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Curious about applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs? Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth and other Admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, Associate Director and I'm available to answer all of your application related questions.
Kara -> EveryoneWelcome to today's online chat! I am Kara Northcutt, Associate Director of Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Robert -> GeorgeHow do I know if I am a good candidate for the Ex. MBA program?
George -> RobertThe executive MBA program is for those who have reached a level in their career where they are overseeing other functional areas and need to understand the lingo. But they are not necessary looking to actually do those functions. For instance, a marketing expert who is now overseeing a large portfolio and working with finance and accounting and wants to understand and be able to question them in a way that they cannot currently do. The part-time program is more for individuals who want to keep growing in a function or perhaps change functions. The flexibility of the program allows them to become an expert in a specific area. In the executive program you get a little of everything so it is truly a general degree.
Moderator -> EveryoneWelcome! The chat has begun. Please continue submitting your questions.
George -> EveryoneWelcome to our admissions chat. We are excited to answer all of your questions. With the fall deadline approaching (July 1) it should be a great session.
Varun_Malhi -> KristaHaving 9 years of work experience in the same company, is that positive or negative?
Krista -> Varun_MalhiVarun, thanks for your questions. We look at your application in a holistic manner. The fact that you have worked in the same industry/company will not go against your application in any way. We have many students obtain their MBA with the hopes of staying at the same company afterwards. Hopefully the MBA will open many doors for you within your current network.
Krista -> EveryoneHello, I'm Krista McNamara, Admissions Manager and I look forward to answering your questions, especially those regarding applications and interviews!
JD -> BethWhen would you start accepting application (weekend MBA) for the Spring 2014
Beth -> JDJD - the application should be live now. If you are having difficulty starting the application, please email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and let us know. Sorry for any inconvenience.
AB -> GeorgeIf I take my GMAT more than twice, would I be asked to explain the reason for taking it more than twice?
George -> ABNo. We only take the best score and actually encourage people, if they do not get the score they want, to take it a second time. GMAT reports that, on average, people increase their score 40 points when they retake the test.
AB -> KaraI have a low score (590) but yet I decide to apply this year and if I don't get admitted this year and I re-apply next year, will it affect my chances because I am a re-applicant?
Kara -> ABAB, thank you for joining the chat. We do admit applicants who have 590 GMAT. However, If you are not admitted, feel free to reapply. Reapplying is in no way considered a disadvantage. It is typically viewed positively, as it shows your commitment to gain admission to Booth. However, it is important that you make improvements in your application.
Varun_Malhi -> GeorgeIs Executive MBA a better choice for someone like me or I am a reasonably competitive candidate for Evening/Weekend program?
George -> Varun_MalhiIt depends on what you want to get out of the MBA. I just wrote a lengthy response earlier in the chat, but briefly, if you want to understand all functions of business, but are not looking to become an expert in any one, the XP program is great. If you want to really dig into one function, the part-time program allows you do that with our flexibility. However, the decisions if very individual. If you have questions on it, why don't you call our office and let us walk you through the two options. It will be easier to tease out all of the nuances that way. 312-464-8700
Varun_Malhi -> KristaDo extra curicullar activities I participated in 10-12 years ago, matter to the admissions committee?
Krista -> Varun_MalhiHello Varun, we like to see what current activities our applicants are involved in. If you are still a participant in these please indicate your involvement on your resume or highlight them in your essays.
atif_r -> KristaHello, Are the electives offered in the weekend program the same as those offered in the weeknight program?
Krista -> atif_rHello Atif, The classes are open to all Weekend and Evening students. Likewise, student clubs are open to the entire population of students at Booth.
Jillian -> BethWhat, if any, are the differences between starting in winter vs. starting in spring or fall? Is there a difference in the number of students that apply or the number accepted? Are most activities geared towards the regular school year, making it difficult to join a club in the winter?
Beth -> JillianJillian, please plan to apply whenever is most convenient for you. We typically bring in 80-100 students in the winter, spring, and summer quarters and 150 in the fall for the evening program. We bring in about 100 students for the weekend program. That being said, please apply whenever is convenient for you. These numbers are just goals and we have the flexibility to bring in more people. If you are a great candidate, we want you and we'll get in you in the class! We offer classes all year and have many great student activities throughout the year as well. A class visit is a great way to learn more about the program and the community hear at Booth. Class visits will start up again in July and I encourage you (and everyone) to come see the campus and visit a class.
HD -> BethHow long is the total application process?
Beth -> HDOnce you submit your completed application, you will have a final decision from our office within 4-6 weeks. After you submit your application you will be able to schedule your admissions interview, which is conducted here in Chicago.
AB -> KaraIs there anything specific that the decision committee will be looking in a re-applicant, even if I am reapplying after 6 months only? Can I use the same essays apart from the re-applicant essay or do I have to change my essays?
Kara -> ABIf it is a GMAT issue, you may want to retake the exam. You could also consider taking Booth MBA classes as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL). You can take up to 3 MBA classes that will transfer into the MBA. Getting a B+ or higher in these classes can show the committee that you can handle the academic rigor of the program. For more details about GSAL courses, please email Mary Daniels at danielsm@uchicago.edu. As a reapplicant you are required to complete all essays as well as the reapplicant essay.
sammi -> KristaDoes Booth practice grade non-disclosure?
Krista -> sammiHello Sammi, Booth only practices grade non-disclosure for On Campus Recruiting through Career Services. If you are applying to jobs on your own this is not practiced.
AB -> KaraAre re-applicants considered separately in the decision/interview process?
Kara -> ABNo, you are considered the same as all applicants, and you will re interview as part of the process.
Dan_L. -> KristaWith the deadline for Fall 2013 quickly approaching, is there an "ideal" time to submit an application? For instance ASAP, or closer to the deadline? Or is it moreso a function of when you feel your application is complete and as strong as it can be?
Krista -> Dan_L.Hello Dan, Thanks for your question. We would like you to be confident in your application so please submit whenever you feel comfortable. We find that most of our applicants apply the week or so before the deadline
Renat_Yusufov -> KristaDo you look favorably on additional materials submitted outside of what is requested in the application checklist (i.e. additional recommendations, side-project explanations/documentation)?
Krista -> Renat_YusufovHello Ranat, We ask that you provide additional materials if you believe it would help in understanding your purpose for applying to Booth. It's not necessarily viewed as more is better, but quality over quantity.
Renat_Yusufov -> GeorgeI am planning on exploring opportunities in starting my own business. What kind of support does the Booth MBA provide to students who are in the beginning phases of their business start up?
George -> Renat_YusufovIt is the best place to come for that. We have been rated the second best school in the world for entrepreneurship. Our New Venture Challenge program has launched more businesses than any other program and students have raised $235 million in the last two years. Most of our students actually end up with faculty on their board of directors and have access to incredible investors and human capital.
Diana_Eva_Lebiecki -> BethI am shooting to apply a few days early, but I wanted to confirm if within a day or two of me submitting my application that I would receive a confirmation that all pieces of my application are successful and viewable on your end.
Beth -> Diana_Eva_LebieckiDiana, great question. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know if you have any missing items or if you are complete within minutes of submitting your application and application fee.
JD -> BethIs the deadline for Fall semester July 1st. I was under the impression that the deadline had already passes (may 1st)
Beth -> JDThe deadline for the Evening MBA for the Autumn quarter is Monday, July 1. The deadline for the Weekend program was in May.
Robert -> GeorgeI am looking to go into some sort of operational role, can I achieve this in the Ex. MBA program, or am I better off in the evening MBA program?
George -> RobertYes, you can. However, access to career services is much easier done through the part-time. XP is not allowed to participate in on campus recruiting. However, the XP program has access to career counselors and public job postings. Most XP are not looking to change careers, but those that do usually do so through the power of the Booth network.
