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Live Chat with Weekend MBA Program Admissions

Join us for a live chat with George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at Chicago Booth. George and the admissions team will answer questions about the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 12:00 PM CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Our live chat will begin promptly at noon, CDT. Please feel free to submit your questions now.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello and welcome to our Live Chat! We are excited to be here today and answer your questions about the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs at Chicago Booth.
Humberto -> Everyone Welcome to our live chat! My name is Humberto Freda and I'm the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. I'm looking forward to answering your questions about our program and curricular flexibility, our student community, and access to career services. Fire away!
Kara -> Everyone Greetings from Booth! My name is Kara , and I look forward to answering your questions on today's chat.
George -> Everyone We have the music turned up, the food is served and we are ready to take on all your questions. I am the associate dean of the program. We are so glad that you are joining us and hope we get to all your questions, but if not, please call or write us and we can explore your questions 1-1.
Gretchen -> Everyone Welcome to Chicago Booth! My name is Gretchen and I am the director of admissions. A great way to end the 2011 year is to plan for your MBA degree. Ask your questions!
Elisha -> George I am not a good test taker, but I feel like I am strong in the other categories you are looking at. What score do I have to hit on the GMAT in order for Booth to even consider my application?
George -> Elisha Elisha, we do not, out of hand, turn down any test score, with that said, 80% of our GMAT scores are from the 620 and 750. However, every quarter we do admit individuals with scores below lower than 620 (5% of the class)
diranderek -> Kara I listed Booth as one of the schools to receive my GMAT scores, but I have not heard anything from the school. Whats happening? Is my score not high enough for the program?
Kara -> diranderek Hi! No need to worry. We will pull your GMAT scores as soon as you submit your application. All you need to do is self report your scores into the online application.
jeff.hester -> Humberto I am preparing my application for the 2/10 early deadline for weekend 2012. when is the submission deadline to be considered for the 2/11 interview super saturday?
Humberto -> jeff.hester Thanks, Jeff. Any applicant can schedule an interview once their application is submitted. However, we can work with you to schedule your interview prior to submitting the application, if February 11th would be the best day for you to come in. Feel free to reach out to me directly, once you're closer to submitting the application and are ready to interview at humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Katie -> Everyone Hello and welcome to the Live Chat! My name is Katie and I'm happy to answer questions about student life or anything else you want to learn about.
Brian -> George I have been in the workplace for twelve years and have earned two professional designations during that time. How important are the GMAT's to the admission process?
George -> Brian The GMAT is just one part of the application. It is important but not all encompassing. For someone like yourself with other professional degree's they are even less important that for someone just out of undergrad. BTW, we are now taking the GRE in case you took it for your other degrees.
Benjamin -> George Is there a specific work experience requirement for the Part-Time and/or Evening MBA?
George -> Benjamin No. We have individuals with less than three years and we have others with 40 years of experience. Our average student has 6 years.
Veeru -> Humberto My GMAT score expires on January 3rd 2011. Can I report the score first and then complete the rest of the application before the upcoming deadline in February? or Do I have to submit a completed application along with the scores before the score expires?
Humberto -> Veeru Thanks for the question, Veeru. You would need to submit your application by January 3rd, in order for your score to be valid. Given your situation, there are specific steps you will need to take, so please reach out to my colleague Beth Daily at beth.daily@ChicagoBooth.edu. She is our operations lead and can walk you through the specific actions you need to take.
jeff.hester -> Katie I have worked with a Booth alumni who has offered to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf, but they also recommended to write a referral for shapetheclass. Should they write the letter, enter the referal on STC or both?
Katie -> jeff.hester Jeff - It is great that you have an alumnus to speak with about Booth. Definitely have this person write a letter of recommendation for you as that is more significant. Then, have him/her recommend you via shape the class as well. If you have to choose one, pick the recommendation.
vkatluri -> Gretchen When is the last date for applying for Fall 2012 Weekend program? Also, where can we get a list of documents (like mark lists etc.,) needed for the application?
Gretchen -> vkatluri vkatluri: Thank you for your interest in the Weekend MBA Program. Chicago Booth is on rolling admissions which means that you can apply any day between now and the final deadilne, May 4th, 2012. We find that applicants like a goal for applying and therefore we also have a Feb 10th deadline for those applicants who are targeting earlier in the 2012 year. You can view the application checklist on line: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/apply.aspx
GR -> Kara How do students who travel from significant distances... say the west coast take advantage of all that the Booth Experience can offer. Are there special events that help such students
Kara -> GR That is a great question! Approximately 80% of our Weekend MBA students live outside of IL. Booth has 37 part time student groups, and the vast majority of student group events take place on Saturday between classes. This allows our Weekend MBA population to get involved. Also, we have strong alumni and current student populations in most cities. As a student, you will have access to community directory, which will allow you to seek Booth connections in your hometown.
