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Live Chat with Admissions directors for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs

Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth and other Admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin in 5 minutes. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
George -> EveryoneHello everyone. We are here with lunch and The Black Keys radio channel on Pandora. Besides that, what excites us most is answering all of your questions about the MBA, Chicago Booth, or any other philosophical life questions.
Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Kara -> EveryoneWelcome to our chat! I am Kara Northcutt, director of admissions. We look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs and the application process.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, associate director and I'm available to answer your application-related questions.
Nico -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I am Nico Ricchiuto, admissions manager. I manage Information Sessions and the Class Visit program. Please feel free to ask me any application related questions!
Rushi -> EveryoneWhat are the benefits of obtaining a part-time MBA if networking resources are not available to part-time students?
Rushi -> KaraIs there a list of courses that students can take via the Graduate Students at Large Business program and count for credit for Evening MBA program? Specifically, are there required evening MBA classes that can be taken via that program?
Kara -> RushiRushi, we suggest you take foundation courses such as financial accounting, business statistics and/or financial accounting. Up to three GSAL courses will transfer into the MBA once admitted. We like to see grades of B+ and higher.
Stephanie -> Panelist(s)Hello! Thank you for holding this session. On the application, it says that you would like two letters of recommendation. Can I submit more than two recommendation letters, or will only two be considered?
Krista -> EveryoneThank you for joining today! I'm Krista McNamara, assistant director and I'm available to answer your questions regarding our programs and specifically the Chicago Business Fellows program!
Rushi -> KristaWho are the best people to ask for the 2nd Recommendation Letter, assuming 1st is provided by current supervisor?
Krista -> RushiHi Rushi, We recommend either choosing a colleague, previous supervisor or someone from outside of work who you work closely with at an organization, etc...
Rushi -> NicoCan students in the Evening MBA program take classes on Weekends?
Nico -> RushiHi Rushi. Yes, Evening MBA students are able to take classes on Saturdays. However, students do not have priority registering for courses outside of their home program.
nikkischutz -> EveryoneHello! Thank you so much for hosting this chat today! Regarding course availability for the Evening MBA, are there comprehensive lists of the evening and weekend courses offered within each concentration and the frequency at which they're offered? Thanks!
Rushi -> GeorgeCan you talk about the benefits of using the 529 Savings Plan to pay for MBA at Booth?
George -> RushiAlthough contributions are not deductible from the donor's federal income tax liability, many states provide state income tax deductions for all or part of the contributions of the donor. Beyond the potential state income tax deduction possibilities, a prime benefit of the 529 plan is that the principal grows tax-deferred and distributions for the beneficiary's college costs are exempt from tax.
Stephanie -> KristaHello! Thank you for holding this session. On the application, it says that you would like two letters of recommendation. Can I submit more than two recommendation letters, or will only two be considered?
Krista -> StephanieHi Stephanie, you are welcome to have a third letter submitted on your behalf. We will read all letters that are submitted!
Micah_B. -> EveryoneFor students enrolled in the evening MBA program, is it possible to take courses outside of the business program (ie; leverage courses from other programs at University of Chicago)?
Desi -> EveryoneHello! Thank you for hosting this event! Are students allowed to switch between their first choice once admitted to the part time MBA path - i.e. between evening and weekend mode?
James -> KaraHello. I wanted to see if there has been any determination in the last year or so on how Booth views the Integreated Reasoning Section of the GMAT when considering applicants?
Kara -> JamesJames, great question. While the IR and AWA are important, we focus more on your total score.
Geoff -> Panelist(s)I have a question related to Rushi’s question.

If you have only been in your current role for a few months, would you still like to see a letter of recommendation from the current manager?
Shadab -> GeorgeHello Geroge, I have around 3 years of working experience. Would that be enough to apply for MBA or do you have strict rules for 5 year experience?
George -> Shadab5 is our average, but we have people in the program with two and some with twenty seven. You will be fine applying with three.
Krista -> EveryoneHi Geoff, If you would be more comfortable having your previous manager write a letter instead of your new supervisor, that is completely fine! You have the chance to explain why you chose each individual.
Shadab -> BethWhats the average GMAT score that is acceptable and I have around 3 years of experience. Is that ok to apply
Krista -> EveryoneHi Micah, Yes you are able to take 6 university-wide classes while at Booth!
Mehdi -> BethHiWhich one you accept ? IELTS or Tofel?
Beth -> MehdiWe accept both. For more information, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international/english-exams
Veronica -> NicoThank you for hosting the chat session. I currently live in Indiana, but I work in the downtown Chicago area (not too far from Booth). Will my home address be a factor in the application process?
