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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Wednesday, June 6 from 11:00 am to Noon CDT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now.
Caitlyn -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! My name is Caitlyn Olofsson, I am the Assistant Director for Student Services. Please feel free to ask us any questions about the bidding process, Booth Curriculum, LAUNCH, Effective Leadership, Faculty, or Student Life at Chicago Booth!
Sandra -> Everyone My name is Sandra Kubat--I am the Assistant Director of Academic Services for the Evening and Weekend Programs. I am happy to answer any questions that you have about bidding or the curriculum!
Elizabeth -> Everyone Hi everyone. My name is Elizabeth and I am the Faculty Manager for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs Office. I look forward to answering your questions today.
apellegr -> Sandra Hello. Is it strongly recommended to take a foundation course during the first quarter of studies?
Sandra -> apellegr Hi apellegr! We do recommend taking foundation courses within the first few quarters at Chicago Booth. Most new students end up taking at least one foundations course within their first quarter of studies.
brikearney -> Elizabeth Hi, when does bidding start?
Elizabeth -> brikearney Hi brikearney. Bidding for new students just now opened at 12:00pm.
Susan -> Caitlyn Hello and thanks for hosting! If I've already selected my classes & sections, should I go ahead and try to bid today? Or wait until LAUNCH tomorrow?
Caitlyn -> Susan Hi Susan - yes, you can go ahead and place your bids now. Please make sure to verify that you bids were saved by going to the "My Schedule and Current Bids".
fred -> Sandra How long after we bid do we know if we were succesful?
Sandra -> fred Hi fred! You will find out if your bids were successful at the close of each phase. New Student Bidding Phase 1 bidding results will be announced June 8th at 12PM. New Student Bidding Phase 2 bidding results will be announced June 12th at 12 PM.
apellegr -> Sandra Is there a disadvantage to waiting to bid until tomorrow or Friday?
Sandra -> apellegr Hi apellegr! There is no disadvantage to waiting until tomorrow to place bids. Time of bids within each phase has no bearing on whether or not your bid will be successful. If you feel more comfortable waiting to place bids until after the bidding presentation at LAUNCH tomorrow, you are welcome to wait to do so.
Deepak -> Elizabeth Hi, What do yo recommend is a starting bid for foundation courses?
Elizabeth -> Deepak Hi Deepak. Bids for foundation courses vary. Some foundation courses will go for no points in the first round and others close for points. A good resource to find out how many points students are paying for classes is the Course Price History in the iBid website.
fred -> Caitlyn Is there any bidding prior to launch that we must complete or can we do that during launch?
Caitlyn -> fred Hi Fred - You have from now until 8:30am on Friday morning to place your bids during your first LAUNCH phase. Though you will not have much time during LAUNCH per se, you will have time after the reception on Day 1 where you will have a chance to ask your Mentors questions.
savasara -> Sandra Are there specific recommended course lists for a student based on desired post MBA role. For eg: Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy
Sandra -> savasara Hi savasara! Academic advisors can discuss courses that relate to particular areas of interest. Tomorrow at LAUNCH, you will have an opportunity to set up an advising appointment to discuss particular career paths/courses that relate.
brikearney -> Elizabeth Can you bid for 2 classes and drop to one later?
Elizabeth -> brikearney brikearney, yes you can bid for 2 classes and drop one later. You are able to bid on up to 5 classes in iBid and then drop based on what classes you get into. You can only bid and drop courses when iBid phases are open.
Michael -> Elizabeth When is the close of Phase 1?
Elizabeth -> Michael Hi Michael. Phase 1 of new student bidding ends at 8:30am on Friday.
Brian -> Sandra How do we know where the market stands for bids on a particular course?
Sandra -> Brian Hi Brian! Great question! You can check out the Course Price History in iBid--the data goes back to Summer 2009 and shows exactly how many points students have paid to add courses during each phase of bidding.
Xiao -> Elizabeth what does R means in "R 6:00PM-9:00PM"? Saturday?
Elizabeth -> Xiao Hi Xiao. 'R' stands for 'Thursday'. 'S' stands for Saturday.
Hao -> Caitlyn Hi, do I have to turn in the immunization form before I can bid online? Thanks.
Caitlyn -> Hao Hi Hao - no you do not have to have your immunization form in before you place your bids for this quarter. You have a few weeks before you will be restricted from bidding for Autumn Quarter in order to turn in your immunization form.
Susan -> Caitlyn Thank you. And what do I use as a reference on how many points to bid?
Caitlyn -> Susan Hi Susan - You can look at the "Course Price History" on the iBid site. It is located on the left hand navigation.
Brian -> Sandra Are points refunded for dropped courses during phase 1?
Sandra -> Brian Hi Brian-during New Student Bidding Phases 1 and 2, you will receive all of your bid points back if you drop a course. Beginning with Phase 5, students who drop courses will not receive any points back.
Hao -> Elizabeth Hi, Elizabeth, when is the dealline of iBid system? If the bidding was successful, can you still drop the class before the IBid system closes? Thanks.
Elizabeth -> Hao Hao, there are 6 phases of bidding. The first new student bidding phase started at noon today and ends on Friday at 8;30am. During phases 2-4 you get all of your bid points back if you drop a course. Starting in Phase 5 and 6, any dropped courses will not be refunded bid points. Sandra will go over iBid in much more depth tomorrow!
Nilendu -> Caitlyn Hi...does the timing of placing the bids matter? As in, is there a first come first serve in case of tie-breakers?
Caitlyn -> Nilendu Hi Nilendu - bids are based on the amount of points you bid not on the time that you place your bid. It is not first come first served. We do recommend that you bid in unique amounts so as to avoid a tie-breaker. In the event of a tie-breaker the person who is allowed into the course is random, it is not based on the time that you place your bid.
MWohlwend -> Sandra Can students bid on a closed class in anticipation that another student will drop the class and the class will open up?
Sandra -> MWohlwend Hi MWohlwend-great question! Although students can bid on closed courses, during LAUNCH you will not see any seats opening up in the closed courses. Since current students are not bidding at the same time as new students, they will not have the ability to drop courses.
Susan -> Elizabeth I can bid 0 points?
Elizabeth -> Susan Hi Susan. You must bid at least 1 point for a class. If the class doesn't close in the phase you bid for it, then you will end up paying 9 bid points. Sandra will go over bidding in much more depth tomorrow afternoon!
.Ricky -> Sandra Hello, I know we'll hear about bidding tomorrow during LAUNCH. Do we get to actually bid on courses as we listen, or we'll have to it afterwards?
Sandra -> .Ricky Hi Ricky! During the bidding presentation, you will not be bidding on courses. We will be going over the logistics of iBid and bidding strategy.
Elizabeth -> Everyone Susan - correction. You will not pay '9' bid points if a class doesn't close in that phase, you will pay 0 points!
fred -> Caitlyn Is there any chance that someone might run out of bid points?
Caitlyn -> fred Hi Fred - Each student begins with 4,000 points in their bid point wealth and accrues 2,000 points per class. By bidding strategically and bidding the points you are willing to pay for a class, you should not run out of bid points.
Elizabeth -> Everyone Fun Fact: Check out the Student Group website (left) to browse all of Booth's student groups. You will learn much more about many of these student groups at the student group breakfast on Saturday.
Michael -> Sandra are my total points for use over an entire academic year; or do my total points renew each quarter?
Sandra -> Michael Hi Michael! Students earn 2000 points per class each quarter. You will begin with 4000 points to start with. Points carry over each quarter!
savasara -> Sandra Is it recommended to take 6 function courses before we delve into electives? Or can we start taking electives once foundation courses requirement is met for elective courses?
Sandra -> savasara Hi savasara! Most students take 1-2 courses per quarter--we recommend taking one quantitative course and one qualitative course. You do not need to take all 6 functions/management/business environment courses before going into electives, unless you want to!
fred -> Caitlyn For LAUNCH - would sneakers qualify as comfortable shoes or would that be too casual?
Caitlyn -> fred Hi Fred - yes, sneakers would qualify as comfortable shoes for Day 2 of LAUNCH as you will be doing an activity outdoors with your cohort. However, they are not recommended for Days 1 & 3.
.Ricky -> Elizabeth Is there a webpage where we can read some comments on what past students thought about a certain course/professor before bidding on classes? Thank you!
