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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - Noon CDT

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George -> Everyone Hello all. We are very excited about today's chat because we have two individuals from the Career Services program office here to answer any and all questions that you have about Booth career offerings. But, feel free to ask us about anything as we are well staffed with admissions and student service individuals who can probably answer anything about why getting an MBA might make sense for you, to why we think Booth is the best place to get that MBA, but we are also capable of speaking to the MBA market in general for those of you with questions about other programs as well.
Kara -> Everyone Happy Thursday! Welcome to our online chat. I am Kara Northcutt, and I look forward to answering your questions about Booth's Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and the application process.
Nancy -> Everyone Hi! Welcome to today's call. I'm here to answer your questions about Chicago Booth's Career Services.
Blaze -> Everyone Welcome to today's chat. We look forward to answering your Career Services related questions.
Humberto -> Everyone Welcome to our Live Chat! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions. We're looking forward to answering all of your questions about the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs here at Chicago Booth.
Rahul -> Kara Being a international student, should I mention in my essay how I will easily mix in the culturally diversed community at Booth?
Kara -> Rahul Rahul, I hope all is well! Yes, you should certainly discuss your culturally diverse background in your essays. We highly value students with a diverse perspective.
Rahul -> George Chicago Booth's academic environment is great! But what opportunities are available for improving soft skills (leadership, team, networking, interpersonal etc.) at Chicago Booth? Is it true that Booth's part time, unlike full time, MBA program is less focused on non-academic activities because of student's hectic schedule ?
George -> Rahul No Rahul not true. There are as many activities for the development of soft skills for part-time as full-time. The difference is that we don't "mandate" that our students take all of them because, as you pointed out, part-time students are working and may not have the time, or they may be Sr. Executives who do not need some of the skills as much as they need other things. In part-time it is very much about a menu of options that you get to select from based on your needs and perceived shortcomings.
Kunal -> Beth Hello Everyone, please could you help us understand what does rolling admissions mean?
Beth -> Kunal Kunal, thanks for joining us today. Rolling admissions means our office reviews and makes a final decision on your application within 4-6 weeks of you submitting it.
Monika -> Kara Hi, I am interested in Executive MBA program, something like evening classes. I am not a citizen of India. Do I need to write GMAT to get admission? I have 5.5 yrs of IT experience
Kara -> Monika Monika, Booth's Executive MBA program classes take place every other week all day Friday and Saturday. If you prefer evening classes, you should consider our Evening MBA program. Evening MBA classes take place weekday evenings from 6-9pm. The GMAT is required for the Evening MBA and the Executive MBA. The average amount of work experience for the Evening MBA is 5-6 years. Therefore, the Evening MBA may be a better fit for you.
Ryan_Davis -> Blaze Do the part-time MBA students have a different career services office than the full-time students? And are interviews open to part-time students?
Blaze -> Ryan_Davis Part-time students have access to the same Career Services with a few exceptions: 1) Part-time students cannot participate in On-Campus recruiting for internships; 2) part time students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in On-campus recruiting for full-time positions.
Moderator -> Everyone We have two guests from our Career Services office joining us today: Nancy Johnston and Blaze Konkol. Booth's Career Services office is designed to support the specific needs of Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, and they range from providing support for changing careers to advancing in their current roles.
Sid -> Beth Also what is the deadline for Fall 2012 weekend and evening program ?
Beth -> Sid The deadline for the Weekend program is Friday, May 4. The deadline for the Evening MBA for the Autumn quarter is Thursday, June 28. Both programs start classes on September 27
Maliha -> Nancy Hi everyone. Thanks for holding this session. I think of the MBA as a long-term investment in my career. How is active is the alumni job board? How tailored is it for alums who are 5-10 years out of school?
Nancy -> Maliha Hi Maliha! You're right, an MBA is a long-term investment in your career and as a Chicago Booth alum you will have access to career services for life, free of charge. The job board contains positions that are appropriate for all levels of job candidates, with about 45% of the roles for mid-management to senior levels.
Rahul -> Humberto What are the different opportunities that Booth weekend MBA program provide to apply lesson learnt at Entrepreneuship classes in the real world?I am aware of "New Venture Challenges". What else?
Humberto -> Rahul Rahul - Entrepreneurship is a very hands-on academic area at Chicago Booth. In addition to the New Venture Challenge, our Entrepreneurship concentration offers other courses with "real-world" application, including the Social Entrepreneurship Lab, the New Venture and Small Enterprise Lab, and the Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab, among others. Many of these courses are offered through the Full-Time MBA program, but as a Weekend MBA student, you have access to enroll in these classes. I would also encourage you to explore what our Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship has to offer outside of the classroom http://www.chicagobooth.edu/entrepreneurship/.
Runner12 -> George Hi! I am considering the MBA program at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN as well as your MBA program. What sets you apart from other Universities?
George -> Runner12 Runner12, first of all the Chicago Marathon! (I hope that runner indicated your interest in such subject matter), but more seriously, I would encourage you to look at the career service offerings of the two institutions and the academic rigor. First, because Booth is one of the top ranked programs in the country most major employers come to campus to interview. While the economy greatly impacted recruiting at some schools, our placement rate did not change. Second, the academic rigor. If you look at rankings, the reason that we always end up in the top spots is because when asked recruiters say they love Booth talent because they are so well prepared for the challenges that they face and have the ability to think well on their feet, state their assumptions and back them up with data.
Imran_K -> Blaze How do the career service and job placement opportunities differ between the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs?
Blaze -> Imran_K Part-time students have access to the same Career Services with a few exceptions: 1) Part-time students cannot participate in On-Campus recruiting for internships; 2) part time students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in On-campus recruiting for full-time positions. That said, another difference in opportunity is that part-time students can change jobs at any point, they don't have to wait until they graduate like full-time students. Part-time students can therefore make faster use of the opporunities that come through Booth.
Rahul -> Kara I am planning to apply in weekend MBA program starting this fall 2012. Last week, got good news that we are going to have baby in December :).I Want to know if there are students with similar situation in weekend MBA?Basically Want to hear their experience how easy or tough this going to be?Do you recommend me to wait for another year?
Kara -> Rahul Rahul, congratulations! Yes, we certainly have many parents in the Weekend MBA program. I would be happy to connect you with a parent in the program to learn about their experience. To be connected with someone, please email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. If you apply and are admitted for Fall 2012, you have the option to defer your start for one year if you want to.
mjunior -> George what are your thoughts about the new gmat coming out in june and how it will affect how you view the gmat score?
George -> mjunior We will see. I just don't think there is enough evidence at this point to know if it is going to change in any meaningful way how the GMAT is used as a tool to measure intellectual aptitude. Sorry, that is not very helpful. More to come as we get to see the results. I have heard that people are spending more time preparing for it because of the change.
mjunior -> Beth Is a GMAT score required be for the admission deadline?
Beth -> mjunior mjunior, you can submit your application with your GMAT scores. We do ask you to submit your scores within one week of the application deadline. That being said, I would recommend taking the GMAT and getting the score you are happy with prior to applying.
Sid -> Kara I have a previous unfinished MBA and I am now in Illinois and wish to pursue my MBA a Booth school. Do I get to transfer any credits ?
Kara -> Sid Hi Sid. Booth does not allow transfer credits from other institutions. You would be required to complete 20 courses at Booth. However, our curriculum is extremely flexible, so you would mostly likely not have to repeat classes you have already completed.
Tim_H -> Humberto Hello. I will be re-applying for the fall quarter. I thought I had heard that I would only need 1 letter or recommendation for a re-application. Is that true? If it is not, would it be preferable for me to get a second letter from my current manager or one from a previous manager?
Humberto -> Tim_H Tim - our re-application process requires that you start a new application and submit one new letter of recommendation, in addition to answering the re-applicant essay question, and coming to the Gleacher Center for another admissions interview. You are considered a re-applicant if you have submitted an application within the past two years. You can learn more about the re-application process on this section of our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/decisions.aspx.
Brian_G -> Beth When submitting an application, in what cases would I include more than the minimum two recommendations?
Beth -> Brian_G Brian_G, you can submit additional letters of recommendation if you feel they provide unique perspective on you as an applicant. Please do not feel like you have to submit additional letters other than the two required.
Jewel -> Blaze What are those eligibility requirements to participate?
Blaze -> Jewel The on-campus recruiting for full-time positions participation requirements are: 1) have completed at least 12 classes, but not have graduated, by the completion of the summer quarter before participation; 2) complete 3 required job search and skill development training programs; 3) provide an employer letter if your employer has sponsored any aspect of your schooling; 4) complete a resume review with a Career Services coach; 5) take at least one class during participation for credit and to successful completion.
Touv -> Nancy How is now the job prospect for Part Time MBA's who wants to change careers?
Nancy -> Touv Hi Touv. There is definitely some strong activity in the marketplace currently. Every week we talk with students who are interviewing for new jobs, and are being offered new roles. A very important aspect of that is an individual's efforts to network. Chicago Booth is an excellent place to meet new people and expand your network for the rest of your career.
Flora_Shi -> Beth For the essays, shall we stick to the words restriction or we can stretch it longer?
Beth -> Flora_Shi Flora, thanks for joining our chat. For the essays, I would recommend sticking close to the word limit length. If you need to go a little bit longer, that's okay.
Diana -> George Being an employee at a non-managerial level, does that have any negative impact on my application?
George -> Diana No. Showing that you have achieved some management is obviously a positive, but it is not a negative if you have not. I would guess that most of our students (I am sure it is over 50%) have not at this point reached a level where they are managing people. Sometimes, the MBA is just the thing that was needed to reach that next spot in their career. In fact, over 60% of our students are promoted while they are in the program and often to spots of management. Lastly, I would share that the #1 job function of our alumni are general mangers. So, while they don't start there, they do often end up there.
Ryan_Davis -> Blaze What are the eligibility requirements for a part time student to participate in the on-campus recruiting for full time positions?
Blaze -> Ryan_Davis The on-campus recruiting for full-time positions participation requirements are: 1) have completed at least 12 classes, but not have graduated, by the completion of the summer quarter before participation; 2) complete 3 required job search and skill development training programs; 3) provide an employer letter if your employer has sponsored any aspect of your schooling; 4) complete a resume review with a Career Services coach; 5) take at least one class during participation for credit and to successful completion.
Rahul -> Humberto How diverse is the Booth weekend MBA community in terms of students holding non-US citizenship? Do you have information how many international students were admitted to entering class in last few years and what countries they represent?
Humberto -> Rahul Rahul - diversity is one of the strengths of the Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. We define diversity in terms of individuals from different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, as well as different educational and professional backgrounds. In terms of international students, we do not have any specific data to share, since we do not support student Visas in the part-time programs. However, we do see applicants from countries all over the world, including Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, just to name a few.
Brian_G -> Kara Do you notice that students living in the city get more out of the a part time MBA than students with long commutes to the suburbs?
Kara -> Brian_G Brian, this is a good question and common concern. However, I feel you can get just as much out of the program as student who live downtown Chicago. Most of our student group and social events take place on Saturday. Therefore, if you take classes on Saturday, you will also be on campus to participate in extracurricular activities. Keep in mind that most of our Weekend MBA students live outside of IL, and they are active in the student community. It may take a little more effort on your part, but the opportunities will certainly be there for you.
Kiran_Rane -> Beth Do you need any kind of address proof to apply for the evening program?
Beth -> Kiran_Rane Kiran_Rane, thank you for joining us. To apply, you would need to be residing in the US or Canada in order to attend classes. However, you can apply while on a work visa.
Narayan -> Beth I am planning to appear for GMAT before fall deadline. Is there any advantage appearing for the new GMAT .
Beth -> Narayan Narayan, my advice regarding the GMAT is to take the exam when you are ready, regardless of which version.
Ramki -> Kara Good morning (I'm in SFO!) Ladies and Gentlemen, Is age considered an impediment?
Kara -> Ramki Ramki, no, not at all. Everyone has their own timeline and reasons for pursuing their MBA at different points in their career. We have a very wide age range in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
Flora_Shi -> George Hi, thanks for organizing this event. What are the major differences when the office evaluates full time students and part-time students? Or they are measured with the same criteria?
George -> Flora_Shi They are measured by the same criteria exactly. The subtle nuances is that the Full-Time program students have less experience so experience is not as heavily weighed as grades in undergrad, GMAT and what you plan to do with the degree. In the part-time program we will consider experiences more if it is your strong suit.
Flora_Shi -> Beth I have an official transcript from school, from the application portal it asked to upload the transcript. But mine is sealed by my college office. Shall I just open it to scan to upload to the portal?
Beth -> Flora_Shi Flora, you can either open it and upload to your application or mail it to our office to add. We can add it to your application and mark it as official.
Emily -> Humberto Hello, are there common characteristics of successful Booth students?
Humberto -> Emily Emily - given the diversity of our student body, it's difficult to pin-point any specific shared or common characteristics. However, if there is one common characteristic of successful Booth students, I would argue that it's their desire to challenge and push themselves and others, to not accept the status quo, and to always search for the best answer or solution to business questions and challenges.
Tyson -> Nancy When companies are suplementing less and less for tuition reimbursement/assistance, global debt balances rising and real wages stagnating, why should students incur more debt to go to Booth while having lower prospects of being able to pay it off in a timely manner?
