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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

If you are considering applying to Chicago Booth's Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs, join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs at Chicago Booth and other admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> EveryoneHello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Krista -> EveryoneThanks for joining the chat today! I'm looking forward to answering your questions.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today! I'm Beth Daily, Associate Director and I'm available to answer all of your application related.
George -> EveryoneWith the weekend deadline fast approaching, Friday, we are looking forward to this exciting chat! Lunch is ready, computers fired up, lets go!
Kara -> EveryoneGreetings from Chicago Booth's Gleacher Center! I am Kara Northcutt, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
MDavis -> BethThanks for hosting this event. I wanted to see if a majority of students partake in the study abroad programs and is it possible to go on more than one?
Beth -> MDavisMDavis, thank you for joining us today. Around 2% of our students partake in the study abroad opportunities here at Chicago Booth. For more about the options, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international. As a student you can only go on one study abroad.
Sasha -> KaraHello. I was wondering what type of requirements there are for a prospective student without a business background to get into the program and concentrate in accounting? What would strengthen the prospective student for the program?
Kara -> SashaSasha, thanks for joining the chat! Booth has no prerequisite course requirements. You are able to start with the beginning level accounting courses and earn the accounting concentration. Keep in mind that our accounting concentration is not specifically designed to get you to earn a CPA, in case that is your end coal in accounting. It helps if you have had some quantitative course from you previous degree or degrees.
Sarath -> KaraI took my GMAT in June'08 and my score is still officially reportable. Am I eligible to apply for 2014 winter quarter with this score if I submit the application before my score expires this June?
Kara -> SarathSarath, you will need to submit your GMAT score into the application system before they officially expire in June. You are then able to apply to Winter 2014.
Sasha -> GeorgeHello. I was wondering what type of requirements there are for a prospective student without a business background to get into the program and concentrate in accounting? What would strengthen the prospective student for the program?
George -> SashaSasha, we like to admit a very diverse class. Most of our admits don't have a business background. We will look at your GMAT score and undergrad grades as a start to see if you have a firm grasp of some of the quantitative knowledge we think will help you be successful in the program. One way to signal your ability in the program is to take a Booth class through the GSAL. Here is a link https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/content/graduate-student-large
The basics are that you will be in a Booth class before you join the program and up to three of these can count towards your degree when you matriculate.
Claire.ORyan -> BethHello all, question, when one applies to Chicago Booth, are they applying to a certain concentration, or to the general MBA program, and then choose their concentration after enrollment? If the former, are all concentrations equally competitive in terms of admissions?
Beth -> Claire.ORyanClaire, while we ask your interested concentrations in the application, they do not lock you into those concentrations during your time at Booth. As you progress throughout the 20 courses, you will gravitate towards some and those will become your concentration. For more about the options and how to earn them, please visit our curriculum website: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/curriculum/concentration.aspx
Ryan -> KristaBesides when classes are held, what is the key difference between the evening and weekend programs?
Krista -> RyanRyan, thanks for joining the chat today! The key difference between the Evening and Weekend program is that the classes are held on the weeknights versus the weekend. The curriculum and faculty are the same.
Amit -> KaraCould you give me a couple examples of the type of questions I expect during the admissions interview?
Kara -> AmitAmit, the interview questions will be similar to the essay questions. You can expect to discuss why the MBA, why now, and why Chicago Booth. It is a blind interview process, which means your interviewer will not have seen your application. Your interviewer will review your resume before the interview and also ask question based on that.
Darrin_S -> BethHello. I was wondering if there was a difference in the admissions statistics for a fall vs. winter. vs. other term application. Is there an advantage in applying at a certain time?
Beth -> Darrin_SDarrin_S - we recommend you apply when you are ready, regardless of quarter. While we bring in the largest class in the fall, we also get the most applications. At Chicago Booth we have target class sizes but have the flexibility to bring in more students, if the quality is great. Basically, if you are a great candidate, we want you! Apply when your application is the strongest. Most individuals do wait until the week (if not the day) of the deadline to submit.
Ally_S -> GeorgeDoes Booth offer an accelerated option for the part time evening program, if not, will they be considering one in the future?