Nico -> VeronicaHi Veronica. Thank you for joining us today. No, your address will not be a factor in the application process.
Geoff -> GeorgeI have a question related to Rushi’s question.

If you have only been in your current role for a few months, would you still like to see a letter of recommendation from the current manager?
George -> GeoffYou should pick someone who knows you well. However, if you do not use your current manager you need to tell us why. You can let us know that you have only been working for the individual for a very brief time.
Robert_Wilson -> KristaGood afternoon. I'm eager to learn more about the opportunities at Booth. Regarding the weekend program, for those that fly in to town to attend, how do students handle flight delays/cancellations? Is there a way to recieve audio or video for missed lectures?
Krista -> Robert_WilsonHi Robert, You are able to work with your instructor to either have the lecture recorded (for major weather delays) or receive notes from a classmate. Professors are willing to work with you when unforeseen circumstances occur.
Moderator -> EveryoneIf you haven't received a response, please re-submit your questions now. Thank you.
Veronica -> BethI've never taken the GMAC test. Can you provide additional information regarding testing dates/locations?
Beth -> VeronicaVeronica, for more information on the GMAT and to find testing locations near you, please visit http://www.mba.com.
Krista -> EveryoneHi James, You are welcome to use the optional essay to explain a personal event and how that impacted your GMAT score.
Desi -> BethHello! I would like to know what is the difference between the evening and weekend MBA - i.e. academic or just the time when the classes are held?
Beth -> DesiDesi, thank you for joining us today. The curriculum/faculty/degree for both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are the same. The Evening MBA classes meet weekday 6:00-9:00pm and Weekend MBA classes are Saturday 9am-noon and/or 1:30-4:30pm.
Erik -> NicoHello, can you speak more about Grad Student at Large? Specifically, the ease and process of transferring in classes from another school?
Nico -> ErikHi Erik. Up to three GSAL courses will transfer into the MBA once admitted. We like to see grades of B+ and higher. Once you begin the MBA, transferring your GSAL classes are very easy.
YYL -> KristaHello, Thank you for your time. I have a question about the TOEFL and GMAT. I took the both exams a few years ago and used it when I applied my master degree program. Now I have completed my master degree in the US, and my scores have been expired. Also, I've worked in the US for 4 years up to now. Can you let me know if I still need to take TOEFL and GMAT in order to apply your weekend MBA program? Thanks
Krista -> YYLHi YYL, Since you have lived in the US for over 2 years, you do not need to submit your TOEFL scores. Your GMAT scores are valid for 5 years so you can use your scores if it is still withing this time frame.
Jim01 -> BethAre folks who have been in contract type positions at a disadvantage over those who have been in/are in a permanent position?
Beth -> Jim01Jim, good question. Unless it is specifically called out in your application, it is not something we would look for. We look at your work experience and how it relates to why you want to get an MBA. You will not be at a disadvantage at all.
Erik -> NicoHello, can you speak more to the GSAL program? Specifically, the process of taking classes at another school and transferring them in?
Nico -> ErikHi, Erik. I would like to mention that Chicago Booth does not accept transfer credits from other institutions.
Stephanie -> KaraI travel about 10-20% of the time at my job. I would like to apply for the Evening program, however, there will almost certainly be classes I will have to miss. Generally, how flexible are the professors about switching which day you need to attend a class (or even that weekend)?
Kara -> StephanieStephanie, many of our EVE students travel and have to miss a class from time to time. There are typically 2-3 sections of each course offered throughout the week and the faculty give the exact same lecture. Therefore, you can typically make up the class during a different section.
Bharath -> KristaHi Booth Team - Thank you for hosting the chat session. I have a question on job opportunities later on. Based on your experience, how successful have H-1B visa holders who have done Evening/Weekend MBA been in landing jobs with other companies...
Krista -> BharathHi Bharath, We do not have current statistics on this information. Feel free to email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu with this question and we will work with our Career Services team to find an answer!
Amit -> GeorgeHi George, what course would you recommend for someone with 13 yrs experience in middle management - part time or executive mba?
Micah_B. -> NicoI live in California, but am planning on relocating to Chicago. When I submit my application do I need to do anything besides select the Evening MBA (to indicate I will be moving)? I work as part of a global team working virtually (from home), so my employer fully supports my relocation.
