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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth and other Admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, March 5 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
George -> Everyone If you are not in Chicago you are missing a very snowy day, making it a great day to hunker down and answer all your questions about getting a Chicago Booth MBA!
Kara -> Everyone Greetings from snowy Chicago! I am Kara Northcutt, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Gretchen -> Everyone Welcome to the Live Chat. We are thrilled that you are interested in Chicago Booth. Ask your questions and set a plan to apply to Booth! It is a great place to be.
PK -> Kara When is the deadline for Fall admission? Evening MBA program
Kara -> PK PK, I hope all is well! The application deadline for Evening, Autumn 2013 is July 1st.
Katie -> Everyone This is Katie Coogan and welcome to our Live Chat! I'm here to answer your questions on the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA.
Max -> Kara My goodness I honestly think I may be trapped in my office over night
Kara -> Max Max, I have a great idea! If trapped, you can work on your application to Chicago Booth.
tanvi -> Gretchen Can i still apply for the weekend program? how important is a GMAT score (avg score) for getting into this program?
Gretchen -> tanvi Tanvi: It is not too late at all! The Weekend MBA deadline is May 10th and we are on rolling admissions so you have until May 10th at midnight to submit the application. The GMAT score is one piece of the application and one that does indicate your success in the program. Many of our applicants take the test more than one time and the highest total score is always taken.
Max -> Kara Over the last few weeks I've asked every single question I could think regarding the application process, how scores are evaluated,etc... But, speaking hypothetically of course, if a student is admitted, what are the steps following the letter of admission?
Kara -> Max Max, you will receive our admission decision 4-6 weeks from the day you submit your application. Once admitted, you will get a call from our team and an email stating your acceptance. You will also receive a packet in the mail. You typically have 10 days to then, hopefully, accept our offer. Upon accepting our offer there is a enrollment form you need to complete online and a $1000 deposit.
RFisher810 -> Katie How does a candidate age factor in the application process?
Katie -> RFisher810 RFisher810 - Good question. We have a very wide range of ages in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. This is because age is not an important factor in reviewing your application. We encourage applicants to apply when it is the best time for them personally and professionally. This means students enter in their mid-20's, 30's 40's, and 50's.
yusuf -> George Hello, Is there way you can point out the major differences between the two programs, Also is it true that you don't have access to career services and perhaps other facilities on campus because you are an evening student?
George -> yusuf Biggest difference is the out of classroom experience. Full time students, when not in class are using the rest of the time preparing for interviews, practicing interviews, working on resume and attending numerous social events. Part-time students, while perhaps doing this, are balancing this with a full-time job as well, making it much more difficult to do at the same level as the full-time students. As to the programatic differences, they lay in only one aspect and that is as it relates to on campus recruiting for internships. Part time students are not allowed to participate in on campus recruiting for internships. When it comes to recruiting for full-time employment you may use on campus reciting. HOwever, if you receive tuition reimbursement form your employer you must get their permission to do so. Other than that there are no differences and certainly non in the classroom.
Bharat -> Gretchen When is the deadline for the Weekend program? Is there preference to those who submit earlier?
Gretchen -> Bharat Hello Bharat: The Weekend MBA deadline is on May 10th and as the admissions process is rolling you can submit anytime between now and the deadline. It is best to submit your application when it is at its strongest, whether that be today or on 5/10.
Rahul -> Kara What is the application deadline for winter 2014 ?
Kara -> Rahul Rahul, I hope all is well! The Evening, Winter 2014 application deadline is October 4th.
spk58 -> Kara I have scheduled for GRE that should be fine for Weekend MBA correct?
Kara -> spk58 Yes, we accept GRE scores. Best of luck on the exam!
Spenser -> Gretchen Are the classes for the Evening and Weekend MBA taught by the same professors?
Gretchen -> Spenser Spenser: Yes, the benefit of Chicago Booth is that the professors teach in all of the MBA Programs. This way you are ensured that you are earning the same MBA degree regardless of which program you enroll in. The hallmark of Booth is the flexibility of what classes you take and when you take them.
Whit -> George First Question- As the essay provides the admissions staf a window into the candidate, what do you look when reviewing the essay? I ask because I feel I have written my essay a million times in a effort to show my thoughts and ideas.
George -> Whit It depends on the question. One one question we want to understand why you want an MBA, why part-time is your best option and why Chicago Booth is the right school for you. We do this to make sure you are picking the best program for you and you will be happy with the product we can deliver. If it is the supplemental question you can use it to explain any shortcoming etc that you feel need addressed or to share in strengths you were unable to work into the other essays. There is no hidden agenda in the question. We just want to make sure it is a perfect marriage. You are getting the right program and we are getting the right applicant.
spk58 -> George Is it possible to get an answer on percentage of seats left in the 100 student class for may 10 2013 deadline WEEKEND MBA
George -> spk58 80% of the applicants submit the week of the deadline and 60% the day of the deadline. My recollection is we have admitted 9 students so far.
spk58a -> Gretchen I have a scheduled GRE test which should be fine for the weekend program 2013 may 10 deadline correct?
Gretchen -> spk58a spk58a: Hello. It is fine to submit a GRE score for the Weekend MBA Program as long as your application is submitted by May 10th at midnight. The score can be unofficial.
Fred -> George Good Afternoon. Thank you for organizing these periodic chats that provide students an opportunity to ask questions. My question is around effective leadership program ? Does it involve coursework? Do we have flexibility in terms of when we can enroll for it ?
