for updates and information about the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, January 9, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats