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Live Chat with Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth, and other Admissions directors. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - Noon CST

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George -> Everyone Welcome everyone. We are very excited to be hosting this chat today. Looking forward to trying to answer all of your questions.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
George -> Everyone To give you a visual image we have six people sitting in a very small room with laptops and lunch. On the wall are three pictures of former Booth students, including one of Jay Berwanger who was the first Heisman trophy winner. The current trophy is actually modeled after the pose in the picture.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
George -> Everyone PS, two people in the room are pregnant.
Kara -> Everyone Greetings from Chicago Booth! I am Kara Northcutt, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Beth -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today. My name is Beth and I'm the associate director of admissions, operations. Please ask all of your application related questions - I'm here to help!
KyleTeague -> Kara I am taking the GMAT this Saturday. What, specifically, do you look at with its scores?
Kara -> KyleTeague Kyle, best of luck on the exam! The average GMAT is 680 and our mid 80% is 620-750. This is a good range to aim for.
Gretchen -> Everyone Welcome to our Chicago Booth Live Chat. Ask your questions, prepare your plan to apply to Booth and becoming a part of our Booth community! My name is Gretchen Cooper, the director of admissions.
Cale_Spaulding -> Beth Hello, thank you for hosting this chat. My first two questions are related to the online application: Within the "Work Experience" section, there is a field marked "Description" and another marked "Reason for Leaving" for each individual work experience. 1) Is the "Description" field supposed to be a description of the employer or the job function? 2) Are each of the responses within these fields intended to be rather in-depth or relatively succinct?
Beth -> Cale_Spaulding Cale thank you for joining us today. The description field should summarize your role and responsibilities. The responses should be succinct as you can provide more detail on your resume. It should provide us a snapshot of your job.
Amy_L -> George Hello, George, due to family commitments and work opportunities, I feel like I am beginning my pursuit of an MBA later than "average". I was wondering if you could share any information on demographics of your weekend MBA students?
George -> Amy_L Sure, our weekend students have, on average, 6 years of work experience, but our right tail is very long with some of our students having 40 years. While you may feel that you are older, you will not feel completed out of place. With that said, you could also consider our executive program which, on average, has over 10 years of work experience.
John -> Beth Hello, I live outside of Chicagoland but I am within driving distance and I have a flexible job. When applying, is it acceptable to apply to both the weekend and the night classes? I would prefer the weekend class, but I could make the night classes work.
Beth -> John John, good question. You would need to apply to either Weekend of Evening, as you cannot apply to both. If you would prefer to be in the Weekend program, I would recommend submitting for the Weekend program.
nikkischutz -> Kara Hello -- I appreciate everyone taking the time to answer questions about the programs at Booth! Given the time restrictions of the Weekend MBA, are many elective courses available?
Kara -> nikkischutz I am happy to read of your interest in the Weekend MBA program. The majority of courses are offered in the Weekend MBA program. Of our 14 concentrations, Human Resource Management is the one that is difficult to get by only taking courses on Saturday.
KyleTeague -> George If I don't have any full-time work experience, since I'm finishing up my undergraduate school this semester, is it impossible to be accepted into Booth? I do, however, have part-time work experience and a hefty amount of extracurricular/school working experience.
George -> KyleTeague No, we have a program for individuals just like you, called the Chicago Business Fellows, I just put up a slider with the information. It is for individuals with less than three years of work experience. I highly recommend it. The students who go through the program love the experience and network they form.
Tiffanie -> Beth Please describe the interview process. Thank you!
Beth -> Tiffanie Tiffanie, thank you for joining us today. All applicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are required to conduct an in person interview here at the Gleacher Center in Chicago. We conduct interviews both during the week and on selected Saturdays throughout the year. The interview is 45-60 minutes with one member of our Admissions Committee (current student, alum, or admissions staff). Interviews are blind and they will only have reviewed your resume beforehand. In addition to being asked questions on your resume and why you want an MBA, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions of your interviewer.
KyleTeague -> Kara For the weekend MBA program, by what date will a candidate be notified of his/her status, since the application deadline is not until May 15ish.
Kara -> KyleTeague Kyle, you will have our admission decision 4-6 weeks from the date you submit your application, assuming it is complete. You will be able to schedule your interview as soon as you submit your application.
DBMBA -> Gretchen Hello - thank you for hosting this chat. Just curious about re-applications - are they more carefully considered after applying again? Besides addressing perhaps weaknesses in the application is there anything else that should be revised? Are re-applications perceived as more serious about attending their desired program than regular applicants? Sorry for so many questions - feedback is greatly appreciated!
Gretchen -> DBMBA DBMBA: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs values re-applicants who take the time to strengthen the application before applying again. It is important that the re-applicant addresses what changes have been made since the last application, i.e. retaking the GMAT test, taking a class via the University of Chicago Graham School (the Gradate Student at Large Program), gaining more work experience, etc. You can also view more about the timeline of re-applying on our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/decisions
Fernando -> George still regarding the GMAT, how the new section is considering in the analysis. Do you already have enough data to consider / weight the score with and without this new section?
George -> Fernando No, we do not have enough data yet to figure out how we will use this data. We are tracking the prospects who enter the program to see how they do and then we will run a regression to see if their is any correlation between the outcome and the data. Until then we are hesitant to put too much into it. if we had two candidates with exactly the same credentials, we would then us the data to help make the decision, so I guess it could matter at the margins.
Matt -> Beth On average, what % of applicants are admitted to the evening MBA program?
Beth -> Matt Matt, the University of Chicago does not release its acceptance rates. I can say, we bring in about 80 Evening MBA students each quarter (with the exception of Fall when we bring in closer to 150) and 100 Weekend students each year.
Fred -> Beth Is having a recommender ( esp. the second recommender) who has known you for a short duration ( ~ 8-9 months) viewed negatively for your application?
Beth -> Fred Fred, if your recommender can speak to your abilities, then no it is not viewed negatively. Also, please utilize the "why did you choose these people as your recommender" question to help us understand your choices.
Kirsten -> Gretchen Hello, I'm Kirsten. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions today. I'm interested in the Chicago Business Fellows program and have two questions. First, is the nomination the only part of the application that is due before the interview day? Second, how many applications do you generally receive for the CBF and how many students are admitted?
Gretchen -> Kirsten Hello Kirsten, thank you for your interest in CBF and we can hope that you can now view the CBF page on the Live Chat. Yes, the nomination is the only part of the application that is needed before the interview day. As the number of applicants varies per year, the number of applicants and admitted students is not provided. However, we have between 20-30 CBF students a year. We are glad you are interested in Chicago Booth.
Praveen -> Kara Hi, My name is Praveen Rao, and reside in Peoria. I am in the process of applying for Fall 2013 weekend MBA Program. If for some reason I should decide to defer my MBA for early 2014, is that possible? Also, how long can I defer for?
Kara -> Praveen Praveen, for the Weekend MBA you are allowed to defer for one year. Therefore, you could be admitted for Autumn 2013 and defer to Autumn 2014. There is a $1000 fee to defer, and this will count toward your tuition once you begin classes.
Jenny -> Beth If I apply for the evening program, do I have the option to take classes on the weekends during my program should I decide that a class fits better with my schedule for that semester?
Beth -> Jenny Jenny, great question. Yes! An Evening MBA student has the option to take Weekend or even Full-Time classes, if their schedule permits.
Nikoleta -> George George, how is this different from the regular MBA program?
George -> Nikoleta Nikoleta, the differences for full-time are around the experience outside of class more than anything else. Students in the full-time program, when not in school, or partying:) are working towards securing the next job. The CBF program tries to provide the same cohort experience that the full-time has, but we are not trying to make sure you are working towards a new job. We have career service options for you but they are not mandatory as they are in the full-time.
Deepak -> Beth Is GMAT a must. If yes then with my two masters degree with excellent academic record and ~25years of work experience, can there be a waiver?
Beth -> Deepak Deepak, the GMAT/GRE is required for all applicants of the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program. Our Executive MBA program (for individuals interested in a general management curriculum and who, on average, have 13 years of work experience) does offer a waiver request of the GMAT.
DBMBA -> Gretchen Hello - I am currently involved with 3 non-profits and have held leadership positions in all three - I also have great work experience - how much is the non-profit experience taken under consideration vs. work experience in the application process?
Gretchen -> DBMBA DBMBA: that is great that you are so involved in your community and are taking on leadership roles. I hope you are enjoying your time with each organization. The Deans take a holistic view of the application and will look at your work experience as well as the non-profit experience. Being a part-time program designed for full time working professionals, your work experience is very important, both in terms of quality and quantity.
Vishnu -> Kara What are the criteria other than GMAT that goes into evaluation?
Kara -> Vishnu Vishnu, we take a holistic view and look at a variety of factors: academic background, GRE/GMAT, professional background, future goals (why MBA, why now), and your extracurricular activities/community involvement. All factors are important in the review process.
Amanda -> Beth Hello, thanks for hosting this auditorium. I'm wondering about recommendation letters and not sure which people to request letters from. Is it advisable to ask for a recommendation letter from someone with an MBA verses direct supervisors (with graduate degress but of different types of programs)? Also, do you accept more than 3 (I'd like to plan ahead in case one of the people I select is unable to complete in a reasonable amount of time).
Beth -> Amanda Amanda, I would recommend asking individuals who know you and can speak to your abilities, regardless of if they have an MBA or not. In terms of quantity, we only require 2 letters of recommendation. If you would like to submit additional letters, please be sure they provide a different perspective. You may also have individuals send in email letters of support over formal recommendation letters as well. Those can be sent to our admissions hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Amy_L -> Beth Does the same apply for weekend students, is it possible to take classes outside of the weekend if we can make them work with our schedules?
Beth -> Amy_L Amy_L, yes, Weekend students can also take Evening or Full-Time classes, whatever works best with your schedule.
Erin_V -> Beth Generally speaking, how long should our resume be? I have about 13 years of professional experience, about half military and half corporate - it's hard to fit it all on one page. Should I still try to condense to only one page vs. two?
Beth -> Erin_V Erin_V the resume you include with your application can certainly be 2 pages. We do recommend bringing a one page resume with you for your admissions interview.
Charles -> Moderator Are all requirements for consideration weighed equally, GMAT, GPA, work experience, recommendations, etc? Hi Charles: Thanks for your question. Yes, we complete a holistic review of all applications submitted. We will consider your essays, academics, test scores, recommendations, and interview evaluating in making a final decision.
Fred -> George I understand for our application review 3 areas are weighted - academic piece, work experience and life experiences/individual fit with Chicago Booth. Can you shed some more life on the third area (life experiences/individual fit with Chicago Booth) and what parts of the application would be reflective of it?
George -> Fred The MBA is like a marriage, we want to make sure that both parties are happy with the outcome. So, we want to make sure that you are bringing something to the classroom that adds value, we also want to make sure that we are helping you achieve your goal. Sometimes what a prospect want to achieve does not need an MBA, real example, president of Slovakia, in which case I helped them get into the Harris School of Public Policy, or they are 50 years old but want to get into venture capital and think that getting the MBA is what they need. At that point they would be better networking with VC firms to sell functional expertise either on the selection side, can help pick winning firms, or the turn around side, can help run the companies after investment.
Pritesh -> George Thank you for hosting this chat. Besides the curriculum, how does Booth help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals?
George -> Pritesh Experiential classes. You can bring in your idea and have it fully developed in classes, including taking it through the new venture challenge where you can present to venture capitalists where you will get feedback or they may invest on the spot. Lastly, the connections at Booth are amazing. Most of our students have faculty and alumni who sit on their board.
Cale_Spaulding -> Gretchen Thanks Beth. My next question is related to the flexibility of one's class schedule from semester to semester. From my review of previous chat transcripts and conversations with current part-time MBA students, it sounds like there is tremendous scheduling flexibility, in that once you are accepted into the Evening MBA program, you can take classes not only during the evening, but also during the day and on weekends. I also understand that you can take from 1 to 5 classes per semester, and that you have up to 5 years to complete the requisite 20 credits. Is all that right, and are there any other restrictions to this flexibility? (i.e. Must you take a minimum number of courses in the evening? Must you take a minimum number of courses each year?)
Gretchen -> Cale_Spaulding Cale-Spaulding: You have a great understanding of our flexibility. Booth is the most flexible program and here are the handful of reasons why. As an Evening MBA student you will have the priority to take classes in the Monday-Friday 6-9pm evening classes and if/when there is space available during the day or on Saturdays, you can bid for those classes. As Booth is on the quarter system, our part-time students take on average 2 classes per quarter and with taking more than 3 classes per quarter you would talk to an academic advisor. With working full time taking more than 3 classes would be very difficult. You do have up to 5 years to complete the MBA Program and you can take a quarter/s off of taking classes.
KyleTeague -> Moderator After looking at the CBF program, I noted that in order to apply I must submit an Evening MBA application for the appropriate year. I have almost finished an application for the Weekend MBA program, and I was wondering if it were to be possible to transfer to information over. Namely, I'm concerned about having to collect the same recommendations again ----- Hi Kyle! Thank you for submitting your question. Yes, we can transfer over any information, including recommendations from your Weekend MBA apprlication to your Evening MBA application. Please email our hotline: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu and we can help you move over the information you need.
RolandG -> George Where can I get more info on the Lab classes? I remember being told that these classes are offered twice a year. Do you know when exactly these are offered?
George -> RolandG Roland, short answer no, I don't have the course list at the moment. Long answer if you will write us an email or call the office we can look at the calendar moving forward and provide you with that information. They are offered with regularity.
Charles -> Beth Are all requirements for consideration weighed equally, GMAT, GPA, work experience, recommendations, etc?
Beth -> Charles Charles, at Chicago Booth we do take a holistic approach when reviewing your application, so all of your application materials are weighed equally. That being said, it is easier to compare applicants on objective items, such as GPA and GMAT. 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score between 620-750 and our average admitted student GPA is 3.3. I hope this helps to answer your question.