George -> Fred Fred, 100% of the mandatory part of Effective Leadership is covered during the mandatory orientation (LAUNCH). You are then offered a series of other options to further explore your leadership development plan that are very flexible.
Whit -> Kara What can a candidate expect during the interview process?
Kara -> Whit Whit, the interview takes place after you submit the application. It is 45 minutes to an hour at the Gleacher Center. You will interview with an admissions director, current student or alumni. Your interviewer will not have read your application. It is very conversational interview.
Bharat -> Katie What is the structure of the weekend program? from what I understand, you are in school all four terms, correct? Are there significant breaks (few weeks) between the terms?
Katie -> Bharat Hello Bharat - The Weekend MBA students apply to the Autumn quarter which starts in late September. We have classes all four quarters - Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. There are break weeks between each quarter. Some are just one week, others are three weeks. Students tend to plan vacations and such over the longer breaks. Here is a link to the current academic calendar: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/calendar/
Rahul -> George If one is on an H1-B visa sponsored by their company, are they eligible to apply for the part time evening program?
George -> Rahul Rahul, yes indeed. We have a very high percent of H1-B holders in the program. Because we cannot offer F-1 Visa's for a part-time program either students hold H1-B or are domestic.
PK -> Gretchen What would you say the avg GMAT score is?
Gretchen -> PK PK: The average GMAT score for the Evening MBA Program is 680 and the average GMAT score for the Weekend MBA Program is 700. 80% of our applicants who are admitted have a test score between 620 and 750. Many of our applicants take the test more than one time and the highest score total score is always taken.
hew -> George Does the admissions committee look at the IR score when evaluating a candidate's GMAT scote?
George -> hew yes we look at all aspects of the application including the total GMAT score and the breakdown of the score. by verbal, quant and IR>
Patel -> Kara Hello all! Is it possible for me to connect with someone who is currently in evening program and commutes from Indiana (I am in Warsaw, IN) to see if/how evening commute is to Chicago? Thank you.
Kara -> Patel Patel, I would be happy to connect you with a student in IN. Please email me after the chat, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu, and I will make the connection.
Ken -> George As I understand it, the writing portion of the GMAT will not be fully scored at the time I take the test, if I submit the application by the 10th, is it ok if the writing portion score is not returned until after that?
George -> Ken Ken, most certainly. You can self report your score and we then verify it at a later date.
Rahul -> Katie is there any difference between the evening fall program and the evening winter 2014 program (limited concentrations/courses/etc..)?
Katie -> Rahul Rahul - Regardless of when you start the program (Fall, Winter, etc), you can earn any of the concentrations. Class schedules come out about a year in advance so you can plan ahead. A variety of classes are offered each quarter.
Ashley -> Gretchen Do you have a better chance of getting if you apply earlier rather than closer to the deadline?
Gretchen -> Ashley Ashley, we encourage applicants to submit the application when it is at its strongest. If one needs more time to refine essays or retake the GMAT test it is fine to submit closer to the deadline. Our strong suggestion is that if an applicant is applying to more than one school, to apply to all at the same time; therefore allowing you to hear the admissions decisions closer together.
wstoody -> George Is it acceptable to use a letter of recommendation written for a job, instead of specifically written in regards to our application?
George -> wstoody this is something better discussed in person as it really is very dependent on so many things. I am sorry to not be able to give you an answer but lets speak by phone about the specify recommendation. Feel free to call our admissions hotline and we will walk through it with you.
Myounus -> Gretchen Hello! from what you've seen in past applicants - does a strong undergrad GPA help outweigh a lower GMAT score?
Gretchen -> Myounus Myounus: Both an applicant's undergraduate performance (school and grades earned) as well as the GMAT score are looked at during the application review. If one has been out of school for some time, it is certainly important to have a strong GMAT score. If I had my choice, I would focus on the GMAT test.
Diana_Lebiecki -> Kara Hi there, I attended the webinar last week with Kara and wanted to ask about the "visiting a class" program. I wanted to ask if the course/professor reviews were available to help aid us in selecting the class that we would like to shadow or if we select from the list by the course title and time?
Kara -> Diana_Lebiecki Diana, thanks for joining the webinar! I hope it was informative. You do not have access to the reviews. However, their bios are hyperlinked on the class visit page. Class visits end this week for Winter 2013 quarter, and they will resume April 8 for Spring quarter. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
pravran -> George Hello, Thank you for taking the questions on a snowy day in Chicago..! I am registered to take the GMAT exam on April 25. I am not sure how long it takes to get a score for IR and AWA. With the unofficial GMAT score I get right after the GMAT exam, can I go ahead and apply for the weekend MBA program for Fall 2013. I know the deadline is May 10, but I was not sure if the school will receive the IR and AWA scores by then. Can you please advice if the IR and AWA scores are needed before May 10 as well?
George -> pravran Pravran, a popular questions today. yes you can apply after taking the test and give us your unofficial score. We will verify the rest once GMAT makes it available to us.
Carmen -> George I was interested in the Executive MBA program. Is the program strictly an on line program? What are the requirements for the program?
George -> Carmen Carmen, there are no aspects of the evening program which are online. It is all done in class. Classes are offered every night of the week. You can take them on which ever night works best in your schedule. It takes twenty classes to complete the program.
Bharat -> Katie Additionally, for those who are interested in the weekend program who are coming from out of state, how do students manage air-transit issues during the winter term?