Elizabeth -> .Ricky Hi Ricky, good question. We administer course evaluations at the end of each course. The data from the course evaluations for the past few years is available through the portal. Data about how many hours outside of class students spend on course, and whether the students found the content useful are a couple of the questions asked. I will talk more about this tomorrow during the Curriculum presentation.
MWohlwend -> Sandra Do prerequisites for a various class vary by instructor?
Sandra -> MWohlwend Hi MWohlwend! Yes, prerequisites are set by instructor and vary per class. To review prerequisites, please check out the Course Search in the Portal. We will cover this more tomorrow in the curriculum presentation at LAUNCH.
Elizabeth -> Everyone You can find course evaluations through the iBid website as well, on the left hand side.
Brian -> Caitlyn What items/materials should we bring to LAUNCH?
Caitlyn -> Brian Hi Brian - The only thing you will need to bring with you is something to write with. We will provide all other materials for you. On Day 3 you will be working on a project that one person in your cohort will need a laptop for, but you will not need it during the rest of LAUNCH.
Dan_B -> Sandra Hi all, thanks for your time! If someone drops a seat in a class that was previously closed, are we able to see this before the next bidding phase begins, or would we see the change once the next phase opens?
Sandra -> Dan_B Hi Dan! Drops are processed live during the phase. If someone drops their seat during this current bidding phase, it will be processed live so other students may attempt to bid on the seat.
brikearney -> Caitlyn Should we bring our laptops to launch?
Caitlyn -> brikearney Hi brikearney - The only time you will be able to use a laptop is Day 3 when you are working on your cohort project. During this time, only one person from your cohort will need a laptop.
Elizabeth -> Everyone FUN FACT about Effective Leadership -- Chicago Booth was a pioneer when it launched a required leadership development program for its MBA students, over 20 years ago! Students have said that it was a pivotal part of their Booth experience, and are still friends with their cohort-mates.
savasara -> Sandra How often can we set-up appointments with academic advisors?Is a student assigned to a particular advisor for the length of the program or is it that students meet advisors upon their availability?
Sandra -> savasara Hi savasara! You can set up as many appointments with academic advisors as you would like! Tomorrow at LAUNCH, we will show you how to schedule an appointment and also have a sign-up sheet for advising appointments following LAUNCH.
Vaishal -> Elizabeth During the 3 days of Launch, are lockers provided to save some stuff ?
Elizabeth -> Vaishal Hi Vaishal. Yes, there are lockers located on the first floor of Gleacher.
Sean -> Caitlyn I have a questions about LAUNCH. It is Effective Leadership, correct? Since this appears as a course in the curriculum, will we receive a Pass/Fail grade this quarter? Will this be itemized as a course in our transcripts and billing? Thank you
Caitlyn -> Sean Hi Sean - Yes, Effective Leadership comprises most of LAUNCH. There is one additional class that you will need to attend during week 7/8 of your first quarter. You will receive a Pass/Fail grade this quarter upon successful completion of Effective Leadership. Effective Leadership is a zero credit course and will be on your transcript. As far as billing, it will show up on your first quarter tuition bill.
fred -> Elizabeth If we have to miss a class, are there any ways to make it up?
Elizabeth -> fred Fred, there are a couple options. Since professors often teach multiple sections, it might be possible to attend that section rather than the one you should be attending. Consider that a last-resort option, and not one that you should pursue if each and every class meeting you intend to take on a different night. Before sitting in on a night that you are not registered to take, I would recommend sending the professor a note (and seeing if there would be any issues in attending a different night). Nine times out of ten it's never an issue.
brikearney -> Sandra I noticed in the course schedule that there aren't a lot of foundation courses offered in the summer-- are there usually more in the Fall and what do you recommend taking if we can't do a foundation course?
Sandra -> brikearney Hi brikearney! We usually offer fewer courses in summer quarters. You can check out the 2012-2013 Preliminary Schedule located on the curriculum website to see what is being offered. We will offer each of the basic Foundations courses in Autumn 2012 Quarter.
savasara -> Caitlyn Silly question...is it BYOL for the launch event?