RyanV -> BethI was in a self-employed real estate business for six years. I went back to school and graduated with a BBA this spring - hoping to transition into a more commercial/institutional role. I'm currently seeking full time employment and curious if you must be currently employed to be considered for the evening program. Also, since I graduated so recently but gained experience prior to graduation, would I be considered an early career candidate?
Beth -> RyanVRyan, great question. You do not need to be employed to be considered but you will want to explain your situation in your application. Given your real estate experience, you would not be considered an early career candidate.
ArthurP -> KaraHello. I was wandering what is the process for setting up the inverviews once the applicationis submittted. I received an email few minutes after I submitted my application witha link to follow to online interview scheduler, however, all dates in June/July are unavailable.
Kara -> ArthurPHi Arthur, we are in the process of adding interview slots into the system. Please email Humberto Freda at Humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu, as he manages interview scheduling. He is out today and will be back in the office tomorrow.
Robert -> KristaHow many students in the MBA program are looking for a new career all together?
Krista -> RobertHello Robert, it's hard to give a statistic on this. However, I will say that a lot of students come to Booth either expecting to stay with their employer or look for a new job; yet, plans often change when you talk to them come graduation. The Booth experience not only offers opportunities for students to learn about new industries but also helps students strengthen their skills for their current roles.
Renat_Yusufov -> BethDo you require a confirmation from my current employer for continued employment upon graduation if I explain that this is my plan in my application?
Beth -> Renat_YusufovWe do not require a confirmation letter from your current employer.
Ream -> KristaHello everyone, Since the Evening program is a rolling admissions process, do you find that an applicant who submits everything on July 1st is at a significant disadvantage?
Krista -> ReamHello Ream, we find that most students apply the week of the deadline. It will not hurt your application to apply on July 1.
Renat_Yusufov -> Bethdo you look less favorably on applicants who plan to work on side-projects while attending the full-time program?
Beth -> Renat_YusufovRenat, no we do not look less favorably but I would recommend explaining this within your application.
Jami -> KristaHello, I was considering taking one course as a "student at large" to make sure I could fit class work along with my workload. My question is: Which (if any in particular) classes might be able to provide a good introduction to Booth? Or would you just suggest taking any intro course in my subject area?
Krista -> JamiHello Jami, this is up to you completely. If you would like to take a foundational course such as financial accounting or microeconomics that is a great way to experience a typical Booth course. That being said, if there is one in particular that doesn't require per-requisites and you are interested in, please take it if you feel as though it will add to your application too Booth.
AB -> KristaHow does Volunteering work weigh in the application process?
Krista -> ABHello AB, we like to know what you are involved in, both in and outside of work. If there is a volunteer experience which would strengthen your application please feel free to add this on your resume or during one of the essays.
HD -> KaraAs in how fast would an applicant know if they are accepted/declined once interviews are complete..
Kara -> HDHD: You will have our decision 4-6 weeks from when you submit your application, assuming it is complete.
AB -> GeorgeHi George thanks for the reply. How about taking it more than twice? Say for the third time?
George -> ABI encourage applicants to take the GMAT until they no longer see any increase, or the marginal increase is not outweighed by the marginal cost. At some point you will see that your score will stop increasing, at that point there is no longer any reason to keep taking it. No matter how many times you take it we do not count it against you.
Robert -> BethWhat is the percentage of Job offers that the MBA students have coming out of the MBA program?
Beth -> RobertRobert, 54% of our students change companies upon graduation, 62% receive a promotion, and 8% started their own company.
JD -> BethHow many students would you plan to enroll for the weekend Program-Spring 2014
Beth -> JDJD, since we just opened this option up to applicants we are unsure what to expect, as many great people as we can get!