Katie -> Bharat Bhara - That is a timely question given the very snowy day we are having in Chicago today. Students flying in from farther away often choose to travel on Friday evenings to be safe. Classes are rarely cancelled.
Ken -> Kara Are there restrictions on the types of concentrations for the weekend mba?
Kara -> Ken Ken, you are able to pursue all 14 concentrations. However, Human Resource Management can be tricky. If this is a concentration you want to pursue, you should connect with an academic advisor early in the program.
Ed -> Gretchen If we began our MBA at another institution, which is an accredited university, will those grades be taken into consideration by the admissions board?
Gretchen -> Ed Ed: Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. The Deans will review all of the grades earned at any school, including your undergraduate grades as well as any post college grades earned. Some additional information, the classes that you have taken at another school will not however be counted toward a Booth MBA.
Ashok -> George I obtained admission to Robert Smith Business school where the GMAT was waived due to the vast Business and Technical experience I have.Is this a consideration here.
George -> Ashok Ahsok, we do not waive the GMAT/GRE. All of our students can feel assured that everyone in the class with them went through the same rigorous process they did and met the hurdle rates they too were measured against. With that said, based on your vast business and technical experience the standard of measurement agains which we would hold your GMAT/GRE score would be lower relative to what we would hold someone just out of undergrad. We would expect a higher score the less work experience you have.
Ashok -> Kara What are the requirements for the application.
Kara -> Ashok Ashok, I suggest you take a look at this link, as it explains the application process in detail http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply
RH -> Gretchen If I already took some classes from U Chicago but not MBA classes and I did well on those classes. Should I mentioned that on my application and will that improve the chance of getting into the MBA program?
Gretchen -> RH RH: All of the classes that you have taken in undergraduate school as well as graduate school will need reported on your application. It is great that you have taken classes via U of C as you even more familiar with our school. All transcripts will need to be provided in the application (unofficial is fine).
Ken -> Kara I know I have probably read this somewhere, but what is the average work experience for the weekend mba?
Kara -> Ken Ken, Weekend MBA students typically have 5-6 years of work experience on average. However, there is a wide range.
bkunnam -> Katie Hey Everyone, Nice to connect with you all. I'm very passionate about advancing my career in Marketing, and so I'm particularly interested in the Marketing Fellowship at Booth. What factors typically decide how you pick your Marketing Fellows each year. I'd like to work towards building the right profile for the fellowship in the future.
Katie -> bkunnam bkunnam - Marketing is an area Chicago Booth has been expanding and growing in recent years. You will see there is a lot to get involved in through student groups and classes. The Marketing Fellowship is however only available to Full-Time MBA students. I encourage you to take at the following site to learn more about Marketing at Booth...
RFisher810 -> Gretchen Does the weekend, evening, part-time program require a specific amount of work experience before a candidate would be considered for the program?
Gretchen -> RFisher810 RFisher810: There is no specific and exact number of years of work experience for the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Programs. However, on average applicants have 5-6 years of work experience.
Parham -> George Is the GMAT score range valid for weekend and evening MBAs as it is for the full time MBA?
George -> Parham It is a strong indicator of your ability to do well in the program as it relates to grades. However, it is not highly correlated to leadership skills per se nor does it necessarily correlate well with career success. Which is why it is just one aspect of what we measure for admittance.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Sam -> Kara Is there a way to see current the course offerings and their professors for the evening and weekend program? (I realize that these change depending on year and quarter.)
Kara -> Sam Sam, yes, you can access our online course guide. You will see course offerings through Summer 2013. Late June, the Fall 2013-Summer 2014 courses will be posted. http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/portal/server.pt/community/course_search/205
Madhuri -> Gretchen On the admissions site, it says best to get Letter of recommendation from the current manager. But, I have changed jobs recently (about 5 months back) and have worked at my previous job for about 6 years. I think my previous manager will be able to better address my stregthes & weakness in the letter than the current manager. Is it a negative if I don;t have recommendation letter from current manager?
Gretchen -> Madhuri Madhuri: There is a place in the application for you to explain who your recommenders are and why. This is where you can explain who you chose. However, if possible, I would suggest broaching the topic with your current manager as it is valuable for him/her to know of your possible commitment to Booth.
Han -> Katie Hi, how many CBF candidates are you going to enroll every year? and what is the average GMAT score for the CBF program?
Katie -> Han Han - Happy to hear you are interested in CBF! The class is usually 25-35 students, but we do not have a maximum. The deans allow us to bring in as many students as there are qualified applicants. The average GMAT for CBF is 700. All CBF students apply to the Evening Autumn quarter. The app is available here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/apply/shome.aspx
PK -> George After enrolling into evening MBA classes, the student decides to quit their job and focus on school. Can the student transfer into full time student? Or can they get access to full time resources i.e. recruiting for intership?
George -> PK no. Each of our programs are fully subscribed and we do not allow transfers between the full-time, Evening/Weekend and Executive programs. If a student quits their job they may take a full load of classes (3-5), but they are still doing so as part-time students. Since they are not working and thus not receiving tuition reimbursement they may also go through On Campus Recruiting for full-time positions but may not go through internship recruiting.
R -> Katie Is it sufficient to submit scanned copies of the undergraduate transcripts at the time of the application ?
Katie -> R R - Yes, for the application you only need to submit unofficial transcripts. Scanned copies of originals or downloadable copies are all fine. We will ask for your officials once you are admitted.
Whit -> George How many students are typically accepted each quarter for the Evening MBA program?
George -> Whit It varies but on average 100 give or take 20 depending on quality and the quarter. The fall class is our largest at around 150.
Madhuri -> Gretchen Is it possible to change from evening MBA to weekend MBA if work situation changes?
Gretchen -> Madhuri Madhuri, hello again. Yes, after you have been in the Eve or Weekend Program for two quarters you can apply to transfer to the other program. The Deans will then review. This is the benefit of Chicago Booth, as the program is flexible in the way that our students who move for personal or work reasons can change to a program that is more suited to their schedule.
spk58a -> Kara Kara: I have about 9 yrs of work experience, Although the average age for exec mba is 13 yrs? If I apply for exec MBA and weekend MBA will that be an issue? as I can apply before APRIL 1 2013. 9yrs work exp is my concern. Also GRE is fine for exec as well correct? what about the waiver. My MBA is being 100% sponsored.
Kara -> spk58a You can only apply to one program at a time. Before you submit, you will need to decide which program is a better fit for you. The Executive MBA program does not accept the GRE. I defer to the Executive MBA program regarding the GMAT waiver. You can email the XP office at xp@chicagobooth.edu.
gsharma -> Katie A question about admissions logistics. Are admissions to the weekend program done on a rolling basis?
Katie -> gsharma gsharma - Yes, all of our admissions is done on a rolling basis with the exception of Chicago Business Fellows.
spk58a -> George Could you please tell us the range of GRE scores for WEEKEND AND EXEC as well?
George -> spk58a I am sorry that I a do not know the Exec scores. If you wish to know them please send us an email at the admissions hotline after the chat and we can provide that to you.
80% of the weekend scores fall between 620 and 740.
Spenser -> Gretchen Coming from out-of-state what would be your recommendation for a campus visit to maximize the time spent there?
Gretchen -> Spenser Spenser: We certainly want to help you arrange a full weekend of Chicago Booth events when you are from out of town. Please email me at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu and let me know where you are in the application process.
Parham -> George How is a previous grad school degree (MS/PhD) valued in the application process?
George -> Parham It shows your ability to successfully take on a program of higher learning and thus is weighed heavily.
Ken -> Kara Does the interview need to happen before the application or can it happen after?
Kara -> Ken Ken, the interview takes place after you submit the application. If you submit on the deadline, which is just fine, you will interview after the deadline. Most applications are submitted the week of the deadline. Therefore, most interviews take place after the deadline.
Rahul -> Gretchen Just to confirm - I am not sure this question has been asked already. Sorry if it is a repeat. The weekend MBA and the Evening MBA Fall application have the same deadline of May 10th 2013 ?
Gretchen -> Rahul Rahul: The Weekend MBA deadline is May 10th. The Evening MBA deadline for the summer quarter is April 5th and the for the autumn quarter is July 1st.
Caroline_M. -> Katie Hello - I had atttended the info session last week and it's really helpful and informative. I would like to visit a class and I saw the schedule posted online. If I'm not able to attend the ones available in this week, when will I be able to visit a class again? would that be early April?
Katie -> Caroline_M. Caroline_M - Glad you liked the Info Session! Yes, many of you will be happy to know that our Class Visit program will start up again in early April. Check back to the website around April 1st to see the new classes and dates. Here's the link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit
Vijai -> George Hi, Is there any financial aid for H1B visa holders to take part in the weekend MBA program
George -> Vijai Yes. When you get to campus we set up meetings with financial aid to help navigate the many options for you. If you need to know them before applying please send us an email at the hotline and we will connect you with someone from financial aid so you can have better information with which to make your decision.
Whit -> Gretchen If both letters of recommendation come from previous supervisors/managers, will this in any way hurt the candidate?
Gretchen -> Whit Whit: We do ask the one of your letters is from your current manager or supervisor and if this is not possible, you will need to explain in the recommendation part of the application who you chose and why.
pravran -> Kara Is the interview something that I can schedule after I submit my application or will the school schedule it? I will be out of country from June 8-July 6. So, I wanted to make sure I complete the interview before I leave for the vacation. Is it possible that I can schedule this on a date convenient to me before June 8?
Kara -> pravran Pravran, we scheduled your interview after you submit the application. We are happy to work around your schedule. Ideally, you submit your application and interview before you leave the country. If you need more flexibility, please email me after the chat, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu
Max -> George One question I have asked like to continue asking is how frequently do you see students enroll in the evening program and then ulitmately change firms/career paths? I know the goal of the full-time program is to essentially disover your interests and find out what you're good at. With the evening program do you see alot of the same agenda? Ultimately it seems like students enrolled in Booth in any capacity are exposed to SO many options that it would be almost impossible not to consider changing current careers and focusing on something they never had exposure to before. Just curious on your thoughts.
George -> Max yes, 60% of the students end up changing companies wile in the program. It is a regular occurrence. You are in class with over 1600 students representing over 400 companies, the chance of a productive career accident is very high. Many of our students end up learning of great career jobs through the people they study with.
CalebM -> Kara Kara, I would love to meet a current Weekend student living near Detroit if you have her or his contact information.
Kara -> CalebM Caleb, I am happy to make the connection. Please email your request after the chat, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Ed -> Gretchen If we have the flexability in our schedule to take the weekend or evening program should we apply to both to increase our chances of acceptance?
