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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for our monthly live chat with George: Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. We will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday December 11th, 2012 - 12:00 PM CST

Moderator: Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator: Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Katie: Hello and welcome to our chat! I'm here to answer questions about the Chicago Business Fellows or anything else you want to know.
Humberto: Welcome to our chat! My name is Humberto: Freda and I'm the Associate Director of Admissions in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs here at Chicago Booth. I'm looking forward to answering all of your questions, so fire away!
Gretchen: Hello applicants! My name is Gretchen: Cooper and I am the director of admissions. Welcome to Chicago Booth. We are thrilled that you are interested in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. Ask your questions!
George: Welcome everyone we are very excited about hosting this chat.
George: Sorry everyone. We are having server errors with our evening chat link and are trying to rectify it. But we are glad you where able to get on the chat.
vmoralesr: Do you have any scholarships to apply for your programs?
Humberto: Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, we do not have any Booth-sponsored scholarships in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. You will find this is true of most part-time programs throughout the country. However, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Booth do have access to loan-based financial aid through our Office of Financial Aid http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/tuition-financial-aid.
vmoralesr: My name is Valentina and I live in Miami. My question is the following; I studied Business in Chile and I want to apply for the MBA program you offer. What are the steps that I have to follow? I would be applying as a local student or as a foreign one?
Gretchen: Hello Valentina, thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth. You can view the steps to apply via our website: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions. The application can be completed on-line and you will come to Chicago for the admissions interview once the application is submitted. We invite you to visit us at the Gleacher Center for an upcoming Information Session. This is a great way to learn more about Chicago Booth. We can further discuss your visa status over the phone.
tanvi: Could you please tell me about weekend program for MBA? I noticed on the website that the work experience required is an average of 6 years. Would you accept individuals with a few years of experience (1-2)? What other criteria such as GMAT scores are expected? Would I be required to apply as an international student?
Katie: Hello tanvi - We have a wide range of age ranges in both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. You are welcome to apply with 1-2 years of full time work experience to either. If you have 0-3 years of work experience and live in the Chicago area, you should apply to Chicago Business Fellows: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/chicago-business-fellows. The application requirements are a GMAT or GRE score, transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, resume, and essays. International students can apply as long as you have secured a visa that allows you to go to school part time. Most of the time this is a work visa. The part time program does not issue student visas.
Andre Hello Humberto and George:, thank you for hosting. I would like to begin participating in live, in person events to meet, shake hands, and get a feel for some of the other candidates and current attendies of the evening part time programs. Is there particular events that you can reccomend?
George: Andre, out best event is a information session or road show. The information sessions happen the first Friday of every month. Road Shows are basically information sessions we take on the road across 20 cities. So depending on where you are I would highly recommend these. You get a chance to meet with staff and students to get all your questions answered. I am putting up a list of events for you to see.
vmoralesr: What type of documents do I need in order to apply for your programs since I studied abroad but I'm a US resident?
Humberto: All application materials are the same for both domestically and internationally educated students. Specifically in regards to your academic record, you will need to provide original/official copies of your transcripts and/or mark sheets and degree certificates. You can find the application checklist on our website here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/admissions/apply.
LARA: Hi Thanks for hosting the chat. Would you be able to share what the GMAT average is?
Gretchen: Hello LARA, the mid 80th % range of the admitted student GMAT scores is 620-750. The average GMAT score for the Evening MBA Program is 680 and the Average GMAT score for the Weekend MBA program is 700. Chicago Booth always takes the highest score. Good luck!
Prem_S: Can you give me an idea of the acceptance rates for the weekend MBA program?
Gretchen: Hello Prem_S: Although Chicago Booth does not provide the acceptance rate for the Weekend MBA Program we are happy to share that we bring in close to 110 students each fall for the Weekend MBA Program. We will look for your application by the May 10th Weekend MBA deadline.
LARA: What are the main points you take in consideration when you evaluate applicants?
Humberto: Great question, Lara. We take a holistic approach when reviewing an application, taking into consideration all aspects of your application (GMAT/GRE, academic accomplishments, career progression, etc.), as well as the evaluation of your admissions interview, which is guaranteed for all applicants. Essentially, we are looking for the most well-rounded and highly qualified applicants across the board.
