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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for our monthly live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday January 8th, 2013 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Hello ! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
George: Looking forward to the first chat of the year. First chat, best chat!
Moderator: Hello . Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Kara: Happy 2013! We are excited to kick off another year at Chicago Booth. I am Kara Northcutt, Associate Director of Admissions, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Humberto: Welcome ! We're excited to have you on our chat today. My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Associate Director of Admissions. Looking forward to answering all of your questions!
Beth: Thanks for joining us today. My name is Beth and I'm the associate director of admissions, operations. Please ask all of your application related questions - I'm here to help!
Gretchen: Happy New Year! We are thrilled that you are taking the time today to learn more about Chicago Booth. My name is Gretchen Cooper, the director of Admissions. Ask many questions and learn even more about Booth.
DJ: For the application interviews, do you have any preparatory guides/suggestions for us? eg Should we have visited campus or attended class sessions prior to interviewing?
Humberto: Great question, DJ. My thought is, since you will be interviewing one-on-one with either a current student, alumni, or admissions/program director, the more research you've done prior to your interview, the better your interview conversation will be. This includes research on the website, speaking with students or alumni, attending an admissions event, and coming to the Gleacher Center to visit a class, among other opportunities. Feel free to reach out to me directly via email and I will share some ways in which you can be involved with the Booth community humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
LT_Matthew_Quigley: Applying as an Active Duty Military Officer with a degree in Economics, but who doesn't have a background in finance in terms of work experience, what recommendations do you have to improve an application for better chance of admittance?
Gretchen: Welcome LT_Matthew_Quigley:We are thrilled that you are considering Chicago Booth. Chicago Booth welcomes military officers and we can talk more about our Armed Forces Group. Not having a background in finance is just fine as our applicants come from all different academic and professional backgrounds. Are you able to come to the Gleacher Center for an Information Session? http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events?source=modules_engage_eve
Arpan: How many days after submitting the application can we schedule for an interview? Being an out of state resident, can I schedule a class visit on the same day?
Beth: Arpan, as soon as your application is submitted and your fee is paid, you will be sent a link to schedule your interview online. We ideally like to interview candidates within 1-3 weeks of submitting. We also offer several Saturday interview dates. If class visits are in session, then yes you can do a visit on the same day. For more on class visits, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit?source=modules_engage_eve
Nivas: I live and work for a company in Seattle. Have there been any students that commute from Seattle to Chicago on a regular basis? Do you have any special recommendations for distance-commuting students?
Kara: Nivas, I hope all is well! Yes, we do have Weekend MBA students who commute from the Seattle area. I would be happy to connect you with one of our students making this commute to learn about their experience. Please email me at Kara.Northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Gilbert-Chi: Is the LAUNCH program a full day series of events, or is it evening programming only?
Beth: Gilbert, LAUNCH is three full days where you complete the majority of your effective leadership requirements as well as meet your fellow classmates.
Mann: What Loan options are available for Weekend MBA students on H1B
Beth: Mann, we do have loan options available for students on work visas. If you would like to email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu, I would be happy to put you in touch with one of our financial aid representatives to discuss your options.
HanDDS82: Can standardized test scores be waived?
Beth: In order for your application to be reviewed, you must submit either the GMAT or GRE, which we recently started accepting.
dspiers: how does the career service center assist part time students compared to full time students?
George: The differences are in the internship process. Because internships run about two months and E/W students are working we do not provide internship recruiting for part-time students. When it comes to all other services all else is the same. We offer all aspects of career service offerings to all students. This can be helping with resumes, figuring how to ask your boss for a raise, or speaking to HR about the plans the company has for you after graduation. Of course this can also include getting a job through On Campus Recruiting. We also have a staff set up just for part-time students so they are here when you need them. On the weekend and at nights. We have an office right here in Gleacher so you do not need to go down to campus.
jmeadow: What are the most important qualities you look for in students applying to be Chicago Business Fellows (0-3 years out of undergrad)?
Gretchen: jmeadow:As the Chicago Business Fellows is a great option for applicants who have limited work experience, the Deans look for applicants who have performed well and above average in the undergraduate studies as well and above average on the GMAT test. With the few years of work experience, the Deans look for a high performer and someone with promising capabilities. We hope you apply to CBF.
Ajay: I have a couple of questions on the weekend MBA program -1. What is the conversion rate for the weekend program?
Kara: Ajay, I will answer both questions on this response. 1. We do not provide our acceptance rate. We typically matriculate 100-110 Weekend MBA students each Autumn quarter. 2. You are correct, the program is very flexible, as you have 5 years to complete the program. Most students take 2 courses each quarter (8 courses per year), but you can take more or fewer, whatever is best for your schedule.
Ravi: what is the average age of the evening MBA class
Beth: Ravi, our average age for the Evening MBA class is 30, but we have students with ages ranging from 22-60.
Arpan: Does Booth have a shuttle service from either airport? If so, can you provide an approximate cost or range for the service fee?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Arpan. In an effort to make the commute for our Weekend students just a little bit easier, our office provides a free shuttle service to and from both major Chicago airports - Midway and O'Hare - before and after classes on Saturday morning and afternoon. Outside of the free Saturday shuttle, there are many other options for students to get to and from the airports on their own, including public transit, cabs, and ride sharing shuttle services. I'm happy to provide additional details about the shuttle, if you like, so feel free to email me directly humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
anusha3e: What is the total cost of a weekend mba ?
Beth: Tuition is currently $5,524 per course and there are 20 courses required. For more information on the fees/costs associated with the MBA program, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.
Mann" Can the weekend MBA program students use the same campus placement opportunities as full time students.
Gretchen: Hello Mann:Yes, the On Campus Recruiting option that is available to Full Time students is also available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, who have completed 12 Booth courses and have completed the necessary requirements. There are also many other valuable Career Service options available to all of our students and many of our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students move into new roles through their Booth connections.
Paul: Hi and thanks for holding this chat. I am interested in the Bio Pharma / Health Care clubs. I would really like to conduct a dialog with other pharma companies in my field about best practices / industry trends. Since I work for competitors, is "siloed". Do these clubs have good ongoing relationships with biotech / pharma for such dialog?
George: Yes. They are well connected in the industry with many of the students working for a diverse array of bio/pharm companies. They host events were there are 12 - 20 companies who attend and converse with students.
Fernando: Is there any difference on the time that would submit the application documentation? Is the decision performed on a regular basis or are all decisions taken just by the end of the process?
Beth: Fernando, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Once you submit your complete application, you will have a final decision from our office within 4-6 weeks. Applications are available 9 months prior to the deadline and you submit whenever you are ready.
Adam: Are there common interview pitfalls that you see from the interviewer side of the table?
Humberto: Great question, Adam. I think the biggest pitfall in the interview process is the applicant not having done their research about Booth. The more prepared you are to tell your story with regards to the specifics of the Booth part-time programs, the more productive your interview conversation will be.
HanDDS82: I have good undergraduate stats, but my professional school stats are lower, will this adversely affect my application?
Gretchen: HanDDS82:By professional stats, do you mean a Master's Program or work related stats? The Deans will holistically review your undergraduate studies, any post college studies as well as your past and current work experiences.
Big_Tony: Beth I would also like you to send me a package for the loan application for students
Beth: Big_Tony, I would be happy to put you in touch with our financial aid office. Please email me your contact information at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Gilbert-Chi: What are the biggest barriers to entry for a part-time Evening MBA student's application?
George: To me the biggest barrier to entry is the cost. It is not easy to think about digesting a six figure education.
If you are asking more about the barrier to being accepted, there is no one thing. Some people have great interviews, some have great applications, some have great academic chops. If you are not the top 5% of some aspect of the application that would be your barrier to entry. Sell your strength.
Frank: How much work experience is preferable when applying to the program? To put it another way, if I am short on business world experience will that hurt my chances of being accepted?
Kara: Hi Frank, our students have an average of 5-6 years of work experience. However, the range is wide. If you have 0-3 years of work experience, you should consider our Chicago Business Fellows (CBF) program, as this is designed for young professionals. See this link for details http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/Chicago-business-fellows. Having less work experience is certainly not a deterrent, as we focus more on quality than quantity. If you would like to speak further about your specific background, I'd be happy to set a time to talk. Email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Shruta: Hello...I had the following two questions 1. What is the GMAT cutoff for applying to the Evening MBA program? 2. On an average, how long does it take to complete the Evening MBA program?
Beth: Shruta, thank you for joining us today. While we do not have a GMAT cutoff to apply to our program, 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score between 620-750. On average, if you take 2 courses per quarter you will complete the degree within 2.5 years. You have 5 years to complete the degree, should you need more time.
Arpan: Thanks Beth. Kara, can I contact you as well to connect with students who are commuting?
Kara: Arpan, of course! Send me a direct email and let me know where you will be commuting from, and I will connect you with a student or alumni in your area. My email address is kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Aasil: I took the GRE and did fine. I took the GMAT and did not do well. For the weekend/evening program, do you recommend taking the GMAT again. I'm running a startup right now and we're at a critical point so allocating the time to study is going to impact the business.
Gretchen: Aasil:The GRE is accepted and if you did perform within or above the average you may decide to submit the GRE score. You can certainly email me and we can discuss further once I know more of your specifics. Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu. Also, congratulations on your start-up! Booth is the place for entrepreneurs.
Zach: Is there any possibility for off campus interviews, or are interviews restricted to only the two campus locations?
Beth: Zach, all interviews for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are conducted in person here at the Gleacher Center in Chicago. We do provide Saturday interview days throughout the year if you are travelling.
Gilbert-Chi: What are the most crucial facets of the application? What makes the biggest difference to the admissions team?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Gilbert. In essence, all components of the application are equally important, from your GMAT/GRE, your academic record, your professional history and goals, letters of recommendation, and essays, among others. The best approach is to find ways to highlight the areas that you believe are your strengths and to consider ways to improve areas in which you feel are weaker. If you would like to discuss more specific components of your application, please feel free to email me directly and we can set up a time to discuss humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Anil: Does Chicago Booth business school provide GMAT waiver for Weekend MBA program for working professionals?
Beth: Anil, good question. All applicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program must submit test scores, either GMAT or GRE.
anirudh: I live and work in california. Are there students commuting from califoria to booth ( for the weekend program) ?
Kara: Yes, we do have students making that commute, some from the Bay area and others from southern California. Feel free to shoot me an email and I will connect you will a student or alumni in your area. kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu
HanDDS82: Is the weekend MBA diploma different from the FT MBA diploma? (Does it designate "weekend MBA"?)
Humberto: No, there is no designation on your diploma that indicates through which program you pursued your degree. At Booth, all programs are considered equal.
Sarah_Durkel: I'm interested in the Weekend MBA program. In your opinion, what is the number one reason your weekend program is "better" than other weekend programs?
George: Our students study with students from all populations and we provide our weekend students with every advantage afforded the other populations. A few examples. Some programs have their weekend classes only for weekend students. This might seem like a good thing but is not. By offering our weekend classes to all populations we are able to offer many more classes per quarter than you would see in other programs. On any given Saturday you can take of 30 different classes. Also, you are broadening your network by studying with other weekend students, full-time students and evening students.
We also offer all out key-note speakers and student events on the weekend for the same reason. It is the only time that all students can have access to the events. Our weekend program is amazing and Saturdays at Gleacher are frenetic and full of energy. It is my favorite day to be here.
Richard: I've taken GRE 6 years ago with good score and got a master degree after that, do I still need to take GMAT or GRE for a second time? Is there any circumstance that the standardized test can be wavied?
Beth: Richard, thank you for your question. GRE scores are only valid for 5 years from your test date (GRE cannot verify scores older than that). So you would need to either retake the GRE or take the GMAT in order to apply.
tap" I am a junior in undergrad studying psychology with the focus of industrial organization. What courses should i be taking now to have a good chance at an MBA?
Gretchen: tap:We applaud you for already thinking about pursuing the MBA degree and for thinking about Chicago Booth. It may be a good idea to take a few business courses, including accounting or economics or finance. It is also a great idea for you to take the GMAT test while you are still in college and in the practice of taking tests. The GMAT test score is valid for 5 years. You can also look into the Chicago Business Fellows:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/chicago-business-fellows
kay89: Can taking a Booth class as a GSAL and doing well offset an average GMAT score if applying for CBF?
George: Yes. Taking a GSAL class can be a great signal of your ability to compete in the program. I recommend you take one so you can really focus on securing the best grade possible. Obviously getting a B+ of better send a much stronger signal than a C or below.
Vicente: I`m from Brazil and living in Chicagoland since 1 year from now, do I need to attend to toffel for the MBA?
Beth:Vicente Vicente, in order to have your TOEFL waived you will need to either be a US citizen/permanent resident OR have 2+ years of full-time work experience in the US OR have earned a degree from an English speaking institution. Let me know if you have any questions.
Ravi: does the 5524 per course include all activity fees and such
Beth: Ravi, no the $5,524 is just for tuition. For a breakout of the additional costs (most are one time fees), please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Dana: My company is closing soon. I will be looking for another job. Will this put me at a disadvantage when applying to the part-time MBA program?
Humberto: Great question, Dana. In short, no, this situation would not put you at any specific disadvantage when applying. Our applicants and students find themselves in times of professional transition throughout a myriad of points in the MBA pursuits, starting during the application process, through the student cycle to graduation, and as alumni. You will have the opportunity to explain your specific situation throughout the application, specifically in your essays and admissions interview.
ify: whats the avg gmat/gre score?
Beth: 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT between 620-750. We only recently started accepting the GRE and do not have statistics at this time.
aditya: Do part time students have access to talks by industry leaders who do regularly speak at business schools?
George: Yes. Bill Gates and Carl Tanenbaum, and Randy Crossner are just a few examples. We set up talks on the weekend so all students have asses to the speakers.
Roland" I read on the FAQs that simultaneous applications are not accepted. Given the different application due dates e.g. Weekend vs. Evening, what do you typically suggest?
Gretchen: Roland:We do ask that you apply to one Chicago Booth MBA Program at any given time. There are very few differences between the Evening MBA and the Weekend MBA Program as the faculty, the curriculum options and the student community are the same for both programs. If you plan to take classes during the weekday evenings, 6-9pm, and live in or near Chicago the Evening MBA Program is a great option for you. If you are live out of state and/or are not able to come to the Gleacher Center during the evenings, the Weekend MBA Program and taking classes on a Saturday is a great option. Share more about your situation and we can talk further. Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu
exploreamaze: What is the deadline date for Tuition deposit as well as fee payment for the incoming batch of 2013 ?
Beth: Tuition is due in the fourth week of each quarter (once you've started). Once admitted, you need to submit an enrollment deposit of $1,000 (which is applied to your first quarter's tuition statement) but do not need to pay anything additional.
Andrew: Based on information on the web site, Evening MBA students can enroll and begin the program in any quarter, correct?
Beth: Andrew, yes the Evening MBA program brings in four classes each year. Our next application deadline is this Friday, January 11 for the Spring 2013 quarter. For a list of our upcoming deadlines, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions.
Phoenix: Thank you for holding this forum. Following up on the question Nivas had about Seattle, can you share some thoughts around the geographic breakdown the typical class? Also, do you have any stats around geographic breakdown of the alumni network (i.e. where do people move)?
Kara: Phoenix, Regarding current Weekend MBA students, 80% live outside of the Chicago-land area, most of them out of state. Many students commute from Texas, DC area, Minneapolis, New York and many other cities across the country. Most Evening MBA students live and work in the Chicago-land area. Because of this great geographic diversity, you will get to network with students living and working in different industries all over the country. See this link to get a good sense of where our alumni are located http://www.chicagobooth.edu/alumni/community/clubs.
Quiana: Hello!! Do the recommendations have to be in at the same deadline as the rest of the application or are recommenders given any additional time after the deadline to submit?
Beth: Quiana, good question. Ideally your recommendation letters would be in when you were ready to submit, but sometimes this is not the case. We give recommenders up to a week following the application deadline to submit any missing letters.
John: Do you have a profile on accepted students who have taken the GRE and what their average score was? While both GRE and GMAT scores are accepted, does taking the GMAT provide an advantage at application time?
George: John we just started accepting the GRE and I don't know what the average is but I can tell you that we use the GRE converter they provide. We are GRE/GMAT agnostic. We accept them both without prejudice.
Big_Tony: What arrangements do you have for International students who may want to work and study concurrently?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Big_Tony. Since the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are part-time programs, we are unable to sponsor student Visas. All students in our programs are either US citizens/permanent residents or are in the US legally, being sponsored by their companies through work Visas. The Booth Full-Time MBA program, on the other hand, is able to sponsor student Visas for individuals only interested in studying at Booth. If you'd like to discuss your situation more specifically, please feel free to send me an email humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Dustin: I'm undecided on whether to stay in my current industry or look at finance or consulting options. Are there opportunities to speak with recent graduates or companies early in the process to help make my decision?
Kara: Dustin, yes, I would be happy to connect you with a recent alumni who changed industries during or shortly after the program. Please shoot me an email kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Bharat: Can I switch my app from spring to summer quarter. I've not submitted it. I don't want to rush it and need some more time.
Beth: Bharat, I can push your application forward to the Summer quarter. Please just send me an email, Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu
Albin: I am a future veteran who is undecided about which concentration to pursue. Is there someone that could go over the options with me in relations to the future need in Chicago?
Gretchen: Albin, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. The concentration/s certainly do not have to be decided upon at this time. Booth has the most flexible curriculum out of any business school and therefore once you are a student you can work with your mentor and our academic advisors on which courses to take and which concentrations to pursue. You are able to create your own MBA academic experience at Chicago Booth. You can view more here:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics
olga: Would it put me at a disadvantage to apply close to the application deadline.
Beth: olga, not at all! The majority of applications are submitted in the last 10 days before the deadline (with a majority of those on the day of the deadline). Please feel free to submit!
Dig: If my company were to reimburse me for a portion of the MBA program tuition, are there any restrictions on use of Career Center Resources?
George: Dig, yes I am glad you mentioned that. You have access to all aspects of Career Services with one exception. If you want to interview on campus AND If you company provides you with tuition reinstatement you have to get their permission to go through OCR. All other aspects of career services are open to you, including coaching, interview skills and even how to ask your company for permission to go through OCR.
Gesto: my name is Abdi I live Somalia And you to some information about educational assist that Chicago University pay to the International students
Beth: Gesto, for more information about financial aid options available to international students, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.
PRH" Does Booth have a partnership with Teach For America?
Gretchen: PHR:We are thrilled to see T of A applicants and certainly have students, who are T of A alums, here at Booth. I am happy to connect you with them. In terms of a partnership, share more about what you mean and we can discuss further. Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu. I am an AmeriCorps alum!
ESchwebach16: Hi guys - some MBA programs work with interested candidates prior to the submission of their applications, to assess their candidacy and provide feedback on how their applications may be strengthened. Is such assistance offered by Booth?
Kara: Yes, we do offer assistance as you work through the application process. We cannot really tell you whether or not you will gain admission, but we will certainly offer advice. Feel free to email me to set up a time to meet or talk over the phone. kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu
ejsplett: While the deadline for the Weekend and Evening program says May 2013, I know that admissions are granted on a rolling basis. Does submitting an application in April hurt your chances of being admitted?
Humberto: Great question. No, you are not at a disadvantage if you apply early for any of our deadlines. All applications are available online nine months prior to that specific deadline. With our rolling admissions process, we will give any applicant an admissions decision within four-to-six weeks from the date they submit a completed application. For the Evening MBA program, we have an application deadline and admit a new class of incoming students every quarter. For the Weekend MBA program, we admit students only once per year for the Autumn quarter, the deadline for which in 2013 is May 10th.
Arpan: If a candidate has a GMAT score of 580 is it generally recommended to retake the test and bump it up to around 650. If this candidate applies to the W/E program and takes a second shot at GMAT, can he/she submit the scores at a later date.
Gretchen: Arpan:It is a good idea to retake the GMAT test and your highest of the test scores should be included in the application before the application is submitted.
salimade: Hello ! I am applying to the Summer 2013 Evening MBA program. I graduated from a French Engineering school and would like to know what is the best way to submit my transcripts as I will need to have them translated beforehand (do they have to be celled, send directly to the school..). I couldn't find all the information I needed on the web site - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply/transcripts - Thanks a lot for your help
Beth: salimade, yes we will need English translations for your transcripts. Companies like WES, http://www.wes.org/, or ECE, www.ece.org, provide services to get your transcripts translated. Please let me know if you have any questions.
AlisonC: What is recommended for prospective students who are considering the evening MBA programs? I am working full time, so are there students to speak to about their experience?
Humberto: Yes, Alison, I would be happy to connect you to a current student or alum to discuss their experience with you. The best conversations occur when you have something in common with the student or alum, so please feel free to email me directly and we can work together to find a student or alum to connect you to humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
dspiers: 2 questions:what is the reason you cannot apply to both part time and full time program and then make decision based on what you get into?
George: One thing we look for in an applicant is that they know why they want an MBA and what they want to accomplish. Not knowing if a part-time program or full-time program would be an automatic dis-qualifier. It is one of the first and foremost questions that you need to ask yourself before applying. Other schools that allow both report that students who do this always take the full-time offer if they get it and if not default to the part-time, unless they are accepted to a different program, and that their level of satisfactions in the program is always less than those that decide up front.
Phoenix: Beth mentioned 80% of your admitted students have a GMAT score between 620-750, do you provide similar stats for the GRE? Thanks.
Beth: Phoenix, since we only recently started accepting the GRE, we do not have statistics at this time.
Suraj: I have a about 9yr experience in IT with 6 years in Management and looking to apply for weekend MBA program. My grades are First class with distinction in my bachelors and all my academic life.My down side is bad GMAT score, do you recommend to take GMAt again or drop applying altogether?
Kara: Suraj, You should certainly consider retaking the GMAT, as most people increase their score the second time around. The average for our Evening MBA is 680, and our mid 80% range is 620-750. We certainly admit people with scores above and below the range, but it is a good range to keep in mind.
Dan_A: Thank you for hosting this chat. How quickly do interview dates fill up? If I know I am 1-2 weeks out from submitting my application is it possible to start scheduling a date for an interview to help with planning travel? Thank you
Beth: Dan, interview slots are typically available within the time range you are looking. If you have a specific date in mind and are looking to book your travel/set your schedule, feel free to email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu and I can assist you.
HanDDS82: Can any other standardized exams be submitted in place of GRE/GMAT scores? (I have a DDS degree)
Beth: Han, unfortunately only the GRE or GMAT scores will be accepted.
Sandra: Can evening and weekend students take class at the Harris School?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Sandra. Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are eligible to take classes in the Harris School of Public Policy Studies. However, please note that a vast majority of their courses are offered during weekday daytime hours, which can make it challenging for part-time students to take them, depending on their work schedules.
Sarah_Durkel: Are Weekend MBA students able to join the Student-Led Groups?
Kara: Sarah, Yes! Most student group activities take place on Saturday when our Weekend MBA students are here. Therefore, it is easy to get involved.
Moderator: We are just past half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
jayee: Is there a deposit fee required if you get accepted and if so, how soon is the payment required after notification of admission.
Beth: jayee, we do require a $1000 enrollment fee at the time you accept our offer (this fee is applied to your first quarter's tuition). Ideally you would submit this payment within 7-10 days of accepting the offer. If you need more time, you can always ask for an extension. We accept credit card and check payments for the deposit.
Aasil: Is it realistic to be working in Chicago full time (40-50 hrs/wk) and take 2 classes a week?
Humberto: Yes, Aasil, two classes per quarter is the average course load for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students who are working full-time. You do have the option to take more or less than two courses, as well, depending on your personal and professional schedule in any given quarter.
Allison: Does your undergraduate GPA affect your chances greatly? If so, what's the average GPA?
Beth: Allison, while we do look at your undergraduate GPA, we also look at your performance during the entire time you were in college. We look for upward trends. That being said, our students have on average a 3.3 GPA from undergrad.
subia: Is there an accerelated program option available where some of the prereqs are waived if you have already completed those core courses as part of a business undergraduate program?
Gretchen: Subia:the best and most unique part about Chicago Booth is that there are not required academic classes to take and therefore you choose all 20 courses you take. If you have already taken a class you can choose to take a higher level class in that area. Booth has chosen to not have an abbreviated program as we want you to take the time to truly become involved in our Booth community and to take advantage of all that you can while you are a student. I am happy to talk more as well. Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu.
mdubensky: What is a reasonable expectation for job offers and salary from attending the MBA program? Is there any difference between attending part-time rather than full-time?
George: 66% of our students are promoted with in the program
53% receiver offers to other companies while in the program.
The average salary of part-time students is higher after graduation, but is is skewed because many of the students are getting their jobs through the network of students they are in class with which is always a better paying job than the entry level MBA salary. With that said, the average post MBA Booth salary is $110,000.
If you know you want to make a significant career shift from one industry to another going full-time can make that easier.
anirudh: For the weekend program - would I have to commute to chicago every weekend ? Is there an option to do a few classes online ( I live and work in california)..
Kara: You are required to commute for classes every weekend during the quarter. We highly value the in person interactions with students and the faculty. Therefore, Booth does not offer online courses. Autumn, winter and spring quarters are 11 weeks, summer is 10 weeks. This can help you estimate your travel commitment.
David: I am thinking about starting in 2014. When is the latest that I can take the GRE? Also, when would I be able to apply?
Beth: David, after finishing the GRE you will be given your Verbal and Quant scores after taking the exam. You can submit your scores unofficially in the application the same day. However, I would recommend getting the score you are happy with and then starting the application process. The same is true for the GMAT scores, you receive them immediately after completing the test.
Matt: Is it possible to switch into and out of the full-time program having started as a part-time student? I am potentially interested in doing a semester abroad and am trying to understand if that is a possibility.
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Matt. Yes, it is possible for part-time students to study abroad through either the Short-Term or Full-Term IBEP programs here at Booth. You can find more information on those programs here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international. Regarding an official transfer from Evening or Weekend to Full-Time, no, that's unfortunately not a possibility. Feel free to send me an email and I would be happy to discuss your interests more specifically humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
HanDDS82: @Gretchen- my dental school grades are lower than my undergraduates stats. Will this adversely affect my application?
Gretchen: HanDDS82:Your dental school grades will not be the only grades reviewed and therefore this is not a reason not to apply. You can certainly explain about the grades earned in dental school. Your GMAT test will also be a great way to demonstrate your ability to handle the coursework at Chicago Booth.
Nishant: Could you please provide us some career statistics for part time mba? What percentage of class opted for On campus recruiting and how many got placed? Also, for people who did take new jobs after part time program, what was the percentage of students joining:consulting, marketing, finance etc?
George: Nishant, we have that data, but I don't have it here. Will you please call or write us after the chat and I will go to out data base to share it. 312-565-8700 or eveningweekend-admisisons@chiagobooth.edu
Richard: Is it possible to transfer from a part time to full time MBA program?
Beth: Richard we do not offer a transfer process between the part time and full time program. If you were in the part time program, you would need to stop taking classes and then apply to the full time program. I highly recommend a class visit to both programs so you can make an informed decision.
anusha3e: Do you have any counselling sessions or guidance on people who are interested in an MBA?
Gretchen: anusha3e:Yes, please do join us for an upcoming Information Session at the Gleacher Center:
The next event is this Friday, 1/11, 6:30-8:30pm at Gleacher! Hope to see you there.
salimade: Thanks Beth. I will email you for further details. Humberto said that all students in your programs were either US citizens/permanent residents or were in the US legally. I currently live in Canada where I stay under a work visa. Do you have students in such a situation commuting every week to attend classes, or is it recommended to get a job in the Chicagoland for instance?
Beth: salimade, I would be happy to put you in touch with one of our Canadian students. Please email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Andrew: Is the Gleacher Center the main location to serve Evening and Weekend MBA students - from classes and computer labs to career services? Are there any reasons for a student to travel to the Harper Center in Hyde Park?
George: Andrew, we set up the program so you never have to set foot on campus, unless you want to. You can take full-time classes if you want, but all the classes that you would need to fulfill all graduation requirements and concentrations are offered right here at Gleacher.
Victor: Hi, Few questions from my end..1) 680 score, 3 yrs core experience in engineering firm, Project management as part of the job... what are my chances of getting in? 2) What exactly i need to prepare for my interview 3) What should be a good portfolio for a candidate applying for MBA evening 4) Can i change my expertise while studying?
Gretchen: Victor:As this is a specific question to your candidacy, you can certainly email me at Gretchen.Cooper@ChicagoBooth.edu and we can set up a time to speak further.
HP: what if I am not able to start the class on the quarter I am admitted, can I start in the following quarter? or I should re-apply?
Beth: HP, you do have the option to defer your start date by a quarter if admitted to the Evening program (a year for the Weekend program). You would just need to inform our office and submit an additional $1000 deferral fee (which will also be applied to your first quarter's tuition).
Sean-William: Given that the Part-Time campus is located off the main campus, are the part-time student groups separate or are there ways to become a part of the groups in the full-time program? Also, are there opportunities to also network with full-time students in addition to other part-time students?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Sean-William. The short answer to your question is "it depends." Some Full-Time student groups are open to Evening/Weekend students, but some are not. The same is true for the thirty-four student groups within the Evening/Weekend programs, many of which are similar to those in the Full-Time program. As an Evening/Weekend student, you will see many Full-Time students in your classes, which is a great networking opportunity, as well.
Yaz: How do I get more information about scholarships for the MBA program ?
Beth: Yaz, the part time program unfortunately does not offer any scholarships. For more information on our loan and financial aid options, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Roland: Are Joint Degrees becoming popular at Booth? If so, are they only available in the Full-Time program? I only saw Joint Degrees mentioned in the FT and not the Evening/Weekend programs...
George: Because most of the joint programs only offer day classes it is tough to get because of that. Our classes are at night, but the law school and Harris school do not have night classes. This is why full-time students can do it more easily, they are not working. But if you have the flexibility needed to take day classes in the other programs we can accommodate you and do so with many students who are so lucky.
Yaz: What is the average price / duration to complete the evening MBA program ?
Beth: Yaz, our students typically take 2 classes each quarter, and finish the program in 2.5 years. You can speed up or slow down if you need. For the tuition and other costs of the program, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid
Shruta: Hello all...I have already done my Masters and had given my GRE for the same. Although my GRE score is good, the GRE exam was given in 2005. Will this GRE still be accepted?
Beth: Shruta, GRE/GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.
Gesto: what about online study
Beth: Gesto, the University of Chicago does not offer any online courses All courses are taken in person, here in Chicago.
Matthew: Hi, I have been a business owner for over 3 years now and had much success in the financial planning and insurance industry. Is this taken into consideration when acceptance decisions are made or is there greater consideration to previous college transcripts and test scores?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Matthew. We evaluate applications in a holistic manner, meaning that there is not one component that is more or less important than the others. The best way to approach your specific application is to highlight the areas where you believe your strength lie, and to consider ways to improve those areas where you feel you are weaker. I'd be happy to discuss your situation more specifically, if you like, so feel free to email me directly humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Yami: 1. Regarding Gmat score (especially Verbal score), will you give consideration for students who are doing the exam in their second language? 2. Are there foundation courses that can be waived? 3. I have a medical degree but have been doing business development for ~8 years, is it possible that you connect me with an alumn with similar background?
Kara: Yami, 1. Yes, we do understand that non native English speakers may score lower on the verbal section. We tend to focus more on your total score. We will also get a sense of your written and verbal skills in your essays and interview. 2. You cannot waive any courses, but our flexible curriculum basically allows you to take whatever courses you want. Therefore, you would not be forced to take classes you have already taken or already have that expertise. 3. I would be happy to connect you. Please send me an email with some details about your background- kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu
Mann: I have an IT experience of 9 years spanning development, Project management and Business development. After my MBA i would like to go into Business Strategy. Is it possible through a Part Time MBA from Booth. Do you have some examples from current class.
Gretchen: Mann:in our last year's graduation class, 53% of our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA graduates had changed jobs at the time of graduation and 66% were promoted while in the program. Moving into a Business Strategy role is certainly an option for you as there are countless way for Booth students to learn about different industries, meet our alumni, apply to jobs on line and if you choose, go through the On Campus Recruiting process.
ejsplett: Are interviews just a part of the admission process for the Weekend program? Or are they granted only to those to are selected for them?
Beth: All applicants to the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are required to conduct an in person interview here at the Gleacher Center in Chicago.
Ravi: i am at a senior level currently in a global company and also in my late 40's. Is it better to apply to the evening/weekend program or pursue the exec MBA ?
George: Ravi, age is not the deciding factor, outcome is. if you find yourself in a position where you are managing outside your area of expertise and now need to understand other functional areas to be able to hold your own in meetings, then Exec MBA is for you. If you need the MBA to grow in your current function or are considering changing functions then the part-time is right. Contact us so we can talk about your specific circumstances.
Richard: I did my undergrad from a different country and the scoring system is different than the 4.0 GPA scale we use here in US. Is there anything I need to do to justify my undergrad performance?
Beth: Richard, there's nothing you need to do to justify your performance. When you add your school, you can use your degree granting institution's scoring system.
dspiers: can you apply to part time and then change to weekend mba due to conflicts with work?
Beth: After completing two quarters in the Evening program, you can submit a one-time transfer request to the Weekend program. Also, as an Evening student you can take Weekend (or Full-Time classes if your schedule permits) classes.
Gilbert-Chi: Roughly how many applications do you receive for the Evening Program per quarter? Is there any seasonality to the applications that come in?
Gretchen: Gilbert-Chi:You can apply to any one of our four quarters a year. The autumn quarter receives the most applicants and therefore we take in more students in the autumn quarter. However, we suggest that you apply when you are ready and at a time that is good for you to start your MBA Program. Any quarter is a good quarter to start at Chicago Booth!
anirudh: are there any statistics on post completion "job changes" for EWMBA students?
George: aniruch yes we have much data on that. contact us and i can share specifics, but here are some averages. 53% of our students change careers before graduation and 66% of them get promoted while in the program. contact us and we can share any particular data that interests you from our database.
ejsplett: I am looking at the Weekend MBA program, but fall within the 0-3 years of work experience range. Does the Chicago Business Fellows program have a weekend offering? I'm hoping that I still have a chance of being admitted to the regular Weekend MBA program even with my work experience falling on the lower end of the average!
Kara: The CBF program is not offered in the Weekend MBA. However, I still encourage you to apply. Since we do not have the CBF program available, be sure to address that you have less experience in your application and explain well why now is the right time to get your MBA. We focus much more on quality than quantity of work experience.
Sachin: Are there any prerequisites for scheduling a class visit?
Humberto: Great question, Sachin. While there is not a "firm" prerequisite for visiting a class, it might be best for you to attend an in-person admissions event first, which you can find on our website www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events. That said, if you are unable to first attend an event, we would still be happy to host you for a class visit www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit. Class visits for the Winter 2013 quarter will begin next Monday, January 14th and will run through Saturday, March 9th.
Fred: Good Afternoon . I am working on my application for a part-time MBA program at Booth and had a question regarding the professional resume. Is there a size restriction for the professional resume - it needs to be one page esp. if you have 6-7 years of work experience ?
Beth: Fred, good question. For the resume you add in your application, there is no page limit. However, we would ask you bring in a 1-2 page resume for your admissions interview.
HP: I have 13 years of work experience and I am also considering executive MBA program. what is the main difference between regular part time and executive program?
George: age is not the deciding factor, outcome is. if you find yourself in a position where you are managing outside your area of expertise and now need to understand other functional areas to be able to hold your own in meetings, then Exec MBA is for you. If you need the MBA to grow in your current function or are considering changing functions then the part-time is right. Contact us so we can talk about your specific circumstances.
Amber: Hello! What benefit do I get if I apply early to the CBF program? Also- is the CBF program equivalent to an MBA? Sorry, I just learned about this through this chat session!
Gretchen: Amber:We are thrilled that you have learned about CBF. Please email my colleague Katie who is the contact for CBF and you and she can speak further. There are some great benefits to CBF. Katie.Coogan@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Harpreet: I am keen to pursue a part time mba at Chicago Booth....Just wanted to know if we have an F1 option available for H1b holder in case they plan to swich over....
Beth: Harpreet, the part time program does not have an option to grant student visas.
Richard: Do weekend MBA students meet only on Saturday, and how many classes do students usually attend in one day?
Kara: Richard, Weekend MBA class are technically Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. Most students take two classes on Saturday, but you are also welcome to take a Friday night class as well.
ESchwebach16: This is a pretty general question on the application process: If I am applying for a potential Fall 2013 start is it acceptable to request my official undergrad transcripts be sent now to ensure they are received or do most wait until closer to the full application submission? Just curious if you start building a candidate file with the different pieces or prefer it all packaged together.
Beth: Please feel free to send in your transcripts now. We will update your record once we have received them and will keep on file until you submit.
ESchwebach16: Thanks for your time this afternoon. Generally, what would you say is the average student class size for the evening program?
Humberto: For the Evening MBA program, on average, we matriculate classes of 75-85 for the Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters, as well as a class of 160-180 for the Autumn quarter. For the Weekend MBA program, on average, we admit a class of 100-110 once per year in the Autumn.
jrichardphillips: How is IR score being evaluated at this time? Would a low IR score be worth a retake if the overall score is well above average?
George: enough information has not been collected for us to know how much to weigh this. so for now we use it at the margins. Obviously a zero would be negatively weighed and an 8 would be positive. Sorry that is so vague, but we want to see the relevance of the data before banking too much on it. So, no do not retake. You would not be at the margin based on a high score.
Dig: Regarding Saturday courses, are all Evening Program students eligible to register in these? Is there any preference given to the Saturday or Full TIme program students?
Beth: Weekend students do have priority when bidding on Weekend classes through the first few rounds but then it is open to Evening and Full-Time students. So Evening students can take Weekend classes.
Arpan: Beth, continuation of HP's question -- does it apply to a w/e program for an out of state candidate as well considering that there is only intake per year. The candidate cannot defer it just by a quarter as there is no other w/e programs available to defer to.
Beth: Arpan, Weekend students can defer to the next year.
Harpreet: If a professional is making approx 115k/Year in his present position ....just wonder what sort of raise can one expect ....tentatvely..
George: Harpreet. Just not possible to tell. Some of the MBA is an option value. In other words you may be making great money now, but if you loose your job or decide to switch careers will you need the MBA to get that position? There is just way to much variables to answer your questions. if you want to call or write us we would be glad to discuss with you 1-1.
Andrew" Are Evening MBA students placed in a cohort for the first year? Can you describe the structure of an enrolling class?
Gretchen: Andrew:During your LAUNCH, which is the three day orientation for all new students, you will be placed into a cohort. This is a great way to meet other Booth students and to also have a mentor assigned to your group. The benefit of Booth, however, is that you do not have to go through your academic courses as a cohort. You choose what courses you want to take depending on your past academic experiences and your career goals.
Sean-William: Would having an interview request be a good indicator that you are doing well in the process or do you typically interview most candidates who apply?
Beth: All applicants for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program are required to interview.
Brad: Like some MBA schools, does chicago booth offer programs in other cities - if so in which cities? I'm more interested in evening or weekend MBA.
Beth:Brad Brad, Chicago Booth does not offer programs in any other US cities. We do have the option to do an exchange program for a few classes with other schools in other countries. Otherwise, all courses need to be taken in Chicago.
Moderator: We have had a large volume of questions today and will continue to answer all of them! That said, we need to extend our Live Chat until 1:30 p.m. CDT, to get to all the answers. If you can't stay with us, the chat transcripts will be posted on Friday, January 11, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx?source=modules_engage_eve Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx?source=modules_engage_wkd
Zach: Does the potential relocation of an applicant to attend Booth play any role in the admission process for either the Evening or Weekend programs?
Kara: Zach, it is very common that applicants relocate during the application process or during the program. We allow students to transfer from the Weekend MBA to the Evening MBA and vice versa. If you are outside of the Chicago-land area but plan to apply to the Evening MBA be sure to explain your plans in the application. It is best if you are relocating and remaining employed.
Stephanie: I'm considering a concentration in marketing management, but my true passion is in marketing research. Are there any elective courses or workshops that focus on marketing research?
Humberto: Great question, Stephanie. In fact, yes, there is a course entitled "Marketing Research" being taught by Professor Oleg Urminsky this Winter quarter. Feel free to send me an email and I can share information on how you can schedule a class visit humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Jay: Sorry if someone has asked this already but I'm just starting to look at applying (have not taken GMAT). What term is realistic for applying (ie. fall 2013..)?
Beth: Jay, that depends on you. It depends how much time you need to prepare for the GMAT, finish your essays, and get your recommendations.The Summer deadline is April 5, Autumn is July 1, and Winter is Oct.
olga: What should I expect in the interview process? Is it similiar to a job interview?
Beth: The interview is a one-on-one conversation with a member of our Admissions Committee (current students, alum or admissions directors). It typically lasts 45-60 minutes. We are looking to understand why you want an MBA, why Chicago Booth, why now and your work experience.
chris: what is the primary difference between the Weekend MBA and P/T MBA in terms of students experience?
George: full-time drop out of the work world and return to undergraduate life (that is a bit harsh but the essence is true). They study, party and look for jobs (don't underestimate the time spent looking for a jobs. Part-time you work, study and then if you also want to switch careers have to look for that job. I think being a part-time student is harder.
Nivas: Are there any advantages to applying before the application deadline of May 10?
Kara: Nivas, we encourage applicants to apply early, as you will receive an early decision (4-6 weeks from the day you submit). However, we typically receive 80% of applications the week of the deadline. Therefore, applying the week of the deadline does not hurt your chances of admission.
Divya: Hi - I'm an international applicant. I would like to know if the Evening or weekend MBA program are suitable for international applicants who would require an F1 visa to attend the program?
Beth: The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program does not have the ability to provide student visas for our students. If you require a student visa, you would need to apply to the full-time program.
Richard: Do you review applications to weekend MBA on rolling basis?
Kara: Richard, yes, your application goes out to committee as soon as your application is complete. You will receive a decision in 4-6 weeks.
Lindsey: What is the cutoff for undergrad GPA? Is there anything that you can think of that would definitely counteract a not so awesome undergrad GPA?
Beth: Lindsey, we do not have a cutoff for the undergraduate GPA. Our incoming students have, on average, a 3.3 GPA. If you are concerned with your performance in college, you can always utilize the optional essay to discuss this.
Shruta: What are some of the advantages that Booth has to offer over Kellogg?
Gretchen: Shruta, there are many and I would say that the top three include:the 100% flexibility of the curriculum in that there are no required specific academic courses. You are able to choose every class that you take. You also choose the pace of the program which is helpful for our full time working professionals. 2. The strength of the student body in terms of the variety of industries our students are in and the extremely valuable community of our 47,000 alums. 3. The global reputation of Chicago Booth. Booth is unique in that we are permanently placed on three different continents and have a strong reputation not just in Chicago and in the USA but around the world. Visit a class at Chicago Booth and you will see even more!
jayee: For a student who is accepted to begin in the fall, when do they need to notify Booth that they will for sure be attending.
Beth: jayee, we typically ask for your decision within 10-14 days of being admitted. If you need more time, you can certainly ask for an extension.
bkluong23: You mentioned earlier that Booth is the place for entrepreneurs. Could you elaborate on how booth encourages entrepreneurial opportunities?
George: our students raise more money for their companies than any other program in the country because:
1. we have some of the top ranked faculty ranked in entrepreneurship in the world.
2. we have more experiential classes than anyone else that allow students to develop their own companies or to work with others on doing so.
Investors tell us that our students are the best prepared when they make pitches of any they have seen. And investors are keen on purchasing the jockey as well as the horse.
mdubensky: Is it easy to secure private loans?
Beth: I would be happy to put you in touch with a member of our financial aid team to discuss loans for our program. Please email me at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Harpreet: George ...I would be more than happy to have quick call ..if we can share the contacts....
George: 312-464-8700
Ghazy: It is my understanding that the Chicago Business Fellows program is essentially the same as the evening program but for young professionals with less work experience. What would you say is the most beneficial aspect of the program for the development for a young professional?
Humberto: Great question, Ghazy. The Chicago Business Fellows - or CBF - program is a sub-set of the Evening MBA program, intended for applicants with less than three years of post-undergraduate work experience. There two main aspects of the program that I feel are particularly beneficial. First, since you're applying to that specific program, your application is removed from the pool of "traditional" Evening MBA applicants for the Autumn quarter, meaning you are only "competing" for a spot in the class with applicants who have similar levels of professional experience as you. Second, since you attend the CBF Seminar on Friday evenings during your first quarter in the program with 25-35 fellow CBF students, you will build strong relationships with these individuals. I would be happy to provide additional CBF resources for you, so feel free to email me directly humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
anusha3e: Do you provide counselling or guidance if I'm undecided about the MBA?
Gretchen: anushua3e:Yes, come to an upcoming Information Session at Gleacher. This is a great way to make a good decision about pursuing the MBA degree:http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/information-sessions-chicago
lbin" How many spots will be awarded for the Yellow Ribbon program for this fiscal year?
Gretchen: Albin:Unlimited. That is great news.
salimade: Due to the fact that international EMBA students are not eligible for student visas, do they still have to provide a TOEFL score? And id yes what is the minimum score required? Thanks
Beth: We do require the TOEFL for international students unless you meet one of the following exemptions:1) US citizen/permanent resident, 2) have 2+ years of full-time work experience in US, or 3) earned a degree for an English speaking institution
ejsplett: what do you suggest using the optional essay for? How do you suggest standing out on an application?
George: i would use it to speak to a weakness. the rest of your application should sell your strengths. if there is one area that you know you are week in use it to be candid and open about it. there is nothing more attractive than a candidate who knows their strengths AND weaknesses.
Fred: Good Afternoon. My job involves a lot of travel and hence it is difficult for me to schedule a class visit. Apart from the online chat what are some of the other avenues to connect with the alumni and faculty at Booth? Additionally, I may be traveling to India for a family emergency but would be interested in scheduling a class visit if possible with my travel schedule, do I need to email -eveningweekend-classvisit@ChicagoBooth.edu. for scheduling a class visit ?
Humberto: Thanks for the email, Fred. Aside from a class visit, you are welcome to attend any of our admissions events that fit into your schedule www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events. I would also be happy to connect you with a student or alum to discuss their experiences, so feel free to email me directly humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
aditya" Is it possible for one to switch from an Evening MBA to a full time MBA during the course?
Gretchen: aditya:It is not possible to offiically transfer from the Evening MBA Program to the Full Time MBA Program. This is a big decision to make before you apply and we are happy to talk with you more about which Chicago Booth MBA Program is best for you. The decision depends a great deal on your career goals.
Fernando: For the weekend program, what is the range / average of age and work experience? Additionally, there were a question about airport transportantion above. How does the studants usually deal with accomodation? Does Booth have any special fare with hotels or each one does by their own?
Kara: Fernando, Weekend students, on average, have 5-6 years of work experience and 29-30 years old. Keep in mind there is a wide range. We offer a free shuttle to and from Midway and O'Hare Saturday morning and afternoon. Many students that come in on Friday share hotel rooms. We do have student discounts set up with many hotels near Gleacher.
George: We have 124 people on this chat and the questions are flying in so fast that we are not able to keep up. Next time we will bring more people. We have people from India, Africa and the UK as well as the complete US. Thanks for being patient waiting for responses!
Nivas: Are there any general ways that one can prepare for a Chicago MBA interview?
Beth: Your essays are great preparation for your admissions interview as well as knowing your work experience. When you come for your interview, your interviewer will not have reviewed your application beforehand - they will just have your resume. Your interviewer will be a member of our Admissions Committee, a current student, alum or admissions director.
hunter13: Are students that are enrolled in the evening program allow to take classes on the weekends as well
Humberto: Yes, Evening MBA students can take Weekend MBA classes, and vice-versa. In addition, Evening/Weekend students are able to take classes in the Full-Time MBA program, and part-time students will see Full-Time students in their classes, as well. This is because the same faculty teach the same courses across all three programs, as well as the fact that the curricular requirements are the same across the three programs.
Zach" Does the evening and weekend program have any preference towards students that are not looking to make a substantial career change through the program but are rather looking to enhance their expertise within their current job function or role?
Gretchen: Zach:Booth is a great both for both groups, the career changers as well as those who are enhancing their career. In fact, in the 2011 graduation class, 66% of our graduates were promoted while in the program and were not necessarily seeking a job change. The entire Booth experience, both in the classroom and out of the classroom, will help you enhance your performance in your current role and function.
aditya: What is the average essay score in GMAT for all successfully admitted students?
Beth: While I do not know the average, scores typically are 4+.
Asif: What are the typical GMAT scores of the applicants applying for Weekend MBA program. Also, what other things does the application committe consider when granting admission. I am considering Chicago Booth for Evening MBA program and the deadline is in may. I want to make i have enought time for taking GMAT and gathering the required documents. Any help would be appreciated.
Kara: Asif, the average for the Evening MBA program is 680 and our mid 80% is 620-750. This is a good range to keep in mind. Keep in mind that if you take the exam more than once, we consider your highest score. Good luck!
Brandon: Are all classes available at the Gleacher Center?
Humberto: Yes, Brandon, all Evening MBA and Weekend MBA classes take place at the Gleacher Center. You are able to take classes at the Harper Center with the Full-Time program, but you will not be required to in order to graduate.
sbd: I have 15+ years of Industry experience and a masters degree. I have got my undergrad degree from a different country. Can I just submit my Master's transcripts as they are easy to obtain. Then what are the chances of my application.
Beth: sbd, we will require copies (and officials if admitted) from all of the institutions you have attended. If you have copies of your undergraduate transcripts/degree certificate, you can bring those to our office and we can notify them for you. To apply, you simply need to upload copies of your transcripts to your application.
Richard: what's your perspective upon an applicant who already has earned a MBA from another insititute and is seeking a 2nd MBA in different concentration?
George: Richard, you just really need to speak to why. We do have people in the program who received an MBA from a school but realized afterwards that they short changed themselves by attending a lower ranked school and then, after interacting with peers from other programs, decided that they missed out on some aspect of the degree that they now seek.
Edward: Hi. I'm currently working in Tech field at San Francisco bay area. Because of the nature of this industry, I'm relatively well-paid among most of my friends at my age ($110K/y, 1 year of work experience). Is this going to be an advantage or disadvantage applying to Chicago Business Fellows program? (Some people said it could be an disadvantage because for candidates like me, I may lower the post-MBA salary increase rate, and b-schools don't like that - is it true?)
Gretchen: Edward, congratulations on your salary. Your salary will not negatively influence the application decision in any way for CBF or any of our programs. Keep making good money and apply to Chicago Booth!
Richard: Do you review applications to the weekend MBA on a rolling basis?
Beth: Hello Richard - yes, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We provided decisions to applications within 4-6 weeks of when you submit your completed application.
SRINI: How many applications do you generally receive every year for the weekend MBA program ?
Gretchen: SRINI:the applications vary per year. We bring in close to 110 students every autumn quarter for the Weekend MBA Program.
Asif: How busy is the weekend MBA program course load ? Would you recommend someone in public accounting working full time and taking weekend MBA classes ?
Kara: Asif, most Weekend MBA students take two courses per quarter. We have many accountants in the program. Keep in mind that our program is very flexible, so if you need to take fewer courses or take the quarter off during your busy time, you are free to do so.
Chang: Is the area of study (such as finance or strategy) determined at the beginning or can it be changed as time moves?
Humberto: Great question, Chang. You are welcome to work on specific concentrations when you first join Booth. However, concentrations can also materialize "organically," meaning that you can change your course path and concentrations at any time during the program. The flexibility allows you to not be on a "fixed" course schedule.
Scott_B: I have taken both the GMAT and the GRE and done comparably well on both tests. Does it help or hurt to submit both scores when applying?
Beth: Scott, you can certainly submit both but you can also go online at use the GRE to GMAT converter and then submit your stronger score. You can find the converter online at http://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/comparison_tool/
Roland: Are there common pitfalls or mistakes that applicants make in applying? If so, can list any?
Humberto: Great question, Roland. I think the biggest pitfall in the application process is the applicant not having done their research about Booth, and consequently not being able to tell their "story." The more prepared you are to tell your story with regards to the specifics of the Booth part-time programs, the more productive your application process will be.
George: Richard, I am answering your class absence policy question. It is always better to tell them ahead of time than after. It is a working program and we are aware that students must travel for work. With that said, if you think you will miss more than three in any given class I would recommend laying off that quarter.
bkluong23: It sounds like people here come from very diverse backgrounds. Is there a breakdown of the more recent weekend class in terms of industries that they come from?
Kara: See this link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend#simple2. Scroll down to see the industry breakdown. I hope this is helpful!
sbd" I am a Technologist with a Masters Degree looking to diversify into bussiness management. How would your MBA program help achive my goals.
Gretchen: sbd:An MBA is a great introduction to the business world and the business fundamentals of economics, statistics and financial accounting. You will certainly become introduced to business management through your academic courses as well as through our Booth community.
Moderator: Hi Fred, great question. All of our student groups and activities are available to Weekend students - many groups have events on Saturdays, before, over lunch time, or after class so that Weekend students are able to participate! We currently have 34 student groups. You can learn more about them by clicking here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups
SRINI: Do we need to complete the interview before the May 10 deadline for weekend MBA program ?
Beth: Srini, you do not need to complete your admissions interview by 5/10. Once you submit, our office will contact you to schedule your interview. We do ask you to complete your admissions interview within 3 weeks of the application deadline.
Manu: Hi, Does the school offer some facility to view sessions later if a student might miss them because of some reason?
Humberto: Thanks, Manu. Unfortunately, there is a strict recording policy for Booth courses, and we do not record courses when students are unable to attend. Different faculty have different policies on attendance and making up work missed in class, so each absence will be a case-by-case situation. Students are often able to make up class by attending a different section of the same class offered by their professor, which happens often, but is also case-by-case.
George: DSpiers:If you don't know you are not eligible. i don't mean that to sound snarky, but it is true. It is for active military service members and those eligible are sickly controlled by the government. when people apply for it, we cant even tell who is eligible, we have to send it to the government who then tells us if they are or are not eligible. The rules for it are very specific.
Ash1: In weekend MBA program, Can one decide to skip certain semesters ?. And, what is typical course duration for weekend and Part time MBA's. Is 2 or 3 years [Assuming 2 courses per sem]? and how does it compare with Full time MBA
Kara: Ash, yes, you are more than welcome to take quarters off during the program, and this is fairly common. You have up to 5 years to complete the program. Most students graduate in 3 years. Booth's Full Time MBA is 2 years in length.
muc: Thank you for holding this online session. Can you provide insight on how much weight does the UGPA plays role in the admissions process? I am asking because I did not do as well in my undergrad (grad. 2004) due to circumstances however later enrolled in a MS Eng program (grad. 2010) and took additional business classes at UPenn (2011) to demonstrate my abilities.
Humberto: There is not a specific weighting process for each component of the application, as each are equally important. We will evaluate each component of your academic background equally during the course of the review process.
Nidhi: I'm currently on H1B (international student per se) and if I decide to pursue the full-time option, If I'd like to consider applying for Fall 2013, what would be the deadline for me? Because for full-time, I'd need to switch my VISA from an H1 to an F1 (Please pardon me if this question was asked earlier during the chat). Also, would it be mandatory for me to have given TOEFL? I'm in US since 5+ years.
Beth: Nidhi, unfortunately the round 2 deadline for Full-Time is today. The round 3 deadline is April 4. For more information about their application process, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/full-time/admissions
Moderator: Hello Allison, thanks for asking your question about courses for Weekend students. To the side of the chat you will see the course search page - you will be able to view all the classes available each quarter for Weekend students.
Frank: If you take two classes including summer is it still 2.5 years?
Humberto: Yes, Frank, if you take two courses each quarter - including Summer quarters - you will complete the program in exactly 2.5 years.
anusha3e: How many classes are required to be taken to fulfill the WMBA requirements?
Kara: The Weekend MBA program requires 20 courses. The curriculum is the same for the Full Time, Evening and Weekend MBA programs.
Paul: In cases of illness, inclement weather, or absolute necessity to work on a Saturday, what is the faculty's attitude about the occasional absence? Do professors keep track of missed classes? Not that I am planning on missing anything of course!! :-)
Humberto: Thanks, Paul. Each professor has his or her own attendance policy, so it would depend. Students are often able to make up class by attending a different section of the same class offered by their professor, which happens often, but is also case-by-case.
George: manu1. This is in answer to your question about how we look at academic progression. We do in fact consider improvement over time. We all grow and change and it would be unfair to not consider your change over time. So a low GPA is not an autonomic dis-qualifier, but you may want to use the additional essay to point out your improvement and tell why you were able to show than improvement.
Moderator: Hello ejsplett. The 2013-2014 academic calendar for the university is included here: http://www.uchicago.edu/academics/calendar/. The beginning and end of each quarter, as well as holidays, are included.
Fernando: If necessary in the future, is the the option to move between Evening and Weekend part-time programs?
Humberto: Yes, Fernando, there is a one-time transfer request policy between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, should your personal or professional circumstances necessitate a change.
salimade: Hello Salimade! It is absolutely possible to take advantage of the IMBA while at Chicago Booth. The IMBA degree requires you to be proficient in a second language, complete a quarter of study abroad (we have many options for you to choose from), and complete several international business-related electives. You can learn more about our international programs here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international
Chris_P.: Hi there. I am wondering what the location breakdown of evening courses is. How many are offered at the Gleacher Center vs. the Hyde Park campus? Are there any that are location-exclusive?
Humberto:_P. Thanks for the question, Chris. All Evening MBA and Weekend MBA courses are offered at the Gleacher Center. Courses within the Full-Time MBA program are offered at the Harper Center.
sbd: What are the 6 free courses that your website talks about.
George: SBD this is answer to your question about the hallmarks of a successful application as well as the current question.
A successful application is one where the application tells a cogent story about their strengths and weaknesses and some aspect of their application makes them the top 5% of all of our applicants. That may mean your interveiw, it may mean your leadership, it may mean your academic chops, but you need to know what makes you successful and sell that.
As to this question, we offer three free classes to our students in their graduating quarter and three free to alumni to use anytime. Thus you end up with 6 free classes.
Moderator: Hello ejsplett - yes, the Weekend MBA program operates on the same quarter system.
jmeadow: Are there opportunities for students to learn a new language within the MBA program?
Humberto: Students are able to take classes at the greater University of Chicago, specifically language courses in the College, which will apply toward graduation. A total of six courses can be taken outside of Booth.
salimade: Is the IMBA degree open to part time students if they get the opportunity to have time for it?
George: Yes, Salimade, we have part-time students who graduate in the IMBA degree. In fact the valedictorian of our graduation class graduated with the IMBA degree.
George: Andrew, this is an answer for your question about class variety. The only quarter where classes are much more limited is summer. This is because of student demand. Many of our students choose to layoff during summer to enjoy life a bit. Also, the FT program is off doing internships. Other than that we pack the house with classes every weekend and evening with no empty class space to be had.
ejsplett: Is there a break between the 11 week quarters? And what are the dates of the Holiday break?
Humberto: Although the specific dates will change each year, the quarters and breaks generally run as follows:Winter = early-January to late-March --> one week break --> Spring = early-April to mid-June --> one week break --> Summer = late-June to late-August --> three week break --> Autumn = late-September to mid-December --> three week break
Kara: Such great questions today!!! We look forward to continue working with you through your research and application process. We have many upcoming Information Sessions in the Chicago-land area and across the US, we hope to see you there! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/receptions http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/chicago
Moderator: Thank you for joining us today. We were able to answer all the questions submitted! The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, January 11, on the following links: Evening MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx?source=modules_engage_eve Weekend MBA program http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/admissions/events/online-chats.aspx?source=modules_engage_wkd
Beth: Thank you for joining us today! For our female prospective students, Chicago Booth will be hosting a Booth Women Connect event on 1/26. We would love to see you there! For more information and to register, https://apply.chicagobooth.edu/register/?id=a82af49a-3248-4f77-a886-a8ec7d910988.
George: Anusha3E, because of our flexibility you can take classes all the way to the phd level, so you can seek out some of the classes that help with business analytics. Contact us and I would be glad to share what some of those classes may be. Some of the analytic management na finance classes may be perfect for what you are looking for.
Humberto: Wow, that was a GREAT chat! Thanks for all of the questions. I encourage yo to visit a class soon, so please check out our website, which was updated today www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/class-visit. We hope to see you around the Gleacher Center soon!
Gretchen: We were thrilled to answer so many of your questions today. My suggestions for you are to visit the Gleacher Center, get to know the Admissions Team and choose the MBA Program and quarter you plan to apply to in the coming year. Add Chicago Booth to your life!
George: All, I hope we were able to get to your question. That was the larges chat we have ever had and we tried to be as long as needed but as brief as possible to be able to get to all your responses. Please contact us directly if we did not do a good job. We would love to hear from you and work with you 1-1 about your needs. Until then, have an outstanding 2013.
BTW, we have an information session this Friday at Gleacher at 6:30pm today at which we will have alumni and current students there to answer your questions and we can speak then 1-1.
Moderator: Our session has now officially ended. Thanks again to all of you for joining us today!