Gretchen -> Ed Ed: An applicant can only apply one Chicago Booth MBA Program at a time and therefore choose the MBA Program in which you plan to take the majority your classes. If you live in the Chicago area and prefer to take classes in the evening, I would suggest applying to the Evening MBA Program and if you prefer to take classes on a Saturday, then apply to the Weekend MBA Program. Feel free to share more about your situation and we can discuss further.
Arnold -> Katie Hello. Are extension courses/transcripts also considered in an application? If so, how are these classes regarded? I completed about 54 units.
Katie -> Arnold Arnold - You should include any schooling you have completed starting with your undergraduate school. The Admissions Committee will take it all into account when reviewing your application. However, Booth does not accept transfer credits.
Whit -> Kara When will the next round of class visits be made available as it appears the last class visit is March 9th?
Kara -> Whit Whit, class visits for Spring 2013 begin April 8th. The new class visit options will be posted during the first week of April.
Mike -> George Is GMAT required for someone who has a PH.D degree already?
George -> Mike mike, all of our students are held to the same standards. all students, regardless of background, education or financial ability, can feel certain that everyone in the program with them were required to meet the high standards set by the school for admittance. I am going to write a blog about this soon since it is a frequently asked question. There are many aspects that I can share but it allows us to avoid any of the missteps other schools have faced when they admit students because of political pressure or to fill quotas. It is the standard upon which the school was founded.
tanvi -> Gretchen i have two years of work experience, does that mean i can still apply for weekend progr?
Gretchen -> tanvi Tanvi: Yes, you can still apply to the Weekend MBA Program; however I would first ask if you are living in the Chicago area and if you are, it would be ideal to apply to The Chicago Business Fellows, a subset of the Evening MBA Program for applicants who have 0-3 years of work experience. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/chicago-business-fellows
Let me know if CBF is of interest to you: gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu
spk58a -> George Will the ETS GRE to GMAT converter be used to compare a candidates evenly or any other measure?
George -> spk58a that is exactly how we do it.
Giannina -> George Is there any advantage/disadvantage with admissions in taking GRE over GMAT?
George -> Giannina no. at this point we are considering them equally.
Sam -> Katie In looking forward to the 2014 application, when will the application and essays likely be released?
Katie -> Sam Hello Sam - If you are applying to the Evening MBA, the Winter 2014 application is now posted. The Weekend MBA 2014 application will be available in September 2013. Here's the application link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/apply/shome.aspx
FUN FACT -> Moderator Hear from current students about their Booth experience. Check out their unique stories at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/
Diana_Lebiecki -> Kara I believe in the webinar it was mentioned that 3 concentrations are the average for the Part Time Program. It was also mentioned that you can take up to 6 more classes for free. Do those count towards a concentration?
Kara -> Diana_Lebiecki Diana, the three free courses you can take as a current student can count toward concentrations. The additional three you can take as an alumni do not.
Han -> Katie Thanks for your answer, Katie. Also, is there any scholarships for CBF applicants?
Katie -> Han Han - Unfortunately, there are not scholarships or fellowships available for part-time applicants. This is something we would like to see change in the future.
Temo -> Gretchen Is the accounting concentration offered to weekend MBA students?
Gretchen -> Temo Temo: yes, the accounting concentration is offered to weekend students, as the concentration options are the same for Full Time, Evening and Weekend students. This is the benefit of Chicago Booth!

Myounus -> Kara If an applicant has been denied acceptance - how soon after can he/she reapply?
Kara -> Myounus There is a 6 month waiting period to reapply.
Mike -> George Is GMAT required for someone who has a PH.D degree already?
George -> Mike Mike, I think I just answered this moments ago, but if not... Short answer, yes. All students are held to the same requirements. Will the GMAT be weighed as heavily for a Ph.D holder relative to a recent college undergraduate or someone with 12 years of work experience, no.
Leon -> Katie I asked a question almost 30 mins ago, will it be answered in this chat?
Katie -> Leon Leon - It looks like your question was lost in cyber space. Please send it again and we will happily answer it.
Ken -> Kara As a follow up to someone else's question, would it be possible to connect with someone who may be commuting from the allentown, pennsylvania area for the weekend?
Kara -> Ken Ken, I would be happy to connect you with a student near Allentown. Please email me the request after the chat, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
cindy -> Gretchen If you are in the evening program, and for one quater, you want to take the classes on weekend, is that possible?
Gretchen -> cindy cindy: Yes, the flexibility of Booth will allow you to take classes in another program if there is space available in that given quarter. This is a great way to meet other students who are in a different Chicago Booth MBA program. Also, if your professor is teaching in another program you can ask him/her if you can take that week's class on another day.
Jay -> George Are evening MBA students eligibile to participate in oncampus recruitment (for full-time jobs, after MBA)?
George -> Jay jay, not on campus recruiting. companies who come to campus for on campus recruiting are looking for newly minted MBA's they do not want to meet with alumni. However, we post over 5000 jobs that alumni has access. These are companies that are interested in Booth talent and often want alumni with a Booth degree and work experience which is why they post the job instead of coming to campus.
tanvi -> Gretchen Do we remain on H1B visa status when enrolled in the weekend program? or does it change? i am not sure how that works
Gretchen -> tanvi tanvi: yes, you need to maintain your H1B visa status while enrolled in the program.
Ashok -> Gretchen What are the requirements for applicants with Degree from India.