Nico -> Micah_B.Hi Micah_B. Yes, just open an application Evening MBA application, and you are all set!
nikkischutz -> KristaHello! Thank you for hosting this chat! Regarding cours availability for the Evening MBA, are there comprehensive lists available of all the courses offered within each concentration and the frequency at which they're offered
Krista -> nikkischutzHi Nikki! There is a course search available here:
Yousuf -> KaraI know that the GMAT scale for students that have been admitted is 620-750. Would you consider a score that falls below 620 to be low and need to be explained in the optional essay?
Kara -> YousufYousuf, If it is something you would like to explain, it can only help to address this in the optional essay. It is better to explain to the committee rather than not mention and be left wishing you would had.
Shadab -> GeorgeThanks George, I am currently working and will be applying for a part time MBA. In case I change my mind and want to go full time. Can I switch over to a full time MBA from part-time?
George -> ShadabIn the part-time program you can take a full-time load (three or more classes) but you do not actually become part of the full-time program.
Krista -> YousufHi Yousuf, you are welcome to apply the day of the deadline! The application will be open until 11:59 p.m. CST.
Arnold_Lebrilla -> NicoI live in CA. For those planning to travel to Chicago for the Weekend MBA, does Booth offer flight and hotel booking assistance/discounts?
Nico -> Arnold_LebrillaHi Arnold_Lebrilla. Good question. We do not offer any flight assistance, however, we do offer hotel discounts through our "Preferred Hotel Program." http://job.chicagobooth.edu/docs/Hotel_Program.pdf
EKS15 -> KaraHello: from my understanding the business school does not grade on a strict curve (like law schools do). Can you provide average grades for the evening/weekend program? Is there a program wide approach to grading? this is relevant as my employer provides tuition reimbursement based on grades
Kara -> EKS15Booth does grade on a curve. The average grade is 3.33 across all sections of a course.
Sov -> BethHi, I am Sov. I am interested in the Weekend MBA program. I found that one can take 3 courses/ quarter. Does that mean that he/she can complete the entire course in 7 quarters i.e. less than 2 years, even on part-time?
Beth -> SovSov, it really depends on your schedule. If you are only able to take classes on Saturday, then you will be unable to speed up your degree. If you could take classes Friday night (6:00-9:00pm) [or another weeknight] in addition to the two classes on Saturday, you could certainly speed up your degree. I would recommend starting with two classes in your first quarter and working with our academic advisor to talk about your work-life balance.
Jeff -> KristaCan you speak a bit to the number of weekend students who need to fly in for classes from other geographic locations and, generally, how "well" that works?
Krista -> JeffHi Jeff, 80% of our weekend students do not live in Illinois. They travel by bus, train, plane and car to come to class each weekend. If you would like to get in touch with a current Weekend student to hear about their experience with travel, please email our hotline eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can connect you!
Stephanie -> GeorgeI travel 10-20% of my time at my job. I would like to apply for the Evening program, however, I am sure that there would be classes I would not be able to attend. Generally, how flexible are professors about letting you attend a class on a different day or over the weekend?
George -> StephanieVery flexible. If you let them know that you will be gone most all faculty will allow you to attend another section.
Vishnu -> NicoGood Afternoon everyone.Is GMAT mandatory? Is there a way to change from weekend to evening if my circumstances change and I move to Chicago?
Nico -> VishnuHi Vishnu. It is required for applicants to submit either a valid GMAT or GRE score. Also, you are able to transfer from Weekend MBA to Evening MBA one time while at Booth.
Desi_N -> NicoIs GMAT preferable over GRE? I have only GRE score at this point.
Nico -> Desi_NHi Desi_N. We accept GMAT and GRE scores equally. We have no preference.
Stephanie -> KristaI am considering applying for the CBF program since I will have about 3 years of experience this fall. I assume the average GPA and GMAT scores are more competitive for the program, since there is not as much work experience. Do you know the average GPA and GMAT scores for those accepted into CBF?
Krista -> StephanieHi Stephanie, the average GPA is a 3.3 and average GMAT is a 700 for the CBF program.
Geoff -> GeorgeIf you are not eligible to receive all available career services when you start the MBA due to employer reimbursement. And your situation changes at some point after you have begun taking courses. Can you later utilize the career services?
George -> GeoffIf you are no longer employed at that employer, or they allow you to pursue it later due to a change in your employment agreement with them, then you can take full advantage of all career services. You are only tied to the employer who offers you the reimbursement. If that changes then you are no longer held to that contract.
Rakesh -> BethHello, I have question related to Jim01 regarding contract type positions, who would you recommend we obtain a recommendation letter from?
Beth -> RakeshRakesh, if you have a direct supervisor, I would recommend utilizing them for one. For the additional letters, you can use clients, coworkers, etc. As long as you explain who you chose (which we ask you to do in the application), it won't be a problem who you use for your recommendation letters.