George -> Ally_SBecause we have such extreme flexibility we do not have an accelerated program. Because we do not require a core set of courses, you will be able to take classes that are unlike anything you have had in undergrad. If you have a very strong accounting background you can take all the way up to a PhD level if you want, as just one example. Also, we allow students to take as many classes as they want thus allowing them to complete the degree as quickly as they would like. Finally, we have heard that the experience in the classroom is denigrated by having students who have not taken the first four classes with those who have. As you can imagine the questions being asked by someone in accounting who had it 5 years ago is much different that the questions being asked by someone who took it just last quarter.
Harry -> KristaAre the re-applicants many? When you evaluate a re-applicant, do you take into account the original application’s evaluation or decision? In other words, these re-applicants are at a disadvantage to the original applicants?
Krista -> HarryHarry, thanks for your questions! When re-applying to the program you will wait 6 months to apply so July 1st. When the Admissions Committee is reviewing your application we will review your previous application in addition to your new one. You are certainly not at a disadvantage to other students, we use this information to build your entire application for the committee.
estam -> BethHello, I have a small business in which I don’t report to anyone…would recommendation letters be best written by clients, 3rd parties I work with, or supervisors from a few years ago? Thanks!
Beth -> estamestam, I would recommend having your clients or third parties submit your recommendations. Please be sure to explain why you choose these individuals in your application and we will understand.
VV -> KaraDo you have a program (or which part of it ) , which would concentrate on medical (pharmaceutical) part ?
Kara -> VVVV, Booth does not offer a medical/pharmaceutical concentration. However, we feel that the business principles and foundations taught at Booth can apply to all industries. We have many students from Abbot, Abvie, Baxter, and Eli Lilly just to name a few.
Claire.ORyan -> KristaHow easy is it to change concentrations?
Krista -> Claire.ORyanClaire, you are able to work towards many concentrations at Booth. The concentrations are not declared like a major during your undergraduate experience. You can visit this website for more information: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/curriculum/concentration.aspx
Tera_Gallegos -> GeorgeHello, can you please speak to some of the recent programming coming out of the Kilts Center?
George -> Tera_GallegosThrough the Kits center students interested in Marketing are offered mentorships with a industry alumni during their time here. Also, we have more experiential classes than our peer schools because of the companies who work through Kilts. Finally, because Kits was chosen to house the Nielsen marketing data, we are able to have great cases using real nielsen data to solve problems in the classroom.
Rovince -> KaraHello.I am on H1-B Visa and I would like to know if I am eligible to apply for the weekend MBA program.
Kara -> RovinceRovince, yes! We have many students on H1-B visas in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program.
Bruce -> KristaTo clarify on the "free courses", those are only available once you are eligible to graduate, right? So, for example, you need to pay for 20 courses to be eligible to graduate, and then you can take an additional 3?
Krista -> BruceBruce, yes you are able to take advantage of the "Take 3" program once you have completed the 20 courses at Booth.
Jaime -> KristaDo part time students have access to the same resources as full time students (career center, etc)
Krista -> JaimeJaime, yes the Evening and Weekend students have the same resources as Full Time. We have a Career Center focused just on our students, student clubs, events, etc...For more information about Student Life please visit: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/studentLife/
Claire.ORyan -> GeorgeHave the majority of attendees of the evening/weekend Booth MBA program, attended top tier undergraduate universities?
George -> Claire.ORyanThat is a very difficult question as it depends on which schools you consider top-tier. I know that may seem trivial, but everyone's definition is different. We draw students from all over the country (80% of the weekend students fly in from outside IL as an example), so the list of schools is very broad. So I would say there is no school that has as much as 10% of the entire student body. Also, as much as 30% of our students have studied internationally.
Harry -> BethThe interviewer is blind, right? The interviewer also don't know whether the interviewee is original applicant or reapplicant. Is that right?
Beth -> HarryHarry, yes, the interview is blind. The interviewer will only have your resume to review just prior to the interview, so unless you put your previous application on, they will not bring it up. That being said, being a re-applicant is not viewed negatively during the review process.