Gretchen -> Ashok Ashok: You would submit the unoffiical (and if admitted, the official) transcript with your application.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
tanvi -> Katie i went through tthe website for both, but would like to know if CBF has the same advantages/benefits as going for a weekend or a full time course.
Katie -> tanvi Tanvi - CBF is a subset of the Evening MBA which means you have all the same advantages as Evening students such as participation in student groups, speakers, and career services. You also have additional advantages - CBF Seminar in your first quarter, CBF mentor, and cohort programming.
CalebM -> George If a person is denied initially, how many applications are considered too many? Reapplying once (2nd app) would seem fine, but after how many times of applying would a candidate plan on not trying anymore?
George -> CalebM I do not think I would recommend more than three. Not that we would deny you because of it, but because I don't want the applicant to continue down a path if there is not some degree of certainty that they will be successful. However, we have hundreds of re-applicants each year. I would say, without having the numbers at my disposal to proof, that re-applicants are as much the norm in the program as first time admits.
Whit -> Gretchen If an applicant is denied admission, does the school inform them as to why they were denied?
Gretchen -> Whit Whit: Yes, we do have a high re-applicant rate and do encourage applicants who are denied to strengthen the application in many ways before re-applying. You can view the re-application process and details: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/decisions
Leon -> Kara How many years of business experience do you look for?
Kara -> Leon Leon, we focus more on the quality of work experience than the quantity. Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, on average, 5-6 years of work experience. However, there is a wide range. We welcome all types of backgrounds and levels of experience.
George_S. -> Gretchen Hello - Can application be submitted prior to sending receiving test scores? Or does everything need to be send to Admissions at once?
Gretchen -> George_S. George_S: It is best to submit the application when the test score is included.
spk58a -> Kara Has there been any candidates in the past where WEEKEND MBA is completed with in 2 years? by taking 3 courses in some quarters?
Kara -> spk58a Yes, you can accelerate the program by taking three courses per quarter. As a Weekend MBA student, you would need to be able to take a class in the evening, as there are only two class sessions on Saturday.
Liz -> George If debating between the FT and PT program. Could a person take the GMAT April 1st ( with unofficial Scores) for the FT R3 4/6 deadline and then if they don't get in, apply for the Fall July 1st PT deadline? Is there a time that you would need to wait between the two?
George -> Liz Liz, yes. We ask for a re-applicant essay because we would want to understand why now the part-time is your option. We want to make sure you are getting into the right program and we want you to understand the trade-offs which we have discussed earlier in the chat. The part-time program works well for those you want to work and go to school, in-fact we think is one of the best in the country, however, for those who quit their jobs it is not the beast option relative to the Booth full-time although it may still be relative to other full-time programs at a lesser institution.
Ashley -> Katie Do you need to have a concentration selected in order to apply to the evening program?
Katie -> Ashley Ashley - You are not held to the concentrations you indicate in the application. However, you do need to make a selection when completing the online application. Most students earn 3 concentrations. You can view all of them here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/curriculum/#c
Faizi -> George How long the entire admission process takes once we have applied....Is there a possibility that Give GRE sometime in April and get go for the Fall 2013 session?
George -> Faizi yes. one you have applied you will get an answer in 4-6 weeks.
gsharma -> Gretchen In the weekend MBA program, can I take a few classes from the full-time program if I can come during the work week? Also, are the professors that teach the Weekend MBA classes the same as the ones who teach the full-time MBA classes? Thanks
Gretchen -> gsharma gsharma: Yes, if there is space available in the class and you are able to secure a seat in the class through our class bid registration process, taking a class in the Full Time MBA Program is an option if you can be at the Harper Center during the day. The faculty are the same set of faculty who teach in all of the MBA Programs at Chicago Booth.
Arnold -> George Are there any merit based Fellowships available for the Weekend MBA program?
George -> Arnold no.
Ray -> George please help to clarify... which do you accept... GRE or GMAT? or is there a waiver?
George -> Ray we accept both. we have no waivers.
Amr_Abu_Shullaih -> Kara I live abroad, how will an interview be scheduled if accepted into the program?
Kara -> Amr_Abu_Shullaih The interview is a required part of the application process. Therefore, it must be completed before you have our admission decision. I see you are overseas. Keep in mind that if you will need an F1 visa to study in the US, you will need to pursue Booth's Full Time MBA program.
EricTsuHwaChen -> Gretchen Hi all, thanks for holding this chat forum. If a candidate has a portion of their application that they cannot change (e.g. poor academic GPA), would you recommend focusing on the parts of the applications they can currently control, or would it be better to try to strengthen the app by taking Graduate Level courses. This might be a silly question as well, but is there anyone at the office we can further discuss dilemnas such as this or any other specific questions? Thanks again.
Gretchen -> EricTsuHwaChen EricTsuHawChen: I agree with you that you can and should focus on the parts of the application that you are still in your control, i.e. taking the GMAT test until there is a desired score achieved. Taking a class via the Graham School as a Gradate Student at Large is an option as well; however the class and grade will not override the GMAT test score. You can email me at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu.
spk58a -> George I believe The new GRE is 130 to 170 not 200 to 800. So for weekend MBA what is the range of GRE?
George -> spk58a please send us an email at the hotline and we will get this to you. we don't have the numbers at with us. however, i remember that it is a GMAT converted 680 average, but I don't remember what the GRE absolute score was.