Nancy -> Tyson Hi Tyson. There are many reasons why an MBA will be a valuable addition to your career. Many statistics indicate that there is a strong return on the investment with an average of 2 1/2 years of payback time. Our part-time students report that about 60% of them were promoted while still in the program! The unemployment statistics for individuals with an MBA is only about 2%, substantially lower than the 8% published rate overall in this current economy. There are also numerous "soft" benefits as well including building a network of strong relationships, and of course the incredible learning experience provided by our professors.
Christina -> Beth Hello. I have a question about transcripts. I spent my entire junior year off-campus. Will you need transcripts from each local university abroad where I took a class, the program I went through (Butler's University's Institute for Study Abroad), or will my transcript from my graduating university alone suffice?
Beth -> Christina Christina, if the classes you took and the grades you earned appear on your degree granting institution's transcript, then you do not need to send an additional transcript. If grades and classes do not appear (or just the classes, no grades), then you will need to send an additional transcript.
Blaze -> Everyone I've received a few questions about On-campus recruiting. Some might be surprised to know that most students find their next job opportunity from sources outside OCR. Booth is unique in many ways including one of the largest Career Services Employer Development teams with staff on the ground in Europe, and Asia. Booth sources thousands of job postings each year, and our team is structured to meet the unique needs of part-time students and alumni whether they be changing careers or advancing in their current company.
PR -> George I am Project Manager (PMP) with around 9 yrs work exp, serving a client in Chicago. I am keen on pursuing a full time MBA, but given my work ex, do I fall outside the 'preferred' yrs for a full time MBA? - am I too old :)
George -> PR No. Age (substitute work experience if you wish) is not a criteria on which they deny students. However, you will need to talk about why, after 9 years of work, you are willing to step back and accept an entry level MBA job after graduation. So, too old no, but you will need to address the reasoning why full-time given your age and experience very thoroughly.
Tyson -> Beth I apologize if this has been answered but does the Weekend MBA only have 1 start date per year or are there multiple start dates over the course of the year?
Beth -> Tyson Tyson, the Weekend MBA admits only one time a year, with classes starting in late September.
Runner12 -> Humberto What type of candidate stands out to you during the application process?
Humberto -> Runner12 We are looking for well-rounded applicants who can demonstrate strengths in a number of different areas, including academics, professional history and goals, and overall fit with the Chicago Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. To the extent that you put your best foot forward in all aspects of the application process and can clearly articulate why you want to attend the Booth part-time programs, that is all we can ask of our applicants.
Brian -> Beth Regarding the Evening Program, are there any differences between the orientation programs offered by quarter (for example, the Fall and Winter quarters) that would make one more advantageous for incoming students?
Beth -> Brian Brian, LAUNCH is the same for all students regardless of their start quarter. At LAUNCH you will learn about the program as well as complete most of your Effective Leadership requirements. LAUNCH is 3 full days and is required for all students. It's a great time to meet your incoming class and start networking.
Harry -> Kara hi, Whats the major difference between Full time and Part time MBA?
Kara -> Harry Harry, there are two core differences. 1. Full Time students quit their job and go to school full time. 2. Because FT students are not working there is a stronger emphasis on getting a new job from the beginning of the program. FT students are required to complete an internship, and they begin seeking such right away. The Part Time MBA students are working full time. Some PT students seek to advance their career, while others are seeking a career change. Both goals are viable in the part time program. Having said all that, keep in mind that you get the same classes, faculty and degree regardless of which program you pursue.
W2012 -> Beth I think Beth mentioned above "We do ask you to submit your scores within one week of the application deadline." Given that the Weekend MBA application deadline is May 4th, Is it OK to submit the application by May 4th and submit the GMAT score by May 11th?
Beth -> W2012 W2012, yes you can certainly submit your scores by 5/11. Please feel free to email your scores to me directly at beth.daily@chicagobooth.edu.
Rahul -> George George thanks for answering my question on opportunities available for PT students. Can you please list few of those opportuntites for PT students?
George -> Rahul Yes, when you enter we have three days of leadership development (which is mandatory). We also offer a series of speaker series through the year. Here are some of the other options: Holding Difficult Conversations, Performance Reviews - How to give and Receive, Executive Presence, Telling Your Story, Public Speaking, Managing your time and others, Negotiations, Conflict Management, The Art of the Small Talk... and I could go on! The options are endless and we have something going almost every week and weekend that you can avail yourself of.
Maliha -> Beth When should we schedule a interview with you? What should we do to prep?