Lion -> Moderator What is the allowed course load per quarter? For e.g. is it possible to take 3 or 4 courses and complete the degree sooner? --- Hello Lion - thanks for your question. Yes, our program is extremely flexible - you can accelerate or decelerate the number of classes you take each quarter, and it is definitely possible to take 3 or 4 classes per quarter if it is manageable with your professional work load.
Praveen -> Beth Can I ask if there is a specific prescribed format for the recommendation letters?
Beth -> Praveen Praveen, when you enter your recommender's information in our system, we email them a link to submit their recommendation online, asking them about specific aspects and giving them guidance. However, if your recommender would prefer to just upload their letter, they can certainly do that as well.
Matt -> Moderator Thank you for answering these questions - this information is very helpful. Will there be a transcript of this auditorium available at the conclusion for future reference? -- Hello Matt - yes, a transcript will be posted by the end of the week.
nikkischutz -> George One of the major differentiators between Booth and Kellogg seems to be the sense of community and camaraderie among students. Is this even more prevalent in the PT/Weekend programs? How does Booth foster a collaborative environment with these programs?
George -> nikkischutz We have over 36 students groups that cover almost every aspect of student life. Some groups are athletic such as golf, tennis, cricket, skiing; others are career related, such as banking, marketing, consulting and others are purely social such as poker club, wine club and epicurean club. Also we have a bar, which we are sitting in now, on the fifth floor of the building that students hang out at after class and on weekends.
Fred -> Gretchen Q. can you shed more light on the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) program and can part-time MBA program students take advantage of the same without traveling abroad for the entire semester ?
Gretchen -> Fred Fred: Booth has many opportunities to study abroad that fit your needs and your time-frame: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/. Our part time students study abroad for 2-3 weeks in duration; therefore not missing too much of work. Booth is a global school.
Vishnu -> Beth What is the estimated cost for weekend MBA? How about the financial aid and criteria?
Beth -> Vishnu Vishnu for more information on tuition, including the breakdown of costs, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid. That link also details loan options available for students. You are also welcome to email the Financial Aid directly at financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu.
Taylor -> George I observed an impressive weekend lecture a few weeks ago at the Gleacher Center. I noticed, however, some of the students were sponsored by their companies (e.g. P&G, GE). Is this the norm for students engaged in the Weekend and/or Evening MBA programs? Are there disadvantages for candidates not sponsored by their employers?
George -> Taylor Many of our students receive some level of sponsorship, probably the 'norm' but that is a function of their work and not a function of what we look for in admissions. We do not even consider this when looking at applications. No disadvantages to speak of.
Bhavin -> Moderator Hello, I have earned Six Sigma Green Belt (Dec 2011) and Six Sigma Black Belt (Feb 2013) at the pharma, company I work for. Its one of the top 5 pharma. company in the U.S, do you recognize these certifications as a part of the weekend program application? --- Hi Bhavin, thanks for your question. There is a section in the application where you can list your awards and accolades - you should include your Six Sigma recognition there.
Wendy -> Beth Hi, my name is Wendy, I am also looking at CBF program,since I only have half a year of full time work expeirence, can I put internship expereinces as a part of work experience in the resume?
Beth -> Wendy Wendy, yes I would recommend listing it on your resume but it is not considered in your total full-time work experience amount.
DBMBA -> George Are you required to know your exact career path when applying? I'm considering the entrepreneurial path vs. banking/corporate - thank you
George -> DBMBA No. While is is helpful to know what you "think" you will do, we know that over 50% of the students actually shift gears while in the program. So being open minded is incredibly important.
Andres -> Moderator Hi, my name is Andrés and I'm a Dutch citizen living in Chicago. All my transcripts from previous education are in Dutch and I'm wondering if I can submit a translation of my transcripts made by myself, or if you require an official validation. If so, do you have a preferred organization to have my transcripts validated? Thanks for you answer. --- Hello Andres! To submit your application, we will need you to upload English translated copies of your Dutch transcripts. We do not need official validated transcripts until you are admitted to the program. You can bring your official transcripts to our offices and we can make copies and notarize them for you.
TiffanieB -> George What type of events/classes are held during the LAUNCH program? Are these full day events? Just wanted to ask about this in advance because the program is held Thursday-Saturday and would require time away from work if held during the day. Thank you!
George -> TiffanieB LAUNCH is a three day immersion. It is from 9:00am until late in the evening. You start developing your leadership component at LAUNCH and get introduced to your mentors and cohort. The feedback from students is that it is one of the highlights of the program. You will not be disappointed (although now that I have built it up, you may be less impressed.)