Matt -> KaraIn general how are factors such as test scores, work experience, recommendations and undergrad coursework weighted against each other?
Kara -> MattMatt, we look at all components of your application on an even weight. Your academic history, test scores, letters of rec, essays, resume and interview are all equally important.
AnnaW -> NicoI'm very interested in contributing to the research centers at Booth, particularly the Polsky center and Social Enterprise Initiative. Would this collaboration be available to Weekend students?
Nico -> AnnaWHi AnnaW. Both the Polsky center and Social Enterprise Initiative are available to Weekend MBA students, however, neither centers are open on Saturdays.
Allen_Chen -> KristaHi Krista, is it possible for undergraduate student to apply for full time MBA right after graduation? Is the working experience counted only for post-graduation experience? (e.g. someone might have gap year placement work experience)
Krista -> Allen_ChenHi Allen, Yes, you can apply to the full-time program then. The average years of work experience for the full-time program is 5 years. A snapshot of the class is located here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time#simple2 If you have specific questions for the full-time program, I encourage you to email their admissions office at admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Desi_N -> NicoIs it possible to take some classes from Chicago Booth London, and continue in Chicago the same program at a later strage? I am currently living in London?
Nico -> Desi_NHi Desi_N. It is not possible to take classes from Chicago Booth London and continue in Chicago.
Mehdi -> BethBeth , What years of work experience is required for admission? Work experience will be evaluated?
Beth -> MehdiWhile we do not have a minimum requirement for work experience, this is a program designed for working professionals. Our students have, on average, between 5-6 years of full-time work experience. If you have less than the average, I would recommend discussing your work experience in your optional essay and how it relates to your MBA goals.
Mehdi -> KristaKrista ,Please explain about the cost of education?
Krista -> MehdiHi Mehdi, tuition is billed per class each quarter. An outline of our tuition and fees is located here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Micah_B. -> GeorgeAside from exceptional academics and professors, it seems flexibility of specialization is one of the ways Booth differentiates itself from peers. In what other ways does Booth set itself apart?
George -> Micah_B.We know we have the most flexible MBA program out there. Also, from the data we have gathered we believe we have more part-time student groups than any school. We also have the largest career service group working for part-time students. Finally, we are one of the only schools that has a commitment to offering the same education to all students. We mandate that the same faculty teach in all programs. You will not get secondary faculty teaching you in the evening or Saturday. You get the same faculty teaching the full-time.
Wenzhang -> NicoHi, I have one question regarding career opportunity. Will part-time MBA has equal opportunity as the full time MBA?
Nico -> WenzhangHi Wenzhang. Yes, part-time MBA has equal opportunity as the full time MBA as far as careers. All programs have access to our career services at Booth, and we post over 5,000 jobs that are available to students and alumni. Also, you can use the career coaching and resources in the career center forever.
Arnold_Lebrilla -> KristaWhat financial assistance, scholarships, or merit-based fellowship programs are available for Part-Time/Weekend MBA students?
Krista -> Arnold_LebrillaHi Arnold: All students are eligible for financial aid through federal and private loans. We are unable to offer scholarships and fellowships to part-time students since a majority of our students are working full-time. Students oftentimes use a combination of personal savings, company reimbursement and financial aid to pay for their education.
Sov -> BethDoes being a part-time student bring any disadvantage at OCR from the stand point of the recruiters?
jack -> Bethhow do you view quant vs verbal scores as pieces of the total score? does one carry more weight than the other?
Beth -> jackWe take a holistic approach when reviewing test scores and will focus on your total score.
Rushi -> KristaAre students expected to meet outside of class to complete team assignments? What kind of team work is expected for the weekend MBA program?
Krista -> RushiHi Rushi, A large part of Booth classes is teamwork. Students choose to either meet in person or virtually depending on their work schedules. Weekend students will conference call and use Google tools to complete projects together when they cannot be on campus.
Jim01 -> NicoIs there a start option for January 2015?
Nico -> Jim01Hi Jim 01. Yes, there is an option to start in January 2015. You can see our deadlines here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions
Shadab -> NicoNico, what is the average for GRE
Nico -> ShadabHi Shadab. Since we have not accepted GRE for very long, we do not have any average scores yet.
Vishnu -> BethWhat are the approx. total costs associated to tuition and books for the weekend program? can I get some help covering some of it?
Beth -> VishnuFor a breakdown of tuition and other costs associated with the program, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid. Students spend on average between $200-300 per quarter on books. Yes, your student loans can be used to cover these costs.