Beth -> Maliha Maliha, our office will contact you to schedule your admissions interview after you submit your application. The interview is 45-60 minutes long one-on-one with a member of our admissions committee, so either a current student or alum. As long as you know your work experience, why you want an MBA, why Chicago Booth, you'll be great.
Emily -> Humberto What is the culture like in a typical class? How are courses typically structured and conducted?
Humberto -> Emily Emily - there is not one "typical" Booth class. Some classes are more lecture based, while others are grounded in group discussion. Some classes require that you do a majority of the work on your own, including homework assignments and exams, while others require that you work in groups on projects and presentations. I would encourage you to explore our class visit options and come learn for yourself first-hand what the classroom experience at Booth is all about http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx!
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through our chat and have received great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions, as we will try to answer all of them!
Brian_G -> Beth Is there any penalty to submitting an application close to the deadline, rather than weeks or months before that point?
Beth -> Brian_G Brian, there is no penalty! Most of our applicants submit in the final week leading up to the deadline. Please submit your application when you are ready and you feel it is the strongest.
Blaze -> Everyone Among the ways we operate differently to meet Weekend and Evening student needs are: 1) from 9-6:30 M-F and 8:30-5 on S; 2) Programming and coaching offered on Saturdays; 3) programming and coaching offered virtually many days each week.
Jewel -> Humberto Is it possible to sit in on a couple of class, to get a feel for the environment?
Humberto -> Jewel Jewel - yes, you are welcome to visit a class in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs by visiting this website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx. If you have not already attended an Admissions Event, I would recommend that you do so before your class visit, as you will appreciate it even more! Here is the link for our events page, so feel free to register for any one that meets your needs and fits your schedule http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/.
VB -> Kara Can you please describe the team-work component of the Weekend MBA? In a full-time MBA the students have much more access to each other with similar schedules, but with the weekend MBA that may not be the case. What is the typical experience of a Weekend MBA student with respect to team projects, assignments, etc?
Kara -> VB VB, there is a lot of teamwork in the Weekend MBA. Much of this takes place in the classroom. These days it is very easy for groups to work virtually with Google docs, Skype, Dropbox, etc.I also suggest that Weekend MBA students partner with other students in their city when possible. This makes meeting up during the week easier. I ask Weekend MBA students this question a lot, and they simply say they make it work. Booth students are willing to put in the effort to make their group work strong.
Tyson -> George What would you say Booth is known for/specializes in and what skills do you believe Booth teaches students that may be overlooked or undervalued by third parties?
George -> Tyson Tyson, I don't think people undervalue our graduates which is why we are so heavily recruited. The one thing we do see is that we are bucking the trend in part-time that is not well known by all recruiters. Some recruiters we run across do not realize that our part-time students get the same education by the same faculty and have the same career service offerings as our full-time students. Most part-time programs are not that way. They have more adjunct faculty and the content is often made less rigorous. Not at Booth, so this is something we continue to try and get out into the market place.
To be a top-tier MBA program, you cannot just be good at one thing, so while we are known for our Finance, Economics, Banking and Entrepreneurship, we also have one of the top Marketing programs in the country, in fact, the Nielsen company decided to house all of their data here, so our students and facutly have the ability to use that in the classroom.
Kiran_Rane -> Beth How many students you admit for weekend class and weeknight class
Beth -> Kiran_Rane Kiran_Rane, while we do not release our acceptance rate, I can say we typically bring in 100 Weekend students each year and 80-100 Evening students each quarter, with the exception of the Autumn quarter where we bring in closer to 160.
Flora_Shi -> George What's the acceptance ratio for part-time applicants in Chicago U?
George -> Flora_Shi 86% of all of the students who are made offers accept. That is one of the highest in the country!
Blaze -> Everyone Our programming falls into 2 broad buckets - Corporate programming and Career Management programming. Corporate programming is designed to help you learn about industries, make connections, and find opportunities. Career Management programming is designed to help you be at your best to take advantage of those opportunities.
PR -> Beth Is GMAT mandated for evening or part-time MBA? How long does it take to complete the evening MBA vs. part-time MBA? If I happen to leave US before the course completes, can I complete the course remote or through any of your other campuses?
Beth -> PR The GMAT is required to apply to the part-time MBA program although we recently started also accepting the GRE. Most applicants submit a GMAT score. Our students typically complete their degree within 2-3 years. If you have to leave the US, you can work with our office to discuss your options but typically students are required to complete classes in person here in Chicago.
Harry -> George How important is GMAT score for getting into Part time MBA?
George -> Harry Harry, it depends. If you have very little work experience it might be heavily weighted! But if you are a Sr. Exec with 10 years of experience and managing large projects, people or budgets, we would worry less about your GMAT score. All else held equal, the longer you are in the work place the less heavily we weigh GMAT because we have more observable data to look at.
Kunal -> Humberto When a student application is not accepted, does the ad council provide in-depth reasoning so that the individual can hone those areas when reapplying?
Humberto -> Kunal Kunal - that's a good question. As a general guideline, our Admissions office does not offer specific and detailed feedback to all applicants who were denied admission. However, if you were to have questions about the strengths or weaknesses of a specific area of your application, we could offer general advice on how to strengthen the overall quality of your application, should you decide to re-apply.
etashiro -> Kara How much importance is emphasized on extra-curricular activities (such as community involvement), in the application process? And if there is a lot of emphasis, what organizations are recommended?
Kara -> etashiro This is something we ask about and evaluate in the application process. However, we also understand that our applicants are full time working professionals and may not have a ton of extra time on their hands. Many applicants have a few causes/activities they are involved in, and that is fine. We seek to admit well rounded individuals, and your extracurriculars help us get to know you and what you are passionate about beyond your professional life.
Diana -> Beth I am interested in the Weekend MBA program, knowing that the average is around 2.5 years to complete, is it possible to graduate with more than 1 MBA track/concentration?
Beth -> Diana Diana, yes it is possible to graduate with more than one concentration and many of our students do. I would say on average students graduate with 3 concentrations
Brian -> Beth How quickly are interviews scheduled after submitting an application?
Beth -> Brian Brian, our office contacts you within 1-3 days of submitting your application to schedule your interview. If you need to schedule it sooner, you can always call our office at 312.464.8700
Tyson -> George Are any scholarships offered to the Weekend, Evening or Excecutive MBA programs?
George -> Tyson Tyson, no, none of the programs you list have scholarships at Booth. It is an interesting topic, one we are currently discussing, but at this point there is nothing.
Maliha -> Kara If we’re an entrepreneur, how should we go about getting a recommender? I took a class through Graham and was thinking of asking my professor to be one of my recs.
Kara -> Maliha Maliha, I am happy to read you have taken a Graham School class. Yes, you are welcome to ask your professor. You could also consider a client, business partner, board member, adviser, etc. We often see entrepreneurs submit recs from these sources.
Diana -> Beth Are GSAL classes offered on weekends?
Beth -> Diana Diana, yes GSAL classes are offered on Saturday
Narayan -> Nancy Hello, What percentage of PT students have been able to switch their Job functions.
Nancy -> Narayan Narayan - you pose an interesting question. I cannot provide a specific percentage since we do not gather data in that way. Our PT students come to the program with a very wide variety of interests and backgrounds. Some want to advance in their current career with the same employer and some want to move into an entirely new area including function or employer. Some students find that they change their mind once they're in the program and find a new area they want to explore. In order to be satisfied in their career progression, all of them share the same process of identifying their own strengths and interests, learning more about the industry or function of interest, and then marketing themselves for a new role. When an individual applies themselves to this process they are successful in moving into a new role.
Harry -> Beth Classes for part time MBA happens on which campus or does that depend on course taken?
Beth -> Harry All part-time MBA classes are held at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. If your schedule permits and you would like to take a class during the day, you can take classes down at Harper in the Hyde Park campus.
Alicia_Pinkins -> Kara Hello everyone. I took the GRE a few years ago. Do I still need to take the GMAT?
Kara -> Alicia_Pinkins Alicia, we do accept the GRE. As long as it is still valid, feel free to submit your application with your GRE scores. GRE & GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.
Maliha -> Humberto In responding to the essay questions, should we focus on more recent experiences, or those that are even as far back as undergrad?
Humberto -> Maliha Maliha - you are welcome to focus on any past experiences that would apply to each specific essay question. Typically, the more recent the experiences, the more relevant they will be. However, we understand and appreciate that experiences in an individual's past can impact who they are today, so we would encourage you to discuss any experiences that you feel are relevant.
etashiro -> George Are applicants automatically "weeded out" based on GMAT scores? If so, what is the target score, if not, how much does experience, certifications (CFA, CPA, etc.), ethnic background, extra curricular events, letters of recommendations, etc. play into it?
George -> etashiro Etashiro we do not week out based on GMAT. 80% of our students GMAT's fall between 620-750, however 10% fall below that mark. The GMAT is just one aspect of your application. If you have a low GMAT but stellar undergrad grades, great letters of recommendation etc, this would help outweigh that. Likewise, if you have a great GMAT, but bad experiences, marginal letters of recommendations and bomb the interview, your 800 will not offset these shortcomings. Hope that helps.