VV -> BethDo you know what benefits (financially ) are for the current staff at the University of Chicago? Could you , please , give me the name or number who I should talk to
Beth -> VVVV, you would need to work with HR to find out the benefits available for your position. More information can be found online at http://hrservices.uchicago.edu/benefits/tuition/employees/index.shtml
Claire.ORyan -> KaraI know there are detailed materials on the "graduate-at-large" program, however, can you give a couple sentences of description on this program?
Kara -> Claire.ORyanClaire, we refer to the program as GSAL. GSAL allows you to take up to 3 Booth MBA courses that will transfer into the Booth MBA. We suggest you take foundational level courses such as stats, financial accounting and/or microeconomics. Please keep in mind, GSAL courses do not guarantee admission into Booth. We like to see grades of B+ and higher.
Claire.ORyan -> KristaDo most take out loans to fund the Chicago Booth tuition?
Krista -> Claire.ORyanClaire, students have different ways of paying for their education. Some students have company tuition reimbursement, others take out loans. More information about Financial Aid at Booth is here: http://financialaid.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/
Sarath -> GeorgeWere there any recent updates/changes to the curriculum?
George -> SarathWe added a 14th concentration in analytical management, we added a mandatory leadership component for the evening and weekend program. Beyond this, because we allow faculty to bring their research into the class each quarter the class material is updated. And faculty keep adding classes, such as Toby Moskowitz recent addition of sports analytics and the addition of a big data class.
Ryan_B -> KristaWhat is the average GMAT score of those accepted to the evening or weekend programs?
Krista -> Ryan_BRyan, for the Evening program the average GMAT is 680 and for the Weekend the average is 700. Keep in mind these are averages; therefore, 80% of scores surrounding these numbers are considered competitive.
Moderator -> EveryoneTo all female chat participants - Save the date! You are invited to our annual Booth Women Connect Conference on Friday, October 4, 2013 at Gleacher Center downtown Chicago. Join us to discover our strong female community, including students, alumnae, faculty, and staff! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc/
Michael -> BethIm considering attending in 2015 - How early should I start the process of admission?
Beth -> MichaelMichael, applications are made available nine months before the deadline. My advice would be to focus on getting the GMAT score you are happy with and then work on the application. If you find you get that done earlier, please feel free to submit so you can start working on your Booth MBA sooner!
Paco -> KaraHi Krista. Does weekend programs also apply for the EMBA?
Kara -> PacoPaco, no, the Weekend MBA and Executive programs are different programs, and you can only apply to one at a time. I suggest you view their websites for more details, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend
Paco -> GeorgeGood afternoon George, thank you in advance for your time. How many years of experience and GMAT score is required for the EMBA?
Claire.ORyan -> KristaIs there a time limit to take advantage of the "Take 3" program?
Krista -> Claire.ORyanClaire, "Take 3" is offered while you're are finishing up your degree at Booth and also as an alumna. It's a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of at any point in your career.
Diana_Eva_Lebiecki -> KristaHi Everyone: Just wanted to confirm that the admission interview is scheduled after you submit your application as opposed to scheduling it now?
Krista -> Diana_Eva_LebieckiDiana, you are correct. Once you submit your application you will receive a prompt to schedule your interview.
EmilyS -> KristaDo accepted applicants have an average undergrad GPA?
Krista -> EmilySEmily, the average undergraduate GPA for both Evening and Weekend is 3.4.
Paco -> KaraIs there Weekend Program for Executive MBA?
Kara -> PacoPaco, the Executive MBA courses take place every other Friday and Saturday during the 21 month program. You are also required to spend a week in London and Singapore.
abebchik -> BethWhat is the process to enroll into a class? If a class is popular, who gets priority on the seats for the class in the event it gets full?
Beth -> abebchikAt Chicago Booth we have a bidding system to enroll in classes. You earn bid points by taking classes. While the majority of students are able to get into their classes successfully, a small percentage do close. We do provide the data for you to review and know which classes these are ahead of time so you can prepare. In addition, we have great academic advisors who can help you with course planning.
Michael -> KristaHow important is the GMAT scores for Admission?