OlgaRus -> NicoWhat is a total cost of the weekend MBA program?
Nico -> OlgaRusHi OlgaRus. The program is 20 courses and each course costs $6,076. You can find more information on program expenses here:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Rushi -> KaraHow much team work is required for courses in the weekend program? Ex: Are there assignments that require students to meet outside of classroom?
Kara -> RushiRushi, while teamwork will not be required, you will likely have a study group in each course. You can meet during the lunch hour between class. We have a large number of study rooms you can reserve for group work. However, most group work is done via email, google docs, wechat and other online resources. Even our Chicago-based students meet remotely to fit group work into their schedules.
OlgaRus -> BethDo you offer any type of accelerated MBA programs?
Beth -> OlgaRusWhile 20 courses are required for the degree for all students, you can accelerate the program based on your schedule, as you can speed up or slow down as you see fit. While most of our students take 2 courses per quarter, you can take more classes provided it works with your schedule.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Micah_B. -> NicoAre part-time students able to leverage the London and Singapore campuses in any way, or are these resources reserved for those enrolled in the full-time program?
Nico -> Micah_B.Hi Micah_B. Executive MBA students are actually required to spend time at the London and Singapore campuses, however, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are currently unable.
Shadab -> BethI have read that volunteer work where you can demonstrate you leadership ability is considered a plus. I have recently joined a volunteer organisation. Would that be taken into consideration or do you see how long the person has been associated with the org ?
Beth -> ShadabShadab, we would absolutely take your volunteer experience into consideration. We would look at both aspects - how long you've been involved in the organization but also what kind of involvement you've done.
Jim01 -> KaraReferencing the earlier question about the curves, I know that NYU Stern curve wherein the yield for A's is capped at 35% - is that similar to what Booth uses?
Kara -> Jim01There is no cap for A's, the faculty just have to end up with a 3.33 average. They have flexibility on the distribution.
Krista -> ErikHi Erik, Marissa Mann has a great story! You can see her profile and interviews here:
http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/ewviewbook/#Marissa She landed a job at Clorox in San Francisco after graduation.
Robert_Wilson -> GeorgeWhat are the differences between the full-time and part-time programs regarding access to on-campus recruiting, career services, and alumni access?
George -> Robert_WilsonNo differences in alumni access. You have access to all alumni.
You have access to all career services. You can attend all the workshops and training sessions.
As for full-time job placement: You can again go through all of the workshops and career coaching. However, if you want to actually sign up for one of the on-campus job interview slots, and if you received tuition reimbursement from your company then you would need to get permission from your company to participate. If you have not received tuition reimbursement then you can even interview on campus. Additionally, even if you cannot go through on campus recruiting, we have over 5,000 jobs posted on our Global Talent Search that is open to all students.
Internships: The only significant difference is internship recruiting. Internship recruiting is for full-time students only and not available to part-time students. Again, if you are interested in an internship, there are over 300 internships posted on Global Talent Search that part-time students apply for.
Krista -> nikkischutzHi Nikki, Yes, we look at your application for the CBF program and if we decide you might be a better fit for the regular Evening program we will discuss this with you. You will be considered for the same application period!
db24 -> NicoHello all! is it 'feasible' to get courses of my choice ( focusing on a finance major) as a part of the '6 additional courses ' offered by the Weekend MBA program
Nico -> db24Hi db24. Good question. Yes, students taking those additional 6 courses very often get into the courses of their choice. It is worth mentioning that we give students access to registration history ahead of time. This way you are able to calculate the likelihood of obtaining a class.
Nico -> MarcyHi Marcy. As long as you are able to express your reasons in your essay questions, you should not have anything to worry about.
Jamesmcelher -> KaraIf a particular section of class is rather difficult, what sources does Booth have to tackle this? How available are teachers and TAs to help explain in greater detail?
Kara -> JamesmcelherYou can access tutoring resources. Many classes do have TAs who are available to assist throughout the quarter. In addition, many classes have additional review sessions before midterms and finals. Faculty are also available to set up in person meetings to review concepts.
Desi_N -> BethWhat is the maximum time allowed to complete the MBA - take all 20 classes?
Beth -> Desi_NYou have 5 years to complete the MBA.
Vishnu -> NicoCan I schedule few min and talk to one of you to discuss specific questions apply to me. Thank you. I appreciate email response if you can't answer this in the alloted time.
Nico -> VishnuHi Vishnu. Please email our hotline at EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu, and we will set something up.