Madhuri -> Katie I have a MS from a US university, however my Bachelor's is from India. Do I still need to get the official Bachelor's transcripts or MS transcripts are good?
Katie -> Madhuri Madhuri - We need to see all transcripts starting with your undergraduate schooling from India. Also include your graduate transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are all you need for the application. We will ask for officials if you are admitted.
Fred -> George Is it possible for part-time students to major in more than one concentration ? On average how many concentrations do part-time students major ?
George -> Fred most students have four concentrations when they graduate. many classes count towards numerous concentrations.
Andrew_Goodman -> Gretchen What kind of work experience is preferred by the admissions committee? Are there specific industries or type of work that you look for?
Gretchen -> Andrew_Goodman Andrew-Goodman: There is not a specific year/s that is needed in terms of work experience; however the average for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs is 5-6 years. Booth embraces the diversity of various industries. Being in class with classmates from all industries makes the Booth experience valuable for all.
Katie -> Everyone For those of you looking for our hotline email, here it is: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
hdabral -> Kara I am planning to visit Booth on April 5-6. Can I visit a class? I do not see classes scheduled for class visits in April on the website.
Kara -> hdabral Unfortunately, class visits for Spring 2013 do not begin until April 8th. However, we have an Information Session on April 5th that will feature a faculty member, Art Middlebrooks. It will be a great event! See this link to RSVP http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
EricTsuHwaChen -> George Hi all, thanks for holding this chat. If there is a portion of the application where a candidate cannot change (e.g. prior academic GPA), is it better to focus on the rest of the application that they can change, or try to boost the application by taking Graduate-level courses to show current academic potential? This may be a silly question as well, but is there anyone we can speak to offline about this dilemna or any other specific questions regarding the application? Thanks again.
George -> EricTsuHwaChen not a silly quesion at all, one of the most frequent and yes we would welcome the chance to speak to you about this, please call or email our hotline and one of us will set up time to chat. but you are spot on and yes to both. you cant change the past so you need think about what you can do now to keep moving forward. that might mean taking a booth class though the GSAL program (studying with Booth students before you join the degree program is a great way to signal your ability if you do well).
bkunnam -> George Are there any fellowships available for Evening and Weekend MBA applicants?
George -> bkunnam no.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for your questions. We will stay through 1:15 p.m. to answer all of them.
Mike -> Gretchen I have asked the question if GMAT is required for someone who has a PH.D degree. Thank you for the answer from George. I understand all students are held to the same standards, what I really want to know is: do I need to take a GMAT test or I can use my previous GRE which has probably expires already. Thank you.
Gretchen -> Mike Mike: The GMAT scores are valid for fives years according to GMAC. You can check your GMAT score date.
Liz -> George Going off an earlier question if a PT is employed then quits there job and takes the 2-5 courses per quarter, can they graduate early?
George -> Liz yes. the flexibility of our program allows you to speed up or slow down your studies. You can graduate as early as you like.
gsharma -> Kara Any plans to hold an admissions event in the Northeast (Boston)? Alternatively, do you recommend visiting the campus before applying and how should one coordinate that?
Kara -> gsharma We typically host our east coast events in the fall. We will be back in Boston, NYC and DC August or September of 2013. In the meantime, we are happy to set a time to talk with you over the phone about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process. Shoot me an email to set something up, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Innovator -> Katie 2nd submission-Is it true that you have to bid for your courses? if so, what purpose does this process serves?
Katie -> Innovator Hello Innovator - Yes, Booth has a bidding system based on a free market system. It is an auction model where you bid points on classes. The lowest successful bidder and everyone with higher bids gets into the class. The students love the system because it allows you to "pay" more for the classes you really want. We go over all the details at our orientation, LAUNCH, and show you how to use the system.
tanvi -> Katie I would very much like to discuss more on the CBF program, is it possible to talk to someone regarding and possibly make a campus visit.
Katie -> tanvi Tanvi - Happy to talk! Send me an email: katie.coogan@chicagobooth.edu
Innovator -> George Is it true that you have to bid for your courses? If so, what purpose does that process serves?
George -> Innovator It functions as a market. We provide information on each class and instructor and the points serve as money that allows one to signal how much they desire the class. Those who are willing to "pay" the most value the class most and thus are awarded the seats. If the class does not close you get back all of your points. Only 16% of the part-time classes close so most often you will pay nothing. So it is a way to allocate the seats for the classes that are very highly sought after.
Sean-William -> Kara If invited for an interview, at which point during the 4-6 weeks should one expect to be invited? Also, how much notice is given to allow for travel arrangements to be made, if necessary?
Kara -> Sean-William Sean, you can schedule your interview as soon as you submit the application (assuming your application is complete). You can select a spot in our application system or work with someone on our team. It is a fast and simple process!
Moderator -> Everyone We will continue to answer a few additional questions that have already been submitted. Thank you.
Innovator -> Kara How many classes determine a concentration?
Kara -> Innovator Most concentrations require 4 courses.
Whit -> George If a student is interested in a career change while in school, what resources does the school have in place to aid the student in this process?
George -> Whit All of the schools resources are at your disposal. there are so many that I don't know where to start and if you will email or call us I would be glad to expand on them all, but a short list: resume building, networking, 40,000 alumni to be contacted, 1600 students working at 400+ companies doing as many different type of jobs.
Innovator -> Katie My current boss has been managing me for only 6 months. My previous boss, who was let go due to a merger, has managed me for 4 years. Which boss should I get recommendation from?
Katie -> Innovator Innovator: You need two letters of recommendation. One should be your current supervisor so we see that he/she is on board with you pursuing the MBA. Your previous supervisor sounds like a great person for the second letter of recommendation.
Amr_Abu_Shullaih -> George Greetings from sunny Cairo :) I have some questions concerning financial aid. I'm a US citizen, however I do not have a cosigner for a student loan. Does UC offer any help concerning this issue?
George -> Amr_Abu_Shullaih yes US citizens have access to government loans that are secured by the University. you do not need a cosigner.
Amr_Abu_Shullaih -> Katie Thank you Kara for your answer, however I am a US citizen. Living abroad, does the interview have to be in person or can it be by telephone or a skype call?
Katie -> Amr_Abu_Shullaih Amr_Abu_Shullaih - Yes, all interviews are in person here at our downtown campus.
Whit -> George What scholarships are available to part-time students?
George -> Whit we do not offer scholarships in the part time program.
RolandG -> Kara Regarding the class visits... These visits are spread throughout the quarter, correct? So a class visit may not necessarily be during the first time a class is meeting. Is that the case?
Kara -> RolandG Yes, we offer class visits weeks 2-8 of our 11-week quarter. We offer visits every quarter. I suggest you visit early in your research process.
gsharma -> Gretchen I do not see a healthcare concentration listed for the weekend program. Are there any classes offered towards that end? Or, can one take similar classes at let's say Kellogg which does have a healthcare concetration?
Gretchen -> gsharma gsharma: Booth offers a great and unique option for the Certificate in Health Administration and Policy: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/joint-degrees/certificate. This allows you to take classes within the larger U of C. Classes at another school are not able to be transferred over to Booth. Our concentrations are designed to provide the business fundamental and therefore are not as specific as health care or real estate.
Liz -> Gretchen Regarding Part time:If I work for a year ( and have some employer assistance) and then quit my job my last year am I able to partake in on-campus recruiting?
Gretchen -> Liz Liz: Good question. The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs are for students who are working full time. It would not be advised to leave your job as you are a more desirable candidate to employers if you are working full time and a student in our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.
spk58a -> George If one is a weekend MBA student, Can they take pHD level classes for your MBA such as in analytical finance or there is a restriction.
George -> spk58a there are no restrictions you can take any level class. The hard part for weekend students is that all PhD level classes are offered during the day. If you have the flexibility during that quarter to take a day class it can be accomplished. I know that is not always the case for students who are flying in on the weekend.
pravran -> Kara Is there a structure to the recommendation letter, you can provide as an example? I am not sure if some of my former supervisors have written a recommendation letter for a student seeking admission in a MBA program (as such). So, rather than being a generic recommendation letter, I was wondering if it needs tied to the MBA admission?
Kara -> pravran Pravan, your recommender is emailed instructions and a form to complete. They then upload a letter supporting your candidacy. The form will help guide the content of the letter.
Kina555 -> George What weighting do you assign to the different application parts?
George -> Kina555 They are all equally weighted. We do not weigh any one section over another. We want to know that you are a good fit to the program and that they product we are offering will meet your educational and aspirational needs. If this is a two way match you are a great fit.
Bharat -> Katie Can you schedule the interviews for the weekend?
Katie -> Bharat Bharat - Once you submit your application, we set up your in-person interview. We are currently conducting interviews during the day, evenings, and Saturdays especially for Weekend applicants. Upcoming Super Saturday interviews are April 13 and May 18. If you need to schedule your interview more in advance, call our Admissions Hotline 312-464-8700.
cindy -> George does it make a difference that if your company is paying for the mba versus yourself?
George -> cindy Yes. If you are paying for the MBA yourself you do not need to get anyones permissions to got through On Campus Recruiting. If your company is providing you tuition reimbursement you need to get their permissions to go through On Campus Recruiting.
Katie -> Everyone For those of you interested in attending a class visit, they will begin on or around April 6th. Check back at the following link for class options and dates: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit
Kara -> Everyone Great questions today! We look forward to continue helping you through the application process. For the females on the chat, I am hosting a Booth Women Connect networking event on Saturday, April 13th from 4:30-6:00pm at the Gleacher Center. This will give you a chance to connect with our stellar female community. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/diversity
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. We were able to answer the final questions that were submitted and had not been previously answered. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, February 8, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx?source=modules_engage_eve Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx?source=modules_engage_wkd
Gretchen -> Everyone Thank you for joining the Chicago Booth Live Chat! We look forward to working with you throughout the application process. If you would like to learn more about our Booth marketing curriculum and would like to hear from a faculty member, please sign up for the April 5th Information Session: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
Maksym -> George Hi Everyone, I have just joined your chatting. I am a PhD student and want to apply for MBA after graduation in 2014 Fall. I want to concentrate on venture investments in nanotechnology. Will be the University of Chicago best for me with such goal?
George -> Maksym Best? Not sure. We are the second ranked entrepreneurship school in the country with three of the top ten ranked faculty in entrepreneurship. Our students raise more venture capital than any other program through the new venture challenge. So I think you would really enjoy the program but to make sure it was the best option I would want to speak to you more about all of your idiosyncratic goals.
George -> Everyone Thank you all for the questions. Sorry to those of you whom I was unable to answer immediately. Please call us or follow up on email and I will get you the information requested.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. Good bye!