Brian -> Kara Will attending courses as a student at large through the School of Continuing Education assist with admittance to the evening MBA program?
Kara -> Brian Brian,
Brian_T -> George Is there a substantial difference between the weeknight and weekend mba programs in terms of courses offered and learning expierence?
George -> Brian_T There is no difference between the in-class room experience. The same material is taught by the same faculty. The only difference is possibly the ability to get classes. Weekenders have to be more selective and it is just a function of time and space. There are just so many classes that can be taken on Saturday (2) vs. evenings (5). We do include Fridays in the weekend program, in which case you could take three classes, but not all our weekenders can get in for them.
Goutham -> Katie How many essays should an applicant submit? And where do i find the essay questions?
Katie -> Goutham Goutham - We ask applicants to complete 3 essays. You can view the current essay questions here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/presentation.aspx. I also recommend you start an application so you can see the other pieces. You can log into the application as many times as you like before submitting. The online application is here: https://admissions.chicagobooth.edu/admissions/AppHome.tap.
Kara -> Everyone Brian, sorry about that! Taking classes as a student at large is a great way to get started and show the admissions committee that you can handle the academic rigor at Booth. However, it is no guarantee you will be admitted. All other parts of the application are important.
David_P -> George I'm considering using two of my current managers for the recommendation letters. Would this be preferred to a manager from work experience more than a couple of years ago?
George -> David_P yes. All else held equal the more recent the better.
Mina_Elmalak -> Gretchen Good afternoon, two questions: If I were accepted into the weekend program, I will be traveling from TX. With winter right around the corner, there is always the concern of being able to fly into Chicago because of inclement weather. Are students able to make up missed class(es)? How are other traveling MBA candidates handeling this issue? What is Booth own view of what kind of applicant would necessarily be a 'good fit' for the program. May you elaborate on what Chicago Booth is looking for and also the enviornment at Chicago Booth?
Gretchen -> Mina_Elmalak Mina_Elmalak: We have a great Booth community in Texas, specifically in Houston, Austin and Dallas. Many of the professors teach the same class in another program and therefore you would possibly be able to make up the class during that next week. Booth flexibility will help in these weather related situations. A good fit for the MBA program is a candidate looking for a top-tier MBA Program and an engaging student and alumni community. We invite you to come visit the Gleacher Center any time to visit us firsthand!
Kin -> Kara I am from Mexico. I need to know the total cost of the MBA program. So I can ask for a grant in my country.
Kara -> Kin Kin, Tuition is currently $5266 per course, and the program requires 20 courses. There will also be additional costs for books.
Andrea -> Humberto I wanted to know more about LAUNCH. What does the program include? What preparation (if any) is required? What is the schedule like for those three days?
Humberto -> Andrea Great question, Andrea. LAUNCH is our orientation and effective leadership immersion program in which all incoming Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students must participate. The three-day program includes leadership development programming, as well as an orientation to resources available to you at Booth. There is some preparation required in advance, specifically some personal reflection and evaluation. The schedule is three full days, early morning through early evening on all days. If you have more specific questions about the LAUNCH program, please feel free to email me at humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
diranderek -> Katie Also, when is the deadline for fall 2012 registration?
Katie -> diranderek The deadline for Evening/Fall is June 28th and Weekend/Fall is May 4th. The Weekend class enters one time per year whereas Evening classes are admitted every quarter. All deadlines are posted at the bottom of this webpage: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/index.aspx
Omkar.Naik -> Gretchen Good Afternoon, Everyone! My question is: Does Booth employs the same criterea for admissions to evening vs full time MBA? and do we have a restricition for evening MBA that the prospective candidate must be within so and so miles of geographic location? Thanks !
Gretchen -> Omkar.Naik Omak.Naik: Hello. The admissions criteria is similar yet not identical to the full time program. One difference is that all of the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA applicants are interviewed in person at the Gleacher Center. There is no geographical restriction for the Evening MBA Program. The optional essay in the application is a great place to explain "Why the Evening MBA Program" if you are coming from out of state.
Veeru -> Humberto For the weekend program, is every applicant interviewed? or is there an initial screening process?
Humberto -> Veeru Yes, Veeru. All applicants to both the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are required to interview with a member of our admissions committee, comprised mainly of current students and alumni from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs.
MBA_Road_Warrior -> Gretchen Hello and thanks for taking my question. I would like to hear – in light of the current economic environment and recent movements – if prospective students with “traditional” finance backgrounds or “traditional” career goals in finance are viewed less favorably by your admissions team.
Gretchen -> MBA_Road_Warrior MBA_Road_Warrior: Hello. traditional finance careers are in no way viewed less favorably than other careers. In fact, if your current job is in finance you may have a great deal of real-world experience to bring to the classroom.
Sarah_B -> Katie Is there any advantage to submitting your application early? I am thinking of applying for Fall 2012, so the deadline isn't until the summer, but I wasn't sure if I should submit it much earlier?
Katie -> Sarah_B Sarah_B: Yes, there is an advantage to applying early. We are on rolling admissions so you will get an admissions decision in 4-6 weeks after you apply. The advantage is that you have a decision and more time to get things organized in your personal and professional life before going back to school. You also get to interview much faster when you submit early.
Benjamin -> George Are the admissions requirements "easier" for the part-time or evening MBA? How about the part-time/evening vs. full-time MBA? Is it difficult to switch between part-time and evening programs? Which has the wider selection of classes? Thanks.
George -> Benjamin Benjamin, the requirements are the same. We look for the same things. The difference is a function of numbers. We get thousands of applications; full time gets multiple thousands. We bring in roughly the same size class ergo they have a higher set of stats. You can transfer between weekend and evening after four quarters in the program. We do not allow transfers between evening/weekend and full-time, or the other way around. Both the evening and full-time have the most class options, true weekenders, those who fly in and can only take Saturday classes, are a bit more limited. With that said, we allow evening students, weekend students and full-time students to bid on all classes, so the options are endless, they are just limited by your ability to get here.
Andrea -> Kara Is the mentor program available for all new students? If so, when are mentors assigned? When accepted or at LAUNCH? And what is the role of the mentor?
Kara -> Andrea Andrea, yes, we have an awesome mentor program. During Launch you will be paired with two mentors. The mentors are here to help answer questions from the student perspective. A lot of their advice during Launch is about selecting classes, faculty, managing the program and getting involved in the community. If you would like to connect with a student or alumni before Launch, feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu.
Mike_Woods -> Humberto How many letters of recommendation should I send with my application?
Humberto -> Mike_Woods Thanks, Mike. We require that you submit two letters of recommendation with your application. These should come from individuals who are familiar with your professional abilities and goals, and one recommendation would be your current supervisor. If you have someone who can offer an unique perspective on you but doesn't necessarily know you in a professional manner, then you're welcome to submit a third letter.
Brian_T -> Gretchen The average age of a weekend program student is 30 years old. Can you please give an idea of how broad the range is?
Gretchen -> Brian_T Brian_T: the age range for the Weekend MBA students is between 23 and 45+. Although the average age is 30 years old, we look at the quality of your work experience. Regarding letters of recommendation, I would suggest one of your letters coming from a Sr. Manager how you have worked closely with at work. The other letter can come from the VP if you choose.
diranderek -> Kara Kara , so do you recommend I still go ahead with applying? Following from Elisha's question, I had a 550. Do I still go ahead and try my luck by applying?
Kara -> diranderek The average GMAT for the Evening MBA is 680 and for the Weekend MBA is 700. Eighty percent of our admitted students score between 620-750. You may want to consider retaking the GMAT to score closer to our average. We always consider an applicant's highest GMAT score.
AB -> Gretchen Hii.. I am planning to apply to weekend program at Booth for Fall 2012.. I was wondering if there is a cutoff for GMAT score for weekend program. If so, what is the cut0off ?
Gretchen -> AB AB: Hello. There is a no minimum or cut off for the GMAT score. The range of GMAT scores that we typically receive is 550-800, with the 80% of admitted students having a score between 620 and 750. Many of our applicants takes the test more than one time and Booth always reviews the highest score.
Goutham -> Katie Are there any preferences given to candidates who submit application before 2/11 as opposed to 05/11. I am working on hitting the 05/11 deadline? Is the 05/11 deadline still valid
Katie -> Goutham Goutham: It sounds like you are asking about the two Weekend deadlines. Early = Feb 10th and Final = May 4th. There is an advantage in that you have more time to plan both personally and professionally if you submit early. However, the admissions standards are the same regardless of when you submit.
Jason -> George I was looking at some other programs as well, they seemed to rely heavily on team-oriented projects. I was wondering what approximate portion of Booth's program is set up in team format?
George -> Jason Jason, the difference between us and other programs are that we do not require teams or not require teams. We allow the faculty to choose if their class lends itself to team work or not. For instance often having a team in statistics places costs on you in terms of trying to work in teams and ads little value. Other classes such as marketing and strategy lends itself to providing great value for teamwork in which case it is required. However, almost all of our classes have a teamwork component, whether it is required by the faculty or left open tot he students who want to work in a team. We think this gives students the chance to make up their minds on the cost/value of teams to them. This is a philosophy of Booth, in the power of the individual to maximize their educational welfare.
Elisha -> Humberto Do you need transcripts from all schools I attended for my undergraduate degree (I took 2 gen eds at a community college over the summer)?
Humberto -> Elisha Yes, Elisha. You can submit unofficial records of your academics for the application process. If you matriculate into the program, we would then require official transcripts from all institutions you attended, even if you did not receive a degree from that institution. If you transferred those courses into a degree program at another school, they will often times show up on your transcript for your degree. So, you would need to confirm with the institution whether or not they include all transfer courses on your transcript.
Benjamin -> Kara Is am a physician and looking at employment opportunities at the University of Chicago medical center. Would there be a reduction in the tuition fee for someone affiliated with the university in this manner?
Kara -> Benjamin Benjamin, tuition reimbursement varies by position and department at the University. I suggest you reach out to the Human Resources department at the medical center. I apologize I do not have the answer to this question.
MBA_Road_Warrior -> Gretchen I have a meaningful amount of full-time work experience prior to, and during the pursuit of my undergraduate degree. My responsibilities and compensation in these roles were on par with many positions requiring undergraduate or even advanced degrees. How would you recommend I share that work experience such that, in combination with my post-graduation work experience, it provides a more comprehensive picture of my candidacy?
Gretchen -> MBA_Road_Warrior MBA_Road-Warrior: That is great that you have a good deal of work experience. In the application you would however report your full time work experience as your post college number of years worked. However, please do mention your work during you undergraduate years in your essays, if it is relevant, and in your admissions interview.
Mike -> Humberto In the weekend program, how many weekends / year are class offered? Is it 3 quarters - 33 weeks? Or 4 quarters - 44 weeks?
Humberto -> Mike Good question, Mike. The Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters all have 10 weeks of instruction and one week of finals. The Summer quarter has nine weeks of instruction with one week of finals. So, if you choose to take courses year-round, you would have 39 weeks of instruction and 4 weeks of finals in a given year.
Ping_Zhu -> Gretchen Hi, if I apply for admission for the fall weekend 2012 MBA program, would it be possible to defer enrollment for semester?
Gretchen -> Ping_Zhu Ping_Zhu: Hello. If you are admitted to the Weekend MBA Program you can opt to defer for one entire year, not a quarter.
Arnold_Farber -> George What restrictions are placed for career services and recruiting assistance to part-time students as compared to full-time students?
George -> Arnold_Farber As a part-time student you do not get internship recruiting. Also, if you get tuition help from your company, as a part-time student you cannot go through on campus recruiting without getting their permission to do so. If you do not take tuition help you do not have that restriction. Full time has none of these restrictions.
AB -> Humberto Does Booth provide career services to weekend MBA program graduates ?
Humberto -> AB Yes, Career Services at Booth is a lifetime resource, regardless of which program you choose to attend (Evening, Weekend, Full-Time, or Executive). You can utilize Career Services from day one as a student through the end of your professional career.
Brian_T -> Kara The average completion time is 2.5 to 3 years. 6 months seems like a big difference, what drives this?
Kara -> Brian_T Brian, students have a lot of flexibility to manage their timing in the program. If you take two classes per quarter you will finish in 2.5 years. Many students decide to take a quarter off, or just take one class for a quarter, which extents their time in the program.
Elisha -> George George , can you elaborate on "all else held equal", what would be something that would make a recommendation letter from someone more valuable then from someone else? Title? If they have an MBA themselves?
George -> Elisha Good question! If the former manager knew you much better and could provide much more data than your current manger. Or, if you the old manager would give you a much better recommendation than the current manager. Title really does not matter to us. Having an MBA themselves does help, but that is tertiary to the aforementioned trade offs. Does that help?
AB -> Katie Hi My GMAT exam is scheduled for Jan 28. And I noticed on the Booth website that deadline for early decision is Feb10. Will I still be eligible for early decision if I dont have official score by Feb 10 for Fall2012 start
Katie -> AB AB: GMAT scores can be self-reported in the application. You will have plenty of time to submit your scores after taking the test on January 28th. We will receive your official scores automatically if you enter Chicago Booth when taking the exam.
Brian_T -> Gretchen The application asks if my employer is contributing to my MBA. It is possible that they will. Regardless of their support, if admitted I would like to attend. Should I check yes or no?
Gretchen -> Brian_T Brian_T: The information about tuition reimbursement in no way affects your application review. You can answer the question either way that you think is most applicable and while you are in the program that status can change.
Jason_Clark -> Humberto Sorry I joined late, so not sure if this question has been asked. I am interested in the weekend program. If I were to submit my application early (January) and get accepted, could I take weekend classes this Spring or Summer quarter?
Humberto -> Jason_Clark Great question, Jason. You would not officially be a Weekend MBA student until the Autumn quarter. However, you can take Booth classes before the Autumn quarter as a non-degree student through the Graduate Student-at-Large (or GSAL) program through the University of Chicago's Graham School. Here's a link to their website https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/php/gsal/courses-business.php. If you have more questions about GSAL, please feel free to reach out to me at humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Veeru -> Gretchen Do I need to submit offical transcripts at the time of the application? or can I submit unofficial now and submit official at a later time?
Gretchen -> Veeru Veeru: We only need the unofficial transcript and the GMAT score when you apply.
Arnold_Farber -> Kara What is the time lag to reapply if one were to be rejected?
Kara -> Arnold_Farber Hi Arnold, we typically ask that you wait 6 months before you reapply. If you need to reapply, please give me a call (312.464.8701) or email kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. I would be happy to talk you through the process and help set your time line.
MBA_Road_Warrior -> George What impact (positive or negative) does a prior rejection to the full-time program have on part-time admissions?
George -> MBA_Road_Warrior It adds just one requirement on you that others do not have. To more fully point out why you are now ok joining a part-time program and that you fully understand what you are getting. First and foremost we want students to be happy with the results of their education. If someone applied to full-time and then Part-time we call them and have a 1-1 with them. We want them to know what they are and are not getting with our program. As long as they understand that then there are no other concerns on our end. I know it sounds hokey, but the students satisfaction is our foremost concern.
MS -> Gretchen How early can one submit application for evening program for someone who is out of that area and wants to move to Chicago.
Gretchen -> MS MS: The application is available online 9 months in advance of the deadline. We like receiving applications early if you are ready to apply at this time.
Terry -> Katie Hello all,Thank you very much for hosting the chat session!I have a student loan payment question. Let's assume the student takes out loan for the entire tuition, what's the estimate monthly loan payment after the student finishes the program?Thanks,Terry
Katie -> Terry Terry: You're welcome! Loans are a very personal thing and it all depends on the type of loan you choose to take. This means I can't answer your question specifically. Once admitted, you can meet with our financial aid officers and they will walk you through the process.
Varun1 -> George Are the EVening MBA students allowed for campus recruitment after completion of teh rpogram just like the full time students? IS there any difference in terms of teh facilities provided for Campus placements between Part TIme and Fulltime students?
George -> Varun1 As a part-time student you do not get internship recruiting. Also, if you get tuition help from your company, as a part-time student you cannot go through on campus recruiting without getting their permission to do so. If you do not take tuition help you do not have that restriction. Full time has none of these restrictions.
ABankole -> Humberto Does Booth have a program option focusing on strategy and management for healthcare?
Humberto -> ABankole Unfortunately, at Booth, we do not have a concentration or specific courses in health care. However, we do have a great opportunity in the form of a certificate program in Health Administration and Policy, offered in conjunction with the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. Here's a link to the information on our website http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/jointdual/certificate.aspx.
diranderek -> George Would switiching from a field like Engineering to business require taking more classes other than the 20 classes for the MBA degree?
George -> diranderek no. all students are required to complete 20 classes, no more and no less. Because of our tremendous flexibility, someone like yourself with an engineering background may choose to take higher level statistics classes, like regressions etc., but may take more basic accounting classes. Others, like CPA's may choose the opposite.
BGillette -> Katie The interview is clearly an important part of the application process. Can you give us some tips for preparing for the interview? What types of questions should we expect?
Katie -> BGillette BGillette: You interview after submitting your application. Honestly, completing the application is the best preparation for the interview. Here are a few additional tips...visit a class so you can talk about the classroom environment - http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx. Review our student groups to see which you would be interested in joining - http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/studentGroups/index.aspx.
John -> Kara Hello, and thanks for taking our questions. For a GSAL student who intends on applying for the weekend/MBA program, are there any classes that are recommended or required before applying?
Kara -> John John, we typically suggest you take foundational level classes: business statistics, microeconomics and/or financial accounting. However, you are free to take other classes that do not have prerequisites and have seat availability.
Goutham -> George Does Booth offer financial scholarships for MBA students and in particular to weekend MBA's
George -> Goutham No. There are no scholarships for part-time students at Booth. I know other schools have them available and I think the number of schools offering them are growing with the shrinking application market. If you go to the MBA.com website I believe that they have a complete list.
Goutham -> Katie If a candidate has an admission to Booth and due to unforseen circumstances cannot attend can the admission be delayed
Katie -> Goutham Goutham: You are able to defer your admission one quarter for the Evening program and one year for the Weekend program.
janagama -> Kara I am applying for Summer 2012 Evening Program. But I would like to join as a student-at-large first and try 1 or 2 courses. How does this work? Do student-at-large students also have to attend the Launch Program? What is your recommendation?
Kara -> janagama Yes, if you take GSAL classes you are also required to attend Launch. GSAL means you take actual Booth classes before you matriculate. Launch is the mandatory new student orientation.
David_P -> Humberto Are there opportunities for evening MBA students to participate in trips coordinated for the full-time program?
Humberto -> David_P Good question, David. Some Full-Time MBA program student groups and programs are open to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. We also have a very robust and active set of 37 student groups within the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs, and some of those groups coordinate trips for their members. However, it's all dependent on the specific group or trip in which you are interested.
Goutham -> George After getting an MBA from Booth, how can the career services help me in my future employment opportunities
George -> Goutham We have career services for life. Career services maintains a website for alumni with over 5,000 jobs posted at any given time. Also, we reach out to alumni when we know there is an issue, such as when Lehman went bankrupt. Our alumni rank our career services A on the rankings.
Awa -> Katie for the evening program, is there a maximum number of classes one can take during a quarter? And how many times a week does one class usually meet?
Katie -> Awa Awa: You have a lot of flexibility with the number of classes you can take per quarter. You are able to register for 4 classes per quarter, but if you are working at the same time we ask you to meet with an academic advisor.
Elisha -> Kara When will we need to submit the official transcripts? When/If we get accepted or prior to that?
Kara -> Elisha Elisha, we will not require official transcripts until you are admitted and accept our offer. You are more than welcome to submit them early to get this step out of the way. You can drop them off or mail them to 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, suite 330, Chicago, IL 60611.
Addy -> Humberto How soon after application submission would interview calls begin?
Humberto -> Addy Good question, Addy. Our office will contact you to schedule your in-person interview within a couple of days after submitting your application. It's perfectly fine if your interview occurs after the application deadline, as we only need your completed online application to be submitted by the deadline date.
Veeru -> Kara Do I need to schedule an interview before the deadline, to be considered as part of the early submission deadline?
Kara -> Veeru Veeru, that is a good question. Since we require that you submit your application before you interview, it is fine (and very common) to interview after the deadline.
Arnold_Farber -> Katie Are part-time students allowed to participate in student clubs and organizations?
Katie -> Arnold_Farber Arnold_Farber: YES! There are 37 student groups run by our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students. We have professional (e.g. Consulting Club), social (e.g. Wine Club), diversity (e.g. Graduate Women in Business), and special interest (e.g. Philanthropy Club). A full list is here: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/studentGroups/index.aspx
Goutham -> Gretchen How would students from non-finance backgrounds consider Booth. Booth has been known historically for finance. I am on the technology side. How are your career services from technical companies.
Gretchen -> Goutham Goutham: A non-finance background is a great asset to Chicago Booth. Booth is proud of our thought-leaders in finance and economics and equally proud of and impressed with our faculty and alumni in the areas of marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship. Chicago Booth Career Services has colleauges dedicated to the technology sector.
vkatluri -> Kara As a citizen of India but a permanent resident of U.S.A., am I required to take TOEFL again? I did my M.S. from a U.S. University.
Kara -> vkatluri No you will not need to take the TOEFL. We waive the exam for applicants who earned a degree in the US.
MS -> George What does Booth offer for someone in product development in defense/aerospace sector.
George -> MS The best education on the planet :) No, really, we do not teach any specific functional area. We are not trying to create better "aerospace product developers", we are trying to create business leaders. We teach material that is as applicable in defense contracts as it is in financial contracts. Our material is fungible (able to be used in any area and company) and portable (goes with you and can be applied in any state). We are teaching material that is as usable today as it will be in 20 years.
Andrea -> Katie If I complete my application, but my references have not submitted their letters, when do you review the application? Only when the references are in and the application is complete?
Katie -> Andrea Andrea: We will review your application once all of the materials have been received. Your interview can happen concurrently while we are waiting for the other materials.
Jason -> Gretchen Is being a veteran given any consideration in the candidate selection at all? As mentioned earlier, no single factor makes or breaks an application, however, is there any specific area more heavily favored? Is there any portion(s) that can really add or subtract which may require some extra effort in our preparations? Or a comonly flubbed area to watch out for?
Gretchen -> Jason Jason: being a military vet is looked highly upon and it would be valuable to share your experience in your essays and in your interview. I would echo that we take a holistic view of the application. If you have an interest in speaking with Armed Forces Group please email me directly at gretchen.cooper@chicagobooth.edu.
vkatluri -> Kara Hello, I just saw a note about official transcripts not being required until an admission is offered and accepted? Does that mean that a notarized copy is sufficient for the transcripts for the application?
Kara -> vkatluri Yes, a notarized copy is fine. At the time you apply, we only require unofficial transcripts. If you have copies of your transcripts, please scan and upload them directly into the application.
Varun1 -> Katie If I plan to relocate to India after completion of my MBA.In what way will I be able to best use the services of career services.
Katie -> Varun1 Varun1: Careers Services is a lifelong resource. The team is incredibly responsive so you could communicate via email and phone easily from India. You will also have access to the job posting database.
Moderator -> Everyone We have had great questions so far! Please submit your final questions and we will try to answer all of them before the chat ends.
Goutham -> George Is there a list of sample companies (technology side) that come to Booth to recruit students. Historically Booth has been known to be strong on finance side. But i am not in Finance and am in the oil, gas and aerospace sector
George -> Goutham The Houston energy sector is one of our strongest and most vibrant areas. If you are interested in that area I would be glad to connect you with one of our many alumni in that field. If you go to the career services website on the Booth website there is a complete list of companies. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/employmentreport/index.aspx
Jason_Clark -> Kara Does Booth offer any scholarship opportunities for the weekend MBA?
Kara -> Jason_Clark Hi Jason, there are no scholarships for Booth's Part Time MBA programs. Most students fund their degree with loans, company assistance and/or personal savings.
Jason -> Gretchen Is the competition for program entrance more intense for the evening or the weekend program?
Gretchen -> Jason Jason: Hello again, the application process is the same for the Evening and Weekend MBA Program. We suggest an applicant applies to the program where you think you will take the majority of your classes. I look forward to discussing with you.
George -> Everyone FUN FACT: We just brought in 85 new students this weekend. They attended our three day LAUNCH program where they learned about being a student at b
George -> Everyone They also took Effective Leadership. It was a great time.
NWN -> Gretchen Aside from not directly answering the question, etc., what makes the good essays good and the bad essays bad? Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.
Gretchen -> NWN NWN: A well written essay that is check for spelling is important. Be yourself is what we are looking for in an essay.
GR -> George I am looking to change careers with the skills I would acquire from attending Booth. Would it be possible for me to get connected to an alumni of the Weekend Program who has done this. I could give specific background details over an email or over a phone call. Can I get in touch with someone at Booth about this.
George -> GR Yes. Please call us at 312-464-8700. We would love to get the specifics and connect you to one of our current students or alumni who fit the bill.
Goutham -> Humberto Can we have access to the list of courses that Booth has to offer to weekend MBA students
Humberto -> Goutham Great question, Goutham. You can access all course offerings for the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time MBA programs via the Booth course search website http://boothportal.chicagobooth.edu/courses If you have any specific questions about course offerings in each program, please feel free to reach out to me via email at humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Veeru -> Kara Do I have to give any specific instructions to the person providing the referral/recommendation?
Kara -> Veeru Veeru, once you add your recommender's contact information into the online applicaiton they will be sent an email with instructions. I always suggest you contact your recommenders to make sure they received the email. I am happy to work with your recommenders if they have any questions. kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu
MC10 -> Katie Hi can you please provide some stats about your executive mba program (i.e. avg gmat score, avg student age, work experience, etc).Thanks,
Katie -> MC10 MC10: You can view details about the Executive MBA here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/index.aspx In general applicants have 10-15 years of work experience. You get to visit all 3 Booth campuses (London, Singapore, and Chicago) as part of your studies.
MS -> George George actually what i meant was are there students admitted in GSB from Defense and Aerospace background that I can be connected to.
George -> MS Ahhhh, yes, would be glad to do so! Call us at 312-464-8700 or email us at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Sravan -> Kara regarding the official transcripts during admission. Do you need official transcripts mailed from my previous school or a showing an orginal copy is ok?
Kara -> Sravan Sravan,
Awa -> Gretchen Is it possible to take some advance computer science classes while completing the MBA program?
Gretchen -> Awa Awa: 6 out of your 20 classes can be taken outside of Chicago Booth within the University of Chicago. You can view the classes offered and let me know which ones you would like to take and I can check with our academic advisors: http://www.uchicago.edu/academics/
Addy -> Humberto Is it possible to opt for the international MBA after joining or do we need to apply for it from the start?
Humberto -> Addy Addy, the International MBA (IMBA) program is one that you would apply to after you begin your career as a Booth Evening MBA or Weekend MBA student. Having worked with IMBA students for a few years in my previous role here at Booth, please feel free to reach out to me directly with any specific questions at humberto.freda@ChicagoBooth.edu.
kparikh -> Katie What is minimum work experience required for part time MBA or Weekend MBA?
Katie -> kparikh Our average work experience is 6 years, but that is just an average. I recommend at least 1 year of work experience. Those with 0-3 years of work experience should consider our Chicago Business Fellows. Learn more here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/academics/cbf.aspx
Kara -> Everyone Sravan, sorry about that! At the time you apply we only require unofficial transcripts. If admitted, we will need official transcripts directly from the school or from you if they are in sealed envelops. If your transcripts are from out of the US and difficult for you to get, you can bring in your official transcripts for us to notarize. We also consider these official.
Sravan -> Kara i did not got your response for my question
Kara -> Sravan Sravan, I hit enter too soon. You should see my response in the transcript now.
Varun1 -> George I am currently working in the technology Industry from the past 5 years. After my MBA I want to pursue career in FInance. How easy wil it be to switch carers with a Part time MBA Program compared to a Full time MBA.?
George -> Varun1 It is always easier to switch from full-time, that is what it is built for. In the part-time program much of the work is on you. It requires much more networking, not to mention the need to do this networking in addition to work and class. Part-time programs are set up for those who want to advance in their careers and cannot attend a full-time program. It is a great option, but if you can attend full-time you should strongly consider doing so.
Katie -> Everyone For all the women on the chat, I encourage you to read this recent article from the Financial Times, "Women Must Appreciate the Value of an MBA". http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/49c47720-0ee1-11e1-b585-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1eNyvNrzt
Goutham -> George George thanks for your offer to connect me to Houston Technical Folks. Can you please share with me your email address and i can email you in detail my questions.
George -> Goutham eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu glad to do so!
janagama -> Humberto I have an undergraduate degree from where I may not be able to get official transcripts. But I am doing graduate degree in US now. I won't be graduated by the time I apply for Booth. Is submission of official transcripts mandatory?
Humberto -> janagama Good question, Janagama. If you matriculate into the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs at Booth, we will need official transcripts from all institutions you have previously attended. If you cannot obtain additional copies from a specific institution, we can make photocopies of the original mark sheets and degree certificate that you have and notarize them in our office, since we frequently work with international degrees and transcripts.
Jason_Clark -> George Is there a document that reports what company's hired the most current Weekend and Evening MBA students?
George -> Jason_Clark No, most of our students do not get their jobs through the on campus recruiting process, which is the only one we monitor. 60% of our students get their jobs from networking. These jobs are almost always better than the newly minted MBA jobs. If you want to know the jobs the part-time get through OCR, I could most likely get that for you. email me at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu
Sravan -> Humberto Thanks. That helps. I can have my MS official transcripts mailed to you but not the undergrad transcripts which are difficult to get
Humberto -> Sravan Sravan, if you matriculate into the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA programs at Booth, we will need official transcripts from all institutions you have previously attended. If you cannot obtain additional copies from a specific institution, we can make photocopies of the original mark sheets and degree certificate that you have and notarize them in our office.
kparikh -> Katie I have one year internship experience and one year full time experience in technology industry. Does Booth consider internship as a part of experience?
Katie -> kparikh We will consider internship experience if it was after you completed your undergraduate degree and was for an extended period of time. Given that yours was a year, please include it in your experience and on your resume.
Saydia -> Kara I am an engineer live in Iraq ans i want complete the master in your college so how I can apply and I am registered in you website
Kara -> Saydia Saydia, to be eligible to apply you need to be living and working in the US either as a resident or on a work visa. If you will need a student visa, you will need to consider the full time program. This process can be a little confusing, so feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu to work through the details.
Moderator -> Everyone The chat has now ended. Thank you for your participation!
Gretchen -> Everyone Do you have your plan for when you will apply to Chicago Booth? Please call or email any time. We hope to see you at Gleacher in the New Year!
Kara -> Everyone Thank you for joining our last chat of the year! Feel free to email me at kara.northcutt@chicagobooth.edu. For all the ladies on today's chat, I invite you to attend Booth Women Connect on Saturday, January 14th at Gleacher Center. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/diversity.aspx
George -> Everyone Can't believe we ran out of time! Ya'll kept us busy the entire time. For those of you who are contacting us afterwards, please remind us of the topic we discussed. We look forward to continuing the conversation! Remember at Booth you are the CEO of our education. The choice of class, faculty, day of the week, its all your choice.
Humberto -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining us today! We answered a lot of great questions and hope that this chat has further piqued your interest in the Chicago Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs. We hope that you can come visit a class when they resume on January 10th, so keep an eye on our website for the available classes to be posted the first week of January http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/visiting.aspx
Katie -> Everyone Thanks for joining us today. I invite all of you to our Information Session on Friday, January 6th at 6:30pm. You will hear from admissions officers as well as current students. Join us for some info, drinks and appetizers! Register here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/admissions/events/openhouses.aspx
Moderator -> Everyone The chat transcript will be available on Monday, December 19th, at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/parttime/chat/index.aspx