Fernando -> Gretchen Could you please talk about the Career Services that are included in the PT program and what are the differences or services that are just included in the FT program.
Gretchen -> Fernando Hello Fernando: Great question. The Career Service part of our part time site shares a great deal of information about tools and resources: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career/job-tools-resources. Our part-time students have a Career Service team at the Gleacher Center to help with the one-to-one coaching, the events related to a career search process and a great library of resources. Career Services for our full-time students is there as a resource for the internship recruiting, which our part-time students do have have access to the internship recruiting process via Career Services.
Deepak -> Moderator The E-MBA needs to be totally funded by me/my company or there is a matching contribution in terms of scholarship from the University? -- Hello Deepak. Thanks for your question. We do not issue scholarships for the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs here at Chicago Booth. Most students fund their education through loans, employer support, and their own savings/income
Wicky -> Beth Hello, thanks for hosting this session. I am very interested in your program. However, I do not live in the Chicago area. Are you considering an online MBA program in the near future?
Beth -> Wicky Wicky, Chicago Booth does not have any plans to offer any online courses in the near future. All classes are taken in person here in Chicago.
NR -> George Thank you for hosting this chat. I am currently working in an engineering role. My goals are to stay in the healthcare industry and transition to a business strategy and product planning role. Due to my circumstances I cannot consider a FT program. I was interested in your perspective on if the weekend program and career change. Albeit within the same industry
George -> NR NR, that is what our program was built for, people just like you; people who need to keep working but want the MBA to help them advance in their career or change careers. Over 53% of the students change careers while in the program.
Marquida -> Beth Hello everyone! I live in NYC, how feasible would it be for me to complete this program while continuing to live here? Additionally, are there events/panels that would cater to students like myself?
Beth -> Marquida Marquida, we have several Weekend MBA students coming in each weekend from NYC for classes. I would be happy to connect you with a current student or alum. If you are interested, please email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu. On Saturday, we offer several student events/panels during the lunch hour and after class to cater to our Weekend student's schedules.
DBMBA -> Gretchen what type of impact will taking a GSAL class have on one's application?
Gretchen -> DBMBA DBMBA: taking a class via the Graham School as a GSAL student can be very effective if one earns a A or a B+ in the class. It is recommended that one takes a foundation class, including micro or macroeconomics or statistics. These classes can help to strengthen one's academic side of the application.
Praveen -> Beth I am interested in applying for Fall 2013 weekend MBA program. As I am planning to take my GMAT mid to late April, I am not sure if the school will get the scores for AWA and IR sections before May 10. Are the scores for IR and AWA also required to be submitted before the May 10 deadline for the Fall 2013 program?
Beth -> Praveen Praveen, good question, you can submit your application for review with only your total, verbal and quant GMAT score. If you take the exam in April, we would be able to access your scores by May.
NR -> George Are there opportunities for weekend MBA students to participate in on-campus recruiting?
George -> NR yes. we offer all of the actives on Saturday at the break at lunch. However, when it comes to om campus recruiting, if you choose to participate in that aspect, you would need to be here during the hours that are selected by the company to see you. You would know that well in advance, but it would always be a week day. Companies to do not recruit in the weekend.
Raluca -> Gretchen If my academic background is mostly arts, what exam would make my application stronger: GRE or GMAT? Does it matter which one I take?
Gretchen -> Raluca Raluca: Booth accepts both the GRE and the GMAT test. The majority of our applicants take the GMAT test and I personally recommend that with an arts background you take the GMAT test. Good luck and keep us updated on your application.
Wendy -> Beth Thank you Beth, another question I have is about CBF interivew. Is it a one-on-one interview or its more like a social setting meet and talk?
Beth -> Wendy Wendy, CBF interviews are completed at the CBF Candidate Days, learn more at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/chicago-business-fellows. In addition to a one-on-one interview at the CBF Days, there is also a group interview. The CBF Days are also great ways to meet similar candidates and learn more about the program.
hdabral -> Moderator I would like to attend admission info session in Chicago and attend a class before applying for Fall session. Could you please provide me details for those? Hello hdabral: The link to all of our admissions events can be found here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events?source=modules_engage_eve You can view the classes available to visit this quarter by using the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
DBMBA -> George What is the number one regret of graduated students who go through the program?
George -> DBMBA That they did not get started earlier. I speak with alumni all the time this is what they always say. They see their careers explode when they are in the program and wish they had gotten this knowledge long ago.
ESchwebach -> Beth Hello Booth Team , thanks for your time today. Quick question regarding possible acceptance from a timing perspective: should one be accepted to Booth, how far in advance of classes starting must they make their decision and inform the school?
Beth -> ESchwebach Once you are admitted to Chicago Booth, you typically have 10-14 days to make your decision. If you require more time, you can certainly ask and we will do our best to accommodate. However, we do need to have all final decision responses at least 5 weeks prior to LAUNCH.
Fernando -> George Is there an option to perform any class or consulting services abroad? I drove my carrer for international experiences and would like to check this availability in Booth.
George -> Fernando yes, we have two international study programs as well as an international MBA. You can also do independent study with faculty from abroad.
Praveen -> Beth Hello, I have a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India. My academic scores are in % (Max. 100). Can I submit the transcripts as-is, or should I work to convert the score to GPA (0-4 range)?
Beth -> Praveen Praveen, you do not need to convert your mark sheets into a US GPA score range. Please just upload your mark sheets and degree certificates and note your scale.
Vishnu -> Moderator Thank you all for taking time and helping me understand various topics and filling gaps in my understanding. If I still got any question, who should I be talking to? Any specific email address, I can use or call? -- Hello Vishnu. If you have any additional questions you can emai our admissions hotline at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. You can also call our Admissions line at: 312-464-8700
TiffanieB -> Beth Silly question, but under the "Work Experience" section, Employment History is the total number of years worked full-time, correct?
Beth -> TiffanieB Tiffanie, not a silly question and yes, you are correct. It is total months of full-time work experience.
hdabral -> Gretchen Thanks for giving an opportunity to know more about Booth Weekend Program. I live in Houston, TX. I am wondering how many such student enroll in the weekend program who fly into Chicago every weekend? Is there any facility provided to such students?
Gretchen -> hdabral hdabral: With Booth's Weekend MBA Program having been in existence for over 25 years, we have had students flying in from all over the country for quite some time now, with the percentage of students from out of state being close to 86%. Our admissions team was just in Texas visiting with prospects. You will certainly find a home with Booth's Weekend MBA Program at the Gleacher Center, the facility in downtown Chicago. We have shuttles that will pick you up from Midway or O'Hare, free of charge, on Saturday mornings and return you to the airport on Saturday afternoons.
nikkischutz -> George Were one interested in a joint degree (specifically, JD/MBA), is it possible to complete the MBA in the Weekend program concurrently with full-time law classes?
George -> nikkischutz Yes from our end. However, what is important is to make sure the Law School can accommodate your scheduling needs. For instance I think they only offer classes during the week day. So many of our joint MBA students take the law classes in the day and the MBA classes on the weekend, but I am not sure you have that flexibility.
Kirsten -> Gretchen Since there is not rolling admissions for the CBF program, how long after the application deadline do applicants typically hear back in?
Gretchen -> Kirsten Hello Kirsten, you will hear the admissions decision with 3-6 weeks post the CBF application deadline.
hdabral -> Beth I would like to attend admission info session in Chicago and attend a class before applying for Fall session. Could you please provide me details for those? -- Hello hdabral. Absolutely - you can view all of our admissions events by clicking on the following link:
Beth -> hdabral To view and sign up for an information session, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago. You can view our class visit options for this quarter (running from now until early March) at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve. For class visits, please select 2-3 dates/times/classes which work with your schedule and email eveningweekend-classvisit@chicagobooth.edu.
chicago_expat -> George Hi there. How's Chicago today? Oh, I miss my hometown.... I'm currently working outside of IL, but could transfer back to IL should I get accepted. Is the relocation something I should mention in the application? I am concerned Admissions may question my ability to attend classes if I apply with an out-of-state address. Thanks!
George -> chicago_expat Yes for sure. We call prospects when we do not understand how they plan on attending class, so you will save yourself a call by being explicit about that up front. We would love to have you back in Chicago, as you know, it is an amazing city!
DBMBA -> Beth Are all students eligible to participate in the IBEP program?
Beth -> DBMBA Provided it works with your schedule and your employer, yes, all students can apply to participate in the IBEP program. For more information, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international.
Praveen -> Gretchen If I am partially sponsored to the MBA program by my employer, can I still take advantage of the career planning services at the school, or will the services not be available to me?
Gretchen -> Praveen Praveen, for those students who have or are receiving any tuition reimbursement from his/her company, a letter of permission would need to be signed by your employer to go through the On Campus Recruiting Process, which is for full time jobs openings. You could take advantage however of all the other tools and resources that our Career Service team offers: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/career/job-tools-resources
Terry -> George May I ask what's the Booth Student culture like, especially in the Saturday program?
George -> Terry Amazing. Faculty love teaching in the weekend program because the students are so engaged and focused. As weekend students you don't have alot of time to waste. Also, because our weekend students are always at Gleacher at the same time they get to know each other very well. It is a closely knit community.