Krista -> MichaelMichael, the GMAT score is one component of the application. The Admissions Committee looks at this to ensure that the applicant will do well in Booth's competitive academic environment. However, the committee looks at your entire application as a whole which also includes letters of recommendation, CV, and interview.
Sarath -> BethHow do I calculate my GPA if I have my undergrad degree from India? Is there a formula to convert the percentage into GPA?
Beth -> SarathSarath, you do not need to convert your GPA from India to the US scale. In the application, please note your scale (0-100 or 0-50, etc) and we can review your transcripts on that basis. If you are uploading your mark sheets, please also include your degree certificate.
MDavis -> KaraDo you recommend visiting before applying or do you believe coming out for the interview is usually sufficient?
Kara -> MDavisIf possible, I suggest you visit a class before you apply. It is nice to see the Booth culture first hand, as this will help you craft your essays. You could also visit a class and interview on the same visit to campus. This is common practice for those living outside of Chicago-land.
Michael -> KristaWhat is the format of the evening classes compared to the weekend classes?
Krista -> MichaelMichael, the format for either program is the same as the classes meet for 3 hours per week. The class will run differently depending on the faculty. Some use lecture, others will have more of a discussion.
Amit -> BethI have a Bachelor in Engineering from India, where the GPA scale is not used. I also have masters degrees in the US, for which I have the GPAs. Would you consider the MS degree academic records, or would the BE acad results also be considered?
Beth -> AmitAmit, we review all of your education history. Please include both undergraduate and graduate education in your application. We will also need copies of all transcripts.
Rick -> GeorgeHi there, what do you think separates the education received at Booth vs a place like Columbia and Kellogg. It seems Booth focuses a little more on creative thinking
George -> RickBriefly, but we can talk more later as I could share so much more, we have the most flexible program in the country. You can take as many or as few classes as you want. You can slow down or speed up, you have five years to finish the degree. More importantly, you get to choose which classes you want that best meets your needs. We don't make you take accounting if you have an accounting background, likewise for statistics. Also, if, for example, you are interested in Marketing, you can start taking marketing classes right off the bat and take as many as you like. We are the only program that allows that level of flexibility. Finally, the same faculty teach in all our programs. We dont bring in adjuncts to teach part-time and leave the tenured faculty for just full-time. Ok, this time i mean it, finally, we have a fully staffed career office just for evening-weekend. They are here when you are, meaning evenings and weekends. They are out meeting with employers to get them to come and hire individuals like yourself. That is why we have over 5,000 jobs posted on our career site with over 1/3 of them being international
Harry -> KristaThanks Krista. So, if I submitted summer 2013 at April 5, I want to know that whether I can reapply Winter 2014, because the deadline is Oct. 4th.
Krista -> HarryHarry, for this question since it's specific please email our hotline: EveningWeekend-Admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Bruce -> BethDo prospective students have access to the database showing average # of hrs/wk spent (outside of classroom) for each course, or can you tell us the overall average hrs/wk? Thanks!
Beth -> BruceBruce, only current students have access to course evaluations and the average hours/weeks spent outside the classroom varies greatly. It depends on your familiarity with the topic along with the professor. If you would like to speak with a current student I would be happy to connect you. Please send an email to eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and I will connect you.
Tom -> KaraFor weekend and evening MBA's, how accessible is the career services department?
Kara -> TomTom, you gain access to career services at LAUNCH. The Career Service center at Gleacher is open in the evening and on Saturday, which allows our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students to engage with them while they are on campus. The also have a great blog and host calls you can take part in while not in Chicago.
Paco -> GeorgeWhat´s Booth's position regarding Global Leadership development, specially for People Managers?
George -> PacoWe have over 5,000+ alumni who are serving in C-Suite positions with active groups in argentina, chile, barcelona, singapore mexico and London. Our number one job function of alumni is general manager.
Moderator -> EveryoneWe are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Claire.ORyan -> KristaWhat are the key things you are looking for in a letter of recommendation?
Krista -> Claire.ORyanClaire, in the letter the Admissions Committee is looking to learn more about you as a professional. They want to learn about your personality, leadership skills, skillset and what you would bring to Booth as a student.
Sarath -> KaraWhat is the typical acceptance rate for Winter quarter?