MDavis -> GeorgeI was thinking of applying this fall for Jan 2014, how is it moving to Chicago in the middle of the winter? I assume it is a little different than here is Southern California
George -> MDavisI moved from CA to NY and then to Chicago, but I can still remember the shock. Yes, it is cold, but I love the seasons. When I moved from CA I thought I would go back, but once I left I really enjoyed living in different cities and environments. Chicago is now one of my favorite cities in the world, others being Austin, Prague and Zurich. The last two winters have actually been very mild. I have only broken out the snow blower twice.
mrplese -> KristaIs there a way I can receive information on the join JD/MBA degree along with a tour of the campus sometime?
Krista -> mrpleseHello, it is possible to do a joint degree if you have the flexible schedule to attend classes full-time at the Hyde Park campus and take evening/weekend classes at Booth. You will most likely have to take the LSAT and GMAT. We offer the opportunity to sit in on a class at the Gleacher Center downtown and this gives you a chance to see the facilities. We do not have formal campus tours offered through our programs office.
HDesai -> BethCan the application process be started if I haven't taken the GMAT yet?
Beth -> HDesaiYes, you can start the application process without having your GMAT score. Please feel free to start either uploading or sending in your transcripts to our office as well. We do accept official electronic transcripts. If you have international transcripts, please upload all mark sheets and degree certificates.
HDesai -> KristaWhat is the average age of students enrolled in the Ex-MBA program?
Krista -> HDesaiHello Desai, the average age is 29-30 years old for the Evening/Weekend MBA. If you're interested in the Executive MBA their information can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba
waytoris -> KaraHi, I am interested in the evening MBA program. I wanted to know if it is possible to attend introductory lecture of different subjects.
Kara -> waytorisYes! We highly recommend you visit a class. Summer class visits begin July 1st. Keep an eye on the class visit website, as the summer visit options will be posted in the coming weeks. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
RyanV -> BethI didn't fare well in the early stages of my academic career. My grades since going back to school are outstanding. Is the trascript/GPA evaluated overall, or is there a greater emphasis on the most recent grades?
Beth -> RyanVWe will look at the progression of your academic career. Our average GPA for incoming students is a 3.3. Please don't let that prevent you from submitting your application.
kris -> GeorgeHello, I am interested in Ex MBA. I have a Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and 10 years of exp.. I dont have much of managerial experience. Would I qualify for a Exe MBA assuming I get a good GMAT Score?
George -> krisYes. You do not have to have management experience to be considered for the XP program. And with 10 years of experience you would be ok.
Ream -> KristaGreat! I was considering holding off on my application and applying early for the next cycle instead. Thanks. Regarding recommendations, on the admissions site its suggested that a current supervisor is preferred. My current supervisor has known me for one year, but my previous supervisor is more able to write me a stronger letter (she has known me for 4 years). Will it be perceived negatively if I do not get a letter from my current supervisor?
Krista -> ReamHello Ream, when you select your recommenders there is a chance for you to indicate why you chose them. Please explain your situation and why you would like your prior supervisor to provide a letter for you instead.
AB -> KristaWhat can I expect in the interview process?
Krista -> ABHello AB, the interview is conducted by our Admissions Committee made up of students, alumni and staff. It is meant to be a conversation about your experience and why you would like to attend Booth.
Paco -> BethHi Beth, when does the EMBA begins in 2014? And when does the application process begins?
Beth -> PacoPaco, the Executive MBA application for 2014 should be up in the coming months as their first round deadline is typically around October 1. For more information about the Executive MBA program, I would recommend contacting their office at xp@admissions.edu.
Renat_Yusufov -> GeorgeWhere can I find out more about Booth presence / alumni that work in Eastern Europe (or other global regions)?
George -> Renat_Yusufovif you will call us at 312-464-8700 or email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chiagobooth.edu and provide some greater specifics we would be glad to provide you a count. Because we have programs in London, Singapore and used to have on in Barcelona we have tens of thousands of alumni all over Europe.
dnk -> KristaAny rough percentages available on the number of part-time students active in organized clubs or associations?
Krista -> dnkHello, 66% of our students participate in clubs.