Nick -> Beth Hi, I am interested in weekend MBA and I have over 11 years of experience in IT. I have taken GMAT test in 2008. So can you please tell me do I need to take GMAT again and what score do you look for ?
Beth -> Nick Nick, provided your GMAT scores are still valid (taken within the last 5 years - so you would need to submit no later than the same date this year as you took it in 2008), then you do not need to retake it
CBA -> George Hello… I have taken the GMAT more than once and my scores in verbal and quant have significantly fluctuated. Is this something I should address in the optional essay section? Or is extra information about my background not important when it comes to evaluating the GMAT scores?
George -> CBA We look at that so you don't need to point it out unless there is some kind of explanation you want to give. For instance some people will point out the verbal if English is a second language etc. other than that there is really no reason that you need to point it out I would spend your time on other aspects of your candidacy.
panteli -> George Hi. Thanks for hosting. I am considering applying for the Fall 2013 quarter, which has a application deadline of July 1. Would applying early improve one's chances of admission compared to someone that applies close to the deadline?
George -> panteli no. because we do not have rounds, there is no advantage to early admissions. submit your application whenever you feel comfortable. We get 60% the day of the deadline!
Praveen -> Beth Do the academic transcrips have to be officially submitted directly from the school/s to GSB, or can I upload the copies I have?
Beth -> Praveen Praveen, you can upload them directly into the application for the review process. If admitted, our office will need official copies (you can bring in your mark sheets/degree certificates to our office and we can notarize them) for your file.
Praveen -> Gretchen On a lighter note, is supporting a family of 2 daughters (2 and 4) considered an extra-curricular activity? This takes up quite a bit of my time outside work, and I really enjoy that. I do support other community activities as well.
Gretchen -> Praveen Praveen: yes, supporting a family of 2 daughters is certainly a big part of your life. We have a Partners' Club and we host family events each year: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups. It is just fine in your application to talk about your family involvement.
NR -> George Would you be able to provide more information on the Certificate in Health Administration and Policy? Thanks!
George -> NR You must first be admitted to Chicago Booth and then submit a short application to the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. Admission is based on academic background, professional experience, and career interests appropriate to the health care field. Here is a link to more information
Kumar -> Katie I need to choose between EMBA and weekend MBA. Could you help me understand how the admissions committee selects the students in each of these programs?
Katie -> Kumar Hello Kumar: When choosing between the Weekend MBA and the Executive MBA (aka XP), most people decide based on number of years of work experience and the format of the program. Weekend classes meet every Saturday whereas XP classes meet every other Friday and Saturday all day. Also, XP students have on average 10-15 years of work experience and Weekend have 6-7 years. The faculty and the degree you receive are the same. It comes down to which program is a better fit for you.
CA -> Gretchen Does Booth offer joint degree programs like MBA +Law even to PT students?
Gretchen -> CA CA: It is seldom that a part-time student earns a Booth MBA and earns a Law degree while working full time. One reason for this is that the Law classes will be during the day which make it hard to take the classes. You can view more about the application process: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/joint-degrees/joint-professional.
sambooth -> Gretchen Is there a way I can transfer from the weekend MBA to the FT MBA program?
Gretchen -> sambooth sambooth: Hello, transferring into the full time program is not an option from the part-time programs. One would have to stop taking classes in the part-time programs and re-apply to the full-time program. Deciding between part-time and full-time is a big decision and we can certainly help you with that decision. You can reach out to our team.
Roopesh -> George what are some of the resources available for student interested in pursuing a career in the technology industry ?
George -> Roopesh We have groups that are focused on helping students in this area such as technology entrepreneurship and classes that you may also find interesting. Besides that we are not as focused on any one industry. We find the informational you get from Booth is applicable across all industries. Business is the language on which the market runs.
Roopesh -> Beth is it necessary for the direct manager to be one of my recommenders ? I have moved into a new role and my previous direct manager has moved to a different city. I can get a recommendation from my program manager through and another one from the lead of a community organization. Is that sufficient ?
Beth -> Roopesh Roopesh, it is not necessary but you will want to explain why you did not select them. You can do this in the "why did you choose your recommender" question in the application.
Alex -> Gretchen I understand that admissions committee looks at an application holistically but is there a minimum GMAT score?From on-line forums one gets the impression that in order to have a realistic chance of getting admitted, the applicant should have a score around 650.
Gretchen -> Alex Alex, there is no minimum GMAT score to apply to Chicago Booth. The range we see is from upper 500-800; however I would encourage applicants to submit within the range of our 80% of our admitted students, which is 620-750. It is very important to know that the majority of our applicants take the GMAT test more than one time and the highest score is always considered.
CA -> Katie What is Super Saturday? And what can we expect during the interview process?