Benny -> KristaHi, I'm in the UWM MBA program and I'm planning to move to Chicago in this summer hopefully, so I was wondering what are the conditions or requirements for transferring credits?
Krista -> BennyHi Benny, thanks for your question! Students must complete all 20 courses at Booth, we are unable to accept transfer credits from other institutions.
Yousuf -> KristaI am currently applying to the CBF Weekend MBA. Does having a professional charter help my application?
Krista -> YousufHi Yousuf, yes a professional charter reflects well on an application. I encourage you to include this as a part of your application.
Arnaud -> NicoIn general, what are you all on admissions looking for from the two letters of recommendation?
Nico -> ArnaudHi Arnaud. One professional recommendation from a supervisor - It is preferred that you select a current manager/boss/supervisor. We are seeking objectivity in the letter and we want to hear from someone who can assess both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you work for a family business or you own your own company, please try to secure a letter from a client or a bank that does business with you.
A second letter that can be professional in nature or from an organization, club, or volunteer project that you are associated with -These letters give us a different perspective on your skillsets outside of your professional environment. There is no preference in regard to who supplies your second letter of recommendation; our only guideline is that it should add new and valuable insights to your application.
vishnuk -> BethI plan on applying for the Fall 2014 cohort but if, for any reason, I do have to reapply for the Spring 2015 cohort, will I have to resubmit all the required documents and re-answer questions already in the Fall 2014 application?
Beth -> vishnukYou will need to complete a new application, submit one new letter of recommendation, update your resume, complete the re-applicant essay question to be considered for the Spring 2015. It is to your advantage to update your information and let us know what has changed/updated.
Micah_B. -> GeorgeI have only 4 years of post-graduation experience, but they has been working for a Fortune 50 tech company. I have held a number of leadership positions, developed new products, and now Product Manage a line of software with ~$15m yearly revenue. Should I use the extra essay to examine my shorter than average work experience, or simply let my required essays speak to my career progress?
George -> Micah_B.Your call. If you feel you were unable to convey your strengths in the regular essays and feel that your shorter work experience is still an outstanding issue the optional essay is a great way to address that.
Nico -> SovHi Sov. It is up to the Faculty in deciding if a class will be recorded. However, you are very often able to attend classes in other section if you miss yours/
Rushi -> KaraThank you for your responses. I am a little confused between Krista's and Kara's response to my previous question. Is teamwork a large part of the program or is it not required but recommended?
Kara -> RushiRushi, what we are trying to say is that it really depends and you have choice. Some classes require teamwork. If this is important to you, you can take those classes. If not, you can choose courses not requiring teamwork. Again, even in those courses where it is not required, many have a study group to help review concepts.
Mike -> BethI had a question about undergraduate GPA. I transfered during undergrad and was curious if the Booth class profile GPA is cumulative from all schools or only the school you completed your bachelors?
Beth -> MikeIt really depends on the institution. We utilize the graduating school's GPA when calculating the GPA for our one-pager fact sheet, but some schools do include transfer GPAs in and some do not.
Stephanie -> KristaOther than the additional class required in the first quarter for CBF, are there any other differences in that program?
Krista -> StephanieHi Stephanie - Yes, the non-credit professional development seminar is the only added component in CBF.
Desi_N -> KristaHow many classes should an inernational student take per quarter in order to remain in good standing?
Krista -> Desi_NHi Desi, If you would like to take out financial aid, student need to be enrolled in at least two courses. You are not required to take a certain number of classes per quarter. Some students choose to take 1 class per quarter or take quarters off if they need to.
Desi_N -> NicoAre there prerequisites like more advanced classes in math - i.e. - calculus for finance concentrations?
Erik -> KristaIf I were to take a GSAL class at Graham, but was not admitted into Booth, would it be possible for that class to transfer out?
Krista -> ErikHi Erik, up to three GSAL courses will transfer to Booth. Additionally, these courses will count at other institutions as well.
A.Carter -> NicoHi, if you're a CBF applicant, are you able to apply for Spring 2015 or are applications only accepted in the fall
Nico -> A.CarterHi A.Carter. CBF application are only admitted in the Autumn quarter.
db24 -> GeorgeThanks ! Can you please point me to a link where i can find the employment report for Evening/ Weekend programs ( i have gone through the overall employment report which is very impressive ).
George -> db24We do not have a published report. However, we do have data available and would be glad to share it. will you please write us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we would be glad to provide you all the data we have.
Nico -> CarlosMiguelHi Carlos Miguel. You can find all of our TOEFL requirements here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/international/english-exams
Marcy -> BethIs there a part time jd/mba program offered at Booth?