Kara -> SarathWe do not report our acceptance rates. For winter quarter, we typically matriculate approximately 80 students.
Claire.ORyan -> BethAre there any important pieces of advice, that may not be attained through the website, to keep in mind while applying to Booth?
Beth -> Claire.ORyanClaire - I highly recommend applying at the same time to all of the schools you are applying to. In addition to that, do your best to show us what you are passionate about and how a Booth MBA will advance your goals. We want to get to know you via your application.
Sarath -> BethWhat is the typical acceptance rate for the Winter quarter?
Beth -> SarathSarath - the University of Chicago does not release its acceptance rate. For the Winter quarter, we typically bring in 80 students.
abebchik -> KristaHow accessible are the professors outside of class?
Krista -> abebchikAbebchik, the professors make themselves accessible to students through office hours and review sessions. Also, we coordinate "Faculty Connect" events where faculty invite their students to meet after class and enjoy conversation over food and refreshments.
Tdinh -> KristaDo weekend and evening students receive the same degree as full time students?
Krista -> TdinhTdinh, yes the Evening, Weekend, and Full Time students all receive an MBA from Booth.
Claire.ORyan -> KaraDuring the interview, what are the interviewers looking for in a Booth candidate?
Kara -> Claire.ORyanClaire, we look for a variety of characteristics, such as communication skills, clarity on why the MBA and why at this point in your career. You will most likely be interviewed by a student or alumni, and they are most likely thinking to themselves, would I want to be in a group with the person?
Diana_Eva_Lebiecki -> KristaFor your application, how many letters of recommendation are recommended?
Krista -> Diana_Eva_LebieckiDiana, two letters of recommendation are required. We ask that one is from a direct supervisor and the other can be from co-worker, mentor, or previous supervisor for example. In the application you're asked why you chose the individual so we can learn more about your relationship.
MDavis -> GeorgeCan you give a brief pros/cons for evening/weekend versus full-time?
George -> MDavisCon- you have one more thing that you need to do that full-time does not and it is large..work. Also, if you want to go through internship recruiting you should strongly consider full-time. Part-time students do internships, but they get them on their own through the power of the Booth network, or those that are posted for part-time students on our career site.
Pro- you earn a salary so your opportunity cost is much lower. You get two, or more, additional years of work experience.
All else held equal go full-time if you can. But if you need or want to work then we have built the best part-time program in the country with fewer tradeoffs than are required by most.
Amit -> BethCan you describe the process of bidding of courses at Booth and also if one misses out on getting a course and desired professor, how soon can that course be available?
Beth -> AmitAmit - you earn 2000 bid points for each class you take. You use these points to bid for classes. Some classes may cost 0 points and some cost more. As a student, you will have access to the course history to see what courses have closed for previously to give you guidance. In terms of availability for professors, you will be able to search online and see if the professor is teaching again within the academic year. We also have great advisers who can help you in this. Not something to stress about!
Paco -> KaraIs there a minimum of work experience for the MBA, either weekend program or the other?
Kara -> PacoPaco, there is no minimum. The average work experience for the Weekend MBA is 5-6 years of experience. For the Executive MBA, it is around 10-13 years. For all questions specific to the Executive MBA, please email xp@chicagobooth.edu.
Paco -> KaraThank you Kara, Krista and George for your responses. I am interested in applying for the EMBA, will it be possible that you can share the name and email of a EMBA student, in order to contact him or her and learn more about her experience please? Besides this request, do you have the link of where I can find information about the EMBA courses and topics? Thank you
Kara -> PacoFor all questions specific to the Executive MBA, please email xp@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> EveryoneHear from current Evening and Weekend students about their Booth experience. Check out their unique stories at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/ Bookmark this page as you continue to explore the Chicago Booth MBA experience!
Rick -> Georgehow does the degree stay relevant after graduation given the changing business world?
George -> RickRick, the way we teach at Booth is to not teach just the latest fads or trends, but rather, to teach you how to think about things like the latest trends. For example we are far less interested in teaching you how to use Google in your business, to find clients or buy and sell goods, rather we are much more interested in teaching you how to deal with the next disruptive technology that you face such that you are able to solve problems now but also in the future. In fact, our alumni say they feel that the degree continues to serve them 20 years after graduation because the tools they learned are timeless. Learning how to solve problems, gather and interpret data, negotiate, lead teams, these are all things that will be relevant in your career for years to come.
Jaime -> GeorgeDoes the Entrepreneurship concentration have more of a tech focus? I'm interested in Social Entrepreneurship is that something that could be explored?
George -> Jaimeour fastest growing level of interest is Social Ent. In fact we have classes and an entire competition just for that. http://research.chicagobooth.edu/sei/
Jaime -> KaraIs financial need taken into consideration when reviewing an applicant or is the process need blind?
Kara -> JaimeJamie, In the application we will ask if your company will be paying any of your tuition and what amount. However, this information does not impact one's chances of admission. If you need financial aid, you can move forward with this process once admitted.
LavanyaA -> BethHow important is the Integrated Reasoning score?
Beth -> LavanyaALavanya, we do review your IR score, especially as how it relates to your ability to approach and solve programs. That being said, we do focus more on your overall score.
Bruce -> KaraFor someone that will have 3.25 years of work experience when applying, and strong work experience, GPA, GMAT, CPA, etc. do you recommend the Chicago Business Fellows program?
Kara -> BruceBruce, you should apply to the traditional MBA, as the CBF program is for applicants with 0-3 years of experience at the time they begin the program. Please move forward with the traditional Evening MBA application process.
Paco -> GeorgeGeorge, could you explain more the leadership component of the program please?
George -> PacoYes, you will do self assessments as well as gather feedback from co-workers and peers. you also get a "first impressions" feedback from your peer group at LAUNCH when you join Booth. We then sit with you are build a transformation plan and provide you with numerous options on classes, training sessions, coaching, etc. that you can take to improve on those area.
Moderator -> EveryoneOur chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
Rick -> Georgeif you start an EMBA in London, can you finish the program in Chicago?
George -> RickI am not sure of that answer. There is another office that runs the EMBA program. I would hate to provide a bad answer (but I think it is yes). Here is their contact information:
Tdinh -> KaraAre there application waivers at booth for veterans and does booth participate in the yellow ribbon program?
Kara -> TdinhYes, Booth will waive the application fee for military applicants and we participate in Yellow Ribbon. When you are about to apply, please send me an email, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu, and I can take care of the fee waiver.
Rick -> GeorgeHow do you qualitatively judge the value of work experience for the exec mba program
George -> RickRick, since we are not the group that does that, let me provide you some contact information from the XP program. They can definitely answer that question.
LavanyaA -> BethThanks. I have a really low IR score but an overall score that falls in the 80% range. I am really interested in the Booth weekend program. Would you recommend that I retake the GMAT to improve my IR?
Beth -> LavanyaAWhile more focus is given on the total score, if you are concerned then I would recommend retaking it to get the score you are happy with.
Karen -> KaraHi, besides taking the GMAT senior year, do you have advice for undergraduate students looking to apply in a few years?
Kara -> KarenKaren, gaining professional experience and getting involved in community activities is a good idea. It is important to have professional experience that you will be able to bring to the classroom.
Claire.ORyan -> KaraDo you give equal weight to the GMAT as to the GRE?
Kara -> Claire.ORyanYes, you can take whichever exam you prefer.
estam -> GeorgeDoes group work (projects, group papers, conversation etc.) make up the majority of classes, or does it vary by subject? Also, how does part-time compare to full-time in the group sense?
George -> estamalmost all classes have group work, however, it does differ by class. We dont force group work for the sake of it, as we think it imposes unnecessary cost on the students and little value. For instance, is there value in working on a team in statistics or does it just impose significant costs in terms of getting together etc. On the other hand there is tremendous value in a strategy class where there is no one "right" answer and the "best" answer is almost certainly found in the amalgamation of more minds than less. The in classroom experience for full and part is exactly the same. The amount of group work etc. is the same. However, the full-time students typically do their group work in one room, whereas the part-time students often hold meetings via skype or exchange work over email etc.