Caitlyn -> savasara Hi savasara - there are no silly questions. If you are referring to lunch, all meals are provided during LAUNCH (breakfast, lunch, and dinner/heavy hors d'oeuvres).
Nilendu -> Sandra Hi - the iBid system indicates the current capacity for each course- does that indicate the number of people who have placed bids? Or the number of seats already filled?
Sandra -> Nilendu Hi Nilendu! No, the capacity shows how many open seats there are in the course. You will not be able to see how many people are bidding on the course.
Moderator -> Everyone We are halfway through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions!
yshruti -> Sandra Hello, I cant see the Ibid portel. Can you send me the html link please
Sandra -> yshruti Hi yshruti! When you sign-on to the Portal, the link to iBid is located on the right-hand corner at the top of the page.
Vaishal -> Caitlyn Can you elaborate on the course - effective leadership ? What is the syllabus and is there an exam towards the end ?
Caitlyn -> Vaishal Hi Vaishal - Effective Leadership is a zero credit course that is required for graduation. There is no syllabus as most of it is covered at LAUNCH. There is one additional course that is required during week 7/8 of your first quarter called ReLAUNCH. There is no exam at the end of the course, but there is a Professional Development Plan that you will need to complete prior to receiving a passing grade.
Deepak -> Sandra I read the section on Course access/restriction on the iBID pdf and a bit confused. Are courses sections assigned to a particular population (F, EW)?
Sandra -> Deepak Hi Deepak! Yes, courses are specifically assigned to the three populations at Chicago Booth (full-time, evening, and weekend). During the first 2 Phases of bidding for continuing students, only students in the home program the course is offered in can bid on the course. Once Phase 3 comes along for continuing students, students can bid on courses in any program. We will cover this in more detail tomorrow during LAUNCH.
Tim -> Caitlyn What is the event on Saturday night? Should significant others attend?
Caitlyn -> Tim Hi Tim - the Closing Reception is a way to celebrate the end of LAUNCH. Yes, please bring your significant others!
fred -> Caitlyn can my spouse sit in on some sessions at LAUNCH?
Caitlyn -> fred Hi Fred - The LAUNCH sessions are for incoming students only, however we have a Partner Welcome on Day 3 from 3:30 - 4:00pm in the Midway Boardroom on the 5th floor of Gleacher Center.
Vaishal -> Sandra Do all the phases of bidding end before the classes begin for a quarter ?
Sandra -> Vaishal Hi Vaishal! No, Phases 5 and 6 carry through to the beginning of the quarter. Students who are hoping to add courses in Phases 5 and 6 should still plan on attending the courses during the first week. You can view all bidding phase dates on the Academic Calendar located on the curriculum website.
savasara -> Elizabeth Would the launch carry examples & career paths taken by students who made succesful transitions from non-MBA type job to an MBA type job?
Elizabeth -> savasara Hi Savasara. On Day 2 you will hear from the Evening/Weekend Career Services office. They will be able to speak to this question. I also recommend chatting with your mentors, who are current students, about their career experiences pre-MBA and now. You will have the chance to talk to them at the Lucky Strike reception tomorrow night.
.Ricky -> Sandra are we required to develop a rough plan of all the courses we'd like to take somewhere during 1st quarter (like, making sure we fulfill the concentration requirements) or we just go quarter by quarter?
Sandra -> .Ricky Hi Ricky! Each student is different--some will try to plan out a few quarters in advance, others go quarter by quarter. If you'd like to set up an advising appointment to discuss your specific situation, you will have a chance tomorrow during LAUNCH.
Deepak -> Sandra What phase of the bidding are we in for the Summer 2012 session
Sandra -> Deepak Hi Deepak! There are 2 special New Student Bidding Phases--the first of those phases began at 12PM today and will continue until Friday. Current students are not bidding on courses this week.
Elizabeth -> Everyone FUN FACT: At LAUNCH, you will be divided into small cohorts that will be mentored by two current students. If you haven't already, you will hear from your mentors soon - you'll also meet them at Lucky Strike tomorrow evening. They will be a valuable resource when it comes to advice about the bidding process, courses, and the Booth experience in general!
savasara -> Caitlyn Does the iBid system first accept bids of a weekend student for a weekend class even if an evening program student has bid more?