Balaji: I am interested in applying for the Fall 2013 Evening MBA program. I'd be taking my exam around end of Feb or early March and hoping to submit my application mid April. I know that the applicants if selected are called for a personal interview. However, I'd be travelling to India during July-August due to some family reasons. Would it be possible to have my interview scheduled before, given that I am selected for an interview?
Katie: Hi Balaji: We are on rolling admissions which means you can submit the application anytime between now and the Evening/Fall 2013 deadline of July 1. You then come into our office for an interview in the 2 weeks following your application submission. Therefore, you can interview before your travels begin.
Bryce: Is there a perceived difference in the marketplace for graduates from the different programs?
George: Bryce, yes and no. Because all of Booth programs are taught by the same faculty with the same material, companies that recruit at Booth have no preference for what program you are from. In fact, the reason we opened up recruiting to part-time students long ago was that companies were asking us to give them access to our part-time students. However, Booth is somewhat unique in this. Not all part-time programs are the same as the full-time programs, thus some recruiters do have a bias against part-time programs. If they are unfamiliar with Booth you may have to do some education in the interview. We train out students on how to do this. Lastly, if the career is one that encourages and rewards high risk, i.e. investment banking, they may view part-time as a "safe" choice. You will need to help them understand why you made the choice you made, again, something we help our students understand how to do.
Balaji: Hi Humberto, so from the link you provided I see that India is not a part of the Sanctioned Countries, which means that I am eligible for a loan and I don't need a US co-signer also right?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Balaji. Yes, you are correct, since India does not appear on the list of OFAC-sanctioned countries, you are eligible to apply for private loans without a cosigner.
raghav: Hi. Can you comment on the opportunities for career changers in the weekend MBA program?
George: raghav, I have posted something for you to review. It is our career offerings for weekend MBA. As you will see there are Man:y opportunities. Over 73% of our weekend students change careers while in the program. We have career staff on hand on the weekend to allow you to meet with them 1-1 when you are here on campus. We are one of the few schools with a dedicated career office just for the part-time program who understand what you are trying to achieve and the issues you will need to think through to be successful.
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Jocelyn: How much time do you think students allocate to studying and group meetings during the week? I'm wondering if it would still be possible to participate in extracurriculars that I do now once I'm enrolled in school.
Katie: Hi Jocelyn: The number of hours student spend outside of class is a personal choice. A good guideline is 8-12 hours per week for an involved student in 2 classes. Most students start by focusing on their classes and then add student group participation gradually as their schedule allows. If you have extracurriculars that are important to you outside of school, then you can certainly remain involved. Time Man:agement skills are a positive outcome of doing a part-time MBA.
Balaji What is the average GPA needed to be considered for admissions? I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering with a GPA of 3.65 and a Master's degree in Engineering with a GPA of 3.34 and I would have 4 years of experience at the time of applying
Humberto: Another good question, Balaji! There is no minimum GPA required to apply to either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA program. Our average undergraduate GPA for admitted students is 3.3, and since not all applicants have a graduate degree (about 30% do), we have not calculated an average for that area.
MD321: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Gretchen:, Booth always takes the highest score. Is there a threshhold of GMAT tries that would reflect negatively on the applicant, irregardless of the highest score?
Gretchen: MD321, great question. Regardless of how Man:y times one takes the GMAT test, the highest total overall score is always taken. With that being said, the majority of our applicants take the test 2-3 times; however if your highest score is taken on the 4th try, great!
LARA: I will be applying to the evening program and was curious about the on-campus recruiting and career services opportunities for part-time students.
George: Lara, On campus recruiting is just one part of a very large umbrella of activities that is offered through Career Services. Students in the evening program have the same access to all career opportunities as full-time with two exceptions. Specific to On Campus Recruiting, if you are receiving tuition reimbursement from your company you would need to get their permission to recruit actively on campus. The other thing is that part-time students do not have access to internship recruiting. Everything else is the same between all programs.
Zoe: it's preferred to have one of the recommendation letter written by my most current direct supervisor, however if I have recently changed my job and the new supervisor hasn't get to know me enough to write the letter, can I still ask the supervisor from my previous company to do it?
Katie: Hi Zoe, This is a great question and we get it all the time! Since there are 2 letters of recommendation, I suggest you ask your current supervisor for one (because we want to see that she is supportive of your MBA goals) and your previous supervisor for the other. This covers all of your bases.
LARA: How long does application review typically take once the full application has been sent in?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Lara. Regardless of when an applicant submits their application - from when the application is available 9 months prior to the deadline, all the way to the day of the deadline - our office will provide an admissions decision within four-to-six weeks from the day your application is submitted and complete. You will schedule your admissions interview once you submit your application, and the evaluation from the interview will be included in the final decision making process on your application.
Balaji: Hi Katie, thanks for the information. So 2 weeks from the time I submit my application, I would be notified if I am eligible for an interview right?
Katie: All Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants are given an interview. You will be asked to schedule the interview shortly after submitting your application.
raghav: Thanks George! Can you also comment on how weekend students can participate in different club activities at Booth?
George: Raghav, I have put up our student group slider for you. We book almost all of our events on the weekend to allow weekend students to participate since they have the most constraints of all populations. We drive all of our speakers to the weekend, offer all of our career service training on the weekend and most groups meet on the weekend. Weekend students are often the presidents of Man:y clubs.
Jocelyn: I read about the campusCatalyst program. Can Evening MBA students apply to that program as well?
Gretchen: Hello Jocelyn, can you share more about the campusCatalyst program and possibly where you saw the news? I can then share more.
Toms: Hello everyone. Couple of months back, I attended two classes at Gleacher center and I thoroughly enjoyed both classes. I was able to interact with a number of current students, student ambassadors and an executive MBA student and found their perspectives greatly valuable. I’m from St. Louis MO, and, if possible, I would like to meet an alum or current Student from St. Louis area. Would it be possible to connect me to an alum or current student from St. Louis area?
Humberto: I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your class visit experience. I strongly encourage every applicant to visit a class at some point during their application process!

Yes, I would be happy to introduce you to a member of the Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA community in the St. Louis area. Please send me an email, so that I can make the arrangement for you Humberto:.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
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Moderator: We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Balaji: Humberto:, So having a lower GPA in my graduate degree (when compared to undergraduate GPA) would not be subjected to scrutiny?
Humberto: Thanks for the follow up, Balaji. We will evaluate each component of your academic history thoroughly (GMAT/GRE, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, any additional education, etc.). However, since there is not a "weighting" process when looking at your academic history, there is not one area that is subject to more or less scrutiny than the others.
Katie: I see that we have lots of folks interested in the Weekend MBA. I encourage you to take a look at the Weekend MBA Overview: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/weekend/weekend-overview. Narrated by Associate Dean George: Andrews, this presentation takes you in detail through the differentiating factors of the Weekend MBA.
Toms: I would like to focus on 3 concentrations and in some cases I may not be able to practice what I learned at my work. In those scenarios I think the experiential lab will be valuable. My question is what’s the depth of this experiential learning program compared to an internship?
George: Toms we have developed numerous experiential learning opportunities for part-time students for that very reason. Without an internship it is often difficult to show your understanding familiarity with certain careers and job activities. These experiential learning opportunities let you demonstrate to recruiters that you have worked on real world problems just like you do with an internship, the main difference being you do not get as much exposure to the individual company. When you are in an internship they get to evaluate you for 15 weeks, every week day. In an experiential learning class they see you at the beginning, middle and end of the class. So the true value is in being able to demonstrate to others your knowledge and not to that specific company.
raghav: Sorry accidentally pressed enter. My university for undergraduate studies in India does not confer GPA. Is there a way to represent an absolute percentage on a GPA scale (Especially since each university has different level of grading)? How do you normalize those grades?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Raghav. We do not convert or normalize grades to any specific scale. Since we have extensive experience evaluating academic records from all over the world, all we ask is that you provide your transcripts in English and provide the grading scale for your institution, whatever that might be.
Toms: What is the percentage of the sub-group of part-time students who attempt to obtain jobs through on-campus recruitment end up obtaining jobs?
George: Toms, most of our students get their jobs through the network (73%), only about 30% take the jobs they are offered in OCR. Most of the time students find they are offered higher level jobs by coupling their experiences with their Booth network.
FUN FACT: Hear from current students about their Booth experience. Check out their unique stories at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/
Jocelyn: I volunteer with a non-profit and the campusCatalyst program reached out to us to provide consulting services. I thought this was a great program and would love to be involved if accepted into the MBA program. http://www.campuscatalyst.org/
Gretchen: Jocelyn: thank you for sharing more information. It seems that campusCatalyst may be for undergraduate students only; however it would be best to ask cC. If you do join Chicago Booth, we have a handful of philanthropic groups which would seem to be of interest to you. Please view about Net Impact and Local Optima: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups.
Toms: Are Random walks open to part-time students as well?
Humberto: The Random Walk program is specifically for students in the Full-Time MBA program. However, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs offer trips during break periods for both social and career-related purposes. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have additional questions about the out-of-the-classroom experience for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students Humberto:.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Tom_S: Hi all, I took the GMAT in Spring of 2010, and understand that the score is good for five years. Is that: five years from application date, from the application deadline date, or from enrollment in the program? Also, is there any weight given to how old your GMAT score is? Thanks!
Katie: Hi Tom. The five years is from test date to application date. You need to submit the application within five years of taking the exam. No weight is given to how old your score is and we always take the highest score.
Joseph: Is the weekend format doable on a commuting basis if I live and work in the west coast?
Gretchen: Joseph, Absolutely, the purpose of the Weekend MBA is for our students to stay living and working in your city! Close to 86% of Booth's Weekend MBA students are traveling in each weekend from outside of Illinois. We have shuttles that pick you up at O'Hare or Midway in the morning and return you to your respective airport in the late afternoon. We also offer free coffee and tea in the mornings to keep you up! There are two class times offered on Saturdays and you can take Friday evening classes as well. Where on the West Coast are you coming from and then we can discuss further?
matt: I have talked to several full time Booth students and they have commented how beneficial Clubs and Industry groups were to their MBA experience, how can Evening MBA students interact with these extracurricular activities? Are there separate clubs for Evening students or does everyone attend the same events & meetings?
Gretchen: matt, The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs have over 34 student groups to help you get involved in an industry that interests you and involved in social groups. Please view the wide variety: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups It is great that you are talking to Full Time students. Let me know if you would like to talk to more of our Evening MBA or Weekend MBA students.
Moderator: For those of you interested in Marketing - Check out our Marketing at Chicago Booth website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/ . Learn about the Chicago approach to marketing, our faculty, Booth alumni with successful marketing careers, top recruiters sourcing Chicago talent for marketing, and more!
ruben: Hi Humberto:, thank you for this platform. Would an applicant currently unemployed but want to go back to school be negatively impacted when applying for admission?
Humberto: Thanks for the question, Ruben. We certainly appreciate the fact that applicants and students find themselves in times of career and professional transition throughout the course of their MBA pursuits. That said, since the structure of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs is designed with full-time employed students in mind, it would be helpful if you could explain your specific situation further during the application process. I'm happy to speak with you more about this, so feel free to reach out to me via email after the chat Humberto:.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Fred: Hi, My name is Freddy and I would be interested in learning about the diversity of students at the part-time MBA programs in terms of years of experience, industries, international. etc..
George: Freddy, here is a link to some of our students who are representative of the students in the program. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/students/

About 33% of the students in the program are international. They come from more industries than I can count, but they are professional violinists, cardiologist, lawyers, engineers, teachers etc. and the breadth of experience ranges from 2 years to 40 years.
Bryce: Can you provide some information about who conducts the interview and if he/she has read my application prior?
Katie: Hello Bryce: The Admissions Committee is made up of current students, alumni, and admissions directors. We evaluate your application and conduct interviews. To your question, the interviewer will not have read your application. We want the interview to be a separate evaluation.
Tom_S: Are students able to switch from, say, the evening program to the weekend program if a job takes them out of the Chicago area?
Gretchen: Tom-S: yes, the flexibility of Chicago Booth permits our Evening MBA students to transfer one time in your Booth experience to the Weekend MBA Program and visa versa if you are in the Weekend MBA Program. This transfer, which can happen after you have been at Booth for two quarters, allows our students to take Booth classes on the days which are best for you.
Toms: I searched for an Information session at Chicago that falls on a Saturday or Sunday (didn’t find any). Will there be any information session available on a Saturday or Sunday at Chicago, in the month of Dec-12, or Jan-13? I’ve already registered for the St Louis information session in Feb 13.
Katie: Hello Toms: We started a new event that combines an Information Session and Class Visit on Saturday. These events are held once a quarter and the next one is January 26th. Send me an email and I will add you to the invite list. My email is Katie:.coogan@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator: Our chat will be ending in about 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
reema: Hello, How critical is it to have a job when the application is in process? I recently got impacted due to layoffs at my previous firm.I just found a contracting position(long term position), will that ok when i submit my applications , or do i need to a be working full time directly with a company instead of a contracting position?Is this a disadvantage for my application?
Gretchen: Hello reema, The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program is designed for full-time working professionals. Having a long term contracting position however seems to be full time work. We would need to know more about the nature of the position, the role, the hours, etc. A contracting position could also lead to more contracting long term roles or even a full time role.
raghav: Thanks Humberto:. I am taking up a new job in a couple of weeks, and I don't think it makes sense for me to get a letter of recommendation from my new Man:ager, as he wouldn't have had a chance to evaluate me. Is it fair that I get my letters of recommendation from my previous Man:agers?
Humberto: Thanks for the follow-up question, Raghav. Yes, it's completely acceptable to have your former Man:agers/colleagues write your letters of recommendation if you're making a transition to a new role. There will be an area in the application to explain why you chose each of your recommenders.
LARA: How many classes do students in the part-time program take every quarter?
Katie: Lara: Most Evening and Weekend students take 2 classes per quarter and if you continue with that schedule you will graduate in 2.5 years. Given the program's flexibility, you can drop down to 1 class, pick up the pace and take 3 classes, or take a quarter off as your schedule ebbs and flows. We also have academic advisors here to help with those decisions.
bkluong: What do you think are some of Booth's best assets when comparing to other part-time business programs?
George:: We have the most flexible program in the galaxy. You will not find a school who gives you so Man:y options on what you take, where you take it and when you take it. We allow you to be the CEO of your own education. You can take whatever classes will help you achieve your goals from the day you join us. If you are CFA you don't have to take the basic accounting class, as most programs would require. We would allow you to take classes all the way up to and including PhD level classes. Additionally you can take classes in the evening, weekend or during the day each quarter. The choice is yours. We also do not dictate the pace. You can take 1 class up to 5 classes each quarter. You can get all 14 or our concentrations without ever having to take a class during the day. We offer all of our classes in the weekend and evening to make sure you have the same educational opportunities as the full-time students. whew, i could go on but I wont for brevity sake.
AB: Is it the best time to talk about choosing the courses or would someone explain it to us once we are admitted? I attended one of the classes at the gleacher center. Though they spoke about how to choose classes and stuff, I could not comprehend much from it. When would be the best time to know about it?
Humberto: The flexibility of the program, coupled with with fact that there are over 150 Booth courses to choose from, can sometimes make selecting the "right" classes a challenging task. However, from day one of your student experience, you are able to access our academic advisors, who will help you make the best curricular decisions throughout your program. I would be happy to discuss our course offerings in more detail with you, should you have more specific questions, so feel free to reach out to me via email Humberto:.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
MD321: Could you comment on the relative numbers of CPG and retail proffesionals in your program and applicant pools? Do you have graduates that go into marketing, merchandising and sales roles in CPG and retail?
George: MD321, I don't have those numbers at my fingertips on this chat. Yes, we do have students who go into CPG all the time in the sales and marketing roles. P&G, Wrigley/M&M Mars, Kraft Foods, Sarah Lee, Pepsi Co. Adidas, Coke all come to recruit here for sales and marketing and strategy. Marketing is one of our fastest growing concentrations and Nielsen just selected Booth to house all of their data
Fred: Do the part-time MBA students have access to all the career services available to full-time MBA students ?
Gretchen: Fred: there is one Career Service team at Chicago Booth for all four MBA Programs and there is a group of coaches within Career Services who work specifically with Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students right at the Gleacher Center, the downtown campus. The vast majority of the programming and aspects are the same for Full Time and Eve and Wk students. As the profile of Full Time and Eve and Wk students differ, Eve and Wk students do not go through Career Services for an internship role as most of our Eve and Wk students are working full time. You will be helped by one of the best Career Service and Employment Development teams in the world!
reema: Thanks Gretchen:. Its a full time regular 40 hr/week position for 1-2 yrs contract. it might lead to a potential full time positions but the firm is cautious to add more "direct head count" for financial constraints.Hence my question , if such a position would be ok for my applications.From what i gather, it looks to be ok?
Gretchen: reema: your role is quite perMan:ent and full time. We look forward to seeing your application. I encourage you to be clear in your application to fully explain what your role is.
Fred: Can you shed some light of various student activities that part-time MBA students can engage in (esp. for students who commute from outside the Chicago area) ?
Katie: Hello Fred: There are Man:y great ways to get involved in student groups. We have 34 part-time student groups that you can join and/or lead: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/student-experience/beyond-classroom/groups. All of these are available to those commuting from outside Chicago. Most group events, panel discussions, resume reviews, and socials are held on Saturdays so people like you can participate. Our Programs Office also puts on fun events the entire student body is invited to join. These include town hall meetings with the deans and socials after midterms and finals.
Lola: For the evening program MBA, do you think taking 3 classes at a time and working full-time is feasible?
George: Yes. The average is 2, but there are a fare amount who take 1 and Man:y who take 3. I would not recommend it immediately so as to give you time to get your study skills honed and your time aligned, but once you are in the swing of things I think it is doable.
AB: If an applicant is admitted into the part-time or weekend MBA and during his curriculum, he/she happens to get laid off in his job, does he have an option to move to full-time program?
Humberto: Unfortunately, there is not an option to officially transfer into the Full-Time MBA program from either the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs. However, students in the part-time programs have been able to accelerate their studies by taking more classes each quarter, should they find themselves in periods of professional transition, since we do not have an employment "Man:date."
bkluong: When looking at years of experience, I have have a full time job and I am an entrepreneur on the side. Would I count each of these experiences individually as my years of experience, or overlap is not counted?
Gretchen: bkluong, you would count the number of years you have been working, even if you have had two jobs at the same time. Please share as much as you can about your full time job and your entrepreneur role. We look forward to seeing your application.
Gretchen: Thank you for your questions. Apply to Booth for the 2013 deadline by January 11th!
tanvi: Hi Katie, Chicago Business Fellows equivalent to an evening class? I live in Iowa, so I was hoping to attend the weekend courses as it will be easier to travel.
George: Tranvi, You would need to be able to attend a Friday night class the first quarter you joined us. After that you could take all your classes in the weekend. We are considering creating a CBF for weekend, but currently we do not have one.
Man: Humberto, you mentioned that it takes 4 -6 weeks for application review to be completed. Also, we have 2 weeks after application submission to schedule an interview. For the final decision, does it take 4 - 6 weeks from the date of application submission or the date of interview?
Humberto:: Thanks for the clarifying question. It takes four-to-six weeks for an admissions decision from the date your application is submitted and complete. Since you will come in to interview after you submit, we will have started reviewing your application while you wait to interview, and will use feedback from both evaluations to make a final decision on your application.
Moderator: We are still answering a few additional questions. Please stay with us for a few more minutes!
Jocelyn: Do a lot of evening students study abroad for a semester? If so, how can I learn more about their experience studying abroad? Particulary in France...
Katie:: Jocelyn: A smaller percentage of part-time students study abroad for the whole semester because they are working full time and it is difficult to get that much time off from work. However, those with flexible schedules do make it happen! We have feedback from every student who has studied abroad for you to peruse as well as an academic advisor who guides you through the process.
Lola I am interested in the evening MBA program, however being from a diverse background I would like to also have the opportunity to work on an international platform. Is there any specific business degree offered at Booth that you believe will help me achieve this goal?
Humberto:: Lola - as a matter of fact, yes! We have a specialized version of the MBA here at Booth called the International MBA, or IMBA. This degree has a few additional requirements, which you can read about online http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/imba. As I have previously worked with students pursuing this degree at Booth, please feel free to reach out to me directly for any additional questions Humberto:.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Moderator: Thank you for joining us today! We were able to answer all the questions submitted. The chat session has now ended.
George: You ya'll asked some of the most detailed questions we have ever received on one of these live chats. It took us awhile to compose answers so I hope we were able to answer all of them. If we did not get to yours please contact us directly. we would love to stay in touch either by email, phone or stop by in person!
Katie: If you are interested in studying abroad for a couple weeks or an entire term, read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/evening/academics/international/. There are great options for both. Good bye!
Humberto: Thanks for all of your questions today! If you'd like to come visit a class after the New Year, please send an email to eveningweekend-classvisit@ChicagoBooth.edu to be alerted when options are posted online. Happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you at Gleacher soon!
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