AB -> KaraI have already obtained recommendation letters from my supervisors and co-workers for applying for Fall 2013 Part Time MBA but I am contemplating of pushing my application to Spring 2014 so that I can focus on getting a better GMAT score. Do I have to ask them to write a new recommendation letter or is there a way I can reuse these current letters?
Kara -> ABAB, I think it would be more effective if we set a time to talk individually, as there are many variables. I am out of the office from 6/12-6/17. Can we set a time to talk when I return. Send me an email, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu, and we can set something up. If you want to connect with one of my colleagues sooner, email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. Generally, if you push your fall application forward to winter or spring, you will not need to request new letters of rec.
JD -> KristaWould you count Research Assistant (in grad school ) as work experience??
Krista -> JDHello JD, if this experience was meaningful and you believe it would add to your application please include this.
Cbaby -> BethHi, I started my work from June, 2012. If I start my MBA in Stp, 2015, was I regarded as candidate with two or three years working experience?
Beth -> Cbabylf you apply in the fall of 2015, then you will only have three years of work experience. You may want to consider our Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program, which is designed for young professionals with 0-3 years of work experience. For more information http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/chicago-business-fellows
Moderator -> EveryoneWe are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Kit -> GeorgeI have around 10 years of experience in IT consulting which includes technical and Project Management background....If I wanted to pursue employment opportunities after, say I complete my Weekend MBA, what kind of recruitment opportunities and career paths can I look for?
George -> Kit54% of our students change careers while in the program. It is easy to do. First you are in a program with 1600 students who are working at over 650 companies all over the US. Most of our students actually get their jobs this way. However, we also are one of the most recruited schools in the country. We have companies coming for consulting, marketing, NFP, management rotations, strategy, banking, sales and trading... Many of our students with your background end up in consulting.
Robert -> BethDo you have a list of the company's that often recruit out of your program!
Beth -> RobertRobert, the full-time program lists an employment report, which you can review at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/ which details the companies which come to Booth. The same companies recruit for all programs. I hope this is helpful.
atif_r -> KristaIs it possible to increase or decrease the number of courses taken per year as the student's work situation changes?
Krista -> atif_rHello Atif, Yes, most students take 2 classes per quarter to finish the degree in 2.5 years. However, you have up to 5 years to complete the degree which allows for a great deal of flexibility with the number of courses you take per quarter. Also, you are able to take 2 continuous quarters off without having to take a Leave of Absence from the program.
RyanV -> KaraDo you have to be currently employed to be considered for the Evening Program?
Kara -> RyanVRyan, technically, no. However, the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are designed for full time working professionals, and your career history and current job are an important part of your application. If you are not working and you want to apply to the Evening MBA, be sure to explain your current situation. We may wonder why you are not applying to a full time program, so it is important to explain your choice in the application.
RK -> BethI understand there is an average score for part time MBA's but what are the chances of an individual scoring upper 500's getting admitted considering under 5 years of work ex, 3.3 GPA and one to none extra curricular activities
Beth -> RK80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score of 620-750. If you have only taken the GMAT once, I would encourage you to retake the exam to see if you can get above 600. Many of our applicants have taken the GMAT more than once.
Paco -> BethHI Beth, will it be possible to share examples (contact info would be highly appreciated) of married couples that applied and enrolled in an existing program? To understand better the process they went through, etc.
Beth -> PacoPaco, I would be happy to connect you. Please email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Ram -> KaraWhat was the lowest GMAT score that was given admission for the latest batch
Kara -> RamRam, I cannot provide you the lowest admitted score. Our mid 80% range is 620-750. We admit people with sores above and below that range, but it is a good range to keep in mind.
AB -> BethI was told that I can substitute low GMAT scores by taking courses at the Graham School and scoring an A in it. Is that true?
Beth -> ABWhile you can't substitute a GSAL course for your GMAT (you will need to submit your GMAT score), we will take this into consideration when reviewing your application. My advice would be to focus on getting the GMAT score you are happy with versus taking a GSAL course. Again, 80% our of admitted students have a GMAT score between 620-750.