Caitlyn -> savasara Hi savasara - iBid does not look at the program you are in when deciding who is allowed into the course. The amount of points a student bids is the sole driver in determining who gets into a course. Do keep in mind that you are only allowed to bid on courses in your home program during the first 2 phases of bidding. Once phase 3 opens, you will be able to bid on courses in the other two programs.
Elizabeth -> Everyone Make sure to bookmark the Academic Calendar (at left). This calendar goes over many important dates, and I will talk more about it tomorrow during the Curriculum presentation.
fred -> Caitlyn Do we need to bid on Effective Leadership or is that assigned?
Caitlyn -> fred Hi Fred - No, you do not need to bid on Effective Leadership, it will be added to your schedule administratively.
Susan -> Sandra So any bids that we place today can be changed until the deadline on Friday?
Sandra -> Susan Hi Susan! Yes, drops are processed live during the phases. Students are only able add and drop courses during each phase.
fred -> Elizabeth What if I want to meet with an advisor one-on-one to go over my schedule?
Elizabeth -> fred Fred, we encourage students to schedule one-on-one advising appointments to go over their schedule and any other course planning questions you may have. However, we request that you wait until after LAUNCH as we will cover a large chunk of information about academics and bidding at that time.

To schedule an advising appointment, simply email your desired dates and times to meet either in person or over the phone to our hotline (ewmba@lists.chicagobooth.edu).
MWohlwend -> Sandra I am reviewing the Bid/Drop/Add screen in the IBid System. If a listed prerequisite is not labeled “strict” or “recommended”, can I assume it is strict? For example, Investments lists Bus 30000, 33001, and 41000 or 41100 as prerequisites but does not specify.
Sandra -> MWohlwend Hi MWohlwend! A prerequisite is only considered strict if it is specifically labeled as "strict" in the Course Search function on the Portal.
yshruti -> Elizabeth Is there a way to check the professor ratings?
Elizabeth -> yshruti Hi yshruti. Yes, you have access to the Course Evaluations for all Chicago Booth courses. You can access the course evaluations through the iBid website and through the portal. We will cover this in more detail tomorrow.
Yan -> Sandra If I want to bid a course, which has two sections, is it a good strategy to bid on both sections and choose "any section" in the altenate so that I can drop one of them in later phases?
Sandra -> Yan Hi Yan--great question! Students are not able to bid on multiple sections of the same course. You can select the section that you would prefer to bid on and opt to include an alternate option if you'd like. We will talk about this more tomorrow in the LAUNCH presentation.
savasara -> Elizabeth Do more than one professor offer same class in a quarter?
Elizabeth -> savasara Savasara, good question. It depends on the course and the faculty member. For instance in summer quarter, Financial Accounting is offered twice in the evening program by the same professor. In other quarters, Financial Accounting might be offered by more than one professor. The number of sections each faculty member teaches varies - some will teach three sections in one quarter, others will teach one throughout multiple quarters.
Brian -> Caitlyn Do we have an opportunity to drop a course later if we have a conflict in our course schedule?
Caitlyn -> Brian Hi Brian - Yes, there are two phases of bidding for all incoming students. The second phase which starts on Friday at 5pm and ends on Monday at 5pm will be the first opportunity for you to go in and drop a course as well as bid on other courses that you may want to take. You will also have Phase 4-6 with continuing students to adjust your schedule. Please keep in mind that if you drop a course in Phase 5 or 6 you will not receive any of your bid points back.
.Ricky -> Sandra Are all courses offered in each quarter? If not, are there particular courses that are offered less often than others (like, if I didn't get in I'll have to wait for 2-3 quarters to see it again)?
Sandra -> .Ricky Hi Ricky! No, courses vary each quarter. You can view the frequency of when courses have been offered by checking out the Course Price History in iBid--the data goes back to Summer 2009 quarter. Each tab in the Course Price History represents a particular quarter. You are also welcome to set up an advising appointment to discuss any courses in particular that you'd like to ask about!
fred -> Elizabeth To ensure you get into the class we want, should we bid for the same class in all days it is offered?