Harry -> Beth Can a part time student changes status to full time after few semesters?
Beth -> Harry Harry, if you wanted to switch from the part-time program to the full-time program, you would need to withdraw and apply to the full-time program. There is no way to switch between the programs.
Kiran_Rane -> Beth in case any class missed in the evening schedule, can we take that class if available over weekend or along with full time schedule
Beth -> Kiran_Rane Kiran, it depends if the class is being offered at an additional time. If it is, you can speak with the faculty member and see about coming to the other section. If not, you should still let you the faculty member know and work with them to make up the work. As an Evening student, you can take classes in the Weekend and Full-Time program.
Flora_Shi -> Beth If I join evening MBA but then I change a job to move to outskirts of Chicago...can i change to weekend MBA?
Beth -> Flora_Shi Flora, yes you can do a one-time transfer from the evening program to the weekend program. In addition, as an evening student, you can also bid on and take weekend classes.
etashiro -> Kara I know there was a question from a professional with 9 years of work experience that wanted to return for a MBA. What is the "recommended" average work experience for a professional returning for a part-time or full-time MBA?
Kara -> etashiro We do not have a recommended about of work experience. Everyone has their own timeline and reasons for pursuing an MBA at a certain time in their career. In the application you will be asked to tell us why you are pursuing the MBA now. We are looking to see if your goals are in line with what our programs have to offer. I know folks in the program with 15+ years of experience, and they are getting a lot out of the program education and career wise.
Christina -> Beth I started a new job at the beginning of the year, so when I submit my application my direct supervisor will have only known me for 6 months. Do you recommend that I submit an additional 3rd rec letter?
Beth -> Christina Christina, if you feel your previous supervisor would provide a strong recommendation, then yes I would include them as well in your application.
Flora_Shi -> Humberto can you tell us more about th international assignment? Do students go to a university overseas and take an assignment for 2-3 weeks or mostly tour and understand?
Humberto -> Flora_Shi Flora - we have both Full-Term and Short-Term study abroad opportunities in the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. The 2-3 week opportunities are our Short-Term programs, and they take place either during the Spring or Summer quarter. By achieving one elective course credit towards your degree, you would go to one of our six partner schools with other part-time students not only from Booth and other US schools, but from institutions around the world. You will participate in classroom learning, as well as corporate visits and cultural excursions. You can learn more about our international opportunities on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/index.aspx.
Christina -> Beth I see you can start the evening program in summer, winter, or autumn. How does the size of entering class vary for each?
Beth -> Christina Christina, we typically bring in about 80-100 students each quarter, with the exception of fall where we bring in closer to 160, for the evening program and about 100 weekend students a year.
Kiran_Rane -> Blaze In career service, are there only entry level MBA jobs or there are senior positions as well.
Blaze -> Kiran_Rane About 39% of our job postings are entry level/associate MBA, 35% mid-Senior Level/Manager, 36% Director 20, Executive 5%
Kiran_Rane -> Beth Is current supervisor recommendation letter mandatory ?
Beth -> Kiran_Rane Kiran_Rane, our office would prefer a letter from your current supervisor. If you cannot get one or do not feel comfortable asking, just explain why you chose your recommenders in the question.
Kedar -> Humberto Hello Booth Admission Team, much thanks for providing us with such a nice oppurtunity ! My quick background: I work for a Currency Trading firm in Stamford, CT now (Finance - IT Analyst) and considering a career switch to "management- consulting" field.In my process to learn more about this program, I felt that attending a class with current weekend students would give me better understanding of Booth culture. My purpose of visit booth in weekend is -1) To attend a weekend class 2) To meet with some MBA students (especially those, who are going to switch their career. More specificially towards management - consulting)3) Meet with some admission office personnel for some queries. As for my weekend MBA & for this visit, I will be flying from NYC, so I want to find out if 4/28 would be a good date to meet all above mentioned three targets.
Humberto -> Kedar Kedar - we would be happy if you came to Chicago to visit campus! Since you have some specific requests for your visit, please send me an email and we can work on scheduling your visit humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Diana -> Kara For those of us who have to travel to Chicago, does Chicago Booth offer any kind of programs that allow us to interact more with the community during the short time we are there?
Kara -> Diana Diana, we sure do! Most of our student group and many career service activities take place on Saturday between classes from 12-1:30pm. Many students also use this time to socialize with their classmates.
PR -> George Thanks George. I was also looking at executive MBA with my exp. Is the executive program FT? What would be the course difference interms of whats covered between a executive, evening or weekend MBA?
George -> PR You could certainly do that. The XP program is not FT, it is offered every other week on Friday and Saturday. It is a "true" general MBA meaning that you get a little of everything but not alot of anything. The classes are lockstep and you are not able to customize what you will study. You will get some strategy, marketing, finance, decision making etc. It is a great program for those who what to manage a business and needs to understand how what they do impacts and affect others in the organization.
Kedar -> Nancy Will Booth career management assist weekend students for summer internship (if employer has not Sponsored my MBA)? If there is no internship, then how a Finance background student, would be able to switch to management- consulting?
Nancy -> Kedar Hi Kedar - The school's policy is not to support evening/weekend students in pursuing internships. If an internship experience is important to you, you should consider the full-time program. Many students are able to make a transition to management consulting without an internship.
Tyson -> George What would you say Booth is "known" for or specializes in?
George -> Tyson Tyson, we are known in for Finance, Strategy, Economics and Entrepreneurship. Our fastest growing area is Marketing.
etashiro -> Kara Does attending the Executive Programs offered at Booth enhance your chances of getting into the MBA programs, or are they two independent programs?
Kara -> etashiro The Executive Education programs are different. They are short term programs that do not lead to any course credit. You can take Booth classes as a Graduate Student at Large (GSAL) through the Graham School of General Studies. Up to 3 GSAL classes will transfer into Booth if admitted. Taking GSAL classes (assuming you do well) can enhance your application. For more info about GSAL, please email Mary Daniels at danielsm@uchicago.edu.
Kiran_Rane -> Humberto Does one need to complete a major or can take the courses one interested in across multiple concentrations
Humberto -> Kiran_Rane Kiran - it is not required that you complete a concentration in order to graduate from the Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. However, since many of our courses count towards multiple concentrations at the same time, it's actually pretty difficult to graduate without achieving at least one. The average Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student will graduate with two or three concentrations. The flexibility of the program allows you to either focus your coursework on specific concentrations or simply take the classes that are of interest to you.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be closing in 10 minutes, please submit your final questions.
Christina -> George During the 2.5-3 year evening program, do you mainly spend the beginning portion with your entering cohort?
George -> Christina No. The power of our program is that you are the CEO of your education. You get to choose what class you take and when you take it. That might mean that you will see many of the students who you start with, but it will also mean that you will be in class with students from the full-time and weekend program as well as evening students (16% of the seats in the evening class is filled with full-time students who choose to study at night). This means you will be able to broaden your networking far beyond just the class you enter the program with.
VB -> Beth What percentage of Weekend MBA students live on the East Coast and travel every weekend?
Beth -> VB VB, 20% of our Weekend class last year come in from the east coast. 80% of our weekend class travels in each weekend from outside the state of Illinois.
Blaze -> Everyone It was a pleasure joining you today. If you have other specific career services questions you are welcome to reach out to use at boothworks@chicagobooth.edu
Touv -> Humberto Do you have classes on Real Estate during the weekend? Can you talk more about Real Estate program at Booth?
Humberto -> Touv Touv - we do have two classes on Real Estate Investments that have both been offered in the Weekend MBA program. We also have a Real Estate Challenge lab course, where students from Booth and Kellogg compete to present the best redevelopment proposal for a site in Chicago. While we do not have a concentration in Real Estate at Booth, we do have coursework and exposure to the industry through our faculty, students, and alumni. If you'd like more details on this, please feel free to reach out to me via email humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Kara -> Everyone Great questions today, folks! We look forward to working with you through the application process. Feel free to email me at Kara.Northcutt@chicagobooth.edu with additional questions. Have a great day!
Nancy -> Everyone Thank you for letting us join you today! Here is a link to some information about our current programming: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/career/index.aspx
Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining our chat today. As a reminder, the Weekend MBA application deadline is Friday, May 4 and the Evening MBA application deadline for the Autumn quarter is Thursday, June 28.
George -> Everyone It was a great chat. Thanks for all the great questions. I hope you will stay in contact with us.
Stop by our office or call us anytime (we only take Sunday's off). Come to our next info session on May 4rth. It is a great opportunity to meet us in person and ask all of the remaining questions you may have.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today - It looks like we had a chance to answer all of your questions!
Humberto -> Everyone We appreciate your questions today! We are looking forward to engaging with you all again down the road, so make sure to come to the Gleacher Center and attend an event http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Monday, April 23, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/index.aspx