Beth -> MarcyMarcy, while there is an option for part-time students to earn the JD/MBA, the law school classes are all held on the Hyde Park campus during the day. If your schedule permits you the flexibility to take those classes, then you can complete JD/MBA.
Yousuf -> KristaWhen can I expect a decision on my CBF Fall 2014 application?
Krista -> YousufHi Yousuf, You will receive a decision within a month after the deadline!
Sov -> NicoWhat's the average GMAT score for weekend MBA students?
Nico -> SovHi Sov. Our average GMAT is about a 680.
OlgaRus -> NicoDo you accept any courses/credits taken at different school?
Nico -> OlgaRusHi OlgaRus. No, we do not accept any transfer credits from other institutions.
Yousuf -> BethDo you all classes in calculating undergrad GPA or just the upper level classes?
Adam45 -> NicoWhat si the mini and maxi duration of this program,
Nico -> Adam45Hi Adam45. Really the pace is up to you. 2.5 to 3 years seems to be the average, but you have up to 5 years to complete the program.
Shadab -> NicoIs internship counted as credit towards your graduation?
Nico -> ShadabHi Shadab. Good question. No, we do not offer credit for internships.
Keith -> NicoIs an applicant's most recent job history weighted more heavily than earlier jobs? The financial crisis of 2008-2010 was tough on me, but I now have a much better job I've been at for five years. Is a period of unemployment during 2009 going to negatively affect me?
Nico -> KeithHi Keith. This is a great point to touch on in your essay portion of the application. What you are doing now always stands out more.
Arnaud -> BethIn general, what are you all on admissions looking for from the two letters of recommendation?
Beth -> ArnaudArnaud, the letters of recommendation give our office an outside perspective on your candidacy. The more information your recommender can provide on you, the more it will help your application.
Adam45 -> NicoCan we switch between kind of MBA?
Nico -> Adam45Hi Adam 45. You are able to transfer from the Evening MBA to the Weekend MBA and vice versa one time throughout the program. You are unable to transfer from part-time to full-time.
Wenzhang -> GeorgeI heard that employers might have different perceptions on students who are part time vs full time MBA. Is it true?
Shadab -> BethAre there any written samples for SOP's specifically for Booth. I am looking for a format?
Beth -> ShadabBooth has many standard operating procedures. Could you be more specific as to what you are looking for?
nikkischutz -> NicoAre you absolutely required to attend an information session prior to requesting a class visit?
Nico -> nikkischutzHi nikkischutz. No, we do not require you to attend an info session before requesting a class visit.
Ravi -> NicoHi, Can you share information on what % of the applications you receive in a year for the part time program are admitted to the part time program.
Nico -> RaviHi Ravi. Unfortunately, that is not a statistic we release.
Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
Shadab -> NicoDo internships carry any credits?
Nico -> ShadabHi Shadab. No, internships do not carry credit.
vishnuk -> KaraThank you for taking the time to answer my question. I am interested in applying to the Weekend MBA option and I am interested in the IMBA program. Do part-time students participate in this program and if so can you speak to the costs(time commitmen,etc.)/benefits?
Kara -> vishnukVishnuk, yes, you are eligible to be in the IMBA program. As an IMBA student, you are required to study abroad for a full term, attain the international business concentration and show high proficiency in another language. If your schedule allows you to study abroad for a full term, then an IMBA is viable. The full term study abroad is typically the most changeling requirement for part time students.
Allen_Chen -> GeorgeThanks for the advice, Krista. I'm currently a gap year student in central london and I will return to university in UK for my final year in the coming October. 1. Regarding the language test, do I need to re-test the Ielts if I have an undergraduate degree in UK? 2. When would be the best time for me to apply for the Full Time MBA in autumn next year as I haven't completely finished my undergra degree here in UK but I believe that my credentials are enough for me to apply for MBA at Booth?
George -> Allen_ChenIf you finished a degree that was taught in English you need not take a language test.
The full-time application is not up yet for the next year, but when it is, I recommend trying to make round one if possible. You should wait until after graduation to apply, as they will not consider your application while you are still in your undergrad studies.
Rushi -> KaraIs the average GMAT score for evening MBA students the same as that of weekend MBA Students? About 680?
Kara -> RushiThe average is around 680-690 for the Weekend MBA.
Erik -> KristaDoes the CBF program only admit once per year? Not on a rolling basis?
vishnuk -> NicoI have official transcripts already mailed out to Booth after speaking to an admissions representative but the application asks for the pdf scan of an unofficial copy. Should I explain this in the optional essay?