Harry -> BethYou evaluate whether the applicant fit the Booth. Could you elabolate more this "fit Booth" ? Is that cultual problem?
Beth -> HarryWe are looking for individuals who are intellectually curious, who are willing to work hard, who have passion and a desire to improve themselves. The best way to understand the culture here at Chicago Booth is to visit a class. We have a lot of great options this quarter. Please review the options online http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve and email your top three picks to eveningweekend-classvisit@chicagobooth.edu. It's a great experience.
Rick -> Karawhat qualities are you not looking for in an MBA candidate?
Kara -> RickRick, we are not looking for people who are seeking an easy MBA program. Booth is intentionally rigorous, and we want students here who are motivated to work hard, share their ideas and collaborate with their classmates.
Amit -> GeorgeDoes Booth organize community involvement projects, similar to those one might do during personal time or during work?
George -> Amityes. so many, where to start. we have the MBA cup where Booth, Kellogg, Depaul, Loyola get together and compete on a number of different dimensions all of which go to help support local charities. We also have Booth Gives Back where alumni worldwide volunteer at organizations near and dear to them. We also have over 34 clubs all of which do activities such as volunteering, serving on local boards, tutoring city children, helping small businesses with business plans etc. Our students are very involved and we encourage it stongly.
Sarath -> BethI am based out of CA. If I get admitted at Booth, can I avail the career center services to find a job in IL to move closer to the school?
Beth -> SarathSarath, yes, career services is here to help you both as a current student and alum. I would encourage you to connect with them and build a relationship early to help with your career search.
Rick -> GeorgeWhat qualities do you help to develop in your students?
George -> RickRick, we offer so many that I could not even begin to list them all. Each student gets an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and then they get a personal development plan to work on during their time at Booth, and we hope beyond. For instance I teach a class on handling conflict and I am working on one on change management. We also have group dynamic sessions, public speaking, improvisation, networking etc. etc.
Jennifer -> GeorgeIn general, is the Executive program more appropriate for an individual with 20+ years who wants further education in the same field than is the evening/weekend program?
George -> JenniferJennifer, unequivocally, yes.
Sarath -> BethBeth, how do I connect with the career center to build a relationship earlier?
Beth -> SarathSarath, you will connect with them starting at LAUNCH, as they only work with current students.
Amit -> KristaShould I email my 1-page resume a day or so prior to my interview, or just bring it along with me on the day of the interview? Just wondering if that will give the interviewer enough time to peruse the resume. Thanks for taking questions today, this was helpful!!
Krista -> AmitAmit, please bring a copy of your resume to the interview. The Admissions Committee member will review it for a few minutes before your interview. They have not seen the rest of your application which is intentional.
Hary -> GeorgeWhat's the eligibility criteria for on campus recruiting for the evening and weekend MBA students? How much access of the career services is provided to part time students?
George -> Harypart-time students have full access to all aspect of career services with two notable exceptions. We do not provide internship recruiting for part-time students. Many of our students get them, but they do so through the power of the network and not on campus recruiting. As it pertains to interviewing on campus for full-time jobs, part-time students can go through on campus recruiting, but if they get tuition reimbursement from their company we ask that they get permission from their company to do so. Beyond that you have access to all services, interview preparation, resume writing, how to network, telling your story etc.
Kara -> EveryoneThank you for joining today's chat! I look forward to working with you as you continue your research and move through the application process. As one of your next steps, I suggest you visit a class to experience the MBA program firsthand. See here for details, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve.
Beth -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. I hope we were able to answer your questions. The first step towards your MBA is applying and we look forward to receiving your application! The deadline for the Weekend MBA is Friday, May 10 and the deadline for the Evening MBA for the Autumn 2013 quarter is Monday, July 1.
Krista -> EveryoneThanks for joining today's chat everyone! Please join us at the next information session on June 6. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago

Also, you can sign up to visit a class here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
George -> EveryoneWow, that went by so fast. I hope we got to everyones questions, if not, please contact us at 312-464-8700 we would love to meet with you in person or via phone.
Moderator -> EveryoneThank you for joining us today. We were able to answer all the questions submitted. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, May 10, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats