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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, March 13 from 11:00 am to Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello! We will begin the chat in 10 minutes. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! The chat will run for one hour. Please submit any questions you have for the admissions team!
George -> Everyone Hello all. We are excited about the chat today. We are getting our computers fired up and to set your visualization we are all gathered in a large conference room ready to take on all your questions.
Gretchen -> Everyone Welcome to the Booth Live Chat. Thanks for asking great questions. The goal is for you to learn more about our Booth community and to decide when you will apply.
Humberto -> Everyone Welcome! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs here at Chicago Booth. We look forward to answering all of your questions today!
Beth -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today. My name is Beth and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions. Please ask all of your application related questions - I'm here to help!
Prakash -> George Hello, what are the few top concentrations that most weekend MBA students at Booth graduate from in recent years?
George -> Prakash We have 14 concentrations available. The top three (in terms of number of students who get them) would be Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marking.
Prakash -> Beth Hello There! I learnt from old chat transcripts that you admit about 100-110 students for the weekend MBA. How many total applications you receive for this 100 to 110 seats?
Beth -> Prakash Prakash, thank you for joining us today. Great question. The University of Chicago does not release its acceptance rate. You are correct that we bring in about 100-110 Weekend MBA students each year. However, if the applicant pool is strong, we can bring in more students.
Kiran -> Humberto Once I join the weekend program, can I change my program to evening program
Humberto -> Kiran Great question, Kiran! Yes, students are allowed to request a one-time-only transfer from the Weekend MBA program to the Evening MBA program, or vice-versa.
Kiran -> Beth I am planning to relocate to Chicago area and work in downtown. How convenient it is to get to Downtown Chicago campus
Beth -> Kiran Kiran, the Gleacher Center is located just off Michigan Avenue on the Chicago River. It is conveniently located near both bus and train routes, as well as a short ride to the train stations.
Roz -> Beth What is the application deadline for a Winter 2013 (Jan.) start and when does that application become available?
Beth -> Roz Roz, I am currently working to finalize the Winter 2013 application. I hope to have it available by the end of the week. If you have any questions, you can always email me at Beth.Daily@ChicagoBooth.edu. We look forward to receiving your application!
Kiran -> Gretchen To complete my degree requirements, how many courses to I complete and pay for. Also, I think the program offers 6 extra courses that I could take free of charge. When can I take those, will I be graded and given credit for those courses as well. And what will the final degree read, is the same as Full Time MBA degree or will it mention Part-Time on it
Gretchen -> Kiran Kiran: You will complete 20 classes to earn the Booth MBA degree and 6 of those classes can be taken outside of Booth withing the larger part of the University. You also have the option to take 3 classes, free, before you graduate (which you are given credit for) and the option to take 3 classes, free, with no time expiration (which you are not given credit for). The degree will not mention FT or PT. This is the strong point about Booth that all programs hold the same value.
xiao -> Beth For evening MBA applications, is the interview required or are they invited to interview?
Beth -> xiao Xiao, the interview is required of all applicants. Once you submit your application, our office will contact you to schedule your interview. Our office makes decisions about your application within 4-6 weeks, and your interview is one component of the evaluation process. Depending on your schedule, we may be able to bring you in within a few days. You do not need to wait until the application deadline to interview.
BK -> George what is the percentage of graduates that get job placed through U of C's recruiting?
George -> BK We only track those who go through on campus recruiting (OCR). 98% of all full-time students get jobs, 33% of the part-time students who go through OCR get jobs (only 10% 0f part-time students even go through OCR). The reason it is lower is because many of the part-time students get better join through the network at Booth, or they choose to stay at their current employer.
JMullen -> Humberto Does the dmissions office see our applications as we fill it out or do you not start looking at the applications until we complete and submit them?
Humberto -> JMullen Our Admissions Committee will not start the review process for any application until it is both submitted and complete. We will also invite you in for your required admissions interview at that time. Our decision timeline is 4-6 weeks from when we have received your completed application.
Vaish -> Beth And how about transfer from week end to full time ?
Beth -> Vaish Vaish, good question. You can transfer between the Evening and Weekend programs once after you have completed two quarters in the program, but you are not able to transfer to Full-Time. That being said, as an Evening or Weekend student you can increase your course load to a 4 or even 5 courses, so many students do not feel the need to transfer between part time and full time.
Jason -> George What is the expected time commitment for both the evening and weekend programs?
George -> Jason No expected time commitment. We are very flexible. You can take as many or few classes as you choose. However, we do ask that you graduate in 5 years.
BK -> Gretchen what percentage of MBA students are accepted and what percentage of attending students finish the program?
Gretchen -> BK BK: Over 98% of our students graduate from Chicago Booth and it is extremely uncommon for someone not to finish the program, as you have five years to complete the program and an option to petition for an additional two years. The acceptance rate is not provided; however we bring in between 450-500 students per year.
rahul -> Humberto What is average GMAT score for evening/weekend MBA program ?
Humberto -> rahul Thanks for the question, Rahul. Our average GMAT scores are 680 for the Evening MBA program and 700 for the Weekend MBA program, with an admitted range of the upper-500s to 800.
Emilia -> Beth How much time is needed in between taking the GMAT an the application deadline? (I know the results are immediate on my end, but how long does it take to process the score on your end to make sure it gets in in time)?
Beth -> Emilia Emilia, you can self report your GMAT scores directly into your application moments before you submit. You do not need to submit official GMAT scores until you are admitted to the program. Our office typically receives your GMAT scores within 10-14 days after you take the exam.
tarun -> Beth Do i need to send the Transcripts by mail or can i bring them with me to interivew?
Beth -> tarun Tarun, the easiest way to submit your transcripts is to upload them directly into your online application. If you would like our office to make photocopies, as I know some transcripts are difficult to obtain, you can certainly bring them with you at your interview.
Brian_C. -> George I am considering applying for the evening session MBA program. However, I also manage a team in my current profession. Which would would be a better program (and can you please highlight the major differences with respect to Booth's intended purpose of the program): The Part-Time evening program or the Executive MBA program?
George -> Brian_C. Executive Education is for those who do not want to change their functional expertise, but want to be able to understand the different languages of business. The classes are all assigned to you so you get some marketing, some finance, some accounting, some entrepreneurship etc. The part-time program is great for those that want to become experts in a field because you can take as many classes or as few, as you want from any given subject.
Jeremy.Anders -> Gretchen Hello everybody and thank you for doing this. How much importance is placed on the writing portion of the GMAT?
Gretchen -> Jeremy.Anders Jeremy.Anders: We enjoy chatting with our prospective students. The AWA score is reviewed; however the percentage for the qualitative and quantitative, which provides the overall score, is what is looked at most heavily in terms of the GMAT test.
Nipun_Yamdagni -> Beth If I took 1 summer class at a community college, do you still need the transcript from there?
Beth -> Nipun_Yamdagni Nipun_Yamdagni - if your degree granting institution lists the summer course and the grade received, you do not need to send a transcript from the community college. If the grade does not appear, you will need to submit a transcript for review.
Bill -> Humberto Hi! I am interested in the part-time weekend MBA program. Could you describe the possibilities surrounding the event that a weekend MBA student wanted to take a class in the weekday program. Is this possible? Does this happen often? Thank you!
Humberto -> Bill Great question, Bill. The flexibility of the MBA programs at Booth allow for any student in the Evening, Weekend, or Full-Time MBA programs to take classes across all three of these programs. So, yes, if your schedule allows you the opportunity to take a class at the Harper Center on a weekday, you are absolutely allowed to do so. This is due to the fact that the same faculty teach the same courses across all three programs, and that the curriculum is the same for all three groups, as well.
Vaish -> Beth The deadline is mentioned as April 6th for summer of 2012 - is it too late to apply ?
Beth -> Vaish Vaish, not at all! Most of our applicants typically apply within the last week, so you would be considered early if you applied today. Please submit your application when you are ready. After you submit, our office will contact you to schedule your admissions interview. Our office will have a decision within 4-6 weeks of receiving your completed application.
CYenchek -> Gretchen Hello! When going through the applications, outside of truly unique circumstances, what are some of the "best" responses or uses you have found for applicants who may use the optional essay? And, do you recommend using it to highlight relative strenghts in one area vs. relative weaknesses in another?
Gretchen -> CYenchek CYenchek: the "best" answers are those that are genuine and well-written. It is best to stay within the word limit and to answer the question directly. The use of the optional essay space is up to you and is at times used to explain an undergraduate grade or grades and/or a life experience that the applicant chooses to share. There is no negative to not using the optional essay space.
Roz -> George I learned from a current evening student that she spends about 15-20 hours per week outside the classroom on course-related work. Is that in line with you've observed?
George -> Roz Yes and No. No, that is on the high side, but yes if: 1. you have no experience in the class subject (i.e. it is the first time you have ever taken accounting) 2. You are taking a lab class. Lab classes or the new venture challenge class, where you work with companies to solve problems can take many more hours than normal classes and some individuals only take that class alone during a quarter) 3. You are trying to be the top grade in the class. The nice thing about Booth is that all the historical data about how long students spend outside the classroom is all made available to you when you are bidding for classes so you can pair the right ones together.
xiao -> Beth Can the interview for evening MBA conducted off campus?
Beth -> xiao xiao, all interviews for the Evening MBA and the Weekend MBA Program are conducted in person, here at the Gleacher Center in Chicago.
tarun -> Beth I have already uploaded my transcripts to the application. But do I need to submit originals from my school?
Beth -> tarun tarun, you do not need to submit official copies of your transcripts unless you are admitted to the program.
Kiran -> George My employer is willing to pay my MBA tuition, Can you bill my firm directly for the tuiton ? And Can I participate in OCR if my employer permits ?
George -> Kiran I don't really know if we can bill a company directly. I don't think we can, but I can find out for you. email me after the session and I will get you the data: eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu. But, yes, you can go through OCR if your company says it is ok to do so.
Hugo -> Humberto Hello, if I am looking into Fall 2013 admission, is it too early to think about visiting? Are the interviews only held on campus in Chicago? Thanks!
Humberto -> Hugo Thanks for the questions, Hugo. It's never too early to start your research on Chicago Booth, including visiting campus. We have events in Chicago frequently, as well as in cities across the US, and you can find a listing of these events on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/. Also, yes, all admissions interviews are conducted here at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, after you have submitted your application.
Nipun_Yamdagni -> Beth Can you point me to a check list for the application (something similar)? I want to ensure I dont miss anything.
Beth -> Nipun_Yamdagni Nipun, All applicants are required to submit an online application, which includes your resume, essays, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and GMAT scores. All applicants are also required to conduct an in-person interview at the Gleacher Center here in Chicago. Once you submit your completed application, you will have a decision within 4-6 weeks.You can find all of the requirements for the application online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/apply.aspx.
Roz -> George Is taking a "quant" course (statistics, for example) at a community college looked upon favorably (from an application standpoint) as preparation for the quant rigors at Booth?
George -> Roz If you need it to fill our your application yes. In other words, if you have a low GPA or GMAT score or did poorly in stats in undergrad. However, what would be better is to take a Booth class through the Graham School of Continuing Education. There classes can be counted towards your MBA when you join and, since you are competing with Booth students, these can send a strong signal if you do well in them. But either will work and we look at everything you provide us.
Raj -> Gretchen I'll be moving to Chicago suburb in couple of weeks & is interested in enrolling for MBA program so could you please guide me on the fee structure, course duration etc ?
Gretchen -> Raj Raj: Good luck with your move to Chicago. Once you arrive, please join us at one of our upcoming Information Session at the Gleacher Center. See our events: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/ and the dates are also displayed to the left. 20 classes are required to complete the MBA degree and you can view the flexibility of our curriculum and the fee structure: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx and http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx.
Vaish -> Humberto Is it possible and allowed to complete evening MBA in less than 2.5 years ?
Humberto -> Vaish Great question, Vaish! The "average" Evening MBA student will take two classes per quarter, and doing so for 10 consecutive quarters would allow that student to graduate in 2.5 years. However, since we allow our students to take more than two classes per quarter if they have the time to do so, yes, it is possible to complete the program in less than that amount of time.
Joe_Piskai -> Beth What types of people provide the strongest or most well assessed recommendations for applicants - aside from direct managers?
Beth -> Joe_Piskai Joe, you want to pick individuals who can provide strong recommendations and people who know you well. These individuals can be former supervisors, coworkers, or clients.
rahul -> Beth How many students are typically admitted in Evening program?
Beth -> rahul Rahul, we actually do not release our acceptance rate at the University of Chicago. I can say we typically bring in about 500 Evening MBA students each year. That being said, if the applicant pool is strong, we can always bring in more students.
wmd64 -> Humberto Hi, all. Is the Evening MBA interviewer given access to the candidate's application prior to their meeting?
Humberto -> wmd64 No, your interviewer will not have seen your application prior to the interview. All they will see is the one-page resume you bring with you to the interview. The admissions team makes this arrangement purposefully, so that all interviews are "blind," meaning the interviewer does not have any preconceptions about the applicant. We also do not release the interviewers name to the applicant prior to the interview.
Vaish -> Beth How easy is it get some rental places in a walking distance from Gleacher center
Beth -> Vaish Vaish, there are several places near the Gleacher Center. While we do not work with any company directly, admitted students in our Google group often part to rent a place or have recommendations. ApartmentFinders is also a good resource.
asims -> Gretchen Could you discuss more about the facilities at the Gleathcher Center that are available to part-time MBA students?
Gretchen -> asims asims: The Gleacher Center is the home of our three part time programs, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA and Executive MBA, as well as the Career Services office. Gleacher is a gorgeous well-built building. Our students love the building as it is centrally located in downtown Chicago and is convenient to many of our students' places of work. We have a bar/restaurant/lounge on the 5th floor, where we host many of our social and networking events. There is a student cafe and study rooms throughout the building. Come visit us if you have not already.
xiao -> George I am very interested in the flexibility of curriculum offered by Booth. May I ask if each evening mba student is assgined a career coach once enrolled in
George -> xiao we believe in offering every service to every student but not mandating that anyone takes each one, in other words, we believe in the power of the individual and that each individual knows what works best of them. so we have career coaches available for everyone, but we don't mandate that you meet with them and leave it up to you. These coaches are available at night and on Saturdays so they can speak with you when you are at school, or you can make an appointment during the day if you prefer.
TIwin -> Beth If I am unable to obtain a recommendation from my current supervisor (he has only known me for 6 months) will a past supervisor be sufficient. Any advice? Thank you.
Beth -> TIwin Tlwin, yes you can obtain a letter of recommendation from a previous supervisor. I would note this when answering the question "why did you pick the people you did for your recommenders" to help us understand who you asked.
Kiran -> Beth Is there a preferred format for the recommendation letter that you would like us to submit ?
Beth -> Kiran Kiran, when you enter in your recommender's information, our application system sends them an email with a link to our online recommender site. Your recommenders will rank on a variety of aspects as well as be asked to include a written letter of recommendation. We give them guidelines and topics to discuss. If they have any questions, they are welcome to contact our office at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
tarun -> Gretchen Does a good GPA from balance an average GMAT score
Gretchen -> tarun tarun: all parts of the application are reviewed and having a strong GPA can certainly show your ability to complete the MBA programs. The classes you took in UG school will be reviewed. You always have the option to take the GMAT another time as the highest score is always considered.
KeK2012 -> George When can the evening & weekend MBA student start to interview through OCR? Do they need to wait till the final year?
George -> KeK2012 You have to have completed 12 classes to go through OCR. We do that because companies do not want to meet with students until they can display at least some knowledge that they have gained through the MBA program. It takes time for you to change and they want to wait until this process in underway. Also, this insures that you will be able to graduate in time to take the job if you are offered. If you interview to early you not only may not be graduated in time, but you will not present yourself as well as others who have been in the program longer.
JMullen -> Humberto Thank you Humberto. In regards to the 6 courses you can take outside of Booth, do you see many people take advantage of this and is there any kind of trend in the types of classes taken (for example, several students take law, or public policy or social science etc).
Humberto -> JMullen Thanks for the follow-up. Although this opportunity is available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students, not many will take advantage of it for two main reasons: (1) their personal and professional schedules do not allow them to take daytime classes and (2) there are so many amazing classes offered at Booth that students often times do not want to miss out on those opportunities. However, when our students do take non-Booth classes, they tend to be in other graduate or professional programs in the School of Social Service Administration, Harris School of Public Policy, Law School, and others.
Raj -> Beth I've a 3 years Bachelors degree from University of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) INDIA & also have a Diploma in Business Mgmt. will that qualify me for the MBA program . Also do you take education credential evaluation from The Degree People.
Beth -> Raj Raj, as long as you have earned a Bachelors degree (or equivalent), which is looks like you have, you are welcome to apply to Chicago Booth. Please be sure to include your degree certificate with your mark sheets for our review. I would welcome an evaluation from The Degree People.
Jason -> Gretchen Is much of the curriculum team based or are the classes designed to highlight individual competencies?
Gretchen -> Jason Jason: the benefit about Chicago Booth is that there is a variety of teaching methods used to teach/learn the information. You can review your classmate's surveys on each class, before you sign up to take it, as to what the teaching method is, i.e. group work, case study, etc. You can also view more about the curriculum on the left as well as via the link http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/curriculum/index.aspx
Ashley_Hawn -> Humberto What is the average time it takes students to complete the part-time program?
Humberto -> Ashley_Hawn Thanks for the question, Ashley. The "average" Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student will graduate in 2.5 to 3 years. However, you have up to 5 years to complete the degree, and can do so faster, if you are able to take more than two classes in a quarter.
asims -> George What are the main attributes you look for in a candidate for the part-time MBA program? What qualities or attributes does the program try to impress upon its students during their time in the program?
George -> asims Smart, diligent, driven, compassionate and engaging.
During your time here we try and make you move away from your daily life to evaluate what you do and see if there are any habits or beliefs that are not serving you well in your life and work. We try and point out your weaknesses and help you develop a plan for growth as well.
Jason -> George Does the evening program cater to a different demographic of student than the weekend program? I realize your website has some statistics, but in your experience, is there a discernible difference?
George -> Jason No difference save one. Most students in the weekend program live outside the Chicago area and the predominate number fly in from all over the country (NY, CA, WA, TX being our top states). On average, they are also marginally older, but not significantly so.
Antonio -> Gretchen Hello. Gretchen mentioned that the three free graded classes can be taken within the larger part of the University - would that include the Law School?
Gretchen -> Antonio Antonio: Hello, the three fee classes before and after you graduate are taking within the Chicago Booth community; however you take a law class as part of the 20 classes while you are at Booth.
Ashley_Hawn -> Beth Are part time, full time, and weekend students mixed together in classes?
Beth -> Ashley_Hawn Ashley_Hawn, while the majority of Evening classes have Evening students in them, there are certainly FT and Weekend students, who have the availability, in those classes as well. As an Evening student, you do have the option to take FT or Weekend classes, should your schedule permit. FT classes meet during the week, during the day and Weekend classes meet on Saturday at either 9am-noon or 1:30-4:30pm.
Angela -> Humberto Hello Admissions Council! Thanks so much for hosting this chat today. One of my questions is: Could you share statistics on the percent of part-time MBA students who finance the program on their own, versus via scholarships/grants, versus those whose employers cover the cost?
Humberto -> Angela Great question, Angela. Although we do not have any specific statistics to share, we do know that a majority of our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students finance their MBA program here at Booth on their own. By this, I mean through their own personal finances, loan-based financial aid, and sometimes employer tuition reimbursement. For part-time MBA programs, you will not usually see the availability of scholarships, fellowships, or grants, which is the case at Booth.
Moderator -> Everyone We're halfway through the chat! We've seen a lot of great questions so far; please continue to submit them. Are you curious about the Chicago Booth student and alumni communities? We'd be happy to answer your questions about them!
tarun -> Beth I have a transferred few credits 4 classes from India at my undergraduate institution. My transcript does not mention the grades. Do i have to get transcripts from India for those classes? It would be almost impossible for me get them. what do i do in these circumstance?
Beth -> tarun tarun, do you have any documents which show the courses taken and the grades received on them? If you would prefer to discuss offline, you can email me directly at Beth.Daily@chicagobooth.edu.
KG -> Humberto can a class visit be arranged along with interview?
Humberto -> KG Yes, you are more than welcome to visit a class when you are in Chicago for your admissions interview. You can see a listing of our class visit options each quarter on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx.
BK -> Beth Is there a preffered order to what needs to be submitted to complete the application?
Beth -> BK BK, there is no preferred order on what needs to be submitted. Typically applicants submit their online application (which includes essays, resume, two letter of recommendation, your transcripts, and GMAT scores) first. Once our office receives your application, you are contacted to schedule your interview. Our office has a decision to you within 4-6 weeks of submitting your completed application. If you would like to send us your official transcripts prior to submitting, you are welcome to do this. You can also start asking your recommenders to submit.
Raj -> George How much would the total fee come to for weekend /Evening MBA program ? I'll have to bear the expense 100% myself as my employer wont be paying for that. is there any financial aid provided by the university itself ?
George -> Raj Yes, the university can get you financial aid that begins to come due over time once you graduate. Most of our students take advantage of this. I have displayed the costs to the right. The total cost of tuition would be $105,320. there is an additional 1545 that covers your fees etc. The only other costs are books, transportation and living.
BK -> Gretchen Does admissions put more emphasis on GMAT, Undergrad GPA, or Business experience? And what is the recommended of each?
Gretchen -> BK BK, the application is viewed holistically and it may help to think about the application in three areas--academics (undergraduate GPA and GMAT and other classes you have taken), work experience (both quality and quantity) and your interests/fit within the Booth community (we would like to know who you would add value to our students and alumni community and how we can add a value to your professional and personal life). There is no recommended % for each area; however if you think that one of your areas is stronger than another, you can highlight that in your essays.
Kiran -> Beth I have around 9 years of experience in IT and Consulting. Is that considered more ? Coz your average exp. of students is 5 to 6 years
Beth -> Kiran Kiran, while our average work experience for our incoming students is between 5-6 years, you bringing more experience will not be detrimental to your application. In fact, I would highlight your experience in your application.
Nipun_Yamdagni -> George If I have a Master's Degree in Engineering, does that strengthen or weaken my application. I've heard both for colleagues.
George -> Nipun_Yamdagni Unquestionably strengthen it. It shows you can set goals and achieve them, that you can handle a complex and difficult program and have the tools to be successful while doing it.
Roger -> Gretchen Let's say an individual (not me of course), completed the foundation courses offered through the GSAL program, but didn't bolster the academic portion of their application as hoped. Is there a point in still applying to the full time program or will the individual still be looked upon as "unable to cut it academically". For the sake of this question, let's assume the rest of the applicant's application is very strong.
Gretchen -> Roger Hello Roger: if you are interested in the FT Program I can connect you with my colleagues in that program. The GSAL classes and grades are reviewed during the application process and the GMAT score is another factor to show one's academic preparation.
Vaish -> Beth And how about transfer from week end to full time ?
Beth -> Vaish Vaish,unfortunately we do not offer the option of transferring between the Weekend MBA and Full-Time MBA. I would encourage you to visit both programs to decide which is a better fit for you.
Hugo -> Humberto Since I need to travel from another city, my time in Chicago will be limited. I would like to know how easy it is to interact with professors for weekend MBA students?
Humberto -> Hugo Hugo - a great way to interact with both faculty and current Weekend MBA students when you are in town would be to visit a class. Our class visit options are posted each quarter on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx. We can also arrange for you to participate in an event or two, depending on what is happening when you come to visit. Feel free to reach out to me directly and we can make some arrangements for your visit humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu
KeK2012 -> George You mentioned the average GMAT score is 700 for the weekend program. Do you think 10 years of highly progressive experience with a Fortune 200 company could be viewed positively when the GMAT score is low (620)?
George -> KeK2012 Yes. GMAT is just one aspect of your application. Things that can offset your GMAT score would be GPA, work experiences and a strong interview and application. You are thinking the right way. What are your strengths (work experience) and what are your weaknesses (in this case GMAT) and how am I going to position myself such that plays to my strengths.
Jason -> Beth Forgive me for being naive...what is OCR?
Beth -> Jason Jason, OCR stands for On-Campus Recuriting, which is another avenue for students to find full-time employment. Most of our students, however, are currently working full-time.
rhonyroyce -> Gretchen I am a Project Manager as opposed to a People Manager. How do you view this during the admission process?
Gretchen -> rhonyroyce rhonyroyce: managing is managing and if you have managed projects that is great experience. You can share in your essays and in your interview what was the scale and scope of the projects and the time involved in completing the projects. Not all jobs have the portfolio to manage people.
JMullen -> Beth I have to go to a meeting (I'm logged in from my desk at work) will a transcript or question summary be available for this chat? It has been very helpful. Thank you.
Beth -> JMullen JMullen, yes! The transcript will be available online at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/index.aspx by the end of the week.
Vaish -> George what is that I wont have access to if I enroll for week end program (as opposed to FT)
George -> Vaish 1. Internship recruiting. 2. H1B visa 3. Health insurance.
Everything else is the same, education, faculty, classes, on campus recruiting for full-time positions etc.
Hugo -> Humberto I have noticed that you mentioned about bidding for classes. Could you please elaborate on how classes are allocated? Thank you.
Humberto -> Hugo Great question, Hugo. At Booth, we have a system that allows for students to allocate points to bid on and enroll in the classes they want to take. This allows students to bid more points on courses that they are highly interested in taking, and less on those that are not as important to them. Students are given first priority on their home-population classes, and secondary access to classes in other programs. There are a great deal of details in the specific functioning of our bidding system, but I would be happy to provide additional details if you would like to know more.
Vaish -> Gretchen Does it weaken the chances, if the applicant hasn't made up his/her mind on the concentration in MBA ?
Gretchen -> Vaish Vaish: it is good to have an indication of how you want the MBA to help enhance and advance your career; however you do not need to know which concentrations you would like to focus on and in fact, many of our students add a concentration/s when they are here as the classes peak their interest in a new subject area.
BK -> George If a student applies and is not accepted. Is that student still allowed to apply in the future? If so, how long should the student wait?
George -> BK Yes you are. We ask that you wait six months so you have time to show what you worked on during that time. During that time however, you could take classes at Booth through the Graham School of Continuing Education. These classes will count towards your degree when you join us and, if you do well, they can be another signal that you are ready for the program.
Roz -> Gretchen I think I remember from the info session I attended that students have access to the full alumni directory once enrolled. Am I remembering this correctly?
Gretchen -> Roz Roz, yes, for sure. The Community Directory is not divided by full time and part time students. We want you to access the 46,000+ alumni network.
Ashley_Hawn -> Beth Do most Booth alumni stay in the Chicago area? Are alumni from all over the USA, world available to connect with current students?
Beth -> Ashley_Hawn Ashley_Hawn, the top city for part-time students in Chicago and New York is second. That being said, we have students around the globe in places like London and Singapore. You can read more in our employment report at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/docs/2010-2011%20Employment%20Report.pdf.
Brian_C. -> Humberto I have heard that some schools allow you to study for your MBA at another institution for either a class, or for a quarter. Does Booth currently allow this for Evening students in the event there is a class that is not offered that is desired by the student?
Humberto -> Brian_C. Thanks for the question, Brian. We do not allow transfer credit from other institutions, so it's not possible to simply enroll in a class at another school and have it count toward your Booth degree. We do have study abroad options, both full-term and short-term, that allow our students to obtain course credit by studying at one of our partner schools. You can find more details about study abroad on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/international/index.aspx.
George -> Everyone Fun Fact: 80% of our Weekend Program travel in from outside Illinois.
Brian_C. -> Gretchen If I have completed a J.D. after my Undergraduate studies, will those grades be considered more closely than Undergraduate grades?
Gretchen -> Brian_C. Brian_C: Congratulations on completing a J.D. The grades from law school will be reviewed in addition to the grades from your undergraduate school. However the more recent academic classes could show one's current ability.
Jason -> Beth What is the expected timeline for the application process for Spring 2013 enrollment?
Beth -> Jason Jason, the Spring 2013 application should be online in April. As soon as the application is live, you can submit your application. Our office will have a decision to you within 4-6 weeks.
tarun -> Beth Are there any hotel accommodation for Weekend students? Or negotiated rates. I will be travelling from East coast and wanted to know, how students handle this?
Beth -> tarun tarun, our office does have relationships with several hotels in the area. In addition, if you are admitted you will join our Google group with other incoming and current students, who share a lot of great tips for saving money traveling to and from Chicago.
George -> Everyone More Fun Facts: In the latest US News study on Graduate Schools, Booth was the only school to have all three programs (Full-time, Part-Time and Executive) place in the top 5 in their respective rankings.
Roz -> Humberto Are there marked differences in the applicant/admit pool for winter term versus fall, summer, etc. that you can share?
Humberto -> Roz Great question, Roz. We do not publish our acceptance rates for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, but there is no significant difference across quarters. The most important items to consider are (1) to apply to the program that "fits" you best (Evening, Weekend, Full-Time, or Executive) and (2) to apply to the quarter when you want to begin your studies here at Booth. If you are a qualified candidate in one quarter, then you will be qualified in other quarters, as well.
rhonyroyce -> Beth How important are extra curricular activities for the admission? I am on a work visa and my job takes most of my time. Due to work visa restrictions, I cannot work with multiple companies even if I don't get paid. Will you take these into consideration during the admissions process?
Beth -> rhonyroyce Rhonyroyce,while extra curricular activities are a piece of your application, we do understand our applicants have busy lives and visa restrictions. If you concerned about this, I would encourage you to mention it in your optional essay question.
JaviBJ -> George I am concerned about the number of student in the classroom. I like small sizes classes because in my opinion is quite important to be active and participate... How many students are in each class?. WEEKEND MBA
George -> JaviBJ The average class size is 40 students, however, we never allow more than 65 students in any class.
rhonyroyce -> Gretchen My undergrad is from India in Electrical Engineering. I do not have a great GPA in my undergrad. I also have a MSEE from a reputed US university and have a GPA of 3.5. Will my undergrad scores hurt my chances or will you consider my MSEE grades too?
Gretchen -> rhonyroyce rhonyroyce: Your undergraduate grades will be reviewed; however having a MSEE with a strong GPA will help in your application as this school/classes were taken more recently. Close to 30% of our incoming students each quarter have a masters degree. Regarding you and your wife, having a similar academic background and job will not hurt you two in the application process.
HugoC -> Humberto If I am interested in connecting with an alum to discuss the Chicago Booth experience, is it possible to be arranged?
Humberto -> HugoC Yes, we can arrange for you to connect with an alum of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs. Just send me an email and we will make a connection for you humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu.
BK -> Beth Does the program grant time-off quarters?
Beth -> BK BK, if work or life gets too busy, you can certainly take some time off from school. If you do not register for classes in two quarters, you will be asked to complete a leave of absence form by our office. Once you are ready to return, you simply need to fill out one form to become active. You do not need to complete a form if you are taking 1 or 2 quarters off, as many of students do this. You have 5 years to complete your degree.
Roz -> Humberto Good info as always, thank you. How do the lab courses (say, the social entrepreneurship lab) work for evening students from a logistics standpoint given that they are full-time working professionals?
Humberto -> Roz In order to participate in any course offered during the daytime hours in the Full-Time MBA program, you would need to be able to attend class when they meet during the day. In the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, we are working to include more lab courses in our curriculum, but the need to work with corporate partners in these courses can sometimes make evening and Saturday class sections difficult to arrange.
Moderator -> Everyone The chat will end in 10 minutes. Feel free to submit any final questions; we'll answer as many as we can!
Jason -> George Does one's undergrad school of choice bear any weight in the application process?
George -> Jason Yes. Being the top of your program at any school is awesome, as being the top is hard no matter where you go, however, due to the enrollment rates and practices of some schools, the second tier is easier to achieve and thus would not be viewed as highly as the second tier of a school with very strict admissions standards and ones that grade on a curve in order to control grade creep.
Joe_Piskai -> Gretchen What is the most common mistake or omission that candidates make during the application process?
Gretchen -> Joe_Piskai Joe_Piskai: I would say the most common mistake would be not taking the GMAT test for a second time, if the first test did not yield the result that the applicant was practicing at or targeting during the application process. The highest GMAT score is always reviewed and it is not a negative to take the test more than one time. In fact, taking it more than one time shows your determination to make a top tier business schoool part of your next step in life.
HugoC -> George I understand that Booth's program is very flexible, and students can tailor their program along the way with the amount of classes they want to take per quarter. If I am admitted for one term for the Weekend program, will I be able to defer my start of the program to a later term due to work commitments? Thanks for answering.
George -> HugoC Yes. We will allow you to do so. Because we bring in only one class for the weekend we are very flexible with individuals who apply to it. We understand these issues.
wmd64 -> Humberto What are the typical class sizes for the Evening MBA elective courses? Are they significantly smaller than the foundation courses?
Humberto -> wmd64 The size of a class section depends on a number of different factors, including popularity of the course, popularity of the faculty member, what other courses are being offered in that quarter or year, and others. However, the overall average class size for all Evening MBA and Weekend MBA program sections, both required and elective, is around 40.
Akash -> Beth I learnt that Booth used co-sign for international students so they can get education loans. I am wondering if you have that kind of support available still? if yes, would Booth support weekend MBA students as well?
Beth -> Akash Akash, we do have loans available for international students. You can read more at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx. If you have any additional questions, you can email financial aid directly.
Roger -> Gretchen Gretchen: I apologize. I meant the Part time program, not the full time program. Is their a GMAT score floor? Quite frankly, the only obstacle I am facing is my academic history. I have taken the GMAT once and do plan to take it again.
Gretchen -> Roger Roger: Approximately 80% of our admitted students have a GMAT score within the 620-750 range, and our average GMAT score is 680. To learn more, we welcome you to join us at an upcoming Infomation Session. You can register online here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx
rhonyroyce -> George I am an early/angel investor in a start up but am not involved in the day to day activities due to my day job. How does the admission committee view this?
George -> rhonyroyce We would view it in light of your entire application. We have several people in the program with similar background. We would want to know what you want to do with the MBA in light of what you are doing.
wmd64 -> Humberto How many courses within each elective are typically offered each quarter?
Humberto -> wmd64 The number of elective courses in each academic area will vary greatly, and depends primarily on faculty availability and demand from students. However, in any given quarter, there is a great variety of courses offered across all academic areas.
Angela -> Gretchen Thank you! Booth itself does not offer financial assistance, correct? Does the need for financial assistance affect an application at all? (I noticed this was one of the questions on the form.)
Gretchen -> Angela Angela: a bit more about the financial assistance: Tuition is priced per course and the current rate is $5,266. There are also some one-time-only fees that you can find on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/costs.aspx. Unfortunately, scholarships and fellowships are not available to part-time students, which is pretty standard around the country. However, you can apply for loan-based financial aid as a part-time student. Here is some more information about financial aid: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/financialaid.aspx. The need for financial assistance does not affect the application decision.
James -> George Are there any prerequisites that need to be completed prior to starting the program?
George -> James No. We do offer Pre-MBA opportunities for those who want them, but they are not required or expected.
JaviBJ -> Beth I know that officially there is not a minimun puntuation in TOEFL for foreign students, but what level (approx.) can be considered appropiate?
Beth -> JaviBJ JaviBJ, for more information on the requirements for TOEFL, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/englishexams.aspx.
Angela -> Humberto I would like to discuss specifics about my career/life objectives to help me choose between Full Time and Part Time programs-- preferably with a member of the Admissions group, as well as 3-4 Alumni with different experiences. Where do I begin? Would someone from the council volunteer to provide guidance and/or connect me with Alumni?
Humberto -> Angela Yes, Angela. Please reach out to me directly and we can get the ball rolling on your inquiry process humberto.freda@chicagobooth.edu.
solo -> Gretchen After being accepted in a program and let's say for ex. the applicant has an issue with financial aid and need some time to solve the problem - for how long the acceptance is good before starting the program.
Gretchen -> solo solo: if admitted to the Evening MBA Program you can defer for one quarter and if admitted to the Weekend MBA Program you can defer for one year.
Kiran -> Humberto Will the School provide the course materials like books and other printed materials or do we need to purchase them separately
Humberto -> Kiran Great question, Kiran. The cost of tuition does not include books or other course materials. Those items need to be purchased separately by the student.
George -> Everyone Fun Fact: Our Entrepreneurship program raised over $200M for student companies, more than any other program in the country.
rahul -> Gretchen I saw the average age of students in program is close to 30. How does age of applicant affect selection decision?
Gretchen -> rahul rahul, age is not the driving factor that is being considered when the decision is made. The quality of your work experience versus the quantity of the work experience is important. If you do have 0-3 years of work experience we encourage you to look into the Chicago Business Fellows: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/CBF.aspx
CYenchek -> Humberto With limited word amounts in the essays, is there any other way you can best demonstrate the amount of research, and interest in the program?
Humberto -> CYenchek You will be able to articulate your interest in the program, as well as the amount of research you have done, primarily through the admissions interview. This is a great opportunity for you to have a conversation about your interest in Booth with a member of our Admissions Committee, either a current student or alum of the program.
Kiran -> George Any estimate how much the extra expenses are for Course materials and other mandatory equipment
George -> Kiran There is nothing mantidory, although books are very highly suggested, and I think you will want a calculator. The estimate for that would be 3,500 for the program.
Vaish -> Beth can evening mba students obtain health insurance by paying additional amount (I understand it doesn't come as default)
Beth -> Vaish Vaish, unfortunately as a part-time student, you do not quality for health insurance.
Gretchen -> Everyone Check out our student groups to see how you would get involved with our Booth community: Student Groups http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/beyondacad/PTstudentgroups.aspx
Jason -> Humberto What are class meeting times for evening/weekend programs?
Humberto -> Jason Jason - Evening MBA classes meet from 6-9pm. For the Weekend MBA program, there is both a morning session (9am-noon) and an afternoon session (1:30-4:30pm).
Gretchen -> Everyone We look forward to working with you throughout the application process. I can be reached at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu.
Moderator -> Everyone The chat has now ended. The full transcript will be posted within 48 hours on our chat webpage: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/ Thank you for participating!
rhonyroyce -> George I have 4 years of personal experience in Derivatives trading. Does this help my application? I trade on my own and do not trade for any company.
George -> rhonyroyce It depends on the rest of your application. Does not hurt or help, it is. In other words, we are not looking for one thing in particular. Make sure you cover what you do and why getting your MBA is the next step on your career progression either continuing what you do or moving to the next thing. But it sounds like interesting relevant experience.
Beth -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. We would love to see you at the Gleacher Center. Please join us for one of our upcoming Info Sessions, http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx.
Humberto -> Everyone Thanks for chatting with us today! We would be happy to have you visit us here at Gleacher, so take the time to attend an event http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/ and then visit a class http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx.
George -> Everyone Thanks so much for all your questions. We were short staff so I apologize if we were not able to get to all of your queries. If you want to talk more please call us or send us an email with and we will get back to you quickly!