Nico -> vishnukHi vishnuk. No, since you have mailed your official transcripts in, that requirement has been fulfilled.
Shadab -> BethBeth, by SOP I meant, Statement of Purpose or the letter?
Beth -> ShadabThank you for the clarification. There is no preferred format for the essays. If you are referring to the letters of recommendation, we provide structure and guidelines to your recommender.
Lisi -> GeorgeHow much time do you have to decide on a focus within the program? Also, how much guidance is provided to help determine the right focus?
George -> LisiWe will give you as much guidance as needed. We have 12 people on staff who are here to assist, as well as a full cadre of career service staff. Moreover, you never officially have to commit to a focus. A concentration is something that you get after taking a set of courses. You get it if you complete the classes. You do not have to pursue any specific concentration and can change your focus anytime.
vishnuk -> BethI have worked full-time for close to 5 years and I was wondering if, in the application and in particular the resume, you are looking to hear about my co-ops and internships while in college as well?
Beth -> vishnukWhile you are welcome to include those, we are more interested in your full-time post-graduate work experience. Feel free to include those in your extracurricular activities.
vishnuk -> NicoCan you speak to what goes on in the 3 day LAUNCH event? and what does LAUNCH stand for, if anything?
Nico -> vishnukHi vishnuk. Good questions. You are put into cohorts of fellow incoming students. The whole event is very experiential. The majority of the time is dedicated to new student leadership programming.
Jim01 -> GeorgeIf someone is accepted, how long do they have to commit?
George -> Jim01Jim, on average 10 days. If you need more time, and we can hold the seat, we will grant extensions.
Shadab -> NicoI am new to this country, and can get a letter of recommendation from my current supervisor. Who could be the other person I could ask?
Nico -> ShadabShadab. It is preferred that you select a current manager/boss/supervisor. We are seeking objectivity in the letter and we want to hear from someone who can assess both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you work for a family business or you own your own company, please try to secure a letter from a client or a bank that does business with you.
A second letter that can be professional in nature or from an organization, club, or volunteer project that you are associated with -These letters give us a different perspective on your skillsets outside of your professional environment. There is no preference in regard to who supplies your second letter of recommendation; our only guideline is that it should add new and valuable insights to your application.
Veronica -> KristaShould we provide you with the names of the individuals who will request a letter of recommendation from? Is see that you provide structure and guidelines to the recommender.
Krista -> VeronicaHi Veronica, In the application, we ask you to provide their name, title and contact information. To see the information I encourage you to start and application! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/apply/shome.aspx
Ganesh -> Georgeis Executive MBA full time or part time?
George -> Ganeshpart-time. Every other week Friday/Saterday
Nico -> CarlosMiguelHi CarlosMiguel. You can find information on tuition here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
George_S -> BethIf I am accepted into the evening program and my schedule permits, can I take classes during the day at either campus?
Beth -> George_SGeorge, yes you can certainly take classes during the day down at the Hyde Park campus.
Ravi -> NicoWhat is the average GMAT score for the Evening program ?
Nico -> RaviHi Ravi. The average GMAT is a 680 for the Evening program.
Shadab -> GeorgeThis might sound naive but what should be on my application to get admitted into Booth?
George -> ShadabShabad: Start with this link. If you have further questions after than, feel free to reach out to us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Fini -> KaraI was an applicant who was rejected in 2008. I took two classes as a Graduate student at large. Does the large time difference make an difference on my application
Kara -> FiniFini, if you did well in these courses it will reflect well in your application. We like to see B+ and higher. Keep in mind your 5 year time frame to complete your MBA begins with the the first GSAL course (assuming you want to transfer it in). I realize this can be confusing, feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu to discuss further.
Stephanie -> NicoIn the application, is an official transcript required? Or will a copy of an unoffical transcript be enough?
Nico -> StephanieHi Stephanie. We do not require official transcripts until admission into the MBA program. Unofficial transcripts work for the time being.
Krista -> sovlin3Hi Sovlin3: You can defer admission for one application cycle.
Ganesh -> GeorgeHow much work experience is required for executive MBA? Does the duration to complete depend on work experience?
George -> GaneshNo work experience required. On average they have 13, but that is just the average.
Lisi -> NicoAre there any scholarships available to those pursuing Evening or Weekend MBAs?
Nico -> LisiHi Lisi. Scholarships are not offered to part-time MBA students. You can find more info on financial aid here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
George_S -> GeorgeDoes the full-time program have the flexibility of taking mostly evening classes?
George -> George_SYes, you can take all evening classes. You can complete the degree never having to take day or weekend classes.
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