Intelligence -> GeorgeHi. I am right now deciding on right MBA program for me. With my current job, I am looking at weekend and comparing top schools. I have a tech. degree from top engineering schools and have worked in various industry sectors and top technology firm and private equity. The big constraint I have challenge with is flexibility of the program and timing. Please Advice and shed some light on how Booth differentiates than others in the same league. Thanks.
George -> IntelligenceWe have the most flexible program in the galaxy, really, I mean it. You can take any of our 150 classes. We do not make you take a core set of classes. Someone like you will most likely be able to take higher level statistics classes etc. There is no reason to require you take a base class, but many programs do. Second, our weekend program is one of the few that allows full-time and evening students to take weekend classes, which means you will be sitting with a very broad array of students from all over the word and working in many different companies and sectors. Also, we are one of the few weekend programs that offer all of our ;leadership talks, career services offerings and student groups on the weekend. We know that you have only a limited ability to do these, while the full-time and evening can be more flexible, so we have everything held on Saturday so you can have the same student experience.
Reecha -> KristaIs it too late to apply for Winter session ?
Krista -> ReechaHello Reecha, we are accepting applications for the Evening Winter 20124 quarter. The deadline is October 4, 2013. Please visit this website for our list of application deadlines:
RK -> GeorgeHow does having a Master's degree weigh in?
George -> RKIt shows you are able to set and achieve a goal as well as take on a rigorous degree, all of which as viewed very favorably in the application process.
Dave -> BethHello, I have taken the GMAT once and scored well, in the upper 600s. However, my undergraduate GPA is low (just below a 3.0). I'm trying to assess whether to take the GMAT again. Assuming great work experience, etc., would an improved GMAT score serve to further offset my GPA, or is more the one category of GMAT is deemed "acceptable"?
Beth -> DaveIf you are concerned about your GMAT score, then I would recommend retaking it. If you are concerned due to your average GPA, then I would utilize the optional essay to address this.
sammi -> KaraAre Part-time and weekend MBAs allowed to take part in on-campus recruiting?
Kara -> sammiYes. However, if your company is paying any amount of your tuition, you will need their written permission to participate. OCR is the only career service activity for which you need this permission. Our Career Services team offers many services and programs in addition to OCR.
Moderator -> EveryoneThere's still time! Please submit your questions now!
Cbaby -> KristaFor the international student, could we find day time job during the evening MBA? Could we get helps from career center equally like full time MBA?
Krista -> CbabyHello, you have to be on a valid work visa to enroll in one of our programs. We do not offer student visas to become a student at Booth.
AB -> BethI have taken my GMAT twice with scores of 580 and 590. I understand this is below the Average scores but I wanted to know if taking GMAT more than twice affects the admission chances (since I plan to take it one more time)
Beth -> ABAB, taking the GMAT more than twice will not negatively impact your application. If anything, it will demonstrate a level of commitment. A majority of our applicants have taken the GMAT more than once.
waytoris -> Karawhat is average GMAT score and GPA of the selected candidates for evening program?
Kara -> waytorisThe average for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 690. Our mid 80% range is 620-750.
Kit -> GeorgeAs I understand from your previous chat transcripts, the % of Weekend MBA students being recruited is low. Is this because, the recruiters prefer the Full-Time students over the weekend/part time students?
George -> KitKit, I do not remember us saying that and have no knowledge of such data. We may have misstated something. It may be that we were referring to admissions data and not recruiting. The hardest part of recruiting as a weekend student is that companies still only see students during the week day, so you will have to make some trips during the week day to make some of your interviews.
RyanV -> KaraDo you generally find less applicants during the winter due to holiday, weather, travel, etc.?
Kara -> RyanVFor our winter, spring and summer classes, we matriculate 70-90 students. We matriculate around 150 for the Fall quarter. We receive the largest volume of applications for fall, and this is our largest incoming class. No one quarter is more or less competitive, in case that is what you are curious about.