Elizabeth -> fred Fred, first, you can only bid on one section of a course at a time. Bidding for classes is based on course section and enrolling into courses is based on the lowest successful bid. If you have flexibility, you can select in iBid to include alternate sections.
fred -> Caitlyn When am I required to pay my fees for the summer quarter? What are the accepted modes of payments.
Caitlyn -> fred Hi Fred - Tuition is always due Friday Week 4 of the quarter. Your first tuition bill will be due Friday, July 13. You can pay via check, money order, or online via credit card.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending at 1:00 p.m., please submit your final questions so we can answer them during this session!
savasara -> Sandra Following up on MWohlwend's question on pre-reqs....are we allowed to bid even if we don't complete pre-requistes (non-strict)...would iBid prevent such bids?
Sandra -> savasara Hi savasara! I would recommend checking out the syllabus of any courses that has recommended prerequisites to see if you feel comfortable with the material. If after reviewing the syllabus you feel comfortable taking the course, then I would recommend placing a bid for the course. iBid will not prevent you from bidding on courses with non-strict prerequisites.
savasara -> Sandra For more quant type courses...would school offer programming prep classes or is it for the student to get that skill outside Booth?
Sandra -> savasara Hi savasara! We do offer pre-MBA courses--they are only offered once per year. The next set of courses begin next weekend. Please feel free to reach out to Caitlyn Olofsson with any questions on these courses.
fred -> Elizabeth How come in the course price history there are some classes that close for 0 points? I don't understand how the lowest successful bid can be 0.
Elizabeth -> fred Hi Fred. Per the iBidFAQ document on the iBid website: If a section with 65 seats closes with 60 primary bids (and no additional demand), the course will cost 0 points. If a section with 65 seats closes with 60 primary bids and 5 alternate bids, the course will cost 0 points. If a section with 65 seats closes with 60 primary bids and 6 alternate bids (with 1 alternate bid left unfulfilled), the course will cost 0 points.
Brian -> Sandra Caitlyn, Sandra, and Elizabeth- this has been very helpful. Thank you.
Sandra -> Brian Hi Brian--you are very welcome! We look forward to meeting you at LAUNCH tomorrow.
Sean -> Elizabeth Is there a concise list of available seats currently open for the summer quarter? Thank you.
Elizabeth -> Sean Hi Sean. In iBid, you should see the list in the "Create/Alter Schedule" link on the left-hand side. There you will see all of the courses you are able to bid on.
Hao -> Caitlyn What's the common range of bidding points for courses? It's hard to decide how many points to use for the first time bidders. Thanks.
Caitlyn -> Hao Hi Hao - There is no common range of bidding points for courses. You should bid the amount of points that you are willing to pay for the course.
Yan -> Sandra If the bidding action we take conflict some rules, such as choose two sections for the same class in the same phase, the system will tell us when we submitting our bidding request? Thanks
Sandra -> Yan Hi Yan! The system will not allow you to bid on 2 sections of the same course. You can bid on two different courses that meet at the same time.
savasara -> Elizabeth Caitlyn, Sandra, and Elizabeth...Thanks very much for your time...It was great information
Elizabeth -> savasara Savasara - Our pleasure! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.
Dan_B -> Caitlyn Thanks all for your time. Is there a link to the itinerary for Launch?
Caitlyn -> Dan_B Hi Dan - We're happy to answer your questions. The LAUNCH schedule is available under the LAUNCH section of the Admitted Student Portal.
MWohlwend -> Caitlyn Great chat. Thanks for your help!
Caitlyn -> MWohlwend Hi MWohlwend - thanks for joining! Glad we were able to help!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you everyone for joining us today. The chat has now ended.
Caitlyn -> Everyone Thank you everyone for joining our chat today. I hope we were able to answer all of your questions, if you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at ewmba@lists.chicagobooth.edu. I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow at LAUNCH!
Sandra -> Everyone It was a pleasure getting to speak with you all today! We will cover bidding in greater detail tomorrow during my presentation. I look forward to meeting with you tomorrow at LAUNCH!
Elizabeth -> Everyone Thanks everyone for joining in today. I look forward to seeing you all at LAUNCH! Get excited!
Moderator -> Everyone The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, June 8, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admits/chat/archive.aspx
Moderator -> Everyone Thanks everyone!