Katie -> CA Hello CA: On a Super Saturday we conduct admissions interviews for those that need to interview on a Saturday as opposed to a weeknight. You interview 1 on1 with a member of the Admissions Committee. The admissions interview takes place after you have submitted your application. This is mostly people from outside Chicago or those who travel frequently.
hdabral -> Gretchen I was talking to one of the current student in the Weekend Program - Imran. He mentioned that he takes classes with full time students as well. Should I assume that the distinction between full time and part time students is much less in Booth relatively?
Gretchen -> hdabral hdabral: There will likely be Evening MBA and Full Time MBA students in your Weekend MBA Classes and in turn, if/when there is space available you can take classes during the day (which may be difficult if you are not in the Chicago area) or during the evenings. Booth is very similar, although not identical, across our 3 part-time programs and our full-time program.
hdabral -> Beth My manager recently moved to a new role in Jan 2013. I worked with him for the last 4.5 years. Can I still recommendation letter from him or will it make sense to reach out to my new manager?
Beth -> hdabral You can certainly have him provide a letter of recommendation, If your current supervisor does not provide a letter, I would explain in the question in the application as to your choice for recommenders. You could also have your former manager submit a third letter of recommendation.
Alex -> Gretchen Follow up to your response @Gretchen: Would you view an application negatively if the applicant has taken the GMAT only once and falls outside of the 80% range ?
Gretchen -> Alex Hello Alex, I would suggest re-taking the GMAT test if you have only taken it one time.
hdabral -> Katie I have 10 years of experience in IT Consulting and a GMAT score of 690. I took GMAT twice since I did below par in Verbal. My score increased by 90 points in the second time. I have a Masters in Information System Management from Carnegie Mellon. Could you please let me know if my profile fits well for the Weekend Program? Will these many years of experience in IT jeopardizes my chances of getting into Booth?
Katie -> hdabral hdabral: You have a strong profile and I recommend you apply to the Weekend MBA. Our middle 80% range of GMAT is 620-750 and you are well within that range. Your masters and years of work experience will be a positive on your application. We do not provide predictions of whether you will be admitted or not. Those decisions are made after reviewing the entire application .
sangram -> Gretchen How imp is diversity for Booth? Or does the admission process focus more on the individual
Gretchen -> sangram sangram, I would like to know more about what you means in terms of diversity. You can certainly email me more of your question: gretchen.cooper@chicagoboothl.edu.
KyleTeague -> Katie For the CBF program, it says that you need to have a full-time job in Chicago by the start of enrollment. Due to the difficult nature of finding a job, what would happen if a student does not reach that requirement in the allotted time?
Katie -> KyleTeague KyleTeague: You are correct, CBF students must have a job when applying to the program and maintain employment throughout their time at Booth. If you are searching for a job, I recommend first securing a position and then applying.
Terry -> Gretchen May I ask whether there is any restriction for the Sat program student to take part in the New Venture Challenge? Do you know how many Sat student take part in NVC?
Gretchen -> Terry Terry: The NVC is open to all students and that number varies per year. We are glad to know that you are interested in the NVC.
Katie -> Everyone Here is more information on the Chicago Business Fellows for applicants with less than 3 years of full-time work experience.
Katie -> Everyone http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/cbf.aspx
George -> Everyone Kirsten, I am answering your question about the flexibility of the program. In the two minutes we have left: flexibility, flexibility, flexibly. You can take any classes you want, when you want and with whom you want. We do not make you take any classes so you are not going to duplicate any knowledge you already have. You can take classes in the evening, weekend or even full-time if your schedule permits. Also, you have up to five years to complete your degree so you can take time off if needed. Not to mention the amazing faculty we have here. Our faculty are the most quoted faculty in news publication since 2007. They are chief economic advisers to five of the last six major presidential candidates and I could go on and on. Lastly, we bring in the most amazing students. We are blessed to get applications from all over the world and can bring in students who make this place a great place to be, day in day out. contact us, either in person, or via email. We would love to continue the conversation.
George -> Everyone Thanks to all. I hope we were able to get to all your answers. We actually lost a computer during the chat and thus a some of the questions in her queue. If we did not get to your question, please contact us, either in person, or via email. We would love to continue the conversation.
Gretchen -> Everyone Thank you for joining the Live Chat! For those of you who are interested in the Weekend MBA Program, the deadline is on May 10th!
Beth -> Everyone Thank you for you joining us today. The Evening MBA Summer deadline is Friday, April 5. We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any additional questions, please email eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for submitting all of your questions today - the chat has officially ended! We hope to see you at an upcoming admissions event: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events?source=modules_engage_eve
Katie -> Everyone It was great chatting with you today! I encourage you to attend an event at our downtown Chicago campus so you can see Booth first hand. Event dates are here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events?source=modules_engage_eve