Dave -> BethI am considering a new career opportunity. Given that I'd only be at the new company for a short time, but would like to apply to Booth within the next year, how does admissions take into account the reduced assessment time available for Supervisors' Letters of Recommendation?
Beth -> DaveAbsolutely. You can also have a previous supervisor submit your second letter of recommendation to provide someone who has worked with you for longer.
Cbaby -> KristaIKrista, as I know, Full-time MBA offer the student visa, as you said, evening and weekend program don't offer?
Krista -> CbabyHello, that is correct. The Evening and Weekend program does not offer student visas.
Ram -> KristaWill it be significant if I get one of my letters of recco from my high school faculty - this will mean going back 10 years in time
Krista -> RamHello Ram, if you still have a relationship with this person then yes. We like to have people who know you currently provide insight on why you would be a good fit at Booth.
Renat_Yusufov -> KristaWhat is the best way to engage and connect with current students?
Krista -> Renat_YusufovHello Renat, there are a several opportunities to connect with current students. Our information session features a student/alumni panel that is available for questions. Attending a class visit gives the opportunity to connect with a current student and attend a class at Booth. Also, I would be happy to connect you with a student. Please email our hotline and request this: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in approximately 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them.
Kris123 -> BethI have a GMAT score on the lower side of the Booth ave. I am planning for one more GMAT attempt to get the higher side. Do you think thats the right approach or should I be concentrating on the application instead?. I am aming for 2014 class.
Beth -> Kris123While the choice is ultimately yours, if you are concerned with your score, then I would recommend taking it again.
Cbaby -> KristaCBF don't offer student visa for international student?
Krista -> CbabyHello, the CBF program doesn't offer visas either.
HDesai -> KaraI'm 27 and have had 3 years of corporate experience. I don't think I'd be a good candidate for the Exec-MBA, but am interested in the evening program. My overall GPA was a 3.0 and I am currently studying for the GMAT. Is there still a chance I can be accepted? And will a higher GMAT score help?
Kara -> HDesaiThe GMAT is one of many factors we review in your application. It can only help to have a good GMAT score. The average for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 690.
atif_r -> GeorgeIs there a difference between the jobs on offer for full time students versus those geared towards part time students. I would think the full time students are looking for entry level Associate/Analyst positions, while experienced candidates would seek out more senior ones. Does the OCR account for the variety of student profiles?
George -> atif_rYes you are correct in your assumptions. The reason that the E/W students take most of their jobs from the network is that the jobs posted through OCR are for basic entry MBA jobs, many of which our E/W students are already doing. Over half of our E/W population change jobs but they mostly get great jobs through the alumni database or peers in class. Often full-time students aspire to get jobs that many of our E/W students are currently doing.
Reecha -> BethCan GMAT be waived off if a candidate has a Masters degree in Computer Science ?
Beth -> ReechaReecha, the GMAT or GRE are required when applying to Chicago Booth, regardless of your education background.
sammi -> GeorgeAre MBA students allowed to take a class in the UChicago School of Law?
George -> sammiYes. You can take up to 6 classes at any part of the UofChicago, including Law, Medicine or Public Policy.
D -> BethI'm 27 and only have 3 years corporate experience, I don't think the Exec-MBA would be a good fit. I am interested in the evening program, but had a 3.0 GPA and am still studying for the GMAT. Do I have a chance of being accepted, and will a higher GMAT score off set the low GPA?
Beth -> DOur average GPA is 3.3 and yours is within the range, so I would worry about your undergraduate GPA when applying.
Dave -> KaraIf I submit my application for the Winter session by October 4, 2013, can I conduct the interview after this date? Or does everything need to be done by then?
Kara -> DaveDave, yes, you can interview after the deadline. Most applications are submitted the week of the deadline. Therefore, most applicants interview after the deadline.
