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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - Noon CDT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Lauren -> Everyone Hello! Thank you for your interest in Chicago Booth and for joining us today. My name is Lauren and I would be happy to answer any questions about Booth, especially related to the admissions process.
Gretchen -> Everyone Hello and welcome to the Chicago Booth Live Chat! My name is Gretchen Cooper, the director of admissions. Make it your goal to apply to Booth in the coming months. The Booth experience will be well worth your time as your professional career path will be changed forever.
Katie -> Everyone Hello and welcome to the Live Chat! My name is Katie and I'm here to answer your questions about the admissions process or anything else.
Kara -> Everyone Greetings from Chicago Booth! I am Kara Northcutt, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and the application process.
Humberto -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Associate Director of Admissions here in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We're looking forward to answering any and all questions, so fire away!
Moderator -> Everyone For those of you interested in hearing from current students about their Booth experience, check out their unique stories at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/transform/
maggie -> Lauren What is the minimum GMAT score required?
Lauren -> maggie Hi Maggie, thank you for your question. We do not have a minimum GMAT score but approximately 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score within the 620-750 range. Our average GMAT score is 680.
Moderator -> Everyone Please begin submitting your questions!
Gretchen -> Everyone You have plenty of time to apply to Booth for the Evening MBA Program starting in the 2013 Winter Quarter. With the deadline being Friday, October 5th, you have months to come to an Information Session, visit a class and work with our team on applying to Booth. Connect with one of us to talk about your application timeline.
Carlos -> Kara Hi there, thank you all for the opportunity to participate in this chat. How long do participants regularly take to complete the WMBA?
Kara -> Carlos Hi Carlos, I hope all is well! If you take two classes each quarter consecutively, you will complete the program in 2.5 years. Students sometime take a quarter off or take one class during a few quarters, so the average time of program completion is about 3 years.
Joey_in_Chicago -> Gretchen Can you tell me a bit more about what you're looking for in the essays and how they can set a candidate apart from other applicants?
Gretchen -> Joey_in_Chicago Hello Joey, the Booth essays are great place to share your reasons for wanting an MBA and specifically for pursuing a Booth MBA degree. It is best to be clear and honest. Let your friends or a colleague read your essay beforehand to see if they make sense. I think it is best to share what you would contribute to the Booth community, i.e. taking a leadership role in a student group or being engaged in our New Venture Challenge.
Katie -> Everyone We are looking forward to welcoming the 115 students to the Weekend class for Fall 2012! Their Booth experience will begin at LAUNCH on August 17, 18, and 19 here at Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. LAUNCH will include presentations on registering for classes, student life, and career services. The new students will also complete the majority of their Effective Leadership requirements.
Glenn -> Humberto Hi, I plan to apply for admission into the winter 2013 evening MBA program. I understand that a student has 5 years to complete this program, are students able to take extended breaks in between classes e.g. 1-2 years provided all classes are completed within the 5 years? The reason I ask is that my company offers international assignments that I may participate in at some point. Thank you
Humberto -> Glenn Great question, Glenn. Yes, Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students at Booth are permitted to take extended breaks from class, provided they complete all degree requirements within the five year window, via a Leave of Absence. Many of our students take a break from class for a variety of reasons, including international work assignments and family/personal circumstances, and Booth is very accommodating of these situations.
Dago -> Lauren Does the Weekend MBA also has a winter start date?
Lauren -> Dago Hi Dago. We only admit once a year for the Weekend MBA program, in the fall quarter. However, if you would like to take a few Booth classes on Saturdays while you prepare your application, you can take Booth courses through the Graham School and transfer up to 3 classes into your Booth degree. For more information about the Graham School, check out this link: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/prospective-students.php.
Also, the admissions committee looks favorably upon applicants who do well in Booth courses.
Chris -> Gretchen Has your team developed any thoughts on using the scores for the new IR section of the GMAT? Since it's relatively new, would it take some time to determine how that separate score fits into the admissions process?
Gretchen -> Chris Chris, you are exactly right, since the Integrated Reasoning section is new, schools will take some time to develop how to use the scores. The aspects of IR make a lot of sense for a business school entrance test however it is also important to note the IR section is not factored into the total overall GMAT score. Good luck.
Nina -> Kara My friends who have completed full-time MBA programs tell me that one of the more enjoyable experiences they had was the ability to constantly interact with their peers, much like many of us did in college. Do you think a weekend MBA program also offers students that same opportunity?
Kara -> Nina Nina, that is a great question. It is true that full time students have more time to interact with their classmates, as they are not working and fully immersed in school. However, the part time population is very active. We currently have 34 part time student groups, and the majority of student group events take place on Saturday. Therefore, our weekend students do not miss out. Many weekend students also become close with those traveling from their city and connect with them, as well as alumni, for social events outside of Chicago. Keep in mind that 80% of our weekend population live outside of IL, and this will help widen your professional and personal network.
Joey_in_Chicago -> Lauren How should we connect to talk about the application timeline? Would you like us to email you directly?
Lauren -> Joey_in_Chicago Hi Joey, if you have specific questions about the application process, you can always email our admissions hotline and receive an answer within 24 hours. That email address is: eveningweekend-admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu. I would also encourage you to attend an event to learn more about our programs, deadlines, and meet some of our staff members, current students, and alumni. You can find out more information about our events here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/.
Katie -> Everyone Hello DELE, students take on average 2.5-3 years to complete their MBA. 20 courses are required to graduate so if you take 2 classes per quarter, you will be done in 2.5 years. Many students choose to take a quarter or two off during their time here, especially during the fun summer months. The cost per class is $5,524. You can view all costs here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/costs.aspx
DELE -> Katie What is the average completion time and approximate total cost?
Katie -> DELE Dele-see my answer above.
LaurenDoig -> Gretchen I'd love to hear more about students who pursue the certification in Health Administration and Policy; do you find students who are already involved in healthcare industry positions pursue this or can it also benefit students thinking about changing careers?
Gretchen -> LaurenDoig LaurenDoig-great question. The GPHAP is the oldest program of its kind and one of the most prestigious and at any given time, about 10 of our Booth students are earning this certificate, many of who want to pursue a career in health care administration. Please let me know if you would like to be put in touch with one of them.
LaurenDoig -> Humberto Can you tell us about some of the experiences students have had in the short term international business experience program?
Humberto -> LaurenDoig Good to hear from you, Lauren. Anecdotally, our students have rave reviews about their experiences abroad via our Short-Term International Business Exchange Programs (IBEP). We currently have two-to-three week programs at partner schools in six countries - China, Austria, Brazil, Germany, France, and Israel. You can learn more about the programs on our website http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/ibep/short-term-locations.aspx. Also, if you have an interest in a particular program, you're welcome to reach out to me directly and I can arrange for you to speak with a student or alum who has attended humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
LaurenDoig -> Kara Based on conversations with Booth alum, the classroom is an amazing expereince. Do any students in the Part Time program attempt to take 3 classes in a quarter?
Kara -> LaurenDoig Hi Lauren, yes, we do see students taking 3 classes while also working full time. If you want to take 3 classes, it is best to seek advice from advisors and classmates, as they can advise on good classes to pair together. We also have a database that will allow you to see how time consuming students report each class to be. This will also be a very helpful resource.
Brad -> Lauren Hello! How do you notify applicants of the admission decision?
Lauren -> Brad Brad, thanks for your question. Applicants receive an email notifying them of our decision within 4-6 weeks of submitting a completed application.
jlb31 -> Katie Hello, how is work experience judged in the in application process? Is there any experience that is looked at negatively?
Katie -> jlb31 Hello jib31 - You will want to list all of your full-time work experience since completing your undergraduate degree in the application. You also include a resume in the application where you can provide more detail. We receive applications from people with a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds and no experience is viewed negatively.
Amulya -> Kara I am on H1B can I do Booth evening/weekend MBA, with my job
Kara -> Amulya Amulya, I hope all is well. We have many students in the Part Time MBA programs on H1B visas. You are more than welcome to apply.
Roz -> Gretchen Good Afternoon, All. I'm wondering if you might describe Booth's involvement with other (non-Booth) stakeholders in Chicago's growing startup community.
Gretchen -> Roz Roz: Hello, one of Booth's biggest assets in the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, which is well connected to the city of Chicago. You can view more: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/entrep.aspx
Chicago Booth produces business leaders, business minds and business savvy professionals who then go out and work in the greater Chicago area, providing many employment opportunities for others. The founders of GroupOn have also taught at Booth!
Ayo -> Katie Upon acceptance into the program, how much of a deferral period do I have to actually begin in the event that I choose to defer commencing the program?
Katie -> Ayo Hello Ayo, If you are admitted to the Evening MBA you can defer your acceptance for one quarter. For the Weekend MBA, you can defer for one year as only one class enters per year.
Cailyn -> Humberto Hi - I am looking at the programs I am interested in and really like the fact we can pick our courses at Booth. If I am interested in International Business but do not speak a 2nd language, can I still pick International Business as one of my concentrations? Is that different from the IMBA?
Humberto -> Cailyn Great question, Cailyn. Yes, you can complete a concentration in International Business without speaking a second language. The IB concentration requires only that you complete three courses in that academic area. The International MBA (IMBA) degree requires that you complete five international business courses, study abroad via our Full-Term IBEP, and pass a language proficiency exam in your second language (other than English). You can learn more about the International Business concentration here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/concentrations/intl-business.aspx and the IMBA degree here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/imba.aspx.
Bankswim2012 -> Gretchen Hi, thanks for making this chat available. I have a question regarding the part-time weekend and evening programs. It is disadvantageous to apply while not currently employed? I've taken some time off and am ready to reengage my career. I believe that a part-time program is best for me and am not sure whether I should go ahead with the application now, or wait until I've found a job with a solid trajectory and then apply. I want to be sure that I give myself the best shot at Booth possible.
Gretchen -> Bankswim2012 Bankswim2012: The majority of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students are working full time. It is best to apply when you are working full time. Given your situation, would the Full Time MBA Program be of interest to you? Please come to our next Information Session on August 9th and talk to one of us about your next steps if you plan to regain employment in the coming year and then apply to Booth.
LaurenDoig -> Gretchen Hi Gretchen and Humberto, thank you, I would love to speak with a student from both programs, should I reach out to you via email? Kara - please excuse my typo! Thank you, I'm excited to hear that there is a resource for managing time given expected class workload.
Gretchen -> LaurenDoig Lauren, yes, I will share your email address with Gus. Thanks.
Justine -> Kara What are some of Booth's most distinguishing programs or qualities?
Kara -> Justine Hi Justine, flexibility!!! We have the most flexible curriculum that allows you to tailor your degree to your areas of interest. You can take classes in the Evening, on Saturday, even during the day if your schedule allows. Equally as impressive is our active and dynamic community.
Moderator -> Everyone To all female chat participants - SAVE THE DATE! We are hosting our annual Booth Women Connect Conference on Friday, September 21, 2012 at Gleacher Center downtown Chicago. The conference features our strong female community, including students, alumnae, faculty, and staff! http://www.chicagobooth.edu/bwcc/savethedate-backup/index.aspx
adegade -> Katie Hi, and thanks for putting together this chat session. I have a quick question: is it possible to change programs from evening to weekend or from evening to executive MBA?
Katie -> adegade Hello adegade, good question! Yes, you can transfer once between the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA. Students who relocate to Chicago or are transferred outside of Chicago frequently do this. You cannot, however, transfer to the Executive MBA. The Executive MBA is a lock step program in which the curriculum is much more set than the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA.
ruben -> Kara Is it only work experience after undergraduate degree that counts or work experience in general- during and after completion?
Kara -> ruben Ruben, in general we look at your full time work experience from your graduation date. However, we understand that may applicants had significant work experience and/or internships during udergrad, and it is important to note such in your application and resume. Some applicants worked full time while going to school, which is also important to know.
DELE -> Humberto What kind of career services do you offer for students who want to make a career change?
Humberto -> DELE Thanks for the question, Dele. Career Services at Booth is a lifetime service, from your first day at LAUNCH to the end of your professional career, and one of the places where we feel we excel. Throughout that time, they offer a myriad of services, including access to On-Campus Recruiting for part-time students, a robust job postings database (with over 5,000 jobs posted last year, 1/3 of them internationally), career management and skills building programs, one-on-one career coaching, and more. If you had more specific questions about a particular function, company, or industry, feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Moderator -> Everyone We are half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
BPatel -> Kara Hello, I'm interested in the Weekend MBA (Autumn 2013 start) and wanted to find out 1) the acceptance rate for the recent class 2) the total # of students in the weekend program?
Kara -> BPatel I am pleased to read of your plans to apply to the Weekend MBA for Fall 2013! We do not release our acceptance rate or application numbers. I can tell you that we matriculate around 110 Weekend students each fall. I encourage you not to worry about the acceptance rate and simply focus on putting together a strong application.
Amulya -> Katie apart from good GMAT score what all you expect in a potential candidate for your program
Katie -> Amulya Amulya, In addition to the GMAT, the application also includes your resume, 3 short essays, 2 letters of recommendation, and unofficial transcripts from your undergraduate and any graduate schools you attended. You will interview after your application is submitted. Here is more information on the application process: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/apply.aspx
LaurenDoig -> Kara One of the aspects of the admissions process I really appreciate is the involvement of students and alumni, what other ways can alumni continue to interact with Booth?
Kara -> LaurenDoig Lauren, you are more than welcome to attend SQA (Semi Quarterly Adjustment) this Saturday at Gleacher Center from 4;30-6:00pm. SQA is a quarterly social event we host after midterms for students to unwind with a few drinks on us. Please let me know if you would like to attend, email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. Once you become a student, you will be on an events listserv and you will get dozens of emails each week about events.
jlb31 -> Lauren Are all applicants interviewed?
Lauren -> jlb31 jlb31: For the Evening and Weekend MBA programs, every applicant is interviewed. Once you submit your application, you can set up an interview with our admissions committee, which consists of current students and alumni. Interviews are held at our Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago.
BPatel -> Katie Hello, I'm interested in the Weekend MBA (Autumn 2013 start) and wanted to find out 1) the acceptance rate for the recent class 2) the # of students you currently have in the weekend program? Thanks.
Katie -> BPatel BPatel - We bring in between 100 and 120 people to each Weekend MBA class. Since students are in the program for a couple years, there will be about 400 Weekend MBA students in the program this Fall quarter and then it decreases throughout the year as they graduate predominantly in the Spring and Summer quarters. We do not share the acceptance rate.
mld -> Humberto Can you talk a bit more about the characteristics you look for in applicants, beyond the transcript and work experience? What really makes applicants stand out?
Humberto -> mld Good question. We take a holistic approach when reviewing applications, meaning that we look at each and every aspect of the application. Our three main areas for evaluation are (1) Academics - including undergraduate performance, graduate degrees, and the GMAT/GRE; (2) Career History and Goals - including your résumé, essays, and two letters of recommendation; and (3) Fit with Chicago Booth - including essays, two letters of recommendation, extracurricular/community service activities, and your mandatory admissions interview. Applicants can stand out by highlighting the strengths of their application and working hard to put together an all-around impressive application.
Chris -> Kara My current job involves some scheduled travel, but not on a regular basis. If I were to enter the part time evening program and was forced to miss a week due to travel, are there any opportunities to make up a class with the weekend program or some other way?
Kara -> Chris Chris, that is a common issue many of our students deal with while in the program. You are welcome to attend a different section of the class to make up your missed session. There are typically 2-3 session of each class, and the same lecture is taught in each section. All you have to do is run it by the faculty and let them know you will attend a different section.
Roz -> Kara How many students typically enter at winter term?
Kara -> Roz Hi Roz, we typically matriculate around 80 students Winter quarter.
Innerpray -> Katie Hello! Many thanks to your team for taking time out to talk to us prospective students. In your experience, have you seen applications from people enrolled in leadership rotational programs at companies? How are these kinds of profiles viewed as from the point of view of the admissions committee compared to other applicants with more years of work experience?
Katie -> Innerpray Hello Innerpray. Yes, we have many students who are currently in or went through rotational programs at their companies. We view these applicants positively as rotational programs tend to be selective and provide a robust experience early in one's career. If you have less than 3 years of experience, I recommend looking into our Chicago Business Fellows. Read more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/cbf.aspx
Justine -> Gretchen I know that other programs have started accelerated MBA degree options. What does Booth think about these programs?
Gretchen -> Justine Justine: Hello, the Chicago Booth is experience is all about YOU. Booth is the most flexible program on the planet and therefore if you want to speed up your program, you can do so. If you want to elongate your program, you can do so. The purpose of the Booth experience is to transform yourself and stretch yourself and Booth does not believe that shorenting or abbreviating the classes needed to graduate to a lighter course-load is helpful to you making the changes that you set out to make. Please let me know if you would like to speak with a current student or a recent alumni about his/her decision to join Booth for the reasons of truly taking the time to maximize the network, both personally and professionally.
ryan8697 -> Humberto Hello, what is your recommendation to offest low undergrad gpa other than high GMAT score? Thanks.
Humberto -> ryan8697 Thanks for the question, Ryan. The best way to offset any less-than-stellar areas of your application is to do your best to strengthen all remaining components. This can include your GMAT/GRE score, letters of recommendation, essays, and admissions interview.
Moderator -> Everyone For those of you interested in Marketing - Check out our newly refreshed Marketing at Chicago site http://www.chicagobooth.edu/macb/ . Learn about the Chicago approach to marketing, our faculty, Booth alumni with successful marketing careers, top recruiters sourcing Chicago talent for marketing, and more!
jlb31 -> Gretchen What is the amount of students in the Evening or Weekend programs who are entrepreneurs or intend to pursue entrepreneurship?
Gretchen -> jlb31 jlb31: Entrepreneurship is the second highest concentration earned at Booth! Booth is the place for students with ideas...a place for ideas to come to fruition...a place we hope you join.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
reamqato -> Kara How are professional school years viewed (medical, pharmacy, etc)? Do you recommend a person works a few years after professional school before applying? Or do those years compensate for limited full time work experience?
Kara -> reamqato It does not necessarily count as work experience, but it is certainly valuable experience. It is really up to you to decide when it is the best time to apply for your MBA, and then explain this in your essays. We have many students with advanced degrees that have less work experience that other students, and they do very well in the program.
DELE -> Lauren Are the part-time programs a hybrid of online and classroom sessions? Also, do the weekend courses occur everyweekend or every other weekend, and include both Sat and Sun?
Lauren -> DELE Dele: the part-time programs are 100% in-person. We believe in the importance of face-to-face interaction between students and faculty members. In terms of the Weekend MBA program, our classes meet every Saturday from 9-noon and 1-4pm. If you are taking two classes/quarter, you would attend both the morning and afternoon sessions. I hope that helps!
BPatel -> Kara Thanks for the answer. Also, I'll be traveling from Philadelphia, PA and wanted to see if there are alums/current students who would be willing to talk to me to share their point of views relating to travel and overall Booth weekend MBA. Thank you.
Kara -> BPatel Please send me an email, kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu, and I will connect you with an alumni in or near Philly.
Cailyn -> Katie I was very involved at my part firm, sitting on advisory councils and training new hires. I highlight these experiences on my resume - should I also include them in the extracurricular section or should that section be reserved for "extra" activities outside of work?
Katie -> Cailyn Hello Cailyn, thanks for asking this question as it will help others think about the extracurricular section as well. I would include your work with advisory councils and training on your resume for sure. You do not need to restate it in the extracurricular section. We are looking for activities outside of work there.
Mohammad -> Humberto @ Humberto; In the case of an applicant Undergraduate performance is not strong due to extenuating circumstances is weight placed on graduate performance.
Humberto -> Mohammad Good question, Mohammad. There is an area of the application where you are able to explain any extenuating circumstances that might have led to a less-than-stellar academic record. Since there is no "formula" for our application review, we do not weight any specific area over another. However, assuming you've done well in your graduate degree program, that will certainly be a benefit to the Academic portion of your application.
Veronica -> Lauren Hello, is there a minimum gpa requirement?
Lauren -> Veronica Hi Veronica! We do not have a minimum GPA requirement at Booth. Our average GPA is 3.3, but we take into consideration a variety of factors when evaluating applications. If you are not happy with your GPA, I would suggest strengthening your GMAT/GRE score or taking a Booth class through our Graham School to show that you are capable of succeeding at Booth. For more information about the Graham School, check out this link: https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/courses-business.php.
Chris -> Kara Kara, you mentioned about about 80 students enter during the Winter quarter...how does that compare to other quarters? Do students mostly interact with individuals in their start class, or do the start classes often mix (specifically in the classroom, aside from groups or extracurriculars)?
Kara -> Chris Chris, we bring in around 150 for fall and 70-80 for winter, spring and summer. You will go through LAUNCH with your incoming class, but once you begin classes you will be mixed in with all students. We feel it is an advantage not to be a cohorted program, as it allows you to broaden your network more widely.
Katie -> Everyone We would love to meet! I recommend attending an event at the Gleacher Center. Information Session is our biggest event at which we go over the Booth MBA in detail and have a current student/alumni panel discussion. View all events here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/
ruben -> Humberto Hi, with the 3 short essays does the applicant choose what to write about and 2) with dual degrees say, JD/GMAT do you have to take both admission exams?
Humberto -> ruben Thanks for the questions, Ruben. (1) All three essay questions in the application must be answered. Only re-applicants need to respond to the Re-applicant essay, and you only need to write into the Optional Essay if you think you have something valuable to add to the application that is not otherwise asked. (2) Each Joint Degree program has a different set of admissions criteria. I would encourage you to look more specifically at the program(s) in which you are interested http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/jointdual/index.aspx, and feel free to reach out to me directly for additional clarification humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Justine -> Kara Are there opportunities to create a network with other women at Booth?
Kara -> Justine Absolutely! We have a dynamic and active female student population. GWB (Graduate Women in Business) hosts a variety of professional and social events throughout the year. Also, on Friday, September 21st we are hosting Booth Women Connect Conference, which will be a great way to connect with other females at Booth and in the business community at large.
Kara -> Everyone For all prospective students outside of IL and considering our Weekend MBA, my team and I will be hosting Information Sessions in cities all over the country...NYC, DC, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Houston just to name a few. This link will be updated in the coming weeks with event details http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/rshow.aspx
Ayo -> Humberto Are there any scholarships offered by Booth and if there are, how can we apply for them?
Humberto -> Ayo Unfortunately, part-time MBA programs across the country - as a general rule - do not offer scholarships to their students, including Booth. There are scholarships and fellowships offered to our Full-Time MBA students, and more information on those opportunities can be found here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/fulltime/admissions/scholarships/. However, Booth part-time students do have access to loan-based financial aid through our Financial Aid Office http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx.
jlb31 -> Katie Is there a difference in the cost of courses taken at Booth and those taken through study abroad programs?
Katie -> jlb31 jlb31 - you will pay the same tuition for the one course abroad. Additionally, there are travel costs, housing costs, and potential program fees. It depends on the where you go. You can read more about our study abroad options here: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/international/ibep/short-term-locations.aspx
Gretchen -> Everyone Thank you for your questions. We will see you soon.
Kara -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today! We look forward to working with you through your research and application process. Cheers, Kara
Humberto -> Everyone It was a pleasure chatting with you all today. After attending one of our Admissions Events, come visit a class - the best way to experience the Booth classroom culture first-hand! You can see the options for class visits through August 11th here http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx.
Katie -> Everyone Good chatting with you today! We hope to see you at Gleacher Center or on the road at one of our events in a city near you.
Lauren -> Everyone Thank you for joining our chat today. We hope to see you at future events and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. We answered all of your questions today! The chat transcript will be posted on Thursday, July 19, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/index.aspx