Paco -> BethHi Beth, for the weekend program, does Booth School have students enrolled that work at nearby cities like Milwaukee and attend the weekend program?
Beth -> PacoPaco, yes, we have a lot of students in the weekend program who live and work in Milwaukee.
Ram -> KristaThanks Krista, can you please clarify what exactly you meant when you said " if you still have a relationship with this person" - this was in response to my question asking whether it is significant to get a recco letter from my superior whom I worked with 10 years ago
Krista -> RamHello Ram, Thanks for clarifying. If you have a current relationship with someone that was your supervisor 10 years ago then please have them submit. However, if you have lost touch and don't feel as though they know your current situation and why you would like to attend Booth we encourage applicants to find a colleague, mentor, or someone in their life who can vouch for this better.
RK -> BethHi Beth, I have filled out an application for the Fall 2013 Part Time MBA and I have written my essays. Say, I submit for Fall 2013 and do not get accepted, would I be able to use the same essays and include an additional re-applicant essay or should I write something different even though the essay topics remain the same?
Beth -> RKWe will have your previous application on hand so you will want to tweak your essays but if you are not admitted, focusing on the reapplicant essay is more important.
Robert -> KaraIf my company is paying part of my tuition, what possibilities are there to network with other companies?
Kara -> RobertRobert, the only limitation you have is participating in on campus recruiting (OCR). This is the formalized process that most full time students and some part time students take part in to attain a new full time job. If you want to take part in OCR, you would need your company's permission to do so. All other networking and career service programs do not require this permission.
George -> EveryoneMany questions about the XP program. if you want to know more about the XP program here is a link to their website. Additionally, I know they have live chats coming up as well. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba
Kris123 -> BethI work for a body shop company. I engage with clients between 1 to 2 years. How do I go about getting recommendation letters?
Beth -> Kris123If you have a direct supervisor, I would recommend getting a letter from them. For the other, you can certainly reach out to clients you have worked with to write that one. The important thing would be to explain why you chose these individuals in the application.
atif_r -> GeorgeIs there a limit on total electives one can take? I am interested in the finance curriculum and would want to know if the day time classes are open to me, time permitting.
George -> atif_rYou can take up to 11 electives while in the program and then you get an additional 6, three in your graduating quarter, and three while and alumni, for free.
Also, day classes are open to you if you can make them.
Cbaby -> KristaIf I wanna to connect with prior peers, is it normal to ask for help from you admission no matter for Full time MBA or W/E MBA?
Krista -> CbabyHello, if you would like to connect with current E/W MBA students please email our hotline: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu. If you would like to connect with full-time students please reach out to them at: admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
Cbaby -> KaraI have got bachelor degree and post graduate diploma, how could you consider my GPA, the percentage?
Kara -> CbabyYes, if you have a degree from outside of the US, we look at your grades, ranking and percentage (whatever grading system your school uses). We are familiar with transcripts from many international universities.
Kara -> EveryoneThank you for joining today's chat! If you are in the Chicago area, please join us for an Information Session on July 12th. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Krista -> EveryoneThanks for joining today's live chat! Please visit our website to learn more about class visits in the Summer 2013 quarter. These will start on July 1, 2013. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
Kris123 -> GeorgeWhat is the ave fee per semester for Ex.MBA?
George -> Kris123The exec program prices everything in one package. Books, food, classes etc. are all priced together. If you contact XP@chicagobooth.edu they can give you all of those. I don't know how payments are made, if they are annual, quarterly etc.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. I hope this was helpful. We look forward to receiving your application for the Evening MBA program for the Autumn quarter on Monday, July 1!
George -> EveryoneThank you all so much for your questions. Sorry we did not have as much information about XP as we would have liked. If you want to know more about the Exec program, feel free to write XP@ChicagoBooth.edu and they will be able to answer any of the questions we were not. For those interested in the Part-Time program our fall deadline is July 1.
Moderator -> EveryoneOur session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Thursday, June 13, on the following links: Evening MBA program - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats